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DATE : TIME: 2Hrs 30 Min

1. Questions 1 to 20 carry 1 mark each
2. Questions 21 to 30 carry 2 marks each
3. Questions 31 to 40 carry 3 marks each
4. Questions 41 to 44 carry 5 marks each

Choose the correct answer from the following:

1 Asexual reproduction in spirogyra is by
a) Spore formation b) budding c) Fragmentation d) none of these

2 Transmission of heat energy with actual movement of particles is
a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation d) None of these.

3 A wooden spoon is dipped in a cup of ice cream. Its other end
a) becomes cold by the process of conduction
b) becomes cold by the process of radiation
c) becomes cold by the process of convection
d) does not become cold

4 Pollination occurs when pollen lands on
a) style b) stigma c) filament d) anther

5 An electromagnet acts like a magnet
a) All the time
b) When current is passed through the coil
c) Due to the bar magnet kept inside it
d) Only when current through the coil is cut off.

6 The only component in an electric circuit that can have a
discontinuity is ------
a) Fuse b) bulb c) switch d) none of these

7 We are advised to brush our teeth regularly to protect tooth decay.
The nature of the tooth paste commonly used is
a) Acidic b) neutral c) basic d) corrosive

8 Which of these is not essential for the germination of seeds
a) air b) water c) wind d) temperature

9 Which of the following is not a mineral acid
a) Hydrochloric acid (b) Citric acid (c) Sulphuric Acid (d) Nitric

10 Silk fibres obtained from silk moth is
a)Carbohydrate b) Protein c)sugars d)fat

11 Chemical name of Slaked lime is
a) Magnesium Hydroxide b) Sodium Hydroxide c) Calcium
Hydroxide d) Potassium Hydroxide.

12 The part of the flower where pollen grains are formed
a) ovary b) stalk c) stigma d) anther

13 Which of the following statements best explains why houses with
high ceilings are usually colder than houses with low ceilings?
a) Convection current can be set up more effectively to allow hot
air rising to the top of the roof.
b) The surface area of the houses is bigger so that heat loss through
radiation is more effective.
c) The roof absorbs heat from the surroundings and only heat up
the air above it.
d) There are more air in the houses so that the conduction of heat
by air insides the houses is not efficient

14 The silk filaments are taken out from the cocoon by a process
a) Reeling b) shearing c) Scouring d) Sericulture


15 Sea breeze and land breeze
a) are caused by currents set up in air due to conduction
b) are caused by currents set up in air due to convection
c) are caused by currents set up in air due to radiation
d) have no relation to conduction, convection and radiation

16 A magnified, virtual image of the object can be produced by
a) Plane Mirror b) Concave mirror c)Convex mirror
d) All of the above

17 Mohair is a fibre obtained from
a) alpaca b)angora rabbit c) angora goat d) llama

Which property of light helps in formation of shadows?
a) Reflection b) Refraction c) Rectilinear propagation of light
d) Radiation

19 Which of the following forms an image which is always virtual,
erect and smaller than the object.
a) Plane mirror b) Concave mirror c) convex mirror d) all of

20 An iron ball at 60
C is dropped in a mug containing water at 60
The heat will
a) Flow from iron ball to water
b) Not flow from iron ball to water or from water to iron ball
c)Flow from water to iron ball
d) Increase the temperature of both


Answer the following questions in one or two sentences:

21 Some flowers are not brightly colored at all, but have a sweet
smell. How do you think these flowers are pollinated? List any
two features of wind pollinated flowers

22 Draw a circuit diagram that can be used to light two electric
bulbs, using a switch and a battery of 3 cells.

23 Explain neutralization reaction. Write one example.

24 Why is sericulture not considered as an eco-friendly practice?
25 On a hot day, the temperature in Dubai was 40
C. Express this
temperature in degree Fahrenheit.

26 Name the type of mirror used as
a)Shaving mirror
b) Side / rear-view mirror of vehicle
Support your answer with reason.

27 Write any two advantages of vegetative reproduction.

28 Differentiate between conduction and convection(any two

29 Fresh milk has a pH of 6.9. When it changes to curd, will its pH
value increase or decrease? Why?

30 In which season is shearing usually done? Why?


Answer the following questions in two or three sentences:

31 What is an electric fuse? State one characteristics of fuse wire.
Draw the symbol used to represent a fuse in an electric circuit.

32 Mercury is considered as the best thermo-metric liquid. Justify
this statement giving three reasons.

33 The pictures given below show seeds of different plants. From
the appearance of its structure, explain how each one is
dispersed, giving reasons for your answers.


34 Draw and label the life cycle of a silk moth

35 What do you mean by water of crystallization? What happens
when blue copper sulphate crystals are heated strongly in a test
tube? Write the formulae of hydrated copper sulphate.


36 Give reasons:
a) Wearing more layers of clothing during winter keep us
warmer than wearing just one piece of thick clothing.
b) Buildings painted white stay cool in summer
c) Electric room heaters have mirrors behind the heating

a. Tightly wound coils found in electric toasters which heats
up when electric current passes through it.
b. An unbroken path through which electric current can flow.
c. Any two effects of electric current

38 a) Write any two differences between regular reflection and
diffused reflection.
b) Why is it difficult to read the image of the text of a page that
is reflected in a plane mirror?

39 a) Raju, 160cm tall stood 2m away from a plane mirror. Answer
the following.
1) What is the height of Rajus image?
2) How far is Raju from his image?
3) When Raju lifted his left hand, which hand did the image lift?
4) In order to be 2m away from his image what should john do?
b) Distinguish between real image and virtual image(One point).

40 1. A first aid manual suggests that vinegar should be used to
treat wasp sting and baking soda for bee sting.What does this
information tell you about the chemical nature of (a) wasp
sting (b) bee sting? Justify your answer.
2. Acetic acid is used as a preservative in pickles. Explain


Answer the following questions in four or five sentences :

41 Explain the major steps involved in wool production

42 a) What is an electromagnet? State any two factors on which
the strength of an electromagnet depend.
b) Do you think an electromagnet can be used for separating
plastic bags from a garbage heap? Explain.

43 Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of the image by a
concave mirror when the object is placed between F and C.
Write characteristics of the image formed.


a) In the diagram given below identify the parts A to F
b) Is the flower given in the diagram complete or incomplete?
Justify your answer.
c) List the fate of a) ovary b) ovules, after fertilization.