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FC Barcelona

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This article is about the men's football club. For the women's football club, see FC Barcelona
(women). For the reserve team, see FC Barcelona B. For the futsal team, see FC Barcelona
Futsal. For other uses, see Barcelona (disambiguation).
ot to be confused with Barcelona !"orting Club.
Full name Futbol Club Barcelona
Nickname(s) Bara or Blaugrana (team)
Culs or Barcelonistas (supporters)
Blaugranes or Azulgranas (supporters)
Founded 29 November 1899; 114 years ago
as Foot-Ball Club Barcelona
Ground Camp Nou
Capacity 99,78
President !osep "ar#a Bartomeu
Head Coach $u#s %nr#&ue
League $a $#ga
20!"# $a $#ga, 2n'
$e%site Club (ome page
Home colours
&'ay colours (hird colours
Current season
&cti)e departments o* FC Barcelona
Foot%all (+en,s) Foot%all B (+en,s) Foot%all & (+en,s)
Foot%all ($omen,s) Futsal Beach soccer
Hand%all -oller hockey .ce hockey
Basket%all Basket%all B $heelchair %asket%all
-ug%y union -ug%y league
Futbol Club Barcelona (Catalan pronunciation: [fub b k ub brs on] ( listen)), also known
as Barcelona and familiarly as Bara,
[note ]
is a professional football club, based in !arcelona,
Catalonia, "pain#
Founded in $%% by a &roup of "wiss, 'n&lish and Catalan footballers led by (oan )amper, the
club has become a symbol of Catalan culture andCatalanism, hence the motto "#$s %ue un
club" (*ore than a club)# +nlike many other football clubs, the supporters own and operate
!arcelona# ,t is the second most -aluable sports team on the &lobe, worth ./#0 billion, and
the world1s second2richest football club in terms of re-enue, with an annual turno-er of .3/
4he official !arcelona anthem is the 5Cant del !ar6a5, written by (aume 7icas
and (osep *aria 'spin8s#
!arcelona is the most successful club in "pain, in terms of o-erall official titles won ($0)#
!arcelona was ranked first in the 19ll24ime Club World :ankin&1 by ,FF;", on / <ecember
and was placed on top of the 0=0?/ +'F9 club rankin&s#
,t has won 00 Aa Ai&a,
03 Copa del :ey, "upercopa de 'spaBa, / Copa '-a <uarte and 0 Copa de la Ai&a trophies,
as well as bein& the record holder for the latter four competitions# ,ninternational club football,
!arcelona has won four +'F9 Champions Aea&ue, a record four +'F9 Cup Winners1 Cup,
four +'F9 "uper Cup, a record three ,nter2Cities Fairs Cup
[note 0]
and a record two F,F9 Club
World Cup trophies#
4he club has a lon&2standin& ri-alry with :eal *adridC matches between
the two teams are referred to as 5'l ClDsico5#
!arcelona is one of the most supported teams in the world, and has the lar&est fan base amon&
all sports teams on all maEor social networks#
!arcelona1s players ha-e won a record number
of !allon d1Gr awards (=), as well as a record number of F,F9 World 7layer of the Hear awards
(F)# ,n 0==, the club created history when three players who came throu&h its youth academy
(*essi, ,niesta I Ja-i) were chosen as the three best players in the world, ha-in& ba&&ed the top
spots at the F,F9 !allon d1Gr, an unprecedented feat for players from the same football school#
!arcelona was one of the foundin& members of Aa Ai&a, and is one of three clubs which
ha-e ne-er been rele&ated from the top di-ision, alon& with9thletic !ilbao and :eal *adrid# ,n
0==%, !arcelona became the first "panish club to win the continental treble consistin& of Aa
Ai&a, Copa del :ey, and the Champions Aea&ue# 4hat same year, it also became the first football
club e-er to win siK out of siK competitions in a sin&le year, thus completin& the seKtuple,
comprisin& the aforementioned treble and the "panish "uper Cup, +'F9 "uper Cup and F,F9
Club World Cup#
,n 0=, the !lau&rana a&ain became 'uropean champions and won a total of
fi-e titles, missin& out only on the Copa del :ey (in which they finished runners2up)# 4his
!arcelona team, which reached a record siK consecuti-e Champions Aea&ue semi2finals and
won > trophies in Eust four years under )uardiola1s char&e, is considered by some mana&ers,
players and eKperts to be the &reatest team of all time#