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Looking for father in Feminist Era

".......... After a millennium dominated by men, we're backgrand mother in sect. Greeks
call GAIA, and according to myth,he was born of CHAOS, a void that existed
before the universe.Together hadirlah GAIAEROS, the god of love, and then
she gave birth to the Oceanand Sky .......... "
{The Witch Of Portobello; 172 things}"
Who is their father? "Ask discordant voices around us. There was nowho knows, and
suddenly sticking sentence as well as bedirect manifestation of the presence of the
Father. Astory thinking thatThere are ways of human birth, which is often referred
to as parthenogenesis.Human birth from a virgin (hint fertilization without cellegg by
the male). Really?Because the human face of this age can prove it, thenthe answer is
yes. That major events occurred, when aman looking for a father. That might happen,
he snared Marxjourney. Marx made the adoptive father. Not so? 'Religion is the
opiumto people's lives'. Or maybe it is not currently running Darwinhere and there in
reincarnation. "Humans came from apes". Could be yes,because that's the day the
new apes were created in the tail bone near the anushumans. Or the rise of
human-human spirit out of the word patriotHegel, the days of romantic idealism as a
defense hinted towardsnew life. Asmart thinking "creates an adoptive
father",because his father did not know who exactly.Throughout the course of this
era, there are still visible children jenderaljenderal Barbar intertwined to the place
where they are not steps should be.Barbar may vanish in the brain, but was reborn in
such acts.Once again, Raga representing their presence. Every day we also walked
onlegs regret, why should be born from the womb of civilizationare everywhere, mud sin
ancestors of enlightenment (Renaissance)to postmodernity (Post Modern), where
this generation step.Today, without feeling guilty, we can answer verySimple, is not
our responsibility. Aboy may sembrawutshouted hunger in the eardrum, or even a
mother dirty withbathing her saliva, because fiber fish being eaten in homeseat.
"That's not our responsibility". It was the responsibility of our predecessors.That
those who in times of youth, shoutingbring down the regime, jumping out of his mouth
spit bubbles, inscribed "Our lying between filigree-Bekasi, fight poverty ".Later
today, they-they too are calling the slogans "PeopleProhibited poor sick ". Who are
those it? Let merepetisi posts ofthey spit bubbles. Fight for the poverty they
meanmay not complete his counterpart. "We were lying betweenFiligree-Bekasi, in
order to fight poverty poverty ...........................the increasingly poor ".We need to be
understanding of that phrase was deliberately notenhanced. So that when the
antithesis (the Spelling era disempuranakanEYD), those that survived. Of course
the answer "we do not saythat we will improve the life of poor people. We just
said,fight for them ". If so, Perfected terminologyPARTHENOGENSIS, those
who are poor, it is the children who have notfind out who her father. Or even not
appoint a new father.This era (the strengthening of feminist discourse) is the
livelihood of an erafather to anyone. Of course the irony. How can Indonesia,
whichThis patriarchal, looking for a father. Dad just like anything else you want to
search?Are father-minded feminist? These questions, puttheir strength on the
dichotomy of men and women. "Anyone who wants towin, will do the same cruelty on
others .......... (Ayu Utami; Float) ". When people successfully raised a father
(adoptive father)for them, then that's when he was prosperous. Human spit on,
stepping overhuman bones abandoned, 'corruption menggurita' (George Adi
Djondro),sitting astride on anarchism. Is there was a consequencedirectly from the
discovery of a father yet? Or in other words,savagery can be created from a
weakening of the male orgasm as a result was somuch to reduce feminism. Yet it is no
longer possible to glanceauthoritarianism. Authoritarianism is victorious era fathers.
People are stillexactly know his father. Pak. Suharto. There was no corruption, no
anarchism, notThere feminism. Everything lay in a blanket father of the nation. Once
againfather of the nation, not the father of the State. Such is also the Nazis during
World War-II. There are fathers who justify every mistake. It's your fault(Burial of
Human Rights) is a sign of loyalty.Is an interesting phenomenon, constantly creating
thesis antithesisthen generate synthesis. In politics, it will be more real.Because
antithesis is the only way that is leading dropping.Syntheses are those who then sat
as a new leader.Dialectics and dynamics is indeed a double-edged knife. On the one
hand,what is true can be obtained thereby, but what happens whendialectics and
dynamics should occur when an answer is needed?Are there still right and wrong
during the crisis? Wrong answer ortrue even will rouse the victim - the victim of a burial
pit.Demanding truth and error in the name of Messiah. Once again the words of
Hegel'Idealism' wax torch so what has preceded Locke, 'Human Rights'.That's where
the disciples of Hegel was sent. Fighters Human Rights sothey are commonly called.
However, for truth and for whom errorsthey are sent? To resolve the error and truth
of democracy,capitalism, korupsianisme, anarchism, totalitarianism, feudalism,fascism,
socialism, authoritarianism, senjataisme, militarism, feminism,patriarkhisme, Globalism,
positivism, pornografisme, keyakinanisme and 'meme 'the other. Who is their
father-they were in the era of femisnis this?
Yogyakarta, 25 June 2014