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General Description

This model represents the transportation alternatives provided to theme park visitors to access the
rides. The general process flow is as follows:

1. Two types of visitors enter the theme park.
2. 30% percent of the visitors walk to the attractions while the other 70% rides the shuttle.
3. Shuttle riders need to wait for the ride at the shuttle shelter.
4. Walkers walk directly to the attractions.
5. After enjoying the theme park attractions, the visitors exit the park.
6. The Walkers walk to the exit while the ShuttleRiders wait for the bus to drop them at the exit.
*The shuttles have a fixed route to pick up and drop off visitors.
*The number of the available shuttles is a numeric property.
*An experiment is used to assess the number of shuttles that should be used in order to improve the
visitors time in system.

Detailed Description

Visitors Arrival
One Source creates two types of park visitors based on the visitors data table mix. Visitors who like to
walk to attractions (walkers) are created 30% of the time while visitors who like to ride the shuttle
(ShuttleRiders) are created 70% of the time. This is generated through the use of the expression
VisitorsData.VisitorsMix.RandomRow in Table Reference Assignments of the Source object.
The Walkers walk directly to the attractions.
The ShuttleRiders walk to the shuttle entry area stop where they have to wait for a ride. The
shuttle drops the visitors next to the attraction.

Visitor Networks
Both types of visitors are assigned different networks in the entity Travel Logic Initial Network. Setting
paths to different networks allows us to specify a specific route for each depending on their
transportation preference.
Shuttle Route
The shuttle runs on a fixed route. This is specified on the vehicles Routing Logic where the Routing Type
was set to Fixed Route and Route Sequence was set to Shuttle Route. The Shuttle Route is a user
defined Sequence Table.
An Experiment exists on the main model that varies the input of one Control; Number of Shuttles. This
control appears in the experiment because it is a property on the main model. The Number of Shuttles
property is referenced from the Initial Capacity property on the Shuttle Vehicle object.
The average time in system is the only response defined in this experiment. It determines the average
time that a visitor spends in the park.
Useful Tips
Right-click on the path, polyline or rectangle and select Lock Edits to lock them and be able to move
them without affecting the animation or the newly defined shapes.