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The Visa Ofcer,

Canadian High Commission,
Student Visa Section,
7/8, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri,
New e!hi " ##$$%#
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S35* #' Su.mission o) Study +ermit app!ication'
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Your proposed studies are not reasonable in the light of one or more of your
qualifications, previous studies, employment, level of establishment, language
abilities or your future prospects or plans.
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Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it Bill Cosby
I am going to start, by introducing myself as RAJAN NAYAN BANKER, a
prospective Chemical Engineering graduate aspiring to pursue further studies
in Canada.
I see myself as a Chemical Engineering graduate with a fair for management. I
always had a knack for managing things. Right from the childhood I would get
involved in organizing and volunteering various cultural activities in school,
college and even in my society where Im residing. In 8
Grade, 2005; I
participated in a mass campaign for Cancer Patients Aid Society. In college, I
volunteered for juniors orientation programs, two years in a row i.e. 2011, 2012.
Through my educational endeavor I was part of many other numerous activities
like promoting, planning, coordinating and hosting cultural shows and annual
festivals. In a way, I never stopped enriching my management side. At the back
of my mind I always wanted to make a diference in the quality of Lives of
people and a positive diference to the organization I work with.
As a freshman at the undergraduate level at L.D College of Engineering,
Gujarat; which is amongst the best institutes of technical education in India, I
chose my Chemical Engineering to ensure a sound technological base. It was in
my second year of graduation that I came across subject like Management-I,
Management-II and later in third year, subject like Pollution control and safety
management, which on the whole stimulated my interest even more towards
management. My mindset to pursue project management got even stronger
during one of the lectures given by Mr. M.N. Vyas (consultant and visiting
professor; previously worked asChief of operations and HSE at IPCL); In his
lecture he basically explained that problems in chemical industry always
involve much more than just doing calculations, fnding technical solutions and
theoretical application of it. Industrial problem solving includes issues such as
scoping the extent of the problem, risk of the problem, planning and
establishing timelines, fnding technical support and suppliers, fnancial
issues, safety management and reporting. Handling all these issues effciently
is the domain of project management.Even during my vocational training at
IFFCO(Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited), Kalol, in 2012; I noticed
how project managers had an important role in the industry.
An exhilarating career in the feld of chemistry has always been my dream.
However during my four years of graduation, I was sure that I wanted to
pursue my career in management side of chemical industries. It was clear that
I wanted to use my management skills in the chemical sector. For that I needed
to back up my technical knowledge with management studies. And after long
perusing the internet, a lot consideration of known facts, and listening to my
seniors and professors, I was sure that project management is the right course
for me. Integrating my technical knowledge and management skills, pursuing
project management will be like the perfect cherry, on top of the icing.
Pursing a graduate course in Project Management became inevitable for me as it
was my path to future career; so I decided to do my further studies from
Humber institute of technology and advanced learning, which provides a quality
education.A well-structured and comprehensive Project Management course
curriculum of Humber institute of technology and advanced learning
containing subjects such as Public Sector Project Management, Project
Resources: Planning and Scheduling, Project Risk Management and a few
more; together will help me learn the skills needed to move a project through
conceptualization, initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing. I feel
this will provide ample opportunities to involve myself in my areas of interest.
Project management has gained prominence over these years. Construction,
manufacturing, information technology, pharmaceutical, telecommunications,
oil, gas and petrochemical, fnance, government or the health-care sector, the
demand for leaders and team members with project management skills, is
growing. Simultaneously Private Sectors, especially oil, gas and petrochemical
has come a long way and hence providing even more job opportunities for
project managers. Out of the known facts one is that, In March 2013, the
Project Management Institute (PMI) stated, based on a study conducted by The
Anderson Economic Group that Between the years 2010 and 2020, an
estimated 15.7 million new project management jobs will be added globally,
reaching an economic impact of over $18 trillion, across these above project
intensive industries. (Courtesy:
I have chosen Canada to pursue my further education because be it a
Canadian degree, diploma or certifcate, it is well-regarded in the industrial job
sector as well as the academic circles all around the globe. The Canada
Education system combines the best elements of tradition and modernity. The
quality of Canadian degree is one reason why I plan to come to Canada and
study. Also Canadian colleges provide internationally recognized qualifcations
of highest standard.
Coming to my personality, I assure you that I have necessary commitment,
intelligence, maturity and determination to achieve my goals. My strengths are
conceptual understanding, good decision making ability, self-confdence,
hardworking and optimism. To be a successful manager you require sound
communication and presentation skills, which I believe I have; backed up by
my 7 bands IELTS score. Together with Canadian education and balanced
academic program of Humber institute of technology and advanced learning, I
feel that Canada is the right place to embark upon my post-graduate study. I
am confdent that hopefully I will live up to the high academic standards.
I would like to conclude by saying that I couldnt be surer that this course is
going to drastically transform my life and will be a milestone in the journey of
my academic pursuits. I am passionate about my dreams and in making it
true. However, I do need help to shape myself to the best ever manager, I aspire
to become.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my views. Kindly consider this for the
student visa application; I hope that I satisfy the criteria for Canadian student
Hoping for a favorable consideration.
Thank You.