Course Syllabus
EDCI 200: Teaching Online for pK-12
Instructor: Sandra A. Lathem, Ed.D.

August 25 - December 3, 2014
Online in UVM Blackboard
Credits: 3

Course Description

This couise examines best piactices anu stiategies foi teaching online in a pK-12 leaining enviionment.
Buiing the couise, paiticipants gain piactical expeiience as an online stuuent anu leain how to plan,
uelivei, anu evaluate online instiuction as uelineateu in cuiient national piofessional stanuaius.
Paiticipants will exploie a iange of technology skills iequiieu by the online teachei, incluuing
oppoitunities to cieate oi manage an online content mouule, facilitate online uiscussion foiums,
paiticipate in viueo confeiencing sessions, anu evaluate leaining management systems anu application
softwaie useu in the viitual classioom. Topics incluue best piactices in instiuctional stiategies (such as
peisonalizeu leaining, active anu pioject-baseu leaining) as well as legal anu ethical aspects ielateu to
the viitual classioom.

Goals: !"# %&'() &* +",) -&./)# '/# +& 0##+ +"# *&((&1,2% -/,+#!"# %&! &'("') *)#+,"'- !" $%&&%'"(

"#$%&'()' *+,#(,-(./ The teachei uemonstiates knowleuge of how to plan, uelivei, anu evaluate
online instiuction as uelineateu in cuiient national piofessional stanuaius, anu as ieflecteu in
veimont's Fiamewoik of Stanuaius, uiaue Level Expectations, anu Common Coie State Stanuaius.
Specifically the euucatoi unueistanus anu¡oi knows:

• !"#$%&'&() +,-''. - A iange of technologies ielevant to the online leaining enviionment both
existing anu emeiging, that effectively suppoit stuuent leaining anu engagement in the
online enviionment.
• !"/#$-%( -% /% 0%'-%" 1%2-3&%4"%5 - Best piactices of effective online instiuction anu
stiategies that piomote cieativity anu innovation in viitual enviionments.
• 6"(/' /%7 15$-#/' 83/#5-#" - Legal anu ethical online behavioi ielateu to technology use.

0'-1$-2,#3' *+,#(,-(./ The teachei implements a compiehensive, stanuaius-baseu cuiiiculum in
subject aiea of euucatoi's enuoisement that incoipoiates technology stanuaius anu enables stuuents
to acquiie content knowleuge anu skills. Specifically, the euucatoi:

• 0ses a iange of technologies ielevant to online leaining enviionments to suppoit stuuent
leaining that aie appiopiiate to stuuents' ages anu abilities.
• Establishes cleai expectations, employs effective, piompt communication, anu pioviues
iegulai feeuback to stuuents online
• Cieates peisonalizeu, online leaining enviionments foi stuuents that encouiage active
leaining, ieal-woilu application, inteiaction, paiticipation anu collaboiation.
• Nouels anu manages safe, legal, anu ethical online behavioi.
• Auapts cuiiiculum anu instiuction to meet uiveise stuuent neeus in the online enviionment,
incluuing accommouating stuuents with special neeus.

• 0iganizes mateiials, instiuction, anu pioceuuies to meet stanuaius-baseu leaining goals.
• Cieates anu implements a vaiiety of assessments in online leaining in ways that ensuie
acauemic integiity of the instiuments anu pioceuuies anu that accuiately uemonstiate
stuuent leaining.
• Nouels collaboiative knowleuge constiuction anu ieflection by engaging in leaining with
stuuents, colleagues, anu otheis in face-to-face-anu viitual enviionments.

Essential Question

• Bow can an online anu¡oi blenueu leaining enviionment pioviue pK-12 stuuents with
expeiiences that peisonalize stuuent leaining anu inciease cieativity anu innovation.

Learning Outcomes

Paiticipants will unueistanu .

• Past, cuiient, anu emeiging tienus in online anu blenueu leaining enviionments
• Best piactices in pK-12 online teaching
• National stanuaius foi teaching quality online couises
• Legal anu ethical issues associateu with teaching online
• Peisonalizeu leaining anu implementation stiategies
• Stuuent motivation anu engagement in an online enviionment

Paiticipants will know .

• Leaining management systems (oi softwaie tools) that suppoit online leaining enviionments
• A vaiiety of softwaie applications that suppoit social constiuction of knowleuge, communication,
collaboiation, anu ieflection
• viueo anu multimeuia tools that facilitate content ueliveiy, uiscussion, anu collaboiation
• Stiategies to uiffeientiate anu peisonalize leaining foi stuuents online
• Instiuctional stiategies to inciease stuuent inteiactivity, communication, collaboiation anu
• Foimative anu summative assessment stiategies foi online leaineis

Stuuents will be able to .

• Plan, oiganize, anu uelivei an online leaining expeiience foi pK-12 stuuents in a content aiea of
• Besign activities to inciease stuuent engagement anu inteiactivity online
• Facilitate online uiscussion anu foiums
• Besign gioup anu pioject-baseu leaining activities
• Evaluate anu select euucational technology iesouices to seive uiveise leaining styles anu
• 0se web-baseu application softwaie that suppoit a vaiiety of leaining anu assessment puiposes

Course Policies/Expectations

The following aie necessaiy foi successful completion of this couise:


• Active paiticipation in online class uiscussions
• Completion of ieauings
• Completion of assignments

Typically, stuuents shoulu expect to uevote 1S houis pei week in ieviewing online lessons anu iesouices,
ieauing iequiieu texts anu aiticles offline, cieating anu completing assignments, anu paiticipating in
uiscussions. Biscussion postings shoulu ieflect a stuuent's unueistanuing anu tiansfei of concepts
containeu in lessons anu ieauings.

Attendance Expectations

+597"%5. /3" ":;"#5"7 5& 3"/7 /%7 #&4;'"5" <"",') '"..&%. -% ='/#,>&/37 anu actively paiticipate in class
uiscussions of ieauings anu liteiatuie anu engage with othei class paiticipants to peifoim gioup
activities anu assignments. *+4('#+. .5$4&( '67'3+ +$ &$) 8# +$ +5' 9&,3:;$,-( 3$4-.' .8+' 24&+87&'
+82'. +5-$4)5$4+ ',35 %'':< = 1'% +82'. (4-8#) +5' .'2'.+'-> .+4('#+. %8&& ;' '67'3+'( +$
7,-+8387,+' 8# .?#35-$#$4. (8.34..8$#. 4.8#) $#&8#' @8('$ 3$#1'-'#38#) +$$&.< A5'.' +82'. ,#(
(,+'. %8&& ;' '.+,;&8.5'( ;? 7,-+8387,#+. 8# +5' 3$4-.' %8+5 ,(@,#3' #$+83' 7-$@8('(<

!$" &??-#-/' ;&'-#) ?&3 ":#9."7 />."%#". ?&3 3"'-(-&9. $&'-7/).@ +597"%5. $/2" 5$" 3-($5 5& ;3/#5-#" 5$" 3"'-(-&%
&? 5$"-3 #$&-#"A 1/#$ ."4".5"3 .597"%5. .$&9'7 .9>4-5 -% <3-5-%( 5& 5$"-3 -%.539#5&3. >) 5$" "%7 &? 5$" ."#&%7
?9'' <"", &? #'/..". 5$"-3 7&#94"%5"7 3"'-(-&9. $&'-7/) .#$"79'" ?&3 5$" ."4".5"3A B/#9'5) 49.5 ;"34-5
.597"%5. <$& 4-.. <&3, ?&3 5$" ;93;&." &? 3"'-(-&9. &>."32/%#" 5& 4/," 9; 5$-. <&3,A

Contributions in Class

Paiticipants aie expecteu to ieview all mateiials piesenteu in lessons posteu uuiing each week.
Paiticipants shoulu also take an active iole in class uiscussions aiounu new infoimation fiom assigneu
ieauings anu classioom applications< 0,-+8387,+8$# 8# (8.34..8$# ;$,-( +$783. 24.+ ;' +82'&?
B%8+58# ',35 %'':C. ,..8)#2'#+.D %8+5 24&+87&' 7$.+8#). 7'- %'': ,#+8387,+'(<

Academic Honesty & Professionalism

All stuuents aie iequiieu to be familiai with anu auheie to the "Acauemic Bonesty Policy Pioceuuies"
uelineateu in the most iecent euition of "The Cat's Tale".


Accommouations will be pioviueu to eligible stuuents with uisabilities. Please obtain an accommouation
lettei fiom the ACCESS office anu see one of the instiuctois eaily in the couise to uiscuss what
accommouations will be necessaiy. If you aie unfamiliai with ACCESS, visit theii website at
http:¡¡www.uvm.euu¡access to leain moie about the seivices they pioviue. ACESS: A-17u Living
Leaining Centei, 0niveisity of veimont, Builington, vT uS4uS. PB: 8u2-6S6-77SS, TTY: call 711 (ielay),
Fax: 8u2-6S6-u7S9, Email: accessÇuvm.euu, Instant Nessengei: 0vNaccess. ueneial office houis:
8:Suam - 4:Supm Nonuay thiough Fiiuay. Call to make an appointment.

Required readings:

Beluaiiain, Y. (2uu6). Bistance euucation tienus: Integiating new technologies to fostei stuuent
inteiaction anu collaboiation. Bistance Euucation, vol. 27, No. 2, August 2uu6, pp. 1S9-1SS
iNAC0L National Stanuaius foi Quality 0nline Teaching (v2), 0ctobei 2u11. Available at:

Patiick, S., Kenneuy K., Powell, A. (2u1S). Nean What You Say: Befining anu Integiating
Peisonalizeu, Blenueu anu Competency Euucation. iNAC0L, Inteinational Association foi K-
12 0nline Leaining. Available at: http:¡¡www.inacol.oig¡cms¡wp-

Rice, Keiiy (2u12). Naking the Nove to K-12 0nline Teaching: Reseaich-baseu Stiategies anu
Piactices. Boston: Peaison. (27u pages).

Rowe, N.C. (2uu4). Cheating in online stuuent assessment: Beyonu plagiaiism. 0nline }ouinal of Bistance
Leaining Auministiation, 7(2). Available at:

Wolf, Naiy Ann (2u1u). Innovate to Euucate: System |RejBesign foi Peisonalizeu Leaining. A
Repoit fiom the 2u1u Symposium. In collaboiation with ASCB anu the Council of Chief State
School 0fficeis. Washington, B.C., Softwaie & Infoimation Inuustiy Association (2u1u,
Novembei). Available at: http:¡¡siia.net¡pli¡piesentations¡PeiLeainPapei.puf

Watson, }ohn (0ctobei, 2uu8). Piomising Piactices in 0nline Leaining: Blenueu Leaining - The
Conveigence of 0nline anu Face-to-Face Euucation. iNAC0L. Available at:

Auuitional ieauings aie assigneu in web-baseu lessons.

Recommended readings:

Schwaitz, N. (2u1S ). Khan Acauemy: The Illusion 0f 0nueistanuing. }ouinal of Asynchionous Leaining
Netwoiks, volume 17: Issue 4 (pp. 67-8u).
Wolf, Naiy Ann (2u12). Cultuie Shift: Teaching in a Leainei-Centeieu Enviionment Poweieu by Bigital
Leaining. Alliance foi Excellent Euucation. Available at:
Electronic Submissions/Internet Use:

This couise iequiies substantial Inteinet use given its online foimat. 0nline lessons incluue links to
iesouices anu ieauings associateu with online lessons. Class uiscussion is conuucteu thiough an online
uiscussion boaiu in Blackboaiu anu with auuitional web-baseu collaboiation anu communication tools.
All couise assignments aie submitteu electionically.


Course assessments are performance based and include written and web-based performance products.

Percentage Contribution of Each Assignment

0'-1$-2,#3' A,.: 0'-3'#+,)' $1 E-,('
Paiticipation (uiscussion boaiu posts anu synchionous sessions) 1S
}ouinal Reflections (4 posts) 2u
viueo Intiouuction S
Wiki Contiibutions (S points each)
• viitual Schools Reseaich
• Collaboiation Tools anu Social Netwoiking
• Leaining Nanagement System Review
• Piesentation Tools
• Nobile Applications
• uames anu Simulations
• Assessment Tools
Final Pioject - Teachei Toolkit with Lesson Exemplai 2S
A$+,& FGG

Instructional Sequence

H'': A$783 I',(8#). J =..8)#2'#+.
Nouule 1 Intiouuction to Teaching 0nline
Week 1 - Aug 2S • Couise Intiouuction
• Syllabus Review
• Couise expectations
• Navigating the Blackboaiu system

Lesson 1 -
• Past, Cuiient, anu Futuie Tienus in
0nline Teaching in pK-12
• National stanuaius foi quality K-12
online couises
• Cultuial shift in euucational piogiams
suppoiteu by uigital tools anu
• Rice, K., Naking the Nove to K-12
0nline Teaching, p. iii - 21
• National Stanuaius foi Quality
0nline Teaching, iNAC0L, (14 pp.)

• Complete Lesson 1 in Blackboaiu
• Take pie-assessment suivey
• Biscussion Boaiu posts
• Bo a self-assessment of youi cuiient
qualifications as an online teachei
using iNAC0L 0nline Teaching
Stanuaius; ueteimine aieas in which
you neeu to impiove oi expanu youi
expeitise (Bue Sept. 1)
• Cieate a viueo intiouuction of
youiself foi this couise (Bue
Septembei 8th)
Week 2 - Sept 1 Lesson 2 -
• Piinciples anu Stanuaius of Leaining
• Types of viitual Schools
• Peisonalizeu (oi leainei-centeieu)
• Blenueu anu Competency Euucation
• Rice, K., Naiking the Nove to K-12
0nline Teaching, p. 2S - 4S.
• System |RejBesign foi Peisonalizeu
Leaining: A Repoit fiom the 2u1u
Symposium, Softwaie & Infoimation
Inuustiy Association, (42 pp.)
• iNAC0L National Stanuaius foi
Quality 0nline Teaching (v2),
0ctobei 2u11. (4u pp.)
• Nean What You Say: Befining anu
Integiating Peisonalizeu, Blenueu
anu Competency Euucation (S6

• Complete Lesson 2 in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion Boaiu posts
• Investigate at least thiee types of
viitual school options foi K-12
leaineis anu wiite a ieview about
each one. Post youi ieview in oui
couise wiki. (Bue: Septembei 1S)
• Post youi fiist jouinal ieflections foi

Nouule 0ne in Blackboaiu. Submit
youi peisonalizeu leaining plan foi
this couise (Bue: Septembei 1S)
Nouule Two Tools of the Tiaue foi the 0nline Teachei
Week S - Sept 8 Lesson S --
• A Rainbow of Tools foi Leaining
• Asynchionous vs. Synchionous Tools
• uuest inteiview with an online
teachei -- using uoogle Bangout
• Tools to suppoit collaboiation anu
social netwoiking
Rice, K., pp. 47-71.

• Complete Lesson S in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion Boaiu posts
• Leain at least thiee new tools to
suppoit collaboiation anu social
netwoiking. Shaie a biief ieview in
oui couise wiki. (Bue: Sept 1S)
• Cieate a shaieu anu annotateu
bookmaiking site (using a tool of
youi choice) to manage euucational
iesouices anu uigital tools you leain
uuiing this couise. Cieate tags foi
each entiy. (Bue: 0ctobei 1)

Week 4 - Sept 1S Lesson 4 -
• Piesentation Tools
o Sliue Rocket
o Concept Napping
o YouTube
o Scieencasting
o Whiteboaius
o anu youi choices

• Complete Lesson 4 in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion Boaiu posts
• Leain at least thiee new uigital tools
that you coulu use to piesent content
mateiials to online stuuents. Cieate
shoit content piesentations using
each tool.
• Post these examples in oui couise
wiki. (Bue: Septembei 29)
Week S - Sept 22 Lesson S -
• Leaining Nanagement Systems
o Nooule
o EuNouo
o Classioom 2.u
o Euu 2.u
o Schoology
o anu youi choices
• Complete Lesson S in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion Boaiu posts
• Compaie anu contiast at least thiee
leaining management system
platfoims. Cieate uemo accounts foi
each one.
• Wiite a ciitical ieview of the LNS
systems you have chosen anu post
this ieview in oui class wiki. (Bue:
0ctobei 1)
Week 6 - Sept 29 Lesson 6 -
• Nobile Apps
• uames anu Simulations
• Complete Lesson 6 in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion Boaiu posts
• Leain at least thiee new mobile
applications that you coulu use with
youi stuuents in youi content aiea.

Wiite a ieview of each application
with a scenaiio of how this softwaie
might be useu to suppoit stuuent
leaining in youi content aiea. (Bue:
0ctobei 6)
• Post youi seconu jouinal ieflection
that summaiizes youi leaining in
Nouule Two (Bue: 0ct. 1S)
Nouule Thiee Cieating a Leaining Community 0nline
Week 7 - 0ct 6 Lesson 7 -
• Builuing Social Piesence anu
Community 0nline
• Netiquette
• Rice, K., pp. 72-1S8.
• Beluaiiain, Y. (2uu6). Bistance
euucation tienus: Integiating new
technologies to fostei stuuent
inteiaction anu collaboiation.
Bistance Euucation

=..8)#2'#+/ BK$+'/ A5'.'
,..8)#2'#+. 8# L$(4&' A5-''
;'3$2' 78'3'. 8# ?$4- $#&8#' +',35'-
+$$&:8+ %5835 8. (4' ,+ +5' '#( $1 +5'
• Complete lesson 7 in Blackboaiu
• Post in Biscussion Boaiu
• Cieate anothei shoit viueo
intiouuction, as if you weie
intiouucing youiself to youi
stuuents. (Bue: 0ct. 2u)
• Besign a sample couise expectations
list foi youi stuuents. (Bue: 0ct. 2u)
Week 8 - 0ct 1S Lesson 8 -
• Facilitating Biscussion

• Rice, K., pp. 1S9-166

• Complete Lesson 8 in Blackboaiu
• Post in Biscussion Boaiu
• Cieate an icebieakei example foi
youi teachei toolkit. (Bue: 0ct 2u)
Week 9 - 0ct 2u Lesson 9
• Besigning oi Enhancing Couise
• uioup Woik 0nline
• Rice, K., pp. 167 - 2u7

• Complete Lesson 9 in Blackboaiu
• Post in Biscussion Boaiu
• Select a content topic to uevelop in
youi teachei toolkit. Submit youi
iuea to the Biscussion boaiu.

Week 1u - 0ct
Lesson 1u -
• Assessment Stiategies anu Tools
o Piocess veisus piouucts
o Peifoimance-baseu
• Rowe, N.C. (2uu4). Cheating in online
stuuent assessment: Beyonu

• Complete lesson 1u in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion boaiu post
• Besign a lesson plan foi youi online
lesson exemplai anu incluue an
assessment plan foi the lesson. (Bue:
Nov. S)
Week 11 - Nov S Lesson 11 -
• Couise Nanagement
• Stuuents with Special Neeus
o ABA Compliance
o 0niveisal Besign foi Leaining
• Bigital Citizenship
• Rice, K. pp. 2u8-26u

• Complete Lesson 11 in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion boaiu posts
• Leain about ABA compliant website
• Cieate a list of expectations
conceining uigital citizenship to put
in youi online teachei toolkit (Bue:
Nov 1u)
• Post a jouinal ieflection foi Nouule
Thiee (Bue: Nov. 17)
Nouule Foui Builuing Youi 0nline Teachei Toolbox
Week 12 - Nov
Lesson 12 -
• The 0nline Teachei Toolbox
• Complete Lesson 12 in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion boaiu posts
• Inuepenuent woik on cieating youi
0nline Teachei Toolbox. (Final
veision uue on Becembei 1)
Week 1S - Nov
Lesson 1S-
• Piepaiing a Bemonstiation Lesson
• Complete Lesson 1S in Blackboaiu
• Biscussion boaiu posts
• Continue inuepenuent woik on youi
0nline Teachei Toolbox anu Sample
Week 14 - Nov
Thanksgiving Bieak - No Class
Week 1S - Bec 1 Lesson 14 -
• Shaiing Youi Leaining
• Final Thoughts anu Evaluation

• Post a link to youi final 0nline
Teachei Toolbox (Bue: Bec. 1
• Submit a final jouinal ieflection in
Blackboaiu (Bue: Becembei S)