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A free, 6-week course led by Dave Hickman and Todd Noren-Hentz

Wednesdays @ 6pm, August 13

thru October 1
in Fellowship Hall Room 1

This course is intended to give you some insights into the processes by which God's creation
may have occurred. We'll examine reasons for tensions between these two worlds, some of
the great contributors to each field, and gain deeper insights into both worlds. Being a whiz in
science is not needed. No text is required and read-ahead handouts will be provided.

August 13 Class Introduction; What is truth and how do we know it?
In this session led by both Todd and Dave, well get acquainted with one another and provide an overview of the class.
In Jesus trial, Pilate asked, What is truth? Well ask this question of both science and religion. For instance, if you
discover something through an empirical study, how is it similar and different from if you discover something through
your experience on a church retreat?

August 20 A Complicated History: Religion and Science Through the Years
Dave will lead us through the high points and low points of science and religions interaction over the centuries. Well
explore the lives and contributions of scientists and theologians who have played pivotal roles in this evolving (pun
intended) relationship, such as: Aristotle, Bruno, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, and Einstein.

August 27 In the Beginning: Are Science and Religion Telling the Same Story?
We will look at the beginning of creation as understood by science and as revealed in the creation story of Genesis as
Dave leads us in this session. Do modern theories of a Big Bang and an expanding universe support how Christians
understand God to have been involved in creation? What can the anthropic principle teach us?

September 3 An Evolving Story: Can We See Gods Hand in Evolution?
Todd will raise provocative questions such as whether the modern theory of evolution can serve as a new creation
narrative? Is there actually an important theological contribution that evolution has to make to faith? Can the ultimate
religious value of love actually be more important to evolution than cut-throat natural selection commonly understood to
be the engine driving evolution?

September 10 The Quantum Revolution: Are the Frontiers of Science Asking Spiritual Questions?
Recent breakthroughs in physics have scientists making counter-intuitive claims that point to areas that have traditionally
been the domain of religion. Dave will take us through the fascinating worlds of quantum physics and the theory of
relativity as we journey to the edge of what science knows.

September 17 Whats the Point? Is Creation Going Somewhere & if so, Where?
Is creation moving towards something? If so, is it a final destruction or a new heaven and a new earth? How is God
involved in the purpose and directionality of creation and consciousness? What role might technology play in the
unwritten story of our future? Could science and the unfolding of creation have a part to play in the coming of the
Kingdom of God? This session will be led by Todd.
Participants can register online or at Grace UMC. Participants can expect 30 minutes to an hour of
recommended reading per week, but classes are designed to provide value to those who are unable
to complete the weekly reading as well.
For more information contact Dave Hickman at or (256) 527-9721 or Todd
Noren-Hentz at or (256) 430-0003