Minimum Crash Cart Supplies and Drugs

(Based on 2010 ACLS Protocols)

This list is based on the 2011 American Heart Association Advanced Cardiovascular Life
Support Provider Manual and does not include Adult Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Care.

This list was created to show the basic supplies and equipment required for emergency treatment
in an ambulatory surgery center while waiting for EMS to arrive and must be reviewed by the
anesthesia and medical staff at your facility and approved by the Medical Executive Committee
and Governing Board.

Disclaimer: This list should be reviewed and modified as required by the anesthesia and
medical staff at your facility and approved by the Medical Executive Committee and
Governing Board.

Defibrillator/EKG monitor with external pacing capabilities
AED (automated external defibrillator)
Adult Electrode defibrillator pads

Portable suction machine
suction canister
suction tubing
Suction Catheters
Yankauer Suction Tip

Clipboard, code worksheets, ACLS algorithms
Electrode pads/ Defibrillator Pads
Trach Tray; Cuffed Tracheostomy Tubes: Shiley
Adult Cricothyrotomy Kit
Cardiac backboard
Ambu bag with adult mask
Portable 02 tanks
Adult Face Mask non-rebreather
Nasal Cannula
Nebulizer Kit

Airway Patency:
Nasopharyngeal Airways, assorted sizes
Oropharyngeal Airways: assorted sizes

Airway Management:
Laryngoscope handle and assorted blades
C-Batteries for laryngoscope
Endotracheal Tubes:Assorted sizes, Cuffed and uncuffed

LMA (laryngeal mask airway) - assorted sizes
Esophageal-tracheal tube
laryngeal tube


Adenosine 6 mg/2ml IV
Albuterol Inhaler 3ml INH
Aspirin 325mg PO
Atropine syringe 1mg/10ml IV
Atropine 0.4mg/ml IV
Amiodarone 150mg/3ml IV
Calcium Chloride 10% syringe IV
Diphenhydramine 50mg/ml IV
Dextrose 50%W 25gm/50 ml IV
Dopamine 400 mg/5ml IV
Epinephrine 1:1,000 amp/ autoinjector IV
Epinephrine 1:10,000 syringe IV
Furosemide 40mg/4ml IV
Hydrocortisone 100mg/ 2ml IV
Lidocaine 2%syringe 100 mg IV
Mag Sulfate 50% syringe IV or IM
Methylprednisolone 125 mg IV
Morphine sulfate Narcotic Cabinet IV
Narcan 0.4mg/ml IV
Nitroglycerine 0.4mg SL
Procainamide 100mg/ml IV
Sodium Bicarb 8.4% 50mEq IV
Sotalol 100mg IV
Sterile Water 10ml IV
0.9% Na chloride 10ml IV
Vasopressin 10units/ml IV

Lidocaine 4% 2gm 500ml IV

IV catheters, tape, alcohol wipes, tourniquets, tongue blades
IO Needles
IV Tubing- primary and piggyback
IV solutions: Lactated Ringers, Normal Saline
Needles, syringes

Revised 06/14/11

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