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About The Book
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ISBN: 978-81-203-5002-1
Pages: 536
Binding: Paper Back
The fi el d of data mi ni ng provi des techni ques for automated di scovery of val uabl e i nformati on from
the accumul ated data of computeri zed operati ons of enterpri ses. Thi s book offers a cl ear and
comprehensi ve i ntroducti on to both data mi ni ng theory and practi ce. It i s wri tten pri mari l y as a
textbook for the students of computer sci ence, management, computer appl i cati ons, and
i nformati on technol ogy.
The book ensures that the students l earn the major data mi ni ng techni ques even i f they do not have
a strong mathemati cal background. The techni ques i ncl ude data pre-processi ng, associ ati on rul e
mi ni ng, supervi sed cl assi fi cati on, cl uster anal ysi s, web data mi ni ng, search engi ne query mi ni ng,
data warehousi ng and OLAP. To enhance the understandi ng of the concepts i ntroduced, and to
show how the techni ques descri bed i n the book are used i n practi ce, each chapter i s fol l owed by
one or two case studi es that have been publ i shed i n schol arl y journal s. Most case studi es deal
wi th real busi ness probl ems (for exampl e, marketi ng, e-commerce, CRM). Studyi ng the case studi es
provi des the reader wi th a greater i nsi ght i nto the data mi ni ng techni ques.
The book al so provi des many exampl es, revi ew questi ons, mul ti pl e choi ce questi ons, chapter-end
exerci ses and a good l i st of references and Web resources especi al l y those whi ch are easy to
understand and useful for students. A number of cl ass projects have al so been i ncl uded.
Preface Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Data understanding and Data Preparation
Chapter 3 Association Rules Mining
Chapter 4 Classification
Chapter 5 Cluster Analysis
Chapter 6 Web Data Mining
Chapter 7 Search Engines and Query Mining
Chapter 8 Data Warehousing
Chapter 9 Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Chapter 10 Information Privacy and Data Mining
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions

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