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Not 3
The List
Eli Manning
The San Francisco 49ers
The New York Yankees
Ray Lewis
Barry Bonds
OJ Simpson
Brian Bosworth
Boise State University
Mel Gibson
Kobe Bryant
Rodger Clemens
Lars Ulrich
Osama bin Laden
The Pineapple Express
No suicide contracts
Mouth breathers
a I
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< Note:
Mick Jagger's Arm Fat
Brian Vizzusi
Crowd Management Services
Guardian Security
Oprah Winfrey
Brandon League
Tony Romo
Original First Responder Guy
People who can't merge
One light out High beam drivers
Double parkers
Oregon Mental Health System
Campus bicyclists
Oakridge Police Department
OSU Public Safety
OUS Motor Pool
Sports fans that change teams
Jonathon Pappelbon
Tiger Woods
Israel Escobedo

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< Notes
Mallard Madness
EMU Designer
Michael Bolton
Keanu Reeves
The View
Rosanne Barr
Fran Drescher
Kelsey Grammer
Gerlinger Fire Lane
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Willie Nelson
Nick Hogan
Brook Hogan
ORS 352.385
Carrot Top
Adobe Acrobat
Steven Tyler
Jimmy Kimm(:!I

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< Notes
Jimmy Fallon
Ben Affleck
Casey Affleck
Matt Damon
.org websites
Justin Beiber
The Jonas Brothers
Selena Gomez
Siskyou Pass
Taylors and affiliates
5 eights
1990 NBA Finals
Chris Dudley
Ron Artest
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Brokeback Mountain
Howard Stern
David HasseIhoff
Bruce Buffer
1 -
•oipoo AT&T' ? 1 5 : 0 4 6 6 % UN JI
\ Notes
Eugene City League Softball Umps
Lebron James
Gary Busey
Al Roker
Miley Cyrus
Black Eyed Peas minus Fergie
Ashley Simpson
Jessica Simpson
Jose Canseco post Bash Bros.
Don King
Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston
John Edwards
John Kerry
Andy Dick
Michael Moore
Rush Limbaugh
Emmanuel Lewis
Spongebob Squarepants
Cast of Friends
Perez Hilton
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< Notes
Steve Perry
Nancy Reagan
Soap Operas
The inventor of the turtleneck
Sweater Vest
Hilary Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Magnum Condoms
Anthony Wiener
Walmart employees
Rick James
Spandex on fat people
Half shirts
Pete Burns
Rosie Perez
Condoleza Rice
Tom Green
Martha Stewart

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< Notes
Emeril Legassi
Purple Rain
Portland City Council
Ralph Maccio
Michael Strahan
Lawrence Taylor
Jerry Jones
Raider Nation
Louie Anderson
Drew Carrey
Chain Emails
Donald Trump
Sarah Palin
John McCain
Dick Cheney
Mike Tyson
David Schwimmer
Paul Benedict
North Carolina
US Airways
Tiki Barber
***too AT&T •7.- 1 5 : 0 4 6 6 % I I I
< Notes
Randy Moss
Working U0 football games
David Spade
Shelly Kurtz
Billy Ray Cyrus
Tommy Lee
Brett Michaels
Jerry Lewis
Boy Bands
One Direction
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim
Ike Turner
The Jackson Family
Flavor Flay
New Jersey
Rob Reiner
Jersey shore
• mo AT&T
e Notes
The Situation
Gerard Depardeux
Debbie Gibson
John Tesh
Jane Fonda
Ted Turner
Stupid softball rules
Bill Gates
Steve Zuckerburg
Michael Jordan
Twin Falls, Idaho
15:05 6 6 % Im-i•
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< Notes
Doug Tripp
Ichiro Suzuki
Los Angeles Lakers
Heideki Matsui
Japanese Baseball
Tate Stevens
Bi Mart
Off Ramp Bums
Hari Krishna
Windows Vista
Grey's Anatomy
Tully's Coffee
European Vacation
YouTube Ads
Fake blondes
Excessive makeup
Nikki Minaj
Rosie 01Donnel
Chelsea Handler
ILL 71'
00000 AT&T 16
r i d i I. rm i st 11 I d
Windows Vista
Grey's Anatomy
Tully's Coffee
European Vacation
YouTube Ads
Fake blondes
Excessive makeup
Nikki Minaj
Rosie O'Donnel
Chelsea Handler
Donte Stallworth
Aaron Hernandez
Collin Kaepernick
Casey and Mark Boyd
New NFL rules
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