When the Sun Sets…

By: Samantha Lopez

Chapter One: Eyes
“Damien!” the stranger’s voice said but somehow the voice sound’s familiar. “Damien!” the voice said again. As the figure’s moved to the center of the room, I can now see the man behind the stranger’s voice more clearly. The man has straight jet black hair that hung’s just below his jaw, a pale, chalky complexion and eye’s that seems to glow red. “Damien!” the man continued to say. The guy named Damien finally looked at the man and shot him a look that reminds me of the saying if looks could kill… “What father?” Damien finally said to the man that appears to be his father. “Damien, isnt it enough that you have fallen inlove with this human, and now you’re telling me that you’re having a child with her?” the man said. Different emotion’s shot across the man’s face in an instant... anger… shock… fear... “Don’t you realize what can happen to our family? The shame this will bring not only to us but to our ancestors as well?! The outrage!” “Father, are you really afraid in the humiliation this will bring to our family, or is it because you know that we will lose our power once they know that your son, had bear a child with a human?” Damien said as a matter-of- factly. Damien’s father looked shocked as if he’s just been electrocuted. And then the scenes abruptly changed. “Stefan,” a woman said. The woman has soft curly brown hair, a pale complexion but is totally different from the two men I have seen earlier, and almond shape eyes that is somehow familiar.

“Margarett I’m here. What do you need? Are you hurt?” The man named Stefan said. “Stefan. Where is she? Where’s my Athena?” Margarett has said with a deep longing in her voice. “She’s right here.” Stefan said giving the baby to Margarett. Margarett was about to take the baby wrapped in a white cloth when… BANG! The doors below the house opened. “Margarett, they’re here. We should get out now.” Stefan said completely startled. “No, Stefan you go, bring Athena with you. Im sure Damien already know what’s happening, he will take me with him. I will not leave my husband alone Stefan. Just go,” Margarett said with the full authority in her voice ringing. With the final vow, Stefan ran holding the baby safely in his arms. Stefan ran and ran until he was sure they were safe. He held the baby tighter in his arms as if making sure the baby is still there. Buzz. Buzz. My alarm clock rang. It was only a dream. The same dream, as always. I opened my eyes and saw the bright light coming from my window. It’s morning. The 20th of September. Six more days and six more nights and im finally 18. I hopped off my bed and is about to reach for the door when I saw the eyes. That is why the woman’s eyes in my dreams looked familiarbecause it’s the same as mine.

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