2006 Varsity Scout Basketball Tournament The champion of the 2006 Varsity Scout Basketball Tournament for the Sam Houston Council will be the team with the highest score based on the three competitive areas listed below. 1. 5 Fields of Emphasis: 100 points max Each team should bring a display that presents how the team has incorporated the five Varsity fields of emphasis into its program running up to the Tournament. The five fields are: 1. Advancement 2. High-Adventure / Sports 3. Personal Development 4. Service 5. Special Programs and Events While it is not necessary that all fields be covered, teams that do incorporate them will do better than those who do not. As an example, a team may create a presentation (tri-fold poster that stands on a table) that (i) details the merit badge accomplishments for the members of the team, (ii) shows highlights from games that the Varsity team competed in prior to the tournament, (iii) displays the exercise regime followed by all Varsity scouts, (iv) displays photos from the Varsity team service project in which they held a sporting event with the disabled and (v) displays photos of the Varsity team at the NCAA game. Judged on • Persuasiveness (20 pts) • Originality (20 pts) • Quality (20 pts) • Full coverage of all fields (20 pts) At the first round, all displays will be graded by local judges. The five best displays will “advance” to the champion round, and be judged on the final day of the Tournament. Those displays will receive additional points based on final placement in the top five. The minimum additional score will be 10 points, with the top receiving 20 points. 2. Bracketed Tournament (approximately 100 points) • 20 minute halves (stopped clock)

Each team plays the first round. Teams will be placed based on ranking by the Tournament Committee, with the highest seeded teams playing the lowest seeded teams. Seeding is based on regular season record and perceived skill level of each team, so as to avoid placing the two best teams against each other in the first round. Highest seeded team will be the “home” team. Every team that completes the first round receives 20 points (such that teams that enter the Tournament but that do not play do not receive any points). Each time a team wins, it will receive an additional receives 20 points. The champion team should receive approximately 100 points. We may adjust the points received based on the number of rounds played (which depends on the number of registered teams). This score will curved so that the points received by bracketed play represent 40% of the points available in the tournament.


2006 Varsity Scout Basketball Tournament 3. Three Skill Events (approximately 100 points): Each team may receive points for recognition of individual skilled players and team relay competition. In the individual skills (free throw and 3-point shooting), the team submits the two best players in each event to the Tournament, along with the scores. The Tournament will then select five to ten players to compete live during the final days of the Tournament. Players who have scored below 60% of the highest score of all submitted to the Tournament will not receive any points for credit to their team. Players getting up to 70% of the top score will receive 5 points. Players getting up to 80% will receive 10 points. Players receiving up to 90% will receive 15 points. Those above 90% will receive 15 points. The remaining 15 points will be distributed to the top players by ranking, using an even distribution, with the individual champion receiving an additional 15 points for a maximum benefit to his team of 30 points. Regarding the relay, the top five teams will compete live during the final days of the Tournament, with 30 points distributed among those teams evenly on the basis of placement. The top team will receive 30 points. Rules • Free throw shooting (2 minute limit – 3 balls). Each team selects one Varsity scout to shoot free throws. The team is given three balls. The shooter may shoot as many times in 2 minutes, with the team responsible to retrieve the balls for the shooter. The team is scored based on the number of baskets made in two minutes. 3-point shooting (2 minute time limit to shoot 5 balls from each position – 5 positions). Each team selects one Varsity scout to shoot 3-pointers. The team is given five balls. The shooter commences by shooting five times from the far 3 corner of the arch, with the team responsible to retrieve the balls for the shooter. Following the fifth shot at each 2 4 position, the shooter advances ¼ way along the arch (towards the key, at the key, and so forth towards the other side of the arch). The shooter may not advance along the arch until he has shot five times from each 5 1 position on the arch (for a maximum of 25 shots if he completes the entire arch). The team is scored based on the number of baskets made in two minutes. 5 man Dribbling relay with lay-up (timed). The team selects five Varsity scouts. The team decides the order of the team. Four chairs are placed evenly on a full court gym from basket to basket. Varsity scout #1 lines up under one basket and behind the baseline, and dribbles the ball with one hand towards the other basket. As the scout passes each chair, he must move to the other side and dribble with the other hand in a slalom motion. The scout continues through the chairs, alternating each hand at each chair until the approach to the basket. The scout then makes a layup. Scout #2 must be behind the baseline and may not cross the line until the ball hits any portion of the basket or backboard. If the ball misses the basket/backboard entirely, the scout may cross the baseline only once the ball hits the ground. Scout #2 retrieves the ball and commences to dribble through the same chairs in return in the same manner, shooting a layup at the other basket. Scout #3 retrieves the ball, and continues as the prior scouts until all scouts have completed the course. The team is scored based on the time necessary to complete the relay, with the stop commencing upon the first scout crossing the baseline. The watch ends upon the final scout hitting the basket/backboard (or the floor if he misses entirely). The timekeeper adds 5 seconds each time any of the following occurs: (i) a basket is missed; (ii) a scout fails to switch hands between chairs; (iii) a chair is


2006 Varsity Scout Basketball Tournament knocked over, (iv) a scout crosses the baseline without waiting for the ball to hit the basket/backboard or floor. At each event, there must be an independent judge that signs off on the score. That judge is NOT the coach or a parent of one of the participating youth.


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