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Secret of the Immortals- Khechari mudra

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January 5, 2013
Wen readin! te an"ient yo!i" te#ts, many referen"es to $e"ari mudra "an %e found&
'll of (i" indi"ate tat its pra"ti"e leads to a state of immortality, in (i" te yo!in
no lon!er fears deat, disease or sufferin!, and enters a state of Samadi&
Disease, death, and sleep do not trouble him who knows khechari mudra, nor hunger and
thirst, nor swoon.
-Yoga Chudamani Upanishad
Immortal liquor is the nectar exuding from the moon pineal gland!. It is produced b" the
fire, which is generated b" inserting the tongue into the nasophar"ngeal ca#it".
&lwa"s practicing it kechari! let him drink the ambrosia dail". '" this he obtains
(igraha-siddhi perfect bod"!, and conquers death e#en as a lion o#erpowers an
)n my o(n e#perien"e of *e"ari mudra )+ve yet to e#perien"e te a%sen"e of un!er,
tirst or disease& ,o(ever, as (it many an"ient te#ts, tese (ords aren+t to %e ta$en
Personal experience
For me, in te first fe( (ee$s of e#perien"in! $e"ari mudra, ea" time my ton!ue
entered my nasoparyn!eal "avity, to tou" my nasal septum, it felt li$e an e#plosion in
my %rain& )f you+ve ever ad snuff, it+s a similar sensation, altou!, at te same time,
very different& -e tin! is, (it snuff, you snee.e on"e or t(i"e and te e#plosive
feelin! passes& Wit *e"ari it doesn+t pass, it intensifies until it rea"es a point (ere
your %rain feels li$e it+s %u%%lin! over (it e"stati" ener!y& /ver time ) !ot used to tis
sensation and it %e"ame a ne( state of %ein!&
)n tose early days of my *e"ari e#perien"e, (en my ton!ue entered te
nasoparyn!eal "avity, tere (as a salty taste 0pro%a%ly from post nasal drip1& ,o(ever,
to my surprise, tis soon "an!ed& /ver te follo(in! monts, various tastes %e!an to
manifest& -ey (ent from salty to %itter, ten mildly sour, %ut eventually sta%ilised to
%e"ome s(eet& -is ne( intense s(eetness (as a""ompanied %y te sensation of a very
li!t li2uid, almost li$e li2uid air, flo(in! onto my ton!ue& -is is a sensation "omes and
!oes to tis day& 'nd ) %elieve it is (at te te#ts refer to as soma, or te li2uor of te
!ods, altou! )+m not sure if its effe"ts sould %e ta$en literally& Su" as invulnera%ility
to poison, and "on2uerin! deat (itin 15 days& 3et, a!ain, tere is some trut to %e
found in tese "laims&
Kechari induced realisation
-o understand (at te yo!i" te#ts mean (en tey refer to $e"ari as %ein! a means for
!ainin! immortality and over"omin! all disease, (e need to loo$ at te effe"ts it as, not
on te %ody, %ut on te mind&
4eferrin! %a"$ to my first e#perien"e of *e"ari mudra, durin! my initial a(a$enin!, te
e#panded state of mind initiated %y te $e"ari mudra led me to a sense of %ein! %eyond,
or %efore, time& )t made me realise, trou! dire"t e#perien"e, tat ) am not te %ody or
mind5 tese tin!s are simply manifestations of my 6'4784 S86F& )n avin! tese
realisations, te fear of deat "ompletely died& -e e#perien"e of $e"ari mudra e#pands
te mind and (a$es te yo!in up to te reali.ation tat e9se in is9er pure state, is
immortal and impervious to illness& /ne (o+s mind is a%sor%ed in su" a state "an never
6i2uor of te !ods
)n relation to te s(eet ne"tar li$e li2uid tat %e!ins to tri"$le do(n te ton!ue (e need
to tin$ a%out te pro"ess of meditation& Wit meditative pra"ti"es, te idea is to train te
mind to %e"ome one:pointed and fo"used to te point (ere it "ompletely dissolves in its
o%;e"t of fo"us& 't tis sta!e (e enter Samadi&
<e"ause of te intense s(eetness, ) "an say from personal e#perien"e tat a%sor%in! te
mind %e"omes an easy pro"ess (en fo"usin! on te taste of te %ody+s very o(n =ne"tar
of immortality,+ te %ody+s o(n fountain of yout&
The martial connection
)n <usido te aim of te (arrior is to %e"ome one (it is9er opponent, %lendin!
(it is9er tou!ts and a"tions, dissolvin! any atta"$ %efore te tou!t to atta"$ even
arises& Similarly, te aim of 3o!a is to unite te %ody and mind and dissolve into te
oneness of everytin!& /ne metod of a"ievin! tis is trou! te pra"ti"e of *e"ari
mudra, (i" !enerates a deep feelin! of love and "onne"tedness to all %ein!s, (it te
%arriers tat seperate te yo!in from te rest of te (orld 0identifyin! im as an
individual1 dissolvin! in te advan"ed sta!es of te pra"ti"e, resultin! in a sense of
oneness (it all tin!s&
)nterestin!ly, a variation of *e"ari mudra is used in many of te (arrior traditions,
(ere te ton!ue is pla"ed in an alternate position, pressin! on te point ;ust %eind te
teet, on te ard pallet& )n 3o!a tis is "alled >a%o mudra, (i" as a mu" milder
effe"t tan *e"ari, %ut is very %enefi"ial all te same&
Khechari Mudra : The complete Yoga
*e"ari : -e "omplete 3o!a : *e"ari : tri%e&net
-e prin"iple of *e"ari (as adopted %y te 3o!is from sna$es !oin! in i%ernation for lon! periods of
time& -ey improved upon it and "ame up (it $e"ari& Su" is my personal %elief&
?lease read ,ata 3o!a ?radipi$a "apter 3&
@erse 32: *e"ari Audra is done %y insertin! te ton!ue into te ole in te soft palate at te roof of te
mout, %y turnin! it %a"$(ard&
33& )n order to %e su""essful, te ton!ue must len!tened into a 6am%i$a 0su" as te lon! ton!ue of
7oddess *ali1& Sometimes "uttin! te frenulum 0a mu"ous mem%rane e#tendin! from te floor of te
mout to te midline of te underside of te ton!ue1 is ne"essary& 8lse, pull or move your ton!ue around
"onstantly& Wen it !ets lon! enou!, to rea" te point %et(een te eye%ro(s, ten *e"ari %e"omes
3B& -e frenulum is "ut 192 millimeter ea" day and te (ound is sealed& )n B monts, te ton!ue %e"omes
free C 2uite lon!& 0>ote: Dont eat food or drin$ tat are too ot li$e "illi or too sour& -is (ill ma$e te
ton!ue ti"$er and interfere (it *e"ari&1
3D& ' 3o!i adept in *e"ari, (o turns is ton!ue up(ard in is seat 0usually Siddasana1, is impervious
to poisons, disease, a!ein! and deat&
3E& ,e over"omes disease, deat, sleep, la.iness, un!er, tirst, and faintin!&
F3& >8C-'4: )f a 3o!i "an drin$ te Jui"e of Soma 0Aoon1 %y meditatin! in *e"ari mudra, surely e
su%dues Deat (itin 15 daysG
FF& -e *e"ari e#pert "annot %e $illed even if %itten %y te most poisonous sna$e5 %e"ause is %ody is
im%ued (it ne"tar&
F5& Deat "annot enter a %ody (i" is full of >e"tar se"reted from Soma 0-e trian!ular Aoon mandala
inside Saasrara, te 1000 petalled 6otus1
FD& -e Jui"e of )mmortality is se"reted %y te moon&
FE& -aste te ne"tar (it te tip of te ton!ue& -e 'm%rosia may %e salty, %itter, sour, mil$y, or, li$e
!ee0"larified %utter1 or, oney& <e free from disease, old a!e, %e tou immortal and pull astral %ein!s %y
te ma!neti" for"e&
50& -e ne"tar falls from te Aoon in te %rain to te D petalled lotus near te eart& ,e (o "at"es it %y
%alan"in! ?rana and doin! *e"ari and meditates on te sour"e of all ?o(er 0*undalini or Aaasa$ti or
'lmi!ty or (atever you "all itG1 %e"omes free from all pysi"al ailments and lives a very lon! life&
>ote: )f you try it un!uided 0(itout te elp of an e#perien"ed yo!i1 and %lo"$ te internal nares and stop
te o#y!en flo(, you may %e un"ons"ious or even suffer terminal dama!e& ?lease %e patient, tis is not a
ma!i" pill, it may ta$e years to a""omplis& ' sur!eon mi!t assist you in !ettin! te frenulum of ton!ue
"ut& <ut even ten you must pra"ti"e everyday %y turnin! te ton!ue %a"$, pusin! te top palate, et"& 3o!i
7ora$nat said tat yo!a (itout $no(led!e and $no(led!e (itout yo!a are %ot useless&&& li$e a %ird
(it a sin!le (in!& )t "annot fly li$e tat& So, you must "om%ine spiritual (isdom, meditation on one i!er
po(er (it your pysi"al yo!a in order to ma$e it a su""ess& /ter(ise, you (ill only !ain a %la"$out state
li$e a lon! deep sleep out of *e"ari& 3o!a, after all, is not ;ust a !ymnasti" e#er"ise, its pra"ti"al
7ood lu"$&
H (ritten %y:
'mita%a Catter;ee