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Major City
Capital City
Keelung City
Taipei City
Taichung City
Yunlin Douliu
Kaohsiung City
New Taipei
Country Profile
23.4 million
35,980 sq km
1 New Taiwan dollar (TWD) = 100 cent
US$ 926.4 billion (2013 est.)
Mandarin Chinese (official),
Taiwanese (Min), Hakka dialects
Ethnic Groups
Taiwanese (including Hakka) 84%,
mainland Chinese 14%, indigenous 2%
Source: CIA World Factbook
Locations: 37
Gateways into the Country: 1
Number of Service Centres: 10
DHL Delivery Zone: 8
Vehicle Fleet: 311
Taiwan is one of Asia’s most developed economies and
strongest performers, having averaged more than 7 per
cent annual GDP growth since the early 1960s.
Export – especially of ICT goods – plays a large role in
Taiwan’s economy, contributing 60 to 70 per cent of Taiwan’s
GDP. Historically, Taiwan’s trade links were strongest with
the US, Japan and Europe. More recently, the country has
started developing its regional connections with a focus on its
nearest and biggest neighbour: since 1992, mainland China
has moved from being Taiwan’s 26th most important trading
partner to the country’s largest export destination and one
of the largest import sources.
Fuelled by the country’s economic performance, Taiwan has
a large domestic consumer market with Asia’s fourth-highest
per capita income. Taiwan’s growing wealth continues to drive
internal consumption and demand for foreign imports is
growing further.
To ensure Taiwan’s economy remains competitive, the country
is diversifying its services portfolio, implementing taxation
and regulation reforms and deepening trade relations with
mainland China by further reducing tarifs. Taiwan is also
advocating free trade agreements with Japan, Singapore,
New Zealand and – further afeld – the US and the EU.
Te UK is currently Taiwan’s third-largest trading partner
in Europe. Bilateral trade in goods (excluding services)
reached £6.4 billion in 2012, and business relations are strong:
approximately 300 British companies are operating in Taiwan,
and over 180 Taiwanese companies have a presence in the
UK. Te countries hold regular bilateral trade talks, including
the annual Taiwan British Business Council, and the UK
continues to remain one of the most popular international
destinations for Taiwanese students.
Sources: The Brookings Institution, Euromonitor, GOV.UK, HSBC, IMF, McKinsey
& Company, UKTI
DHL Taiwan Fact Sheet 2
Source: DHL, CIA World Factbook
UK to Country Transit Times
The times provided for dutiable shipments are based on the time expected
for Customs in Taiwan to clear the shipment. This is contingent upon the
value of the shipment.
Taipei City Non-Dutiable: 3 days Dutiable: 3 days
Guanyin Non-Dutiable: 3 days Dutiable: 3 days
Kaohsiung City Non-Dutiable: 3 days Dutiable: 3 days
Taichung City Non-Dutiable: 3 days Dutiable: 3 days
Sanmin Non-Dutiable: 5 days Dutiable: 5 days
Goods shipments must have invoices attached
to the physical shipment upon arrival. The invoice
value must be indicated as >+1 (any currency).
Pro forma invoices are not accepted by Taiwan
Shipments greater than TWD 3,000: importer to
provide Power of Attorney and GUI Number (Tax
ID) to authorise clearance of the consignments.
Certain items will require inspection from Taiwan’s
Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI).
Contact DHL Customer Services before importing
products made in mainland China.
Prohibited Items
The list below is in addition to DHL’s standard list
of prohibited items.
• Antiques
• Asbestos
• Dangerous goods, hazardous or combustible
• Firearms, parts of
• Food or food additives made in or imported
from mainland China, including mooncakes
• Furs
• Gambling devices
• Invoices, blank
• Ivory
• Jewellery
• Personal mail
• Precious metals & stones
• Soil samples
Exports from Taiwan
US$ 305.8 billion (2013 est.)
Export commodities
Electronics, fat panels,
machinery, metals, textiles,
plastics, chemicals, optical,
photographic, measuring
and medical instruments.
Top Export Destinations
China, USA, Hong Kong, UK,
Japan, Singapore, Germany.
Imports into Taiwan
US$ 268.5 billion (2013 est.)
Import commodities
Electronics, machinery,
crude petroleum, precision
instruments, organic
chemicals, metals.
Top Import Origins
USA, China, Germany,
Hong Kong, Singapore,
Switzerland, Japan.
For an estimate of landed costs (duties, taxes
and other import fees) for shipments going
to Taiwan, use the free DHL Express Trade
Automation Services (TAS) tool.
TAS also provides information on regulation
compliance and trade documentation.
DHL Taiwan Fact Sheet 3
Restricted Items
Alcoholic beverages
Over 5 L: obtain Licence of Wine
& Tobacco. Scotch whiskey: subject
to taxation and only released if a
Certificate of Age and Origin for
Scotch Whiskey issued by UK
Customs (HMRC) is provided.
Animal products
Unprocessed: provide original
quarantine certificate from country of
origin. Label required on the outside of
the package to say ‘ANIMAL PRODUCT’.
Obtain import licence.
Fishmeal: importer to apply for
inspection by Taiwan’s BSMI.
Animal skins, coffee & coffee
samples, perishables, plants &
plant products including tea and
seeds including cotton seed
Provide original quarantine certificate
from origin country and apply for
import licence. Plant products: provide
a label on the outside of the package
Audio / visual media including:
audio & video cassettes, compact
discs, films: 8mm, 16mm & 35mm,
entertainment, promotional
& training, laser discs and
telecommunications equipment
Subject to inspection and censorship
by Taiwan’s Government Information
Office (GIO).
Credit cards (NI)
More than 5 pieces: send as goods.
Bunker oil samples (for analysis),
drugs: prescription & non-
prescription and medical samples
Obtain import licence/permit.
Electronic equipment including
phones & modems and toys
Shipment price above US$ 1,000: obtain
certificate of legal import inspection.
Wireless equipment including mobile
phones: obtain import licence/permit.
Shipment value above US$ 1,000
and/or above 6 kg: receiver to provide
certificate of legal import inspection.
Vitamins: obtain approval from Taiwan’s
National Health Administration.
Grain samples
Shipper to apply for inspection with
Taiwan’s BSMI.
Receiver to provide authorisation letter
from country of production.
Military equipment
Clearance handled by broker.
Mobile phones including
accessories and components
Comply with Taiwan’s National
Communication Commission (NCC)
requirements and complete an affidavit
form for approval. Without a certificate
issued by NCC, only 2 units may be
imported per person or company
(no limits for certificate holders).
Negatives, including x-rays & films
Must be business-related and not
be exposed. More than 2 pieces:
ship as goods.
Oil products
Provide country of origin certificate.
Textile articles including fabrics
& fabric samples
Label of origin must be sewn on
garment. State contents, material,
colour and measurements (length
& width) on invoice.
Bed clothing, towels & undergarments:
shipper to obtain import permission
from Taiwan’s BSMI.
Provide photocopy of the tobacco
importer business license or an
approval issued by Taiwan’s Ministry
of Finance unless the reason for
import is gifting, self-consumption or
exhibition and the quantity does not
exceed 1,000 cigarettes, 125 cigars
or 5 pounds of cut tobacco.
Cigarette samples: provide original
quarantine certificate from origin.
Toy guns
State contents, material, colour
and measurements (length & width)
on invoice.
For x-ray machines please contact
DHL Customer Services before shipping.
Valid from: 04/2014
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