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The Architect /Engineer.

Sub: Profile

We are happy to complete about 400 projects in Structural designing, detailing
and supervision of Industrial, Commercial and residential buildings, all over Kerala &
Tamil Nadu & Gujarat in the last 8 years since we have started in Kochi.

We are equipped with the latest software in designing, which include
STAAD pro 2001 along with the software written by us for most of types of structural
components of the building. We can provide you with AutoCAD drawings to give you
clear, faster and accurate drawings of the project.

Our fields of interests are,
CAD designing and detailing
Precast Design.
Prestressed design.
Geotechnical consultancy.
Engineering software programming. (Windows based Structural Design series
version 5.01 for RCC & Steel structures with Frame Analysis and Estimation.
(Windows 95 and above)

This structural design firm is managed by myself. I have about 12 years experience in
the field of design with my post graduation from IIT Madras. Design experience
includes that of Concrete (cast in situ, precast, prestress), Steel, & Timber design and

Hope the information given, fulfills your requirement, however please contact me in case
of further information. With warm regards.

Yours sincerely

Reji Zachariah M.B.A., B.Tech., M.S.

Chief Executive/ Chief Engineer.

Mobile 98460 26162

Terms & Conditions of service

Design charges for cast in situ & steel
Structural Design & drawings.

1.0% (Rs 3.75 per sq.ft) of the structural cost of buildings upto 50,000 sq.ft.

If the calculations are required along with the drawings, the structural design fees is
1.50% (Rs 5.5/-) per sq.feet of the structural cost.

10.2% service tax will be added to the bill as per government regulations.

Minimum charges for any work will be Rs 10000/-
40% after submission of Foundation drawings.
40% when 80% construction completed, if required in two stages for large areas.
10% Completion of structure.
If full set of drawings are required 60% payable.
Maximum credit period: 10 working days for cheque & 20 days for cash
Time required for us, for any project (upto 50000 sqft) upto Foundation
drawings: Min 2Days to Max 7Days.
Site visits at the time of construction will be done by the engineer, as many times
as the client wants, but the actuals and site visit charges have to be paid by the
client for all visits.

Actuals include transportation and accommodation(Total travel time more than 6
hours) if required. For transportation taxi/car fare at the rate of Rs 6/- per
running km will be charged.

Charges of site visit for Senior engineer, is Rs 3000/- per day (minimum),
including travel time & actuals. Charges of site visit for site superviser is Rs
750/- per day, including travel time and traveling cost.

Steel fabrication drawings and bar bending schedules can be done at an
additional charges of Rs 400/- per tonne.

In steel structural design, only the sketches are provided and fabrication drawings
are not provided as standard package.

General note technical details to be adhered to, for quality control of

Work to be carried out with experienced contractors and to be supervised by
degree engineers, and quality control to be registered. In the absense of site visits,
contractor/site engineer shall visit the structural engineer and discuss/clarify all
the details. Contractor/Client may keep photos of all reinforcements, before

Any discrepancy between architectural and structural details to be clarified to
proceed with construction. If any constructional difficulty is encountered during
construction, consult the structural engineer.

Formwork checking, Estimation of quantities and Bill checking is not in our
scope of work.

All Saturdays and Sundays are holidays along with other standard holidays.
Working time 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM (Office) & 2-5 (Site Visits).

Even if the project is suspended after, the work is awarded and a part of
construction drawings submitted, 60% of the total fees shall be paid.

Even if the building is symmetric, or if the parts are repeated, no reduction is
permitted in the fees.

Total coverage area includes that of balcony, verandah and all roofing area for
plinth area but excluding the sunshade. Any horizontal & vertical expansion to be
mentioned and this is to be considered for design area.

The total consultation fees is the largest of those payable by area, complexity, and
time of design.

Minimum time required for foundation level drawing and subsequent each level is
one week each, after complete information is provided to the consultant as per the
sheet attached (last page).

We prefer to send the invoice direct to the client for our fees, and payment can be
made to S&R Consultants directly by the clients.

All structural drawings will be send to the Client/Architect by courier. If the
Client/Architect wants urgent delivery the drawings has to be collected from the
Engineers office.

After the completion of the work, the client shall pay all the dues to the structural
consultant to receive a Structural Stability Certificate, by which we shall also
maintain your files (Structural drawing files only) with us and can extend any
further service in the future for this project, considering those services as an
extension of the old work.
Help us to improve the design and design time by sending us the feedback form
filled and returned to us in hard copy with your signature. (Available in Work
Ordering page of