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Error 202 In LEXMARK Printer, Copier

and Scanner Machine Model X 203N

By Jestine Yong on May 13, 2014

This machine already been repaired two times by a repair center but it would not last
!"ter a short time o" usage the machine will brea# down again and each time they
charge $0 %&' "or the repair wor# This machine is belong to an air tra(el agency
The "irst problem o" this machine was the )*' display had an error message +,--.-
202/ and it means paper 0ams inside the machine +"user and output rollers/ !ctually it
was not due to paper 0am because a"ter inspection there was no paper stuc# inside the
machine The bac# door was sense by a bac#door sensor +1hoto 2nterrupters sensor/ and
the 0ob is to "eedbac# a signal bac# to the microcontroller 2* to tell the microcontroller
2* whether the printed paper is going out o" the machine or not
2" the 1hoto 2nterrupter sensor ha(e problem the microcontroller would thin# that the
paper was still inside the tray or between the rollers thus an error message will be
There are two more photo interrupter sensor in the e3it path
2n order to (eri"y whether the 1hoto 2nterrupter sensor is wor#ing or not you 0ust need
to disconnect the wires o" the photo interrupter sensor "rom the main board +by pulling
out the soc#et/ !nd 2 powered up the machine again and the machine started to wor#
without ,--.- 202 This indicates the 1hoto 2nterrupter sensor ha(e problem
!"ter "i3ing in a new photo interrupter sensor the error message was gone and when 2
tried to do a print test the machine stopped hal"way with an alarm sound +second
problem/ 2 chec#ed the e3it roller and "ound the paper was stuc# inside causing the
machine alarm to sound 2 then too# out the "user assembly and chec#ed on the roller
and "ound it to be (ery tight
2 disassembled the "user4heater rollers and cleaned the roller with thinner and spray all
the attached gears rolling parts with oil sprayer !"ter that the roller started to roll again
and no more paper 0ams
*onclusion5 1roblems sol(ed a"ter the replacement o" the 1hoto 2nterrupter sensor and
ser(icing the "user assembly
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