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F Imaging To A Samba Share

Clonezilla can image through a network to, among other types of shares, a Samba
share (aka CIFS) or restore from there.
To use that feature, first set a Samba share on any machine in the network.
Clonezilla nees the following information in orer to access the share!
Server name Ser"er I# aress or its fully $ualifie omain name (F%&')
Domain name ((hen in a )S*(inows (ork+roup, lea"e empty)
Share name The share name
Share user The user name for accessing the share (must be grante write
access rights for the backup feature)
Share password The user passwor for accessing the share
The remainer is similar to local imaging or restoration (see & an ,).
-ther supporte ser"ers are SS. an 'FS.
G ISO Image Or ZIP File Generation
This option helps creating a self*restoring e"ice from any Clonezilla image on
isk. It prepares either an IS- or /I# file which is the first step before generating a
self*booting &0& (IS- file) or 1S2 thumb ri"e (/I# file).

To access the IS-3/I# file generation option, follow the &4 to &5 steps, then rea
on... 2urning the &0&! see ..

6s these files are create within /home/partimag, make sure you7"e got room
enough (ca. the image size) to store them on the corresponing e"ice8
2oth processes are symmetrical. .ere7s for IS- files!
1 Source Image Selection
Select the source image in the list.
2 Target Device For The Restoration
Specify the target e"ice for the restoration process (by efault, the same e"ice
as the one use as a source uring the image creation).
3 Advanced Parameters
These parameters are the ones for the restoration process, as shown at ,49.

If you want to get an auto*restore image, with no user input at all, eselect the c
option an select the batch one.
4 MBR And Partition Parameters
Specify the target )2: an partition processing (see ,44).
!"tra Parameters
Set the restoration process beha"iour at the en of the autonatic operation.
The options are self*e;planatory! -p reboot, -p poweroff, -p true (efault)(<
o nothing).
# $anguage Selection
Set the interface language for the restoration process.
1seful only when user interaction is planne.
% &e'ma( Selection
&efaults to NONE. =eymaps are store in /usr/share/keymaps/i3!.
) File T'(e Selection
The type of file you want! IS-, /I#, or both.
* Summar' Be+ore Processing
Clonezilla isplays the summary for the operation. #ress Enter .
1, IS- File .reation
6 confirmation is aske whene"er the IS- file size e;cees a C&:-) space.
11 .hec/ing Things
If you peep at the /home/partimag irectory, you can check that the IS- file was
create. Its name is following the c"one#i""a-"ive-$name-of-image%&iso
H Burning The ISO File
(though using the command-line is out of this RefCard scope, it seems interesting to describe
this feature here)
(hen the IS- file is reay (see +), it can be burne to a C& or &0&.
Simply select the 'ommand she"" option Clonezilla offers in many ialogs an
select ()* Enter she"". Then insert a blank C& or &0& in the ri"e (any type
e;cept &0&>:(8 :ewritable isks are erase if necessary) before running the
following commans!
(here, we suppose /home/partimag was pre"iously set)
sudo su -
cd /home/partimag
growisofs -+ /dev/sr,-$name of .SO fi"e%
/dev/sr, is usually the system name for a &0&*writer. ?ou may also fin
/dev/hd/ for I&, burning e"ices where / is a letter for the e"ice,
$name of .SO fi"e% shoul be replace with the actual IS- file name,
starting with c"one#i""a-"ive-, eg! c"one#i""a-"ive-testimage&iso.
I Hints
1 An MS01indo2s .loned S'stem Fails To Boot
This might be because +'13@inu; an )S*(inows interpret the C.S "alue
(cyliner, hea, sector) of harri"e ifferently. #ossible solutions are!
4. Try to change the I&, .& setting in 2I-S! use @26 instea of auto moe.
A. (hen restoring the image, at step ,49, check -t0 option, an at step ,44,
check -1, option.
B. 2oot uner )S*(inows C; bootable floppy an run fdisk /mbr.
D. ,nter )S*(inows E# reco"ery moe (boot on install C&). In the console, run
fi/mbr to fi; it. ?ou may also try the fi/boot comman.
F. 1se ntfsre"oc to aGust filesystem geometry on 'TFS partitions. ,+!
(boot Clonezilla li"e into comman line moe)
sudo su -
partc"one&ntfsre"oc /dev/sda0 (replace /dev/sda0 with the actual 'TFS
boot partition I&).
This $uick reference car shows the basic uses of Clonezilla @i"e.

2eginner or ,;pertH 2eginner moe presets the most usual options an skips some
steps, ,;pert moe offers all options an steps.
This :efCar shows the ,;pert moe options.

Incorrect use of the software is easy an can be harmful to the ata!

Always sa"e your ata first#
A Interface $sage
The Clonezilla @i"e wizar moe interface is menu*ri"en. 1se the following keys!
S%ace (&e)select options in lists (an asterisk witnesses the selection)
arrow keys
)o"e from an item to another
Enter 0aliate the ialog an skip to ne;t

(hene"er you7re not sure about the correct choice in a ialog, Gust keep the efault.
This will generally fit the bill.

Some $uestions are waiting for a ?3' answer. The uppercase character epicts the
efault answer, entere using Enter (eg! in y/N, InoJ is the efault).
B Initiali&ation
The initialization options are common to all wizar moe uses.
1 Startu( o(tions
Select the screen efinition most suite to your harware.

The 2o 345 option (Other modes submenu) is useful for machines with only one
optical ri"e which must be use for both loaing the Clonezilla program an other
purposes, such as inserting a &0& to restore an image or to burn a C&3&0&.
To eit the startup options, Gust press Tab .
2 .hoose $anguage
Sets the user interface language. &efault is ,nglish (enK1S).
3 .on+iguring .onsole Data
Sets the keyboar mapping.
If your keyboar is 1S*,nglish, keep the Don6t 2ouch 7eymap efault, otherwise
Se"ect keymap from fu"" "ist
(eg. French, select pc/a#erty/8rench/Same as 900 :"atin ;</Standard).
4 Start .lone3illa
Select Start '"one#i""a for any menu*ri"en moe use (as escribe in this
$uick*ref). The Enter=She"" option gi"es full access to the comman*line (C@I).
' (ocal )is* To )is* 'loning +)irect 'loning,
&irect cloning means copying the ata from a e"ice or a partition to another
e"ice or another partition, installe within the same machine.
For imaging to a file, see & an ,L for imaging on a network, see F.
1 .lone mode
2 Image t'(e

Select part=to="oca"=part if you want to manage images on a partition*to*

partition scheme. 2e aware that both moes are not e$ui"alent8
3 .hoose $ocal Dis/ As Source
Select the source e"ice.
4 .hoose $ocal Dis/ As Target
Same thing for the target e"ice.

&o not mess up with source an target e"ices8

6ny such error woul result in an unreco"erable source isk.
Clonezilla Live Quick Reference Card v..!."
$sing 'lone&illa In E-%ert .oe
A((lies to .lone3illa v414241201,
Clonezilla is # $%-$&$ ' (C)C ' *a+,an
5 6 1
Author/ Mean*Francois 'ifenecker, Gean*
Ac*nowlegements/ to Ste"en Shiau an the Clonezilla Team
Modi+ication 5istor'
6ersion Date .omments
9.C.A A99O*4A*45 First raft for proofreaing
9.C.B A99C*94*44 #roofreaing by Mean #eyratout
9.C.D A99C*9A*9O 1pate for Clonezilla ".4.A.4*BC
9.C.F A94A*9A*4O 1pate for Clonezilla ".4.A.4A*49
This :eference Car is subGect to the conitions of the Creative Commons license
".B, options 2?*'C*S6.
For more information, refer to! http!33creati"ecommons.org3licenses3by*nc*sa3 B .93
.lone3illa -n0The0Fl' Advanced Parameters
O%tion $se
-g-auto (efault) :einstall grub on the target isk boot sector (if
0e1 auto (efault) 6Gust file system geometry.
0e2 (efault) sfisk uses C.S of har ri"e.
032 (efault) Clone hien ata between )2: an first partition.
-r (efault) :esize the filesystem of the target to fit the partition size.
->0 Sector by sector copy.
-nogui Te;t moe only.
-m &o not clone the bootloaer.
-rescue Continue reaing past block rea errors.
-irhr &o not remo"e @inu; ue" harware recor after restore.
-ius &o not upate syslinu;*relate files after restore.
-icds Skip checking estination isk size.
-fsck-src-part Check an repair source filesystem before cloning.
-o Force to loa the source isk C.S "alues.
-batch :un imaging in batch moe. This is hinte as angerous.
-v Show "erbose information when cloning.
Table 1
# Advanced !"tra Parameters
6 few more options about the partitioning scheme an the )2:.
O%tion $se
(nothing) (efault) The )2: is restore from the one in the image.
-k The partition table is not restore (the e;isting target isk )2: is kept).
-k0 The partition table is restore from the image. The partition(s) size(s) will be
aGuste proportionally if the target isk is larger than the original one.
Only use this o%tion with .B45 not with GPT!
-k) 6 comman line will allows to enter whate"er comman in orer to set the
partition table.
E/it ,;it to system.
Table 2

The k0 option is recommene in orer to eal with restoration on larger isks

than the original.
% Summar' And 1arning
6 summary an a warning are isplaye Gust before the actual cloning e;ecution.
) .loning
6s cloning is a estructi"e operation here7s the last warning8
The e;ecution is monitore with a processing gauge.
* Final Summar'
Clonezilla has complete its work. 6 short message hints for the ne;t option!
shutown, reboot, start o"er or enter the comman*line prompt (efault option).
) (ocal )is* Imaging +Bac*u%,
This option stores the image in a irectory. Thus, you nee a local means of
storage for the image files (eg! e;ternal .& or 1S2 thumb ri"e). Though a 1S2
e"ice can be connecte later on, it7s easier to connect it right now.
1 .loning T'(e
2 Mount .lone3illa Image Director'
The image mounting point! "oca"=dev
6 warning gi"es the opportunity to insert a 1S2 ri"e, if neee. If such is the
case, insert that e"ice now an gi"e the system an e;tra F secons to ientify the
e"ice (some messages will appear on screen), then hit Enter .
-therwise, Gust press Enter immeiately.
3 .hoosing The 7 5ome 8 Device
The place where the image is to be store, associate with Clonezilla7s
/home/partimag irectory.
4 5ome Director' -n The Device
&efault is root (/). Clonezilla lists subirectories if (a) they are first le"el irs an
(b) their names on7t contain any space char.
2ypassing any of these constraints implies to hanle this manually (C@I).
1* Summar' A+ter The Bac/u(
6fter the backup is finishe, Clonezilla isplays a summary. .it Enter to $uit.
2, Session !nd
Final choice ! 9.#oweroff, 4.:eboot, A.,nter comman line prompt (efault) or
B.Start o"er. Must pick your own.

-ption B may be useful to generate IS-3/I# file from the generate image (see +).
E (ocal )is* 4estoration
?ou nee the storage e"ice holing the image (eg! e;ternal .& or 1S2 thumb
ri"e). It7s easier to connect any e;ternal e"ice before booting the #C.
1 Image T'(e

If you want to eal with ini"iual partitions, select partition-partition.

-f course, the image must ha"e been set accoringly (see &P).
2 Mount .lone3illa Image Director'
The image mounting point! "oca"=dev
6 warning then gi"es the opportunity to insert a 1S2 ri"e if neee. If such is the
case, insert that e"ice now. +i"e an e;tra F secons for Clonezilla to ientify the
e"ice (some messages will appear on screen), then hit Enter .
-therwise, Gust press Enter .
3 .hoosing The Image 7 5ome 8
Select the e"ice where the image is store associate with the Clonezilla
/home/partimag irectory.
4 5ome Director' -n The Device
&efault is the root irectory (/). Clonezilla lists subirectories only if (a) they are
first le"el irs an (b) their names on7t contain any space char.
2ypassing any of these constraints implies to hanle this manually (,;pert )oe).
5ome .on+irmation and Free S(ace Summar'
6 summary is isplaye. For each filesystem, you get its size, use space, free
space, use percentage an mounting name. #ress Enter .
# 9ser Mode Selection
.ere, we select ,;pert.
% .hoose The Mode
Select restoredisk (or restoreparts if the image was create with the
createparts option). Clonezilla can restore an image to an unallocate isk or to
a isk larger than the original one.

(hen creating the image, it7s a goo iea to set the parameter to k0 (Table A).
?ou can '-T restore a isk (using restoredisk) from a set of partition images8
) Image Selection
Select the image name in the list.
* Target Partition
Select the target isk (or partition).

restoredisk can eal with unpartitione target isks.

1, Restoration Parameters Selection
Must accept the efaults will generally fit most basic situations.
11 Advanced !"tra Parameters
Specify the target )2: an partition processing. To Table A options, a!
O%tion $se
(nothing) (efault) 1se the partition table from the image.
-1, Forces the use of to restore the partition table.
&o not use whene"er logical ri"es e;ist8
Table 5
12 Action Ta/en 1hen The Process Finishes
Finally, ecie whether to take some action in the en of the imaging process! true
(<o nothing) (efault), reboot, poweroff.
13 Summar'
Selections are now set. Clonezilla summarizes them all on screen uner the form
of the corresponing ocs-sr comman an its parameters. #ress Enter to run.
14 .on+irmation
:estoration confirmation. +i"en the risks, Clonezilla asks for ouble confirmation.
1 Restoration !"ecution
The process is then starte. 6s usual, its progress is isplaye.
5ome .on+irmation And Free S(ace Summar'
6 summary of all known partitions an e"ices is isplaye.

It7s time to check that /home/partimag has got enough room for the intene
image storage.
# 9ser Mode Selection
.ere, we select ,;pert.
% .hoose The Mode
Select Savedisk.

If an ini"iual partition restoration might be later neee, prefer saveparts.

) .hoose The Image :ame
,nter any name you7 like for the image. Clonezilla images are mae of se"eral
files, recore in a irectory whose name is the one entere here.
* .hoose $ocal Dis/ As Source
Select the isk you want to image3backup (or partition if such was your choice at
step &P abo"e).
1, Advanced !"tra Parameters ;1<2=
Set the priority orer for the partition imaging tool to use.
O%tion $se
->) (efault) partclone Q partimage Q
->0 only
-> ntfsclone Q partimage Q
(none) partimage Q
Table 3

If the filesystem to be image is .FSR ()ac -S) or reiserD, you might want to
choose ->) since partclone clones .FSR an reiserD partitions "ery efficiently.
11 Advanced !"tra Parameters ;2<2=
O%tion $se
-c (efault) (aits for confirmation before imaging.
-1) (efault) Clone hien ata between )2: an first partition.
-nogui Te;t output only
-a .& &)6 is not force on
-rm-win-swap-hib ,;clue )S*(inows swap an hibernation areas.
-ntfs-ok Skip 'TFS integrity check
-rescue Continue reaing past block rea errors.
-gm +enerate image )&F checksum
-gs +enerate image S.64 checksum
Table 4

If the partition you want to backup contains the (inows E# swap or hibernation
files, set the rm-win-swap-hib option which e;clues these areas from being
image. The image will then be more compact an create $uicker.
There7s no problem with such an e;clusion since (inows re*creates these files
when they are missing.
12 .om(ression Mode Selection
The efault option (-#0 < gzip) is usually gi"ing a goo efficiency3uration balance.
13 Image S(litting Threshold
In case no splitting is esire, set the "alue to 9 (zero).

2eware to the storage e"ice filesystem limitations! some won7t allow for files larger
than A +2 (eg! 0F6T). This is why the efault is set to that "alue.
14 Source .hec/
Specify whether you want the source to be checke before cloning or not (efault).
1 Image .hec/
Specify whether you want the image to be checke against the original ata
(efault) or not.
1# Action Ta/en 1hen The Process Finishes
Finally, ecie whether to take some action in the en of the imaging process!
o nothing (efault), reboot, poweroff.
1% -(tions Summar' Be+ore Bac/u(
Selections are now set. Clonezilla sums them all on screen uner the form of the
corresponing ocs-sr comman an its parameters.
#ress ,nter to "aliate an run the operation. (efault)
1) Bac/u( Is Running
The backup progress is isplaye.
2 3 4