Every morning of his life, Ed Cassidy stood in the doorway of his house and looked at Culcaigh,
the bumpy-backed mountain that overlooks the vast West Cavan valley.

Culcaigh was present when Ed was born and uttered his first cry.

Culcaigh was on watch when Ed brought his bride Annie to the cottage on their wedding night.

Culcaigh was a witness to the births of Ed’s and Annie’s children and when they left one by one
for America, England, and Australia.

Culcaigh stood silently when Annie exhaled for the last time.

Culcaigh was present with Ed uttered his final cry.

Two years later, Culcaigh is there as spiders spin webs on Ed’s black suit and overcoat slung
over the rafters in the shed. In back of his Sunday best hangs his white long johns. Culcaigh is
present and silent.

Note: Culcaigh is pronounced as Cull Ca.

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