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2008 Cornell University Summer College Application

Application Checklist for Students Applying by Mail

Important information for Application checklist

all applicants ❐ 1. Request or download the application forms
Eligibility: To be eligible for Summer College, you must You can download all application materials from our Web site at or call
have completed your sophomore, junior, or senior 607.255.6203 or e-mail and we’ll send you the forms.
year of high school by June 2008 (check individual
programs for eligibility) and have the demonstrated
❐ 2. Complete your application form (part 1)
On this form we ask that you provide us with a legible, current e-mail address that you check frequently.
maturity, academic ability, and intellectual curiosity
E-mail is our primary tool for communicating with you, and we use it to request missing application
necessary to undertake college-level work.
materials, to verify information, to give you special instructions, and more. (Note: During the admissions
Application deadlines: Some programs have limited process, our e-mail correspondence to you is also sent to your custodial parents/guardians.) Please
enrollment and fill quickly, so we encourage you to carefully type or print your e-mail address on the application form, being certain that we can understand
send us your complete application (items 1–6 on the your characters (for example, be sure to distinguish between a lowercase “L,” the letter “I,” and the number
application checklist) as soon as possible to ensure “1,” and between the letter “O” and the number zero, “Ø”). Please also be sure to include “” in
that you get your first choice of classes. Check our your address book and/or remove any spam blockers that might prevent our e-mail from reaching you.
Web site to see if programs are full. Only complete
applications will be considered. We recommend that you make (and keep) copies of your application form and application statements (see
below) before submitting them.
Applications for most programs are due by May 2.
RABS and Vet Med applications are due by March 12.
❐ 3. Attach your application statements (part 2)
Applications for Architecture are due by April 4. All
Please think carefully about your answers to the questions in this part. Completing these statements will
application materials should be postmarked by these
give you a chance to practice writing for your college application.
dates. Complete applications received after these
dates will be considered on a space-available basis. ❐ 4. Obtain your transcript, current grade report, and test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT, or,
If you encounter problems and can’t meet a deadline, if you’re an international student, the TOEFL or IELTS) (part 3)
call or e-mail us. If programs are not full, we may be Summer College does not set minimum standards for grade-point average or PSAT, SAT, or ACT test scores.
able to accept your later application. Please note that We consider a variety of factors in the admissions decision.
financial-aid deadlines (see following page) are firm.
❐ 5. Submit a recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor (part 4)
Admissions decisions: We make admissions To ensure confidentiality, the recommendation must be in a sealed envelope, signed over the seal by your
decisions for all programs except CALS, RABS, and Vet teacher or guidance counselor.
Med on a rolling basis, which means that we’ll act on
complete applications as they are received. We’ll mail RABS applicants must submit a recommendation from their AP biology teacher as well as from another
you a decision soon after we’ve received your com- teacher and/or guidance counselor.
plete application and reviewed all of your materials.
Letters will be mailed to RABS and Vet Med applicants ❐ 6. Return the application fee and completed application (items 1­–5 above)
by March 21 and to CALS applicants by May 16. For fee amounts and payment methods, see the following page. It is your responsibility to ensure we’ve
received all required materials.
Program charges and financial aid: Please review
the information on the next page about the application Submit items by regular mail to: Cornell University Summer College, P.O. Box 6674, Ithaca, NY 14851-6674
fee, total program charge deadline, payment methods,
Or, if you prefer, by express mail to: Cornell University Summer College, B20 Day Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-2801
and financial aid. Note: If you’re applying for financial
aid, it’s to your advantage to apply as early as possible. If necessary, school officials may fax documents to us at 607.255.6665

International applicants Soon after we receive your application, you and your custodial parents/guardians will receive an e-mail
about how to use our online student services system, which allows you to see if we’ve received all of your
International students should check our Web site at admissions materials, learn your admissions decision, and more. Be on the lookout for messages with for visa forms, “CUSC” in the subject line.
information about TOEFL and IELTS scores, and other
resources. Please note: Cornell University requires that That’s it! We will review and act on your application as soon as we have received all of the above materials.
all non-U.S. citizens have a valid F-1 student visa. You
cannot study at Cornell on a tourist visa.

Students with disabilities

Cornell is committed to ensuring that students with
disabilities have equal access to all university programs
You’ve been accepted—what’s next? Questions?
and activities. Students with disabilities, including First, congratulations on becoming a summer Cornellian! Next, you Please don’t hesitate to contact us at:
learning disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity and your parents should visit the “Accepted Students” section of Cornell University Summer College
Disorder, who will require accommodations should our Web site at and: B20 Day Hall
contact the Student Disability Services (SDS) office • Print out, complete, and return a few additional required forms Ithaca, NY 14853-2801
before coming to Summer College (607.254.4545; e-mail (please contact us if you need paper copies of these forms) Phone: 607.255.6203 We strongly recommend that • Read the online handbook Fax: 607.255.6665
you contact the SDS office as soon as you have been • Make travel arrangements (be sure to consult the “Final Exam E-mail:
accepted to Summer College to ensure that accommo- Schedules” Web page), and Web:
dations are in place for this intensive, fast-paced, and • Get ready for a great summer!
challenging college experience.
2008 Cornell University Summer College Application

Program Charges

Program charges Application fee Financial aid

See the table below for program charges. Please submit the following nonrefundable Summer College offers a limited number of partial
The following abbreviations are used in the application fee with your completed application (if scholarships that are awarded based on a family’s
table below: you’re concerned about paying the fee, go to our Web demonstrated financial need, a student’s outstanding
site to request a fee waiver): academic achievement, and availability of funds.
Indicates a program length of one-week (1w), three- t U.S. residents: $50 ($40 if you apply online) Scholarships are reserved primarily for accepted
weeks (3w), four-weeks (4w), or six-weeks (6w). t Non-U.S. residents and/or applicants who need students in the six-week programs who are U.S.
a student visa: $100 ($90 if you apply online) citizens or permanent residents of the U.S., Canada,
Total or Mexico. If awarded a partial scholarship, a student
The total program charge consists of the tuition charge Total program charge must meet the balance of the total program charge. If
(TC) plus the residential and noncredit program charge deadline your family cannot meet this cost, we suggest that you
(RC). talk with your guidance counselor and others in your
Upon your acceptance, please submit your total community about possible sources of financial aid.
program charge to secure registration in the class(es) You may also visit our Web site for links (nonendorsed)
The tuition charge covers enrollment in credit-bearing
for which you have been accepted and so that we may to select financial-aid sites. We operate independently
courses (up to eight credits for six weeks of study, four
assign you housing. of Cornell University’s Office of Financial Aid.
credits for four weeks of study, three credits for three
weeks of study, and one credit for one week of study)
and course-specific fees. Payment methods The Family Financial-Aid Application is available on
our Web site,, or by
RC Please submit payments according to the following calling 607.255.6203.
The residential and noncredit charge includes the methods (unfortunately, we will have to return your
If you wish to be considered for financial aid, you
cost of accommodations in a Cornell residence hall, a check and set aside your application if payment is not
must submit your financial-aid materials at the same
full meal plan, and participation in learning activities, made as outlined below):
• Credit card (MasterCard or Visa)
time as your application materials and no later than
academic skills workshops, admissions sessions, and
• Through our secure online student services system
April 4 (March 12 for RABS and Veterinary Medicine
social activities. This charge does not cover the cost of
applicants, and May 2 for CALS applicants).
books, supplies, or travel to the program. • Personal check or cashier’s check (If paying by check,
it must be drawn on a major U.S. bank in U.S. funds If you’re applying for aid and are in the process of
and made payable to Cornell University. There is a applying for U.S. permanent residence status, send
$25 charge for each check returned for nonpayment.) acceptable documentation of permanent residence
v L v TC v RC v Total • Money order status (e.g., a photocopy of Form I-151) along with the
• Wire transfer (For wire transfer instructions, financial-aid application.
e-mail or
1w $925 $760 $1,685 call 607.255.6203.) You’ll be considered for financial aid only after we
have received all of your admissions and financial-aid
t Non-U.S. residents and/or applicants who need materials and you’ve been accepted into the program.
3w $2,775 $2,290 $5,065* a student visa: We prefer that payment be made
through our secure online student services system Financial-aid decisions are made on a rolling basis
or by credit card, but it may also be made by any of for all programs except Architecture, CALS, RABS, and
4w $3,700 $2,725 $6,425 Veterinary Medicine, so it is to your advantage to apply
the other methods listed above.
as early as possible.
6w $5,550 $2,845 $8,395* Financial-aid decisions are made on March 21 for
RABS and Veterinary Medicine and in mid-May for
Architecture and CALS. For all other programs, we
* Architecture and Art as Experience students will notify you in writing of our financial-aid decision
must pay an additional $50 studio fee. as soon as we have reviewed your materials and a
decision has been made.

Cornell University reserves the right to deny admission to any ap-

plicant, to discontinue the enrollment of any student whose personal
actions are detrimental to the university community or are in violation
Cornell Summer College is a of any applicable code of conduct, and to require the withdrawal of
profoundly worthwhile investment. a student whose continuance at the university would be detrimental
to himself or herself or to others. It is the responsibility of students to
become familiar with the academic regulations and procedures relat-
Pete Simon, parent ing to their courses of study at the university.
© 2007 Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Sum-
mer Sessions (SCE). Summer College is a department of SCE. SCE
reserves the right to change or cancel this program. Cornell University
is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action educator and employer.
For more information, see (1107)
note: please use the same name on all forms. it should be
the name you would like to appear on your official cornell
university transcript. if you are a non-u.s. citizen, you must use
the name that appears on your passport.

2008 Cornell University Summer College Application

Name:_ __________________________________________________________________ U.S. Social Security #:____________________________ Gender:_____________

first middle initial last suffix

Nickname:____________________________________ Permanent/home mailing address:_ ______________________________________________________________

street (enter your permanent/home address only, not a boarding school address)

________________________________________________________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________________
city state/province (country if not u.s.) zip (or postal code) (see the note about e-mail under step 2 of the application checklist)

Home telephone:________________________________Cell telephone:_ ________________________________ Fax number:_ ___________________________________

(include area code or country code) (include area code or country code) (include area code or country code)

Please check appropriate citizenship status: p U.S. citizen p Dual U.S. citizen p U.S. permanent resident p Other citizenship:___________________________
(please indicate visa type and status)

Birth date:_______________Country of citizenship if not U.S.:____________________Will you need a U.S. visa? Yes p No p
month/day/year (if yes, see f-1 visa request form on the web. you cannot attend cornell on a tourist visa.)

Circle expected high school graduation year: 2008 or 2009 or 2010 How did you first hear about us?_________________________________________
(your graduation year from high school must be 2008 or 2009 for eligibility in the junior/senior programs)

Mother or guardian: __________________________________________________ Father or guardian:_ __________________________________________________

name (include prefix and suffix) name (include prefix and suffix)

__________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________
address (if different from yours) address (if different from yours)

__________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________
home and/or cell telephone numbers (include area code or country code) home and/or cell telephone numbers (include area code or country code)

__________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________
occupation and business phone and fax numbers (if available) occupation and business phone and fax numbers (if available)

__________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________
e-mail e-mail

Did/do your parents/grandparents/siblings attend Cornell? Yes p No p Did/do your parents/grandparents/siblings attend Summer College? Yes p No p

If yes, their name(s), relationship to you, and Cornell/Summer College graduation year(s):_________________________________________________________________

Name of the school you are attending:____________________________________________________________ School telephone:________________________________

state/province (country if not u.s.)

If you attend a boarding school, what is the last date you will be receiving mail there (prior to the first day of your program)?_____________________________________

Please provide us with a complete mailing address for where you’ll be after this date:____________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:_ ____________________________________

city state/province (country if not u.s.) zip (or postal code) (include area code or country code)

Emergency contact information:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(leave this blank if your emergency contacts are your parents/guardians listed above) name relationship to you

street city state/province (country if not u.s.) zip (or postal code)

Emergency telephone #1:_______________________________________________ Emergency telephone #2:_ _______________________________________________

(include area code or country code) (include area code or country code)

Source code: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(if you received a catalog/flyer, please enter the four-character code from the mailing label to the right of your name. if you did not receive a mailer, please enter “oooo”.)

v Optional: U.S. Applicants: Which of the following do you consider yourself? Please check all that apply

p African American, African, Black p Asian American p Asian, including Indian Subcontinent p Hispanic, Latino p Mexican American, Chicano
p Native American, Alaska native p Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander p Puerto Rican p White or Caucasian
(for information about cornell’s definitions of these ethnicities, please see our web site at t Continued
2008 Cornell University Summer College Application

Program Options

v Choosing your program

1. Select a first-choice program and, in case this program is full, also select a second-choice program you’d be willing to attend. To review your options, visit for detailed program descriptions, the complete list of course offerings (including course numbers, days, and times), and more.
Please contact us if you have questions.
2. Write “1” on the line next to your first-choice program below and “2” next to your second-choice program.
3. Students who enroll in six-week programs commonly choose two courses for credit from the more than sixty available. The programs for which you must select
courses are indicated below by the   symbol. If you choose such a program, please select two courses and two alternates (in case your first choices are full) and
enter those course titles and numbers on the designated lines at the bottom of the page. For all other programs, you do not need to select courses; you will
automatically be enrolled in the appropriate program course(s). Program titles below followed by one asterisk (*) may be combined with those marked by two asterisks (**)
for a Dual Program (for more information about this option, see page 17 of the catalog or visit our Web site at
4. Please be sure you meet all eligibility requirements.

Architecture Law and Politics Veterinary Medicine

____ Introduction to Architecture ____ Democracy and Its Discontents** ____ Introduction to Veterinary Medicine**
____ Freedom and Justice* Write “1” next to your first-choice course and
“2” next to your second-choice course:
____ Art as Experience* Life, Environmental, Agricultural,
___ Sustainable Animal Husbandry (ANSC 1120)
and Applied Social Sciences
Business ___ Exotic Avian Husbandry (ANSC 2150)
____ College to Career (One-week CALS)**
____ Hotel Operations Management*
____ College to Career (Three-week CALS)** Writing
____ The Business World**
____ Focus on Writing
____ Genius and Madness in Literature** Dual Programs
____ CollegeSuccess
*/**You may combine a one-asterisk
Courses: you’ll be enrolled in HE 1000: Medicine, Science, and Biological program with a two-asterisk program for a
Critical Reading and Thinking. Select one
Research four- or six-week Dual Program, contingent
additional course and two alternates and
____ Biological Research and Health Professions upon eligibility and individual program length
enter them below.
(see page 17 of the catalog or visit our Web site
____ Body, Mind, and Health*
Engineering for more information).
____ Focus on the Sciences
____ Topics in Engineering ____ Four-week Combination
____ RABS
Film Combining_ ____________________________
____ On Camera: Studies in Film Analysis* with___________________________________
____ The Individual in the Social World*
Humanities ____ Six-week Combination

____ Focus on the Humanities Combining_ ____________________________


v Course selections—you must complete the section below if you have selected a program marked with a  
select two courses and two alternates for both your first- and second-choice programs. please include the course title and number (for example, introduction to psychology,
psych 1101). also, check the web to be sure your course times do not conflict with one another.

for first-choice program: for second-choice program:

Course one: _ ______________________________________________________ Course one: _ ______________________________________________________

Course two:________________________________________________________ Course two:________________________________________________________

Alternate one:_ _____________________________________________________ Alternate one:_ _____________________________________________________

Alternate two:_ _____________________________________________________ Alternate two:_ _____________________________________________________

2008 Cornell University Summer College Application

Application Statements

v Application statements
Please think carefully about the following four questions, they’re an important part of your application.

Type your answers on separate sheets of paper. Each response should not exceed 250 words.

1. Briefly list your three most significant interests and activities, including any employment or volunteer work experience.
Also, note the time you devote to each activity, during which grades you participated, and your main responsibilities.

2. Discuss one of the interests or activities listed above. Describe why it’s important to you, your reasons for becoming involved in it,
and your related accomplishments.

3. A personal statement will help us to get to know you better. What distinguishes you from your classmates and peers?
What do you expect to gain from Summer College and to accomplish during the program?

4. Tell us about your interest in the Summer College programs (both choices 1 and 2) you selected in part 1 of your application.
Why did you select them? What do you hope to gain from them? Tell us about any personal, work, or volunteer experience you’ve had related to them.

2008 Cornell University Summer College Application

Transcript, Current Grade Report, and Test Scores

v Transcript, current grade report, and test scores

Please ask the appropriate school official to provide you with:

• An official high school transcript, including all completed high school grades,
• A current grade report, including the most current available grades, and
• Your most recent standardized test scores: PSAT, SAT, ACT, or, if you’re an international student, the TOEFL or IELTS. (If you haven’t taken any of these tests, please submit
a letter with your admissions application stating the reason.)

All three items must be submitted in English and either sent to us in a sealed envelope, signed over the seal by a school official, or faxed to us by a school official.
(Unfortunately, the College Board cannot send your test scores directly to Summer College. In addition, even if you have had your scores sent from the College Board
to Cornell University, we here at Summer College cannot access them.)

Note: Some schools require that transcripts, grade reports, test scores, and/or recommendation letters be sent directly to us, instead of releasing these materials to you.
If this is the case at your school, it remains your responsibility to check with school officials to be sure they have mailed these materials to us.
2008 Cornell University Summer College Application
note: please use the same name on all forms. it should be
the name you would like to appear on your official cornell
university transcript. if you are a non-u.s. citizen, you must use
the name that appears on your passport.

Teacher’s or Guidance Counselor’s Recommendation

v Applicant
Fill in the top of this form and then give it to a teacher or counselor who knows you well. If you are a junior/senior and would like to enroll in Chemistry 2070,
Computer Science 1110 or 2110, Mathematics 1110 or 1910, Microbiology 2900 or 2910, or Physics 1112, your recommendation must come from the
subject area teacher.

Name:_ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
first middle initial last suffix

Permanent mailing address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

street city state/province (country if not u.s.) zip (or postal code)

Name of the school you are attending:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

state/province (country if not u.s.)

Name of principal:_________________________________________________ Name of guidance counselor:__________________________________________________

v Complete this section if English is your second language

What is your most recent TOEFL or IELTS score?_____________________________________________________Date of examination:______________________________
toefl ielts toefl ielts

What language other than English, if any, is spoken in your home?_ ____________________________________Are you fluent in that language? Y N

What grades of school did you complete in the U.S., if any?_ ________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have not attended school in the U.S., list all classes you have taken in English, if any:_ ______________________________________________________________


Where were you born?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

city state/province ( country if not u.s.)

Do you live in the U.S.? Y N If so, how long have you lived here?______________________________________________________

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 gives students who are admitted to and enroll in Cornell the right to review their educational records. If you would like
to waive this right so that your reference can be submitted on a confidential basis, please sign below.

“I waive any right of access I may have to this reference and wish that it may be submitted confidentially on my behalf.”

Applicant’s signature:_________________________________________________________________________Date:_ _________________________________________

v Recommender
The student named above is applying for admission to Cornell University Summer College to take regular university courses. The programs provide an academic challenge
beyond that available in secondary school. If selected, the student will be living and studying on campus for one, three, four, or six weeks. We attach great importance to
your candid and thoughtful appraisal of the applicant’s readiness for this college experience. Many students, though intellectually superior, are not yet socially mature
enough to handle an early introduction to the opportunities and challenges associated with college life. It would be a disservice to recommend a student who is not quite
ready for this experience. Please be frank; acceptance decisions will be based on all aspects of the application.

Please complete and return both pages of this form to the student as soon as possible in a sealed envelope; sign the envelope across the seal to ensure confidentiality.
If you choose to write a separate letter, please also include both pages of this form. We cannot make a decision about this student’s application until we have received
this form. Thank you.

What is your relationship to the applicant? p Guidance Counselor p Teacher of_______________________________________

How long have you known the applicant?_ ____________________________________________ In what capacity?_ ___________________________________________

t Continued
2008 Cornell University Summer College Application 4.

Teacher’s or Guidance Counselor’s Recommendation

v Rate the applicant relative to others at your school v If this student is a nonnative speaker of English, give his or her
English-language ability your candid and thorough evaluation
Cornell University Summer College is a fast-paced, intensive program in which it is in the student’s best interest that you give us an accurate appraisal of the student’s
students can earn college credit and an official Cornell transcript. Please keep ability to do college-level work in english.

this in mind when giving us an honest assessment of this applicant relative to

other students you have known. From the standpoint of the language proficiency needed to pursue studies at a
characteristic excellent above average below unknown university in the U.S., what is the applicant’s present ability in English?
average average ability excellent good fair poor none
Honesty and integrity ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ To speak English ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐
Self-discipline ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ To understand spoken English ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐
Self-esteem ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ To write in English ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐
Maturity ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ To understand written English ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐
Reaction to criticism or setbacks ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐
Respect accorded by faculty ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ How well do you think the applicant will be able to pursue studies in English at
Respect for and from peers ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ the university level? Please consider both writing and reading abilities.

Creativity ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ Should have no difficulty in English in college-level courses

Capacity for growth ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ Should manage adequately in English after a short period of adjustment
❐ Should enroll in a college-level English course for nonnative speakers*
Disciplined work habits ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐
❐ Appears to require intensive training in English*
* cornell university summer english courses for nonnative speakers are open to
How does the curriculum selected by the applicant compare with that of other students in summer college.
college-bound students at your school?

❐ One of the most challenging Any other comments on the applicant’s ability or need for additional training
❐ Rigorous in English?

❐ Above average
❐ Average __________________________________________________________________

v Please answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper

• How does the applicant demonstrate that s/he is or is not prepared to take the
specific college-level Summer College courses that s/he has chosen?
• Note any attribute of the applicant that strongly suggests s/he would benefit
from our program.
If your secondary school is outside the U.S., what is the primary language of
• Do you know of any behavior that suggests that this applicant is not reliable, instruction there?
honest, mature, courteous, or of good character, or do you know of any
behavior problems or other attributes that might prevent the applicant from __________________________________________________________
benefiting from the program? Has s/he experienced any disciplinary problems,
difficult challenges, or personal setbacks in recent years of which we should
be aware?

Name:_ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
prefix (mr., mrs., ms., miss, dr.) first middle initial last suffix

Job title:_______________________________________________________________ E-mail:_____________________________________________________________

Signature:_ ____________________________________________________________ Date:_ _____________________________________________________________

School address:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
street city state/province (country if not u.s.) zip (or postal code)

School telephone:_________________________________ U.S. applicants: The school is: ❐ public ❐ private CEEB code:_ _________________________

if you have questions or comments, please call or write to the director of summer college, b20 day hall, ithaca, ny 14853-2801
telephone 607.255.6203, fax 607.255.6665, e-mail