Name: Dr. K. P.

 Academic qualifications
* M. Sc. (University of Calicut, 1984) * M. Phil. (University of Calicut, 1987) * Ph. D. (Indian Veterinary Research Institute, 1994)

Work experience (In reverse chronological order)
Principal Scientist - CIBA- Fish Health Management / Fish Parasitology Senior Scientist Scientist (SS) Scientist CIBA- Fish Health Management / Fish Parasitology IVRI- Veterinary Parasitology IVRI- Veterinary Parasitology

Projects completed (In reverse chronological order)
1. Fish health management in brackishwater aquaculture using epidemiology, diagnostics, prophylactics and molecular biology (Project Code: AAHMS/DIS/1) - Co-PI, 2003-07, Institute Funded. 2. National risk assessment programme for fish and fish products for domestic and international markets - Risks associated with bio-accumulation of heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics and parasitic infection in cultured shellfish and finfish in coastal aquaculture systems, Code 3003, Co-PI, 2002-05, ICAR-AP Cess, 25 lakhs. 3. Monitoring and surveillance of diseases in shrimp and fish with special reference to broodstock (Project code: NPPS/DIS/3) - Principal Investigator, 2002-03, Institute Funded. 4. Evaluation of Penaeus monodon broodstock along the Indian coast with special reference to pathogen loading (Project Code: GBS/02) - Co-PI, 2002-03, Institute Funded. 5. Development of probiotics for disease tolerance / resistance in shrimps (Project Code: NPPD/DIS/2) - Co-PI, 2000-03, Institute Funded. 6. Diagnosis, prophylaxis and control of diseases of commercially important brackishwater shrimp and fish (Project Code: NPPD/DIS/1) - Co-PI, 1998-99, Institute Funded.

 Projects presently involved with
1. Characterization and development of diagnostics for viral nervous necrosis in seabass (Lates calcarifer) and mullet (Mugil cephalus), 2007-2010, DBT Funded, 27.72 lakhs. 2. Fish health management in brackishwater aquaculture using epidemiology, diagnostics, prophylactics and molecular biology, 2007-2010, Institute Funded.

 Awards / recognitions own • DBT Overseas Associateship Award, 2005-06 from Department of Biotechnology
(Govt. of India, New Delhi) for advanced research at Hiroshima University, Japan.

• Dr. V. S. Alwar Memorial Award for the year 2001 for the BEST RESEARCH ARTICLE
published in Journal of Veterinary Parasitology.

• CSIR Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) for Doctoral programme at Indian Veterinary
Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.) during 1991-1994.

 Major Publications (List of 10 publications - hyper linking could be done) Book Chapter
1. Jithendran, K.P. and R. Katoch. 2003. Helminth parasites of livestock and wild animals in Himachal Pradesh - An overview. pp. 341-366 [In: Helminthology In India (ed. M.L. Sood.). p. 617, ISBN: 81-7089-293-7]. International Book Publishers, Dehradun (India). 2. Jithendran, K.P. and T.K.Bhat. 2005. Dicrocoeliosis of farm animals in India. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (India). New Delhi, Special publications, 75 B: 173-183.

1. Jithendran, K.P., Poornima, M., Balasubramanian, C.P. and Kulasekharapandian, S. 2009. Diseases of mud crabs in India. Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture. Bulletin No. 20, p. 28.

1. Vijayan, K.K., C.P. Balasubramanian, K.P. Jithendran, S.V. Alavandi, T.C. Santiago. 2003. Histopathology of Y-organ in Indian white shrimp Fenneropenaeus indicus, experimentally infected with white spot syndrome virus. Aquaculture, 221: 97–106. 2. Alavandi, S.V., K.K. Vijayan, T.C. Santiago, M. Poornima, K.P. Jithendran, S.A. Ali and J.S.

Rajan. 2004. Evaluation of Pseudomonas spp. PM11 and Vibrio fluvialitis PM 17 on immune indices of tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon. Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 17: 215-221. 3. Jithendran, K.P., K.K.Vijayan, S.V. Alavandi and M. Kailasam. 2005. Benedenia epinepheli (Yamaguti, 1937), a monogenean parasite in captive broodstock of grouper, Epinephelus tauvina (Forskal). Asian Journal of Fisheries, 18: 121-126. 4. Jithendran, K.P., I.S. Azad and M. Natarajan. 2005. Management of monogenean parasites in brackishwater finfish. Aquaculture Asia, 10 (4): 38-41.

5. Azad, I.S., M.S. Shekhar, A.R. Thirunavukkarasu and K.P. Jithendran. 2006. Viral nerve necrosis in the hatchery-produced fry of Asian sea bass Lates calcarifer: sequential microscopic analysis of histopathology. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 73: 123-130. 6. Azad, I.S., K.P.Jithendran, M.S. Shekhar, A.R. Thirunavukkarasu, L.D. de la Pena. 2006. Immunolocalisation of nervous necrosis virus indicates vertical transmission in hatchery produced Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) - A case study. Aquaculture, 255: 39-47. 7. Shekhar, M.S., I.S. Azad and K.P. Jithendran. 2006. RT-PCR and sequence analysis of Macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus: Indian isolate. Aquaculture, 252: 128-132. 8. Jithendran, K.P., M. Natarajan and I.S. Azad. 2008. Crustacean parasites and their management in brackshwater finfish culture. Aquaculture Asia, 13 (3): 47-50.

9. Jithendran, K.P., M. Poornima, C. P. Balasubramanian and S. Kulasekharapandian. 2009. Diseases of mud crabs (Scylla spp.): an overview. Indian Journal of Fisheries. (Communicated).

 Areas of interest (not more than five)
Fish/shrimp Health Management Crustacean Diseases Finfish Diseases Disease Diagnostics and Therapeutics Fish/shrimp Immunology

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