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2003 by Derek Prince
Published by Chosen ooks
! di"ision o# !ker ook House Co$%!ny
P& '& o( )2*+, -r!nd R!%ids, .I /012)3)2*+
www. bakerbooks. com
Prin4ed in 4he 5ni4ed 64!4es o# A$eric!
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Prince, Derek&
W!r in he!"en= -od>s e%ic b!44le 9i4h e"il ? Derek Prince&
%& c$&
Includes inde(&
I6N 03*00+3032+3@A%bk& B
2& Con"ersion8Chris4i!ni4y& 2& Econo$y o# -od& 3& De"il& I& :i4le&
V/022& 3& P+1 2003
232& 18dc22 2003000322
5nless o4her9ise no4ed, 6cri%4ure is 4!ken #ro$ 4he Ne9 Kin7 C!$es Version& Co%yri7h4 20+0, 20*0,
20*2 by :ho$!s Nelson, Inc& 5sed by %er$ission& All ri7h4s reser"ed&
6cri%4ure $!rked ni" is 4!ken #ro$ 4he H'<D I<E, NEW IN:ERNA:I'NA< VER6I'NE& NIVE&
Co%yri7h4 20+3, 20+*, 20*/ by In4ern!4ion!l ible 6ocie4y& 5sed by %er$ission o# Fonder"!n& All ri7h4s
6cri%4ure $!rked kG" is 4!ken #ro$ 4he Kin7 C!$es Version o# 4he ible&
or more ta! two "ears# w$%e work$!& o! t$s
book# I a'e e()er$e!ce* a! o!&o$!& batt%e
a&a$!st ma!" +orms o+ s$ck!ess a!* $!+$rm$t".
Some o+ te e!em$es I a'e e!co,!tere* a'e bee!
two +orms o+ ca!cer# )o%"m"a%&$a re,mat$ca# *o,b%e
)!e,mo!$a# co!&est$'e eart +a$%,re# e"e s,r&er"#
two o,rs o+ s,r&er" o! m" sca%)# a &a%%sto!e attack.
At o!e )o$!t $! t$me# I was *e%$r$o,s +or more
ta! a week *,e to a! $!+ect$o!. Tw$ce I a* te
e()er$e!ce o+ &o$!& to be* $! o!e )%ace a!* wak$!&
,) $! a os)$ta% be* $! a!oter )%ace.
Tro,& a%% t$s# I a'e bee! co!t$!,o,s%"
,)e%* b" te %o'e a!* te )ra"ers o+ to,sa!*s o+
Cr$st$a!s $! ma!" )arts o+ te &%obe. I !e'er k!ew
tere was so m,c %o'e a'a$%ab%e to me-
To a%% "o, wo a'e )ra"e*# I !ow &rate+,%%"
*e*$cate t$s book.
But thanks be to God, who gives us the
victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57
Pre+ace .
/ Wat Is 0o,r P$ct,re o+ Hea'e!1 2
3 L$+e Is a Batt%e- /.
4 A Pre5A*am$c Wor%* 46
7 L,c$+er Ca%%e!&es Go* 6/
6 Te A*am$c Race8 O,r Or$&$! 94
9 Te A*am$c Race8 O,r Dest$!" :/
. O!e ;a! a!* H$s Pra"er 24
: A!&e%$c Be$!&s /<.
2 A!&e%s at War /34
/< Now Sa%'at$o! Has Come- /4/
// B" te B%oo* o+ te Lamb /74
/3 Wat =$!* o+ Peo)%e1 /6.
A))e!*$( /9.
t $s ob'$o,s tat %$+e $s +,%% o+ co!+%$ct a!* war.
W" $s t$s so1 Does Scr$)t,re &$'e ,s a!"
e()%a!at$o! +or te ca,se1
A%to,& te B$b%e te%%s ,s e'er"t$!& we !ee* to
k!ow +or o,r s)$r$t,a% be!e+$t# $t %ea'es ma!"
?,est$o!s o)e! to $!ter)retat$o!. O! some o+ te
$ss,es we w$%% *$sc,ss $! t$s book# $ss,es o! w$c
sco%ars a'e a*'a!ce* !,mero,s $!ter)retat$o!s#
Scr$)t,re *oes !ot )ro'$*e ,s w$t s,++$c$e!t
e'$*e!ce to s)eak w$t certa$!t".
Te a!swers a!* $m)ress$o!s I br$!& "o, are te
res,%t o+ st,*"# me*$tat$o!# )ra"er a!* )ract$ca%
e()er$e!ce. I certa$!%" *o !ot c%a$m to a'e a!swere*
a%% te ?,est$o!s tat ar$se. Tere $s !o %$m$t to s,c
?,est$o!s- B,t we so,%* !e'er a%%ow te t$!&s we
*o !ot ,!*ersta!* to obsc,re +or ,s te areas o+
tr,t $! w$c Go* as )ro'$*e* c%ear
Wat we k!ow +or certa$! $s tat# co!+ro!te* w$t
te rebe%%$o! o+ A*am a!* E'e# Go* set $! mot$o! a
secret )%a! co!ce$'e* $! eter!$t". H$stor$ca%%" t$s
)%a! was ,!+o%*e* $! te %$+e# *eat a!* res,rrect$o!
o+ @es,s Cr$st. Tro,& wat He accom)%$se* o!
te cross# we are e!ab%e* to a'e a s)ec$a%
re%at$o!s$) w$t Go*.
A%% ea'e! $s wa$t$!& +or te +,%% ma!$+estat$o! o+
H$s '$ctor".
at $s "o,r '$ew o+ ea'e!1 Do "o, be%$e'e tat
tere $s s,c a )%ace1 I+ so# $s $t a )%ace o+
eterea% %$&t a!* m,s$c w$t co$rs
wors$)$!& Go* $! sett$!&s o+ awe5$!s)$r$!& bea,t"
a!* e%aborate arc$tect,re1 Do "o, e!'$sa&e
*aBB%$!& *$s)%a"s o+ &o%* a!* s$%'er w$t a! arra" o+
$!!,merab%e )rec$o,s sto!es1 Do,bt%ess t$s $s tr,e
$! a meas,re# b,t $t $s !ot te com)%ete )$ct,re.
Pera)s "o, see ea'e! as te $!!er s,r+ace o+ a
'ast# co!ca'e *ome tat stretces o,t o'er te wo%e
eart. As te e*&e o+ te *ome a))roaces te
or$Bo!# $t some t$mes &$'es te $m)ress$o! tat $t
w$%% +a%% sort. B,t $t !e'er *oes- It a%wa"s co'ers te
eart be!eat $t.
War in eaven
A%most a%% o+ earts $!ab$ta!ts a'e some
$m)ress$o! o+ ea'e!. As we co!tem)%ate te 'ast
)oss$b$%$t$es# we !ee* to bear $! m$!* tat 'ar$o,s
terms are ,se* to *escr$be ea'e!. Tere $s te
s$!&%e !o,!# heaven# w$c em)as$Bes $ts o'era%%
,!$t"C oter e()ress$o!s a))are!t%" re+er to $ts
*$++ere!t as)ects or )arts. >or $!sta!ce# te terms
heavenlies or heavenly places s,&&est a !,mber o+
*$++ere!t %ocat$o!s a%% comb$!e* ,!*er te ea*$!&
heaven. Tese )%aces ma" be &$'e! o'er at 'ar$o,s
t$mes to *$++ere!t be$!&s a!* *$++ere!t act$'$t$es.
I! 3 Cor$!t$a!s /38357 Pa,% wr$tes8
! know a "an in Christ who #ourteen years
ago$whether in the body ! do not know, or
whether out o# the body ! do not know, God
knows$such a one was caught u% to the third
heaven. &nd ! know such a "an$whether in the
body or out o# the body ! do not know, God
knows$how he was caught u% into 'aradise and
heard ine(%ressib)e words, which it is not )aw#u)
*or not %ossib)e+ #or a "an to utter.
T$s )assa&e $!*$cates tat tere are a%to&eter
tree ea'e!s# o!e $mme*$ate%" abo'e te oter. Te
to)most $s wat Pa,% *escr$bes as te Dt$r*
ea'e!.E It $s te %ocat$o! o+ Para*$se a!* te )%ace
o+ Go*s )erso!a% *we%%$!&# te most sacre* )%ace $!
te ,!$'erse. It $s )assa&es s,c as t$s o!e tat
&$'e ,s te co!ce)t o+te! assoc$ate* w$t ea'e!F
),r$t" or o%$!ess. Te wor*s s)oke! tere are so
sacre* tat te" ma" !ot be re)eate* o,ts$*e.
Paradeisos G)ara*$seH $s te Greek wor* +or a
D&ar*e!.E It *escr$bes Go*s &ar*e! $! ea'e!.
Para*$se $s te ,%t$mate *est$!at$o! o+ a%% s$!!ers
wo a'e tr,%" re)e!te* a!* wo a'e )erse'ere* $!
te %$+e o+ +a$t. O! te cross# @es,s )rom$se* te
)e!$te!t t$e+ tat te two o+ tem wo,%* be to&eter
What !s ,our 'icture o# eaven-
tat *a" $! Para*$se8 .&nd Jesus said to hi",
&ssured)y, ! say to you, today you wi)) be with /e
in Paradise0 GL,ke 34874# em)as$s a**e*H.
Almost all of earth's inhabitants Almost all of earth's inhabitants
have some impression of have some impression of
heaven. heaven.
Te book o+ Re'e%at$o! $!tro*,ces ,s to a! area
re+erre* to as te Dm$*5ea'e!E or Dte m$*st o+
ea'e!.E To m" ,!*ersta!*$!&# t$s *escr$bes some
k$!* o+ %ar&e e()a!se w$t *$++ere!t t")es o+ be$!&s
com$!& a!* &o$!&. Te +o%%ow$!& 'erses *escr$be
'ar$o,s )ower+,% be$!&s wo make )roc%amat$o!s
+rom te m$*5ea'e!.
&nd ! )ooked, and ! heard an ange) #)ying
through the "idst o# heaven *)itera))y, mid-
heaven+, saying with a )oud voice, .Woe, woe,
woe to the inhabitants o# the earth, because o#
the re"aining b)asts o# the tru"%et o# the three
ange)s who are about to sound10
2eve)ation 3:14
5hen ! saw another ange) #)ying in the "idst
o# heaven *)itera))y, mid-heaven+, having the
ever)asting gos%e) to %reach to those who dwe))
on the earth$to every nation, tribe, tongue,
and %eo%)e.
2eve)ation 16:7
5hen ! saw an ange) standing in the sun8 and
he cried with a )oud voice, saying to a)) the
birds that #)y in the "idst o# heaven *)itera))y,
mid-heaven+, .Co"e and gather together #or the
su%%er o# the great God.0
War in eaven
2eve)ation 19:17
Te Greek wor* ,se* +or te m$*5ea'e! $s
mesour-anema# w$c mea!s )rec$se%" tat# te m$*5
ea'e!. T$s co,%* be te seco!* ea'e!.
We m$&t ass,me# +$!a%%"# tat te '$s$b%e ea'e!
Fte ea'e! tat $s '$s$b%e to o,r !at,ra% e"es$&tF
$s te +$rst ea'e!. A%% earts $!ab$ta!ts are +am$%$ar
to some *e&ree w$t t$s ea'e!.
Wat abo,t te *e!$Be!s o+ ea'e!1 Wat k$!* o+
creat,res are te"1 Te !ame most commo!%" &$'e!
to tem $s angels. Te wor* angel $s *er$'e* +rom te
Greek !o,! angelos# w$c $s te sta!*ar* wor* +or
Dmesse!&er.E A!&e%s# tere+ore# are '$ewe* as
messe!&ers se!t +rom ea'e!.
Not a%% a!&e%s# owe'er# are messe!&ers. Te"
a'e 'ar$o,s oter )ote!t$a% +,!ct$o!s. Wate'er
te$r tasks# te" are se!t +ort b" Go* +or H$s
),r)oses. B,t Scr$)t,re makes $t c%ear tat tere are
a%so e'$% a!&e%s se!t +ort b" Sata! +or $s ),r)oses.
At t$mes# o))os$t$o! or co!+%$cts ma" occ,r betwee!
te a!&e%s o+ Go* a!* te a!&e%s o+ Sata!. Some o+
tese co!+%$cts are *e)$cte* $! Scr$)t,re# )art$c,%ar%"
$! te book o+ Da!$e%.
We are t,s co!+ro!te* b" te $!esca)ab%e +act
tat o,r wor%* as we k!ow $t to*a" $s a sce!e o+
co!+%$ct. >,rtermore# t$s co!+%$ct $s !ot restr$cte*
to eart. It $s a%so a '$ta% +actor $! a%% tat takes )%ace
$! ea'e!.
Te a!&e%s se!t +ort b" Go* a'e tree ma$!
tasks. >$rst# as a%rea*" state*# te" are Go*s
messe!&ers. Seco!*%"# te" are Go*s a&e!ts se!t
+ort to )rotect tose wo ma" be $! *a!&er. Tese
are !orma%%" *escr$be* as D&,ar*$a! a!&e%s.E I!
;attew /:8/< @es,s s)eaks abo,t c$%*re! wo
a'e a!&e%s $! ea'e! wo co!t$!,a%%" see te +ace
What !s ,our 'icture o# eaven-
o+ te >ater. B" $m)%$cat$o!# te >aters watc+,%
e"e *$rects tose a!&e%s to )ote!t$a%%" ',%!erab%e
c$%*re!. I! te t$r* cate&or" are warr$or a!&e%s
wo are e!&a&e* $! co!+%$ct w$t o))os$!& a!&e%s.
Many Christians assume that Many Christians assume that
heaven is a place of unbroken heaven is a place of unbroken
peace and harmony, beauty peace and harmony, beauty
and worship. and worship.
;a!" Cr$st$a!s ass,me tat ea'e! $s a )%ace o+
,!broke! )eace a!* armo!"# bea,t" a!* wors$).
T$s ma" we%% be tr,e o+ te t$r* ea'e!# b,t $t *oes
!ot a))%" to te +$rst a!* seco!* ea'e!s. Some
Scr$)t,res )a$!t a 'er" *$++ere!t )$ct,re o+ wat $s
c,rre!t%" &o$!& o! $! te seco!* ea'e!. As a%rea*"
state*# $t $s at t$mes te sce!e o+ &reat co!+%$ct
betwee! warr$!& a!&e%sFsome ser'$!& Go* a!*
oters ser'$!& Sata!. It $s )r$mar$%" $! te ea'e!%"
re&$o!s tat s,c co!+%$ct takes )%ace.
It $s ere# too# tat Sata! )o,rs o,t a stream o+
s%a!*ero,s acc,sat$o!s a&a$!st te Cr$st$a!s o!
eart wo are ser'$!& te Lor*. I! Re'e%at$o! /38/<#
e $s *escr$be* b" a! a!&e% as te .accuser o# our
brethren, who accused the" be#ore our God day
and night.0
T$s Scr$)t,re &oes o! to )re*$ct tat Sata! w$%%
be cast *ow! +rom ea'e!. B,t ,!t$% t$s a))e!s# $t
$s c%ear tat e st$%% co!t$!,es to occ,)" a )%ace
somewere $! te ea'e!%$es a!* tat e $s +$%%$!&
te a$r w$t ma%$c$o,s acc,sat$o!s a&a$!st Go*s
A 'erse tat +o%%ows $s a war!$!& to earts
War in eaven
$!ab$ta!ts as to wat te" ma" e()ect we! te
*e'$% $s ,%t$mate%" cast *ow! +rom ea'e! to eart:
.Woe to the inhabitants o# the earth and the sea1
:or the devi) has co"e down to you, having great
wrath, because he knows that he has a short
ti"e0 GRe'e%at$o! /38/3H.
Tese 'erses %ook +orwar* to a )er$o* we! Sata!
as b,t .a short ti"e.0 Te" ma" we%% be c%ose at
a!*# b,t te" a'e !ot "et bee! +,%+$%%e*. Certa$!%"
te e'e!ts *escr$be* a'e !ot bee! +,%+$%%e* b"
a!"t$!& tat as a))e!e* $! ea'e! ,) to t$s
We !ee*# tere+ore# to be rea%$st$c abo,t Sata!s
c,rre!t act$'$t$es. ;a!" Cr$st$a!s ab$t,a%%" s)eak
as $+ Sata! were co!+$!e* $! e%%# b,t t$s $s !ot tr,e.
Tere are two sata!$c )r$!ces ca%%e* Deat a!*
Ha*es tat r,%e $! e%% Gsee Re'e%at$o! 3<8/4H# b,t
Sata! $mse%+ roams +ree%" tro,&o,t te ,!$'erse.
T$s $s )%a$!%" *e)$cte* $! @ob /895.8
;ow there was a day when the sons o# God *i.
e., the ange)s+ ca"e to %resent the"se)ves
be#ore the Lord, and <atan a)so ca"e a"ong
the". &nd the Lord said to <atan, .:ro" where
do you co"e-0 <o <atan answered the Lord and
said, .:ro" going to and #ro on the earth, and
#ro" wa)king back and #orth on it.0
T$s )assa&e $!*$cates tat Sata! ma" e'e! come
be+ore Go*s )rese!ce $! com)a!" w$t r$&teo,s
a!&e%s wo are ser'$!& te Lor*. It seems# owe'er#
tat $! t$s $!sta!ce te Lor* was te o!%" o!e wo
act,a%%" $*e!t$+$e* $m as Sata!. Te oter a!&e%s
*$* !ot reco&!$Be wo e was. T$s wo,%* a&ree w$t
Pa,%s stateme!t $! 3 Cor$!t$a!s //8/78 .:or <atan
hi"se)# trans#or"s hi"se)# into an ange) o#
What !s ,our 'icture o# eaven-
Many Christians habitually Many Christians habitually
speak as if atan were confined speak as if atan were confined
in hell, but this is not true. in hell, but this is not true.
I! te !e(t ca)ter we w$%% be&$! to a!a%"Be ow
t$s co!+%$ct $! te ea'e!%$es a++ects o,r *a$%" %$'es.
!e t$!& tat becomes &%ar$!&%" a))are!t ear%"
o! +or most o+ ,s $s tat %$+e $s +,%% o+ co!+%$ct#
str,&&%e a!* war. ;a!" o+ ,s s$m)%" acce)t t$s
as +act w$to,t ra$s$!& a!" ?,est$o!s. Some "ears
a&o# owe'er# I be&a! to me*$tate o! t$s a!* I
aske* m"se%+8
!hat is the reason for all the conflict in our
#ave we accepted as normal something that is
!hy are there wars"
!hy are there struggles, strife and disputes"
$oes cripture give us any clear e%planation of
a real cause for all this conflict"
$id it have a beginning and will it always be so"
War in eaven
Tese are ?,est$o!s I a'e t,r!e* o'er $! m" ow!
m$!* +or ma!" "ears. Wat I br$!& "o, $! t$s book
w$%% be te +r,$t o+ m,c me*$tat$o!# )ra"er a!*
st,*" a!* a%so o+ )ract$ca% e()er$e!ce.
We! we %ook at te New Testame!t# we +$!* tat
co!+%$ct# war a!* embrac$!& te att$t,*e o+ a
Ds)$r$t,a% so%*$erE are a%% acce)te* as a !orma% )art
o+ Cr$st$a! %$'$!&. T$s co!+%$ct $s !ot somet$!&
e(ce)t$o!a% tat a +ew Cr$st$a!s ma" e!co,!ter.
Te B$b%e teaces tat a%% Cr$st$a!s m,st be
)re)are* to e!co,!ter co!+%$ct a!* war+are $! te
s)$r$t,a% rea%m.
>$rst# we w$%% %ook at se'era% Scr$)t,res tat
*e)$ct co!+%$ct a!* war+are as a !orma% )art o+
Cr$st$a! %$'$!&. Te! we w$%% searc te Scr$)t,res
to see ow $t a%% be&a!.
5he Christian <o)dier
O,r +$rst re+ere!ce $s 3 Cor$!t$a!s /<84568
:or though we )ive in the wor)d, we do not
wage war as the wor)d does. 5he wea%ons we
#ight with are not the wea%ons o# the wor)d. =n
the contrary, they have divine %ower to
de"o)ish strongho)ds. We de"o)ish argu"ents
and every %retension that sets itse)# u% against
the know)edge o# God, and we take ca%tive
every thought to "ake it obedient to Christ.
Pa,% $s s)eak$!& ere o+ all Cr$st$a!s. He sa"s
we wa&e warF!ot $! te +%es%" rea%m b,t $! te
s)$r$t,a% rea%m.
We a'e wea)o!s +or o,r war+are# a!* we are
attack$!& a!* *emo%$s$!& stro!&o%*s. T,s# Pa,%
,ses +o,r m$%$tar" e()ress$o!s $! tese tree 'erses8
war, weapons, demolishing strongholds, taking
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
captives. Tese are a! esse!t$a% a!* $!e'$tab%e )art
o+ te Cr$st$a! %$+e.
Not$ce +rom te start tat te New Testame!t
*oes !ot )%ace Cr$st$a!s o! te *e+e!s$'e b,t o!
te offensive. T$s $s o!e o+ te b$&&est m$stakes o+
co!tem)orar" Cr$ste!*om8 We '$ew o,rse%'es as
be$!& o! te *e+e!s$'e. Take# +or $!sta!ce# te we%%5
k!ow! book b" @esse Pe!!5Lew$s e!t$t%e* !ar on the
aints. Te 'er" t$t%e ass,mes tat te $!$t$at$'e $s
take! b" o,r e!em". T$s $s a! error. &t is we
Christians who should be making war on our enemy.
We so,%* !ot be wa$t$!& to see wat te e!em" w$%%
*o to ,s.
'he (ible teaches that all 'he (ible teaches that all
Christians must be prepared to Christians must be prepared to
encounter conflict and warfare encounter conflict and warfare
in the spiritual realm. in the spiritual realm.
I! ;attew /98/:# @es,s makes a )rom$se
co!cer!$!& H$s C,rc8 .=n this rock ! wi)) bui)d
/y church, and the gates o# ades sha)) not
%revai) against it.0
I! te war+are o+ tose *a"s# te D&ateE o+ a c$t"
was te )%ace o+ weak!ess o! w$c a! $!'a*$!&
arm" wo,%* +oc,s $ts ma$! attacks. @es,s $s
tere+ore )rom$s$!& ,s tat we Gte C,rcH w$%% be
tak$!& te o++e!s$'e a&a$!st sata!$c stro!&o%*s a!*
)e!etrat$!& te$r &ates a!* tat te" w$%% !ot be ab%e
to kee) ,s o,t. It $s we wo so,%* be kee)$!& te
e!em" $! a! att$t,*e o+ s,s)e!se8 DWat are tese
Cr$st$a!s &o$!& to *o to me !e(t-E Part o+ te
,%t$mate ),r)ose o+ t$s book $s to restore te
War in eaven
$!$t$at$'e to Go*s )eo)%e.
I! / T$mot" /8/: we +$!* wor*s s)oke! b" Pa,%
to T$mot" as a m$!$ster o+ te Gos)e%8 .5his charge
! co""it to you, son 5i"othy, according to the
%ro%hecies %revious)y "ade concerning you, that
by the" you "ay wage the good war#are.0
T$mot" was a "o,!& ma! wo a* bee! ca%%e*
ear%" $! %$+e to te m$!$str" o+ te Gos)e%. Pro)ec$es
a* bee! &$'e! o'er $m o,t%$!$!& te t")e o+
m$!$str" to w$c Go* was ca%%$!& $m. Tese
war!e* $m o+ co!+%$ct# o))os$t$o! a!* e'e! *a!&er.
Pa,% $s sa"$!&# DI wa!t "o, to remember tese
)ro)ec$es tat "o, a'e rece$'e*# a!* $! te %$&t o+
tem to wa&e &oo* war+are. 0o, m,st ser'e
wo%eearte*%"# w$t co,ra&e a!* *e*$cat$o! $! te
s)$r$t,a% war+are tat $s a *$rect res,%t o+ "o,r
comm$tme!t to ser'e @es,s Cr$st.E A&a$!# we see
te wor* warfare.
I! 3 T$mot" 38457 Pa,% ret,r!s to te same
teme# a))%"$!& te wor* soldier to T$mot" to
*escr$be $s Cr$st$a! ser'$ce8
,ou there#ore "ust endure hardshi% as a
good so)dier o# Jesus Christ. ;o one engaged in
war#are entang)es hi"se)# with the a##airs o#
this )i#e, that he "ay %)ease hi" who en)isted
hi" as a so)dier.
Pa,% ass,mes tat T$mot" $s a so%*$er# e!&a&e*
$! s)$r$t,a% war+are# cose! +or t$s war+are b" te
Lor* @es,s Cr$st. He m,st# tere+ore# co!*,ct
$mse%+ $! a wa" tat $s a))ro)r$ate to $s )os$t$o!
as a so%*$er. Ha'$!& ser'e* as a so%*$er +$'e a!* a
a%+ "ears $! te Br$t$s Arm"# I k!ow wat a
so%*$ers %$+e $s %$ke. It $s e!t$re%" *$++ere!t +rom te
%$+e o+ a c$'$%$a!. A so%*$er as to reco&!$Be te +act
tat e ca!!ot %$'e %$ke a c$'$%$a!- Pa,% $s br$!&$!&
ome t$s %esso! to T$mot" as a m$!$ster o+ te
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
Gos)e%8 D0o, ca!!ot %$'e %$ke oter )eo)%e. 0o, a'e
a s)ec$a% ca%%$!&. 0o, a'e s)ec$a% res)o!s$b$%$t$es.
0o, are set a)art# I,st as a so%*$er $s set a)art to a
s)ec$a% wa" o+ %$+e.E A&a$! we !ot$ce te ass,m)t$o!
tat te Cr$st$a! %$+e $!'o%'es war+are.
T,r!$!& to E)es$a!s 98/3# we +$!* a!oter '$'$*
)$ct,re o+ te Cr$st$a! %$+e8
:or we do not wrest)e against #)esh and
b)ood, but against %rinci%a)ities, against %owers,
against the ru)ers o# the darkness o# this age,
against s%iritua) hosts o# wickedness in the
heaven)y %)aces.
Pa,% ere $%%,strates te Cr$st$a! %$+e b" a
meta)or +rom te O%"m)$c Games8 te wrest%$!&
matc. He sa"s tat as Cr$st$a!s we are $!'o%'e* $!
a wrest%$!& matc. Wrest%$!& $!'o%'es te e!t$re
)erso!. It $s te most tota% bo*$%" +orm o+ co!+%$ct $!
s)ort. T$s $s te )art$c,%ar t")e o+ co!test tat Pa,%
,ses to $%%,strate te Cr$st$a! %$+e.
A%%ow me to &$'e "o, a more %$tera% re!*er$!& o+
t$s 'erse8
>or o,r wrest%$!& matc $s !ot a&a$!st +%es
a!* b%oo*Fwe are !ot wrest%$!& a&a$!st mere
,ma! )erso!a%$t$esFb,t a&a$!st )r$!c$)a%$t$es Gor
r,%ers$)sH# a&a$!st a,tor$t$es# a&a$!st te wor%*
*om$!ators o+ t$s )rese!t *ark!ess# a&a$!st
s)$r$ts o+ w$cke*!ess $! te ea'e!%$es.
Tese stateme!ts )rom)t ma!" ?,est$o!s. As
t$s book ,!+o%*s# we w$%% seek to *ea% w$t tem.
B,t !ot$ce wat a remarkab%e )$ct,re co!+ro!ts ,s8
Cr$st$a!s $!'o%'e* $! a wrest%$!& matc# !ot a&a$!st
,ma! )erso!s b,t a&a$!st s)$r$t,a% be$!&s# !ot
%$m$te* to te eart b,t e(te!*$!& a%so to te
Te Cr$st$a! %$+e $s !ot I,st sweet!ess a!* ar)
War in eaven
m,s$cC e'er" comm$tte* Cr$st$a! w$%% +$!* war+are to
be )art o+ $s tota% e()er$e!ce. Beca,se o,r
&o'er!me!t $! ea'e! $s at war# we o! eart are
a,tomat$ca%%" at war a%so.
Let me $%%,strate t$s b" a! e(am)%e +rom
)erso!a% e()er$e!ce. I! /242# I was a Br$t$s c$t$Be!
res$*e!t $! Br$ta$!. O! te t$r* o+ Se)tember# te
Br$t$s &o'er!me!t o++$c$a%%" *ec%are* war o! NaB$
Germa!". Beca,se m" &o'er!me!t a* %e&a%%"
*ec%are* war# I was a,tomat$ca%%" $!'o%'e*. I *$* !ot
a'e to make a! $!*$'$*,a% )erso!a% *ec$s$o!. I was
at war w$t Germa!". I+ I re+,se* to acce)t tat# I
wo,%* a'e bee! *e%$!?,e!t $! m" ob%$&at$o!s as a
Br$t$s c$t$Be!. I *$* !ot a'e a co$ce to make. It
a* bee! ma*e +or me.
I was# owe'er# &$'e! te +ree*om to coose a
bra!c o+ te +orces $! w$c I wo,%* ser'e. I
'o%,!teere* +or !o!5combata!t me*$ca% *,t$es. As a
res,%t# I s)e!t +$'e a!* a a%+ "ears $! Br$ta$!s Ro"a%
Arm" ;e*$ca% Cor)s.
Te same )r$!c$)%e a))%$es $! te s)$r$t,a% rea%m.
O,r ea'e!%" &o'er!me!t $s at war w$t te
k$!&*om o+ Sata!. Tere+ore# we are re?,$re* to take
o,r )%aces as so%*$ers $! t$s war. As $! m" ow!
case# we ma" be &$'e! +ree*om to coose te +$e%* o+
ser'$ce# b,t we ca!!ot o)t o,t o+ te war.
T$s tr,t abo,t s)$r$t,a% war+are $s e!+orce* b"
te wa" te B$b%e s)eaks abo,t Go* H$mse%+ as a
m$%$tar" comma!*er. T$s %a!&,a&e *oes !ot occ,r
I,st o!ce or tw$ce b,t $s +o,!* tro,&o,t Scr$)t,re.
>or e(am)%e# E(o*,s /684 recor*s a so!& tat ;oses
a!* te c$%*re! o+ Israe% sa!& a+ter )ass$!& tro,&
te waters o+ te Re* Sea. See$!& Go*s I,*&me!t $!
te a!!$$%at$o! o+ te e!t$re E&")t$a! arm"# te
Israe%$tes &$'e e()ress$o! to te$r &rat$t,*e a!* to
te$r se!se o+ tr$,m) a!* '$ctor" $! t$s so!&8 .5he
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
Lord is a "an o# war8 the Lord is is na"e.0
'he Christian life is not )ust 'he Christian life is not )ust
sweetness and harp music* sweetness and harp music*
every committed Christian will every committed Christian will
find warfare to be part of his find warfare to be part of his
total e%perience. total e%perience.
I! te or$&$!a% Hebrew# te wor* +ord# we!
ca)$ta%$Be*# re)rese!ts te sacre* !ame o+ +o,r
%etters re!*ere* D@eo'aE or D0awe.E ;o*er!
sco%ars te!* to ,se D0awe.E So we m$&t re!*er
tat 'erse8 .5he Lord is a "an o# war8 ,ahweh is
is na"e.0 Te 'erse tat +o%%ows rea*s8 .'haraoh?s
chariots and his ar"y e has cast into the sea8
his chosen ca%tains a)so are drowned in the 2ed
<ea0 G'erse 7H.
Not$ce tat Go*# as a m$%$tar" comma!*er# as
bro,&t tota% *e+eat ,)o! te e!em$es o+ H$s )eo)%e.
It $s !ot I,st a meta)or b,t act,a%%" e()resses te
res,%ts ac$e'e*.
Te! $! @os,a 6 we see @er$co bes$e&e* b" te
arm$es o+ Israe%. @os,a $s !o *o,bt seek$!& to )%a!
$s strate&" to ca)t,re t$s 'er" we%%5*e+e!*e* a!*
$&%" +ort$+$e* a!c$e!t c$t". A ma! a))ears to
@os,a wo $s $!*ee* !o or*$!ar" ma!# b,t rater
te DLor*E H$mse%+. T$s $s $%%,strate* $! te +o%%ow$!&
tree 'erses8
&nd it ca"e to %ass, when Joshua was by
Jericho, that he )i#ted his eyes and )ooked, and
beho)d, a /an stood o%%osite hi" with is
sword drawn in is hand. &nd Joshua went to
i" and said to i", .&re ,ou #or us or #or our
War in eaven
adversaries-0 <o e said, .;o, but as
Co""ander o# the ar"y o# the Lord ! have now
co"e.0 &nd Joshua #e)) on his #ace to the earth
and worshi%ed, and said to i", .What does "y
Lord say to is servant-0 5hen the Co""ander
o# the Lord?s ar"y said to Joshua, .5ake your
sanda) o## your #oot, #or the %)ace where you
stand is ho)y.0 &nd Joshua did so.
Joshua 5:14@15
Here $s a *$'$!e Perso! com$!& to @os,aFw$t
H$s swor* *raw!Fwo re'ea%s H$s $*e!t$t"8 .! a"
the ca%tain o# the ar"y o# the Lord.0 Tere $s !o
?,est$o! $! m" m$!* tat t$s $s te O!e wo was
%ater ma!$+este* $! ,ma! $stor" as @es,s o+
NaBaret# te eter!a% So! o+ Go*. T$s Comma!*er
was !ot te >ater b,t te So!.
T$s $s o!e o+ ma!" O%* Testame!t Scr$)t,res $!
w$c He was ma!$+este* to ,ma! be$!&s#
$!c%,*$!& Abraam# @acob# ;oses a!* @os,a. Te
DLor*E *ec%are* H$mse%+ to be a m$%$tar" comma!*er
a!* He a* a *raw! swor* $! H$s a!*- T$s $s )art
o+ te B$b%es tota% )$ct,re o+ Go*.
A s$m$%ar )rese!tat$o! o+ te Lor* as a warr$or
occ,rs $! Psa%m 378:8 .Who is this Aing o# g)ory-
5he Lord strong and "ighty, the Lord "ighty in
Tose wor*s are so '$'$* +or me beca,se $! Wor%*
War II I ser'e* w$t te Br$t$s E$&t Arm" $! te
Nort A+r$ca! *esert. O,r +orces s,++ere* a ser$es o+
re'erses# a!*# $! +act# I took )art $! te %o!&est
retreat recor*e* $! te $stor" o+ te Br$t$s Arm"8
abo,t se'e! ,!*re* m$%es o+ co!t$!,o,s retreat$!&-
We &ot to te 'er" &ates o+ Ca$ro# to a )%ace ca%%e* E%
A%ame$!# a!* te! te Br$t$s &o'er!me!t# ,!*er
W$!sto! C,rc$%%# a))o$!te* a !ew comma!*er#
wose !ame was ;o!t&omer". We certa$!%" !ee*e*
a !ew comma!*er# beca,se te *$sc$)%$!e# te
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
mora%e a!* te e++$c$e!c" o+ te Br$t$s +orces were
$! a sock$!& co!*$t$o!. As a !ew Cr$st$a!# I a*
bee! )ra"$!& t$s )ra"er8 DLor*# &$'e ,s a %ea*er
s,c tat $t w$%% be +or 0o,r &%or" to &$'e ,s '$ctor"
tro,& $m-E Te! te Batt%e o+ E% A%ame$! was
+o,&t a!* wo!Fte +$rst rea% A%%$e* '$ctor" $! te
war# a!* a maIor t,r!$!& )o$!t.
Abo,t two *a"s a+ter te batt%e# I was $! te
*esert w$t a sma%% )ortab%e ra*$o o! te ta$%&ate o+
m" tr,ck. I was %$ste!$!& as te !ews comme!tator
&a'e a! acco,!t o+ te )re)arat$o!s +or te Batt%e o+
E% A%ame$! as e a* w$t!esse* tem at te Br$t$s
ea*?,arters. He *escr$be* ow Ge!era%
;o!t&omer"Fte! a! ,!k!ow! +$&,reFa* ca%%e*
$s o++$cers a!* me! to&eter be+ore te batt%e was
Io$!e*# a!* sa$* $! ),b%$c# DLet ,s ask te Lor*#
m$&t" $! batt%e# to &$'e ,s te '$ctor".E It was as
to,& Go* s)oke to me at tat mome!t a!* sa$*#
'hat is the answer to your prayer, ;o!t&omer"s
wor*s were take! +rom Psa%m 378:# a%rea*" ?,ote*8
.Who is this Aing o# g)ory- 5he Lord strong and
"ighty, the Lord "ighty in batt)e.0
Te B$b%e em)as$Bes co!t$!,a%%" tat te Lor* $s
a ma! o+ war- I! a&reeme!t w$t t$s# we +$!* more
ta! a ,!*re* )assa&es $! Scr$)t,re were
@eo'a $s ca%%e* te .Lord o# hosts0 or te .God o#
hosts.0 Remember tat te wor* ost $s te o%*
E!&%$s term +or Darm".E He $s te Go* o+ arm$es# te
.Lord o# ar"ies.0
Isa$a /487 ,ses t$s wor*# +or $!sta!ce# $!
*ec%ar$!& a )ro)ec" o+ Go*s I,*&me!t o! te c$t"
o+ Bab"%o!. H$stor$ca%%"# Bab"%o! was ca)t,re* b"
arm$es a!* *estro"e*. Be+ore a%% t$s took )%ace#
owe'er# Isa$a was &ra!te* a '$s$o! o+ Go*s
I,*&me!t o! Bab"%o!# a!* e )a$!ts a '$'$* )$ct,re
o+ a &reat com)a!" o+ !at$o!s &ater$!& to&eter
a&a$!st t$s c$t"8
War in eaven
5he noise o# a "u)titude in the "ountains,
)ike that o# "any %eo%)e1 & tu"u)tuous noise o#
the kingdo"s o# nations gathered together1 5he
Lord o# hosts *tsava+ "usters the ar"y #or
Te Hebrew wor* ,se* ere +or hosts# tsa'a# $s
te mo*er! Hebrew wor* +or te arm" o+ Israe%. Te
wor* as !e'er ca!&e* $ts mea!$!&. Go* $s st$%% te
DLor* o+ arm$esE to*a" a!* He ca!Fa!* *oesFst$%%
m,ster H$s +orces +or batt%e.
ow War Began
>or ma!" "ears# I a'e )o!*ere* te back&ro,!*
o+ te co!+%$ct $! o,r wor%*. Wat $s te root ca,se o+
te war+are a!* ,!rest o! e'er" a!*1 Wo are te
o))os$!& +orces $!'o%'e*1 We a'e see! tat Go* $s
a m$%$tar" comma!*er# a!* we are )art o+ a! arm"
,!*er H$s comma!*. B,t watFa!* womF$s He
+$&t$!& a&a$!st1
Let me seek to a!swer te +$rst ?,est$o!. Te
back&ro,!*Fte root ca,seFo+ a%% ,!rest# co!+%$ct
a!* war ca! be s,mme* ,) $! a s$!&%e wor*8
rebellion. T$s $s te root )rob%em o+ te ,!$'erse8
rebe%%$o! a&a$!st te r$&teo,s &o'er!me!t o+ Go*.
O,r wor%* to*a" $s +,%% o+ rebe%s.
We m$&t t$!k o+ $t %$ke t$s. H,ma! )rob%ems
ca! be *e)$cte* b" te tree ma$! )arts o+ a tree8
bra!ces# tr,!k a!* roots. I +$!* tat most )eo)%e
are )reocc,)$e* w$t te bra!ces. I+ "o, are o)$!&
to remo'e a tree# b,t I,st c,t o++ a +ew bra!ces# "o,
a'e !ot rea%%" ca!&e* t$!&s 'er" m,c. It $s te
tr,!k tat carr$es te bra!ces a!* te roots tat
+ee* te tr,!k.
Co!s$*er te woma! wo becomes a! a%coo%$c.
Te a**$ct$o! to a%coo% $s I,st te s"m)tom or
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
bra!c. We !ee* to &et be%ow tat to te tr,!k a!*
te rootsFtat $s# er att$t,*e a!* er re%at$o!s$)
to er ,sba!*. Pera)s e as bee! ,!+a$t+,%#
s)e!*s te mo!e" $! a wa" se *oes !ot a))ro'e o+
a!* emot$o!a%%" ab,ses te c$%*re!. Te b$tter!ess
a!* rese!tme!t se as b,$%t ,) a&a$!st er
,sba!* are te tr,!k a!* roots. We w$%% !e'er so%'e
er )rob%em b" mere%" *ea%$!& w$t er a%coo%$sm.
We m,st *ea% w$t er att$t,*e a!* re%at$o!s$)
towar* er ,sba!*. Is se w$%%$!& to +or&$'e $m
a!* rece$'e $m1 I+ !ot# e'e! $+ se &ets r$* o+
a%coo%$sm# $t w$%% be +o%%owe* b" a!oter a**$ct$o!
or s$m$%ar )rob%em.
Te C,rc $! &e!era% $s &ra))%$!& most o+ te
t$me w$t bra!ces. It *oes !ot !orma%%" &et be%ow
tat %e'e% a!* *ea% w$t te tr,!k# m,c %ess te
roots. We m,st *$& *ow! to te root problem, a!* te
root )rob%em $s rebe%%$o!.
I! $!tro*,c$!& to ,ma!$t" te messa&e o+ @es,s
a!* te Gos)e%# @o! te Ba)t$st makes a *e+$!$t$'e
&nd even now the a( is )aid to the root o#
the trees. 5here#ore every tree which does not
bear good #ruit is cut down and thrown into the
/atthew 4:1B, e"%hasis added
Te messa&e o+ te Gos)e% $s radicalC tat $s# $t
*ea%s w$t te root. Go* $s sa"$!&# $! e++ect# DI am !o
%o!&er co!te!t w$t mere%" c,tt$!& o++ te bra!ces
or e'e! c,tt$!& *ow! te tr,!k. I am *ea%$!& w$t
te root# w$c $s te w$%% set $! $!*e)e!*e!ce +rom
;e.E I!*e)e!*e!ce $! $ts t,r! $!e'$tab%" becomes
;ost co!tem)orar" )rese!tat$o!s o+ te Gos)e%
*o !ot &o *ee) e!o,&. Te" *o !ot *ea% w$t te s$!
o+ rebe%%$o! a&a$!st Go*. We wo,%* be s,r)r$se* to
War in eaven
*$sco'er ow ma!" &oo* c,rc members a%% aro,!*
,s a'e !e'er ma*e a tr,e s,bm$ss$o! to Go*.
Look at te Lor*s Pra"er# a 'er" +am$%$ar )assa&e
o+ Scr$)t,re. Not$ce te o)e!$!& )rases o+ t$s
)atter! )ra"er +o,!* $! ;attew 9825/<8
.!n this "anner, there#ore, %ray: =ur :ather
in heaven, ha))owed be ,our na"e. ,our
kingdo" co"e. ,our wi)) be done on earth as it
is in heaven. Give us this day our dai)y bread.
&nd #orgive us our debts, as we #orgive our
debtors. &nd do not )ead us into te"%tation, but
de)iver us #ro" the evi) one. :or ,ours is the
kingdo" and the %ower and the g)ory #orever.
Te o)e!$!& )rases *e+$!e te wo%e att$t,*e
a!* atmos)ere o+ t$s )ra"er. >$rst o+ a%%# we )ra"
as members o+ o!e Bo*". We *o !ot )ra" Dm"E
>ater# we )ra" Do,rE >ater. Tere are oter )eo)%e
bes$*es o,rse%'es $!'o%'e* $! t$s re%at$o!s$) w$t
Go*. O!e o+ te &reatest )rob%ems )eo)%e a'e $s
t$!k$!& tat !o o!e e%se as s,++ere* wat te" are
s,++er$!&- I ear $t a%% te t$me8 DNobo*" e%se as e'er
s,++ere* %$ke t$s# Broter Pr$!ce. 0o, *o!t k!ow
wat I a'e &o!e tro,&-E So ma!" )eo)%e a'e
to%* me e(act%" te same t$!&-
-ne of the greatest problems -ne of the greatest problems
people have is thinking that no people have is thinking that no
one else has suffered what they one else has suffered what they
are suffering, are suffering,
Te B$b%e teaces ,s to re&ar* o,rse%'es as
members to&eter o+ o!e Bo*". Te wor* our $s 'er"
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
$m)orta!t8 DO,r >ater.E We are rem$!*e* tat we
are so!s a!* *a,&ters o+ Go*. We a'e te r$&t to
come to H$m as a >ater# b,t we m,st !ot +or&et
tat we a'e broters a!* s$sters $! o,r ea'e!%"
Te! we a'e to %ear! re'ere!ce a!* res)ect8
.a))owed be ,our na"e.0 >ew sect$o!s o+ te
c,rc to*a" a'e &e!,$!e re'ere!ce +or Go*. We
ma" *ema!* a! o,twar* co!+orm$t" o+ bea'$or# b,t
tat $s 'er" *$++ere!t +rom o!or$!&# res)ect$!& a!*
+ear$!& A%m$&t" Go*. .a))owed be ,our na"e.0
Te !e(t )rase $s .,our kingdo" co"e.0 Go*
as a =$!&*om a!* H$s ,%t$mate ),r)ose $! t$s
*$s)e!sat$o! $s to br$!& H$s =$!&*om $!to be$!& o!
eart. We! I sa"# .,our kingdo" co"e,0 I am
%$!$!& m"se%+ ,) w$t Go*s ),r)oses. It $s !ot I,st a
!$ce re%$&$o,s )rase. I am sa"$!&# DGo*# ma" 0o,r
=$!&*om comeFa!* ere I am# rea*" to )%a" m"
)art $! te com$!& o+ 0o,r =$!&*om.E Tat $s w" I
am sa"$!& $t. I am $*e!t$+"$!& m"se%+ w$t te
),r)ose o+ Go*.
Te! I sa"# .,our wi)) be done on earth as it is
in heaven.0 How $s Go*s w$%% *o!e $! ea'e!1 As I
,!*ersta!* $t# $t $s *o!e )er+ect%". Tere are !o
$tces# !o +r,strat$o!s a!* !o *e%a"s. Go*s w$%%
&oes tro,& )er+ect%" $! ea'e!. @es,s ta,&t ,s to
)ra" tat $t so,%* &o te same wa" o! eart. I+
@es,s ta,&t ,s to )ra" tat# te! I be%$e'e $t $s a
)oss$b$%$t". I *o !ot be%$e'e tat @es,s wo,%* teac
,s to )ra" +or somet$!& abso%,te%" $m)oss$b%e. B,t
we! I )ra" .,our wi)) be done on earth,0 "o,
k!ow were $t as to be&$!1 W$t me- I a'e to
s,bm$t m"se%+ w$to,t reser'at$o! to te w$%% o+ Go*.
I t$!k o+ te co!'ers$o! o+ Car%es >$!!e". He
was o!e o+ te &reatest )reacers tat te C,rc
as e'er k!ow! a!* a ma! w$t a! o,tsta!*$!&
War in eaven
m$!$str" o+ br$!&$!& s$!!ers to co!'$ct$o! a!*
co!'ers$o!. O!e o+ te remarkab%e +acts abo,t
>$!!e"s m$!$str" as a! e'a!&e%$st $s tat o'er two5
t$r*s o+ $s co!'erts ma$!ta$!e* te$r sta!* as
Cr$st$a!s. I! co!trast# $t $s est$mate* tat o!%"
a))ro($mate%" o!e5t$r* o+ D. L. ;oo*"s co!'erts
rema$!e* Cr$st$a!s. Tere was somet$!& $! te
m$!$str" o+ >$!!e" tat )ro*,ce* &r$))$!&
co!'$ct$o!# a!* I be%$e'e $t &oes back to >$!!e"s ow!
>$!!e" was a res)ectab%e %aw"er we! somebo*"
co!+ro!te* $m w$t te Gos)e% a!* $s !ee* +or
sa%'at$o!. He t,r!e* $t o'er $! $s m$!* a!* to,&t#
!ell, if there is such a thing as salvation, & probably
need to be saved. &t would be a good thing to be
Beca,se e was a res)ectab%e %aw"er# owe'er#
e *$* !ot t$!k tat $t wo,%* be *$&!$+$e* to be
sa'e* $! ),b%$c# so e *ec$*e* to &o o,t $!to te
O++ e we!t to te woo*s to )ra". Te! e aske*
$mse%+# !ell, what am & going to pray" 'he +ord.s
Prayer, that is a good prayer. 'here is nothing wrong
with praying that.
So e starte* o,t# .=ur :ather, which art in
heaven, ha))owed be 5hy na"e. 5hy kingdo"
co"e... . 0 As e &ot rea*" to sa" te !e(t )rase#
.5hy wi)) be done on earth,0 $t *aw!e* o! $m tat
t$s $!'o%'e* $m. He co,%* !ot sa" .5hy wi)) be
done on earth0 ,!%ess e was )re)are* w$to,t
reser'at$o! to s,bm$t to Go*s w$%% $! $s ow! %$+e.
Oterw$se# e wo,%* be a ")ocr$te.
At tat )o$!t# te Ho%" S)$r$t mo'e* $! a!*
tro,& tat )raseF'hy will be doneFsowe*
>$!!e" wat a rebe% e rea%%" was8 a )o%$te#
res)ectab%e# %aw5ab$*$!&# re%$&$o,s rebe%. Go* *ea%t
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
w$t $m )ower+,%%"# break$!& $m *ow! $!to a state
o+ tota% s,bm$ss$o!.
Sort%" a+terwar* Go* ba)t$Be* $m $! te Ho%"
S)$r$t. Tere $s !o ?,est$o! abo,t wat a))e!e* to
>$!!e". He sa$*# DI rece$'e* a m$&t" ba)t$sm o+ te
Ho%" S)$r$t#E a!* te! e co!t$!,e*# DI %$tera%%"
be%%owe* o,t te ,!,tterab%e &,s$!&s o+ m" so,%.E
He &a'e +ort a! ,ttera!ce $! wat we wo,%* ca%%
to*a" a! ,!k!ow! to!&,e. Here $s te rea% secret8
>$rst o+ a%%# te *ee) co!'$ct$o!# a!* seco!*%"# a
m$&t" a!o$!t$!& o+ te Ho%" S)$r$t.
Ret,r!$!& to o,r te(t# .,our wi)) be done,0 we
+$!* tat $t mea!s# DLor*# I am !ot &o$!& to be a rebe%
a!" %o!&er.E 0et ma!" )eo)%e wo re&,%ar%" sa" te
Lor*s Pra"er a'e !e'er rea%$Be* to wat te" are
comm$tt$!& temse%'es. I a'e +o,!* tat )eo)%e w$%%
!e'er a'e a *ee)# sett%e*# )erma!e!t $!war* )eace
,!t$% te" make a tota% s,bm$ss$o! to A%m$&t" Go*.
T$s $s te messa&e o+ Isa$a 6.8/253/8 .C! create
the #ruit o# the )i%s: 'eace, %eace to hi" who is
#ar o## and to hi" who is near,? says the L=2D, Cand
! wi)) hea) hi"?0 G'erse /2H.
Go* $s o++er$!& )eace a!* ea%$!& to a%% me!. 'o
him who is far off $s ,s,a%%" a +orm o+ s)eec +or te
Ge!t$%es. 'o him who is near re+ers to Israe%. Go* $s
o++er$!& )eace a!* ea%$!& to a%% )eo)%e# b,t some
ca! !e'er rece$'e )eace beca,se te" w$%% !e'er %a"
*ow! te$r arms o+ rebe%%$o!. Tere+ore# Go* &oes o!
to sa"8 .But the wicked are )ike the troub)ed sea,
when it cannot rest, whose waters cast u% "ire
and dirt. C5here is no %eace,? says "y God, C#or
the wickedE0 G'erses 3<53/H.
As %o!& as we reta$! tat att$t,*e o+ rebe%%$o!# we
ca!!ot rest. We are %$ke te wa'es o+ te sea#
co!t$!,a%%" ro%%$!& a!* break$!&# cast$!& ,) te m$re
a!* te *$rt at $ts e*&e. Watc te sea- It ca!!ot
War in eaven
rest- Look a&a$! at tese wor*s8 .5he wicked *the
rebe))ious+ are )ike the troub)ed sea, when it
cannot rest.... C5here is no %eace... #or the
wicked.0? Te most co!'$!c$!& e'$*e!ce tat "o, are
%$'$!& a r$&teo,s %$+e $s tat "o, a'e *ee)# sett%e*#
ab$*$!& $!war* )eace. >ew )eo)%e to*a" are tr,%" at
/od is offering peace and /od is offering peace and
healing to all men. healing to all men.
I was m$!$ster$!& $! New Jea%a!* w$t some
Ba)t$st +r$e!*s wo were ta%k$!& abo,t te$r co%%e&e5
a&e S,!*a" scoo% c%ass. Te" *escr$be* ow a
"o,!& woma! wo was a tra$!e* !,rse came $!to
te c%ass. Se *$* !ot )ro+ess to be a Cr$st$a! b,t
wa!te* to st,*" te B$b%e. O!e *a" t$s "o,!&
woma! ca%%e!&e* te teacer abo,t te Io" a!*
)eace tat are te +r,$t o+ te Ho%" S)$r$t. Se sa$*#
DI w$%% be%$e'e tat we! I am !ot co!t$!,a%%" &$'$!&
se*at$o! a!* tra!?,$%$Bers to te members o+ "o,r
c,rc tat I a'e to '$s$t $! te$r omes- I+ "o,
a'e Io" a!* )eace# w" a%% te se*at$o!1 W" a%%
te tra!?,$%$Bers1 It *oes!t &o to&eter-E
Tat $s te tr,t- Tat $s w" I sa" tat +ew
)eo)%e $! o,r co!tem)orar" soc$et" a'e rea%# *ee)#
sett%e* $!war* )eace. W"1 Beca,se we are a wor%*
o+ rebe%s- ;a!" t$mes we are re%$&$o,s rebe%s# b,t
rebe%s I,st te same. I be%$e'e tat a co!+ro!tat$o! $s
com$!&# a sow*ow! betwee! Go* a!* te )eo)%e o+
te Wester! c,%t,re. I e!'$sa&e t$s $! m" s)$r$t# a!*
I )ra$se Go* +or $t. Te rea% $ss,e w$%% be t$s8 tota%
s,bm$ss$o!- &f Almighty /od is willing to come into my
life, there is only one logical place & can offer #im0
Li#e !s a Batt)e1
total supremacy, complete +ordship. A!"t$!& sort o+
tat $s a sam.
We +$!* o,rse%'es co!+ro!te* w$t t$s +act o+
rebe%%$o!8 rebe%%$o! $!s$*e ,s# rebe%%$o! $! te wor%*
aro,!* ,s# rebe%%$o! a&a$!st &o'er!me!t# rebe%%$o!
a&a$!st Go*# rebe%%$o! $! c$%*re! a&a$!st )are!ts#
rebe%%$o! $! st,*e!ts a&a$!st teacers a!* so o!.
E'er"were we see rebe%%$o! b,r&eo!$!& a!*
$!creas$!&. We! *$* rebe%%$o! be&$!1 Wo was te
+$rst rebe%1
co%ars a'e a*'a!ce* !,mero,s $!ter)retat$o!s
re&ar*$!& te )oss$b%e e($ste!ce o+ a )re5A*am$c
race. No!ete%ess Scr$)t,re *oes !ot )ro'$*e ,s
w$t s,++$c$e!t e'$*e!ce to s)eak w$t certa$!t". Te
a!swers a!* $m)ress$o!s I br$!& "o, are te res,%t
o+ st,*"# me*$tat$o!# )ra"er a!* )ract$ca%
e()er$e!ce. I certa$!%" *o !ot c%a$m to a'e a!swere*
a%% te ?,est$o!s tat ar$se# a!* $t $s $m)orta!t tat
we !e'er a%%ow te t$!&s we *o !ot +,%%" ,!*ersta!*
to obsc,re +or ,s te areas o+ tr,t $! w$c Go*
as )ro'$*e* c%ear ,!*ersta!*$!&.
As I me!t$o!e* $! te )re+ace o+ t$s book# tere
are certa$! $ss,es tat s,r+ace tro,& te st,*" o+
Scr$)t,re tat ra$se ma!" ?,est$o!s. A+ter *eca*es
o+ me*$tat$o! o! te +$rst +ew 'erses o+ te Book o+
Ge!es$s# I a'e come to te co!c%,s$o! tat Go*s
War in eaven
I,*&me!t a&a$!st rebe%%$o! co,%* a'e take! )%ace
)r$or to a!" o+ te s$( *a"s o+ creat$o! as *e)$cte* $!
Ge!es$s. I! Ge!es$s /83 we are to%* tat te eart
was .without #or" and void0 G$! Hebrew# tohu va
bohu1. ;" e(am$!at$o! o+ oter )assa&es were t$s
)rase $s ,se* s,&&ests tat $t a%wa"s *escr$bes te
e++ect o+ some I,*&me!ta% act o! te )art o+ Go*.
T$s wo,%* $!*$cate tat te +$rst o+ Go*s I,*&me!ts
took )%ace betwee! Ge!es$s /8/ a!* Ge!es$s /83.
Poss$b%" $t co,%* a'e bee! a I,*&me!t o! te
or$&$!a% rebe%%$o! o+ L,c$+er GSata!H. It $s o,ts$*e te
sco)e o+ t$s book to a!a%"Be a%% t$s $! *eta$%. I
be%$e'e# owe'er# tat t$s $s a! area tat ca! &$'e
,s $!s$&t we! we are co!*,ct$!& $!tercess$o! a!*
s)$r$t,a% war+are.
Co!trar" to ma!" )eo)%es t$!k$!&# rebe%%$o! *$*
!ot be&$! o! eart b,t $! ea'e!. It *$* !ot be&$!
w$t a ,ma! be$!& b,t w$t a! arca!&e% wo as
come to be k!ow! as Sata!# a%to,& $s or$&$!a%
!ame was L,c$+er. He a* a%rea*" a%$e!ate* a
com)a!" o+ te a!&e%s ,!*er $s %ea*ers$) be+ore
e t,r!e* $s atte!t$o! to te ,ma! race.
Ge!es$s 48/5/4 recor*s ow L,c$+er# a))ear$!& $!
te +orm o+ a ser)e!t# a))roace* A*am a!* E'e#
te )are!ts o+ te ,ma! race# a!* e!t$ce* tem
$!to rebe%%$o!. I! res)o!se# Go* )ro!o,!ce* a
)ro)et$c I,*&me!t o! L,c$+er a!* o! te woma!8
<o the Lord God said to the ser%ent:
.Because you have done this, you are cursed
"ore than a)) catt)e, and "ore than every beast
o# the #ie)d8 on your be))y you sha)) go, and you
sha)) eat dust a)) the days o# your )i#e. &nd ! wi))
%ut en"ity between you and the wo"an, and
between your seed and her <eed8 e sha)) bruise
your head, and you sha)) bruise is hee).0
verses 16@15
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
T$s $s te +$rst $!sta!ce $! Scr$)t,re o+ *$rect
)re*$ct$'e )ro)ec" co!cer!$!& +,t,re e'e!ts. It
+oc,se* o! two )erso!s8 te *esce!*a!t o+ te
ser)e!t a!* te *esce!*a!t o+ te woma!. It
)re*$cte* wat wo,%* become a! o!&o$!& co!+%$ct
betwee! tem# w$t te res,%t tat te ee% o+ te
woma!s *esce!*a!t wo,%* be br,$se* b,t te ea*
o+ te ser)e!t wo,%* be cr,se*. W$%e te br,$s$!&
o+ te ee% wo,%* !ot be a +$!a% *e+eat# te cr,s$!&
o+ te ea* wo,%* be. A ser)e!t w$t a cr,se* ea*
as bee! ),t o,t o+ act$o!.
A*am a!* E'e a* +a%%e! $!to Sata!s tra). It
wo,%* seem tat Go*s )re*eterm$!e* ),r)ose a*
bee! +r,strate*. S$m$%ar s$t,at$o!s occ,r $! %ater
)ro)et$c re'e%at$o!s. B,t $t $s caracter$st$c o+ Go*
$! s,c cases tat He as a Dsecret )%a!.E I! +act#
Go* a%wa"s a!t$c$)ates te cr$s$s a!* as H$s ow!
res)o!se )re)are* $! H$s m$!*Fo+te! a %o!& t$me
be+orea!*. I! t$s case# te woma!s *esce!*a!t
was re'ea%e* $! $stor" as 0es,a Be! Da'$*F
@es,s# So! o+ Da'$*. Te )ro)ec" co!cer!$!& te
br,$s$!& o+ te ee% o+ te woma!s *esce!*a!t was
+,%+$%%e* $! te s,++er$!& tat @es,s e!*,re* +or o,r
re*em)t$o!. Its +$!a% o,twork$!& ma*e sa%'at$o!
a'a$%ab%e to e'er" *esce!*a!t o+ A*am wo wo,%*
+,%+$%% te re?,$re* co!*$t$o!s.
It $s a commo! m$stake +or )eo)%e a))roac$!&
te B$b%e to ass,me tat $t $s a co!*e!se* $stor" o+
te ,!$'erse# b,t t$s $s !ot so. It $s te $stor" o+ a
certa$! ma! !ame* A*am a!* $s *esce!*a!ts.
Oter as)ects o+ $stor" are $!c%,*e* o!%" beca,se
te" e%) ,s to ,!*ersta!* Go*s *ea%$!&s w$t
>a$%,re to ,!*ersta!* t$s s)ec$a% ),r)ose +or
w$c te B$b%e was wr$tte! as bee! a so,rce o+
ma!"Fb,t !ot a%%Fa))are!t co!+%$cts betwee! te
recor* o+ Scr$)t,re a!* sec,%ar sc$e!ce. Te +oc,s o+
War in eaven
sc$e!ce $s &e!era%. It $!c%,*es te e!t$re $stor" o+
te ,!$'erse. Te +oc,s o+ Scr$)t,re# o! te oter
a!*# $s %$m$te* a!* s)ec$+$c. It *ea%s w$t o!e ma!#
A*am# a!* $s *esce!*a!ts. It as !ot$!& to sa"
abo,t a!" oter races tat ma" a'e e($ste*. It *oes
!ot *e!" te$r e($ste!ce# b,t $t as %$tt%e or !ot$!&
to sa" abo,t tem.
W" so,%* t$s o!e ma!# A*am# be so
$m)orta!t1 Beca,se Go*# $! H$s eter!a% co,!se%# a*
*eterm$!e* tat tro,& A*ams *esce!*a!ts He
wo,%* se!* to eart H$s ,!$?,e a!* o!%" be&otte!
So!Fte Lor* @es,s. T$s makes te *est$!" o+ te
A*am$c race *$++ere!t +rom tat o+ a%% oter races
tat a'e e'er e($ste*.
Remember tat DA*amE $s a )ro)er !ame.
Were'er we rea* $! te O%* Testame!t te Dso!s o+
me!#E $t act,a%%" sa"s te Dso!s o+ A*am.E Te
ce!tra% teme o+ te B$b%e $s t$s o!e ma! A*am a!*
$s *esce!*a!ts. I be%$e'e tat te meto* o+ A*ams
creat$o! a!* $s re%at$o!s$) w$t Go* tat
*e'e%o)e* o,t o+ $t were ,!$?,e.
Howe'er# I k!ow o+ !ot$!& $! Scr$)t,re tat
$m)%$es tat A*am was te +$rst or te o!%" be$!& o+ a
t")e s$m$%ar to ,ma! wo e'er %$'e* o! te eart. I
t$!k $t $s e!t$re%" )oss$b%e tat tere were o!e or
more oter races be+ore A*am# b,t te B$b%e *oes
!ot *ea% w$t tem. Te B$b%e $s )r$mar$%" a
re'e%at$o! &$'e! to ,s as members o+ te A*am$c
race to te%% ,s t$!&s tat we !ee* to k!ow +or o,r
s)$r$t,a% be!e+$t.
Oter $m)orta!t +acts are co!ta$!e* $! t$s
re'e%at$o!# b,t te" are rea%%" %$ke te +rame aro,!*
a )$ct,re. Te )$ct,re $tse%+ $s A*am a!* $s
*esce!*a!ts a!* Go*s *ea%$!&s w$t tem. Te
oter t$!&s tat are re'ea%e* are !ot so m,c )art
o+ te )$ct,re as o+ te +rame. To see te )$ct,re
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
c%ear%"# we a'e to &et te +rame r$&t. B,t bear t$s
$! m$!*8 Te B$b%e $s s)eak$!& )r$mar$%" o+ A*am
a!* $s *esce!*a!ts.
'he (ible is primarily a 'he (ible is primarily a
revelation given to us as revelation given to us as
members of the Adamic race to members of the Adamic race to
tell us things that we need to tell us things that we need to
know for our spiritual benefit. know for our spiritual benefit.
O!e o+ te ma$! t$t%es &$'e! to @es,s $! te New
Testame!t $s Dte So! o+ ;a!.E T$s t$t%e $s a *$rect
tra!s%at$o! +rom te Hebrew )rase (en AdamFtat
$s# DSo! o+ A*am.E Act,a%%"# @es,s H$mse%+ ,se* t$s
t$t%e more ta! e$&t" t$mes $! te &os)e%s. He
*e%$berate%" *ec%are* H$mse%+ to be te So! o+ A*am.
Later o!# $! / Cor$!t$a!s /6876# te a)ost%e Pa,%
ca%%s @es,s te D%ast A*am.E I! b$o%o&$ca% *esce!t#
@es,s was b" !o mea!s te +$!a% re)rese!tat$'e o+
te A*am$c race. ;a!" to,sa!*s o+ *esce!*a!ts o+
A*am a'e bee! bor! s$!ce H$s t$me. B,t He was
te D%astE $! te se!se tat He +,%%" a!* +$!a%%"
e(a,ste* te e'$% tat a* bee! bro,&t ,)o! H$s
&f there were only one verse in &f there were only one verse in
the (ible, and it was /enesis the (ible, and it was /enesis
202, & personally would 202, & personally would
acknowledge that it was acknowledge that it was
inspired. inspired.
War in eaven
Co!+ro!te* w$t te rebe%%$o! o+ bot A*am a!*
E'e# Go* set $! mot$o! H$s Dsecret )%a!E co!ce$'e* $!
eter!$t". H$stor$ca%%" t$s )%a! was ,!+o%*e* $! te
%$+e# *eat a!* res,rrect$o! o+ @es,s. @es,s# te So!
o+ A*am# was Go*s Dsecret wea)o!.E
I k!ow o+ !o wa" to &$'e a! e(act cro!o%o&$ca%
*ate +or te s$( *a"s tat c,%m$!ate* $! te creat$o!
o+ A*am.
I! te se'e!tee!t ce!t,r"# Arcb$so) Asser o+
te A!&%$ca! C,rc ),b%$se* a work e!t$t%e*
DA!!a%s o+ te O%* a!* New Testame!t.E Work$!&
+rom te =$!& @ames Vers$o!# e ca%c,%ate* tat te
*ate o+ te creat$o! *escr$be* $! Ge!es$s was 7<<7
B.C. I! te +$rst B$b%e tat I ow!e*F&$'e! me b" m"
&ra!*moterFt$s *ate $s act,a%%" )r$!te* $! te
;a!" Cr$st$a!s# owe'er# !o %o!&er take t$s
*ate ser$o,s%". Te B$b%e %ea'es o)e! te )oss$b$%$t"
tat te creat$o! *escr$be* $! Ge!es$s /83 a!*
+o%%ow$!& was )rece*e* b" a! ,!*eterm$!e* )er$o*
o+ $stor". It co,%* be to,sa!*s o+ "ears# or $t co,%*
be m$%%$o!s o+ "ears. I! m" o)$!$o!# "ears are !ot
re%e'a!t to meas,r$!& tat )er$o*.
Sco%ars a'e come +orwar* w$t 'ar$o,s
*$++ere!t $!ter)retat$o!s o+ te o)e!$!& 'erses o+ te
B$b%e. Sec,%ar sc$e!ce# too# as ma*e $ts
co!tr$b,t$o!# w$c ca!!ot be $&!ore*. >or m" )art#
I k!ow o+ !ot$!& tat )rec%,*es te )oss$b$%$t" o+
s,ccess$'e )er$o*s o+ *$'$!e act$'$t" )r$or to te
creat$o! o+ A*am. I wo,%* re+er to t$s as Da )re5
A*am$c )er$o*.E Be+ore we GA*am a!* $s
*esce!*a!tsH came o! te sce!e tere are
$!*$cat$o!s tat somet$!& a* bee! &o$!& o! +or a
'er" %o!& t$me. I+ we co,%* see tat )er$o* as Go*
sees $t# we m$&t c%ass$+" $t# s,b*$'$*e $t a!*
reco&!$Be 'ar$o,s *$++ere!t )er$o*s or a&es.
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
I wa!t to +oc,s o!%" o! o!e as)ect o+ te
scr$)t,ra% acco,!t8 te creat$o! o+ te ea'e!s a!*
te! te eart.
I! te o)e!$!& 'erse o+ Scr$)t,re# we e!co,!ter
o!e o+ tose treme!*o,s stateme!ts tat !e'er %ose
te$r $m)act. I+ tere were o!%" o!e 'erse $! te
B$b%e# a!* $t was Ge!es$s /8/# I )erso!a%%" wo,%*
ack!ow%e*&e tat $t was $!s)$re*. To me $t s)eaks
w$t a,tor$t". E'e! as a! ,!be%$e'er a!* a ske)t$c#
I !e'er co,%* &et awa" +rom te +act tat tere was
a,tor$t" ere tat I wo,%* a'e to +ace ,) to. A!*
$! *,e co,rse# I *$*-
Here $s te stateme!t tat co!+ro!ts ,s8 &n the
beginning /od created the heavens and the earth. Let
,s +oc,s +or a mome!t o! te or*er o+ e'e!ts
$!*$cate* ere.
When the &nge)s <ang
Var$o,s )assa&es o+ Scr$)t,re $!*$cate tat Go*
+$rst create* te ea'e!s a!* te be$!&s tat were to
$!ab$t te ea'e!s. Te! He create* te eart. Te
ea'e!s a!* te$r $!ab$ta!ts were a%rea*" $! )%ace
we! te eart was create*.
I! 'ar$o,s )%aces $! te book o+ @ob# we +$!* @ob
ar&,$!& w$t te Lor*. He was com)%a$!$!& tat Go*
was !ot r,!!$!& te ,!$'erse accor*$!& to @obs
sat$s+act$o!. T$!&s were &ett$!& o,t o+ a!* a!*
Go* was !ot treat$!& @ob as e +e%t e o,&t to be
treate*. @ob was w$s$!& tat e co,%* a'e a
)erso!a% $!ter'$ew w$t te Lor*.
Te! $! te m$*st o+ a%% t$s# te Lor* s,**e!%"
came o! te sce!eF$! )erso!F&$'$!& @ob te sock
o+ $s %$+e. Te Lor* starte* +$r$!& a ser$es o+
?,est$o!s at @ob tat e co,%* !ot a!swer8
.Where were you when ! )aid the #oundations
War in eaven
o# the earth- 5e)) /e, i# you have
understanding. Who deter"ined its
"easure"ents- ... =r who stretched the )ine
*the architect?s )ine+ u%on it- 5o what were its
#oundations #astened- =r who )aid its
cornerstone, when the "orning stars sang
together, and a)) the sons o# God shouted #or
Job 43:6@7
We see tat we! te Lor* %a$* te +o,!*at$o!s
o+ te eart# .the "orning stars sang0 a!* .the
sons o# God shouted #or Foy01 A!*o,bte*%"# $! t$s
co!te(t# te Dso!s o+ Go*E are te a!&e%s. We! Go*
%a$* te +o,!*at$o!s o+ te eart# te a!&e%s were a%%
watc$!&. Hea'e! a!* $ts osts were a%rea*"
com)%ete# a!* te" a%% e!Io"e* te wo!*er+,%
s)ectac%e o+ te Lor* br$!&$!& te eart $!to be$!&.
Later# $! *e*$cat$!& $s Tem)%e# So%omo! sa$* to
te Lor*8 .But wi)) God indeed dwe)) with "en on
the earth- Beho)d, heaven and the heaven o#
heavens cannot contain ,ou. ow "uch )ess this
te"%)e which ! have bui)t10 G3 Cro!$c%es 98/:H.
We! So%omo! s)eaks abo,t te .heaven o#
heavens,0 e *e)$cts a ea'e! tat $s $& abo'e
te ea'e! tat we see.
I! a )ara%%e% )assa&e $! Neem$a 289# Neem$a
takes ,) t$s teme8
.,ou a)one are the Lord8 ,ou have "ade
heaven, the heaven o# heavens, with a)) their
host, the earth and everything on it, the seas
and a)) that is in the", and ,ou %reserve the"
a)). 5he host o# heaven worshi%s ,ou.0
Neem$a# %$ke So%omo!# s)eaks abo,t Dea'e!E
a!* a%so te .heaven o# heavens.0 T$s co!+$rms
tat tere $s a ea'e! tat $s as +ar abo'e te o!e we
see as te ea'e! tat we see $s abo'e eart-
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
/ysteries Gn#o)ded in Gra""ar
I! te o)e!$!& ca)ters o+ Ge!es$s# certa$!
s$&!$+$ca!t wor*s are )%,ra% $! +orm# b,t are !ot
eas$%" $*e!t$+$e* we! tra!s%ate* $!to E!&%$s or
a!oter %a!&,a&e. I! te E!&%$s %a!&,a&e to make a
!o,! )%,ra%# we !orma%%" a** s. >or e(am)%e# te
wor* book becomes books# )ob becomes )obs a!* so
o!. I! te Hebrew %a!&,a&e# o!e )r$mar" wa" to
+orm te )%,ra% $s b" a**$!& two %etters# im# w$c
are )ro!o,!ce* eem. T$s e!*$!&# im# $s a !orma%
)%,ra% +orm $! Hebrew. I! t$s 'er" +$rst 'erse o+
Scr$)t,re# we a'e two wor*s e!*$!& $! im. Te wor*
+or /od G3lohimH a!* te wor* +or heavens GshamaimH
are bot )%,ra% $! +orm.
4/od5 is not an 6e%perimenter,7 4/od5 is not an 6e%perimenter,7
#e is a Creator. #e is a Creator.
>,rtermore# Hebrew 'erbs a%so a'e a s$!&,%ar
a!* )%,ra% +orm# w$c so,%* a&ree w$t te !o,!s
or )ro!o,!s to w$c te" a))%". 0et ere $!
Ge!es$s /8/ we a'e a! $mme*$ate co!+%$ct o+
&rammar# beca,se te Hebrew 'erb created $s
s$!&,%ar $! +orm w$%e te wor* +or /od# as a%rea*"
$!*$cate*# $s )%,ra%- Here te! $s te m"ster" o+ te
Tr$,!e Go* ,!+o%*e* $! te o)e!$!& 'erse o+
Scr$)t,re8 &n /od there is both plurality and unity.
As me!t$o!e*# heaven $s a%so )%,ra%Fheavens
GshamaimH# !ot ea'e!. Te B$b%e c%ear%" $!*$cates
Gas we a'e see! a!* w$%% see $! s,bse?,e!t sect$o!s
o+ t$s bookH tat tere $s more ta! o!e ea'e!. O!
te oter a!*# te wor* +or earth $s s$!&,%ar. T,s
we +$!* tat two wor*s# /od a!* heaven# are )%,ra%
War in eaven
$! +orm.
Two oter wor*s tat a%so occ,r $! Ge!es$s are
)%,ra% $! +orm. >$rst $s te wor* life GchaimH8 .&nd
the Lord God #or"ed "an o# the dust o# the
ground, and breathed into his nostri)s the breath
o# life8 and "an beca"e a )iving being0 GGe!es$s
38.# em)as$s a**e*H.
Go* breate* $!to A*am te breat o+ Dlives.E We
+$!*# as we &o o! tro,&o,t Scr$)t,re# tat tere
are 'ar$o,s +orms o+ %$+e8 s)$r$t,a% %$+e a!* )"s$ca%
%$+e# morta% %$+e a!* $mmorta% %$+e. A%% tese co!ce)ts
are co!ta$!e* $! see* +orm $! t$s ca)ter o+ Ge!es$s
a!* *e'e%o)e* $! te s,bse?,e!t ,!+o%*$!& o+
A!oter s$&!$+$ca!t Hebrew wor* tat occ,rs
ear%" $! Ge!es$s a!* tat $s )%,ra% $! +orm $s te
wor* +or water GmaimH8 .&nd the <%irit o# God was
hovering over the #ace o# the waters0 GGe!es$s
Te B$b%e $!*$cates tere $s more ta! o!e k$!*
o+ water. Tere $s water o+ %$+e a!* tere $s !at,ra%
water. Tere $s water abo'e te ea'e!s a!* water
,!*er te ea'e!s. Te +$!a% )rom$se o+ Go*
co!cer!$!& water $s &$'e! $! Re'e%at$o! 338/.8
.Whoever desires, )et hi" take the water of life
#ree)y *without charge+0 Gem)as$s a**e*H.
I! e'er" case $! Scr$)t,re were a wor* $s $! te
)%,ra% +orm# tere $s a &oo* reaso! +or $t. I! +act#
re'e%at$o! $s co!ta$!e* e'e! $! tat &rammat$ca% +act
Ftat a !o,! $s )%,ra% $! +orm.
God Did ;ot Create a /ess
Ret,r!$!& to te o)e!$!& 'erses o+ Ge!es$s# I am
+orce* to te co!c%,s$o! tat tere $s a co!trast
betwee! te co!*$t$o! o+ te eart as or$&$!a%%"
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
create* b" Go* $! 'erse / a!* $ts co!*$t$o! as
*escr$be* $! 'erse 38
1. !n the beginning God created the heavens
and the earth.
H. 5he earth was without #or", and void8 and
darkness was on the #ace o# the dee%.
Te eart as *escr$be* $! 'erse 3 a* become a
*ark# +orm%ess# water" waste. E'er"t$!& I rea* $!
te B$b%e +rom tat 'erse o!war* co!'$!ces me tat
t$s $s !ot a *escr$)t$o! o+ te eart as or$&$!a%%"
create* b" Go*. He $s !ot a! De()er$me!ter#E He $s a
Creator. E'er" oter creat$'e act o+ Go* *escr$be* $!
t$s sect$o! o+ Scr$)t,re )ro*,ce* somet$!& )er+ect.
It *$* !ot !ee* to be $m)ro'e* o! or re)a$re*.
It becomes a))are!t# tere+ore# tat t$s
*escr$)t$o! o+ te eart &$'e! $! 'erse 3 *oes !ot
*e)$ct te eart $! te state $! w$c Go* or$&$!a%%"
create* $t as *escr$be* $! 'erse /. O! te co!trar"# $t
$s a *escr$)t$o! o+ te eart $! a state $!to w$c $t
was )%,!&e* as a res,%t o+ t$!&s tat a))e!e*
betwee! 'erses / a!* 3. It co,%* $!*$cate tat
somet$!& catac%"sm$c a))e!e*# w$c ca!&e*
te or*er a!* bea,t" o+ te eart tat Go* or$&$!a%%"
bro,&t +ort# a!*# as a res,%t# $t became a +orm%ess
'o$*. Te wor* tra!s%ate* $! t$s 'erse Dwas w$to,t
+ormE co,%* e?,a%%" we%% be tra!s%ate* Dbecame
w$to,t +orm.E
Te %a!&,a&e ,se* $! te Hebrew $s str$k$!&.
.Without #or", and void0 tra!s%ates te Hebrew
)rase tohu va-bohu. Tese two r"m$!& wor*s are
*es$&!e* to &o to&eter8 tohu a!* bohu. Var$o,s
oter %a!&,a&es co!ta$! wor*s tat are )a$re* %$ke
t$s. I! E!&%$s# +or e(am)%e# we a'e te )rase
harem-scarem. I! R,ss$a! tere $s a )rase +or
,)s$*e5*ow!8 shiverit naviverit. Te r"m$!& )rases
$! tese E!&%$s a!* R,ss$a! e(am)%es are s$m$%ar
War in eaven
to te Hebrew )rase tohu va-bohu. It *escr$bes a
*$sor*er%" co!*$t$o!. I! +act# te wor*s temse%'es
co!ta$! te se!se or +ee%$!& o+ te s$t,at$o! te"
Now %et ,s e(am$!e te oter )%aces $! te O%*
Testame!t were tese same Hebrew wor*s are ,se*
Ftohu a!* bohu. Tere are o!%" two oter )assa&es
were bot wor*s are ,se* to&eter. Te +$rst $s $!
Isa$a 47. T$s ca)ter *e)$cts a +,t,re I,*&me!t o+
Go* o! te terr$tor" o+ E*om# w$c $s te !ame
&$'e! to @acobs tw$! broter# Esa,# a!* $s
*esce!*a!ts. E*om $s te co,!tr" east o+ te Dea*
Sea. Te Scr$)t,re $!*$cates tat at te c%ose o+ t$s
a&e tere w$%% be a terr$b%e# *eso%at$!&# )erma!e!t
I,*&me!t o+ Go* ,)o! te area. E*om w$%% be I,*&e*
$! s,c a wa" as to be a )er)et,a% mo!,me!t o+
Go*s I,*&me!t +or a%% s,ccess$'e &e!erat$o!s. Te
*escr$)t$o! $s 'er" '$'$*8
:or it is the day o# the Lord?s vengeance, the
year o# reco"%ense #or the cause o# Iion. !ts
strea"s sha)) be turned into %itch, and its dust
into bri"stone8 its )and sha)) beco"e burning
%itch. !t sha)) not be Juenched night or day8 its
s"oke sha)) ascend #orever. :ro" generation to
generation it sha)) )ie waste8 no one sha)) %ass
through it #orever and ever.
!saiah 46:3@1B
It $s te +o%%ow$!& 'erse tat co!ta$!s te )rase
tohu va-bohu8
But the %e)ican and the %orcu%ine sha))
%ossess it, a)so the ow) and the raven sha)) dwe))
in it. &nd e sha)) stretch out over it the )ine o#
con#usion *tohu+ and the stones o# e"%tiness
*bohu+, K.
verse 11
T$s $s a meta)or +rom te arc$tects
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
meas,r$!& %$!e a!* )%,mmet. W$t te meas,r$!&
%$!e e meas,res or$Bo!ta%%"# a!* w$t te )%,mmet
e meas,res 'ert$ca%%". Go*s I,*&me!t $s s,mme*
,) $! t$s *escr$)t$'e )rase. It w$%% be te
meas,r$!& %$!e o+ Dco!+,s$o!E GtohuH a!* te
)%,mmet o+ Dem)t$!essE GbohuH. I! oter wor*s# wat
$s $t &o$!& to be1 'otal desolation. E*om w$%% be
com)%ete%" &$'e! o'er to a *eso%at$o! tat w$%% be a
memor$a% o+ Go*s I,*&me!t +ore'er a+terwar*. Te
wo%e )$ct,re $s o!e o+ Go*s a!&er a!* wrat
re%ease* $! a *eso%at$!& I,*&me!t.
Te oter )%ace were tese two wor*sFtohu a!*
bohuFare +o,!* to&eter $s @erem$a 7833534 were
a&a$! te assoc$at$o! o+ te wor*s $s w$t I,*&me!t.
Te I,*&me!t ere *escr$be* re%ates to Israe%. I!
@erem$a 7833# Go* re'ea%s te reaso! +or H$s
.:or /y %eo%)e are #oo)ish, they have not
known /e. 5hey are si))y chi)dren, and they
have no understanding. 5hey are wise to do evi),
but to do good they have no know)edge.0
T$s $s a )$ct,re o+ )er'as$'e rebe%%$o! a!*
w$cke*!ess. Te! @erem$a $s &$'e! a '$s$o! o+
I,*&me!t to come8 .! behe)d the earth, and indeed
it was without #or" *tohu+, and void *bohu+8 and
the heavens, they had no )ight0 Lverse H4M.
Here we see $t a&a$!# .without #or", and voidEF
tohu a!* bohu. It $s a )$ct,re o+ *eso%at$o! res,%t$!&
+rom Go*s I,*&me!t ,)o! w$cke*!ess.
I! a%% Scr$)t,re tere are o!%" tree )%aces were
tese two wor*s tohu a!* bohu occ,r to&eter8
Ge!es$s /83# Isa$a 478//# @erem$a 7834. Te two
%atter Scr$)t,res *e)$ct a +ear+,% sce!e o+ *eso%at$o!
bro,&t abo,t b" Go*s I,*&me!t ,)o! terr$b%e
w$cke*!ess. We br$!& Ge!es$s /83 e(act%" $!to %$!e
War in eaven
w$t tese oter two )assa&es $+ we $!ter)ret $t a%so
to be a )$ct,re o+ Go*s I,*&me!t o! acts o+
w$cke*!ess tat $! t$s 'erse are !ot *escr$be* $!
Now %et ,s e(am$!e some o+ te )assa&es were
tohu $s ,se* w$to,t bohu. De,tero!om" 438/< sa"s
te Lor* +o,!* @acob .in a desert )and and in the
waste)and, a how)ing wi)derness.0 Te wor* waste
$s tohu. Te wo%e )$ct,re $s o!e o+ *eso%at$o!.
I! @ob 98/: we rea* o+ streams $! te *esert tat
*r" ,) a!* r,! o,t o!to te sa!* w$t !ot$!& to
o++er a!"bo*"8
.5he %aths o# their way turn aside, they go
nowhere and %erish.0 Te wor* perish $s tohu. A%%
tat $s %e+t $s sa!*.
I! @ob /3837 a!* Psa%m /<.87 te wor* tohu $s
tra!s%ate* DwildernessE8 .e takes away the
understanding o# the chie#s o# the %eo%)e o# the
earth, and "akes the" wander in a %ath)ess
wi)derness *tohu+0 G@ob /3837HC .5hey wandered in
the wi)derness *tohu+ in a deso)ate way0 GPsa%m
(ut we should never allow the (ut we should never allow the
things we do not understand to things we do not understand to
obscure for us the areas of truth obscure for us the areas of truth
where /od has provided clear where /od has provided clear
understanding. understanding.
I! eac o+ tese cases# Go*s I,*&me!t )ro*,ces
a co!*$t$o! *escr$be* as a w$%*er!ess GtohuH.
I+ we comb$!e a%% tese )assa&es ?,ote* abo'e#
& 're@&da"ic Wor)d
we arr$'e at o!e co!c%,s$o! tat a))%$es to tem a%%8
Te" *escr$be te res,%t o+ a I,*&me!t o+ Go*. T$s
co,%* be a))%$e* as m,c to Ge!es$s /83 as to te
oter )assa&es.
We ca! a%so %ook at a !,mber o+ $!sta!ces $!
Isa$a tat *e)$ct Go*s I,*&me!t o! te wo%e
eart8 .Beho)d, the Lord "akes the earth e"%ty
and "akes it waste, distorts its sur#ace and
scatters abroad its inhabitants0 GIsa$a 378/H.
As )art o+ t$s tota% I,*&me!t# Isa$a &oes o! to
sa"8 .5he city o# con#usion *tohu+ is broken down0
G'erse /<H. T$s *e)$cts a c$t" $! a state o+ *eso%at$o!
as a res,%t o+ Go*s I,*&me!t.
A&a$!# Isa$a 7<834 *e)$cts Go*s I,*&me!t o!
earts r,%ers8 .e brings the %rinces to nothing8
e "akes the Fudges o# the earth use)ess *tohu+.0
I! Isa$a 7/832 Go* *escr$bes te wors$)ers o+
$*o%s8 .!ndeed they are a)) worth)ess8 their works
are nothing8 their "o)ded i"ages are wind and
con#usion *tohu+.0
I! e'er" case# co!+,s$o! $s te o,tcome o+ Go*s
wrat a!* I,*&me!t.
Te most *ec$s$'e stateme!t o+ a%% $s Isa$a
:or thus says the Lord, who created the
heavens, who is God, who #or"ed the earth and
"ade it, who has estab)ished it, who did not
create it in vain *tohu+, who #or"ed it to be
inhabited: .! a" the Lord, and there is no
Te )ro*,ct o+ Go*s creat$o! was !ot tohuFtat
$s# $! a co!+,se*# *$sor*er%" co!*$t$o!.
Let ,s !ow ),t t$s )assa&e o+ Scr$)t,re s$*e b"
s$*e w$t tat w$c *escr$bes Go*s creat$o!.
War in eaven
Ge!es$s /83 sa"s tat te eart was tohu. Isa$a
768/: sa"s tat Go* *$* !ot create $t tohu. Te
$m)%$cat$o! $s c%ear8 Te eart as *escr$be* $!
Ge!es$s /83 $s !ot $! te co!*$t$o! $! w$c $t was
or$&$!a%%" create*. Go* *$* !ot create a! eart tat
was tohu a!* bohu# b,t He create* $t to be $!ab$te*.
H$s a$m was to make a b%esse*# )%easa!t# wo!*er+,%
)%ace +or H$s creat,res to *we%% $!.
Te +act tat te eart became tohu a!* bohu
$!*$cates tat a I,*&me!t o+ Go* a* )asse* o'er $t
betwee! $ts creat$o! as recor*e* $! Ge!es$s /8/ a!*
te sce!e *e)$cte* $! Ge!es$s /83. I! o,r !e(t
ca)ter# we w$%% a!a%"Be te b$b%$ca% recor* o+ a
rebe%%$o! o+ a!&e%s tat )ro'oke* Go*s I,*&me!t.
T$s co,%* we%% a'e take! )%ace $! te )er$o*
betwee! Ge!es$s /8/ a!* Ge!es$s /83.
Co!+ro!te* w$t t$s )$ct,re o+ tohu a!* bohu# we
m$&t ask8 Co,%* t$s )era)s $! some wa" be
co!!ecte* w$t wat sc$e!t$sts a'e come to
$!ter)ret as te DB$& Ba!&E1 T$s wo,%* '$ew $t !ot
)r$mar$%" as a! act o+ creat$o!# b,t as a! act o+
I certa$!%" *o !ot c%a$m to a'e a!swere* a%% te
?,est$o!s tat ar$se abo,t creat$o!. I! +act# tere $s
!o %$m$t to s,c ?,est$o!s. B,t we so,%* !e'er
a%%ow te t$!&s we *o !ot ,!*ersta!* to obsc,re +or
,s te areas o+ tr,t were Go* as )ro'$*e* c%ear
I! c%os$!& t$s ca)ter# %et me sare w$t "o,
somet$!& I a'e )ro'e* o'er te "ears. Go* *oes
!ot !ecessar$%" comm$t H$mse%+ to scratc e'er"
$!te%%ect tat $tces# b,t He w$%% a%wa"s res)o!* to a
s$!cere a!* ,!&er$!& eart.
We w$%% !ow &o o! to e(am$!e te co!+ro!tat$o!
betwee! Go* a!* L,c$+er tat bro,&t I,*&me!t
,)o! Go*s or$&$!a% creat$o!.
.! saw <atan #a)) )ike )ightning #ro" heaven.0
Luke 1B:13
es,s $s ere *escr$b$!& +or H$s *$sc$)%es a sce!e
He a* w$t!esse* $! ea'e! ma!" ce!t,r$es
be+ore H$s $!car!at$o! as te So! o+ ;ar". He was
war!$!& tem o+ te *a!&er o+ )r$*e. Te sce!e He
*escr$be* was Go*s I,*&me!t o! a create*
arca!&e% !ame* L,c$+er.
L,c$+er a* occ,)$e* a )os$t$o! o+ ,!$?,e o!or
$! ea'e!. Go* a* sa$* to $m8
.,ou were the sea) o# %er#ection, #u)) o#
wisdo" and %er#ect in beauty. ,ou were in
Nden, the garden o# God8 every %recious stone
was your covering: the sardius, to%aO, and
dia"ond, bery), ony(, and Fas%er, sa%%hire,
War in eaven
turJuoise, and e"era)d with go)d. 5he
work"anshi% o# your ti"bre)s and %i%es was
%re%ared #or you on the day you were created.
,ou were the anointed cherub who covers8 !
estab)ished you8 you were on the ho)y "ountain
o# God8 you wa)ked back and #orth in the "idst
o# #iery stones. ,ou were %er#ect in your ways
#ro" the day you were created, ti)) iniJuity was
#ound in you.0
NOekie) H3:1H@15
T$s acco,!t ra$ses two )oss$b%e ?,est$o!s. >$rst#
+rom wat area o+ ea'e! was L,c$+er cast o,t1
Seco!*# to wat area was e cast *ow!1
Perso!a%%"# I *o !ot be%$e'e tat L,c$+er a*
access to te t$r* ea'e! or co,%* e'er a'e
co!ce$'e* $s rebe%%$o! tere. ;" $m)ress$o! o+ te
t$r* ea'e! $s tat $t $s a )%ace o+ s,c tota%
o%$!ess tat !o k$!* o+ s$! co,%* e'er be&$! to e($st
tere. B,t tat $s I,st a )erso!a% $m)ress$o!-
I a'e !ot +o,!* a!" )assa&e $! Scr$)t,re tat
*escr$bes te s)ec$+$c %ocat$o! to w$c L,c$+er a!*
$s a!&e%s were ba!$se*# b,t a))are!t%" te" set ,)
te$r r$'a% k$!&*om $! a!oter area o+ te ea'e!%$es#
)robab%" somewere $! te m$*5ea'e!.
As I )o$!te* o,t $! ca)ter /# $! Scr$)t,re at
%east tree *$++ere!t areas are ca%%e* Dea'e!.E >$rst
te '$s$b%e ea'e! abo'e ,s. Ne(t comes te m$*5
ea'e! *escr$be* $! Re'e%at$o! :8/4C /789C a!*
/28/.. >$!a%%"# te t$r* ea'e! $s te $&est o+ a%%
a!* $s te sacre* )%ace o+ Go*s *we%%$!&# te )%ace
tat So%omo! re+ers to $! 3 Cro!$c%es 389 as te
Dea'e! o+ ea'e!sE8 .But who is ab)e to bui)d i"
a te"%)e, since heaven and the heaven o#
heavens cannot contain i"-0
I! EBek$e% 3:8/7# L,c$+er $s *escr$be* as te
.anointed cherub who covers.0 It seems tat
Luci#er Cha))enges God
L,c$+er a* co'ere* w$t $s w$!&s te )%ace o+ te
ma!$+estat$o! o+ Go*s &%or" $! H$s ea'e!%" tem)%e#
I,st as te cer,bs $! te taber!ac%e o+ ;oses
co'ere* te merc" seat a!* te )%ace were te
'$s$b%e &%or" o+ Go* a))eare*. T$s $s *escr$be* $!
E(o*,s 4.828
5he cherubi" s%read out their wings above,
and covered the "ercy seat with their wings.
5hey #aced one another8 the #aces o# the
cherubi" were toward the "ercy seat.
L,c$+er was )er+ect $! bea,t"# b,t e was a
create* be$!&. Pr$*e mot$'ate* $m to ca%%e!&e Go*
a!* to c%a$m a )%ace o+ e?,a%$t" w$t Go*. A))are!t%"
L,c$+er a* a,tor$t" o'er a com)a!" o+ a!&e%s# a!*
e a* s,ccee*e* $! a%$e!at$!& some o+ tose ,!*er
$m +rom te$r %o"a%t" to Go*. He %e* tem to Io$!
$m $! $s rebe%%$o! a&a$!st Go*. I! res)o!se# Go*
cast L,c$+er a!* $s )art!ers $! rebe%%$o! +rom H$s
To *escr$be L,c$+ers act$'$t" $! t,r!$!& some
a!&e%s a&a$!st Go*# Scr$)t,re ,ses te wor* trading#
w$c co,%* a%so a))%" to persistent plotting0
.By the abundance o# your trading you
beca"e #i))ed with vio)ence within, and you
sinned.... ,ou de#i)ed your sanctuaries by the
"u)titude o# your iniJuities, by the iniJuity o#
your trading.0
NOekie) H3:17, 13, e"%hasis added
T$s wor* trading $s a%so a))%$e* to someo!e wo
&oes abo,t as a talebearer or a slanderer. I! oter
wor*s# $t co,%* *escr$be someo!e wo )e**%es bot
&oo*s a!* &oss$). I! 'ar$o,s oter books o+ te B$b%e
Fe. &.# Le'$t$c,s# Pro'erbs# @erem$aFt$s wor* $s
tra!s%ate* as e$ter a DtalebearerE or a Dslanderer.E
>or e(am)%e# Le'$t$c,s /28/9 sa"s8 .,ou sha)) not
War in eaven
go about as a ta)ebearer a"ong your %eo%)e.0
I! Pro'erbs 3<8/2# t$s )ract$ce o+ be$!& a
ta%ebearer $s c%ose%" %$!ke* w$t o!e wo +%atters
w$t $s %$)s. We are war!e* a&a$!st bot k$!*s o+
)erso!s8 .e who goes about as a ta)ebearer
revea)s secrets8 there#ore do not associate with
one who #)atters with his )i%s.0 A))are!t%"# t$s
e(act%" *escr$bes wat L,c$+er *$*. He we!t amo!&
te create* a!&e%$c be$!&s# )romot$!& a!* or&a!$B$!&
rebe%%$o! a&a$!st Go*. I )erso!a%%" )$ct,re L,c$+er as
sa"$!& to te a!&e%s ,!*er $m s,c t$!&s as# DGo*
*oes !ot rea%%" a))rec$ate "o,. 0o, a'e a )os$t$o!
tat $s +ar be%ow "o,r )ote!t$a% a!* +ar be%ow wat
"o, so,%* a'e. I+ I were to take o'er# I wo,%*
,!*ersta!* "o,r mer$ts a!* "o,r 'a%,e a!* I wo,%*
)romote "o,. I wo,%* &$'e "o, a m,c more
res)o!s$b%e )os$t$o! $! te &o'er!me!t o+ te
'he devil has never had to 'he devil has never had to
change his tactics either in change his tactics either in
heaven or on earth for one heaven or on earth for one
simple reason0 because they simple reason0 because they
still work, still work,
Ob'$o,s%" a%% t$s *$* !ot a))e! s,**e!%"# or
e'e! $! a +ew *a"s. We a'e !o wa" to meas,re te
t$me $t took L,c$+er to )romote $s rebe%%$o!# b,t $t
was %o!& e!o,& +or $m to or&a!$Be a care+,%%"
)%a!!e* re'o%t a&a$!st Go* a!* to )ers,a*e a!
est$mate* o!e5t$r* o+ te a!&e%s to Io$! $m.
T$s est$mate $s base* o! a stateme!t co!cer!$!&
Sata! $! Re'e%at$o! /3878 .is tai) drew a third of
Luci#er Cha))enges God
the stars o# heaven and threw the" to the earth0
Gem)as$s a**e*H. It $!ter)rets te )rase the stars
of heaven as re+err$!& to te wo%e com)a!" o+
a!&e%s. B,t t$s $!ter)retat$o! co,%* be ?,est$o!e*.
Pera)s "o, a'e !e'er e!'$sa&e* bea'$or %$ke
t$s amo!& a!&e%s $! ea'e!. As I me!t$o!e* ear%$er#
owe'er# te rebe%%$o,s acts tat $t )ro*,ce*
or$&$!ate* $! ea'e! a!* !ot o! eart. >,rtermore#
te *e'$% as !e'er a* to ca!&e $s tact$cs e$ter
$! ea'e! or o! eart +or o!e s$m)%e reaso!8 because
they still work- As a master o+ s%a!*er or ta%ebear$!&#
e co!t$!,es to seek to ,!*erm$!e 'ar$o,s +orms o+
a,tor$t" tat Go* as estab%$se* bot $! te
C,rc a!* $! te wor%*.
We! L,c$+er was cast o,t o+ ea'e!# e *$* !ot
term$!ate $s rebe%%$o!# b,t e co!t$!,e* $t b"
sett$!& ,) a k$!&*om o+ $s ow! $! o))os$t$o! to
Go*s =$!&*om. I! L,ke //8/.5/:# @es,s re'ea%s tat
Sata! as a k$!&*om o+ $s ow!8 .Nvery kingdo"
divided against itse)# is brought to deso)ation,
and a house divided against a house #a))s. !# <atan
a)so is divided against hi"se)#, how wi)) his
kingdo" stand-0
Aingdo"s in the eaven)ies
I! Co%oss$a!s /8/9# Pa,% o,t%$!es te
&o'er!me!ta% str,ct,re o+ Go*s =$!&*om $! ea'e!
as $t was or$&$!a%%" estab%$se* tro,& @es,s $! H$s
eter!a% !at,re8 .:or by i" *Jesus+ a)) things were
created that are in heaven and that are on earth,
visib)e and invisib)e, whether thrones or
do"inions or %rinci%a)ities or %owers.0
Note tese +o,r *esce!*$!& %e'e%s o+ a,tor$t". I!
eac case# were a))ro)r$ate# a! a%ter!at$'e E!&%$s
tra!s%at$o! $s s,))%$e* $! )are!tes$s8
War in eaven
Dom$!$o!s G%or*s$)sH
Pr$!c$)a%$t$es Gr,%ers$)sH
Powers Ga,tor$t$esH
O!e maIor +eat,re o+ L,c$+ers rebe%%$o! was to
take o'er te or$&$!a% &o'er!me!ta% str,ct,re o+ Go*
tat e was +am$%$ar w$t a!* to ,se $t a&a$!st Go*.
I! E)es$a!s 98/3# Pa,% %$sts te ma$! &o'er!me!ta%
str,ct,re o+ Sata!s rebe%%$o,s k$!&*om8
:or we do not wrest)e against #)esh and
b)ood, but against %rinci%a)ities, against %owers,
against the ru)ers o# the darkness o# this age,
against s%iritua) hosts o# wickedness in the
heaven)y %)aces.
I! t$s %$st Pa,% makes !o me!t$o! o+ Dtro!esE or
D*om$!$o!s.E Te $m)%$cat$o! $s tat tese two
$&est ra!ks *$* !ot assoc$ate temse%'es w$t
L,c$+er $! $s rebe%%$o!. Rebe%%$o! $s *e)$cte* as
be&$!!$!& at te %e'e% o+ D)r$!c$)a%$t$esE Gr,%ers$)sH
a!* D)owersE Ga,tor$t$esH.
'ride: 5he =rigina) <in
Let ,s ret,r! to o,r )assa&e $! EBek$e% 3:# w$c
*escr$bes L,c$+ers rebe%%$o!8 .,our heart was )i#ted
u% *you beca"e %roud+ because o# your beauty8
you corru%ted your wisdo" #or the sake o# your
s%)endor0 G'erse /.H.
L,c$+ers eart was %$+te* ,) $! )r$*e beca,se o+
$s bea,t" a!* t$s was te reaso! tat e was cast
o,t o+ te mo,!ta$! o+ Go*. I be%$e'e $t $s '$ta%%"
$m)orta!t +or a%% o+ ,s to rea%$Be tat te +$rst s$! $!
te ,!$'erse was !ot m,r*er# !or a*,%ter"# b,t
rater pride. It was )r$*e tat )ro*,ce* rebe%%$o!.
>,rtermore# $t was )r$*e ar$s$!& +rom te b%ess$!&s
Luci#er Cha))enges God
o+ w$c Go* H$mse%+ was te A,tor.
& believe it is vitally important & believe it is vitally important
for all of us to reali8e that the for all of us to reali8e that the
first sin in the universe was not first sin in the universe was not
murder, nor adultery, but rather murder, nor adultery, but rather
pride. pride.
It was Go* wo &a'e L,c$+er $s )ower# $s
a,tor$t"# $s bea,t"# $s w$s*omFa%% tose were
&$+ts +rom Go*. 0et L,c$+ers wro!& att$t,*e t,r!e*
tem $!to $!str,me!ts +or $s ow! *estr,ct$o!.
I %ook back !ow o'er more ta! s$(t" "ears $!
Cr$st$a! ser'$ce a!* I am socke* to rea%$Be tat
me! a!* wome! ca%%e* a!* e?,$))e* b" Go* are st$%%
to*a" mak$!& te same tra&$c error tat L,c$+er
ma*e. I am rem$!*e* co!t$!,a%%" o+ a C$!ese )astor
wo s)e!t more ta! twe!t" "ears $! )r$so! +or $s
+a$t. He sa$*# DI'e see! ma!" Cr$st$a!s a'e a
&oo* be&$!!$!&# b,t +ew a'e a &oo* e!*$!&.E How
?,$ck%" a!* eas$%"# as Go*s ser'a!ts# we te!* to
+or&et tat e'er" s,ccess $! o,r m$!$str" so,%*
)rom)t ,s to se%+5,mb%$!& $! res)o!se to Go*s
,!mer$te* +a'or-
I! Isa$a /78/35/6# te )ro)et a!a%"Bes te
mot$'e be$!* L,c$+ers rebe%%$o!. It was a! amb$t$o!
to be e?,a% w$t Go*8
.ow you are #a))en #ro" heaven, = Luci#er,
son o# the "orning1 ow you are cut down to
the ground, you who weakened the nations1 :or
you have said in your heart: C! wi)) ascend into
heaven, ! wi)) e(a)t "y throne above the stars o#
God8 ! wi)) a)so sit on the "ount o# the
War in eaven
congregation on the #arthest sides o# the north8
! wi)) ascend above the heights o# the c)ouds, !
wi)) be )ike *or eJua) to+ the /ost igh.? ,et you
sha)) be brought down to <heo), to the )owest
de%ths o# the 'it.0
As ?,ote* abo'e# L,c$+er ma*e +$'e s,ccess$'e
*ec%arat$o!s )re+ace* b" te )rase & will. He sa$*# .I
will ascend into heaven... I will e(a)t "y
throne... I will sit on the "ount o# the
congregation... I will ascend above the heights o#
the c)ouds.0 >$!a%%" comes te c%$ma(# .I will be
)ike *or eJua) to+ the /ost igh, )ike God
i"se)#.0 L,c$+ers se%+5)romot$!& amb$t$o! was te
ca,se o+ $s +a%%.
Scr$)t,re co!+ro!ts ,s w$t a *e%$berate co!trast
betwee! L,c$+er a!* @es,s. L,c$+er was !ot $! te
+orm o+ Go*C e was a create* be$!&. He a* !o r$&t
to be e?,a% w$t Go*. 0et e &ras)e* at e?,a%$t" w$t
Go*# a!* we! e reace* ,)# e s%$))e* a!* +e%%.
O! te oter a!*# @es,s was *$'$!e b" eter!a%
!at,re a!* e!Io"e* e?,a%$t" w$t Go*. He *$* !ot
!ee* to &ras) at $t# b,t rater# He ,mb%e* H$mse%+.
Jesus: 5he 'attern o# u"i)ity
Pa,% '$'$*%" *e)$cts te se%+5,mb%$!& o+ @es,s $!
P$%$))$a!s 38
Who, being in the #or" o# God, did not
consider it robbery to be eJua) with God, but
"ade i"se)# o# no re%utation, taking the #or"
o# a bondservant, and co"ing in the )ikeness o#
"en. &nd being #ound in a%%earance as a "an,
e hu"b)ed i"se)# and beca"e obedient to
the %oint o# death, even the death o# the cross.
verses 7@3
A! a%ter!at$'e tra!s%at$o! +or .... did not
Luci#er Cha))enges God
consider it robbery to be eJua) with God0 wo,%*
be .... did not count eJua)ity with God a thing to
be seiOed.0
Tese 'erses o,t%$!e +or ,s se'e! &reat *ow!war*
ste)s tat @es,s took +rom ea'e!s &%or" to H$s
*eat o! te cross8
#e made #imself of no reputation. L$tera%%"# He
em)t$e* H$mse%+. As Car%es Wes%e" sa"s $!
o!e o+ $s "m!s# DKCr$stL em)t$e* H$mse%+ o+
a%% b,t %o'e.E
#e took upon #imself the form of a servant. He
was te DLor* o+ &%or"#E b,t He ste))e* *ow! to
become a ser'a!t.
#e was made in the likeness of men. He became
a member o+ te A*am$c race# ma*e a %$tt%e
%ower ta! te a!&e%s.
#e was found in fashion 9appearance1 as a
man. He %ooke* I,st %$ke a !orma% ma! o+ H$s
ow! *a". Tere was !ot$!& e(ter!a% to
*$st$!&,$s H$m +rom te )eo)%e He %$'e*
#e humbled #imself. He was a ,mb%e ma!. He
was !ot a )r$est or a r,%er# b,t a car)e!ters
#e became obedient unto death. H$s )er+ect
obe*$e!ce bro,&t H$m ,%t$mate%" to H$s
ato!$!& *eat +or s$!+,% ,ma!$t".
#e became obedient to the death of a criminal on
the cross. Cr,c$+$($o! was te a&o!$B$!& )e!a%t"
+or te worst )erso! wo a* comm$tte* te
most e$!o,s cr$me.
Tose are te se'e! &reat *ow!war* ste)s tat
te Lor* @es,s took. B,t te se'e! &reat *ow!war*
ste)s %e* to te se'e! &reat ,)war* ste)s tat are
War in eaven
*escr$be* $! 'erses 25//8
5here#ore God a)so has high)y e(a)ted i"
and given i" the na"e which is above every
na"e, that at the na"e o# Jesus every knee
shou)d bow, o# those in heaven, and o# those on
earth, and o# those under the earth, and that
every tongue shou)d con#ess that Jesus Christ is
Lord, to the g)ory o# God the :ather.
Here we a'e te se'e! ,)war* ste)s o+ te
e(a%tat$o! o+ @es,s8
/od has highly e%alted #im.
/od has given #im a name that is above every
At the name of :esus, every knee shall bow.
6-f those in heaven7Ftat $s# a%% te create*
osts wo ser'e Go* $! H$s ea'e!.
6-f those on earth.7 T$s mea!s tat ,%t$mate%"
e'er" creat,re o! eart w$%% s,bm$t to te
a,tor$t" o+ Cr$st.
6-f those under the earth.7 T$s re+ers to
Sata!s rea%m $! Ha*es. It $!c%,*es *eat# e%%#
te &ra'e a!* a%so te ,!r$&teo,s *ea* wo
a* )re'$o,s%" reIecte* Go*s merc".
3very tongue shall confess that :esus Christ is
+ord. Te Lor*s$) o+ @es,s w$%% be )roc%a$me*
$! e'er" area o+ te ,!$'erse.
I! a%% o+ t$s# te )er+ect )atter! set be+ore ,s $s
@es,s. Pa,% e!co,ra&es ,s as +o%%owers o+ @es,s to
,mb%e o,rse%'es8
Let nothing be done through se)#ish
a"bition or conceit, but in )ow)iness o# "ind )et
each estee" others better than hi"se)#. Let
each o# you )ook out not on)y #or his own
interests, but a)so #or the interests o# others.
Luci#er Cha))enges God
Let this "ind be in you which was a)so in Christ
'hi)i%%ians H:4@5
Te two mot$'at$o!s tat Pa,% r,%es o,t are se%+5
ce!tere* amb$t$o! a!* co!ce$t. Tere $s o!%" o!e
)atwa" to )romot$o!8 se%+5,mb%$!&. I! L,ke /78//#
@es,s states t$s )r$!c$)%e 'er" c%ear%"8 .:or
whoever e(a)ts hi"se)# wi)) be hu"b)ed, and he
who hu"b)es hi"se)# wi)) be e(a)ted.0
'here is only one pathway to 'here is only one pathway to
promotion0 self-humbling. promotion0 self-humbling.
T$s $s a! abso%,te%" ,!'ar"$!& )r$!c$)%e. Tere
are !o e(ce)t$o!s- 'he way up is down. Tat $s te
&reat secret- As Pro'erbs /:8/3 *ec%ares8 .Be#ore
honor is hu"i)ity.0 Re+err$!& a&a$! to P$%$))$a!s#
we see a wo!*er+,% tr,t bro,&t to %$&t8
.5here#ore God a)so has high)y e(a)ted i"
*Jesus+0 G382# em)as$s a**e*H.
Te wor* therefore %ea*s me to be%$e'e tat @es,s
was !ot )romote* beca,se He was te +a'or$te So!#
b,t beca,se He +,%+$%%e* te co!*$t$o!s. He a* to
ear! H$s e(a%tat$o!. We co,%* )res,me tat
a,tomat$ca%%" at te e!* o+ H$s s,++er$!& o! te cross
He wo,%* ret,r! to H$s )os$t$o! o+ e?,a%$t" w$t Go*.
B,t as I ,!*ersta!* $t# He a* to ear! tat r$&t b"
te wa" He ,mb%e* H$mse%+. He ear!e* $t !ot
mere%" +or H$mse%+# b,t +or a%% wo +o%%ow H$m.
War in eaven
elf-humbling is an issue of the elf-humbling is an issue of the
will, not of the emotions. will, not of the emotions.
I! res)o!se "o, ma" +ee% )rom)te* to )ra"#
DLor*# I !ee* ,m$%$t". P%ease make me ,mb%e.E
S,r)r$s$!&%"# owe'er# Go*s a!swer w$%% be# DI
ca!!ot *o tat. O!%" "o, ca! ,mb%e "o,rse%+.E
Se%+5,mb%$!& $s a! $ss,e o+ te w$%%# !ot o+ te
emot$o!s. It $s a *ec$s$o! eac o+ ,s as to make +or
$mse%+8 DLor*# I coose to ,mb%e m"se%+ be+ore
0o,. I re!o,!ce )r$*e# arro&a!ce a!* )erso!a%
amb$t$o! be+ore 0o, a!* be+ore m" +e%%ow be%$e'ers.E
To &$'e a )ract$ca% e(am)%e o+ se%+5,mb%$!&#
@es,s s)oke abo,t &,ests $!'$te* to a we**$!& +east8
.When you are invited by anyone to a
wedding #east, do not sit down in the best %)ace,
)est one "ore honorab)e than you be invited by
hi"8 and he who invited you and hi" co"e and
say to you, CGive %)ace to this "an,? and then
you begin with sha"e to take the )owest %)ace.
But when you are invited, go and sit down in
the )owest %)ace, so that when he who invited
you co"es he "ay say to you, C:riend, go u%
higher.? 5hen you wi)) have g)ory in the
%resence o# those who sit at the tab)e with you.
For whoever exalts himself will be humbled,
and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
Luke 16:3@11, e"%hasis added
At t$s )o$!t# eac o+ ,s $s co!+ro!te* b" te
!ee* to make a )erso!a% *ec$s$o!. I ca!!ot make te
*ec$s$o! +or "o, a!* "o, ca!!ot make te *ec$s$o!
+or me. B,t %et me te%% "o,# m" *ec$s$o! as a%rea*"
bee! ma*e.
How abo,t "o,1
o* a* bee! co!+ro!te* b" rebe%%$o! amo!&st
a!&e%$c be$!&sFbe$!&s o+ amaB$!& bea,t" a!*
stre!&t a!* $!te%%$&e!ce.
How *$* Go* res)o!*1 D$* He br$!& $!to be$!&
st$%% more maIest$c ea'e!%" ostsFcreat,res o+ e'e!
&reater bea,t" a!* stre!&t a!* $!te%%$&e!ce1
Certa$!%" He co,%* a'e *o!e so a* He *es$re*.
B,t# $! +act# He *$* te 'er" o))os$te. He reace*
*ow! a!* !ot ,).
He create* a !ew race +rom te %ow%$est so,rce
a'a$%ab%eF+rom te eart. Te !ame o+ te be$!& He
create* was DA*am.E T$s !ame $s *er$'e* *$rect%"
+rom te Hebrew wor* adamah# mea!$!& Deart.E
Te A*am$c race $s te earthy race. 0et te ,!+o%*$!&
War in eaven
re'e%at$o! o+ Scr$)t,re makes $t c%ear tat Go* a*
$! m$!* +or te A*am$c race a *est$!" $&er ta!
tat o+ te a!&e%s.
It $s $m)orta!t to rea%$Be tat te creat$o! o+
A*am a!* te A*am$c race was )art o+ Go*s
res)o!se to Sata!s rebe%%$o!. I! a certa$! se!se# t$s
!ew race was *es$&!e* to +,%+$%% te *est$!" +rom
w$c Sata! a* +a%%e! a!* e'e! to &o be"o!* tat.
T$s $s o!e ma$! reaso! w" Sata! o))oses o,r race
w$t s,c $!te!se atre*. He sees ,s as tose wo
w$%% s,))%a!t $m a!* e!ter $!to a *est$!" tat e
+a$%e* to ac$e'e. Wat $s tat *est$!"1
To ,!*ersta!* o,r destiny# w$c we w$%% e()%ore
$! te !e(t ca)ter# we m,st +$rst ,!*ersta!* o,r
origin;how and why mankind was created. Bot o,r
or$&$! a!* o,r *est$!" are re'ea%e* $! te o)e!$!&
ca)ters o+ te book o+ Ge!es$s.
Te o)e!$!& 'erse o+ te book o+ Ge!es$s states8
.!n the beginning God created the heavens and
the earth0 GGe!es$s /8/H. >,rter o! $! Ge!es$s
/83953. $t *escr$bes te creat$o! o+ ma!8
5hen God said, CLet Gs "ake "an in =ur
i"age, according to =ur )ikeness....? <o God
created "an in is own i"age8 in the i"age o#
God e created hi"8 "a)e and #e"a)e e
created the".
We !ee* to set te creat$o! o+ ma! a&a$!st a
$stor$ca% back&ro,!* e(te!*$!& o'er 'ast )er$o*s o+
&t the Nnd o# the &ges
Go* works accor*$!& to a cro!o%o&$ca% s"stem
tat He H$mse%+ as *e'$se*. It $s $m)orta!t to +$!*
o,t were we are at t$s t$me $! Go*s cro!o%o&".
Co!cer!$!& te com$!& o+ @es,s to eart# we are to%*
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
$! Hebrews 28398 .... but now, once at the end of
the ages, e has a%%eared to %ut away sin by the
sacri#ice o# i"se)#0 Gem)as$s a**e*H. T$s
$!*$cates tat te com$!& o+ @es,s to eart $s te
c,%m$!at$o! o+ a )ro&ram tat Go* as bee!
+o%%ow$!& o'er a )er$o* *escr$be* as Dte a&es.E I! /
Cor$!t$a!s /<8// Pa,% sa"s tat a%% tese t$!&s
.were written #or our ad"onition, u%on who"
the ends of the ages have co"e0 Gem)as$s
a**e*H. Te C,rc o+ te New Testame!t ob'$o,s%"
,!*erstoo* tat $t was *est$!e* to be te c%$ma( o+
*$'$!e ),r)oses tat a* bee! $!$t$ate* $! ear%$er
Tese Scr$)t,res $!*$cate tat te com$!& o+
@es,s a!* te estab%$s$!& o+ te C,rc are some
o+ te +$!a% e'e!ts tat c%ose a )er$o* *escr$be* as
Dte a&es.E How are we to $!ter)ret tat )rase the
ages1 I! Psa%m 2<87 te )sa%m$st $s s)eak$!& to Go*
a!* e sa"s8 .:or a thousand years in ,our sight
are like yesterday when it is %ast, and )ike a
watch in the night0 Gem)as$s a**e*H. I! te
c,%t,re o+ te B$b%e a )er$o* o+ twe%'e o,rs was
*$'$*e* $!to tree DwatcesE o+ +o,r o,rs eac. I!
oter wor*s# a to,sa!* "ears corres)o!* to +o,r
o,rs. A 375o,r *a" wo,%* corres)o!* to s$(
to,sa!* "ears.
We see# te!# tat te e'e!ts *escr$be* $!
Ge!es$s /83 a!* +o%%ow$!& are te c,%m$!at$o! o+
*$'$!e act$'$t" tat &oes back o'er a )er$o* o+ t$me
m,c %o!&er ta! o,r %$m$te* m$!*s a'e a!"
ca)ac$t" to com)ree!*.
W$t t$s $! m$!*# we w$%% !ow t,r! to te
o)e!$!& 'erses o+ te book o+ Ge!es$s. As we a'e
see!# te +$rst 'erse *escr$bes te or$&$!a% act o+
creat$o!# a!* te +$rst )art o+ te seco!* 'erse
*escr$bes a s,bse?,e!t co!*$t$o! o+ te eart8 .5he
War in eaven
earth was without #or", and void8 and darkness
was on the #ace o# the dee%.0
I! ca)ter 4 o+ t$s book# I a'e e()%a$!e* w" I
be%$e'e t$s D'o$*E was !ot te co!*$t$o! o+ te eart
as or$&$!a%%" create*# b,t rater te res,%t o+ a
treme!*o,s I,*&me!t o+ Go* tat was bro,&t ,)o!
te )re5A*am$c eart# )robab%" as a res,%t o+ Sata!s
rebe%%$o!. T$s was a I,*&me!t o! te w$cke*!ess o+
te )re5A*am$c race Gor racesH te! ,)o! te eart
wo a* bee! %e* b" Sata! $! rebe%%$o! a!* $!to
'ar$o,s +orms o+ w$cke*!ess.
6'herefore, if anyone is in 6'herefore, if anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation* old Christ, he is a new creation* old
things have passed away* things have passed away*
behold, all things have become behold, all things have become
new.7 new.7
It wo,%* a))ear tat te ma$! $!str,me!t o+
I,*&me!t $! t$s $!sta!ce was water. Te eart
became a *eso%ate# +orm%ess# water" waste# a!*
*ark!ess was ,)o! te +ace o+ te waters. Te! te
seco!* )art o+ 'erse 3 sa"s8 .&nd the <%irit o# God
was hovering *brooding, a)"ost )ike a bird+ over
the #ace o# the waters.0
Te em)as$s $s o! *ark!ess a!* water. >rom
Ge!es$s /84 L.Let there be )ight0M o!war* as +ar as
Ge!es$s 38. L.&nd the Lord God #or"ed "an0H# te
teme $s !ot )r$mar$%" or$&$!a% creat$o!# b,t
esse!t$a%%" restorat$o!. I! most $!sta!ces# te
mater$a% was a%rea*" tere. It s$m)%" a* to be
re+orme* a!* resa)e*. I am !ot s,&&est$!& tat !o
creat$'e acts took )%ace# b,t or$&$!a% creat$o! was
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
!ot a ma$! +eat,re.
As$*e +rom te re5creat$o! )rocess tat +$%%e* te
eart w$t sea creat,res a!* oter %$'$!& t$!&s# we
m,st !ot m$ss te a))%$cat$o! o+ t$s creat$'e
)rocess +or ,s as Cr$st$a!s. I! 3 Cor$!t$a!s 68/.#
Pa,% sa"s8 .5here#ore, i# anyone is in Christ, he is
a new creation8 o)d things have %assed away8
beho)d, a)) things have beco"e new0 Gem)as$s
I! a certa$! se!se# t$s !ew creat$o! $! Cr$st $s
a work o+ restoration. We! I come to Cr$st as a
s$!!er# m" wo%e )erso!a%$t" $s !ot ob%$terate*. Go*
*oes !ot br$!& somet$!& tota%%" !ew $!to be$!&# b,t
He sets $! o)erat$o! +orces tat w$%% restore me#
re!ew me a!* ,%t$mate%" br$!& +ort o,t o+ me
somet$!& com)%ete%" !ew. Tere+ore# te work o+
restorat$o! *escr$be* $! Ge!es$s / a!* 3 $s
e(treme%" re%e'a!t a!* a))%$cab%e to te !ew
creat$o! $! Cr$st. Tat $s o!e reaso! tat Scr$)t,re
recor*s $t $! some *eta$%.
Se'era% as)ects o+ te creat$o! $! Ge!es$s /83 are
re)ro*,ce* $! te restorat$o! o+ a s$!!er we! e
comes to Cr$st. Te Dwor%*E Gor te DeartE as
*escr$be* $! Ge!es$s /83H was $! a mess. L$kew$se#
we! "o, or I come to @es,s Cr$st as s$!!ers# we
ma" or ma" !ot k!ow $t# b,t we too are $! a mess.
Not o!%" are we $! a mess# b,t %$ke te eart $!
Ge!es$s /83# we are $! te *ark. W$%e we are $! te
*ark# we ca!!ot see t$!&s as te" rea%%" are. T$s
was te co!*$t$o! o+ te eart a!* $t $s a%so te
co!*$t$o! o+ te $!*$'$*,a% s$!!er.
Tere are two &reat a&e!ts o+ restorat$o! $! te
!ew creat$o!. I! Ge!es$s /83# te pirit o+ Go* was
Do'er$!&.E I! Ge!es$s /84# Go* s)oke a!* H$s !ord#
we!t +ort. It $s b" te ,!$o! o+ te Wor* a!* te
S)$r$t o+ Go* tat creat$o! a!* re5creat$o! take
War in eaven
)%ace. Wat a))e!s we! a s$!!er comes to
re)e!ta!ce1 Te S)$r$t o+ Go* be&$!s to mo'e o!
tat s$!!ers eart a!* e rece$'es te )roc%a$me*
Wor* o+ Go*. B" te S)$r$t a!* te Wor* te )rocess
o+ re5creat$o! Gor restorat$o!H $! Cr$st $s set $!
!hile we are in the dark, we !hile we are in the dark, we
cannot see things as they really cannot see things as they really
are. 'his was the condition of are. 'his was the condition of
the earth and it is also the the earth and it is also the
condition of the individual condition of the individual
sinner. sinner.
Te +$rst )ro*,ct o+ te ,!$o! o+ te S)$r$t a!*
te Wor* work$!& to&eter was light. Terea+ter# Go*
worke* $! te %$&t. Te +$rst t$!& tat a))e!s
we! a s$!!er comes to Cr$st $s tat e be&$!s to
see t$!&sFa!* $mse%+Fte wa" te" rea%%" are.
>rom tat )o$!t o! Go* co!t$!,es to work $! $s %$+e
$! te %$&t.
Tere +o%%ows a )rocess o+ se)arat$o! a!*
re+$!eme!t# *$st$!ct$o! a!* m,%t$)%$cat$o!. ;a!"
*$++ere!t areas are *ea%t w$t $! a s,ccess$'e or*er.
Somet$mes we reac a sta&e were we t$!k# <ow
&.m really finished. /od has dealt with everything. It $s
r$&t at t$s )o$!t tat a !ew area $! o,r %$'es $s
e()ose* a!* bro,&t to %$&t b" te S)$r$t o+ Go*#
a!* te! He )rocee*s &rac$o,s%" to *ea% w$t tat
T$s $s ow Go* worke* $! te restorat$o!
*escr$be* $! Ge!es$s /. He worke* $! sta&es8 +$rst
te water# te! te eart# te! te 'e&etat$o!# te
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
+$ses# te b$r*s# te! te beasts a!* so o!. >$!a%%"#
we come to te c%$ma( o+ te creat$'e )rocess8 te
creat$o! o+ ma!.
>$rst# %et me sa" tat te creat$o! o+ ma! &$'es ,s
t$s +,rter asto!$s$!& re'e%at$o! abo,t Go*8 Tere
$s plurality $! Go*8 .5hen God said, CLet Us "ake
"an in ur i"age, according to ur )ikeness?0
GGe!es$s /839# em)as$s a**e*H.
I a'e a%rea*" )o$!te* o,t tat te wor* +or /od
K3lohimL $s )%,ra% $! +orm. T$s a&rees w$t te
%a!&,a&e tat Go* ,ses ere abo,t H$mse%+# .Let Us
"ake "an in ur i"age.0 Some )eo)%e sa" tat
t$s $s I,st te re&a% +orm were te k$!& s)eaks o+
$mse%+ $! te )%,ra%# b,t t$s $s r,%e* o,t b" te +act
tat %ater o!# we! s)eak$!& abo,t ma!s >a%%# Go*
sa"s8 .5hen the Lord God said, CBeho)d, the "an
has beco"e )ike one o# Us, to know good and
evi)?0 GGe!es$s 4833# em)as$s a**e*H.
Go* $s )%,ra%# b,t He $s a%so o!e. Te Hebrew
wor* +or one ,se* ere a!* a))%$e* to Go* $s echad.
It *e!otes a ,!$t" w$t com)o!e!t e%eme!ts. I!
Ge!es$s 3837# te same wor*# echad# $s ,se* a&a$!8
.5here#ore a "an sha)) )eave his #ather and
"other and be Foined to his wi#e, and they *two+
sha)) beco"e one *echad+ #)esh.0
Te wor* ,se* ere# echad# $s !ot te wor* +or
abso%,te $!*$'$s$b%e ,!$t"# w$c $s yachid. Te
Hebrew wor* ,se* $! t$s 'erse# echad# $s a))%$e* to
marr$a&e. It *escr$bes a o!e!ess tat $s ma*e ,) o+
two *$st$!ct )erso!s ,!$te*. I! te b$b%$ca% re'e%at$o!
o+ Go*# owe'er# tere are !ot two# b,t tree
Perso!s ,!$te* to )ro*,ce o!e!ess. Not a! abso%,te
o!e!ess# b,t a o!e!ess $! w$c tere $s a%so
Some )eo)%e obIect to te co!ce)t o+ a Tr$,!e
War in eaven
Go*# b,t I see $t c%ear%" re'ea%e* $! Scr$)t,re. I
be%$e'e $! Go* te >ater# I be%$e'e $! Go* te So!
a!* I be%$e'e $! Go* te Ho%" S)$r$t. Wat $s more
$m)orta!t# !ot mere%" *o I be%$e'e $! tem# b,t I
k!ow eac o+ tem tro,& *$rect# )erso!a%
e()er$e!ce. I k!ow wat $t $s to a'e a re%at$o!s$)
w$t te >ater# I k!ow wat $t $s to a'e a
re%at$o!s$) w$t te So!# a!* I k!ow wat $t $s to
a'e a re%at$o!s$) w$t te Ho%" S)$r$t.
5he C)i"a(: !n is =wn !"age
Ge!es$s /83. *escr$bes te c%$ma( o+ te )rocess
b" w$c Go* create* ma!. .<o God created "an
in !is own image Gem)as$s a**e*H. Go* *$* !ot
rest $! t$s creat$o! )rocess ,!t$% He a* bro,&t
+ort H$s ow! %$ke!ess. I! te !ew creat$o! $! Cr$st#
%$kew$se# Go* w$%% !ot rest ,!t$% He as bro,&t +ort
$! ,s H$s ow! %$ke!ess. T$s $s H$s ,%t$mate &oa%.
I! Ge!es$s 38.# a !ew t$t%e $s &$'e! to Go*8 .5he
LORD God.0 Te Hebrew act,a%%" sa"s .,ahweh
God0 or .Jehovah God.0 As I me!t$o!e* ear%$er#
most mo*er! sco%ars )re+er to ,se D0aweE rater
ta! D@eo'a.E
B,t w$ce'er +orm $s ,se*# te most $m)orta!t
+act $s tat $t $s a )ro)er G)erso!a%H !ame.
I! Ge!es$s /# we a'e o!%" te !ame DGo*.E B,t
$! Ge!es$s 3 we a'e te sacre* !ame D0aweE
a**e*. T$s $s s$&!$+$ca!t beca,se Ge!es$s /
*escr$bes &e!era% creat$o!# wereas $! Ge!es$s 3 te
em)as$s $s o! te creat$o! o+ A*am as a )erso!.
Te $!tro*,ct$o! o+ te )erso!a% !ame o+ Go*#
D0awe#E em)as$Bes tat Go*# as a Perso!#
create* A*am# as a )erso!. T$s estab%$se* a
,!$?,e )erso!a% re%at$o!s$) betwee! Go*# te
Creator# a!* A*am# te creat,re.
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
Tere are +,rter ,!$?,e +eat,res o+ A*am tat
a))are!t%" *$st$!&,$s $m +rom a!" oter creat,re
o+ Go*. Te most s$&!$+$ca!t $s te meto* o+ A*ams
creat$o!. .5he L=2D God *.,ahweh0+ formed "an
o# the dust o# the ground0 GGe!es$s 38.# em)as$s
Te wor* form $s !orma%%" ,se* o+ a )otter
mo%*$!& a c%a" 'esse%. Te acco,!t *e)$cts a 'esse%
o+ c%a" be$!& sk$%%+,%%" mo%*e* $!to te most )er+ect
)$ece o+ stat,ar" tat eart a* e'er see!. 0et $t was
mere%" a %$+e%ess form o+ c%a" ,!t$% Go* $m)arte*
H$mse%+ to $t8 .... *.,ahweh God0+ breathed into his
nostri)s the breath o# )i#e8 and "an beca"e a
)iving being *sou)+0 GGe!es$s 38.# em)as$s a**e*H.
I! te or$&$!a% Hebrew# Ge!es$s 38. $s
treme!*o,s%" '$'$* a!* *ramat$c. I! te Hebrew
%a!&,a&e# te so,!* o+ a wor* o+te! *e)$cts wat te
wor* *escr$bes. >or $!sta!ce# te Hebrew wor* +or a
bottle $s bakbuk# w$c re)ro*,ces te &,r&%e o+
water be$!& )o,re* o,t o+ a bott%e.
S$m$%ar%"# were te Scr$)t,re sa"s# .e
breathed into his nostri)s,0 te Hebrew wor* +or
breathed $s yipach. Po!et$ca%%"# te p so,!* $! te
m$**%e $s ca%%e* a D)%os$'e.E I! oter wor*s# $t $s
)ro*,ce* b" a m$!$at,re e()%os$o!Fa sar)
o,t&o$!& breat.
O! te oter a!*# te Hebrew &,tt,ra% so,!*
chet# te ch at te e!* o+ yi-pach# co!s$sts o+ a
co!t$!,$!& o,t&o$!& breat e()e%%e* +rom te troat.
Te tota% )rase yi-pach $!*$cates tere was a sar)
e(),%s$o! o+ breat +o%%owe* b" a co!t$!,$!& o,t+%ow
o+ a$r. It was !ot a &e!t%e s$&. It was a sar)#
a,tor$tat$'e e(),%s$o! o+ *$'$!e breat $!to te
!ostr$%s a!* mo,t o+ tat c%a". It )ro*,ce* a %$'$!&
)erso!Fa ,ma! be$!&Fa %$'$!& so,%.
War in eaven
& have discovered in personal & have discovered in personal
e%perience that /od is still in e%perience that /od is still in
the creating business. the creating business.
T$!k o+ te m$rac%e t$s *e)$ctsFe'e! $! te
)"s$ca% rea%m- T$!k o+ te amaB$!& +act tat te
%$tt%e ba%%s o+ c%a" t,r!e* $!to e"es# a!* tat a%% te
$!ter$or or&a!s came $!to be$!&# te eart be&a! to
beat# te b%oo* be&a! to c$rc,%ate. Let me )o$!t o,t
tat $+ e'er tere was a %o&$ca% bas$s +or seek$!&
ea%$!& +rom Go*# t$s $s $t- We! "o,r soes !ee*
re)a$r# "o, *o !ot take tem to te watcmaker. No#
"o, take tem to te soemaker. We! "o,r bo*" $s
$! !ee* o+ restorat$o!# te %o&$ca% )%ace to take $t $s
to te O!e wo create* $t# te bo*" ;aker. Tat $s a
so%$* bas$s +or te m$!$str" o+ ea%$!& tro,&
I a'e *$sco'ere* $! )erso!a% e()er$e!ce tat Go*
$s st$%% $! te creat$!& b,s$!ess. I a'e +re?,e!t%"
see! Go* *o '$s$b%e# creat$'e m$rac%es. O!e 'er"
,!,s,a% m$rac%e I obser'e* was Go* )ro*,c$!& a
!a$% o! a! $!*e( +$!&er o+ a ma! were tere !e'er
a* bee! a !a$%. It a))e!e* $! %ess ta! a seco!*F
to a Cato%$c )r$est- I a'e a%so see! scores o+
st,!te* %e&s &row o,t $! +ro!t o+ m" e"es. Tese were
e(am)%es o+ te creat$'e )ower o+ Go* $! act$o!. He
as !e'er ret$re* +rom te creat$!& b,s$!ess.
I! @o! 28/5.# we! @es,s met a ma! bor! b%$!*#
He ea%e* $m $! a remarkab%e wa". He s)at o! te
&ro,!*# ma*e c%a" o+ te s)$tt%e a!* a!o$!te* te
e"es o+ te b%$!* ma! w$t te c%a". He te! se!t
$m o! $s wa" sa"$!&# .Go, wash in the %oo) o#
@es,s co,%* a'e ea%e* tat ma! $! a!" !,mber
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
o+ wa"s# b,t He cose to *o $t tat wa". W"1 We%%#
te ma! was bor! b%$!*. H$s e"es a* !e'er a*
s$&t. I $ma&$!e ma"be te" were sr$'e%e* a!*
waste* awa". It was !ot I,st ea%$!& o+ a *$seaseC $t
was rea%%" a creat$'e act. @es,s ser'e* !ot$ce o! H$s
&e!erat$o!8 DI am st$%% te same O!e wo ma*e te
c%a" $! te Gar*e! a!* breate* $!to $t. We! I mo%*
c%a" a!* I breate $!to $t# creat$o! takes )%ace.E
We! Go* stoo)e* *ow! $! te Gar*e! a!* ),t
H$s !ostr$%s a&a$!st tose !ostr$%s o+ c%a"# H$s %$)s
a&a$!st te %$)s o+ c%a"# a!* e()e%%e* H$s breat# ma!
became a %$'$!& so,%.
"he #reath of Lives
Te o)e!$!& ca)ters o+ Ge!es$s re'ea% D%$+eE o!
two *$++ere!t %e'e%s8 te s)$r$t a!* te so,%. Eac $s
'$'$*%" $%%,strate* b" te Hebrew wor* ,se*. Te
Hebrew wor* +or spirit $s ruach $! w$c te term$!a%
%etter# chet, *e)$cts a co!t$!,$!& o,t+%ow *e)e!*e!t
o! !o e(ter!a% so,rce. O! te oter a!*# te
Hebrew wor* +or soul $s nefesh. T$s *e)$cts %$+e#
w$c m,st rece$'e be+ore $t ca! &$'e. <efesh be&$!s
w$t a! $!take o+ breat +o%%owe* b" a re%ease o+ te
breat tat as bee! rece$'e*.
I! ca)ter 4# / )o$!te* o,t tat te o)e!$!&
ca)ters o+ Ge!es$s co!ta$! certa$! wor*s tat are
)%,ra% $! +orm. T$s a))%$es to te wor* life 9chaim1.
Tere are two +orms o+ %$+e as we k!ow $t8 te %$+e o+
te s)$r$t a!* te %$+e o+ te so,%. Go* breate* $!to
A*ams !ostr$%s te breat o+ %$'es 9chaimHF%$+e $! a%%
$ts +orms.
War in eaven
-ne of the most ama8ing things -ne of the most ama8ing things
to me in cripture is how much to me in cripture is how much
/od concerns #imself with /od concerns #imself with
man. man.
Te meto* o+ ma!s creat$o! was ,!$?,e. I am
!ot ta%k$!& !ow abo,t te +orm$!& o+ $s bo*" +rom
c%a"# b,t abo,t te +act tat Go* breate* %$+e
*$rect%" $!to $m. I! t$s wa"# Go* a!* ma! came
$!to *$rect co!+ro!tat$o!# +ace to +ace.
I be%$e'e t$s *emo!strates tat ma!# o,t o+ a%%
creat,res $! te ,!$'erse# as a ,!$?,e ca)ac$t" +or
*$rect access to te )rese!ce o+ Go* a!* +or o!&o$!&
+e%%ows$) w$t Go*. T$s mea!s tat tere $s
somet$!& $! ma! tat ,!$?,e%" corres)o!*s to
somet$!& $! Go*. It +$!*s e()ress$o! $! o!e wor*8
fellowship. Te s,)reme ),r)ose o+ te Gos)e% $s to
br$!& ma! back $!to +e%%ows$) w$t Go*.
T$s br$!&s o,t a ,!$?,e corres)o!*e!ce
betwee! te o)e!$!& a!* te c%os$!& ca)ters o+ te
B$b%e. Te c%$ma( o+ te re%at$o!s$) tat be&a! $!
Ge!es$s ca)ters / a!* 3 $s *e)$cte* $! Re'e%at$o!
338457# w$c $s te %ast *escr$)t$o! $! Scr$)t,re o+
Go*s re*eeme* )eo)%e8 .is servants sha)) serve
i". 5hey sha)) see is #ace, and is na"e sha))
be on their #oreheads.0
;a! at t$s )o$!t as bee! bro,&t back $!to
tat *$rect# +ace5to5+ace +e%%ows$) w$t A%m$&t" Go*
+or w$c e was create*. Te ),r)oses o+ Go* tat
were tem)orar$%" +r,strate* b" Sata! are $! te e!*
)er+ect%" +,%+$%%e* tro,& @es,s Cr$st a!* H$s
re*em)t$'e work. T$s makes ma!s re%at$o!s$)
w$t Go* ,!$?,e a!* *ec$s$'e. He as a ca)ac$t" +or
+e%%ows$) w$t Go* ,!e?,a%e* e'e! b" te a!&e%s.
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
I! eter!$t"# te re*eeme* $! Cr$st are &o$!& to be
c%oser to Go* ta! te a!&e%s.
O!e o+ te most amaB$!& t$!&s to me $!
Scr$)t,re $s ow m,c Go* co!cer!s H$mse%+ w$t
ma!. I ca!!ot e%) b,t sa" w$t te )sa%m$st8 .What
is "an that ,ou are "ind#u) o# hi", and the son
o# "an that ,ou visit hi"-0 GPsa%m :87H.
I! oter wor*s# DW" *o 0o, s)e!* so m,c
tro,b%e o! ,s ,ma! be$!&s1E 0et# as I ,!*ersta!*
Scr$)t,re obIect$'e%"# we are te ce!ter o+ Go*s
atte!t$o!. We are te Da))%eE o+ H$s e"e. I! /
Cor$!t$a!s 483/# Pa,% sa"s to te Cr$st$a!s8 .:or
all things are yours0 G=@V# em)as$s a**e*H.
E'er"t$!&# $! ea'e! a!* o! eart# be%o!&s to ,s.
E'er"t$!& $s at o,r *$s)osa%.
Perso!a%%"# !ot$!& &r$e'es me more ta! to
e!co,!ter Cr$st$a!s ta%k$!& a!* act$!& as $+ te"
are ,!$m)orta!t. S,c ta%k ma" so,!* ,mb%e# b,t
$t $s act,a%%" ,!be%$e+. We are te most $m)orta!t
)eo)%e $! te ,!$'erse. Not beca,se o+ wat we are
$! o,rse%'es# b,t beca,se o+ Cr$sts re*em)t$'e
work o! o,r bea%+. I! H$m we are create* +or a
s)ec$a% re%at$o!s$) w$t Go*.
$od%s Image and $od%s Likeness
Ge!es$s /839 re'ea%s tat tere are two *$++ere!t
as)ects o+ te s$m$%ar$t" betwee! Go* a!* ma!.
>$rst# e was ma*e $! Go*s image 9tselem1 a!*
seco!*# e was ma*e $! Go*s likeness 9dmut1.
Te wor* image 9tselem1 *escr$bes e(ter!a% +orm.
It $s te !orma% Hebrew wor* +or shadow, a!* $t $s
tra!s%ate* Dsa*eE or Dsa*owE ma!" t$mes $! te
O%* Testame!t. I!terest$!&%" e!o,&# $! a 'erba%
+orm $t rec,rs $! te mo*er! Hebrew wor* +or Dto
a'e "o,r )oto&ra) take!.E Tro,& more ta!
War in eaven
4#6<< "ears# te Hebrew %a!&,a&e as a%wa"s ,se*
t$s wor* to re+er to o,twar* '$s$b%e +orm.
;a! re)rese!ts Go* bot $!war*%" a!*
o,twar*%". I! o,twar* a))eara!ce# e %ooks %$ke
Go*. Some )eo)%e a'e a! $*ea o+ Go* as a k$!* o+
'a&,e b%,rre* m$st. Te" ca!!ot e!'$sa&e H$m w$t
a!" *e+$!$te e(ter!a% +orm. B,t te B$b%e re'ea%s tat
Go* as a r$&t a!*# a %e+t a!*# He as ears a!*
e"es# He as +eet# He s$ts# He wa%ks# He sta!*s# He
as a back# He as a +ro!t. I! a%% tese res)ects# He
$s I,st %$ke "o, a!* me. Te co!trar"# owe'er# $s te
rea% tr,t8 It $s !ot tat Go* $s %$ke "o, a!* me# $t $s
tat "o, a!* I are %$ke Go*.
I! te ,ma! race# $t $s te ma%e rater ta! te
+ema%e tat acc,rate%" re)rese!ts Go*s e(ter!a%
a))eara!ce. I! / Cor$!t$a!s //8.# Pa,% e()%a$!s $t
%$ke t$s8 .:or a "an indeed ought not to cover
his head, since he is the image and glor& of $od8
but wo"an is the g)ory o# "an0 Gem)as$s a**e*H.
It $s $m)orta!t to em)as$Be tat Pa,% $s ere
s)eak$!& abo,t te e(ter!a%# )"s$ca% a))eara!ce#
!ot abo,t te $!war*# s)$r$t,a% !at,re.
A%% t$s comes to a ea* $! te acco,!t o+ te
$!car!at$o!. Go* was $!car!ate $! te Perso! o+
@es,s Cr$st. Go* took ,) H$s *we%%$!& $! ma! a!*
was ma!$+este* $! a bo*" o+ +%es. It was a))ro)r$ate
tat te bo*" so,%* be te bo*" o+ a ma%e ,ma!
I! oter wor*s# tere $s somet$!& abo,t te
ma%e ,ma! be$!& tat $s s)ec$+$ca%%" *es$&!e* to
ma!$+est Go*. E'e! te a!&e%s *o !ot a'e t$s
,!$?,e +,!ct$o! to sow +ort te '$s$b%e %$ke!ess o+
Go*. Tat )r$'$%e&e $s reser'e* +or ma!. T$s $s
a!oter reaso! w" te *e'$% ates me! a!* w$%% *o
e'er"t$!& e ca! to *e+$%e te $ma&e o+ Go* $! ma!.
I o!ce k!ew a "o,!& %a*" wo was e!&a&e* to a
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
"o,!& ma! a!* carr$e* $s )oto&ra) $! er ),rse.
O!e *a" se &ot a %etter +rom er +$a!ce sa"$!& e
a* +o,!* someo!e e%se wom e $!te!*e* to marr".
We! se &ot te !ews se took o,t $s )oto&ra)
a!* tore $t $!to )$eces a!* stam)e* o! $t. Se co,%*
!ot to,c $m# b,t se co,%* to,c $s $ma&e.
Tat $s I,st ow te *e'$% reacts. Norma%%" e
ca!!ot to,c Go*# so wat *oes e *o1 He takes te
$ma&e o+ Go*Fma!Fa!* tears $t ,) a!* stam)s o!
$t. E'er" t$me a *r,!ke! ma! %,rces *ow! te
street# sta&&er$!& $! te &,tter a!* 'om$t$!&# tat $s
te *e'$% stam)$!& o! te $ma&e o+ Go*. I! a certa$!
se!se# e sa"s# DTere 0o, are# Go*. See wat 0o,r
$ma&e $s %ook$!& %$ke !ow1 Tat $s wat I +ee% abo,t
0o,. I ca!!ot to,c 0o,# b,t I ca! certa$!%" *e+$%e
0o,r $ma&e.E
Tere was a br$e+ )er$o* we! Sata! co,%* to,c
Go*. Tat was we! @es,s came $! ,ma! +orm a!*
s,bm$tte* H$mse%+ to P$%ates I,*&me!t. Te! Sata!
was ab%e to *o wat e rea%%" wa!te* to *oFto Go*
F$! te Perso! o+ @es,s. Te res,%t was te
cr,c$+$($o!. B,t at a%% oter t$mes Sata! $s %$m$te* to
*o$!& te worst e ca! to ,ma! be$!&s ma*e to
sow +ort te $ma&e o+ Go*.
Now %et ,s e(am$!e dmut, te oter Hebrew wor*
,se* $! Ge!es$s /839 to *escr$be ma!s resemb%a!ce
to Go*. $mut $s a more &e!era% term ta! tselem. It
*oes !ot re+er )r$mar$%" to o,twar* a))eara!ce# b,t
to ma!s wo%e )erso!.
I a'e a%rea*" )o$!te* o,t tat tere $s a tr$5,!$t"
$! Go*. Tere $s a corres)o!*$!& tr$5,!$t" $! ma!.
Te tree e%eme!ts o+ $s be$!& are s)$r$t# so,% a!*
bo*". I! / Tessa%o!$a!s 6834# Pa,% )ra"s +or te
Tessa%o!$a! Cr$st$a!s8
;ow "ay the God o# %eace i"se)# sancti#y
you co"%)ete)y8 and "ay your who)e s%irit,
War in eaven
sou), and body be %reserved b)a"e)ess at the
co"ing o# our Lord Jesus Christ.
Com)%ete sa!ct$+$cat$o! com)r$ses a%% tree
e%eme!ts8 s)$r$t# so,% a!* bo*".
alvation comes to the soul that alvation comes to the soul that
makes the right decision in makes the right decision in
response to the /ospel and response to the /ospel and
follows it through with an follows it through with an
appropriate lifestyle. appropriate lifestyle.
Te s)$r$t was breate* $!to ma! at creat$o! b"
te Creator. H$s bo*" was +orme* o+ c%a" +rom te
&ro,!*. Te ,!$o! o+ S)$r$t +rom abo'e a!* c%a" +rom
be!eat )ro*,ce* a soul.
Te so,% $s te $!*$'$*,a% e&o $! eac o!e o+ ,s.
Te so,% ca! sa" DI w$%%E or DI w$%% !ot.E It $s te
*ec$s$o!5mak$!& e%eme!t $! o,r )erso!a%$t$es. Te
so,% o)erates te Dr,**erE b" w$c we steer o,r
wa" tro,& %$+e. I! @ames 48/56# $t $s re'ea%e* tat
te Dr,**erE $s te to!&,e.
Sa%'at$o! comes to te so,% tat makes te r$&t
*ec$s$o! $! res)o!se to te Gos)e% a!* +o%%ows $t
tro,& w$t a! a))ro)r$ate %$+est"%e.
Te ,!$o! o+ Go* te Creator w$t a bo*" o+ +%es
)ro*,ces te D!ew ma!.E T$s !ew ma! $s a mora%
be$!&. A!%$ke a! a!$ma%# e k!ows te *$++ere!ce
betwee! r$&t a!* wro!&# betwee! &oo* a!* e'$%.
0o, ca! tra$! a *o& to *o certa$! t$!&s a!* !ot to
*o oter t$!&s. I+ te *o& *oes o!e o+ te t$!&s e
as bee! tra$!e* !ot to *o a!* "o, *$sco'er $t# e
w$%% ),t $s ta$% betwee! $s %e&s a!* %ook &,$%t". B,t
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur =rigin
tat $s !ot e'$*e!ce o+ a co!sc$e!ce tat *$scer!s
betwee! r$&t a!* wro!&. Tat $s mere%"
co!*$t$o!$!& tat *eterm$!es bea'$or $! certa$!
s$t,at$o!s. B,t ma! $s create* w$t a co!sc$e!ce
tat te%%s $m tat certa$! t$!&s are r$&t a!*
certa$! t$!&s are wro!&.
Some )eo)%e to*a" are embrac$!& a D!ew
mora%$t"#E w$c $s act,a%%" as o%* as te Gar*e! o+
E*e!. I! e'er" &e!erat$o!# Sata! seeks to b%,r te
*$st$!ct$o! betwee! r$&t a!* wro!&# betwee! &oo*
a!* e'$%. Te +act rema$!s tat ma! *oes a'e a
mora% se!se. He ca!!ot &et awa" +rom $t. He ca!
*r$!k $mse%+ *r,!kC e ca! st,)e+" $mse%+ w$t
*r,&s. B,t wate'er e *oes# e ca!!ot esca)e te
+act tat e k!ows tere $s r$&t a!* e k!ows tere
$s wro!&.
A!oter *$st$!ct$'e +eat,re o+ ma! $s tat e as
a %$m$te* ab$%$t" to create# w$c e as rece$'e*
+rom Go*. T$s $s *emo!strate* $! ma!" wa"s. ;a!
ca! )%a! a!* assemb%e a!* e(ec,te. >or $!sta!ce# $+
e wa!ts to cross te sea# e ca! *es$&! a!* te!
co!str,ct a s$). He ca! see wat $tems are !ee*e*C
e ca! see ow to assemb%e a!* +$t tem to&eter.
He ca! co!ce$'e a!* carr" o,t a ),r)ose.
I! oter wor*s# ma! as a certa$! creat$'e ab$%$t"#
w$c te %ower a!$ma%s *o !ot a'e. A rabb$t ca!
b,$%* a b,rrow# a b$r* ca! b,$%* a !est# b,t te"
!e'er ca!&e. Te" !e'er *e'e%o). Tere $s !o
)ro&ress$o!. Te ab$%$t" to ca!&e a!* *e'e%o) $s
co!+$!e* to ma!.
I! a%% tree areas o+ $s )erso!a%$t"Fs)$r$t,a%#
mora% a!* $!te%%ect,a%Fe%eme!ts $! ma! corres)o!*
,!$?,e%" to e%eme!ts $! Go*.
ook$!& be"o!* o,r or$&$!# wat $s o,r *est$!"1
We be&$! w$t te purpose +or w$c ma! was
S$m)%" ),t# ma! was create* to be a r,%er# to
Da'e *om$!$o!.E Te seco!* )art o+ Ge!es$s /839
sa"s8 .Let the" have do"inion over the #ish o#
the sea, over the birds o# the air, and over the
catt)e, over a)) the earth and over every cree%ing
thing that cree%s on the earth.0 Not$ce tat tese
wor*s were !ot s)oke! o+ A*am as a! $!*$'$*,a%#
b,t o+ te race *esce!*e* +rom $m8 .Let them have
Te A*am$c race was create* to r,%e te e!t$re
&%obeFte sea# te eart# te a$r a!* a%% te
War in eaven
creat,res tat $!ab$t tese areas. A*am was to be
Go*s '$s$b%e re)rese!tat$'e e(erc$s$!& Go*5&$'e!
a,tor$t" o'er a%% te eart. We! te oter
creat,res o! eart e!co,!tere* A*am# te" wo,%*
reco&!$Be $! $m te %$ke!ess o+ te Creator as e
e(erc$se* o'er tem te *om$!$o! tat te Creator
a* $m)arte* to $m.
T$s $s bro,&t o,t c%ear%" $! Psa%m :875:
Gem)as$s a**e*H8
What is "an that ,ou are "ind#u) o# hi",
and the son o# "an that ,ou visit hi"- :or ,ou
have "ade hi" a )itt)e )ower than the ange)s,
and ,ou have crowned hi" with g)ory and
,ou have "ade hi" to have dominion over
the works o# ,our hands8 ,ou have %ut a))
things under his #eet, a)) shee% and o(en$even
the beasts o# the #ie)d, the birds o# the air, and
the #ish o# the sea that %ass through the %aths
o# the seas.
Tese wor*s are ?,ote* $! Hebrews 3895: a!*
a))%$e* to @es,s# b,t te" are a))%$e* to H$m as te
ea* o+ te A*am$c race. A%% as bee! ),t ,!*er te
*om$!$o! o+ te A*am$c race. I! @es,s# te A*am$c
race +o,!* te +,%+$%%me!t o+ $ts ),r)ose. Pr$or to
tat# te ),r)ose was state* b,t was !ot +,%+$%%e*.
Tere $s somet$!& e'e! $! +a%%e! ma! tat st$%%
k!ows e was create* to r,%e. B,t $s ca)ac$t" to
r,%e $s $m)a$re* beca,se o+ te work o+ s$! $! $m.
It $s !ot s,r)r$s$!& tat ma! as e()%ore* te
e!t$re &%obe a!* e'e! &o!e to te moo!. It $s a!
e()ress$o! o+ te !at,re w$t$! $m. He was ma*e to
e()%ore# ma*e to *om$!ate# ma*e to co!tro%. B,t e
%acks *$'$!e a,tor$Bat$o! ,!t$% e $mse%+ $s ,!*er
te co!tro% o+ Go*.
Te !e(t ,!$?,e +eat,re o+ A*am $s wat I ca%%
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur Destiny
intelligent partnership with /od. I! t$s ca)ac$t"#
A*am was ma*e res)o!s$b%e +or te c%ass$+$cat$o! o+
te e!t$re a!$ma% k$!&*om. T$s $s recor*e* $!
Ge!es$s 38/253<8
&n :esus, the Adamic race &n :esus, the Adamic race
found the fulfillment of its found the fulfillment of its
purpose. purpose.
O,t o+ te &ro,!* te Lor* Go* +orme* e'er"
beast o+ te +$e%* a!* e'er" b$r* o+ te a$r# a!*
bro,&t tem to A*am to see wat e wo,%* ca%%
tem. A!* wate'er A*am ca%%e* eac %$'$!&
creat,re# tat was $ts !ame. So A*am &a'e !ames to
a%% catt%e# to te b$r*s o+ te a$r# a!* to e'er" beast o+
te +$e%*.
I! te Hebrew %a!&,a&e $! w$c we rece$'e te
B$b%e# te &$'$!& o+ !ames $s !ot *o!e at ra!*om. It
$s !e'er a! acc$*e!t. A !ame $s a%wa"s a! e()ress$o!
o+ a !at,re. Go* bro,&t te e!t$re a!$ma% creat$o!
be+ore A*am a!* comm$ss$o!e* $m to D!ameE tem.
A*am &a'e tem !ames# a!* wate'er A*am ca%%e*
eac o!e# tat was $ts !ame.
A*am was ab%e to &$'e eac a!$ma% $ts correct
!ame. T$s $!*$cate* tat A*am ,!*erstoo* te
re%at$o!s$)s amo!& te creat,res8 te$r or*ers#
te$r s)ec$es a!* so o!. I! oter wor*s# e a* wat
we wo,%* ca%% sc$e!t$+$c k!ow%e*&e# !ot b"
e()er$me!t# b,t b" te e(erc$se o+ *$'$!e re'e%at$o!
tat stemme* +rom $s re%at$o!s$) w$t Go*.
At Cambr$*&e A!$'ers$t" I +ormer%" e%* a
st,*e!ts$) $! )$%oso)"# a!* I s)ec$a%$Be* $! te
st,*" o+ te )$%oso)er P%ato. O!e o+ te t$!&s
War in eaven
tat P%ato was most co!cer!e* w$t was te )rocess
o+ *e+$!$t$o!. I wrote m" *$ssertat$o! o! DTe
E'o%,t$o! o+ P%atos ;eto* o+ De+$!$t$o!E a!* +or
t$s I was e%ecte* $!to a >e%%ows$) $! =$!&s Co%%e&e#
Cambr$*&e. P%ato *$sco'ere* tat we ca!!ot
sat$s+actor$%" *e+$!e t$!&s b" mo'$!& ,) +rom be%ow#
tat $s# +rom &reater to %esser m,%t$)%$c$t". We ca!!ot
take a mass o+ *$++ere!t t$!&s a!* )$ck o,t a%% te
s$m$%ar +eat,res $! tem a!* e'e!t,a%%" arr$'e at a!
e(c%,s$'e %$st o+ t$!&s common and peculiar to tat
w$c we are seek$!& to *e+$!e. No sat$s+actor"
*e+$!$t$o! ca! e'er be ac$e'e* $! tat wa". It $s
!e'er a*e?,ate.
A%t$mate%" P%ato arr$'e* at a co!c%,s$o!# w$c
makes $m rea%%" te D+aterE o+ te meto* o+
*e+$!$t$o! b" &e!,s a!* s)ec$es as $t $s ,se* $!
mo*er! sc$e!ce. S$m)%" state*# we ca!!ot be&$!
+rom te bottom a!* work ,)war*. We m,st be&$!
+rom te to) a!* work *ow!war*. We be&$! b"
estab%$s$!& te +am$%"# te! te &e!,s# te! te
s)ec$es a!* so o!.
B,t ow *o we &et te +$rst sta&eFte a%%5
$!c%,s$'e c%ass$+$cat$o!1 P%atos a!swer wo,%* be8 b"
intuition, !ot b" obser'at$o!. T$s $s a! area were
ma! as &ot to &o abo'e mere se!se )erce)t$o!.
A*am $! $s $!$t$a% re%at$o!s$) w$t Go* a* )er+ect
$!t,$t$o!. He co,%* see $!t,$t$'e%" e'er" re%at$o!s$)
$! te a!$ma% k$!&*om a!* te! e()ress $t $! te
!ames tat e &a'e.
Te +$!a% ,!$?,e +eat,re o+ A*am $! o,r st,*"
was the provision of a mate. Rea*$!& o! $! Ge!es$s
383<5378 .But #or &da" there was not #ound a
he)%er co"%arab)e to hi"0 G'erse 3<H.
Te )rase a helper comparable to him $! te
Hebrew $s e8er k.negdo# w$c more or %ess mea!s Da
e%)er to sta!* $! +ro!t o+ $m.E We! A*am a*
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur Destiny
'$ewe* a%% te a!$ma%s# tere was !o!e to w$c e
co,%* re%ate $! tat )erso!a% wa". To take $m
+,rter# Go* a* to ),t $m to s%ee).
A!* te Lor* Go* ca,se* a *ee) s%ee) to +a%% o!
A*am# a!* e s%e)tC a!* He took o!e o+ $s r$bs# a!*
c%ose* ,) te +%es $! $ts )%ace. Te! te r$b w$c
te Lor* Go* a* take! +rom ma! He ma*e $!to a
woma!# a!* He bro,&t er to te ma!.
&nd &da" said: .5his is now bone o# "y
bones and #)esh o# "y #)esh8 she sha)) be ca))ed
Wo"an *which in ebrew is ishah+, because she
was taken out o# /an *which in ebrew is ish.
5here is a %)ay on words+.0 5here#ore a "an
sha)) )eave his #ather and "other and be Foined
to his wi#e, and they sha)) beco"e one #)esh.
verses H1@H6
A*am a* bee! )r$'$%e&e* to e!Io" a ,!$?,e
)rese!tat$o! o+ te m,%t$+acete* or*er a!* )er+ect$o!
o+ Go*s creat$o!. A!* "et tere was st$%% somet$!&
m$ss$!&. Tere was !ot a!" creat,re w$t w$c
A*am co,%* re%ate o! $s ow! %e'e% a!* sare *ee)%"
a%% e was e()er$e!c$!&.
O!e o+ te most ta!ta%$B$!& t$!&s abo,t sce!es
o+ e(treme bea,t" $s tat $t $s *$++$c,%t to e!Io" tem
a%o!e. Tere $s somet$!& abo,t rea% &ra!*e,r tat
"o, I,st ca!!ot +,%%" a))rec$ate o! "o,r ow!. As a
st,*e!t at Cambr$*&e# I a* a +r$e!* wo ,se* to &o
wa%k$!& w$t me $! te mo,!ta$!s o+ Greece. B,t
somet$mes e wo,%* &o o++ o! $s ow!. He
)art$c,%ar%" e!Io"e* te mo,!ta$!s o+ !ortwest
Greece. He wo,%* I,st wa%k o,t w$t !ot$!& b,t a
s%ee)$!& ba&. We! !$&t came# e wo,%* &et $!s$*e
$s s%ee)$!& ba& a!* %$e tere ,!t$% te s,! to,ce*
te mo,!ta$!s at *aw! !e(t *a". Te! e wo,%*
come back a!* te%% me# DIt was so &ra!*# $t was so
bea,t$+,%# b,t I I,st co,%* !ot absorb $t w$to,t
War in eaven
somebo*" to sare $t w$t me.E
'he Church is going to be to 'he Church is going to be to
:esus what 3ve would become :esus what 3ve would become
to Adam, bone of #is bone and to Adam, bone of #is bone and
flesh of #is flesh, and thus flesh of #is flesh, and thus
fulfill #is longing for fellowship. fulfill #is longing for fellowship.
I be%$e'e ma!" o+ ,s are +am$%$ar w$t tat k$!* o+
+ee%$!&. Tere comes a )o$!t we! "o, sa"# DI m,st
a'e someo!e to sare $t w$t.E
A+ter a%% te )a&ea!tr" o+ te a!$ma% creat$o! a*
)asse* be+ore A*am# tere st$%% was !ot a!"bo*"
w$t wom e co,%* sare $t. Go* *e%$berate%"
arra!&e* $t tat wa"- He was sow$!& A*am wat He
H$mse%+ wa!te* a!* He sowe* $t b" mak$!& A*am
wa!t te same t$!&. Wat Go* wa!te* most o+ a%%
a!* wat He wa!te* A*am to e()er$e!ce was
A+ter s,c a &ra)$c *emo!strat$o! to A*am o+
$s !ee* +or +e%%ows$)# Go* )er+orme* a ,!$?,e
o)erat$o!. He remo'e* o!e o+ A*ams r$bs a!* o,t o+
$t He Db,$%tE a woma! a!* )%ace* er $! +ro!t o+ $m
to be $s De%)er.E A*ams res)o!se was# .5his is
the one #or who" ! have been waiting1 5his is
bone o# "y bone and #)esh o# "y #)esh.0
T$s $s a c%ear )$ct,re# $! t")e# o+ @es,s a!* te
C,rc. W$%e @es,s s%e)t $! te tomb# Go* took o,t
+rom H$s *eat tat w$c He w$%% b,$%* $!to a Br$*e
+or @es,s. Te C,rc $s &o$!& to be to @es,s wat
E'e wo,%* become to A*am# bo!e o+ H$s bo!e a!*
+%es o+ H$s +%es# a!* t,s +,%+$%% H$s %o!&$!& +or
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur Destiny
We come back o!ce a&a$! to t$s treme!*o,s
tr,t tat te s,)reme a$m a!* ),r)ose o+ Go* $s
+e%%ows$) w$t ma!.
I w$%% !ow s,mmar$Be br$e+%" te +$'e *$st$!ct$'e
caracter$st$cs o+ A*am as I a'e *escr$be* tem $!
t$s a!* te )re'$o,s ca)ter. Te" a))%" to e'er"
o!e o+ ,s as *esce!*a!ts o+ A*am# a!* te" ,!co'er
ma!" o+ te *ee)est !ee*s $! o,r %$'es.
/. 'he method of creation0 A*ams bo*" was
mo%*e* o+ c%a" b,t te! *$rect%" $!5breate*
b" te S)$r$t o+ A%m$&t" Go*# t,s br$!&$!&
Go* a!* A*am $!to a +ace5to5+ace
co!+ro!tat$o! w$t eac oter. T$s was te
bas$s +or A*ams re%at$o!s$) w$t Go* a!*
&a'e $m a ca)ac$t" +or +e%%ows$) w$t Go*
,!%$ke tat o+ a!" oter creat,re.
3. 'he special nature of man0 I!war*%" A*am was
create* w$t a s)ec$a% %$ke!ess to Go* tat
was s)$r$t,a%# mora% a!* $!te%%ect,a%.
E(ter!a%%" $s )"s$ca% +orm m$rrore* te +orm
o+ te Creator.
4. 'he purpose of man.s creation0 A*am was to
e(erc$se a,tor$t" as Go*s re)rese!tat$'e
o'er a%% te eart.
7. Man's position as an intelligent partner with
/od0 At a certa$! )o$!t $! H$s re%at$o!s$)
w$t A*am# Go* ste))e* as$*e a!* sa$*#
DA*am# wat *o "o, t$!k we so,%* ca%%
tese a!$ma%s1E So A*am became res)o!s$b%e
+or te c%ass$+$cat$o! o+ te a!$ma% k$!&*om.
6. 'he provision of a mate0 Go* +$rst )ro'oke* $!
A*am a se!se o+ !ee* +or someo!e w$t wom
to sare )erso!a%# $!t$mate +e%%ows$). Te!
He sat$s+$e* $t b" te )ro'$s$o! o+ E'e. T$s
became a )atter! o+ te re%at$o!s$) tat Go*
$!te!*e* to *e'e%o) betwee! Cr$st a!* H$s
War in eaven
Br$*e# te C,rc.
I! te e(erc$se o+ $s res)o!s$b$%$t$es# Go* &a'e
A*am a +ree w$%%. He co,%* a%wa"s coose to obe" or
*$sobe". >ree w$%% $s a mocker" $+ tere $s !o co$ce.
A+ter creat$!& A*am# Go* *$* !ot rema$! aro,!*#
%$ke a )o%$cema! o! *,t"# +o%%ow$!& A*am a!*
sa"$!&# DNow *o t$s-E or DDo!t *o tat-E
A))are!t%"# Go* %e+t A*am a!* E'e +or s$&!$+$ca!t
)er$o*s o! te$r ow!. Ge!es$s 48: *escr$bes .the
Lord God wa)king in the garden in the coo) o# the
day0F%$tera%%"# .the wind o# the day.0 Tat wo,%*
be abo,t te t$me tat $t was &ett$!& a %$tt%e coo% a!*
te e'e!$!& breeBe was be&$!!$!& to b%ow. It seems
c%ear tat Go* a* !ot bee! $! te Gar*e! a%% *a".
Te s,&&est$o! $s tat He ,se* to *ro) $! +or a '$s$t
a!* +e%%ows$) $! te e'e!$!&.
'he same honor and respect 'he same honor and respect
that we owe to /od, we owe to that we owe to /od, we owe to
#is !ord. #is !ord.
A%to,& Go* *$* !ot rema$! )erma!e!t%"
)rese!t $! )erso! $! te Gar*e!# He %e+t w$t A*am
o!e )erma!e!t re)rese!tat$'e# o!e t$!& tat a%wa"s
re)rese!te* Go*# o!e t$!& tat !e'er *e)arte* +rom
$m. Do "o, k!ow wat tat was1 #is !ord- Go* %e+t
A*am a wor*.
I em)as$Be t$s beca,se we a'e a *$rect
)ara%%e% betwee! t$s s$t,at$o! a!* te !ew creat$o!
$! Cr$st. We! we are create* a!ew $! Cr$st# Go*
*oes !ot +o%%ow ,s aro,!* %$ke a )o%$cema!# sa"$!&#
DDo t$s-E or DDo!t *o tat-E He *oes !ot wa'e a b$&
st$ck at ,s a%% te t$me. B,t He as %e+t w$t ,s o!e
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur Destiny
)erma!e!t re)rese!tat$'e o+ H$mse%+8 H$s Wor*. I!
@o! /7834# @es,s to%* @,*as Ta**e,s8 .!# anyone
)oves /e, he wi)) kee% /y word8 and /y :ather
wi)) )ove hi", and We wi)) co"e to hi" and "ake
=ur ho"e with hi".0
How te! *oes He come to ,s1 How *oes He
make H$s abo*e w$t ,s1 He comes to ,s a!* ab$*es
w$t ,s through #is !ord. Te )%ace tat Go*s Wor*
as $! o,r %$'es $s te )%ace tat Go* H$mse%+ as.
Te same o!or a!* res)ect tat we owe to Go*# we
owe to H$s Wor*. We *o !ot %o'e Go* more ta! we
%o'e H$s Wor*. Te test o+ o,r re%at$o!s$) to Go* $s
o,r att$t,*e towar* H$s Wor*.
Tat was tr,e +or A*am. Te bas$s o+ $s
re%at$o!s$) to Go* was $s re%at$o!s$) to te Wor*
o+ Go*. Go* *$* !ot &$'e A*am# as +ar as we k!ow#
a! e!t$re B$b%e. He &a'e $m two 'erses8 Ge!es$s
A!* te Lor* Go* comma!*e* te ma!# sa"$!&#
=# every tree o# the garden you "ay #ree)y
eat8 but o# the tree o# the know)edge o# good
and evi) you sha)) not eat, #or in the day that
you eat o# it you sha)) sure)y die.
Tat was te Wor* o+ te DLor* Go*.E It was te
tr,t. I! Ge!es$s 487# owe'er# Sata! s)eaks $s
wor*8 .,ou wi)) not sure)y die0 Gem)as$s a**e*H.
Tat was a %$eFSata!s %$e. A*am a!* E'e were
co!+ro!te* b" a s$t,at$o! $! w$c te" a* to make
a c%ear5c,t co$ce betwee! Go*s tr,t a!* Sata!s
%$e. Te$r tra&$c error was tat te" reIecte* te tr,t
o+ Go*s Wor* a!* rece$'e* Sata!s %$e.
D0o, ca! s$! a!* &et awa" w$t $t.E Tat $s the %$e.
B,t te tr,t $s8 .!n the day that you eat o# it you
sha)) sure)y die.0 A*ams *esce!*a!ts are st$%%
co!+ro!te* b" te same co$ce tat e $mse%+ a*
War in eaven
to make $! te Gar*e!. 0o, a!* I st$%% to*a" m,st
eac make o,r co$ces. We ca!!ot rema$! !e,tra%.
We eac sett%e o,r *est$!$es b" te wa" we res)o!*
to Go*s Wor*.
Note te tree s,ccess$'e )ases to Go*s Wor*
as He &a'e $t to A*am. >$rst o+ a%%# tere $s
permission. Go* be&$!s w$t a )os$t$'e8 .,ou "ay
eat o# every tree that is in the Garden e(ce%t
one.0 Ne(t tere $s a prohibition8 .But o# the tree o#
the know)edge o# good and evi) you sha)) not eat.0
>$!a%%"# te t$r* )rase $s a warning8 .!n the day
that you eat o# it you sha)) sure)y die.0
As %o!& as A*am be%$e'e* a!* obe"e* Go*s
Wor*# !o e'$% co,%* to,c $m. Not$!& co,%* take
awa" $s )eace# $s %$+e or $s b%ess$!&. B,t te
mome!t e reIecte* Go*s Wor*# e'e! to,& Go*
was !ot )erso!a%%" )rese!t $! te Gar*e! at tat
t$me# e a* reIecte* Go*. Let me state t$s a&a$!#
beca,se $t $s o!e o+ te &reat bas$c %esso!s o+ a%%
Scr$)t,re8 =our attitude toward /od.s !ord
determines your relationship with /od.
Pera)s "o, a'e !ot sake! "o,r +$st $! Go*s
+ace a!* sa$*# DGo*# I *o !ot wa!t 0o, $! m" %$+e.E
Howe'er# reIect$!& or *$sobe"$!& H$s Wor* $s as
m,c a! act o+ *e+$a!ce as sak$!& "o,r +$st $! H$s
+ace. 0o,r att$t,*e to te Wor* $s "o,r att$t,*e
towar* Go*.
Not$ce a&a$! te corres)o!*e!ce betwee! te
creat$o! *escr$be* $! Ge!es$s a!* te !ew creat$o!
$! Cr$st. We! Go* create* A*am He *$* !ot te!
%ook aro,!* a!* sa"# DNow were are We &o$!& to
),t $m1 Wat $s be &o$!& to eat1E E'er"t$!& A*am
!ee*e* was )er+ect%" )ro'$*e* $! te +orek!ow%e*&e
o+ Go*. He )%ace* A*am %! a s$t,at$o! were e'er"
!ee* was a%rea*" take! care o+Fe(ce)t +or te
)ro'$s$o! o+ a w$+e. A*am !ee*e* !ot$!& tat was
5he &da"ic 2ace: =ur Destiny
!ot tere. Tere was o!e co!*$t$o! +or rema$!$!& $!
t$s )er+ect )ro'$s$o!8 to be%$e'e a!* obe" Go*s
As I ,!*ersta!* te New Testame!t# e(act%" te
same t$!&s are tr,e o+ e'er" )erso! create* a!ew $!
Cr$st. We! Go* creates a s$!!er a!ew $! Cr$st#
He *oes !ot te! %ook aro,!* a!* sa"# DWat am I
&o$!& to *o +or $m1 How sa%% I kee) $m1 Wat w$%%
e %$'e o!1 How w$%% e +$!* te a!swers to $s
I! te !ew creat$o!# e'er"t$!& we w$%% e'er !ee*
$s a%rea*" )ro'$*e* $! Cr$st. L$ke A*am $! te
Gar*e!# we are )%ace* $!to a com)%ete a!* )er+ect
)ro'$s$o!. T$s $s c%ear%" *escr$be* $! 3 Peter /83578
Grace and %eace be "u)ti%)ied to you in the
know)edge o# God and o# Jesus our Lord, as is
divine %ower has given to us a)) things that
%ertain to )i#e and god)iness, through the
know)edge o# i" who ca))ed us by g)ory and
virtue, by which have been given to us
e(ceeding)y great and %recious %ro"ises, that
through these you "ay be %artakers o# the
divine nature, having esca%ed the corru%tion
that is in the wor)d through )ust.
Not$ce te te!se ,se* $! t$s Scr$)t,re8 Go*s
.divine %ower has given to us0F!ot will &$'e b,t
has &$'e! to ,sF.a)) things that %ertain to )i#e and
god)iness.0 Go* *oes !ot a'e to &$'e ,s a!"t$!&
more. It as a%% a%rea*" bee! &$'e! to ,s $! @es,s
Cr$st. It a%% comes tro,& te k!ow%e*&e o+ Cr$st
a!* $t $s a%% co!ta$!e* $! te e(cee*$!& &reat a!*
)rec$o,s )rom$ses o+ H$s Wor*.
A*am was create* a!* ),t $!to a )%ace o+ )er+ect
)ro'$s$o!. Not o!e t$!& was %ack$!&. Te o!%"
co!*$t$o! +or rema$!$!& tere was be%$e'$!& a!*
obe"$!& Go*s Wor*.
War in eaven
L$kew$se# "o, a!* I# re5create* $! Cr$st# are ),t
$!to a com)%ete a!* )er+ect )ro'$s$o!. E'er"t$!& we
sa%% e'er !ee*# +or t$me a!* eter!$t"# $s a%rea*"
)ro'$*e*. Te o!%" co!*$t$o! +or rema$!$!& $! t$s
)er+ect )ro'$s$o! $s be%$e'$!& a!* obe"$!& te Wor*
o+ Go*. A*ams cr$t$ca% error was tat e *$* !ot
s,bm$t to te a,tor$t" o+ Go*s Wor*. Tat $s a%so
o,r &reat bas$c error as Cr$st$a!s.
ata!s )r$*e a!* rebe%%$o! cost $m $s )%ace o+
o!or a!* )r$'$%e&e $! te ea'e!%$es. ;a!"
Cr$st$a!s ass,me tat e was )erma!e!t%"
e($%e* +rom te ea'e!%" re&$o!s. Te" s)eak a!*
)ra" as $+ Sata! were $! e%%# b,t tat $s !ot te
)$ct,re &$'e! $! Scr$)t,re. Accor*$!& to Re'e%at$o!
3<8/45/6# as I a'e me!t$o!e*# Deat a!* Ha*es
GHe%%H are sata!$c a!&e%s wo r,%e at t$s t$me $! te
%ower wor%* to w$c te ,!be%$e'$!& are co!s$&!e*
at *eat# to&eter w$t oter creat,res wo a'e
bee! $! rebe%%$o! a&a$!st te$r Creator Gsee 3 Peter
387H. T$s wo,%* $!c%,*e te a!&e%s tat a*
$!terco,rse w$t ,ma! wome!# as *escr$be* $!
Ge!es$s 98357.
Ha*es $s a%so a t$t%e +or te area tat te" r,%e.
B,t Sata! $mse%+ $s !ot co!+$!e* tere w$t tem.
War in eaven
A%t$mate%" Deat a!* Ha*es w$%% be cast $!to te
%ake o+ +$re to&eter w$t a%% te rema$!$!& e!em$es
o+ Go*.
I! E)es$a!s 383# Sata! $s ca%%e* te .%rince o#
the %ower o# the air,0 mea!$!& te sata!$c r,%er o+
te s)$r$t,a% re&$o! *e+$!e* as Dte a$r.E I! Greek#
tere are two wor*s +or air0 aither, assoc$ate* w$t
te E!&%$s wor* ether, a!* aer, assoc$ate* w$t te
E!&%$s wor* air. Te seco!* wor*# aer, *e!otes te
a$r $mme*$ate%" co!t$&,o,s w$t te earts s,r+ace.
Te +$rst wor*# aither, *e!otes te $&er rare+$e*
atmos)ere a!* $s !e'er a))%$e* to te a$r
co!t$&,o,s w$t te earts s,r+ace.
S$&!$+$ca!t%"# were'er Sata! $s ca%%e* Dte r,%er
o+ te a$rE $t $s te wor* aer tat $s ,se*. I! oter
wor*s# Sata! c%a$ms *om$!$o! o'er te e!t$re
s,r+ace o+ te &%obe.
I! Da!$e% /<# we are &$'e! a &%$m)se o+ te
act$'$t" tat &oes o! amo!&st a!&e%s# bot te a!&e%s
o+ Go* a!* te a!&e%s o+ Sata!. A))are!t%" tere $s
o!&o$!& co!+%$ct betwee! te a!&e%s o+ Go* a!* te
+orces o+ Sata! tat o))ose tem. It takes )%ace $!
te area re+erre* to as te m$*5ea'e!.
Danie)?s 'rayer !s &nswered
As ca)ter /< o)e!s# we +$!* Da!$e% mo,r!$!&
a!* sem$5+ast$!& +or 3/ *a"s. He as bee! seek$!&
Go* $! *ee) &r$e+ beca,se o+ te e!s%a'eme!t o+ $s
)eo)%e Israe% a!* te *eso%at$o! o+ te c$t" o+
!n those days, !, Danie), was "ourning three
#u)) weeks. ! ate no %)easant #ood, no "eat or
wine ca"e into "y "outh, nor did ! anoint
"yse)# at a)), ti)) three who)e weeks were
=ne /an and is 'rayer
verses H@4
Da!$e% $s rewar*e* b" a '$s$tat$o! +rom Gabr$e%#
a! arca!&e% o+ Go*. As we st,*" Gabr$e%s '$s$t to
Da!$e%# we !ee* to bear $! m$!* tat ca)ters /<# //
a!* /3 o+ te book o+ Da!$e% are a s$!&%e co!t$!,o,s
re'e%at$o! o+ e'e!ts tat w$%% br$!& Israe%s $stor" $!
te )rese!t *$s)e!sat$o! to a c%$ma(.
Gabr$e% be&$!s $s messa&e w$t wor*s o+
5hen he said to "e, .Do not #ear, Danie), #or
#ro" the #irst day that you set your heart to
understand, and to hu"b)e yourse)# be#ore your
God, your words were heard8 and ! have co"e
because o# your words.0
verse 1H
Da!$e% a* bee! )ra"$!& +or 3/ *a"s a!* $s
)ra"er was ear* te +$rst *a". (ut the answer only
came the twenty-first day. Wat was te reaso! +or
te *e%a"1 Te reaso! $s &$'e! $! 'erse /48
.But the %rince o# the kingdo" o# 'ersia
withstood "e twenty@one days8 and beho)d,
/ichae), one o# the chie# %rinces *archange)s+,
ca"e to he)% "e, #or ! had been )e#t a)one there
with the kings o# 'ersia.0
Not$ce tat tese e'e!ts are e!t$re%" o! te
a!&e%$c %e'e%. Te o!%" ,ma! be$!& $!'o%'e* $s
Da!$e%. Te arca!&e% Gabr$e% $s se!t +rom Go* $!
a!swer to te )ra"er o+ Da!$e% to br$!& $m a
re'e%at$o!. Sata!# owe'er# k!ow$!& te s$&!$+$ca!ce
o+ tat re'e%at$o!# re%eases a%% $s +orces $! te m$*5
ea'e! to )re'e!t te arca!&e% Gabr$e% +rom com$!&
to te eart w$t $t.
Gabr$e% $s o))ose* )r$mar$%" b" te D)r$!ce o+ te
k$!&*om o+ Pers$a.E T$s $s !ot a ma! b,t a sata!$c
a!&e% car&e* b" Sata! w$t a two5+o%* task8
War in eaven
res$st$!& Go*s ),r)oses a!* e!+orc$!& Sata!s w$%%
$! te k$!&*om o+ Pers$a.
It $s $m)orta!t to remember tat Sata! as te
eartF$ts k$!&*oms# $ts em)$res a!* $ts
&o'er!me!tsFass$&!e* to te 'ar$o,s a!&e%s ,!*er
$m. A s$m$%ar case a))%$es to o,r co!tem)orar"
)o%$t$ca% s$t,at$o!. We ma" be s,re tat Sata! as
o!e o+ $s ma$! a!&e%s res)o!s$b%e +or sow$!&
co!+,s$o! $! Was$!&to!# D. C. He as a!oter
a!&e% res)o!s$b%e +or Be$I$!& a!* a!oter +or ;oscow
a!* a!oter +or Lo!*o!. I+ we *o !ot ,!*ersta!*
tese t$!&s# we ca! !e'er become te k$!* o+
e++ect$'e )ra"er warr$ors Go* as ca%%e* ,s to be.
Te a!&e%$c co!+%$ct $! te ea'e!s betwee! te
+orces o+ Go* a!* te +orces o+ Sata!# recor*e* $!
Da!$e% /<# became so $!te!se tat a seco!*
arca!&e%# ;$cae%# a* to come to te e%) o+
T$s co!+ro!tat$o! betwee! Gabr$e% a!* ;$cae%
o! te o!e a!* a!* Sata!s a!&e%s o! te oter
was !o %$tt%e sk$rm$s. It took 3/ *a"s +or Gabr$e% to
break tro,& te ra!ks o+ Sata!s a!&e%s# wo were
o))os$!& $s *esce!t +rom Go*s ea'e! to te
,ma! eart.
Wat $s te act$'$t" o+ a!&e%s we! te" +$&t o!e
a!oter1 O!e ke" wor* tat $s ,se* $! re+ere!ce to
a!&e%s $! co!+%$ct $s stand or take a stand. I! Da!$e%
/<8/4# Gabr$e% sa"s# .5he %rince o# the kingdo" o#
'ersia withstood "e twenty@one days0 Gem)as$s
a**e*H. T$s mea!s .took his stand against "e.0
=ne /an and is 'rayer
&t is important to remember that &t is important to remember that
atan has the earth;its atan has the earth;its
kingdoms, its empires and its kingdoms, its empires and its
governments;assigned to the governments;assigned to the
various angels under him. various angels under him.
A&a$!# $! Da!$e% //8/# te same a!&e% sa"s8 .&)so
in the #irst year o# Darius the /ede, !, even !,
stood u' to con#ir" and strengthen hi"0
Gem)as$s a**e*H.
Tese two &reat arca!&e%s# Gabr$e% a!* ;$cae%#
were ,!$te* $! t$s task o+ m$!$ster$!& to Da!$e% a!*
br$!&$!& a! a!swer to $s )ra"er.
Te!# $! +,%+$%%me!t o+ $s m$ss$o!# Gabr$e% be&$!s
to te%% Da!$e% wat te +,t,re o%*s8
.;ow ! have co"e to e(%)ain to you what wi))
ha%%en to your %eo%)e in the #uture, #or the
vision concerns a ti"e yet to co"e.0 ... <o he
said, .Do you know why ! have co"e to you-
<oon ! wi)) return to #ight against the %rince o#
'ersia, and when ! go, the %rince o# Greece wi))
co"e8 but #irst ! wi)) te)) you what is written in
the Book o# 5ruth. L;o one su%%orts "e against
the" e(ce%t /ichae), your %rince.M0
Danie) 1B:16, HB@H1, ;!>
Not$ce tat ;$cae% $s ca%%e* D"o,r )r$!ceE $!
re%at$o! to te +act tat Da!$e% was a! Israe%$te.
;$cae% $s te arca!&e% wo $s )art$c,%ar%"
res)o!s$b%e +or e!+orc$!& Go*s ),r)oses +or Israe%.
Look at Da!$e% /38/8 .&t that ti"e /ichae) sha))
stand u%, the great %rince who stands watch over
the sons o# your %eo%)e *!srae)+.0
War in eaven
/od.s prophetic clock has /od.s prophetic clock has
started to tick once more. started to tick once more.
We!e'er Scr$)t,re *e)$cts ;$cae% as
)art$c,%ar%" act$'e# we ma" co!c%,*e tat Israe% $s
ce!ter sta&e o! eart.
T$s $s $!*ee* te case ere as Gabr$e% sa"s# $!
e++ect# D;" batt%e $s !ot "et wo!.E Te! e co!t$!,es#
.When we have dea)t with the kings o# 'ersia, the
ne(t one to con#ront us wi)) be the %rince o#
Greece.0 GTe D)r$!ce o+ GreeceE $s te sata!$c a!&e%
res)o!s$b%e +or see$!& Sata!s w$%% e!+orce* $! te
em)$re o+ Greece.H
W" were Pers$a a!* Greece o+ )art$c,%ar
$m)orta!ce at t$s sta&e1 Beca,se o+ te$r
re%at$o!s$) to Israe%.
>o,r s,ccess$'e k$!&*oms were res)o!s$b%e $!
some meas,re +or te ca)t$'$t" o+ Israe% a!* e%*
r,%e o'er te$r %a!* a!* o'er te c$t" o+ @er,sa%em.
Tese s,ccess$'e k$!&*oms were Bab"%o!# Pers$a#
Greece a!* Rome. Te +oc,s o+ )ro)ec" at t$s
sta&e was te %a!* a!* )eo)%e o+ Israe%. Eac o+
tese +o,r !at$o!s $! t,r! was $m)orta!t beca,se o+
$ts $stor$ca% $!'o%'eme!t w$t Israe%.
Te! $! A.D. .< we! te @ew$s )eo)%e were
*$s)erse* a!* Israe% cease* to e($st as a
&eo&ra)$ca% e!t$t"# te +oc,s o+ )ro)ec" ca!&e*.
I! te se'e!tee! or e$&tee! ce!t,r$es tat +o%%owe*#
b$b%$ca% )ro)ec" was re%e'a!t to 'er" +ew s$&!$+$ca!t
wor%* e'e!ts. B,t !ow tat te @ew$s )eo)%e a'e
ret,r!e* to te %a!* o+ Israe%# )ro)ec" as starte*
to be re%e'a!t a&a$!. Go*s )ro)et$c c%ock as
starte* to t$ck o!ce more. Te sce!e $s be$!& set +or
te c,%m$!at$o! o+ t$s a&e. Da!$e% .# :# // a!* /3
=ne /an and is 'rayer
a%% +oc,s o! t$s )er$o* $! w$c we are c,rre!t%"
5he 2o)e o# !ntercession
Wat e(c$tes me most abo,t te $!c$*e!ts
recor*e* abo'e $s tat te m$!$str" o+ $!tercess$o!
)%a"e* a *ec$s$'e ro%e. Hea'e! *$* !ot mo'e ,!t$%
Da!$e% )ra"e*. Hea'e!s a!&e%s co,%* !ot &et
tro,& ,!t$% Da!$e% )ra"e* tem tro,&.
B,t tat *ema!*e* persistence. I+ we are )ra"$!&
a )ra"er tat *oes !ot &et a!swere* $mme*$ate%"# $t
ma" !ot be beca,se o,r )ra"er $s !ot $! te w$%% o+
Go*. It ma" be beca,se tere $s a sata!$c )r$!ce ,)
$! te ea'e!%$es sta!*$!& $! te wa" o+ te a!swer.
So wat *o we a'e to *o1 Pra" $m o,t o+ te wa"-
Da!$e% *$* !ot %ea'e te $!$t$at$'e w$t te e!em".
He $mse%+ cose te batt%e&ro,!* o+ )ra"er. We!
co!+ro!te* w$t o))os$t$o!# e )ers$ste*. Somet$mes
o))os$t$o! +rom Sata! $s o!e o+ te best $!*$cat$o!s
tat we are )ra"$!& $! te w$%% o+ Go*.
We +$!* two com)%eme!tar" e%eme!ts $! Da!$e%s
)ra"er %$+e. N,mber o!e# e a* c,%t$'ate* a %$+e o+
)ra"er +rom $s "o,t. T$s was so $m)orta!t to $m
tat e'e! te treat o+ be$!& cast $!to te %$o!s *e!
*$* !ot *eter $m. He ma$!ta$!e* re&,%ar t$mes o+
)ra"er tro,&o,t te *a".
N,mber two# Da!$e% *$* !ot )ra" accor*$!& to $s
ow! $*eas# b,t rater +or te +,%+$%%me!t o+ Go*s
),r)ose as re'ea%e* $! Scr$)t,re. Te Lor* Go* a*
?,$cke!e* to $m a )assa&e +rom te )ro)et
!, Danie), understood #ro" the <cri%tures,
according to the word o# the Lord given to
Jere"iah the %ro%het, that the deso)ation o#
Jerusa)e" wou)d )ast seventy years. <o ! turned
War in eaven
to the Lord God and %)eaded with hi" in %rayer
and %etition, in #asting, and in sackc)oth and
Danie) 9:H@4, ;!>
A!" be%$e'er wo &$'es $mse%+ to te m$!$str" o+
$!tercess$o! !ee*s to be a *$%$&e!t st,*e!t o+ b$b%$ca%
)ro)ec" beca,se t$s $s te )r$mar" bas$s o+ a%%
tr,%" e++ect$'e )ra"er. A! o'era%% o,t%$!e o+ te
o,twork$!& o+ Go*s ),r)oses re'ea%e* $! )ro)ec"
$s &$'e! b" @es,s H$mse%+ $! ;attew 37 a!* 36. A!"
be%$e'er wo &$'es $mse%+ to )ra"er a%o!& t$s %$!e
so,%* make a *$%$&e!t st,*" o+ te )$ct,re o+ te
e!* t$me tat @es,s H$mse%+ &a'e $! tese two
A ser$o,s )rob%em w$t ma!" be%$e'ers $s tat we
,!*erest$mate o,r ow! $!+%,e!ce a!* )ote!t$a%. 0et
$! a certa$! se!se# te ,!$'erse re'o%'es aro,!* ,s.
We! we )ra"# ea'e! mo'es. I+ we o%* o,t $!
)ra"er# ea'e!s ),r)oses are +,%+$%%e*. I+ we &$'e ,)
)ra"$!&# te ),r)oses o+ Go* are +r,strate*.
O!e +act o+ '$ta% $m)orta!ce +or o,r )ra"er %$+e
emer&es +rom te $!c$*e!ts re%ate* abo'e.
A!+ort,!ate%"# owe'er# +ew Cr$st$a!s a'e come to
&r$)s w$t $t. Te +act $s t$s8 &n order to ascend from
earth to the throne of /od.s authority, our prayers
may have to pass through a territory occupied by our
enemy. T$s was ob'$o,s%" tr,e o+ Da!$e%s )ra"ers
recor*e* abo'e. Te" were be$!& o))ose* b" a
sata!$c )r$!ce $! te ea'e!%$es ca%%e* Dte )r$!ce o+
Pers$a.E I! te e!*# owe'er# Da!$e%s )ers$ste!t
)ra"er ca,se* t$s sata!$c )r$!ce to "$e%*. Te
e++ect$'e!ess o+ Da!$e%s )ra"$!& was !ot ma!$+est $!
te !at,ra% rea%m. He was !ot *ea%$!& w$t ,ma!
be$!&sC e was *$s)e%%$!& sata!$c +orces $! te
ea'e!%$es tat were o))os$!& Go*s ),r)oses.
=ne /an and is 'rayer
Any believer who gives himself Any believer who gives himself
to the ministry of intercession to the ministry of intercession
needs to be a diligent student of needs to be a diligent student of
biblical prophecy because this biblical prophecy because this
is the primary basis of all truly is the primary basis of all truly
effective prayer. effective prayer.
Ca%%e!&e* b" Da!$e%s e(am)%e# we !ee* to ask
certa$! ?,est$o!s be+ore we &$'e o,rse%'es to )ra"er8
Are m" )ra"ers base* o! Scr$)t,re or are te"
I,st te e()ress$o! o+ m" ow! w$s+,%
Do I )ra" te k$!* o+ a&&ress$'e# $rres$st$b%e
)ra"ers tat w$%% reac Go*s tro!e1
We! I )ra"# am I )re)are* to *ea% w$t sata!$c
s)$r$t,a% +orces $! a ea'e!%" rea%m a!* !ot
mere%" w$t s$t,at$o!s o! a ),re%" ,ma!
I was ta%k$!& o!ce to a &ro,) o+ ;eto*$sts o!
te s,bIect o+ )ra"er# a!* I remarke*# DSome )eo)%e
rea* )ra"ers# some )eo)%e sa" )ra"ers a!* some
)eo)%e )ra".E
O+ co,rse# t$s )ro'oke* some ?,est$o!s. DWats
te *$++ere!ce1E te" aske*.
DWe%%#E I re)%$e*# Da )erso! wos rea%%" )ra"$!&
*oes!t I,st rea* a )ra"er or sa" a )ra"er# b,t e
becomes $s ow! )ra"er.E
I we!t o! to e()%a$! tat t$s was tr,e o+ Da'$*
we! e was ,!*er treme!*o,s )ress,re# as
recor*e* $! Psa%m /<284578
5hey have a)so surrounded "e with words o#
War in eaven
hatred, and #ought against "e without a cause.
!n return #or "y )ove they are "y accusers, but
I give m&self to 'ra&er Le"%hasis addedM.
Te E!&%$s tra!s%at$o! rea*s# .! give "yse)# to
%rayer.0 B,t te tra!s%ators a'e $!serte* wor*s !ot
$!c%,*e* $! te or$&$!a% Hebrew. Wat Da'$* act,a%%"
sa$* was# .But ! %rayer.0 I! oter wor*s# .! beca"e
"y own %rayer.0 E%$Ia o! ;o,!t Carme% )ro'$*es
,s w$t a )$ct,re o+ t$s k$!* o+ )ra"er8
>or effective prayer, there are >or effective prayer, there are
two things we need0 authority two things we need0 authority
and power. and power.
&nd N)iFah went u% to the to% o# Car"e)8
then he bowed down on the ground, and %ut his
#ace between his knees, and said to his servant,
.Go u% now, )ook toward the sea.0 <o he went
u% and )ooked, and said, .5here is nothing.0
&nd seven ti"es he said, .Go again.0 5hen it
ca"e to %ass the seventh ti"e, that he said,
.5here is a c)oud, as s"a)) as a "an?s hand,
rising out o# the sea10
<o he said, .Go u%, say to &hab, C're%are
your chariot, and go down be#ore the rain sto%s
1 Aings 13:6H@66
At t$s )o$!t E%$Ia *$* !ot mere%" sa" a )ra"er#
he became his own prayer. H$s wo%e bo*" became
a! $!str,me!t tat res)o!*e* to te S)$r$t o+ Go*
mo'$!& w$t$! $m# a!* re%eas$!& te s,)er!at,ra%
)ower o+ Go* tro,& $m.
B,t $! Hebrews 68. tere $s o!e "et &reater
=ne /an and is 'rayer
)atter! o+ t$s k$!* o+ )ra"er as te wr$ter *escr$bes
Who, in the days o# is #)esh, when e had
o##ered u% %rayers and su%%)ications, with
vehe"ent cries and tears to i" who was ab)e
to save i" #ro" death, and was heard because
o# is god)y #ear.
E%$Ia o! ;o,!t Carme% a!* @es,s $!
Getsema!e became 'e$c%es o+ a s,)er!at,ra%
)ower tat broke tro,& a%% sata!$c o))os$t$o! a!*
re%ease* te ),r)oses o+ Go*.
>or e++ect$'e )ra"er# tere are two t$!&s we !ee*8
authority a!* power. A,tor$t" $s a %e&a% co!ce)t. To
a'e a,tor$t" we m,st a'e co!+$*e!ce tat we
a'e +,%+$%%e* a%% te %e&a% re?,$reme!ts. O!ce we
a'e +,%+$%%e* tese# )ra"$!& in the name of :esus
sets te sea% o+ H$s a,tor$t" ,)o! o,r )ra"er. He
H$mse%+ stresse* co!t$!,a%%"8 .!# you ask anything
in /y na"e, ! wi)) do it.0 Pra"$!& s,c a )ra"er $s
%$ke se!*$!& a re&$stere* %etter. No o!e ca! tam)er
w$t $t or sto) $t. It $s &,ara!tee* to reac $ts
As Cr$st$a!s $! te wor%* to*a"# we ma" e()ect
to be co!+ro!te* b" s$t,at$o!s $! w$c !ot$!& %ess
ta! te k$!* o+ )ra"er *emo!strate* b" E%$Ia a!*
b" @es,s w$%% br$!& '$ctor". >re?,e!t%" $t w$%% e()ress
$tse%+ $! )ower+,%# ,!$!$b$te* )ra$se. O,r )ra"ers
w$%% !ee* to be s,)er!at,ra%%" em)owere* to
)e!etrate te area $! te m$*5ea'e! were Sata!
seeks to o))ose ,s.
A! $%%,strat$o! $s )ro'$*e* b" te tec!$?,e b"
w$c NASA e!&$!eers %a,!c a s,tt%e $!to s)ace.
Te" attac a rocket booster to te s,tt%e# a!*
t$s# we! act$'ate*# )ro'$*es te e!er&" !ee*e* to
)roIect te s,tt%e abo'e te atmos)ere o+ te
War in eaven
eart. B,t te re%ease o+ te rocket $s accom)a!$e*
b" a! a%most b%$!*$!& +%as a!* te! a %o,*
s,sta$!e* roar *,r$!& te s,tt%es asce!t tro,&
te earts atmos)ere. O!ce $t as reace* a
certa$! a%t$t,*e# $t w$%% carr" o! ,!*er $ts ow!
mome!t,m. Tere $s !o wa" to re%ease a rocket#
owe'er# w$to,t a )ower+,% $m)act o! te se!ses.
I! a s$m$%ar wa"# te re%ease o+ te )ower !ee*e*
to )roIect o,r )ra"ers tro,& te m$*5ea'e!
makes a )ower+,% $m)act ,)o! te se!ses.
Somet$mes we a'e te $m)ress$o! tat )ra"er m,st
be so%em! a!* *$&!$+$e*. B,t tere $s !ot$!& so%em!
or *$&!$+$e* abo,t te re%ease o+ a rocket.
S)$r$t,a% co!+%$ct w$%% $!e'$tab%" test o,r
caracter. Da!$e% )ro'$*es ,s w$t tree ca%%e!&$!&
/. >$rst# Da!$e%s )ra"er cost him something. B"
&o$!& o! a )art$a% +ast +or tree weeks# e
sacr$+$ce* $s ow! car!a% )%eas,re.
3. Seco!*# e did not yield to discouragement. I!
s)$te o+ te +act tat tere was !o ta!&$b%e
e'$*e!ce tat Go* was ear$!& $s )ra"er a!*
tat a res)o!se was o! te wa"# e co!t$!,e*
to )o,r o,t $s eart be+ore $s Go*.
4. T$r*# beca,se o+ Da!$e%s courage and
persistence te s,bse?,e!t o,twork$!& o+
Go*s ),r)oses +or Israe% was re%ease*. It was
$s )ra"er %$+e tat &a'e $m $s ,!$?,e
)os$t$o! $! te $stor" o+ $s )eo)%e.
Te +o%%ow$!& are $m)orta!t %esso!s tat we ca!
%ear! +rom Da!$e%s )ra"er %$+e8
>rom his youth, $aniel.s prayer was a way of
life not a religious activity. He reser'e* a set
t$me a!* )%ace eac *a" tat e &a'e
e(c%,s$'e%" to )ra"er.
=ne /an and is 'rayer
$aniel did not improvise his own prayer. Te
or$&$!a% $m),%se to )ra" came +rom te
)ro)et$c Scr$)t,res. He )ra"e* +or te
+,%+$%%me!t o+ Go*s w$%% +or H$s )eo)%e as
re'ea%e* $! Scr$)t,re.
$aniel.s prayer demanded self-denial and was
accompanied by fasting. I! te Sermo! o! te
;o,!t# @es,s sa$* to H$s *$sc$)%es# .(hen you
%ray... when you #ast....0 He *$* !ot sa"# DI+
"o, )ra"E or D$+ "o, +ast.E He took $t +or &ra!te*
tat H$s *$sc$)%es wo,%* )ract$ce bot )ra"er
a!* +ast$!&. Tere are t$mes we! )ra"er a%o!e
$s !ot s,++$c$e!t. It !ee*s to be s,)er!at,ra%%"
em)owere* b" +ast$!&.
$aniel was totally committed to praying. As I
me!t$o!e* ear%$er# e'e! te treat o+ be$!& cast
$!to te %$o!s *e! *$* !ot ca,se $m to wa'er.
T$s br$!&s o,t o!e +act o+te! !e&%ecte* b"
Cr$st$a!s *,r$!& t$mes o+ s)$r$t,a% co!+%$ct8 3ffective
praying tests our character. &t demands single-hearted
Pra"$!& as e *$* )roIecte* Da!$e% $!to a %e'e% o+
act$'$t" +ar abo'e tat o+ eart. Te %ast tree
ca)ters o+ te book o+ Da!$e% co!ta$! a tota% o+ .:
'erses. Da!$e% $mse%+ $s te o!%" ,ma! be$!&
$!'o%'e*. Te oter be$!&s *e)$cte* are a!&e%s.
Let ,s t,r! o,r +oc,s to tese amaB$!& creat,res.
e Scr$)t,res co!ta$! ma!" re+ere!ces to
a!&e%s. It $s s,r)r$s$!&# tere+ore# tat t$s
s,bIect $s o+te! !e&%ecte* b" )reacers. 0et
a!&e%s )%a" a 'er" s$&!$+$ca!t ro%e $! te ,!+o%*$!& o+
Go*s ),r)oses.
I! Psa%m /<7# Da'$* *e+$!es te !at,re o+ a!&e%s8
Te" are spirits. Go* ."akes is ange)s s%irits0
G'erse 7H.
Now# we k!ow tat ma! a%so as a s)$r$t w$t$!
$m. I! / Tessa%o!$a!s 6834# Pa,% )ra"s +or te
/ay the God o# %eace i"se)# sancti#y you
com'letel&) and "ay your who)e s'irit, soul,
and bod& be %reserved b)a"e)ess0 Le"%hasis
O,r com)%ete )erso!a%$t" $s ma*e ,) o+ tese
War in eaven
tree e%eme!ts8 s)$r$t# so,% a!* bo*".
Scr$)t,re re'ea%s tat s)$r$t5be$!&s are eter!a%.
Te s)$r$t $! eac o!e o+ ,s w$%% !e'er cease to e($st.
T,s# bot me! a!* a!&e%s are co!+ro!te* w$t t$s
so%em! rea%$Bat$o!8 'hey will never cease to e%ist.
Tose wo re+,se Go*s merc" are *oome* to s)e!*
eter!$t" $! a %ake o+ +$re to w$c tere $s !o e!* a!*
!o e($t.
5he Divine .&nge)0
>$rst a!* +oremost $! o,r st,*" o+ a!&e%$c be$!&s#
we !ee* to ,!*ersta!* tat Go* H$mse%+ o+te!
a))eare* to me! as a! DA!&e%E G!ote te ca)$ta% AH.
>or $!sta!ce# t$s *$'$!e A!&e% a))eare* to Ha&ar#
te co!c,b$!e o+ Abraam# we! se was +%ee$!&
+rom Sara8 .5he &nge) o# the Lord said to her
*agar+, C2eturn to your "istress, and sub"it
yourse)# under her hand?0 GGe!es$s /982H.
Te! He a**e*8 .! wi)) "u)ti%)y your
descendants e(ceeding)y, so that they sha)) not
be counted #or "u)titude0 G'erse /<H.
Later o!# te A!&e% sa$* a&a$!8 6Arise, lift up the
lad and hold him with your hand, for & will make him
a great nation7 G3/8/:H.
O!%" Go* H$mse%+# ma!$+este* $! te )erso! o+
te A!&e%# co,%* make s,c )rom$ses as tese8 .!
wi)) "u)ti%)y his descendants e(ceeding)y,0 a!* .!
wi)) "ake hi" a great nation.0
T$s A!&e% a%so a))eare* to ;oses8 .&nd the
&nge) o# the Lord a%%eared to hi" in a #)a"e o#
#ire #ro" the "idst o# a bush0 GE(o*,s 483H.
Two 'erses %ater# t$s same A!&e% $s s)ec$+$ca%%"
ca%%e* DGo*E8 .God ca))ed to hi" #ro" the "idst o#
the bush0 G'erse 7H.
&nge)ic Beings
A!oter e(am)%e $s te a))eara!ce o+ te A!&e%
to G$*eo!8
&nd the &nge) o# the Lord a%%eared to hi",
and said to hi", .5he Lord is with you, you
"ighty "an o# va)or10 Gideon said to i", .=
"y )ord, i# the Lord is with us, why then has a))
this ha%%ened to us- &nd where are a)) is
"irac)es which our #athers to)d us about...-0
Judges 7:1H@14
I! te e(ca!&e tat +o%%ows t$s A!&e% $s act,a%%"
ca%%e* .the Lord,0 w$c# as we a'e see!# $s te
acce)te* wa" to re!*er $! E!&%$s te sacre* !ame
o+ +o,r Hebrew %etters ,s,a%%" tra!s%ate* D@eo'aE
or D0awe.E .5hen the Lord turned to hi" and
said, CGo in this "ight o# yours, and you sha))
save !srae) #ro" the hand o# the /idianites. ave
! not sent you-?0 G'erse /7# em)as$s a**e*H.
>irst and foremost in our study >irst and foremost in our study
of angelic beings, we need to of angelic beings, we need to
understand that /od #imself understand that /od #imself
often appeared to men as an often appeared to men as an
6Angel.7 6Angel.7
Te )rase the +-?$ turned to him $!*$cates tat
tere was *$rect# +ace5to5+ace co!+ro!tat$o! betwee!
0awe a!* G$*eo!. Te" were co!'ers$!& to&eter
as )erso! to )erso!.
Later o! Gsee @,*&es /484534H te same A!&e%
a))eare* to te )are!ts o+ Samso!8 .the &nge) o#
God ca"e to the wo"an0 G'erse 2H# a!* $! te
+o%%ow$!& 'erse8 .5he wo"an... said to hi", CLook,
War in eaven
the /an... has Fust now a%%eared to "e?0 G'erse
/<# em)as$s a**e*H.
@arious passages of cripture @arious passages of cripture
also describe angels who are also describe angels who are
not divine but created beings. not divine but created beings.
I! 'erse 33# ;a!oa# Samso!s +ater# sa"s8 .We
sha)) sure)y die, because we have seen God10
So# t$s Perso! wo a))eare* to te )are!ts o+
Samso! was a D;a!#E a! A!&e% Ga messe!&er +rom
Go*H a!* a%so Go* H$mse%+.
Wo was t$s m"ster$o,s Perso!1 O,t o+ m" ow!
s)$r$t,a% e()er$e!ce# I a'e !o ?,est$o! as to H$s
$*e!t$t". He was te same Perso! wo %ater was
ma!$+este* $! $stor" as @es,s o+ NaBaret. @es,s
comb$!e* $! H$mse%+ a%% te tree !at,res8 Go*# a!
A!&e% Gmesse!&erH a!* a ;a!.
At %east two oter a))eara!ces o+ t$s *$'$!e
A!&e% are recor*e* $! Israe%s $stor". N,mbers 33
recor*s ow Ba%ak# k$!& o+ ;oab# se!t +or te
sootsa"er# Ba%aam# to c,rse Israe%. B,t w$%e
Ba%aam was o! $s wa" to *o t$s# .the Lord o%ened
Ba)aa"?s eyes, and he saw the &nge) o# the Lord
standing in the way with is drawn sword in is
hand8 and he bowed his head and #e)) #)at on his
#ace0 G'erse 4/H. B" t$s res)o!se Ba%aam
ack!ow%e*&e* tat e was $! te )rese!ce o+ Go*.
A+ter t$s co!+ro!tat$o!# te A!&e% re%ease*
Ba%aam to co!t$!,e $s Io,r!e"# b,t str$ct%" war!e*
$m8 .=n)y the word that ! s%eak to you, that you
sha)) s%eak0 G'erse 44H. Te res,%t was tat Ba%aam
&a'e +ort tree s,ccess$'e a!* &%or$o,s )ro)ec$es
&nge)ic Beings
,!+o%*$!& Go*s *est$!" +or H$s )eo)%e Israe%.
Later o! $! Israe%s $stor"# te so,ter! k$!&*om
o+ @,*a was attacke* b" Ass"r$a a!* te c$t" o+
@er,sa%em was bes$e&e*. I! a!swer to te )ra"er o+
=$!& HeBek$a# owe'er# .the ange) *or &nge)+ o#
the Lord went out, and ki))ed in the ca"% o# the
&ssyrians one hundred and eighty@#ive thousand8
and when %eo%)e arose ear)y in the "orning,
there were the cor%ses$a)) dead0 G3 =$!&s /2846H.
Tat certa$!%" was a! awesome *emo!strat$o! o+
Go*s )ower work$!& tro,& te A!&e%.
'hysica) :eatures o# &nge)s
Var$o,s )assa&es o+ Scr$)t,re a%so *escr$be
a!&e%s wo are !ot *$'$!e b,t create* be$!&s.
Tese ea'e!%" be$!&s are s)$r$ts# b,t te" are
e?,$))e* w$t bo*$es tat e!ab%e tem to carr" o,t
te$r 'ar$o,s +,!ct$o!s. I! ma!" cases# te$r bo*$es
are re)rese!te* as a'$!& w$!&s. A!&e%s w$t
*$++ere!t +,!ct$o!s *$++er $! te !,mber o+ te$r
I! So%omo!s Tem)%e# +or $!sta!ce# cer,bs are
re)rese!te* as a'$!& two w$!&s. GTe )%,ra% +orm o+
cherub $! Hebrew $s cherubim.H .:or the cherubi"
s%read their two wings over the %)ace o# the ark,
and the cherubi" overshadowed the ark and its
%o)es0 G/ =$!&s :8.H.
It $s o+ $!terest tat cherub $s te mo*er! Hebrew
wor* +or cabbage. Wat $s te assoc$at$o!1 Pera)s
$t $s beca,se te wa" tat te w$!&s o+ a cer,b are
attace* to $ts bo*" $s s$m$%ar to te wa" a cabba&e
%ea+ &rows +rom $ts sta%k.
Here are +,rter *eta$%s o+ te cer,bs *e)$cte*
$! te ;ost Ho%" P%ace o+ te Tem)%e8
War in eaven
5he wings o# the cherubi" were twenty
cubits in overa)) )ength: one wing o# the one
cherub was #ive cubits, touching the wa)) o# the
roo", and the other wing was #ive cubits,
touching the wing o# the other cherub8 one wing
o# the other cherub was #ive cubits, touching
the wa)) o# the roo", and the other wing a)so
was #ive cubits, touching the wing o# the other
cherub. 5he wings o# these cherubi" s%anned
twenty cubits overa)). 5hey stood on their #eet,
and they #aced inward.
H Chronic)es 4:11@14
Tese cer,bs were awesome >$&,res. >$'e
c,b$ts $s se'e! a!* a a%+ +eet. Tat br$!&s te tota%
w$!&s)a! o+ eac cer,b to >$+tee! +eet.
EBek$e% /865// &$'es a *eta$%e* *escr$)t$o! o+
cer,bs wo a'e +o,r w$!&s ca%%e* D%$'$!&
&nd this was their a%%earance: they had the
)ikeness o# a "an. Nach one had #our #aces, and
each one had #our wings. 5heir )egs were
straight, and the so)es o# their #eet were )ike the
so)es o# ca)ves? #eet. 5hey s%ark)ed )ike the
co)or o# burnished bronOe. 5he hands o# a "an
were under their wings on their #our sides8 and
each o# the #our had #aces and wings. 5heir
wings touched one another. 5he creatures
*cherubs+ did not turn when they went, but each
one went straight #orward.
&s #or the )ikeness o# their #aces, each had
the #ace o# a "an8 each o# the #our had the #ace
o# a )ion on the right side, each o# the #our had
the #ace o# an o( on the )e#t side, and each o#
the #our had the #ace o# an eag)e. 5hus were
their #aces. 5heir wings were stretched u%ward8
two wings o# each one touched one another, and
two covered their bodies.
&nge)ic Beings
A!oter k$!* o+ a!&e%$c be$!& ca%%e* seraph $s
*escr$be* $! Isa$a 9. eraph $s *$rect%" co!!ecte*
w$t te Hebrew wor* +or fire. Tese were b,r!$!&#
+$er" creat,res wo &,ar*e* te a))roac to te
Lor* o+ osts. A!"bo*" wo *es$re* access to H$m
a* to )ass tro,& te +$re.
Eac o+ te sera)$m a* s$( w$!&s8 .&bove it
*the throne o# the Lord+ stood sera%hi"8 each one
had si( wings: with two he covered his #ace, with
two he covered his #eet, and with two he #)ew0
G'erse 3H.
Co'er$!& te +ace a!* co'er$!& te +eet were acts
o+ wors$). Te rema$!$!& two w$!&s were ,se* +or
+%"$!&# w$c was ser'$ce. I! ea'e! tere $s tw$ce as
m,c em)as$s o! wors$) as o! ser'$ce. So,%*
!ot te )ro)ort$o! be te same ere o! eart1
.&nd one cried to another and said: Co)y,
ho)y, ho)y is the Lord o# hosts8 the who)e earth is
#u)) o# is g)ory1?0 G'erse 4H. Te tr$)%e ,ttera!ce b"
te sera)$m o+ te wor* holy was te$r res)o!se to
te re'e%at$o! o+ a tr$,!e Go*# tat $s# o!e Go* $!
tree Perso!s.
Later# we w$%% %ook at some )assa&es $! Scr$)t,re
tat re+er to a!&e%s e!&a&e* $! war. Not o!e s)eaks
o+ a!&e%s be$!& k$%%e*. To s)eak o+ a D*ea* a!&e%E
wo,%* seem to be a co!tra*$ct$o! $! terms.
I! / Cor$!t$a!s /686<# Pa,% s)eaks o+ a cate&or"
o+ be$!&s wo a'e D+%es a!* b%oo*.E H$s ,se o+ t$s
)rase s,&&ests tat e $s co!trast$!& t$s t")e o+
be$!& w$t tose wo a'e +%es b,t !o b%oo*. ;"
$m)ress$o! $s tat te +$rst be$!& to a'e bot +%es
a!* b%oo* was A*am. Te ,%t$mate ),r)ose was tat
@es,s# as Dte %ast A*am#E m$&t o++er H$s b%oo* as
te +$!a%# a%%5s,++$c$e!t sacr$+$ce +or te s$! o+ te
wo%e A*am$c race.
War in eaven
5he /inistry o# &nge)s
Wat ),r)oses *o te a!&e%s ser'e1
A!&e%s are !ot mere%" s)$r$ts b,t te" are
ministering spirits# se!t +ort b" Go* to ser'e H$s
)eo)%e a!* H$s ),r)oses8 .&re they not a))
ministering s%irits sent #orth to "inister #or
those who wi)) inherit sa)vation-0 GHebrews /8/7#
em)as$s a**e*H. Te B$b%e o++ers ma!" acco,!ts o+
a!&e%s se!t o,t to m$!$ster to members o+ te
A*am$c race $! te$r t$mes o+ !ee*.
As a%rea*" state*# te Greek wor* ,se* $! te
New Testame!t +or angel $s angelos, w$c mea!s Da
messe!&er.E Te Hebrew wor* ,se* $! te O%*
Testame!t +or angel $s malach, mea!$!& Dser'a!t.E
A!&e%s tere+ore are ser'a!t messe!&ers se!t +ort
w$t s)ec$a% tasks. Here are some o+ tem.
#ring *evelations
O!e $m)orta!t +,!ct$o! ass$&!e* to a!&e%s at
t$mes was to br$!& re'e%at$o!s tat were act,a%%"
recor*e* as Scr$)t,re. >or e(am)%e# te messa&es o+
te +$rst s$( ca)ters o+ te )ro)et Jecar$a were
bro,&t to $m b" a!&e%s. Var$o,s sect$o!s o+ te
book o+ Da!$e% were &$'e! b" a!&e%s.
B,t te most s$&!$+$ca!t o+ a%% $s te book o+
Re'e%at$o!# w$c $s te c,%m$!at$o! o+ a%% Scr$)t,re8
.5hen he said to "e, C5hese words are #aith#u)
and true.? &nd the Lord God o# the ho)y %ro%hets
sent is angel to show is servants the things
which "ust short)y take %)ace0 G3389# em)as$s
a**e*H. T$s $!*$cates tat te wo%e co!te!t o+ te
book o+ Re'e%at$o! was comm,!$cate* to @o! b" a!
>,rter o! $! t$s same ca)ter @es,s H$mse%+
&nge)ic Beings
c%ear%" states8 .!, Jesus, have sent /y angel to
testi#y to you these things in the churches0 G'erse
/9# em)as$s a**e*H.
+eliver ther ,essages
Te B$b%e a%so co!ta$!s e(am)%es o+ a!&e%s se!t
+rom Go* w$t 'ar$o,s messa&es +or $!*$'$*,a%s. >or
$!sta!ce# Jecar$as# w$%e ser'$!& as a )r$est $! te
Tem)%e# rece$'e* a messa&e +rom a! a!&e% +orete%%$!&
te b$rt o+ @o! te Ba)t$st Gsee L,ke /8//F36H.
Later te arca!&e% Gabr$e% a))eare* to te '$r&$!
;ar" a!* a!!o,!ce* tat se wo,%* co!ce$'e a So!#
wo was to be ca%%e* @es,s GSa'$orH Gsee L,ke /839F
At te c%$ma( o+ te m$!$str" o+ @es,s# as He was
)ra"$!& $! te Gar*e! o+ Getsema!e# a! a!&e%
a))eare* to H$m stre!&te!$!& H$m +or te or*ea%
tat %a" aea*8 .5hen an ange) a%%eared to i"
#ro" heaven, strengthening i"0 GL,ke 33874H.
-erve the -aints on .arth
I! L,ke /98/254/# @es,s *escr$bes te *eat o+
te be&&ar !ame* LaBar,s a!* br$e+%" %$+ts te 'e$%
o'er te e'e!ts tat +o%%owe*8 .<o it was that the
beggar died, and was carried by the ange)s to
&braha"?s boso"0 G'erse 33H.
I am a%wa"s &r$))e* b" te +act tat a com)a!" o+
a!&e%s escorte* LaBar,s. S,re%" o!e a!&e% co,%*
a'e carr$e* tat emac$ate* +orm $!to Go*s
)rese!ce. B,t Go* o!ore* $m w$t a! escort. H$s
'a%,es are so *$++ere!t +rom o,rs. .e raises the
%oor #ro" the dust and )i#ts the beggar #ro" the
ash hea%, to set the" a"ong %rinces and "ake
the" inherit the throne o# g)ory0 G/ Sam,e% 38:H.
O! te oter a!*# @es,s war!s ,s8 .:or what is
War in eaven
high)y estee"ed a"ong "en is an abo"ination in
the sight o# God0 GL,ke /98/4H. ;a" Go* )reser'e
,s +rom &$'$!& o,r %$'es to t$!&s tat are a!
abom$!at$o! to H$m-
Provide Protection
A!oter m$!$str" o+ a!&e%s $s to resc,e Go*s
ser'a!ts +rom s$t,at$o!s o+ *a!&er. Tere are ma!"
e(am)%es o+ t$s $! Scr$)t,re. Da!$e% 48/2534 recor*s
ow Sa*rac# ;esac a!* Abe*5Ne&o re+,se* to
o!or Neb,ca*!eBBars &o* a!* were cast $!to a
+$er" +,r!ace# w$c so,%* a'e mea!t $!sta!t
*eat. B,t a +o,rt ,!!ame* be$!&Fb" $s )rese!ce
F)reser'e* tem +rom a%% arm a!* te" came o,t
to &%or$+" Go*. A!*o,bte*%"# tat +o,rt )erso! was
a! a!&e%$c be$!&.
Later Da!$e% re+,se* to re!e&e o! $s
comm$tme!t to )ra" to te Go* o+ Israe% +or te c$t"
o+ @er,sa%em a!*# as a co!se?,e!ce# e was trow!
$!to te %$o!s *e! Gsee Da!$e% 98/<534H. Howe'er#
Da!$e% s)e!t a more rest+,% !$&t w$t te %$o!s ta!
=$!& Dar$,s $! $s )a%ace. Te !e(t mor!$!&# Da!$e%
reass,re* te k$!&8 ./y God sent is ange) and
shut the )ions? "ouths, so that they have not
hurt "e0 G'erse 33H.
-ld and <ew 'estaments alike -ld and <ew 'estaments alike
assure us that /od will, at assure us that /od will, at
times, intervene through angels times, intervene through angels
on behalf of #is servants in on behalf of #is servants in
situations of danger and will situations of danger and will
deliver them. deliver them.
&nge)ic Beings
Te New Testame!t recor*s s$m$%ar $!ter'e!t$o!s
b" a!&e%s +or Go*s )eo)%e we! $m)r$so!e*. Acts
48/.F3: reco,!ts ow te a)ost%es were $m)r$so!e*
+or )reac$!& te Gos)e%. B,t a! a!&e% o+ te Lor*
s,)er!at,ra%%" o)e!e* te )r$so! *oors# %e* tem
o,t a!* c%ose* te *oors sec,re%" be$!* tem.
Te! e $!str,cte* te a)ost%es to &o o! teac$!&
te )eo)%e $! te Tem)%e.
>,rter o!# Acts /3875/2 re%ates ow Peter was
$m)r$so!e* awa$t$!& e(ec,t$o!. B,t a! a!&e% o+ te
Lor* ro,se* $m +rom s%ee)# re%ease* $s sack%es
a!* %e* $m sa+e%" o,t o+ te )r$so!. At t$s )o$!t
Peter rea%$Be* tat t$s was !ot a *ream a!* e sa$*8
.;ow ! know #or certain that the Lord has sent
is ange), and has de)ivered "e #ro" the hand o#
erod and #ro" a)) the e(%ectation o# the Jewish
%eo%)e0 G'erse //H.
O%* a!* New Testame!ts a%$ke ass,re ,s tat
Go* w$%%# at t$mes# $!ter'e!e tro,& a!&e%s o!
bea%+ o+ H$s ser'a!ts $! s$t,at$o!s o+ *a!&er a!*
w$%% *e%$'er tem.
Intervene Politicall&
A!oter e(treme%" $m)orta!t m$!$str" o+ a!&e%s $s
to $!ter'e!e $! te )o%$t$ca% are!a e$ter b" e%)$!&
to ra$se ,) %ea*ers or b" sett$!& tem as$*eF
accor*$!& to Go*s *$rect$'es. A!&e%s ma" re%ease
te$r s,)er!at,ra% )ower $! s,))ort o+ %ea*ers wo
are comm$tte* to *o Go*s w$%%# e'e! to,& tese
%ea*ers ma" !ot act,a%%" be ser'$!& H$m.
A! o,tsta!*$!& e(am)%e $s )ro'$*e* b" te r$se to
)ower o+ Dar$,s te ;e*e as *escr$be* $! Da!$e%
//8/8 .&)so in the #irst year o# Darius the /ede, !
*the ange) s%eaking+, even !, stood u% to con#ir"
and strengthen hi".0
War in eaven
Dar$,s was a k$!& o+ Pers$a wo +o%%owe* C"r,s
a!* e(te!*e* te Pers$a! Em)$re $! 'ar$o,s
*$rect$o!s. He e%)e* to $m)%eme!t te *ecree o+ $s
)re*ecessor# C"r,s# tat a* o)e!e* te wa" +or te
@ews to ret,r! to te$r %a!* a!* to te c$t" o+
Te ret,r! o+ te @ews to @er,sa%em was a!
$!te&ra% a!* esse!t$a% )art o+ te $stor$ca%
o,twork$!& o+ Go*s ),r)oses. To br$!& t$s abo,t#
Go* re%ease* a!&e%$c +orces $! te ea'e!%$es.
Howe'er# te e++ect o+ a!&e%$c $!ter'e!t$o! $! te
)rocesses o+ $stor" ma" be !e&at$'e rater ta!
)os$t$'e +or tose $!'o%'e*. >or $!sta!ce# $! Acts
/383<534 =$!& Hero* a* ma*e a! arro&a!t s)eec
to te )eo)%e o+ T"re a!* S$*o! $! w$c e acce)te*
o!or as a &o*. Go*s react$o! to t$s was
$mme*$ate8 .&n ange) o# the Lord struck hi",
because he did not give g)ory to God. &nd he was
eaten by wor"s and died0 G'erse 34H. Tere was a
)o$!te* co!trast betwee! te o!or Hero* acce)te*
a!* te wa" e *$e*.
*escue in "ime of /eed
Not a%% a!&e%$c $!ter'e!t$o!# owe'er# $s *$recte*
to )ro*,c$!& maIor $stor$ca% ca!&es. A!&e%s ?,$te
o+te! are se!t to e%) 'er" or*$!ar" )eo)%e *ea%$!&
w$t s$t,at$o!s be"o!* te$r co!tro%.
Te stor" o+ m" +$rst w$+e# L"*$a# $s a &oo*
e(am)%e. I! /232# we! L"*$a was %$'$!& o! er ow!
$! @er,sa%em# se was seek$!& to carr" a s$ck%" %$tt%e
@ew$s bab" &$r% !ame* T$k'a awa" +rom a street r$ot
tat a* broke! o,t aro,!* er o,se. Te +o%%ow$!&
$s a! e(cer)t +rom m" book Appointment in
:erusalem# reco,!t$!& te *rama8
E'er" ,!*re* "ar*s or so I KL"*$aL came to a
&nge)ic Beings
barr$ca*e o+ rocks a!* oter *ebr$s )$%e* across te
street. Pa$!+,%%" I a%+ c%$mbe*# a%+ scramb%e* o'er
tem# st$%% o%*$!& T$k'a o! m" so,%*ers.
A+ter abo,t a%+ a m$%e I came to a barr$ca*e#
two or tree +eet $&er ta! te rest# tat marke*
te %$!e o+ *$'$s$o! betwee! te @ew$s a!* Arab
Bo!es. I be&a! to scramb%e o'er# b,t a%+wa"
across# m" +oot s%$))e* o! a %oose sto!e a!* w$t a
r,s o+ r,bb%e I s%$* *ow! to te bottom a&a$!#
a%most %os$!& T$k'a +rom m" so,%*ers. Rea%$B$!&
tat m" stre!&t was &$'$!& o,t# I set T$k'a *ow!
o! te &ro,!* a!* sat bes$*e er o! a rock. B"
m"se%+# I +e%t s,re# I co,%* c%$mb o'er someow. B,t
ow to &et T$k'a o'er1
S,**e!%" I a* te ,!ca!!" $m)ress$o! tat I
was !o %o!&er b" m"se%+. E'er" m,sc%e $! m" bo*"
te!se*. T,r!$!& ?,$ck%"# I was co!+ro!te* b" a
"o,!& ma! sta!*$!& $! te roa* a +ew +eet +rom
me. A scream rose to m" %$)s# b,t be+ore I co,%*
,tter $t# te "o,!& ma! a* )$cke* T$k'a ,) a!*
)%ace* er o! $s so,%*ers# $! te same )os$t$o!
$! w$c I a* bee! carr"$!& er. Te!# w$to,t
a))are!t e++ort# e c%$mbe* te barr$ca*e. Re%$e'e*
o+ te b,r*e! o+ T$k'a# I s,ccee*e* $! scramb%$!&
o'er a+ter $m.
As soo! as I was o'er# te "o,!& ma! set o++
a%o!& te roa*FT$k'a st$%% o! $s so,%*ers a!*
m"se%+ +o%%ow$!& a +ew +eet be$!*. St$%% tr"$!& to
&ras) wat was a))e!$!&# I %ooke* more c%ose%" at
te "o,!& ma!. He was abo,t s$( +eet ta%%# wear$!&
a *ark s,$t o+ E,ro)ea! c,t. Certa$!%" e was !ot
a! Arab. He m$&t be @ew$s. Were a* e come
+rom1 How a* e a))eare* so s,**e!%" at m"
Te t$!& tat s,r)r$se* me most was T$k'as
bea'$or. Norma%%"# $+ a stra!&er tr$e* to )$ck er
,)# se wo,%* start to cr". B,t I a* !ot ear* o!e
m,rm,r +rom er s$!ce te "o,!& ma! )$cke* er
,). Se was r$*$!& I,st as co!te!te*%" o! $s
so,%*ers as se wo,%* a'e *o!e o! m$!e.
I!*ee*# se seeme* to be e!Io"$!& erse%+-
War in eaven
>or !ear%" a%+ a m$%e te "o,!& ma! stro*e
aea*. He !e'er es$tate* as to w$c roa* to
+o%%ow# b,t took te most *$rect ro,te to ;,srara.
Eac t$me we came to a barr$ca*e# e c%$mbe* $t
aea* o+ me# te! wa$te* o! te oter s$*e %o!&
e!o,& to make s,re tat I was sa+e%" o'er. >$!a%%"
e came to a a%t *$rect%" $! +ro!t o+ ;$ss Ratc%$++es
o,se# set T$k'a *ow! o! te street# t,r!e* aro,!*
a!* starte* back a%o!& te wa" b" w$c we a*
come. D,r$!& o,r wo%e e!co,!ter e a* !ot
s)oke! a s$!&%e wor*# e$ter o+ &reet$!& or o+
)art$!&. I! a m$!,te e was o,t o+ s$&t....
DHowe'er *$* "o, &et ere1E ;$ss Ratc%$++e
)ers$ste*.... I *escr$be* te Io,r!e" a!* te "o,!&
ma! wo a* come to m" a$*....
DGo* as a!swere* o,r )ra"ers- We aske* H$m
to se!* a! a!&e% to )rotect "o,# a!* s,re%" tat $s
wat He *$*-E
I! m" ow! +$rst co!tact w$t bor!5a&a$!
Cr$st$a!s# I was +re?,e!t%" a &,est w$t a +am$%"
tat ke)t a boar*$!&o,se $! Scarboro,& $!
0orks$re. Te" a* a! ,!marr$e* *a,&ter $! er
%ate twe!t$es wo m$&t a'e bee! *escr$be* as
Ds$m)%e.E O!e o+ er *omest$c cores was to carr"
te r,bb$s o,t o+ te back *oor to a s$*e street.
>rom t$me to t$me# a ma! wo,%* be wa$t$!& +or er.
He was 'er" we%% *resse* w$t a bow%er at a!* a
+a!c" wa$stcoat w$t a &o%* watc ca$!. He wo,%*
a!* er a certa$! s,m o+ mo!e"# w$c a%wa"s
e(act%" co'ere* some b$%% tat !ee*e* to be )a$*.
T$s we!t o! +or a %o!& )er$o*.
Te! o!e *a" as e a!*e* er te mo!e" e
sa$*# D>rom !ow o! "o, wo!t be !ee*$!& a!" more#E
w$c )ro'e* tr,e. B" tat t$me# te +am$%" $!come
a* r$se! to a %e'e% were $t co'ere* a%% te$r
$mme*$ate !ee*s.
Tese are I,st two o+ te )eo)%e I a'e
e!co,!tere* o'er te "ears wo a'e a* some k$!*
&nge)ic Beings
o+ co!tact w$t a!&e%s. I mea! a co!tact tat te"
were aware of. We ma" be s,re tat tese ,s,a%%"
$!'$s$b%e osts are ser'$!& Go* *a" a!* !$&t $! o,r
e messa&e a!* te m$!$str" o+ @es,s *$'$*e a%%
wo ear $!to o!e or te oter o+ two cate&or$es8
tose wo be%$e'e a!* obe" or tose wo reIect
a!* rebe%. T$s c%ea'a&e betwee! te obe*$e!t a!*
te rebe%%$o,s *$'$*es !ot o!%" ,ma! be$!&s b,t
a%so a!&e%s $!to two cate&or$es8 tose wo s,bm$t to
te Lor*s$) o+ @es,s a!* tose wo reIect H$m a!*
Te B$b%e &$'es 'ar$o,s e(am)%es o+ a!&e%s wo
are obe*$e!t to Go* a!* at war w$t a!&e%s $!
rebe%%$o! a&a$!st Go*. I! te e'e!ts *escr$be* $! te
book o+ Da!$e%# a!&e%s )%a" a *ec$s$'e ro%e. O!e oter
)ort$o! o+ Scr$)t,re tat &$'es )rom$!e!ce to a!&e%s
$s te book o+ Re'e%at$o!. To ,!*ersta!* te
messa&e o+ tese two books# $t $s $m)orta!t to
a))rec$ate te )art )%a"e* b" a!&e%s $! s)$r$t,a%
War in eaven
Certa$! a!&e%s a'e s)ec$+$c areas o+
res)o!s$b$%$t" a%%otte* to tem. T$s $s tr,e bot +or
te a!&e%s o+ Go* a!* +or te a!&e%s o+ Sata!. >or
e(am)%e# ;$cae% $s *escr$be* to Da!$e% as .the
great %rince who stands watch over the sons o#
your %eo%)e0 GDa!$e% /38/H.
Da!$e%Ms )eo)%e are# o+ co,rse# te !at$o! o+
Israe%. ;$cae%s res)o!s$b$%$t" +or Israe% co!t$!,e*
e'e! a+ter te" were e($%e* +rom te$r %a!* a!* st$%%
co!t$!,es to t$s *a". As I !ote* $! te %ast ca)ter#
we!e'er Scr$)t,re +oc,ses o! te m$!$str" o+ te
arca!&e% ;$cae%# we ma" sa+e%" co!c%,*e tat
Israe% $s ce!ter sta&e $! te e'e!ts o+ $stor" o!
We a'e a%so !ote* tat Sata! as a!&e%s to
wom e as a%%otte* certa$! areas o+ res)o!s$b$%$t".
0o, w$%% reca%% tat Da!$e% /<8/4 re+ers to .the
%rince o# the kingdo" o# 'ersia0 wo was a
sata!$c a!&e% ass$&!e* b" Sata! to e!+orce $s
),r)oses $! te !at$o! o+ Pers$a.
At t$mes# t$s br$!&s te a!&e%s o+ Go* a!* o+
Sata! $!to *$rect co!+%$ct w$t eac oter. I! t$s
co!te(t# o!e caracter$st$c e()ress$o! tat $s a))%$e*
to a!&e%s $s Dstand up.E >or $!sta!ce# $! Da!$e% //8/
te a!&e% comm,!$cat$!& w$t Da!$e% sa"s8 .&)so, in
the #irst year o# Darius the /ede, ! *the ange)
s%eaking+, even !, stood u' to con#ir" and
strengthen hi"0 Gem)as$s a**e*H.
A%so $! te !e(t ca)ter we rea*8 .&t that ti"e
/ichae) shall stand u', the great %rince who
stands watch over the sons o# your %eo%)e.... &nd
at that ti"e your %eo%)e sha)) be de)ivered0 G/38/#
em)as$s a**e*H.
We m$&t )era)s re!*er te )rase stand up
a%ter!at$'e%" as take a stand. I! certa$! s$t,at$o!s
&nge)s at War
Go*s a!&e%s take te$r sta!*# tat $s# te" a++$rm te
a,tor$t" tat Go* as comm$tte* to tem o'er a
certa$! terr$tor".
Tese a!&e%$c co!+%$cts are !o sma%% sk$rm$ses.
Te co!+%$ct betwee! Gabr$e% a!* te a!&e%s
o))os$!& $m %aste* 3/ *a"s. Wat wea)o!s *$* te"
em)%o"1 I ca!!ot +$!* a!" *eta$%e* *escr$)t$o! $!
Scr$)t,re# b,t m" $m)ress$o! $s tat Go*s a!&e%s *o
at %east tree t$!&s8
&f we really believe the things &f we really believe the things
we have proclaimed, then our we have proclaimed, then our
logical response would be to logical response would be to
offer praise without necessarily offer praise without necessarily
waiting to see their fulfillment. waiting to see their fulfillment.
/. Te" make )roc%amat$o!s.
3. Te" o++er )ra$se.
4. Te" wors$).
It &oes w$to,t sa"$!& tat Go*s )eo)%e# as we%%
as H$s a!&e%s# are ca%%e* to ,se tese t")es o+
/. ;ak$!& proclamation $s a +orm o+ s)$r$t,a%
war+are tat $s# ,!+ort,!ate%"# 'er" %$tt%e
,!*erstoo* $! most Cr$st$a! c$rc%es to*a". Its
e++ect $s to re%ease te a,tor$t" o+ Go*s Wor*
$!to a s$t,at$o!. It ma" be a s$t,at$o! $! o,r
)erso!a% %$'es# or $t ma" be a )o%$t$ca%
s$t,at$o!. Wate'er te s$t,at$o! ma" be#
tere $s !o more e++ect$'e wa" to re%ease te
)ower o+ Go* ta! b" mak$!& a! a))ro)r$ate
)roc%amat$o!. I w$%% ret,r! to te s,bIect o+
War in eaven
)roc%amat$o! $! a mome!t.
3. Proc%amat$o! $! t,r! so,%* be +o%%owe* b"
praise. I+ we rea%%" be%$e'e te t$!&s we a'e
)roc%a$me*# te! o,r %o&$ca% res)o!se wo,%*
be to o++er )ra$se w$to,t !ecessar$%" wa$t$!&
to see te$r +,%+$%%me!t.
4. Pra$se $! t,r! %ea*s !at,ra%%" $!to worship,
were we are !o %o!&er co!sc$o,s o+ te
)rob%ems we a'e bee! +ac$!& b,t are s$m)%"
take! ,) w$t Go* H$mse%+. Tr,e wors$) as
!o &oa% be"o!* Go*# b,t He H$mse%+ $s a%%5
War+are b" )roc%amat$o!# )era)s te %east
,!*erstoo* o+ te tree t")es o+ war+are# $s we%%
$%%,strate* b" te wa" tat @os,a %e* Israe% $!to
te$r $!er$ta!ce $! Ca!aa!. Te +$rst sata!$c
stro!&o%* tat e%* o,t a&a$!st tem was te c$t" o+
@er$co. To a'e ma*e a *$rect assa,%t ,)o! tose
we%%5*e+e!*e* wa%%s wo,%* a'e cost ma!"
cas,a%t$es. B,t Go* sowe* @os,a a *$++ere!t
strate&"8 united proclamation by /od.s people. T$s
was te wea)o! tat bro,&t *ow! te wa%%s o+
@er$co w$to,t a s$!&%e cas,a%t" to Israe%.
I+ we )$ct,re Go*s a!&e%s mak$!& )roc%amat$o!s#
we m$&t we%% ask# Wat k$!* o+ )roc%amat$o! wo,%*
be a))ro)r$ate +or tem to make1 I s,&&est tat te
esse!ce o+ a%% e++ect$'e )roc%amat$o! $s to ?,ote Go*s
ow! Wor* back to H$m.
O!e o+ te most ot%" co!teste* $ss,es at te
)rese!t t$me $s te r$&t to te %a!* o+ Israe%. A!
a))ro)r$ate )roc%amat$o!# tere+ore# +or te a!&e%
Gabr$e% to make $! t$s co!!ect$o! co,%* be take!
+rom te wor*s o+ ;oses $! E(o*,s 438/48
.2e"e"ber &braha", !saac, and !srae), ,our
servants, to who" ,ou swore by ,our own se)#,
and said to the", C! wi)) "u)ti%)y your
&nge)s at War
descendants as the stars o# heaven8 and all this
land that I have s'oken of I give to &our
descendants, and the& shall inherit it forever.EP
e"%hasis added
A%ter!at$'e%"# Gabr$e% co,%* rem$!* te Lor* o+
H$s ow! )rom$ses ma*e to @er,sa%em8
.;everthe)ess ! wi)) re"e"ber /y covenant with
you in the days o# your youth, and ! wi)) estab)ish
an ever)asting covenant with you0 GEBek$e% /989<H.
He co,%* *ec%are tat te )rom$se o+ te
,)b,$%*$!& o+ @er,sa%em $s c%ose%" re%ate* to @es,s
ret,r!8 .:or the Lord sha)) bui)d u% Iion8 e sha))
a%%ear in is g)ory0 GPsa%m /<38/9H.
Or e co,%* state tat Go* as a%so )rom$se* a!
eter!a% +,t,re to @er,sa%em8 .But Judah sha)) abide
#orever, and Jerusa)e" #ro" generation to
generation0 G@oe% 483<H.
Tese are e(am)%es o+ )os$t$'e# scr$)t,ra%
)roc%amat$o!s. B,t )roc%amat$o! $s a two5e*&e*
swor*. It ca! be ,se* e$ter +or or a&a$!st Go*.
Sata! we%% ,!*ersta!*s te )ower o+ )roc%amat$o!#
a!* e sees to $t tat ,ma!$t" $s bombar*e* w$t
)roc%amat$o!s +rom so,rces ,!*er $s co!tro%.
O!e s,c so,rce $s Is%am# w$c *er$'es m,c o+
$ts )ower +rom te )roc%amat$o!s tat $t re&,%ar%"
makes# bot !e&at$'e a!* )os$t$'e. >or $!sta!ce#
aro,!* te o,ts$*e o+ te Dome o+ te Rock $!
@er,sa%em# s$t,ate* o! wat was )re'$o,s%" te s$te
o+ te Tem)%e# a )roc%amat$o! wr$tte! $! Arab$c
*e%$berate%" reIects te c%a$ms o+ @es,s8 DGo* as !o
!ee* o+ a So!.E
>,rtermore# +$'e t$mes a *a"# e'er" *a"# +rom
e'er" ;,s%$m mos?,e $! te wor%*# te +o%%ow$!&
)roc%amat$o! &oes +ort8 DTere $s !o Go* b,t A%%a
a!* ;,amma* $s $s )ro)et.E T$s )roc%amat$o!
War in eaven
as bee! &o$!& o,t +$'e t$mes a *a" +or more ta!
/#7<< "ears. O!e *oes !ot !ee* a ca%c,%ator to
ascerta$! tat o'er te %ast +o,rtee! ce!t,r$es t$s
)roc%amat$o! as &o!e o,t b$%%$o!s o+ t$mes.
&n the mouth of /od's &n the mouth of /od's
servants,... the making of servants,... the making of
positive proclamations is one of positive proclamations is one of
the most powerful weapons that the most powerful weapons that
#e has given to #is people. #e has given to #is people.
Te area o+ te wor%* re&,%ar%" co'ere* b" t$s
)roc%amat$o! as bee! te ;$**%e East. T$s
e()%a$!s w" tere $s s,c a treme!*o,s%" stro!&
a!t$cr$st )ower o'er t$s area. It $s# $! +act# te
)r$mar" reaso! w" t$s sect$o! o+ ,ma!$t" as
bee! so stro!&%" res$sta!t to te c%a$ms o+ @es,s. It
$s a%so com)e%%$!& e'$*e!ce o+ te )ower o+
)roc%amat$o!# b,t ,!+ort,!ate%" $! t$s case# $t $s
)ower +or e'$% rater ta! +or &oo*.
Certa$! Wester! !at$o!s tat are comm$tte* to
re%$&$o,s %$bert" are )erm$tt$!& &reat !,mbers o+
;,s%$m mos?,es to be estab%$se* w$t$! te$r
I,r$s*$ct$o!s. T$s $s )art$c,%ar%" tr,e o+ Br$ta$!#
were !ew mos?,es are co!sta!t%" be$!&
E'er" !ew mos?,e t,s estab%$se* becomes a
ca!!e% +or te sta!*ar* Is%am$c )roc%amat$o!s.
Sec,%ar r,%ers *o !ot ,!*ersta!* te s)$r$t,a%
$m)act tat tese m,%t$)%$e* )roc%amat$o!s a'e
,)o! te$r )eo)%e. Br$t$s B$b%e teacer Da'$*
Pawso! as )re*$cte* tat Br$ta$! w$%% sort%"
become a! Is%am$c Re),b%$c.
&nge)s at War
I! te mo,t o+ Go*s ser'a!ts# owe'er# te
mak$!& o+ )os$t$'e )roc%amat$o!s $s o!e o+ te most
)ower+,% wea)o!s tat He as &$'e! to H$s )eo)%e. It
$s te Ho%" S)$r$t H$mse%+ wo &$'es ,s te bo%*!ess
to make s,c )roc%amat$o!s8
"he -'irit of the Lord $od is u'on ,e,
Because the Lord has anointed /e 5o %reach
good tidings to the %oor8 e has sent /e to hea)
the brokenhearted, 5o 'roclaim )iberty to the
ca%tives, &nd the o%ening o# the %rison to those
who are bound8 5o 'roclaim the acce%tab)e year
o# the Lord, &nd the day o# vengeance o# our
!saiah 71:1@H, e"%hasis added
As Go*s ser'a!ts# we a'e m,c "et to %ear!
abo,t te )ower o+ )roc%amat$o!# )ra$se a!*
wors$). We are o+te! so s%ow to &$'e H$m te &%or"
tat $s H$s *,e. I! a '$s$o! o+ m" m$!* I %ook +orwar*
to a *a" we! a%% tose wo a'e bee! b%esse* b"
Go* w$%% res)o!* b" &$'$!& H$m te &%or" *,e to H$m.
>rom e'er" co!t$!e!t a!* $s%a!* %o,* a!* I,b$%a!t
so!&s o+ )ra$se a!* ta!ks&$'$!& w$%% be asce!*$!&
to ea'e!. I *o be%$e'e tat we ca!!ot ca%c,%ate te
o'era%% $m)act o+ s,c )roc%amat$o!s. O!ce te eart
$s to,ce* b" te &%or" o+ Go* $! t$s wa"# $t w$%%
!e'er rema$! te same.
e twe%+t ca)ter o+ te book o+ Re'e%at$o!
*e)$cts )era)s te &reatest '$ctor" tat Go*s
)eo)%e w$%% a'e &a$!e* s$!ce @es,s wo! H$s
%o!e%" batt%e w$t e'$% o! te $%% o+ Go%&ota.
T$s ca)ter *e)$cts war o! two )%a!es as Sata!
co!+ro!ts Go*s )eo)%e w$t a *o,b%e ca%%e!&e. I!
te ea'e!%$es# Sata! a!* $s a!&e%s o))ose ;$cae%
a!* $s a!&e%s. O! eart# Sata! )o,rs o,t a stream
o+ b%as)emo,s acc,sat$o!s a&a$!st Cr$st$a!s#
ca%%e!&$!& te$r c%a$m to a'e bee! I,st$+$e*
Gre!*ere* r$&teo,sH tro,& te$r +a$t $! Cr$st#
acc,s$!& tem be+ore Go* *a" a!* !$&t.
I! res)o!se# as ser'a!ts o+ Cr$st# we are
e()ecte* to make +,%% ,se o+ te s)$r$t,a% wea)o!s
tat Go* as )ro'$*e* +or ,s. B,t te" become
e++ect$'e o!%" as we o)erate o,t o+ ,!$t". It $s
War in eaven
s$&!$+$ca!t tat te '$ctor" recor*e* ere comes to
Go*s )eo)%e o!%" we! te" are ,!$te* $! ea'e!
a!* o! eart# o))os$!& Sata! to&eter. H$stor"
re'ea%s tat Sata!s most e++ect$'e tact$c# a!* te
o!e e re%$es o! more ta! a!" oter# $s to br$!&
*$'$s$o! w$t$! te ra!ks o+ te )eo)%e o+ Go*.
As servants of Christ, we are As servants of Christ, we are
e%pected to make full use of the e%pected to make full use of the
spiritual weapons that /od has spiritual weapons that /od has
provided for us. provided for us.
As t$s a&e *raws to a c%ose# te s)$r$t,a% co!+%$ct
betwee! te +orces o+ Go* a!* te +orces o+ Sata!
becomes more $!te!se a!* e(te!*s tro,&o,t te
,!$'erse. To ,!*ersta!* wat t$s co!+%$ct re?,$res
o+ ,s o! eart# we !ee* to ask o,rse%'es8 !hy is
atan leveling accusations against us" !hat is his
Ob'$o,s%" $s ),r)ose $s to )ro'e ,s guilty. I! a%%
$s *ea%$!&s# Sata!s )r$mar" wea)o! $s &,$%t. I+ e
s,ccee*s $! )ro'$!& $s car&es a&a$!st ,s# te! we
!o %o!&er ?,a%$+" to rece$'e Go*s b%ess$!&s. Le+t to
o,rse%'es# we are !o matc $! s)$r$t,a% war+are w$t
Scr$)t,re ass,res ,s# owe'er# tat Go* as
&$'e! ,s te s)$r$t,a% wea)o!s tat are !ee*e* +or
t$s s)$r$t,a% war+are a!* te" are &,ara!tee* to
br$!& tota% '$ctor" $+ ,se* correct%".
:or though we wa)k in the #)esh, we do not
war according to the #)esh. :or the wea%ons o#
our war#are are not carna) but "ighty in God #or
%u))ing down strongho)ds, casting down
;ow <a)vation as Co"e1
argu"ents and every high thing that e(a)ts
itse)# against the know)edge o# God, bringing
every thought into ca%tivity to the obedience o#
H Corinthians 1B:4@5
Go* as &$'e! ,s wea)o!s tat are a))ro)r$ate
to o,r war+are. O,r war+are $s !ot car!a%F$t $s !ot $!
te )"s$ca% or mater$a% rea%m. Tere+ore# o,r
wea)o!s %$kew$se are !ot car!a% or mater$a%C te" are
!ot b,%%ets or &,!s# ta!ks or a$r)%a!es. Te" are
s)$r$t,a% wea)o!s +or s)$r$t,a% war+are.
I! 'erse 6# te a)ost%e Pa,% te%%s ,s tat tro,&
tese wea)o!s we ca! cast *ow! .every high thing
that e(a)ts itse)# against the know)edge o# God.??
Tat $s a! amaB$!& stateme!t- We co,%* rea* $t
ma!" t$mes w$to,t +,%%" a))rec$at$!& wat $t sa"s.
B,t Go* $s te%%$!& ,s tat tro,& te wea)o!s tat
He as comm$tte* to ,s# we ca! become H$s a&e!ts
to cast *ow! te o!e s,)reme%" $& t$!& tat
o))oses Go*s =$!&*om8 atan.s kingdom in the
Re'e%at$o! /38.52 *e)$cts a war $! ea'e! $!
w$c ;$cae% a!* $s a!&e%s are o))os$!& te *e'$%
a!* $s a!&e%s8
&nd war broke out in heaven: /ichae) and
his ange)s #ought with the dragon *<atan+8 and
the dragon and his ange)s #ought, but they did
not %revai), nor was a %)ace #ound #or the" in
heaven any )onger. <o the great dragon was cast
out, that ser%ent o# o)d, ca))ed the Devi) and
<atan, who deceives the who)e wor)d8 he was
cast to the earth, and his ange)s were cast out
with hi".
As I was )o!*er$!& te co!+%$ct *escr$be* abo'e# I
a* a '$'$* me!ta% )$ct,re o+ m"se%+ $! ea'e!. A%%
te ea'e!%" osts o+ Go* e!c$rc%e* H$s tro!e w$t
War in eaven
a s"m)o!" o+ )ra$se. Te!# abso%,te s$%e!ce.
S,**e!%"# te so!&s o+ Cr$st$a!s wors$)$!& o!
eart be&a! to r$se ,). B" co!trast w$t te 'o$ces o+
a!&e%s# te" so,!*e* )atet$c $! te$r weak!ess. 0et
I +e%t te" were mak$!& a! esse!t$a% co!tr$b,t$o! to
te ),r)oses o+ Go*.
>or some reaso!# m" m$!* carr$e* me back to te
+$'e "ears tat I s)e!t $! East A+r$ca. O!ce a&a$! I
ear* te wor*s o+ a Cr$st$a! cor,s tat we ,se*
to s$!& $! Swa$%$8 <guvu 8a sheitani 8imeshindwa,
mea!$!&# DTe )ower o+ Sata! as bee! co!?,ere*.E
A+ter aw$%e# I ear* te so,!* o+ robes r,st%$!&#
b,t I co,%* see !o '$s$b%e ca!&e $! te sce!e be+ore
m" e"es. Te r,st%$!& &rew %o,*er a!* %o,*er.
S,**e!%" I rea%$Be* tat te r,st%$!& so,!*
)rocee*e* +rom te &arme!ts o+ Sata!s a!&e%s
'acat$!& te$r abo*e $! ea'e!.
Te! a!oter so,!* broke $! ,)o! m" earsFa
%o,*# s,sta$!e* roar. It be&a! somewere o! te
%e'e% o+ ea'e! b,t &ra*,a%%" s)$ra%%e* *ow!war* to
te %e'e% o+ eart. At +$rst $t seeme* to e()ress sa'a&e
ra&e# b,t as $t *esce!*e* %ower a!* %ower# $ts to!e
&ra*,a%%" ca!&e* to a&o!"Fa! a&o!" so *ee)# $t
co,%* !ot be e()resse* $! wor*s.
S,**e!%" I ,!*erstoo* te s$&!$+$ca!ce o+ wat I
was ear$!&. It was !o!e oter ta! te 'o$ce o+
Sata! $mse%+ as e was com)e%%e* to &$'e ,) $s
tro!e $! ea'e! a!* to take ,) a !ew abo*e o! te
%e'e% o+ eart.
Scr$)t,re $!*$cates tat ,) to te )rese!t t$me
Sata! a!* $s a!&e%s a'e reta$!e* a )os$t$o! $!
ea'e!. It w$%% o!%" be as a res,%t o+ te +,t,re
co!+%$ct *escr$be* abo'e tat te" w$%% +$!a%%" be
e'$cte* +rom te ea'e!%$es a!* cast *ow! to te
B,t t$s w$%% !ot be a co!+%$ct o!%" o+ a!&e%s. Te
;ow <a)vation as Co"e1
be%$e'ers o! eart w$%% a%so a'e te$r )art to )%a"8
.&nd they *the be)ievers on earth+ overca"e hi"
*<atan+ by the b)ood o# the La"b and by the word
o# their testi"ony, and they did not )ove their
)ives to the death0 G'erse //H.
It $s $m)orta!t +or ,s to reco&!$Be tat te '$ctor"
$! t$s co!+%$ct a&a$!st Sata!s k$!&*om w$%% o!%"
come tro,& a Io$!t act$o! b" Go*s a!&e%s $!
ea'e! a!* te be%$e'ers o! eart. T$s ca%%e!&es
,s to ask weter or !ot we o! eart are se!s$t$'e to
wat $s tak$!& )%ace $! ea'e! a!* rea*" to )%a" o,r
Co,%* $t be sa$* o+ ,s as Cr$st$a!s o! eart8
DTe" *$* !ot %o'e te$r %$'es to te *eatE1 T$s
*escr$bes total commitment. P$ct,re "o,rse%+
co!+ro!te* b" a s$t,at$o! $! w$c "o, a'e o!%" two
a%ter!at$'es8 to lay down your life or to renege on
your testimony to :esus. W$c wo,%* "o, coose1
>or te k$!* o+ be%$e'ers *escr$be* $! Re'e%at$o!
/38//# $t $s more $m)orta!t to *o te w$%% o+ @es,s
ta! to o%* o! to %$+e.
Te comme!t tat +o%%ows t$s acco,!t o+ Sata!
be$!& cast o,t o+ ea'e! $!*$cates tat $t w$%% take
)%ace c%ose to te e!* o+ te )rese!t *$s)e!sat$o!.
.5here#ore reFoice, = heavens, and you who
dwe)) in the"1 Woe to the inhabitants o# the
earth and the sea1 :or the devi) has co"e down
to you, having great wrath, because he knows
that he has a short ti"e.0
verse 1H
Some )eo)%e rea*$!& t$s acco,!t o+ Sata! be$!&
cast o,t o+ ea'e! a'e ass,me* tat te e'e!ts
*escr$be* m,st a'e +o%%owe* $mme*$ate%" a+ter
Cr$sts *eat a!* res,rrect$o!. Accor*$!& to te
*escr$)t$o! &$'e! ere# owe'er# t$s ca!!ot be tr,e#
beca,se at t$s )o$!t te *e'$% k!ows he has but a
War in eaven
short time. Two to,sa!* "ears a'e e%a)se* s$!ce
te *eat a!* res,rrect$o! o+ @es,s. T$s co,%* !ot
be *escr$be* as a Dsort t$me.E
&t is the blood of :esus that &t is the blood of :esus that
gives us the victory;but only gives us the victory;but only
as we learn to testify about it. as we learn to testify about it.
To te co!trar"# te *escr$)t$o! o+ tese e'e!ts
&$'e! ere $!*$cates tat te" w$%% occ,r 'er" !ear to
te c%ose o+ te )rese!t *$s)e!sat$o!# !ot to $ts
o)e!$!& two to,sa!* "ears a&o.
O+ a%% o,r co!+%$cts w$t Sata!# t$s $s %$ke%" to
)ro'e te +$ercest a!* most e(act$!&. At t$s )o$!t e
w$%% reco&!$Be tat $s t$me $s sort. At $ts co!c%,s$o!
e $s +,%%" aware tat e w$%% be co!+$!e* $! te
bottom%ess )$t# as *escr$be* $! Re'e%at$o! 3<8/548
5hen ! saw an ange) co"ing down #ro"
heaven, having the key to the botto")ess %it
and a great chain in his hand. e )aid ho)d o#
the dragon, that ser%ent o# o)d, who is the Devi)
and <atan, and bound hi" #or a thousand years8
and he cast hi" into the botto")ess %it, and
shut hi" u%.
E'e! te bottom%ess )$t# owe'er# $s !ot Sata!s
+$!a% *est$!at$o!. Be"o!* t$s# $s ,%t$mate a!*
eter!a% *est$!" $s +$!a%%" *$sc%ose* $! 'erse /< o+ te
same ca)ter8
5he devi), who deceived the", was cast into
the lake of fire and bri"stone where the beast
and the #a)se %ro%het are. &nd they wi)) be
tor"ented day and night #orever and ever.
e"%hasis added
;ow <a)vation as Co"e1
Tere $s o!e +,rter e(treme%" $m)orta!t +act
co!ta$!e* $! Re'e%at$o! /38//. It re'ea%s te
wea)o!s b" w$c te be%$e'ers o! eart ac$e'e
'$ctor"8 the blood of the +amb and the word of their
testimony. Te Lamb# o+ co,rse# $s .the La"b o# God
who takes away the sin o# the wor)d0Fte Lor*
@es,s Cr$st G@o! /832H.
It $s te b%oo* o+ @es,s tat &$'es ,s te '$ctor"F
b,t o!%" as we %ear! to test$+" abo,t $t. It $s o,r
test$mo!" tat re%eases $ts )ower. T$s )%aces a
c%ear# )ract$ca% res)o!s$b$%$t" o! a%% o+ ,s8 As
believers, we must testify personally to what the !ord
says that the blood of :esus does for us.
Pera)s te &reatest s$!&%e )$ct,re $! te O%*
Testame!t o+ te b%oo* o+ Cr$st a!* $ts )ower $s te
sacr$+$ce o+ te Passo'er %amb $!st$t,te* +or te
Israe%$tes w$%e te" were $! E&")t. Go* ma*e e'er"
Israe%$te +ater res)o!s$b%e to se%ect a!* k$%% a %amb
a!* to a))%" $ts b%oo* to $s ome. T$s $s ow $t was
to be *o!e8
.;ow you sha)) kee% it *the )a"b+ unti) the
#ourteenth day o# the sa"e "onth. 5hen the
who)e asse"b)y o# the congregation o# !srae)
sha)) ki)) it at twi)ight. &nd they sha)) take so"e
o# the b)ood and %ut it on the two door%osts and
on the )inte) o# the houses where they eat it.0
N(odus 1H:7@7
I! te +o%%ow$!& 'erses# Go* e()%a$!s to te
)eo)%e o+ Israe% w" t$s $s !ecessar"8
.:or ! wi)) %ass through the )and o# Ngy%t on
that night, and wi)) strike a)) the #irstborn in the
)and o# Ngy%t, both "an and beast8 and against
a)) the gods o# Ngy%t ! wi)) e(ecute Fudg"ent: !
a" the Lord. ;ow the b)ood sha)) be a sign #or
you on the houses where you are. &nd when !
see the b)ood, ! wi)) %ass over you8 and the
War in eaven
%)ague sha)) not be on you to destroy you when !
strike the )and o# Ngy%t.0
verses 1H@14
Go* &a'e e(act *eta$%s o+ ow te b%oo* was to be
a))%$e*. It $s ob'$o,s tat $+ "o, s$m)%" k$%% a %amb
o,t $! te o)e!# $ts b%oo* w$%% )o,r o,t ,)o! te
&ro,!* a!* !ot be )reser'e* +or a!" s)ec$a%
),r)ose. Scr$)t,re makes $t c%ear tat we! te
Passo'er %amb was k$%%e*# $ts b%oo* was to be ca,&t
care+,%%" $! a bas$! so tat $t co,%* be a))ro)r$ate%"
5hen /oses ca))ed #or a)) the e)ders o# !srae)
and said to the", .'ick out and take )a"bs #or
yourse)ves according to your #a"i)ies, and ki))
the 'assover )a"b. &nd you sha)) take a bunch
o# hysso%, di% it in the b)ood that is in the
basin, and strike the )inte) and the two
door%osts with the b)ood that is in the basin.
&nd none o# you sha)) go out o# the door o# his
house unti) "orning.0
verses H1@HH
Te )rotect$o! +or Israe% was o!%" tro,& te
b%oo* o+ te %amb. Te" were !ot sa'e* beca,se te"
were Israe%$tesC !at,ra% *esce!t +rom Abraam *$*
!ot )rotect tem. Te o!%" t$!& tat )rotecte* tem
was meet$!& Go*s re?,$reme!ts w$t te b%oo* o+
te %amb.
We! te %amb was k$%%e* a!* $ts b%oo* was
ca,&t $! a bas$!# te! te sacr$+$ce was com)%ete#
a!* te b%oo* was a'a$%ab%e. Howe'er# as %o!& as te
b%oo* rema$!e* $! te bas$! $t *$* !ot )rotect a
s$!&%e Israe%$te +am$%". Te" co,%* a%% a'e k$%%e* a
%amb a!* ca,&t te b%oo* b,t %e+t $t $! te bas$!.
Te same I,*&me!t tat came ,)o! te E&")t$a!s
wo,%* a'e come ,)o! tem.
Go* re?,$re* te Israe%$tes to tra!s+er te b%oo*
;ow <a)vation as Co"e1
+rom te bas$! to te most co!s)$c,o,s )%ace $!
e'er" Israe%$te ome8 te +ro!t *oor. It a* to be
a))%$e* to te *oorFto te %$!te% a!* to bot s$*e
)osts o! te o,ts$*e were $t co,%* be )%a$!%" '$s$b%e
to a!"o!e wo )asse* b".
Tere was# owe'er# o!e )%ace to w$c te b%oo*
was !e'er a))%$e*8 te treso%*. No Israe%$te was
e'er )erm$tte* to tram)%e o! tat sacre* b%oo*.
Go* sa$*# .When ! see the b)ood u%on the )inte)
and on the door%osts, then I will 'ass over &ou
and ! wi)) not a))ow the destroyer to enter into
you0 Gsee 'erse 34H. Tat $s w" te ceremo!" $s
ca%%e* DPasso'er.E
'here is total, perfect protection 'here is total, perfect protection
in the blood of the +amb, the in the blood of the +amb, the
+ord :esus Christ. +ord :esus Christ.
O!%" we! te b%oo* was tra!s+erre* +rom te
bas$! to te *oor *$* $t )rotect te Israe%$te +am$%"
tat %$'e* $!s$*e tat o,se. A%% t$s *e)$cts wat $s
ma*e a'a$%ab%e to ,s tro,& te sacr$+$ce o+ @es,s#
wo $! / Cor$!t$a!s 48. $s act,a%%" ca%%e* Do,r
Passo'erE8 .:or indeed Christ, our 'assover, was
sacri#iced #or us.0
@es,s as te Lamb o+ Go* $s ere $*e!t$+$e* w$t
te Passo'er %amb tat was k$%%e* $! E&")t. Te
)o$!t tat !ee*s to be em)as$Be* a!* tat $s o+
'$ta% )erso!a% $m)orta!ce +or eac o+ ,s $s tat te
LambF@es,sFas a%rea*" bee! sacr$+$ce*. H$s
b%oo* as a%rea*" bee! se*. To carr" te a!a%o&"
tro,& +rom te O%* Testame!t to te New
Testame!t# te b%oo* $! te bas$! *e)$cts @es,s
War in eaven
b%oo* a%rea*" se* +or ,s.
B,t I,st as te b%oo* $! te bas$! )rotecte* !o
Israe%$te $! E&")t# te +act tat Cr$st as *$e* a!*
se* H$s b%oo* o! te cross )rotects !o o!e !ow.
Tere are !o be!e+$ts to a!" o+ ,s mere%" beca,se o+
te +act tat Cr$st *$e* a!* se* H$s b%oo*. I! te
%a!* o+ E&")t# te Israe%$tes a* to transfer te b%oo*
+rom te bas$! to te$r ow! omes# te$r ow!
s$t,at$o!s# te )%aces were te" %$'e*# te )%aces o+
!ee*. O!%" we! te b%oo* was tra!s+erre* a!*
a))%$e* $! t$s wa" *$* $t become e++ect$'e.
Te same )r$!c$)%e a))%$es to "o, a!* me. We
be%$e'e $! @es,s Cr$st# we be%$e'e He $s te Lamb o+
Go*# we be%$e'e H$s b%oo* as bee! se* a!* tat
e'er"t$!& we !ee*F+,%% sa%'at$o!F$s a'a$%ab%e
tro,& H$s b%oo*. B,t as %o!& as te b%oo* rema$!s
D$! te bas$!#E $t *oes !ot *o a!" o+ ,s a!" &oo*. It $s
a )ote!t$a% b%ess$!&# b,t ,!t$% $t $s e++ect$'e%" a))%$e*#
$t ac$e'es !ot$!& )os$t$'e.
We a'e see! tat ,!*er te O%* Co'e!a!t Go*
&a'e Israe% o!%" o!e mea!s to tra!s+er te b%oo* to
te )%ace were $t was !ee*e*8 a b,!c o+ "sso).
Tere $s !ot$!& bea,t$+,% or roma!t$c abo,t "sso).
It &rows a%most e'er"were $! te ;$**%e East a!* $s
as rea*$%" a'a$%ab%e to te )oor as to te r$c. Te
Israe%$tes a* to )%,ck te "sso)# *$) $t $! te b%oo*
$! te bas$! a!* te! str$ke $t a&a$!st te *oorFte
%$!te% a!* te *oor)osts o+ te$r omes. I! t$s wa"#
te b%oo* was tra!s+erre* +rom te bas$! to te
I! te New Co'e!a!t# we *o !ot ,se "sso). B,t
Go* as &$'e! ,s somet$!& tat corres)o!*s to te
"sso). Wat makes te b%oo* a'a$%ab%e a!*
e++ect$'e $! o,r %$'es# $! o,r s$t,at$o!s1 Te a!swer
$s +o,!* $! Re'e%at$o! /38//8 .&nd they overca"e
hi" *the accuser+ by the b)ood o# the La"b and
;ow <a)vation as Co"e1
by the word o# their testimon& Gem)as$s a**e*H.
:esus won the victory for us at :esus won the victory for us at
Calvary, but salvation has not Calvary, but salvation has not
yet come to us personally until yet come to us personally until
we have fulfilled the scriptural we have fulfilled the scriptural
conditions and applied #is conditions and applied #is
victory in our own lives. victory in our own lives.
We! I test$+" abo,t te b%oo*# I am a))%"$!& $t to
m" s$t,at$o!. ;" test$+"$!& abo,t te b%oo* $! te
New Co'e!a!t $s e(act%" a!a%o&o,s to te Israe%$
+ater $! te O%* Co'e!a!t *$))$!& te "sso) $! te
bas$! a!* str$k$!& $t o! te *oor)osts o+ $s ome.
We! te b%oo* was a))%$e* $! t$s wa"# $ts
)rotect$o! was )er+ect.
So $t $s w$t "o, a!* me. Tere $s tota%# )er+ect
)rotect$o! $! te b%oo* o+ te Lamb# te Lor* @es,s
Cr$st. B,t $t )rotects !o!e o+ ,s ,!t$% $t $s a))%$e*.
A!t$% we %ear! to test$+" )erso!a%%" to wat te Wor*
o+ Go* sa"s tat te b%oo* o+ @es,s *oes +or ,s# we
a'e !o be!e+$ts +rom te b%oo*. A%% o,r be%$e'$!&
*oes !ot ca!&e a!"t$!& ,!t$% we comb$!e $t w$t
o,r )erso!a% test$mo!".
Te mome!t we be&$! to test$+"# owe'er# Sata!
w$%% t,r! %oose e'er"t$!& e as to +r$&te! ,s# to
make ,s +ee% s"# embarrasse* a!* asame*. He w$%%
*o a!"t$!& e ca! to )re'e!t ,s +rom com$!& o,t
w$t a c%ear# bo%*# scr$)t,ra% test$mo!" to te b%oo*
o+ @es,s. B,t we! we *o test$+"# we take o%* o+ a
wea)o! a&a$!st w$c Sata! as !o *e+e!se. Te
Passo'er b%oo* re)e%%e* te *estro"er a!* e was !ot
a%%owe* a!" access to te +am$%" se%tere* be$!* $t.
War in eaven
Te b%oo* o+ @es,s $s I,st as e++ect$'e +or ,s to*a".
B,t remember I,st o!e $m)orta!t +act abo,t te
be%$e'ers *escr$be* $! Re'e%at$o! /38//8 .5hey did
not )ove their )ives to the death.0 Wo,%* tat be
tr,e o+ "o, a!* me1
Re'e%at$o! /38/< *e)$cts te '$ctor" tat $s
wa$t$!& +or ,s as be%$e'ers8
5hen ! heard a )oud voice saying in heaven,
.;ow sa)vation, and strength, and the kingdo"
o# our God, and the %ower o# is Christ have
co"e, #or the accuser o# our brethren, who
accused the" be#ore our God day and night, has
been cast down.0
A%% ea'e! $s wa$t$!& +or ,s to w$! t$s '$ctor".
Sa%'at$o! $s a%rea*" )ro'$*e* +or ,s b" @es,s. B,t $t
*oes !ot come e()er$e!t$a%%" ,!t$% we a'e ma*e $t
work $! o,r %$'es. O!%" te! *oes ea'e! res)o!*
a!* sa"# 0/ow has co"e sa)vation.0
Te same $s tr,e $! te %$+e o+ te $!*$'$*,a%
be%$e'er. @es,s wo! te '$ctor" +or ,s at Ca%'ar"# b,t
sa%'at$o! as !ot "et come to ,s )erso!a%%" ,!t$% we
a'e +,%+$%%e* te scr$)t,ra% co!*$t$o!s a!* a))%$e*
H$s '$ctor" $! o,r ow! %$'es.
T$s $s tr,e bot +or Go*s )eo)%e co%%ect$'e%" a!*
+or eac o+ ,s as $!*$'$*,a%s. Sa%'at$o! as !ot come
,!t$% te )ower o+ te b%oo* o+ @es,s as act,a%%"
bee! re%ease* to *o $ts work $! ,s. O!%" te! ca! we
tr,%" sa"# ./ow sa)vation has co"e.0
I+ we are to o'ercome Sata! b" test$+"$!&
)erso!a%%" to wat te Wor* sa"s te b%oo* *oes +or
,s# o!e esse!t$a% re?,$reme!t $s tat we m,st know
wat te Wor* sa"s abo,t te b%oo*. Oterw$se# we
a'e !o test$mo!".
T$s w$%% be te teme o+ o,r !e(t ca)ter.
e! I came to ,!*ersta!* ow '$ta% $t $s to
ma$!ta$! a co!s$ste!t )erso!a% test$mo!"
abo,t te b%oo* o+ @es,s# I was mot$'ate* to
searc tro,& te Scr$)t,res a!* see wat t$s
re?,$re* o+ me. I am &o$!& to sare w$t "o, +$'e
)assa&es tat I a'e +o,!* es)ec$a%%" e++ect$'e.
Te +$rst Scr$)t,re $s E)es$a!s /8.8 .!n i"
*Christ+ we have rede"%tion through is b)ood,
the #orgiveness o# sins, according to the riches o#
is grace.0
>$rst o+ a%%# to rece$'e tese be!e+$ts we m,st be
in Christ. T$s mea!s com$!& to te e!* o+ o,rse%'es
a!* mak$!& a! ,!reser'e* comm$tme!t to @es,s.
War in eaven
Te! we! we are $! Cr$st# we a'e re*em)t$o!
tro,& H$s b%oo*. 'o redeem mea!s Dto b," back#
to )a" a ra!som )r$ce.E We were $! te a!*s o+ te
*e'$%C we were Sata!s s%a'es. B,t o! te cross @es,s
)a$* te ra!som )r$ce o+ H$s b%oo* to b," ,s back to
T$s $s co!+$rme* a%so $! / Peter /8/:5/28
... knowing that you were not redee"ed with
corru%tib)e things, )ike si)ver or go)d, #ro" your
ai")ess conduct received by tradition #ro" your
#athers, but with the %recious b)ood o# Christ, as
o# a )a"b without b)e"ish and without s%ot.
Be+ore we came to Cr$st# we +o%%owe* a! ,!&o*%"
wa" o+ %$'$!&# e'e! to,& we ma" a'e )ract$ce*
re%$&$o,s c,stoms. We were $! te &r$) o+ Sata!# we
were ,!*er co!*em!at$o! beca,se o+ o,r s$!s a!*
we were o)e! to te attacks o+ te *e'o,rer a!* te
B,t we were bo,&t back- How1 O!%" b" te
)rec$o,s b%oo* o+ @es,s Cr$st as te sacr$+$c$a%
Lamb o+ Go*. He was w$to,t b%em$s# tat $s
w$to,t or$&$!a% s$!# a!* w$to,t s)ot# tat $s
w$to,t )erso!a% s$!. He was te s$!%ess Lamb o+
Go* ,)o! wom te s$!s o+ te wor%* were %a$*. It $s
o!%" tro,& H$s b%oo* tat we are re*eeme*. No
oter )r$ce co,%* )a" +or o,r re*em)t$o!.
How te! *oes Go* e()ect ,s to res)o!*1 .Let
the redee"ed o# the Lord sa& so, who" e has
redee"ed #ro" the hand o# the ene"y0 GPsa%m
/<.83# em)as$s a**e*H.
Go* e()ects ,s to make a bo%* *ec%arat$o!. We
are to say tat we a'e bee! re*eeme*. T$s
Scr$)t,re a%so c%ar$+$es +rom wom we a'e bee!
re*eeme*. We a'e bee! re*eeme* +rom te a!* o+
te e!em". Wo $s te e!em"1 Accor*$!& to
By the B)ood o# the La"b
Scr$)t,re# te *e'$% $s o,r a*'ersar". We were $! te
a!* o+ te *e'$%# b,t we were bo,&t o,t o+ $s
a!* b" te b%oo* o+ @es,s.
Wat $s o,r test$mo!"# te!# $! te %$&t o+
E)es$a!s /8. a!* Psa%m /<.831
'hrough the blood of :esus, & am redeemed out of
the hand of the devil.
Te more "o, co!+ess t$s# te more e++ect$'e $t
becomes $! "o,r %$+e- ;ak$!& t$s co!+ess$o! $s te
same as str$k$!& te b%oo* o! te *oor)osts o+ "o,r
:orgiveness o# <ins
E)es$a!s /8. makes a seco!* stateme!t abo,t
te b%oo*8 .!n i" *Christ+ we have... the
#orgiveness o# sins, according to the riches o# is
A!oter t$!& ),rcase* +or ,s# tere+ore# b" te
b%oo* o+ @es,s $s te +or&$'e!ess o+ o,r s$!s. T$s
a&rees w$t wat @es,s sa$* at te Last S,))er as
He &a'e H$s *$sc$)%es te c,)# w$c was te
emb%em o+ H$s b%oo*8 .:or this is /y b)ood o# the
new covenant, which is shed #or "any #or the
re"ission *#orgiveness+ o# sins0 G;attew 3983:H.
I! Hebrews 2833 t$s $s co!+$rme*8 .&nd
according to the )aw a)"ost a)) things are %uri#ied
with b)ood, and without shedding o# b)ood there
is no re"ission *#orgiveness+.0
Te b%oo* o+ @es,s was se* tat o,r s$!s m$&t
be +or&$'e!. I! E)es$a!s /8.# Pa,% makes tese two
t$!&s coe(te!s$'e8
Re*em)t$o! tro,& te b%oo* o+ @es,s.
Te +or&$'e!ess o+ s$!s.
War in eaven
T,s# $t $s 'er" $m)orta!t to ,!*ersta!* tat we
a'e te +,%% %e&a% r$&ts o+ re*em)t$o! o!%" $!so+ar
as o,r s$!s are +or&$'e!. I+ a%% o,r s$!s are +or&$'e!#
we a'e te tota% r$&ts o+ re*em)t$o!. B,t $+ we
a'e ,!co!+esse* or ,!+or&$'e! s$! $! o,r %$'es# $!
tat area we *o !ot a'e te +,%% %e&a% r$&ts o+
re*em)t$o!. Sata! st$%% as a c%a$m $! tat area.
I a'e )ro'e* t$s ma!" t$mes we! m$!$ster$!&
to tose wo !ee* *e%$'era!ce +rom e'$% s)$r$ts. I+
Sata! as a %e&$t$mate c%a$m a&a$!st a )erso!# e
w$%% !ot &$'e $t ,). 0o, ca! so,t $! $s +ace# "o, ca!
+ast +or a week# "o, ca! s,mmo! te most a!o$!te*
)reacer# "o, ca! *o wate'er "o, %$ke# b,t $t w$%%
!ot ca!&e te *e'$% beca,se e k!ows tat e as a
%e&a% c%a$m $! tat area.
I wa!t to me!t$o! a!oter commo! wa" $! w$c
be%$e'ers &$'e Sata! a %e&a% c%a$m $! te$r ow! %$'es8
te$r +a$%,re to +or&$'e oters. A+ter teac$!& H$s
*$sc$)%es te Lor*s Pra"er# @es,s +o%%ows ,) w$t
t$s war!$!&8
.:or i# you #orgive "en their tres%asses,
your heaven)y :ather wi)) a)so #orgive you. But
i# you do not #orgive "en their tres%asses,
neither wi)) your :ather #orgive your
/atthew 7:16@15
We are !ot e!t$t%e* to c%a$m +or&$'e!ess +rom
Go* abo'e te meas,re $! w$c we +or&$'e
oters. Tere+ore# $+ tere $s a!" )erso! wom
we a'e !ot tota%%" +or&$'e!# $! tat meas,re#
corres)o!*$!&%"# we are !ot +or&$'e! o+ Go*.
Tat area o+ ,!+or&$'e!ess $! o,r %$'es $s o!e $!
w$c Sata! st$%% as a %e&a% c%a$m. We ca!!ot
*$s%o*&e $m ,!t$% we a'e ca!ce%e* $s c%a$m b"
+or&$'$!& te )erso! or )erso!s wom we !ee* to
By the B)ood o# the La"b
Remember# re*em)t$o! $s coe(te!s$'e w$t te
+or&$'e!ess o+ o,r s$!s. I+ a%% o,r s$!s are +or&$'e!#
te! we a'e te tota% r$&ts o+ re*em)t$o!. Sata!
as !o %e&a% c%a$m o,tsta!*$!& a&a$!st ,s. B,t $+ s$!
as !ot bee! *ea%t w$t $! some area $! o,r %$'es#
Sata! st$%% as a %e&a% c%a$m $! tat area. No matter
ow a!o$!te* te m$!$ster ma" be wom we ask to
)ra" +or ,s# te *e'$% w$%% !ot be *$s%o*&e* beca,se
e k!ows e as a %e&a% r$&t to occ,)" tat
terr$tor". Te *e'$% $s a %e&a% e()ert. It $s esse!t$a%#
tere+ore# tat we k!ow Go*s co!*$t$o!s +or tota%
+or&$'e!ess# a!* tat we a'e met tem.
&f all our sins are forgiven, we &f all our sins are forgiven, we
have the total rights of have the total rights of
redemption. (ut if we have redemption. (ut if we have
unconfessed or unforgiven sin unconfessed or unforgiven sin
in our lives, in that area we do in our lives, in that area we do
not have the full legal rights of not have the full legal rights of
redemption. atan still has a redemption. atan still has a
claim in that area. claim in that area.
To s,m ,) o,r te(t $! E)es$a!s /8.# t$s %ea*s
,s to two co!c%,s$o!s8 O!e# we m,st be w$%%$!& to
co!+ess a!* re!o,!ce a%% o+ o,r s$!sC a!*# two# we
m,st be w$%%$!& to +or&$'e tota%%" a%% )erso!s wo
a'e e'er tres)asse* a&a$!st ,s# arme* ,s or
wro!&e* ,s.
Te! a!* o!%" te! ca! o,r seco!* test$mo!" be8
'hrough the blood of :esus, all my sins are
War in eaven
Te t$r* stateme!t abo,t te b%oo* $s +o,!* $! /
@o! /8.8 .But i# we wa)k in the )ight as e is in
the )ight, we have #e))owshi% with one another,
and the b)ood o# Jesus Christ is <on c)eanses us
#ro" a)) sin.0
T$s )assa&e re'ea%s tree t$!&s tat are bo,!*
to&eter $! te Wor* o+ Go* a!* tat ca!!ot be
se)arate*. Tese are8
Wa%k$!& $! te %$&t.
>e%%ows$) o!e w$t a!oter.
C%ea!s$!& b" te b%oo* o+ @es,s.
I a'e *ea%t w$t scores o+ )eo)%e wo c%a$me*
te c%ea!s$!& a!* )rotect$o! o+ te b%oo*# b,t wo
*$* !ot %ea* te k$!* o+ %$+e tat e!t$t%e* tem to
rece$'e $t. Accor*$!& to t$s 'erse# te b%oo* o+ @es,s
Cr$st c%ea!s$!& ,s $s a co!se?,e!ce tat +o%%ows
a+ter we a'e met a co!*$t$o! $!tro*,ce* b" te
wor* if8 0If we are wa)king in the )ight.0 Te! two
res,%ts +o%%ow8 >$rst# we a'e +e%%ows$) o!e w$t
a!oter a!*# seco!*# te b%oo* o+ @es,s
c%ea!ses ,s +rom a%% s$!.
Certa$! %o&$ca% co!c%,s$o!s +o%%ow8 I+ we are !ot
wa%k$!& $! +e%%ows$) w$t o,r +e%%ow be%$e'ers# tat
$s e'$*e!ce tat we are !ot wa%k$!& $! te %$&t. A!*
$+ we are !ot wa%k$!& $! te %$&t# a&a$!# %o&$ca%%"# $t
+o%%ows tat we ca!!ot c%a$m te c%ea!s$!& o+ te
b%oo* o+ @es,s. So we come to t$s co!c%,s$o!8 I+ we
are o,t o+ +e%%ows$)# we are o,t o+ te %$&t. A!* $+
we are o,t o+ te %$&t# te b%oo* !o %o!&er c%ea!ses
,s. Te b%oo* o+ @es,s c%ea!ses o!%" $! te %$&t.
A!+ort,!ate%"# ma!" Cr$st$a!s *ece$'e
temse%'es abo,t te$r r$&t o+ access to te b%oo*.
By the B)ood o# the La"b
Te" kee) ?,ot$!& te %atter )art o+ / @o! /8.# b,t
$! ma!" cases te" a'e !e'er +,%+$%%e* te co!*$t$o!
)rece*e* b" DifE8 wa%k$!& $! te %$&t as He $s $! te
T,s# te e'$*e!ce tat we are wa%k$!& $! te
%$&t $s tat we are $! +e%%ows$) o!e w$t a!oter8
O,t o+ +e%%ows$)# o,t o+ te %$&t. O,t o+ te %$&t#
!o %o!&er ,!*er te c%ea!s$!& o+ te b%oo* o+ @es,s.
>e%%ows$) $s two5*$rect$o!a%. >$rst# w$t Go*
a!*# seco!*# w$t o,r +e%%ow be%$e'ers. T$s makes
+e%%ows$) w$t Go*# a!* w$t o!e a!oter# o+ ,!$?,e
s$&!$+$ca!ce $! o,r %$'es. Te c%oser o,r +e%%ows$)#
te br$&ter te %$&t. As we mat,re $! Cr$st# we
come to a )%ace were tere are !o %o!&er a!"
sa*ows# !o *ark cor!ers# !ot$!& swe)t ,!*er te
r,&# !ot$!& co'ere* ,). Tat $s a 'er" +r$&te!$!&
)%ace +or te !at,ra% ma!- It $s a )%ace o+
transparency. B,t tat $s te o!%" )%ace were te
b%oo* o+ @es,s com)%ete%" +,%+$%%s $ts +,!ct$o! o+
c%ea!s$!&. To c%a$m te c%ea!s$!& o+ te b%oo* o+
@es,s w$to,t +,%+$%%$!& tese )r$or co!*$t$o!s $s to
make te b%oo* cea)# a!* te b%oo* o+ @es,s $s !ot
cea). It $s te most )rec$o,s t$!& $! te ,!$'erse.
;" *ear broter or s$ster# "o, a'e !o a%ter!at$'e
b,t to come to te %$&t. Wat *oes $t mea! to come
to te %$&t1 Co!+ess "o,r s$!s# +$rst to Go* a!* te!
to a!" )erso! a&a$!st wom "o, a'e s$!!e*. Br$!&
e'er"t$!& o,t $!to te o)e!.
Is tat a *$++$c,%t t$!& +or )eo)%e to *o1 Te
a!swer $s "es- Te %$&t seems so br$&t. We te!* to
reco$% +rom $t# sa"$!&8 & could never bring that terrible
thing out into the open;that awful memory, that
guilty secret, that enslaving habit;& could not e%pose
it to the light. Te !at,ra% ma! sr$!ks +rom $t. B,t
te wo!*er+,% secret $s t$s8 We! "o,r s$! $s
e()ose* to te %$&t# te b%oo* o+ @es,s wases $t
War in eaven
awa" a!* e'er"t$!& $s c%ea!.
As we mature in Christ, we As we mature in Christ, we
come to a place where there are come to a place where there are
no longer any shadows, no no longer any shadows, no
dark corners, nothing swept dark corners, nothing swept
under the rug, nothing covered under the rug, nothing covered
up. up.
Go* act,a%%" sa"s t$s $! @erem$a 4/8478 .! wi))
#orgive their iniJuity, and their sin ! wi))
re"e"ber no "ore.0 Go* *oes !ot a'e a ba*
memor"# b,t He *oes a'e a s,)er!at,ra% DeraserE
tat b%ots o,t te memor" o+ s$! o!ce $t as bee!
O! te oter a!*# $+ "o, *o !ot br$!& "o,r s$!
$!to te %$&t# "o,r s$! rema$!s. Co!s$*er o!ce a&a$!
t$s treme!*o,s )r$!c$)%e8 'he blood of :esus
cleanses only in the light.
S,))ose tat we a'e met te co!*$t$o!s8 We are
wa%k$!& $! te %$&t# a!* we are $! +e%%ows$) w$t
o,r +e%%ow be%$e'ers. Te! we a'e te r$&t to make
t$s test$mo!"8
'he blood of :esus Christ, /od.s on, is cleansing
me, now and continually, from all sin.
It $s 'er" $m)orta!t to see tat t$s $s a
co!t$!,$!& )rese!t te!se. Te b%oo* c%ea!ses
co!t$!,a%%" as we wa%k co!t$!,a%%" $! te %$&t. Te"
are two o!&o$!& o)erat$o!s. Co!t$!,$!& to wa%k $!
te %$&t# we co!t$!,e to rece$'e te c%ea!s$!& o+ te
b%oo*. T$s $s te tota% c%ea!s$!& work o+ te b%oo*.
By the B)ood o# the La"b
Te +o,rt stateme!t abo,t te b%oo* $s ma*e $!
Roma!s 68:528
But God de"onstrates is own )ove toward
us, in that whi)e we were sti)) sinners, Christ
died #or us. /uch "ore then, having now been
Fusti#ied by is b)ood, we sha)) be saved #ro"
wrath through i".
O,r )roc%amat$o! $s take! +rom te m$**%e
)rase o+ Roma!s 6828 .We are 1ustified by the
b)ood o# Jesus.0 :ustified $s o!e o+ tose re%$&$o,s
wor*s tat )eo)%e o+te! ,se b,t *o !ot ,!*ersta!*C
oter )eo)%e are scare* b" $t. T$!k abo,t $t t$s
wa"8 Were'er "o, rea* $! te =$!& @ames Vers$o!
te wor* )ust, "o, ca! s,bst$t,te te wor* righteous.
Tat $s tr,e bot $! te Hebrew o+ te O%* Testame!t
a!* $! te Greek o+ te New Testame!t. I! eac
%a!&,a&e# tere $s o!e wor* tat te =$!& @ames
tra!s%ators a%ter!ate%" tra!s%ate righteous or )ust.
We! $t $s a matter o+ %e&a% )rocesses# te" te!* to
,se te wor* )ust. B,t we! $t $s a matter o+
)ract$ca% %$'$!&# te" te!* to ,se te wor* righteous.
W$ce'er tra!s%at$o! $s ,se*# $! te or$&$!a%
%a!&,a&e $t $s o!e a!* te same wor*.
Te )rob%em w$t te ,se o+ te wor* )ustified $s
tat )eo)%e te!* to reser'e $t +or a k$!* o+ +orma%
tra!sact$o! $! a %e&a% atmos)ere. Somewere ,) $!
te remote co,rts o+ ea'e!# te" reaso!# something
happened a!* !ow e'er"t$!& $s a%% r$&t. B,t t$s $s
e()ress$!& o!%" a%+ te mea!$!& o+ te wor*. To be
)ustified mea!s Dto be ma*e I,st or r$&teo,s.E I
)re+er te wor* righteous beca,se $t br$!&s $t r$&t
*ow! to were I %$'eFm" ome# m" b,s$!ess# m"
)erso!a% re%at$o!s$)s. @,st so,!*s as $+ $t $s
*escr$b$!& a %e&a% +orma%$t" tat as to be tra!sacte*
War in eaven
$! some remote co,rt somewere a!* *oes !ot a'e
m,c a))%$cat$o! to m" %$+e. B,t righteous
$mme*$ate%" br$!&s $t *ow! to *a$%" %$+e.
Te Scr$)t,re sa"s we a'e bee! made righteous
b" te b%oo* o+ @es,s. 0o, are !ot )ustified $+ "o,
a'e !ot bee! ma*e r$&teo,s $! "o,r *a$%" %$'$!&. It
$s more ta! a %e&a% ceremo!"C $t $s more ta! a
ca!&e o+ %abe%s. It $s a ra*$ca% ca!&e o+ caracter
a!* %$+est"%e tat $s )ro*,ce* b" te b%oo* o+ @es,s.
Here $s a!oter wa" to ,!*ersta!* te mea!$!&
o+ )ustified. 0o, ca! $!ter)ret $t $! t$s wa"8 )ust-as-
if-&.d !e'er s$!!e*. W"1 I am I,st$+$e* beca,se I
a'e bee! ma*e r$&teo,s w$t a r$&teo,s!ess tat
$s !ot m" ow!# b,t te r$&teo,s!ess o+ @es,s
Cr$st. T$s r$&teo,s!ess as !o recor* o+ s$!# !o
)ast +or w$c $t !ee*s to be +or&$'e!. T$s $s !ow m"
co!*$t$o! be+ore Go*.
Look at Roma!s 48345368
:or a)) have sinned and #a)) short o# the g)ory
o# God, being Fusti#ied *"ade righteous+ #ree)y
*without deserving it+ by is grace through the
rede"%tion that is in Christ Jesus, who" God
set #orth as a %ro%itiation by is b)ood, through
#aith, to de"onstrate is righteousness,
because in is #orbearance God had %assed over
the sins that were %revious)y co""itted.
I am &rate+,% +or te wor* freely $! tat 'erse.
>reely mea!s Dw$to,t be$!& ear!e*.E Te )rob%em
w$t re%$&$o,s )eo)%e o+te! $s tat te" are tr"$!& to
ear! r$&teo,s!ess a!* te" !e'er ac$e'e $t. Te
r$&teo,s!ess o+ w$c Scr$)t,re s)eaks ca!!ot be
ear!e*. It m,st be rece$'e* b" +a$t as a +ree &$+t or $t
ca!!ot be rece$'e* at a%%.
I! Roma!s 78756# Pa,% makes a stateme!t tat $s
te e(act o))os$te o+ wat re%$&$o,s )eo)%e wo,%*
By the B)ood o# the La"b
;ow to hi" who works, the wages are not
counted as grace but as debt. But to hi" who
does not work but be)ieves on i" who Fusti#ies
the ungod)y, his #aith is accounted #or
e"%hasis added
To rece$'e te r$&teo,s!ess tat Go* o++ers ,s
tro,& +a$t# te +$rst t$!& we a'e to *o $s to stop
working# sto) tr"$!& to ear! $t. Go* o++ers to ,s a
r$&teo,s!ess tat we ca! !e'er ear!Fa +ree &$+t.
Te &reat bas$c tr,t o+ te Gos)e% $s t$s8 Go*
makes ,!r$&teo,s )eo)%e r$&teo,s. Seco!*
Cor$!t$a!s 683/ sa"s $! te =$!& @ames Vers$o!8
.:or he hath "ade hi" *Jesus+ to be sin #or us,
who knew no sin8 that we "ight be "ade the
righteousness o# God in hi".0
'he great basic truth of the 'he great basic truth of the
/ospel is this0 /od makes /ospel is this0 /od makes
unrighteous people righteous. unrighteous people righteous.
T$s *e)$cts a com)%ete e(ca!&e. @es,s was
ma*e s$! w$t o,r s$!+,%!ess tat we m$&t be ma*e
r$&teo,s w$t H$s r$&teo,s!ess. T$s
r$&teo,s!ess $s a'a$%ab%e tro,& +a$t $! H$s b%oo*
a!* ca!!ot be rece$'e* o! a!" oter bas$s.
R$&teo,s!ess )ro*,ces certa$! $mme*$ate#
obser'ab%e res,%ts. O!e s,c res,%t $s boldness. T$s
$s %ack$!& $! ma!" co!tem)orar" Cr$st$a!s. Te"
are t$m$* a!* a)o%o&et$c a!* te!* to back *ow!
we! co!+ro!te* w$t e'$% or w$t te *e'$%. T$s $s
!ot te )$ct,re o+ r$&teo,s!ess &$'e! $! Scr$)t,re8
War in eaven
.5he wicked #)ee when no one %ursues, but the
righteous are bold as a lion GPro'erbs 3:8/#
em)as$s a**e*H.
Te root ca,se o+ t$s t$m$*$t" $! ma!" )ro+ess$!&
Cr$st$a!s $s tat te" *o !ot a'e a re'e%at$o! o+
te +act tat te" are r$&teo,s $! Go*s s$&tFas
r$&teo,s as @es,s Cr$st H$mse%+. We! we rece$'e
tat re'e%at$o!# $t makes ,s bo%* a!* we ca! te!
'hrough the blood of :esus, & am )ustified, made
righteous, )ust-as-if-&'d never sinned.
Now we mo'e o! to te +$+t as)ect o+ o,r
test$mo!"# w$c $s sa!ct$+$cat$o!. Hebrews /48/3
s)eaks abo,t te sanctifying power o+ te b%oo* o+
@es,s8 .5here#ore Jesus a)so, that e "ight
sancti#y the %eo%)e with is own b)ood, su##ered
outside the gate.0
To sanctify mea!s to Dmake o%".E Ho%$!ess
$!c%,*es w$t$! $t te to,&t o+ Dbe$!& set a)art to
@,st %$ke r$&teo,s!ess# sa!ct$+$cat$o! *oes !ot
come b" works or e++ortC $t *oes !ot come b" re%$&$o!.
It comes b" +a$t $! te b%oo* o+ @es,s. We! "o,
are sa!ct$+$e* b" H$s b%oo* "o, are set a)art to Go*.
I! t$s co!!ect$o! Pa,% sa"s $! Co%oss$a!s /8/48
.e *God+ has de)ivered us #ro" the %ower o#
darkness *the authority o# darkness, the area o#
<atan?s authority+ and conveyed *trans#erred+ us
into the kingdo" o# the <on o# is )ove.0
Tro,& +a$t $! te b%oo* o+ @es,s we a'e bee!
remo'e* +rom te area o+ Sata!s a,tor$t"# a!*
tra!s+erre* Gtra!s%ate*H $!to te =$!&*om o+ Go* a!*
By the B)ood o# the La"b
o+ @es,s Cr$st.
Te wor* conveyed mea!s to Dcarr" o'er +rom o!e
)%ace to a!oter )%ace.E I! Scr$)t,re# $t *escr$bes a
tota% a!* com)%ete tra!s+er. I! te O%* Testame!t
two me! were tra!s%ate* Gco!'e"e*H +rom eart to
ea'e!# E!oc a!* E%$Ia. Bot o+ tem we!t $!
te$r e!t$ret". Te o!%" t$!& tat E%$Ia %e+t be$!*
was $s ma!t%e# b,t $s bo*" we!t w$t $m.
!hen we testify to the blood of !hen we testify to the blood of
:esus, the #oly pirit bears :esus, the #oly pirit bears
witness to #is work of witness to #is work of
redemption in our lives. redemption in our lives.
T$s $s wat I ,!*ersta!* Pa,%s wor*s to mea!8
!e have been totally transferred from the kingdom of
darkness to the Aingdom of /od.s marvelous light,
Te Scr$)t,re *oes !ot sa" tat we are &o$!& to be
tra!s+erre*# $t sa"s tat we a'e bee! tra!s+erre*F
s)$r$t# so,% a!* bo*". We are !o %o!&er $! te *e'$%s
terr$tor"C we are !ot ,!*er te *e'$%s %aws. We are $!
te =$!&*om o+ te So! o+ Go*# a!* we are ,!*er
H$s %aws.
Roma!s :83 +,rter *e+$!es tese two %aws8 .:or
the )aw o# the <%irit o# )i#e in Christ has "ade "e
#ree #ro" the )aw o# sin and death.0
I! t$s 'erse we see te *e'$%s %awFte %aw o+ s$!
a!* *eatFa!* we see te %aw o+ Go*s =$!&*omF
te %aw o+ te S)$r$t o+ %$+e $! Cr$st @es,s. Here are
two k$!&*oms w$t te$r o))os$!& %aws $! o)erat$o!.
Pa,%# s)eak$!& +rom $s ow! e()er$e!ce# e()%a$!s8 DI
am !o %o!&er $! te *e'$%s terr$tor"# I am !ot ,!*er
te *e'$%s %aw. H$s k$!&*om *oes !ot a))%" to me
War in eaven
beca,se I a'e bee! tra!s+erre* to a!oter k$!&*om.
I a'e bee! tra!s%ate*Fcarr$e* o'er# s)$r$t# so,% a!*
Tere+ore# o,r +$+t test$mo!" $s8
'hrough the blood of :esus & am sanctified, made
holy, set apart to /od.
Here te! are te +$'e test$mo!$es tat eac o+ ,s
ma" make abo,t te b%oo* o+ @es,s8
2. 'hrough the blood of :esus, & am redeemed out
of the hand of the devil.
B. 'hrough the blood of :esus, all my sins are
C. 'he blood of :esus Christ, /od.s on, is
cleansing me, now and continually, from all
D. 'hrough the blood of :esus, & am )ustified,
made righteous, )ust-as-if-&'d never sinned.
E. 'hrough the blood of :esus & am sanctified,
made holy, set apart to /od.
We! we test$+" to te b%oo* o+ @es,s# te Ho%"
S)$r$t bears w$t!ess to H$s work o+ re*em)t$o! $! o,r
%$'es. It $s o,r test$+"$!& tat re%eases te o)erat$o!
o+ te b%oo* $! o,r %$'es. I+ we *o !ot test$+"# !ot$!&
&oes $!to o)erat$o!. It $s o,r )erso!a% test$mo!" tat
tr$&&ers Sata!s *e+eat. T$s e%)s ,s to ,!*ersta!*
w" we so o+te! e()er$e!ce o))os$t$o! we! we
be&$! to test$+". It $s at t$s )o$!t tat we are rea%%"
be&$!!$!& to *o te *e'$% some arm. We ca! be%$e'e
a!"t$!& we %$ke a!* te *e'$% $s !ot too *$st,rbe*
,!t$% we start to test$+" abo,t $t. B,t we! we start
to test$+"# te! e $s &o$!& to *o e'er"t$!& e ca! to
*$sco,ra&e ,s# +r$&te! ,s a!* kee) ,s +rom
s)eak$!& o,t# beca,se $t $s o,r test$+"$!& tat makes
Go*s )ower e++ect$'e a&a$!st $m.
! te )re'$o,s ca)ter# I %$ste* +$'e scr$)t,ra%
)roc%amat$o!s co!cer!$!& te b%oo* o+ @es,s. I
sa$* tat mak$!& a!* ma$!ta$!$!& tese
scr$)t,ra% )roc%amat$o!s $s te ke" to a %$+e o+ '$ctor"
o'er s$! a!* Sata!. I co,%* eas$%" $ma&$!e tat some
wo,%* res)o!*8 Is $t rea%%" tat s$m)%e1 Is tat a%% we
a'e to *o1
;" re)%" $s t$s8 Te ke" to s,ccess *oes !ot
*e)e!* so%e%" o! wat we say b,t o! wat we are.
0o, w$%% reca%% tat $! Re'e%at$o! /38//# te )eo)%e
wo ac$e'e* t$s '$ctor" o'er s$! a!* Sata! are
*escr$be* as +o%%ows8 .5hey did not )ove their )ives
to the death.0
How are we to ,!*ersta!* tat1 I a'e
%ooke* $! 'ar$o,s tra!s%at$o!s o+ te B$b%e b,t I
War in eaven
a'e !ot +o,!* a!"t$!& tat to m" m$!*
*escr$bes sat$s+actor$%" te k$!* o+ )eo)%e
re+erre* to. Wat *oes $t mea!# .5hey did not
)ove their )ives to the death01
Here $s m" ow! $!ter)retat$o! o+ t$s )rase. I
s,&&est tat +or tese )eo)%e $t was more $m)orta!t
to *o te w$%% o+ Go* ta! to sta" a%$'e. Co!+ro!te*
b" a s$t,at$o! $! w$c to *o te w$%% o+ Go* wo,%*
cost tem te$r %$'es# tat $s te )r$ce te" wo,%*
)a". Te" wo,%* !ot %ook +or a!" a%ter!at$'e# a!"
wa" o,t.
Te wor* I wo,%* ,se to *escr$be s,c )eo)%e $s
committed. S,c )eo)%e are comm$tte* to obe"$!& te
Wor* o+ Go* a!* to *o$!& te w$%% o+ Go* re&ar*%ess
o+ te co!se?,e!ces +or te$r ow! %$'es.
L,ke 283/537 )$ct,res a! e!t,s$ast$c crow*
+o%%ow$!& @es,s# e(c$te* b" te m$rac%es te" a'e
w$t!esse*. B,t a))are!t%" @es,s $s more $!tereste*
$! )erso!a% comm$tme!t ta! $! tat k$!* o+
5hen e said to the" a)), .!# anyone desires
to co"e a#ter /e, )et hi" deny hi"se)#, and
take u% his cross dai)y, and #o))ow /e. :or
whoever desires to save his )i#e wi)) )ose it, but
whoever )oses his )i#e #or /y sake wi)) save it.0
Luke 9:H4@H6
Te messa&e o+ @es,s *oes !ot )rom$se a! eas"
wa" tro,& %$+e. O! te co!trar"# $! te Sermo! o!
te ;o,!t# He e(orts8
.Nnter by the narrow gate8 #or wide is the
gate and broad is the way that )eads to
destruction, and there are "any who go in by it.
Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the
way which )eads to )i#e, and there are #ew who
#ind it.0
What Aind o# 'eo%)e-
/atthew 7:14@16, e"%hasis added
I+ "o,r )$ct,re o+ te Cr$st$a! %$+e *oes !ot
$!c%,*e Go*s *ema!*s +or sacr$+$ce a!* a %$+e %a$*
*ow!# "o, ma" !ee* to ?,est$o! te Dwa"E tat "o,
are tra'e%$!& o!. 0o, ma" *$sco'er tat "o, are o!
te broa*# eas" wa" tat %ea*s to *estr,ct$o! a!*
!ot o! te !arrow# *$++$c,%t wa" tat %ea*s to %$+e. I!
te co!tem)orar" c,rc some m$!$str$es em)as$Be
o!%" te b%ess$!&s a!* be!e+$ts o+ te Cr$st$a! %$+e
a!* !e'er s)eak abo,t te co!*$t$o!s tat we a'e
to +,%+$%% $! or*er to obta$! tose b%ess$!&s a!*
be!e+$ts. S,c m$!$str$es co,%* be com)are* to a
merca!t wo *$s)%a"s a! attract$'e ra!&e o+
&oo*s# b,t !e'er attaces a )r$ce ta& to a!" o+
&f your picture of the Christian &f your picture of the Christian
life does not include /od.s life does not include /od.s
demands for sacrifice and a life demands for sacrifice and a life
laid down, you may need to laid down, you may need to
Fuestion the 6way7 that you are Fuestion the 6way7 that you are
traveling on. traveling on.
I a'e o+te! bee! b%esse*Fa!* ca%%e!&e*Fb"
L,kes acco,!t o+ Pa,%s Io,r!e" to Rome &$'e! $!
Acts 3. a!* 3:. T$s was !o cas,a% tr$)C $t was a
'$ta%# strate&$c mo'e $! te ),r)oses o+ Go*.
Accor*$!& to Ga%at$a!s 38.# Go* a* comm$tte* to
Pa,% te res)o!s$b$%$t" o+ br$!&$!& te Gos)e% to te
D,!c$rc,mc$se*EF$. e.# te wo%e Ge!t$%e wor%*. Te
ke" to t$s wo,%* be to estab%$s a ce!ter $! te c$t"
o+ Rome. >rom tere# ma!" *$++ere!t ca!!e%s wo,%*
a,tomat$ca%%" carr" te Gos)e% to te wo%e a!c$e!t
War in eaven
wor%*Fca!!e%s o+ commerce# e*,cat$o!# +$!a!ce#
&o'er!me!ta% a*m$!$strat$o! a!* !at,ra% soc$a%
$!terco,rse. Beca,se o+ Pa,%s s)ec$a% ca%%$!&# e was
te )erso! best ?,a%$+$e* to estab%$s s,c a ce!ter
$! Rome.
Beca,se o+ te s$&!$+$ca!ce o+ Pa,%s mo'e to
Rome# e e!co,!tere* treme!*o,s s)$r$t,a%
o))os$t$o! o! $s Io,r!e" tere. I *o !ot k!ow $+ $!
Pa,%s *a" tere was a!"t$!& corres)o!*$!& to te
%,(,r" cr,$ses tat are so )o),%ar to*a"# b,t I *o
k!ow tat Pa,% was !ot o! s,c a cr,$se. O! te
co!trar"# e was tra'e%$!& o! a +re$&t s$) as a
)r$so!er $! ca$!s. >,rtermore# te s$) was
ca,&t ,) $! a storm so orr$+$c tat +or two +,%%
weeks te )eo)%e o! boar* !e'er ca,&t a &%$m)se o+
te s,! b" *a" or o+ te moo! a!* te stars b"
Let me me!t$o! tat a storm o+ s,c $!te!s$t"
was &e!erate* b" more ta! !at,ra% +orces. Tere
are e(am)%es o+ t$s $! te O%* Testame!t. @ob /8/2#
+or e(am)%e# recor*s a s,)er!at,ra% storm *$recte*
b" Sata! a&a$!st @obs so!s a!* *a,&ters. A
messe!&er came to @ob w$t te +o%%ow$!& re)ort8
.<udden)y a great wind ca"e #ro" across
the wi)derness and struck the #our corners o#
the house, and it #e)) on the young %eo%)e, and
they are dead8 and ! a)one have esca%ed to te))
O! te bas$s o+ ma!" "ears $! Cr$st$a! m$!$str"#
I wo,%* sa" tat a!" w$!* tat ca! str$ke a%% +o,r
cor!ers o+ a *we%%$!& s$m,%ta!eo,s%"# +rom a%%
*$rect$o!s# )robab%" as te *e'$% be$!* $t.
Ret,r!$!& to te storm $! Acts 3.# we co!t$!,e
w$t L,kes !arrat$'e8
But a#ter )ong abstinence #ro" #ood, then
What Aind o# 'eo%)e-
'au) stood in the "idst o# the" and said, ./en,
you shou)d have )istened to "e, and not have
sai)ed #ro" Crete and incurred *)itera))y, gained+
this disaster and )oss. &nd now ! urge you to
take heart, #or there wi)) be no )oss o# )i#e
a"ong you, but on)y o# the shi%. :or there stood
by "e this night an ange) o# the God to who" !
be)ong and who" ! serve.0
&cts H7:H1@H4
Pa,% ,se* two )rases ere to *escr$be $s
re%at$o!s$) to Go*8 Dto wom I belong7 a!* Dwom I
serve.7 I! te eco!om" o+ Go*s o,seo%*# tese
two ca! !e'er be se)arate*. I+ we *o !ot belong to
Go*# we a'e !o r$&t to serve H$m. Tere are !o
hirelings $! Go*s o,seo%*. O! te oter a!*# we
ca!!ot belong to Go* $+ we are !ot a'a$%ab%e to H$m
+or H$s ser'$ce. Go* *oes !ot we%come to H$s
o,seo%* s)o$%e*# se%+5$!*,%&e!t e&o$sts. Te" a'e
!o )%ace $! H$s =$!&*om.
Te Law o+ ;oses reco&!$Be* two c%asses o+
ser'a!ts. Tose wo were )a$* b" te *a" were
ca%%e* hirelings. Te" were !ot members o+ te
o,seo%* $! w$c te" were ser'$!&. Co!'erse%"#
tose wo were members o+ te o,seo%* *$* !ot
!ecessar$%" rece$'e a!" )a" +or te$r ser'$ce. It was
s$m)%" a !at,ra% res)o!se to te )r$'$%e&es te"
e!Io"e* as members o+ te o,seo%*. B,t te
o,seo%* to w$c te" be%o!&e* acce)te*
res)o!s$b$%$t" +or te$r ma$!te!a!ce weter at a!"
&$'e! t$me te" were act,a%%" work$!& or !ot.
War in eaven
!e cannot belong to /od if we !e cannot belong to /od if we
are not available to #im for #is are not available to #im for #is
service. /od does not welcome service. /od does not welcome
to #is household spoiled, self- to #is household spoiled, self-
indulgent egoists. indulgent egoists.
I! H$s =$!&*om# Go* as !o )%ace +or $re%$!&s.
Tose wo ser'e $! Go*s =$!&*om *o so beca,se
te" are members o+ te o,seo%*. T$s mea!s tat
we ca!!ot se)arate te two )rases Pa,% ,se* to
*escr$be $mse%+8 Dto wom I be%o!&E a!* Dwom I
ser'e.E Let me re)eat# $+ we *o !ot be%o!& to Go*# we
a'e !o r$&t to ser'e H$m.
E'e!t,a%%"# te s$) o! w$c Pa,% a!* $s
com)a!$o!s were tra'e%$!& was *ase* a&a$!st a
rock" )romo!tor" a!* be&a! to break ,). T$s &a'e
tose o! boar* a! o))ort,!$t" to esca)e to *r" %a!*.
Ha'e "o, e'er wo!*ere*8 Was Pa,% $! te w$%% o+
Go* $! t$s wo%e e()er$e!ce1 As I a'e a%rea*"
$!*$cate*# I be%$e'e tat Pa,% was +,%%" $! te w$%% o+
Go*# a!* $s wo%e Io,r!e" to Rome was or*ere* b"
Go*. B,t sata!$c +orces tat +eare* te )oss$b%e
$m)act o+ Pa,%s m$!$str" $! Rome *$* e'er"t$!& $!
te$r )ower to *estro" $m be+ore e co,%* reac $s
*est$!at$o!. Te storm tat e e!co,!tere* was !ot
o+ ),re%" !at,ra% or$&$! b,t was bro,&t abo,t b"
sata!$c +orces $! te ea'e!%$es.
I! H$s *$'$!e w$s*om# Go* somet$mes )erm$ts H$s
ser'a!ts wo are *o$!& H$s w$%% to be e()ose* to te
ma%$ce a!* ra&e o+ Sata!. I! t$s wa"# te" &et
$!s$&t !ot o!%" $!to te tr,e !at,re o+ te +orces
tat are o))os$!& tem b,t a%so $!to te$r )erso!a%
!ee* +or )ers$ste!t '$&$%a!ce.
What Aind o# 'eo%)e-
I! / Peter 68:# te a)ost%e war!e* $s +e%%ow
be%$e'ers8 .Be sober, be vigi)ant8 because your
adversary the devi) wa)ks about )ike a roaring
)ion, seeking who" he "ay devour.0 It wo,%* be a
+r$&te!$!& e()er$e!ce to e!co,!ter a ,!&r" %$o! $!
searc o+ )re"- Te B$b%e !e'er $!st$%%s +ear $!to ,s#
b,t# o! te oter a!*# $t !e'er e!co,ra&es ,s to
,!*erest$mate te )ower a!* te +eroc$t" o+ o,r
sata!$c o))o!e!ts.
A+ter te s$)wreck Sata! a* o!e more
ca%%e!&e. Te )eo)%e wo a* esca)e* sa+e%" to
%a!* be&a! to co%%ect +,e% +or a +$re. Pa,%Fte D&reatE
a)ost%eF*$* !ot mere%" sta!* o! o!e s$*e wa$t$!& +or
oters to &et te$r a!*s *$rt"C e was amo!& te
+$rst to start &ater$!& +,e%. Sata! ,se* t$s as a!
o))ort,!$t" to make o!e +$!a% attem)t to *estro"
Pa,%8 .& vi%er ca"e out *o# the bund)e o# sticks+
because o# the heat, and #astened on his *'au)?s+
hand0 GActs 3:8456H. O,t o+ a%% 3.9 )eo)%e# w" *$*
te '$)er coose Pa,% as $ts '$ct$m1 Was tere some
s,)er!at,ra% $!te%%$&e!ce o)erat$!& tro,& tat
B,t Pa,% was +,%% o+ te Ho%" S)$r$t. He *$* !ot
+ee% te !ee* to )ra" or to s)eak $! to!&,es. To te
amaBeme!t o+ te %oca% $s%a!*ers wo k!ew ow
*ea*%" a '$)ers b$te was# Pa,% s$m)%" sook te
s!ake o++ $!to te +$re a!* we!t o! &ater$!& +,e%.
Wat was te secret o+ Pa,%s '$ctor$o,s %$+e1 He
$mse%+ e()%a$!e* $! 3 T$mot" /8/38
:or this reason ! a)so su##er these things8
neverthe)ess ! a" not asha"ed, #or ! know
who" ! have be)ieved and a" %ersuaded that e
is ab)e to kee% what ! have committed to i"
unti) that Day.
e"%hasis added
Te secret o+ Pa,%s '$ctor$o,s %$'$!& $s s,mme*
War in eaven
,) $! tat o!e word;committed. He was tota%%" at
Go*s *$s)osa%. I! P$%$))$a!s 48/45/7# e state* te
s,)reme amb$t$o! o+ $s %$+e8
Brethren, ! do not count "yse)# to have
a%%rehended8 but one thing ! do, #orgetting
those things which are behind and reaching
#orward to those things which are ahead, ! %ress
toward the goa) #or the %riOe o# the u%ward ca))
o# God in Christ Jesus.
I! some sect$o!s o+ te co!tem)orar" c,rc# a!
,!scr$)t,ra% se)arat$o! as bee! $!tro*,ce*
betwee! sa%'at$o! a!* o%$!ess. Ho%$!ess $s
re)rese!te* as be$!& a k$!* o+ o)t$o!a% Da**5o!E to a
)acka&e *ea% o+ sa%'at$o!# s,c as to,r &ro,)
o)erators o++er8 D0o, a'e )a$* +or "o,r to,r to te
NHo%" La!*. >or I,st O/:6 e(tra# "o, ca! a** a '$s$t
to E&")t a!* a tr$) ,) te N$%e.E
Achieving personal holiness is Achieving personal holiness is
not something that /od will do not something that /od will do
for us. &t is something that /od for us. &t is something that /od
offers us the grace to do for offers us the grace to do for
ourselves. ourselves.
T$s re)rese!ts a! ,!scr$)t,ra% att$t,*e towar*
o%$!ess. I! Hebrews /38/7# te wr$ter e(orts8
.'ursue %eace with a)) %eo%)e, and ho)iness,
without which no one wi)) see the Lord.0 Ho%$!ess
$s !ot a! o)t$o!a% Da**5o!E to te )acka&e *ea% o+
sa%'at$o!. O! te co!trar"# w$to,t o%$!ess# !o o!e
w$%% see te Lor*.
I! 3 Cor$!t$a!s .8/# Pa,% a))ea%e* to $s +e%%ow
be%$e'ers to Io$! $m $! te ),rs,$t o+ )erso!a%
What Aind o# 'eo%)e-
o%$!ess8 .5here#ore, having these %ro"ises,
be)oved, )et us c)eanse ourse)ves #ro" a))
#i)thiness o# the #)esh and s%irit, 'erfecting
holiness in the #ear o# God0 Gem)as$s a**e*H.
Ac$e'$!& )erso!a% o%$!ess $s !ot somet$!& tat
Go* w$%% *o +or ,s. It $s somet$!& tat Go* o++ers ,s
te &race to *o +or o,rse%'es. It ca!!ot be se)arate*
+rom te +ear o+ Go*. It $s te %o&$ca% o,twork$!& o+
o,r )erso!a% comm$tme!t to @es,s a!* a! esse!t$a%
co!*$t$o! o+ te '$ctor" o'er Sata! tat Go* as
)rom$se* ,s.
Te %ast two 'erses o+ Acts &$'e a wo!*er+,%
)$ct,re o+ te '$ctor" tat co!c%,*e* Pa,%s
tem)est,o,s Io,r!e"8
5hen 'au) dwe)t two who)e years in his own
rented house, and received a)) who ca"e to hi",
%reaching the kingdo" o# God and teaching the
things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ
with a)) con#idence, no one #orbidding hi".
A! a))ro)r$ate comme!t wo,%* s,re%" be8
D;$ss$o! accom)%$se*-E Te Gos)e% +or te Ge!t$%es
a* bee! estab%$se* $! te c$t" tat *om$!ate* te
wo%e Ge!t$%e wor%*FRome-
B,t tere $s a%so a )erso!a% a))%$cat$o! tat we
ca! make $! o,r ow! %$'es. T$!k back +or a mome!t
abo,t te be%$e'ers *escr$be* $! Re'e%at$o! /38//
wo .did not )ove their )ives to the death.0 We
eac !ee* to ask o,rse%'es8 Does t$s *escr$be me1
I+ "o, ca!!ot res)o!* w$t a co!+$*e!t "es to t$s
?,est$o!# te Ho%" S)$r$t ma" be $!'$t$!& "o, r$&t
!ow to make a! ,!reser'e*# )erso!a% comm$tme!t
to te Lor* @es,s. 0o, ca! sa"8
+ord :esus, & thank =ou that on the cross =ou gave
=ourself for me. &n response, & now give myself
unreservedly to =ou, to live my life in =our service
War in eaven
and for =our glory. Amen,
Here are te +$'e test$mo!$es to te b%oo* o+
'hrough the blood of :esus, & am redeemed out
of the hand of the devil.
'hrough the blood of :esus, all my sins are
'he blood of :esus Christ, /od.s on, is
cleansing me, now and continually, from all sin.
'hrough the blood of :esus, & am )ustified, made
righteous, )ust-as-if-&.d never sinned.
'hrough the blood of :esus, & am sanctified,
made holy, set apart to /od.
Derek 'rince was bor! $! I!*$a o+ Br$t$s
)are!ts. He was e*,cate* as a sco%ar o+ Greek a!*
Lat$! at Eto! Co%%e&e a!* Cambr$*&e A!$'ers$t"#
E!&%a!*# were e e%* a >e%%ows$) $! A!c$e!t a!*
;o*er! P$%oso)" at =$!&s Co%%e&e. He a%so st,*$e*
Hebrew a!* Arama$c# bot at Cambr$*&e A!$'ers$t"
a!* te Hebrew A!$'ers$t" $! @er,sa%em. I!
a**$t$o!# e s)eaks a !,mber o+ oter mo*er!
W$%e ser'$!& w$t te Br$t$s arm" $! Wor%* War
II# e be&a! to st,*" te B$b%e a!* e()er$e!ce* a
%$+e5ca!&$!& e!co,!ter w$t @es,s Cr$st. O,t o+
t$s e!co,!ter e +orme* two co!c%,s$o!s8 +$rst# tat
@es,s Cr$st $s a%$'eC seco!*# tat te B$b%e $s a tr,e#
re%e'a!t# ,)5to5*ate book. Tese co!c%,s$o!s a%tere*
te wo%e co,rse o+ $s %$+e. S$!ce te!# e as
*e'ote* $s %$+e to st,*"$!& a!* teac$!& te B$b%e.
H$s *a$%" ra*$o broa*cast# =e"s to S,ccess+,%
L$'$!&# reaces more ta! a%+ te wor%* a!*
$!c%,*es tra!s%at$o!s $!to Arab$c# C$!ese# Croat$a!#
;a%a&as"# ;o!&o%$a!# R,ss$a!# Samoa!# S)a!$s
a!* To!&a!. He $s te a,tor o+ o'er 7< books# o'er
76< a,*$o a!* /6< '$*eo teac$!& cassettes# ma!" o+
w$c a'e bee! tra!s%ate* a!* ),b%$se* $! more
ta! 9< %a!&,a&es.
Dereks ma$! &$+t $s e()%a$!$!& te B$b%e a!* $ts
teac$!& $! a c%ear a!* s$m)%e wa". H$s !o!5
*e!om$!at$o!a%# !o!sectar$a! a))roac as ma*e
$s teac$!& e?,a%%" re%e'a!t a!* e%)+,% to )eo)%e
+rom a%% rac$a% a!* re%$&$o,s back&ro,!*s.