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Archangel Raphael: We Are Paradise Bound

Archangel Raphael:
It is a great pleasure for me to speak with you while we enjoy the gentle breezes and the rich aroma of
good coffee floating on the air. Of course, we do not drink coffee, but we do appreciate the warm and
welcoming smells of coffee and homemade bread as it wafts from your kitchen. It reminds us of our
former lifetimes here on arth, and the simple pleasures which are abundant, all around you. I am here
to encourage you to find the moments, and e!entually the state of peace which will allow you to ascend
to higher dimensions in your body, as we ha!e planned.
"es, #ear Ones, it is the state of peace, inside and out, which is re$uired for you to raise your
!ibrations. %here can be no worry or fear, no doubt or resentment to cloud your sights, no feelings of
self&doubt or unworthiness, inferiority or superiority. 'o single group will be singled out for success,
other than those who ha!e learned to li!e at peace with themsel!es and with those around them. Any
impulse toward aggressi!eness or re!enge will mask your beacon of (ight and hold you back. )e wish
to help you now to learn what ele!ating your !ibrations really means.
*irst, enlightenment does not mean you are blind to the troubles or ugliness around you. It means you
see it clearly and find no reason to be personally upset by it. *or many of you, this seems an
impossibility, to see darkness and suffering and not suffer yoursel!es, or be +taken down+ by it. ,ut
,elo!ed Ones, who can you help others to raise themsel!es out of a hole in the ground if you jump in
with them- .ow will you teach patience, wisdom and harmony if you are impatient and frustrated-
'o matter how logical or +reality based+ your thinking might be, please reconsider.
%his journey you embarked on, to wear the suit of a human body, is what you might call a double&
edged sword. On the one hand, you are told you are made in the image of /od, which you are, but we
must now make it clear that there are facets to this phenomenon which you may not see completely.
"ou, the soul that you are, are made in the image of /od, and you go on eternally, e0periencing !arious
lifetimes, ad!entures, and e0ploits, together with your soul mates and fellow tra!elers of the 1osmos.
One of those ad!entures, a fa!orite among 2asters who wish to e!ol!e along their own soul path and
who wish to help others do the same, is to incarnate on arth in a human form. %he human form is
especially treasured because it is an amalgam of the #'A of many races, and is the cooperati!e attempt
to create a form & a relati!ely solid receptacle through which we can all e0perience life in lower
%his special form which is humankind is truly the closest form which is capable of e0pressing our
etheric soul $ualities. 'ow, this is not to say that anger and fear, for instance, is a reflection of how we
feel in higher dimensions. 'ot at all. As we work our way up the spiritual ladder abo!e the 3th
dimension, where we all came from before this life, to our destiny which is unity with 1reator, we
e0perience only the !arious shades of lo!e. .owe!er, as we mo!e dimensionally higher, the color and
depth of (ight and (o!e becomes more and more intense.
And so, we come to practice here in the lower dimensions in this 4&dimensional !ersion of a human
body for the most difficult challenges of all & the e0perience of duality. .ere we feel the struggle
between (ight and #ark, good and e!il, you might call it, which is only possible in the lower
dimensions where there is also the illusion of separation from /od. Our challenge here is to find our
way back to 5nity, to see that e!il is only a construct we designed to create the house of mirrors filled
with ghouls and monsters which are here to push us to the limit. )e ha!e been gi!en the free will
choice to gi!e up, turn to the darkness, or return in *aith and (o!e to the /od who has ne!er
abandoned us, but has stood by allowing us the opportunity to feel our own strength.
ach soul came here with this difficult project in mind. It is the bottom line. )ill you choose to see
the darkness for what it is & the holographic illusion we came here to play out- Or will you curse the
darkness, blame /od, or *ate, or someone else for the losing game you feel trapped within- It is a
tricky balancing act, to see the illusion for what it is, and still do your best to stay in the game while
you help others to awaken all around you. %his is the challenge a 2aster takes on, courageously daring
to plunge into the deep and murky waters without a life raft, firm in the faith that all is well, e!en when
the sensations and physical e!idence seem the opposite.
"ou are here first and foremost to learn, to teach and to grow. ,y meeting the challenges you
encounter with humor, goodwill and faith in your fellow humans and the /uides and angels who are
with you, you rise abo!e the illusion, shake off the fear and an0iety, and restore yourself to the seat of
honor which is your due. /od is there, your lo!ing supporter, your cheering section and your greatest
6o you see, this is the gradual awakening you are taking part in now. *irst, you began to read and listen
to the messages from us which helped you to feel connected while you were still behind the thick 7eil.
%hen gradually you began to learn that you manifest what you think about & the 5ni!ersal (aw of
Attraction, and then you began to feel the hint of understanding that this entire project, which we ha!e
called the (ucifer project, for he was the one who !olunteered to lead in the creation of the world of
duality and illusion you are now e0periencing.
Along with the departure of the Reptilian race, the (ucifer 8roject ended, and (ucifer was welcomed
home to the arms of /od. It was decided in the 1ouncil of .ea!en that the project we had designed
was too risky, too weighted in fa!or of the dark, because of the in!ading species who came to take o!er
the planet and e!entually to destroy her. It was necessary for us to step in, in a limited way, to pre!ent
the Armageddon which was a part of the dark timeline. "ou see, the duality was an illusion, but
2other arth herself, and you in your human bodies are real. )e did not wish to see all of you and
your precious 2other destroyed.
.ere we ha!e opened another topic for you to ponder. 2any seers and spiritual leaders ha!e told you
+it is all an illusion.+ %his is not true. Only the internal rules of the game are the illusory creation. ,y
+game+ I do not mean to imply it is a whimsical process. 'ot at all. %he mo!es you make, the
decisions you choose, and the lessons you learn as a result of playing the /ame of (ife on 8lanet arth
in the 4rd and 9th dimension are true. "our growth and your struggle to come back to the (ight are
real. %his is a challenge you will remember for the rest of your soul eternity.
8lease understand, ,elo!ed Ones, it has been an honorable effort & this !oyage into the unknown. (ike
all intrepid e0plorers, you ha!e tra!eled far from +home+ and ha!e just now begun to see the (ight
along your pathway back. )e hold the lantern for you, whisper in your ear, celebrate e!ery obstacle
surmounted and e!ery hesitation o!ercome. ach time you are challenged and you manage to keep
your balance, hold on to your integrity and maintain your lo!ing attitude it is a mark of your character
and your growing strength. )e understand there may be missteps, confusion and strong feelings that
sometimes +get you down.+ )hen you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and go on, that is a triumph.
"ou see, it is a game you cannot lose, because as long as you play out your part as one of the team who
are here to learn, you are making a precious contribution to the completion of the project. !en those
who ha!e come here as the #ark .ats & the ones whose job it is to create the dilemmas and sometimes
tortuous challenges you ha!e faced & e!en they are part of the learning:teaching team. It is time now
for them to awaken to understand that they were not gi!en real power, and the right to control others.
%hey too are actors in what I referred to as the internal illusion & the game within the game. 6ome of
them ha!e become drunk with the feelings of power, and ha!e been addicted to their positions of
control o!er others, especially when it meant they could possibly succeed at owning all the resources
and wealth on the planet. 6ome ha!e become addicted to their delusions of power and grandeur, as
they see it, but you see, this is only a more e0treme !ersion of the position you all find yoursel!es in
%hey too will awaken to realize they ha!e played a part in a greater learning e0perience for the benefit
of all humankind, or as you might see it, for all the souls who came to wear the human uniform in this
historic time. )hen they do awaken, they will need your help to bring them through the shame and
guilt they will feel initially, when they first disco!er how destructi!e and male!olent their actions ha!e
been. %hey truly do not feel that when they are in the middle of it; they feel entitled to beha!e the way
they do. %hey e!en feel that what they are doing, by controlling others, is really for their own good.
8olish up your forgi!eness tools, #ear Ones. "ou will be needing them in the coming days and
months, for this awakening will be difficult for those who were the +perpetrators+ as it is for the
+!ictims.+ Read, if you will, the original psychological studies by 8hillip <imbardo and 6tanley
2ilgram where they found that some who were put in charge o!er +prisoners+ or +test subjects+ by
those in authority did horrific things to their fellow humans when they were gi!en license to do so.
%hese researchers intuiti!ely recreated the illusion you are operating within now, and showed the
e0tremes of which e!eryone is capable when gi!en complete free will and encouragement to turn
toward the dark.
And so, here you are, at the close of this (ucifer 8roject & the drama which ran for thousands of years in
all the theaters, all the households and offices and halls of go!ernment. 'ow, it is done. "ou are being
in!ited to clear the decks, restore the peace, and begin anew to create the .ea!en on arth you now
ha!e the empathy, compassion and wisdom to build together.
Raise your flag of peace; write your hymn to the glory of /od, and take the hand of the one at your
side. )alk together, ,elo!ed 1hildren of /od, into the real, li!e sunset which marks the end of an era
and the beginning of a brand new life on 8lanet arth.
It will be up to you to bring about the peace and reconciliation process which will be necessary now.
8repare yoursel!es with (o!e, and remember always that you are encircled by our lo!ing embrace.
)e lo!e you without end, for there is no end. %here is only now, and the rising energies of the great
1entral 6un, sent to awaken and strengthen you in your new !ersion of the human body. "ou are being
prepared now to adapt and ele!ate yoursel!es using the higher energies. Open your hearts and your
minds to welcome and align with the higher !ibrations, for they are the richer, lighter atmosphere of
your new 8aradise on arth, and it is up to you how high and how far you wish to go.
I am your messenger, your mentor and friend, the one you know as Archangel Raphael.
%ranscribed by =athryn . 2ay, >uly ?@, ?@A9, A? 82, (ac 1he!reuil, Buebec.
8ermission is gi!en to copy and share this message, pro!iding it is gi!en in its entirety without
additions or deletions, and credit is gi!en to the channel and to the website,