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Assignment 3: Problem Set

● PictureWorld Contract
● QuiltWorld Contract
This problem set is intended to help you practice reading, writing, and understanding methods. You
should think carefully about what patterns should be abstracted into methods and which patterns should
be named as variables. Task 1 is a pencil-and-paper problem. The code for tasks 2 and 3 are available in
the ps3_programs folder in the cs111 download directory on nike.
How to turn in this Problem Set
Save the modified and files in the ps3_programs folder. Submit the
entire ps3_programs folder to your drop folder on the cs111 server. Turn in a hardcopy of the invocation
tree from task 1 and your modified and
When submitting your hardcopies, we ask that you turn in only one package of materials. Please staple
your files together with a cover page, and submit to assignments.

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