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Information Packet for
Vocalabs Survey Administrators

Revision 1.4: 10/9/13

Note: The information here is subject to change.

Thank you for your interest in contracting with Vocalabs to provide survey administration services. Please
read this document carefully, as it contains important information about what we are looking for, what Survey
Administrators will be expected to do, the terms under which we will contract with Survey Administrators,
and how to apply.

What Is a Survey Administrator?
Vocalabs offers customer satisfaction surveys to help leading brands improve the quality of customer
service. Customers of our clients are selected for a survey after a customer service experience (for example,
after a retail store visit or customer service call). Then, shortly after the customer service experience, a
Vocalabs Survey Administrator calls the customer back and conducts a brief (typically about five minutes)

As a Survey Administrator, you can log on to our website any time you choose to see if there are any surveys
available. We do not require that you work at any particular time or any particular number of hours per week,
or commit to a specific shift. Since you will be paid for each survey completed, the more you work, the more
you earn. Also, if you log in at busier times of the day, you are likely to get more survey assignments.

All contractors performing surveys must:
o Speak fluent English and have a good telephone voice.
o Have access to a personal computer, high-speed Internet access, and a telephone in a quiet place
to work where you won't be disturbed. To ensure good sound quality, the phone must be directly
wired to the wall. Mobile phones and cordless phones are not acceptable.
o Live in and be authorized to work in the United States.
o Demonstrate an ability to professionally conduct interviews.
o Consent to having all interviews recorded.
o Agree to Vocalabs Contracting Terms, and provide tax information.

If you subcontract (hire others to perform surveys on your behalf), you are responsible for making sure that all
individuals performing surveys meet our requirements and quality standards.

Vocal Laboratories Inc. | 8421 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 260, Golden Valley, MN 55426 |
Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get paid?
We pay a minimum of $2.50 for completing a typical 5-minute interview. Depending on how busy we are,
there may be times when one person can complete as many as ten interviews in an hour; or there may be no
surveys available at other times. We pay through PayPal at least weekly.

You can work as much or as little as you want and do not need to commit to a specific time. If you have
good work habits and work at the times when we have surveys available, you can probably average at least
six completed interviews per hour over an extended period of time (excluding breaks).

Will I be a Vocalabs employee?
No. You will be an independent contractor, responsible for setting your own hours and maintaining your own
equipment (computer, phone, and Internet connection). Your income will be reported to the IRS on form
1099 if it meets federal reporting requirements. You will not be eligible for Vocalabs employee benefits or
any expense reimbursement. Some expenses incurred as a Survey Administrator (for example, part of the
cost of your Internet connection, or maintenance on your computer) may be tax-deductible as a business
expense. You should keep good records and consult a tax advisor.

Will I have to pay for long distance?
Interview calls will all go through Vocalabs. You will dial into a toll-free number, then be connected to the
person you will interview. However, before Vocalabs contracts surveys to you, you may have to pay for a
few long-distance calls while we evaluate the quality of your work.

Is this cold calling? Is there any sales involved?
No. We will be surveying people who recently completed a customer service experience with the company
were surveying about. We are only asking about the customers opinions, and will not be selling anything.

Do I have to pay anything to participate?
You are responsible for any expenses you incur to perform the surveys we contract to you, but Vocalabs
does not require that you pay anything to us to become a Survey Administrator.

Will I be recorded?
Yes. We will record every interview call as part of the work product you provide. These recordings become
part of the report Vocalabs compiles for its clients. In addition, we may use call recordings to verify that
individual surveys were properly completed.

Contracting Terms
To be a Survey Administrator you must agree to the following:
1. You are an independent contractor, and not an employee of Vocalabs. You are permitted to hire
others to perform surveys on your behalf, but you are responsible for training and equipping those
2. If you are an individual, you are a United States citizen or authorized to work in the United States; or
if a corporate entity, you are authorized to do business in the United States.
3. You are responsible for maintaining your own equipment and environment for productively and
professionally performing interviews.
4. Vocalabs will contract available surveys to Survey Administrators at its own discretion, and makes
no guarantees about the availability of surveys.
5. The deliverable work product you must provide for each survey contract you accept consists of (a)
the completed questionnaire that you fill out and submit through Vocalabs web site, and (b) the
recording of the call that Vocalabs creates. Call recordings and survey data become the property of
Vocalabs, and may be assigned to third parties.
6. Vocalabs may refuse to pay for surveys which are incomplete, filled out incorrectly, or not filled out
according to an actual phone interview with the correct individual.
Vocal Laboratories Inc. | 8421 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 260, Golden Valley, MN 55426 |
7. You will treat all information you are given as part of a customer survey, quality review, or any other
Vocalabs contract as strictly confidential, and not reveal it to any third party except as authorized by
Vocalabs. You will destroy all confidential information related to a Vocalabs contract once you no
longer need it as a Vocalabs Survey Administrator.

Next Steps
If you are interested in becoming a Survey Administrator, the next step is to audition by phone:
1. Call 952-941-6580. Dial extension 254.
2. Leave a voicemail message with the following:
a. Your name
b. Your phone number
c. Your e-mail address
d. Read the following text:

Hello, this is (your first name) calling with a survey for Acme. A few minutes ago
you or someone else called Acme and agreed to take a survey after the call, and
gave us this number to call you back at.

Is this a good time to answer some questions? This should only take about five
minutes, and we will record this call to make sure we get all your answers right.
Considering all aspects of your Acme service, please rate your satisfaction with
the ease of doing business with Acme. Are you Very Satisfied, Somewhat
Satisfied, Somewhat Dissatisfied, or Very Dissatisfied?

If we find your audition acceptable we will contact you when we have a need for additional Survey
Administrators. We do not have the ability to provide a personal response to everyone interested, so please
do not contact us to find out the status of your audition.

We keep qualifying auditions on file for several months, as our need for Survey Administrators varies
throughout the year. Even if you dont hear from us right away, we may still contact you at a later date.