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Although innovations such as video, computers, and the Internet seem to offer schools improved methods

for instructing students, these technologies all too often distract from real learning.

There has been a long standing debate of whether technology has been a boon or bane. In the recent
times, schools have been widely using useful technology which enables them to deliver better than what
would have been a normal chalk and talk. Technology would bolster the students comprehension when
it comes to understanding certain lively facts like simulation or animation which otherwise would have
required lot of imagination which might not be a characteristic of each and every student in the class. On
the other hand, the rigorous course which usually students used to undergo in the old age schools like in
the Indian gurukula system fostered the development of a large attention span in students in contrary to
the various distractions that student undergo in the present day learning.
Firstly, certain domains of teaching demand more of imagination rather than just comprehending the
facts. Every students ability to imagine differs from the other. To reach out each and every student it is
definitely required to implement tools which bolster their imagination. For example, the domain of
mechanics of machines demands one to imagine the way how various linkage mechanisms would move
depending on the relative length of each link. Usage of the above mentioned technological methods
would definitely assist in the imagination of the most prosaic students.
Secondly, the implementation of these innovations would save a lot of time even for the instructors. Let us
consider the hypothetical case wherein, the teacher was required to draw a very complex diagram on
board which would take one hour. That one hour could be saved by just projecting the same onto a
screen which would lead to a better utilization of the same one hour on something which is much more
important than just drawing it on the board.
Thirdly, repetition of aan already taught topic would be much more simpler utilizing these tools which
would have otherwise required a lot of energy from the instructor.
Contrarily, teenagers are always fascinated by technology. This fascination might lead to digression from
the main reason for which they were utilized. Most of the pre-college institutions in India utilize the normal
chalk and talk method to impart the foundation knowledge onto the developing minds of the teens.
In sum I concur, technology is a tool whose usage in making the students comprehend better lies in the
hands of the educational institutions. When this tool used in a limited manner, can give a positive impact
but, when used excessively and in an unmonitored manner will lead to digression from the sole purpose
for which it was actually implemented. So, a combined and balanced usage will lead to the betterment of
the society and its people.

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