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StreetSafe Program: Initial Evaluation Results

With funding from the NC Governors Highway Safety program, the University of North Carolina
Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) is currently evaluating StreetSafe, a hands-on driving
program for young drivers. As of September, 2013, we have conducted a preliminary
assessment of participants opinions of the program and examined the programs influence on
participants understanding of the potential dangers of risky driving behaviors. Some of the
initial findings are described briefly below.

Initial Findings
Participation in the StreetSafe program is associated with increases in young drivers awareness
of the risks involved in behaviors such as driving after drinking, tailgating, using a cell phone
while driving, taking turns too fast, and seat belt nonuse. Highlights from these initial findings:

Following participation in the
program, there was an increase
from 59% to 83% in the
proportion of young drivers who
strongly agreed they understand
why tailgating can be dangerous.

There was a marked increase
(from 61% to 85%) in the
proportion of young drivers who
strongly agreed they recognize
how using a cell phone affects
their driving.

September, 2013

There was a substantial
increase (from 56% to 83%) in
the proportion of young drivers
who strongly agreed they
understood what could happen
if they take a turn too fast.

A preliminary formative evaluation of the StreetSafe program was conducted by members of the
research team, who observed several StreetSafe sessions in a number of locations. Findings indicate that
the program is standardized and quality control procedures are in place to ensure consistent delivery of
the intended information and experience to participants. Both these are essential to the success of a

Initial findings indicate that participants have quite positive views of the StreetSafe program,
particularly the hands-on driving component. Additionally, following participation in the
program, participants show increased understanding of the potential risks of certain driving-
related behaviors.

Next steps
Evaluation of the StreetSafe program is a two-year project. During the upcoming year, we will
examine program participants crash records and compare these with a randomly assigned
group of non-participants.

Additional Key Findings
94% of participants rate the StreetSafe Program as Very
good or Excellent
97% of participants rate the hands-on driving experience
as Very good or Excellent
97% of participants would recommend StreetSafe to others