Phl population hits 100 million on Sunday

July 25-31, 2014
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July 25-31, 2014
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Msgr. Gutierrez
Enterprise and
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Ben Maynigo Miles Beauchamp
NAIA-3 to be fully operational
on July 31
Filipino tourists advised not to go
on a pilgrimage in Israel
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Great Gift to GOD - p.9
The Wisest Choice -
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My cell phone un-liberation
Our Life and Times
Imelda the musical casting in
Manila for authenticity
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
San Diego Asian Journal
The Original and First Asian Journal in America
San Diego, California
July 25, 2014
Last of two articles
n the last issue of the San Diego Asian Journal, I reprinted my article from November
11, 2008, entitled, “My Cell Phone ‘Liberation.’” In the article, I cited some of the
reasons why I had decided to get rid of my cell phone. For one, it was expensive to
maintain. Additionally, I did not want to be bothered by other people calling me, urging
me to do some tasks. Most importantly, I never had a cell phone before, yet somehow
A friend of mine noticed that seven months later, I was in possession of a cell phone.
“Why?” he asked. “I thought you had already been liberated?”
“It’s a long story,” I replied. “One so painful that telling it still hurts.”
It’s been fve years since the incident, and time heals wounds. By now, the pain had
eased. I could now tell the world why I decided to have my cell phone back.
It started on June 15, 2009. My wife and second daughter, Ashley, had attended a
“Gawad Kalinga” Conference in Boston. I did not go with them as I wanted to just stay
home and relax. After the conference, they decided to stay for a few more days and ex-
plore the area. Although we had been there as a family several times before, there were
still a lot of places to see. My youngest daughter, Heather, a private equity analyst in
nearby New York City, decided to join them. But then I came to thinking: Here’s my fam-
ily (my eldest daughter was already married then) travelling around Boston without me.
Since they would be spending on hotel rooms, why don’t I join them and incur no addi-
tional expense? Upon fnding a good deal in the Internet, only $250 for a round trip ticket,
the die was cast.
We stayed in Boston for a few days, checking out the Sam Adams Brewery in a suburb
and other areas. We then took the bus to New York City and stayed at my daughter Heath-
er’s Manhattan apartment. After a few days exploring the city, we went back home sepa-
rately. Ashley had to take the bus back to Boston to catch her fight, while my wife and
I took a taxi to JFK Airport early in the morning. Along the way, I pulled out my wallet
from my back pocket to make sure I had my driver’s license. I was dropped off frst while | NEW YORK,
7/11/2014 — David Byrne
has gone more than an extra
mile to ensure his immersive
show “Here Lies Love” about
Filipino ex-frst lady Imelda
Marcos is as authentic as pos-
sible as it goes international:
He’s just fnished casting in
The Talking Heads front-
man went to the Philippines
over the July Fourth holiday
to add potential names to the
Britain-based talent pool as he
gears up to open the show in
London this September at the
by Ernie Delfn, The Metamorphosis
My last column on “So-
cial Enterprises Can Stop the
Widening Gap between the
Haves and the Havenots”
received many interesting
responses and feedbacks.
Today’s column is a sort of
an expansion of what we, as
concerned humanitarians, can
Creative Ways to Increase Tourism at the Same
Time Supporting Social Enterprises and NGO’s | MANILA,
7/23/2014 – The Department
of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
advised Filipino tourists who
intend to go to Israel on pil-
grimage to defer their trav-
els amid continuing confict
between the militant group
Hamas and the Israel Military.
“Israel is under alert level
2, there is deployment ban
for newly-hired workers. For
tourists we only advise them
to defer their travel because of
confict in these areas,” DFA
spokesman Charles Jose said
Tuesday in a press briefng.
“Though tourists will not
be stopped by immigration
because they are not work-
ers … we discourage them to
travel because we cannot tell
what will happen in Israel as a
result of the ongoing confict,”
he said.
Israel is a world-famous tourist des-
tination for its religious and historical
sites including the city of Jerusalem,
regarded as a holy city by followers
of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In
2012 alone, 2.8 million tourists came to
Israel according to records of the World
Israel is among the countries that Fili-
pino tourists may visit without the need
to apply for a visa.
Jose said that there are 36,000 over-
seas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Israel,
the large majority of them are caregiv-
Fil-Am Unity
Ms PHL 2014
Cora Banaban- Anderson ,President
and Unity Offcers would like to thank
Ludy Vargas
ABS CBN News | MA-
NILA, 7/24/2014 – The Ninoy
Aquino International Airport
Terminal 3 (NAIA-3) is set to
be fully operational by July
31, 17 years after the Depart-
ment of Transportation and
Communications (DOTC)
awarded the concession agree-
“We are extremely pleased
to confrm that full airline
operations will begin at NAIA
Terminal 3 next week. Our
gateway airport will now be
able to welcome 3.5 million
more passengers with modern
facilities every year, and Ter-
minal 1 will now be consider-
ably decongested to improve
passenger convenience,”
Transportation Secretary Jun
Abaya said in a statement
The transfer of fve inter-
national airlines to NAIA-3
will also push through, with
Delta Airlines scheduled to
transfer on August 1 while
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,
Emirates, Singapore Air and
Cathay Pacifc set to follow
within the month.
“The Manila International Airport
Authority (MIAA) has informed us that
by Sheila Crisostomo, | MANILA,
7/25/2014- The country’s
population will hit 100 mil-
lion shortly after midnight of
Sunday, the Commission on
Population (PopCom) said
“At exactly 12:05:54 on
Sunday, the 100th million
baby will be born. We round-
ed it off to 12:06 a.m. This is
based on our linear analysis of
the midyear population esti-
mates of the PSA (Philippine
Statistics Authority),” said
PopCom executive director
Juan Antonio Perez III.
Based on PSA estimates,
the country’s population on
July 1 was 99.7 million, with
4,609 Filipino babies being
July 26, 2014 Saturday 1:00 pm
Eucharistic Healing Mass
at the
to be held during the retreat of the
Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California
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Phl population
Law Offces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Jean Tinsay, Esq.
Legal Buzz
Read Atty. Jean Tinsay’s previous articles by visiting
our website at
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My cell phone un-liberation
Our Life & Times
Read Sim Silverio’s previous articles by visiting our
website at
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
A Monthly Forum hosted by and for the Fili-
pino American Community of San Diego
my wife got off at a different
terminal. To my horror, how-
ever, my wallet was missing
from my back pocket when I
was about to get my boarding
pass. I could not present any
ID since it was in my wal-
let. I panicked. I frantically
searched for it despite know-
ing it would be futile. I want-
ed to call my wife to check if
she had seen the wallet in the
taxi, but I did not have a cell
phone. I had been “liberated”
from it, remember?
It took me a while to ask strangers to
let me borrow their cell phones. The frst
three gave me a strange look. “You have
no cell phone? In this day and age?”
Finally, an old lady was kind enough
to let me make a call. It turned out the
taxi driver found my wallet in the back
seat of the cab. It slipped from my back
pocket when I tried putting it back.
Fortunately, he was able to get hold of
Heather, who was already at work then.
She called her mom and was able to
arrange for the driver to give the wallet
to my wife. But I did not know any of
this, because they could not get hold
of me since I didn’t have a cell phone,
It took a while for my wife to give me
back my wallet. By then, I had already
missed my fight. The Delta Airlines
personnel at the counter told me I could
take the next fight with no additional
cost. But it would be 8 hours later at 5 in
the afternoon.
“But you have to come early to get a
seat,” she said.
If I were to go back to my daughter’s
apartment in Manhattan, it would cost
me $50 for the taxi fare, then another
$50 to return to the airport. I decided
to wait it out at the airport food court
where I could at least eat and relax. I
returned to the counter at three in the
afternoon only to fnd a long line. By the
time I was served, there were no more
seats available. The fight was sold out.
“What about the next fight?” I asked.
I was becoming desperate.
“You have to buy a new ticket. That
fight is no longer covered by the cost of
the one you missed this morning.”
“How much?”
I was taken aback. I only paid $250
for the two-way ticket I purchased ear-
lier, and now had another $600 expense.
And for only a one-way ticket?
The airline personnel must have taken
pity of me.
“Try Royal Airlines,” she urged. “It
might have a better deal.”
I had misgivings at frst, for I thought
that airline catered to fights to England.
Desperate as I was, I nevertheless took
the train to the Royal Airlines terminal.
True enough, the airline only serviced
fights to Britain!
By the time I returned to the Delta
Airlines’ terminal, another long line had
formed in front of the counter. I had to
wait for another thirty minutes only to
learn the 8pm fight was already sold
“What’s your next fight?” I asked.
“We have one bound for Atlanta at
midnight, but you have to take a con-
necting fight to San Diego 8 hours later
at 8am.”
“How much?”
I could not believe what I heard. My
$250 two-way ticket deal had increased
fve times more. But by then, I was very
desperate to go home. Waiting the whole
day had taken its toll on me. I decided
to bite the bullet and shell out an extra
$1200, already the cost of a two-way
ticket to the Philippines.
But my journey did not end there. I
arrived at the Atlanta Airport at 1am and
had to wait for 7 hours for the connect-
ing fight. I tried to sleep while seated on
the lounge, but by the time I could nod
off, the cleaning lady would arrive with
her noisy carpet cleaner. I would move
to another lounge but in no time, the
same cleaning lady would arrive. To top
it off, the overhead television monitors
continuously blared news of Michael
Jackson’s death a few hours before on
that fateful day of June 25, 2009.
The frst thing I did as soon as I ar-
rived in San Diego was purchase a cell
phone. The savings I thought I could
save by not having one had disappeared
that day. My wife could have called me
and given back my wallet with my ID
if I had a cell phone. I would not have
wasted $1200 for a new ticket!
“Do you hear me now?” my cell
phone must be asking me. “Loud and
clear,” is all I could answer. - AJ | BEIJING, 2/22/2014 —
A Chinese city has been sealed off and
151 people placed in quarantine since
last week after a man died of bubonic
plague, state media said Tuesday.
The 30,000 people living in Yumen in
the northwestern province of Gansu are
not being allowed to leave, and police at
roadblocks on the perimeter of the city
are telling motorists to fnd alternative
routes, state broadcaster China Central
Television (CCTV) said.
The 38-year-old victim died last
Wednesday, the report said, and had
been in contact with a dead marmot, a
small furry animal which lives on grass-
lands and is related to the squirrel.
“The city has enough rice, four and
oil to supply all its residents for up to
one month,” the report added.
“Local residents and those in quaran-
tine are all in stable condition.”
CCTV said “authorities are not allow-
ing anyone to leave,” although a previ-
ous report by the China Daily newspa-
per said “four quarantine sectors” had
been set up in the city.
No further cases had been reported by
Plague is categorized as a “Class A
infectious disease” in China, a report by
the offcial news agency Xinhua said,
“the most serious under China’s Law on
the Prevention and Treatment of Infec-
tious Diseases.”
Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection
most well known for the “Black Death,”
a virulent epidemic of the disease that
killed tens of millions of people in 14th-
century Europe. Primarily an animal
illness, it is extremely rare in humans.
The US Centers for Disease Control
(CDC) says on its website that mod-
ern antibiotics are effective in treat-
ing plague, but that without prompt
treatment, the disease can cause serious
illness or death.
“Human plague infections continue to
occur in the western United States, but
signifcantly more cases occur in parts
of Africa and Asia,” it adds.-- Read more:
City ‘sealed
off’ after man
dies of bubonic
plague in China
by: Jean S. Tinsay, Esq.
Almost everyone who is in the United
States chasing their American dream
aspires to become a naturalized U.S.
citizen. With citizenship comes certain
benefts, one of which is that you no
longer need to fear that you may be sub-
ject to deportation. Thus, as soon as one
is eligible and meet all the requirements,
it is advisable to fle a naturalization ap-
plication. There is, however, a class of
foreign-born children who automatically
become U.S. citizens without the need
for fling a naturalization application.
The Child Citizenship Act of 2000
which went into effect on February 27,
2001 provides for automatic citizenship
for certain foreign-born children of U.S.
citizens. To be eligible, a child must
meet the following requirements:
The child must have at least one
United States citizen parent (by birth or
The child is under 18 years old;
The child has been admitted to the
United States as a lawful permanent
resident or has adjusted status;
The child is currently residing perma-
nently in the United States in the legal
and physical custody of the U.S. citizen
The law also applies to adopted chil-
dren provided they meet the above-re-
quirements. As to the legal custody re-
quirement, the USCIS presumes that the
U.S. citizen parent has “legal custody”
in cases where the child is a legitimate
or legitimated child. For those children
who meet the requirements, citizenship
is acquired automatically by operation
of law on the day of admission to the
United States as an immigrant or on
the day the last condition for acquiring
citizenship is satisfed. There is no need
to apply for naturalization. However,
if the child wants evidence of his U.S.
citizenship he can either apply for a U.S.
passport with the Department of State or
for a Certifcate of Citizenship with the
To illustrate, let us take the case of
25 year old Mateo who was born in
the Philippines in 1985. At the time of
his birth, his parents were not married.
Subsequent to his birth, Mateo’s father
who was a benefciary of a family-based
petition fled by Mateo’s grandparent
immigrated to the United States. A few
years later, his father returned to the
Philippines, married his mother and im-
mediately fled an immigrant petition for
Mateo and the mother. In 1994 Mateo’s
father became a naturalized U.S. citizen.
When, Mateo was 11 years old he came
to the United States as a lawful perma-
nent resident with his mother. During
the Labor Day weekend, Mateo had one
drink too many at his cousin’s house.
While driving erratically on his way
home, he noticed a police car following
him. In his fear of getting caught drink-
ing and driving he tried to elude the po-
lice before he was fnally apprehended.
Mateo now faces criminal charges of
DUI and evading the police. Mateo is
worried that he may be deported due to
the criminal charges fled against him.
Fortunately, for Mateo he is already a
U.S. citizen and thus cannot be deported
from the United States. Mateo auto-
matically became a U.S. citizen when
the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 took
effect in February 27, 2001. At that
time, he met all the requirements for
automatic citizenship, he was admit-
ted to the United States as a permanent
resident, he had one U.S. citizen parent,
he resided in the United States in the
physical and legal custody of his parents
and he was under the age of 18 when the
law took effect.
Atty. Jean S. Tinsay is a partner in
the Law Firm of Chua Tinsay and Vega
(CTV) - a full service law frm with
offces in San Francisco, San Diego
and Manila. The information presented
in this article is for general informa-
tion only and is not, nor intended to be,
formal legal advice nor the formation of
an attorney-client relationship. Call or
e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone
consultation to discuss your particular
situation and/or how their services may
be retained at (415) 495-8088; (619)
Automatic Citizenship
born every day.
In 2013, the National Statistical Coor-
dination Board estimated the country’s
population to be around 97.35 million.
In 2010, the population was at 92.34
million and 88.55 million in 2007.
Perez said 100 symbolic babies would
be chosen from participating hospitals
in 80 provinces and cities across the
country. These hospitals must go on
Philippine standard time.
“One hundred local government units
will be determining who was born
closest to 12:06 a.m. They will provide
some support while we, at PopCom will
provide some starter kits. We hope that
PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance
Corp.) will be able to give the babies
personal identifcation number,” he told
Headlines ( Article MRec ), page-
match: 1, sectionmatch: 1
Popcom is working with PhilHealth
for the babies to be given lifetime health
insurance coverage.
Perez said the country’s 100-million
population could be a “benchmark” for
“That means that all our development
goals will have this as the denominator
of development activities for education,
health and other services. This gives
another perspective to the way we do
development,” he said.
“Very often, it is only the centers of
cities and municipalities where you look
at development. Now, we are looking
at the fact that the population is now
100 million and that means every one
of the 100 million must be part of that
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Creative Ways to Increase Tourism
at the Same Time Supporting Social
Enterprises and NGO’s
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Phl population
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San Diego News
Filipino tourists
Twitter @asianjournal
SANDAGRegion SANDAGRegion @MidcoastTrolley
Environmental Review of Mid-Coast Trolley Impacts to San Diego Fairy Shrimp
SANDAG has prepared a supplemental environmental document for the Mid-Coast Trolley project that evaluates a previously unidentifed impact to San Diego fairy
shrimp, a federally listed endangered species. Called the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Supplement to the
Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (Supplement), this document discloses project impacts to San Diego fairy shrimp that were detected adjacent to the existing
railroad tracks during surveys in 2014. The Supplement also identifes proposed mitigation.
Public Review and Comment — Fairy Shrimp
The Supplement will be available for a 45-day public review and comment period, from July 18 to September 2, 2014.
Comments during this review period must be limited to the analysis of impacts to the San Diego fairy shrimp.
Please visit to view the
Supplement and see a list of locations where the hard copy is available for review.
Written comments may be submitted via mail, fax, or email:
Mail: Leslie Blanda, Mid-Coast Program Manager
401 B Street, Suite 800
San Diego, CA 92101
Fax: (619) 699-1905
Verbal comments may be left on the Mid-Coast Trolley’s
dedicated voice mail line at (619) 595-5620.
For more information about the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project, please visit
A team from the Philippine Consulate
General in Los Angeles will conduct a
Consular Outreach Program in San Di-
ego, California on Saturday and Sunday,
August 23 & 24, 2014, at the Council of
the Philippine American Organizations
of San Diego County, Inc. (COPAO)
Center, 832 “E” Avenue, National
City, CA 91950. Service Hours will be
from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. The consular
outreach program is being undertaken in
cooperation with COPAO.
The following consular services will be
1. Applications for Electronic Passport
(ePassport) (Cost: $60), to be returned to the
applicant by mail at an additional cost of $6.
2. Applications for the retention and re-
acquisition of Philippine citizenship pursuant
to Republic Act 9225 or Dual Citizenship
Law (Cost: $50). Oath-taking will be sched-
uled on the same day for qualifed applicants.
3. Applications for Report of Marriage
& Birth (Cost: $25) will be accepted but
this will be processed in Los Angeles and
returned to the applicant by mail at an ad-
ditional cost of $6.
4. Application for Overseas Voting.
(by following the applicable scheduling steps
Please indicate on application form – Na-
tional City, CAConsular Outreach.
Appointment Scheduling Steps for
ePassport Applicants
1. Visit the Philippine Consulate website
( to down-
load and accomplish the ePassport applica-
tion form; and,
2. No later than August 14, 2014 or until
the Consulate receives 280 applications,
whichever comes frst, send an advance copy
of the completed ePassport application form
and data page (bearing the name and photo)
of the expired or expiring passport to the
Consulate (Attn: National City Outreach)
by email:
com. Thumbprints (if needed) and signature
must be affxed and all pertinent data on
the application form must be completed.
Note: a. Personal appearance is required
in all cases (including applicants who are
Philippine Consular Outreach in
San Diego August 23 & 24, 2014
65 years old and above and minors who are
below 18 years old).
b. Do not bring passport pictures.
Passport pictures are to be taken by the
c. The applicant must wear decent attire
(no sleeveless and/or collarless attire) and
without eyeglasses/colored contact lenses.
d. No facial piercings allowed.
Appointment Scheduling Steps for Dual
Citizenship Applicants
1. Visit the Philippine Consulate website
( and print
the Dual Citizenship Application form;
2. Complete the Dual Citizenship Applica-
tion form; and,
3. No later than August 14, 2014, or until
the Consulate receives 100 applications,
whichever comes frst, send an advance copy
of the completed Dual Citizenship applica-
tion form and supporting documents to the
Consulate (Attn: National City Outreach)
by email:
com. Other than the thumbprint and photo
which will be done on site, all pertinent data
on the application form must be completed.
Otherwise, incomplete forms will not be
Note: 1. Oath-Taking will be scheduled on
the same day for qualifed applicants.
2. Applicants should take their oath as
Dual Citizens in DECENT ATTIRE. The
Consulate shall refuse oath-taking to ap-
plicants wearing inappropriate outfts such
as sleeveless shirts, skimpy clothes, shorts,
sandos or slippers.
Appointment Scheduling Steps for Re-
port of Marriage (ROM) & Birth (ROB)
1. Visit the Philippine Consulate website
( and print
the ROM or ROB form;
2. Complete the ROM or ROB form; and,
3. No later than August 14, 2014, send
an advance copy (one set only) of the com-
pleted form and supporting documents to the
Consulate (Attn: National City Outreach) by
Incomplete forms will not be processed.
Information For All Applicants
The Consulate regularly updates the ap-
pointment schedule posted on the website
upon receipt of completed applications. The
fnal list of all applicants with confrmed
appointment schedule will be posted at the
Consulate’s website (www.philippinecon- by August 20, 2014.
All applicants are required to PERSON-
ALLY APPEAR during their appointment
time for data verifcation, fnger printing
and photo/signature capture and must bring
all original documents. All applicants are
advised to transact their business directly
with Consulate offcials and not through
travel agencies.
Fees must be paid in person at the sched-
uled appointment. The Consulate will only
accept payments in cash, postal money order
or cashier’s check. Personal checks will not
be accepted. Payments should be paid di-
rectly to the collecting offcer/cashier of the
Consulate during the outreach program and
inside the venue only. Please be informed
that the Consulate has not authorized other
people or entities to collect fees for all con-
sular services rendered.
- ePassport: $60 processing fee + $6 for
passports to be returned to the applicant by
- Dual Citizenship: $50 processing fee
- Civil Registry: $25 processing fee + $6
for documents to be returned to the applicant
by mail
Contact Information
For information on consular matters,
interested parties may contact the Consul-
ate at 213-639-0980 (for passport applica-
tions), 213-637-3023 (for Reports of Birth/
Marriage/Death & Legalization/Notariza-
tion of Documents), 213-637-3023 (for
Dual-Citizenship) and (213) 637-3024 (for
Overseas Absentee Voting). For information
on the venue and similar details, contact Den
Dominguez at 619-477-4090.
SAN DIEGO (July 23, 2014) An
interest list is now forming for home-
buyers interested in new townhome
living in San Diego’s thriving South
Bay. Pardee Homes anticipates a grand
opening in Fall 2014 at Seaview Terrace
in Ocean View Hills, which is close to
freeway access to downtown San Diego.
Home shoppers can join the interest list
and receive VIP preview information by
visiting or call-
ing (858) 342-8797.
Seaview Terrace by Pardee Homes
will include 40 two-story townhomes
and will feature two foor plans with
two-bay garages and a range of three to
four bedrooms, two and one-half baths
and square footage from approximately
1,549 to 1,713. Both plans will have
master bedrooms thoughtfully placed in
the front wing of the second foor with
spacious walk-in closets and a luxurious
bathroom with oval soaking tub and a
separate shower. Plan 2 will offer the
option of a fourth bedroom, loft or nurs-
ery. Pricing is anticipated to be from the
low $300,000s.
“With sea views, fresh design and
money-saving features, we anticipate
interest will be strong for this exciting
new collection of homes in the South
Bay,” said Matt Sauls, regional director
of marketing for Pardee Homes. “These
stylish townhomes will offer great room
living, welcoming front entry patios and
gourmet kitchens with convenient prep-
aration islands and pantries. In addition,
the light-flled open space, adaptable
foor plans for fexible living and walk-
able neighborhood close to schools and
shopping will make Seaview Terrace an
incredible place to live.”
Seaview Terrace will include Pardee’s
eco-friendly LivingSmart® program
with energy-saving and earth-friendly
measures to improve indoor quality
of life. The exclusive LivingSmart®
brand, with standard and optional
measures, boosts energy-effciency,
saves water, improves indoor air quality
Interest List Forming for New Townhomes in South Bay;
Seaview Terrace by Pardee Homes Coming Fall 2014
and encourages material conservation
and the use of recycled or sustainable
Ideally located just south of down-
town San Diego, Seaview Terrace is
just off Otay Mesa Road and close
to Interstates 805 and 905, providing
residents with easy access to South Bay
beaches, Baja California and downtown
San Diego.
Pardee Homes celebrates 60 years
of homebuilding in San Diego this
year and is noted for energy-effcient
building practices, quality construction,
customer satisfaction and dedication to
the educational and civic goals of the
communities in which it builds. Pardee
Homes was one of the frst builders
in San Diego to embrace sustainable
building practices and continues to build
consideration for the planet into every
home and community.
For more information visit www. or (858) 342-8797
or fnd Pardee Homes on Facebook at .
do, as tourists or hosts and
become potential supporters
for a social enterprise or any
favorite NGO. The possibili-
ties of creating opportunities
and wealth might be unlimited
by just changing how we do
things when we travel and
spend our precious dollars or
dinars or pesos.
As a businessman with sev-
eral decades of active involvement in
non-proft organizations, like Rotary
International, that has afforded me to
travel and visit other cities and coun-
tries in the world, I have seen a lot,
learned much, especially when I wear
my analytical cap as marketing person
and entrepreneur while conversing with
many people of diverse backgrounds
and culture. Many of our travels have
resulted into closer friendships in other
cities or foreign countries, in addition to
the traditional cultural and educational
benefts, especially the times when we
have availed of Rotary International’s
“International Travel and Hosting Fel-
lowship” ( where I have
been a member for many years. The
primary objectives of this RI fellowship
is to foster camaraderie and friendships
through tourism and hosting privileges
among its thousands of members. With
common objectives, we as members can
pre-arrange to be the home stay guests
or hosts of fellow Rotarians at any-
time, anywhere where those Rotarians
reside. My wife and I have been guests
in other Rotarians’ homes in Japan,
England, Mexico and in the Philippines.
Likewise, we have also been the hosts of
several Rotarians in our Orange County,
Southern California home, which is not
far from the ‘Happiest Place on Earth,
called Disneyland, the last couple of
I have had memorable experiences
traveling through this non-traditional
route where few tourists do. For in-
stance, I have been a home stay guests
by some Rotarians in a few countries,
where we were not obligated to pay the
hosts. However, as a token of our deep
appreciation I have voluntarily leave
some money in an envelope with a brief
letter of thanks, and suggestions that the
money is to support the local Rotarians’
community or vocational projects. That
money would have been spent, anyway,
in the hotel and local restaurants that
exist mainly to make profts for the
owners and stockholders. I was quite
certain that although the donation was
not expected, it resulted into a good
source of funds to support or subsidize
The Metamorphosis
Read Ernie Delfn’s previous articles by
visiting our website at www.asianjournalusa.
by Ernie Delfn
their Rotary Club’s community projects.
Two obvious benefts from this transac-
tion or gift may include: good and
lasting friendship between the guest
and the host, possible “savings” for
the guests, additional fnancial sup-
port to local Rotarian’s community or
vocational projects, at the expense of
the commercial hotel that never received
a penny from this home stay and hosting
program of Rotary.
With that personal anecdote as a
background, this traveller-writer and
humanitarian-adventurer has been
thinking more and more how we, as
tourists, can create and cause deeper or
lasting benefts to the communities of
both the tourist-guests and their hosts.
The results of my informal experiments
during my travels led me to believe that
it might work with the infux of people
who will participate, with an effective
marketing that highlights some poten-
tial benefts and recommended proto-
cols. It can happen one person, one
tourist, one host participating one at a
time, in any one place, anywhere where
willing participants travel. Allow me
to elaborate:
Through the tools of 21st century
social media, especially Face Book or
Twitter, a member of this group (for
our discussion purposes, tentatively
called World Wide Tourism for Social
Purposes or WWT4SP) places his
“wish list” in the WWT4SP website to
visit and be hosted in another city or
country at such a date and for how long.
With hundreds or thousand of members
(that are listed in the website’s restrict-
ed page that can only be accessed with
a members password) there is a great
likelihood that a member or members
will be interested to respond to get
more information that may lead to an
informal “contract” as recommended in
the WWT4SP’s Code of Conduct and
Protocol (CCP).
The CCP may strongly recommend
that the home stay guests agree to pay
at least half of the “average” bed and
breakfast costs or hotel charges (like
Embassy Suites in the USA that pro-
vides complimentary breakfast to their
registered guests), to the WWT4SP
Social Fund to be disbursed according
to agreed percentages later on.
Let’s put some imaginary fgures.
Embassy Suites in a region in the
United States, for instance, charges $200
a night for a double occupancy. The
homestay guests will then pay at least
$100 for each bed and breakfast night
in the hosts’ home or guest house. Just
assuming that the guests (as previously
arranged) will stay 5 days, the WWT4SP
Social Fund will receive $500 (saving
the homestay guests $500 if he were to
book his stay in the Embassy Suites).
The Social Fund can then disburse 50%
to the hosts to compensate for his time,
energy and related expenses (that MAY
even include picking his guests from the
airport or train station and driving him
around, although NOT required in this
proposed WWT4SP program)
In this example, $500 is received
by the Social Fund, that will disburse
half or $250 to the hosts to partially
compensate for his time, energy and
home expenses for those fve days. The
other half or $250, after allocating 10%
to 20%, may be, for administration,
website, marketing and advertising to
expand the program, will be chan-
neled to support, subsidize or fnance
social enterprises in the hosts or guests
countries, as approved by an Executive
Committee upon the suggestions or
recommendations from the hosts/guests
who have participated in this WWT4SP
* * * *
Today, as it is still free to dream, I
am dreaming that this outside-the-box
idea, can have hundreds if not thousand
of tourists ( in the future) to participate,
and if only 500 guests per year pay
$500 (while saving $500, in our ex-
ample) that is a whopping $2,500,000
that will leave $ 1,250,000 million to the
Social Fund “Community Fund” that
can be used to fund, subsidize some
worthy social project in the hosts’ and
guests’ home country. In the Philip-
pines, that is a lot of pesos, that is over
50 million pesos! that can start several
livelihood projects, subsidizes or builds
a few Gawad Kalinga housing project
for the poor, and help educate poor but
deserving children to become useful
The possibilities can be endless! The
question or challenge NOW, is how
many of the readers of this column will
say, “LET’S DO IT”!
As we are already doing it in a very
informal manner, I am dreaming that
through this column and in Face Book
and social media, especially FaceBook,
FaceTime or Twitter hundreds or
thousands more will try it and then par-
ticipate regularly and thereby converting
millions of tourism dollars into a social
or community fund to support, subsidize
or fund some worthy social enterprises
in our communities.
PHOTO: (Page 1) District Governor
and offcers of the Rotary Club Inter-
national gathered in the Royal Country
Club in Walnut/Roland Hills CA for
the induction/demotion ceremony of the
Global Kalinga e-Rotary Club. They
were joined by a delegation from Club
Rotario of Rosarito.
DFA previously raised alert level 4
in Gaza Strip, the center of the ongoing
confict between Hamas and Israel and
the area where majority of the estimated
300 casualties come from.
Both sides have fred rockets at each
other leading to a large number of casu-
alties and destroyed homes, particularly
on the side of the Palestinians. Israel’s
“Iron Dome” missile and artillery
defense system has been successful in
intercepting rockets fred from Gaza.
development,” he said.
He added people and not only infrastruc-
ture should be at the center of growth and
He stressed the need to address the “high
dependency ratio” of the non-working popu-
lation on workers to cope with the soaring
“We know that people in production are | WASHINGTON, DC —
Ten young Filipino-American “change-
makers” from all over the US are in
the Philippines from July 24 to 28 as
participants in the prestigious Filipino-
American Youth Leadership Program
The delegates were selected in rec-
ognition of the work they are doing to
advance the welfare of their respective
Filipino-American communities, among
other criteria,” according to the Depart-
ment of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
This year’s delegates are:
Edward Aparis (Chula Vista, California) –
Consultant at the Strands Group
Ryyn Chua (Gardena, California) – Found-
er and CEO of Double Y Entertainment
Rommel Clemente (Milpitas, California) –
Supervising Senior Associate for the Connor
Adette Contreras (Brooklyn, New York)
– Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Co-
Founder and Partner at Tinsel & Twine
Michael Dahilig (Lihue, Hawaii) – Direc-
tor of the Department of Planning at the
County of Kauai in Hawaii
Rafael Diokno (Washington, D.C.) – Proj-
ect Lead at SGT, Inc.,
Abbey Eusebio (Lincolnwood, Illinois)
– Constituent Advocate at the Offce of US
Representative Jan Schakowsky
Jan Paul Ferrer (Tinley Park, Illinois) –
Associate Vice President at Morgan Stanley
Ryan Letada (New York, New York) –
CEO and co-founder of Next Day Better
Jason Tengco (Washington, D.C.) – Senior
Advisor at the White House Initiative on
Asian Americans and Pacifc Islanders
FYLPro is an annual weeklong immer-
sion program in the Philippines designed to
give the delegates a chance to interact with
government, industry and thought leaders in
the country, and get hands-on experience in
development initiatives.
The program, the brainchild of Philippine
Ambassador to the US Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
and his wife, Vicky, was a direct result of the
Ambassador’s efforts to engage and interact
with young Filipino-Americans, who, he
observed, had begun to take groundbreak-
ing initiatives that were raising the profle
and awareness of the unique needs of the
Filipino-American community and Filipinos
in the US.
“I frmly believe it is vital that the next
generation of Filipino-Americans be in-
volved in the affairs of their communities,”
Cuisia said.
Launched in July 2012 in partnership with
the Ayala Foundation, FYLPro taps the Phil-
ippine Embassy and Philippine Consulates in
the United States to identify 10 outstanding
young Filipino-American leaders who have
great potential in pushing Philippines-US
relations forward.
Following the program, the delegates are
expected to maintain ties with the Philippine
Embassy or the nearest Consulate, to work
on projects that will elevate awareness of the
Philippines, and strengthen the Filipino-
American communities in their areas, and
champion Philippine initiatives in the US.
Past FYLPro delegates have gone on to
undertake cultural and tourism promotion
programs, social entrepreneurship activities,
education innovations, Filipino-American
heritage projects, voter awareness and educa-
tion programs, political advocacies and some
have even launched political campaigns of
their own.
“I have always anticipated much from
the delegates, and they often exceeded our
expectations,” Cuisia said.
The FYLPRO 2014 delegates will be shar-
ing their experiences through social media.
To track their progress through this year’s
program, search for #FYLPRO2014 and
Young Fil-Am
leaders in PH
for ‘immersion’
not enough and there are too many people
who depend on workers. Right now, the ratio
is 65 percent working, while 30 to 35 percent
are dependents. That is not a good ratio,”
he said.
PopCom said there should be at least one
dependent for every two people who are
working. If a worker is working not only for
himself but also for his dependent, he would
likely end up having no savings.
PopCom is also looking at addressing the
rising teenage pregnancy in the country. –
With Evelyn Macairan
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Health and Wellness
Read the Asian Journal digital edition on
by Dr. Ofelia Dirige
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan
Community Services.
Contemporary Asian
American Issues
How to Use Your
New Health
By David Sayen

If you’re one of the millions of Ameri-
cans who recently obtained health cov-
erage through the new Health Insurance
Marketplace, Medicaid, or the Chil-
dren’s Health Insurance (CHIP), here
are some steps you can take to make the
most of your new coverage.
1 - Put your health frst
• Staying healthy is important for you
and your family.
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle at home,
at work, and in the community.
• Get your recommended health
screenings and manage chronic condi-
• Keep all of your health information
in one place.

2 - Understand your health coverage
• Check with your insurance plan or
state Medicaid or CHIP program to see
what services are covered.
• Be familiar with your costs (premi-
ums, copayments, deductibles, co-
• Know the difference between in-
network and out-of-network services,
and the out-of-pocket costs to you of

3 - Know where to go for care
• Use the emergency department for a
life-threatening situation.
• Primary care is preferred when it’s
not an emergency.
• Know the difference between pri-
mary care and emergency care.

4 - Find a doctor or other healthcare
• Ask people you trust and/or do
research on the internet.
• Check your plan’s list of providers.
• If you're assigned a provider, contact
your plan if you want to change.
• If you're enrolled in Medicaid or
CHIP, contact your state Medicaid or
CHIP program for help.

5 - Make an appointment
• Contact your provider’s offce and
mention if you’re a new patient or have
been there before.
• Give the name of your insurance
plan and ask if they accept your insur-
• Tell them the name of the provider
you want to see and why you want an
• Ask for days or times that work for

6 - Be prepared for your visit
• Have your insurance card with you.
• Know your family health history and
make a list of any medicines you take.
• Bring a list of questions and things
to discuss, and take notes during your
• Bring someone with you to help if
you need it.

7 - Decide if the provider is right
for you
• Did you feel comfortable with the
provider you saw?
• Were you able to communicate with
and understand your provider?
• Did you feel like you and your
provider could make good decisions
• Remember: it’s okay to change to
a different provider! (If you want to
change your provider, return to Step 4.)

8 - Next steps after your appoint-
• Follow your provider’s instructions.
• Fill any prescriptions you were
given, and take them as directed.
• Schedule a follow-up visit if you
need one.
• Review your explanation of benefts
and pay your medical bills.
• Contact your provider, health plan,
or the state Medicaid or CHIP agency
with any questions.

We have a number of tools available
to help answer questions you might have
about your new health care coverage,
and to use it appropriately to get the care
and preventive services that are right
for you.
You can fnd these tools at our Cover-
age to Care website, at marketplace. They include educational
brochures and videos. Many are avail-
able in both English and Spanish, and
more resources will be developed over
the next few months.
Still have questions? Contact your
insurance company directly or contact
us at 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-
4325). Our trained representatives are
available at the Marketplace Call Center
24 hours a day 7 days a week.
If you have questions about your Med-
icaid or CHIP coverage, contact your
state agency for more information.

David Sayen is Medicare’s regional
administrator for Arizona, California,
Nevada, Hawaii, and the Pacifc Territo-
ries. You can always get answers to your
Medicare questions by calling 1-800-
MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). | 7/14/2014 -- Re-
cent fndings published in Food Control
journal online suggest Cinnamomum
cassia oil can work effectively as a natu-
ral antibacterial agent in the food indus-
try. The study results add to a body of
knowledge that will help improve food
safety and reduce or eliminate cases of
food poisoning and related deaths.
In the study, the essential oil killed
several strains of Shiga toxin-producing
Escherichia coli (E. coli), known to the
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention as "non-O157 STEC." The
study looked at the top six strains of
non-O157 STEC, said co-author Lina
Sheng, a graduate student in the School
of Food Science.
The cinnamon cassia oil is effective
in low concentrations, she said -- about
10 drops diluted in a liter of water killed
the bacteria within 24 hours.
Demand for natural food additives
Rising health concerns about chemical
additives have strengthened demand for
natural food additives, said co-author
Meijun Zhu, an assistant professor in the
School of Food Science.
"Our focus is on exploring plant-de-
rived natural food bioactive compounds
as antimicrobials to control foodborne
pathogens, in order to ensure safety of
fresh produce," she said.
Sheng said about 110,000 cases of
illness are caused annually by non-O157
The U.S. Department of Agriculture
Food Safety and Inspection Service has
a "zero tolerance" policy for the CDC
top six non-O157 STECs in raw ground
beef and trimmings, indicating any
raw non-intact beef products contain-
ing these pathogens will be considered
adulterated. This has led Zhu and Sheng
to include the beef industry in the large-
scale application of their fndings on
"The oil can be incorporated into flms
and coatings for packaging both meat
and fresh produce," Sheng said. "It can
also be added into the washing step of
meat, fruits or vegetables to eliminate
Cassia cinnamon is produced primar-
ily in Indonesia and has a stronger
smell than the other common cinnamon
variety, Ceylon.
In addition to Cinnamomum cassia
oil, Sheng plans to take a look at another
natural source to kill bacteria. She and
her coworkers will study the potential
of dandelions to inhibit bacteria related
to bovine mastitis, an infection in the
mammary glands of dairy cows.
The above story is based on materials
provided by Washington State Univer-
sity. The original article was written by
Rachel Webber. Note: Materials may be
edited for content and length.
Preventing foodborne illness
naturally: with cinnamon
11 Surprising
Reasons Organic
Is Better for You
Refreshing News | 7/11/2014 -- Ever
fnd yourself eyeing up the organic
label, wondering if it's actually worth it.
According to a huge new review study
published in the British Journal of Nutri-
tion, it is. With the latest study offering
even more proof that organic is the best
choice, we wanted to share some of the
more intriguing reasons buying organic
protects your body (and the planet)!
#1: More antioxidants. Organic fruits
and vegetables contain 20 to 40 percent
more disease-fghting antioxidants com-
pared to chemically grown counterparts.
In fact, eating only organic food is
equivalent to eating an extra serving of
fruit or veggies a day, without actually
having to eat more food.
#2: Lower poisonous metal levels.
Organic food is up to 48 percent lower
the metal cadmium, a toxic compound
found in certain fertilizers. It's also
linked to breast cancer and kidney
#3: More healthy plant compounds.
Plants exposed to pesticides produce
fewer natural pest defenses, including
phenols and polyphenols, naturally oc-
curring compounds that can protect your
organs and lower anxiety levels. Organic
plants boast much higher favonoid
levels, in some cases up to around 70
percent higher levels.
#4: Fewer chemicals inside of food.
It's not enough to wash your nonorganic
veggies. Many chemicals are systemic,
meaning they're taken up inside of
the plants that we eat. In fact, a recent
Norwegian study found we're actually
eating extreme levels of Roundup.
#5: Better fat. A 2013 study found
that organic milk is higher in brain-
and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids,
thanks in part to spending more time out
on pasture, a requirement in organics.
Not only did nonorganic milk contain
lower levels of the good fats, but it also
harbored higher levels of dangerous
infammatory fats.
#6: Fewer superbugs. About 90,000
lives are lost each year to antibiotic-
resistant superbug infections. Where are
these dangerous germs coming from?
Many nonorganic farms feed low-dose
antibiotics to their animals daily to
speed growth and get the animal to
slaughter sooner. The trouble is, germs
exposed to drugs regularly are able to
Have you cooked some dish or went
out to eat and had been poisoned by
rotten or spoiled food? It is not always
possible to tell whether a food is safe by
how it looks. We all had that experience
and suffered the effects of it…tummy
ache, vomiting, diarrhea, hospitalization
and even DEATH!!!!!!! for some. Ac-
cording to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines
for Americans, ensuring that food is safe
to eat is a critical part of healthy eating.
The guidelines emphasized following
the four safety principles to reduce risk
of food borne illness (FBI).
I once had a very grave experience of
eating a favorite soup in one of the res-
taurants and was severely ill after that.
The food looked alright and I ate it with
gusto as I wanted to have soup that
day. After several hours, I had diarrhea
and was not even able to reach home
when I started to throw up in my car.
At home, the vomiting continued after
so many hours. The next day I was not
feeling well so I went to the clinic, was
told by the doctor that I was dehydrated
due to vomiting and was given potas-
sium intravenously. I was so weak after
that and I vowed that I will not order
that same soup again. I will just make it
myself…as it is safer.
Every year, food borne illness (FBI)
affects more than 76 M individuals in
the U.S., leading to 325,000 hospitaliza-
tions and 5,000 deaths. The Center for
Disease Control estimates that there is
48 M food borne illnesses each year.
That means, one of every six people
becomes ill from food every year
Kalusugan Community Services is
aware of this pervasive and deadly prob-
lem so it will conduct a “Food Han-
dler’s Workshop” on August 2, 2014,
Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12 noon at
the FilAm Wellness Center, 1419 East
8th Street, National City, CA 91950.
Dina Ellorin, retired supervisor from
the San Diego County Environmental
Health Services will be the instruc-
tor. A certifcate will be issued that is
required for every food service worker
that works in restaurants. There is a fee
of $25 to obtain the County certifcate
after passing the written test. Everyone
is invited to attend: restaurant chefs and
workers, grocery owners and workers,
food servers, parents, cooks, healthy
eating advocates and anyone interested
in preparing safe & healthy food.
Food may be handled many times as it
moves from farm to one’s own homes.
Individuals in their homes and those
who work in restaurants can reduce con-
taminants and keep food safe to eat by
following safe food handling practices.
The four basic food safety principles
that work together to reduce the risk of
AND CHILL. These 4 principles are the
cornerstones of Fight BAC! a national
food safety education campaign.
Microbes (bacteria & virus) can be
spread throughout the kitchen and get
into hands, cutting boards, utensils,
countertops, reusable grocery bags and
foods. This is called “cross-contamina-
Hands- Hand washing is key to
preventing contamination of food with
microbes from raw animal products
(raw seafood, meat, poultry, eggs) and
people (cold, fu, Staph infections).
Hands should be washed before and
after preparing food especially raw
animal products. It is also recommended
after going to the bathroom, changing
diapers, sneezing/coughing, tending to
someone who is sick, touching animals,
and handling garbage. Hands should be
washed with soap and water (no need to
use anti-bacterial soap as over time this
can lead to growth of microbes resistant
to these agents).
Surfaces- Frequent cleaning of surfac-
es is essential in preventing cross-con-
tamination. Surfaces should be washed
with soap and water. This includes
tables, countertops, sinks, utensils, cut-
ting boards, appliances and microwaves.
Wipe up spills immediately—clean food
contact surfaces often. Clean the inside
and outside of appliances especially but-
tons and handles. At least once a week
throw out refrigerated food that should
no longer be eaten.
Food- All produce, regardless of
where it was grown or purchased should
be thoroughly rinsed. Rinse fruits and
vegetables under running water before
eating or cooking. Do not use soap or
Food Handler’s Workshop:
Keeping and Eating Safe Food
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California Communities
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on Twitter @asianjournal
Dorfman Theatre.
“We think we might have some im-
portant slots flled, but we won’t know
which they are until we see the London
actors in the next few days,” Byrne
wrote Wednesday in an email from the
airport in Dubai en route to London.
Byrne’s 90-minute show about
Marcos’ rags-to-riches-to-exile journey
is also playing at the Public Theater in
Manhattan and talks are underway to
mount the show in San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Seattle and Denver.
Potential venues
Producer Joey Parnes said he and his
team are also looking at potential venues
in the Australian cities of Sydney and
Melbourne and have had interest from
Tokyo, Singapore, South America and
even Manila.
The project began as a concept album,
performed in a handful of live concerts
including a 2007 engagement at Carn-
egie Hall, before it was developed into
a full-blown theater piece directed by
Alex Timbers with 360-degree staging.
Byrne wants to hire as many Filipinos as
possible to star in “an episode from their
own history.”
The energetic, catchy musical begins
with Imelda as a poor girl who gains
fame as a beauty pageant winner. Fol-
lowing a whirlwind courtship, she mar-
ries up-and-coming politician and soon
to be president, Ferdinand Marcos. The
lyrics are mostly taken from speeches or
interviews from all sides during Marcos’
era and the standing-only audience
moves around the space with the 15
Imelda as herself?
The Marcoses ruled the Philippines
from 1965 to 1986 — the last 14 years
of that under martial law — before
being driven into exile in Hawaii dur-
ing a 1986 popular revolt, leaving the
country’s economy faltering under huge
debts. Ferdinand Marcos died in 1989
and Imelda has since returned to her
homeland and entered politics.
Byrne, who teamed up with Fatboy
Slim on the disco-infuenced music,
waved away any notion that 85-year-old
Imelda Marcos was being wooed to play
herself in the London production. He
said he hadn’t met her and “we are not
interested in involving her in our show.”
He did reveal that one night in Manila
he visited some friends — writers,
flmmakers, artists and poets — at a
Prescription Painkiller
Upgraded to Schedule IV
Customs and Border Protection offcials
are advising travelers that due to new
regulations, the painkiller Tramadol
(Ultram, Ultracet, ConZip) will soon be
prohibited from entry if purchased in
Mexico without a valid U.S. prescrip-
Tramadol, an opioid analgesic not
previously classifed as a controlled sub-
stance, is approved for the treatment of
moderate to moderately severe pain in
adults, according to the Drug Enforce-
ment Administration (DEA).
On July 2, 2014, the DEA published
in the Federal Register the fnal rule
placing tramadol into schedule IV of the
Controlled Substances Act. The new
regulations will become effective on
August 18, 2014, after which, travel-
ers through the ports of entry will be
required to have a U.S. prescription to
bring Tramadol purchased in Mexico
across the border.
“The majority of medical tourists we
encounter at the Andrade port of entry
CBP Advises Travelers of Regulation
Changes Regarding Entry of the Drug
purchase Tramadol in Mexico without
a U.S. prescription,” said Port Director
David Sarrasin. “We want to make the
public aware now in order to minimize
the disruption caused by the classifca-
tion change, as well as avoid possible
confscation or penalties.”
According to the DEA, Tramadol is
most commonly abused by narcotic
addicts, chronic pain patients, and health
professionals, and carries the potential
for dependency.
Failure to declare Tramadol and other
medications can result in penalties rang-
ing from confscation, monetary fnes,
and in some cases, arrest and prosecu-
The fnal rule is available online at

U.S. Customs and Border Protec-
tion is the unifed border agency within
the Department of Homeland Security
charged with the management, control
and protection of our nation's borders at
and between the offcial ports of entry.
CBP is charged with keeping terrorists
and terrorist weapons out of the country
while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.
Now The Awakening Revisited
FCAP EMERITUS | Henderson, NV,
7/25/2014 --
The awakening has arrived!
The challenge is very much
in our midst. There is so much
to be achieved.
We now have a national
organization that is coordinat-
ing, monitoring or spearhead-
ing on issues affecting Fili-
pino Americans. The National
Federation of Filipino Ameri-
can Associations (NaFFAA)
is now making a difference.
A National Convention for
four days will start August
7-10, 2014 in San Diego,
CA., and the 11th National
empowerment conference.
NaFFAA has made signif-
cant progress in promoting
the welfare and well being of
all Filipino-Americans in the
United States at empowering
them in all aspects of Ameri-
can Society. This year, the
Republican National Com-
mittee appointed four Filipino
American leaders to the Asian
Pacifc American Advisory
Council. They include former
U.S. Rep. Steve Austria of
Ohio, Vellie S. Dietrich-Hall
of Charlotte, Va., Cecilia
Cortez Ramos of Los Angeles,
Calif. and NaFFAA National
Chairman Eduardo Navarra.
We earnestly hope NaFFAA will be
an effective venue for Filipinos to play
a pivotal role in political empowerment.
Indeed, such expression of NaFFAA’s
concern and solidarity among us Fil -
Am can only lead to the achievement
of our goals for Filipinos in America.
Despite their fast-growing numbers,
Filipino-Americans have failed to ac-
cumulate much political clout. In the
1970s and early '80s, Filipino candidates
had won a handful of elective posts,
mostly in small farming communities in
Northern California.
In my search engine, Wikipedia, in year
2009 listed the names of Filipino Americans
who have made signifcant contributions to
the American culture,
politics, or society. In government and
politics, about twenty are on the list
with Filipino ethnicity ranging from
councilman, Mayor, and governor Cayetano
of Hawaii; Senator John Ensign of Nevada
who resigned in 2011, Representative Steve
Austria (the only Asian Pacifc American Re-
publican in the 112th Congress choosing not
to seek reelection and retire; Representative
Robert C. Scott is the only Filipino American
in the 113th Congress.
Outside of politically elected positions,
in 2012 the United States Senate con-
frmed Lorna Schofeld as the frst Filipino
American Article III federal judge. She will
serve on the United States District Court for
the Southern District of New York. Article
III judges are nominated by the President,
confrmed by the Senate, and appointed
lifetime tenure. Rosita V. Lee of Las Vegas
is appointed by President Obama as his
advisory commission on Asian American
and Pacifc Islanders. There are others I have
obviously missed to mention and I beg your
The Fil-Americans of Nevada is about
100 thousand in the latest census and is
larger than all the other Asians combined.
An organization led by Amie Belmonte
immediate past Chairperson of Nevada state
chapter of NaFFAA, organized a new group
of Filipino-American Political Organiza-
tion With Equal Representation (POWER)
an organization “that will strive to advocate
on behalf of Filipino-Americans, educate
Filipinos on political candidates and issues,
and offer assistance to Filipinos of any party
who wish to seek public offce.”
It was only in the last 30 years that the
Fil-Am community organizations expanded
and their numbers rose. Taken from U.S.
Census Bureau's 2011 American Community
Survey (ACS) indicates Filipino Americans
in the U.S. totaled 3.4 million either alone or
in combination with another race. The total
number is believed to be much higher than
the census count. An estimated 1 million are
undocumented Filipinos in the United States.
The recent census indicates Filipinos
now represent the fourth largest immigrant
group in the United States by country of
origin behind Mexico, China, and India. It
is now the second largest Asian group in the
United States.
Filipinos are the largest Asian group in the
states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii,
Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,
Washington, Wyoming and South Dakota.
It is noted that the Asian population grew
dramatically in other
states, such as Nevada, where the number
rose by 116 percent, and Arizona, by 95
percent. Among metropolitan areas, New
York City had the largest Asian population,
with more than 1 million, followed by Los
Angeles, with 484,000, and San Jose, with
Now, signifcant and fast-growing Fil-
Am communities are in California,
New York and Las Vegas. Filipino Ameri-
cans have all the reasons to be proud at this
very moment as they posses the sophisti-
cated education and cultural awareness with
determination to be in the middle-of-the-road
of American society. Slowly, they invested
their ethnic strength with vigorous desire in
shaping the Filipino cultural identity. The
advents of Information-Age have helped Fil-
Am being recognized in the mainstream.
As Fil-Am community grows in number,
they also become active in matters that
impact the lives of the people.What a great
CHANGE and improvement in our quest
to be recognized by state, county and city
government. Filipino empowerments are in
our dreams, goals and aspirations in this
beloved country we have adopted with an
awakening, albeit sluggish, fnally reached
the pedestal from ethnic to mainstream- the
levels where we can actually take pride of
our multi-cultural diversity.
It was evident that with the passage of
time, the different classes of Filipinos com-
ing to North America changed, each having
their own sets of goals and objectives.
The fourth Wave of Filipino Immigra-
tion began during the late 1950’s and early
1960’s when the U.S. was in critical need of
technical people, especially in the medical
services. As in the earlier times, Filipinos
were actively recruited from the Philippines
in order to fll the labor demands of the U.S.
after the passing of the Immigration Act of
1965. This allowed the entry of as many as
20,000 immigrants annually.
One of the most identifable groups in this
wave of immigrants represented the medical
profession, doctors, nurses, dentists and
non-physicians in para-medical felds. Other
groups of Filipino immigrants during these
years were from the professional class…
engineers, lawyers, and others. The United
States opened its doors to professionals
under the “third preference” status.
The infux of foreign physicians into
America for post graduate training began in
1950s, and has continued unabated through
the 1970s. Close to 100% remained as per-
manent residents and became U.S. citizens.
This infux started when the postwar prosper-
ity boom spawned many new hospitals and
created a huge demand for physician as well
as non-physician medical personnel that
could not be adequately met by American
medical schools.
In the early years, Filipinos were called the
“forgotten Asian Americans”.
In the 1950s and 60s, Filipinos were invis-
ible to mainstream society. How often in
those days did you fnd Filipinos in books
magazines, television, or radio?
The "invisibility" is now history for it is a
defnition that does not defne at all what the
Filipino are now in America.
Today, Filipinos in America are now vis-
ible in the American mainstream especially
the younger generation. Their families have
raised them to levels where they can actually
take pride. They are awakening, and this
young generation will be taking their rightful
place in this country. It is a journey that we
all feel proud, awesome to witness. But as
an ethnic group, the Filipino Americans have
not yet reached that Filipino political power.
Empowerment in socio-political landscape–
nay, is - what we must need.
There has been a signifcant change in the
lives of the Fil-Am after the fourth wave of
Filipino immigrants landed in this country.
The new immigrant generations are more
comfortable in America. We must be proud
of our Filipino-American doctors, Nurses,
dentists and other professionals, the lawyers,
engineers, etc. who have shown their
impressive service with much recognition
and appreciation from the American public.
The Fil-American family is now a top family
earner in America, outpacing the average
mainstream family.
The American Dream is very much alive.
They are Filipinos and an American citizen.
Their heart isn’t divided; it has grown larger.
Unlike Carlos Bulosan, a labor immigrant
of the 1930 and who became a literary icon
has endured horrendous conditions and racial
discrimination. America then was not a land
of opportunity.
Yes indeed, now the fourth waves knew
their capability to survive and thrive.
Filipino newspapers are everywhere, Filipino
writers are in abundance, and thousands
of articles about Philippines and Filipinos
are written in Philippine media in America.
The creation of activities in the Fil-Am
communities indeed enhanced the Filipino
American unity, and harmony, stature, pride,
recognition, and visibility, vis-à-vis its
culture and tradition, improving its image,
and leadership. Our socio-economic-cultural
demonstrations created impact in the eyes
of politicians formally recognizing the dif-
Filipino Americans make in their com-
munity and nationally. All these expressions
of who we are, our talents, values, our pride
and our culture are fundamentally signifcant
in that it will be a revelation to the American
born Filipinos.
Anew breed of Filipino American leader-
ship has signifcantly contributed to solve
the “inferiorizing” problems of the younger
generation of who they are and their “vis-
Filipino Americans are now learning to
adapt to life in the United States and fnd an
identity that enables them to ft in to society,
while staying true to their cultural roots.
The sophisticated education and cultural
awareness of a signifcant number of Filipino
Americans of today undoubtedly wage an
ongoing battle to end against the impediment
of discrimination subtle as they might be,
have raised their voice loud and clear and
rearticulates the true Filipino identity.
By Cesar D. Candari,
MD. FCAP Emeritus
bohemian residence he likened to the
Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan. “One of
Imelda’s nieces was there — amongst
the bohemians, which tells you how
much Philippine culture differs from our
own,” he wrote.
Five Free Family Films Throu-
gout August at Jacobs Center,
Market Creek Amphitheatre
SAN DIEGO – July 24, 2014 - The
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood In-
novation is proud to partner with Media
Arts Center San Diego, producers of the
annual San Diego Latino Film Festi-
val, to present the 2014 Market Creek
Summer Film Series. This special FREE
weekly series is part of a continued ini-
tiative to bring families together for arts
and culture events in a friendly and safe
neighborhood setting. This is the eighth
year of the Summer Series, but the frst
in collaboration with Media Arts Center.
In the spirit of the San Diego Latino
Film Festival, and the Jacobs Cen-
ter’s mission to bring communities
and cultures together, Market Creek
Summer Film Series will showcase
diverse programming with the hopes
of bridging cultures and perspectives.
Live entertainment, concessions and
other fun activities promise to make the
Market Creek Summer Series a celebra-
tion. Audiences are encouraged to arrive
early for pre-show entertainment that
begins at 7 p.m. Movies begin promptly
at dusk.
The Market Creek Summer Film
Series begins on Friday, August 1 with
a screening of The Lego Movie, the box
offce sensation based on the popular toy
brand. The fun continues Friday, August
8 with Instructions Not Included, the
highest grossing Spanish-language flm
in the United States.
Pulling Strings, starring Mexican
actor, singer and host Jaime Camil, will
delight audiences on Friday, August 15.
A special matinee screening of Coach
Zoran and His African Tigers will be
presented on Sunday, August 17 at 2
p.m. Finally, the series ends on a high
note with Disney’s Frozen, screening on
Friday, August 22.
Market Creek Summer Film Series
Jacobs Center, Market Creek Amphi-
theater, 310 Euclid Avenue, San Diego
92114 The Lego Movie, Friday, August
1, 7 pm (2014, 100 mins) An ordinary
Lego construction worker, thought to be
the prophesied ‘Special’, is recruited to
join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from
gluing the Lego universe into eternal
Instructions Not Included, Friday,
August 8, 7 pm (2013, 122 mins) A man
who has made a new life for himself and
the daughter left on his doorstep 6 years
ago fnds his family threatened when the
birth mother resurfaces.
Pulling Strings, Friday, August 15, 7
pm (2013, 111 mins) After a night of
drinking, Rachel, a diplomat work-
ing in Mexico City fnds her world
turned upside down after she’s saved by
Alejandro, a Mariachi singer whose visa
was rejected the day before – by Rachel.
Featuring Jaime Camil.
Coach Zoran and His African Ti-
gers, Friday, August 17, 2 pm
(Special Matinee in Celebration Hall)
(2013, 75 mins)
South Sudan became an independent
state in July 2011, following almost 50
years of civil war. Although still steeped
in the memories of countless victims of
violence, the new nation is seeking to
make a place on the international soccer
stage by forming its frst national team.
The man called in for this task is the
Serbian Zoran Djordjevic, a dynamic
and hugely ambitious veteran coach.
The flm follows the team over its frst
Frozen, Friday, August 22, 7 pm:
(2013, 102 mins) A Disney favorite!
Fearless optimist Anna teams up with
Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering
Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious
snowman named Olaf in a race to fnd
Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers
have trapped the kingdom in eternal
winter. Featuring the Award-winning
song, “Let it Go.”
Admission: Free. Concessions will be
available for purchase. For more infor-
mation, please visit www.sdlatinoflm.
com or
About Jacobs Center for Neighbor-
hood Innovation
The Jacobs Center for Neighbor-
hood Innovation (JCNI) is partnering
with resident teams in southeastern
San Diego to transform nearly sixty
acres into The Village at Market Creek,
a LEED-certifed neighborhood and
vibrant cultural destination. Through
a network of nonproft and for-proft
partners, locally-owned businesses and
national tenants, a community and con-
ference center, and a portfolio of social
enterprise projects, JCNI is creating as-
sets that will become economic engines
for the community when the foundation
sunsets in 2030. Under the banner of
“Resident Ownership of Neighborhood
Change,” the people who live and work
in the community create the vision, lead
the implementation, and own the change
in their community. Learn more at www.
Market Creek Summer Film
Series Returns
Delta Airlines will have its frst fight
out of Terminal 3 on August 1st, while
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will move
within the frst week of August. Sin-
gapore Airlines, Emirates, and Cathay
Pacifc will follow suit by the end of
next month. These fve carriers have the
highest volume of international fights
coming in and out of NAIA, so we look
forward to giving them a new home,”
Abaya said.
The transfer to Terminal 3 is expected
to help ease congestion at the NAIA
Terminal 1, which is currently undergo-
ing renovation.
The NAIA-3 project was awarded in
1997 and was scheduled to be complet-
ed in 2002. However, legal issues in the
bidding process delayed the project.
The DOTC resumed negotiations with
the project’s original contractor, Tak-
enaka Corporation of Japan, to complete
its facilities regardless of the dispute.
“When I assumed offce in October
2012, I continued Secretary [Mar]
Roxas’ negotiations with Takenaka until
we were able to convince them in July
last year to fnish the project. President
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11 Surprising
Bill’s Corner
Read Bill Labestre’s previous articles by visiting our
website at
by Bill Labestre, MBA
t is easy to make com-
ments, criticize or judge
how other people live their
lives but, how about yours?
Do you believe you did the
right thing? Isn’t it normal to
make mistakes? Nobody is
perfect and what we should
try is to avoid making the
same mistakes over and over.
There is no way that every-
thing will happen in accor-
dance with our plans. There
will always be screw ups
along the way.

Most of us migrated to this country
with almost nothing. If I was born to a
wealthy clan, I would come to the U.S.
as a tourist. Philippines is only a tough
country to reside if you are poor. The
wealthy can do almost everything they
want to do without being in trouble.
Lots of money could buy lots of things
and favors.
Since most of us migrated for
economic reasons, we tried hard to earn
a decent living. We purchased items we
could not afford before. We ate food we
never tried before even if it’s not healthy
for us. We borrowed money to buy our
dream cars and dream homes. Some
of us sent our kids to private schools
even when decent public schools were
available. We fnanced dream vacations
with credit cards. It was easy to join
mainstream America in consumerism.
There’s a few who kept the basic
way of living and stayed frugal. They
invested savings in real estate proper-
ties or shares of stocks or mutual funds.
These are the few who accumulated
valuable assets over the years. They
even kept their regular jobs until full
retirement age or delayed claiming their
SSA benefts.
The majority of us spent most of the
income we made in our lifetime. Good
thing if the jobs have decent retirement
plans, so there’s extra income aside from
SSA benefts during our old age. Most
materials we bought got old and worth-
less. If you stayed fairly healthy then,
maybe you could get by on a reduced
monthly income. If you still have loans
to pay, it could affect your lifestyle.
What we did fnancially during the early
earning years will determine the kind
of life we are going to have during our
retirement years.
Since we don’t know what’s going
to happen tomorrow, we should get
ready for anything. A major accident,
losing a job or losing a breadwinner can
wipe us out fnancially. That’s why we
buy the car, home, renter and life insur-
ance as a means of shock absorbers. As
a matter of self-discipline, we have to
set aside some kind of emergency fund.
It’s hard to rely on other people. We are
in the USA now and not in the Philip-
pines anymore.
It is your sole responsibility to
save for your retirement. Don’t spend
everything on your children or relatives
because there is no guarantee they can
help you later. What if they ended up
dirt poor, what is going to happen to you
when you’re too old to work?
It’s a big help if you saved some-
thing for unexpected expenses. There
seem to be no end to the emergency call/
text messages or fnancial crisis from
the Philippines. We are still the bank of
some family members or relatives from
the native land. What would you do if
you have nothing to give?
Financial responsibility
can contribute to deeper plant root
growth, reduced soil runoff, and less
favorable conditions for insects and
fungal diseases.
Through the SoCal Water$mart
program, customers can receive rebates
starting at $80 for soil moisture sensors
or $35 per irrigation controller station
for large residential sites.
For more information, visit socalwa-
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by Benjamin Maynigo
Take It From
My Barber
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Assistant Editor
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He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990’s.
by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
By Sylvia Estrada Claudio
Last year, the 41st the anniversary of
the declaration of martial law, I wrote a
long post about you ending with, “Old
as you are, you may never be brought
to justice. And I doubt your conscience
bothers you, enamored as you seem by
unearned wealth and the pomp of your
dishonorably gained positions. But I
remember and will remember, with the
hope that history will, like me, con-
How much has changed in less than
a year.
And now, as you, a 90-year-old, are
confned to a hospital under arrest, let
me charge you with what has been in
my heart all these years. Because I do
accuse you. And not just with the plun-
der charges the government has fled
against you.
I accuse
I accuse you of torture and murder.
Not just of people unknown to me,
but also of my friends. I accuse you of
having committed the crime of plunder
long before you stole your PDAF as a
I do this not out of vindictiveness, but
out of a need for healing that you owe
me and all those who passed through
martial law. I do not do this in anger, but
in order to share with those who did not
go through those years. They need to
understand why you and those like you
should never ever be allowed to have
power again.
Now is a good time. If we did not
learn our lesson then, it is time to look
back now – time to realize that those
who betray the nation are likely to
betray it again. As you have done after
martial law.
Ah, what catharsis to write this! What
a relief to be able to call you names. I
remember how you would punish people
who criticized you, Marcos, and your
cabal. This is what you did to my friend
and former Philippine Collegian editor,
Abraham Sarmiento, Jr. You imprisoned
him for writing editorials critical of
martial law. You released him only after
you personally expressed displeasure
over the editorials. I know because he
told me. He stuck to his principles after
release. You imprisoned him again and
kept him in a cell until his health had
so deteriorated he died shortly after his
second release. Even as you seemed to
recover your career, I often comforted
myself with the thought that at least
the sacrifces of those who fought the
dictatorship allowed me the freedom to
criticize you. That I did not do so daily
was merely because of my limitations
and not out of new-found respect for
Do you think I have forgotten my
mother's years of excruciating worry as
she watched me go deeper and deeper
into the anti-dictatorship struggle? Oh,
how her friends would comfort my
mother, “Don't worry, Rita. If she gets
caught I will agree to his advances and
spend the night with him in exchange
for your daughter's freedom.” Yes, even
then we knew that you were a preda-
tor as well. You were so lascivious my
humble family knew of two people
whom you had propositioned. You
abused power to the maximum. You
made us see with clarity what Hannah
Arendt calls “the banality of evil.”
Detention, torture during martial law
And I, like many who lived through
those years, knew of your evil as a daily
reality. My frst job as a young doctor
was with a health and human rights or-
ganization. I worked with those who had
been tortured. Those days, detention and
torture were almost a sure-fre combina-
tion. So I and a couple of colleagues
would make the rounds of the detention
centers with every new report of an ar-
rest, hoping that, with a quick response,
people would be tortured less, not killed.
We would present ourselves at the de-
tention centers to any offcer who would
see us. (They never had a real system
for us. That would mean some form
of accountability.) We had to be brave
because we knew at once this marked
us as communist enemies. But they also
had to have a semblance of regularity.
So our requests would be considered. If
the offcer was a tough psychopath, he
would just say “no” outright. But this
would give us ammunition to go squeal-
ing to international human rights groups.
So we would often have to wait for
hours for someone from the Judge Ad-
vocate General's Offce (JAGO) to make
a decision. I never met anyone from
Dear Juan Ponce Enrile
I hope that after your conviction, all those you intimidated
and harmed before, during, and after martial law will fnd
the courage to tell their stories. I hope that you live to hear
those stories.
outsmart the drugs. (And often, they're
even hiding out on the meat you bring
home from the supermarket!) You're
more than 30 percent less likely to come
in contact with superbugs in the meat
supply when you choose organic.
#7: Food NOT grown in human sew-
age sludge. It's perfectly legal for nonor-
ganic farmers to douse nonorganic felds
with human sewage sludge taken from
municipal water treatment plants as fer-
tilizer for their crops. The sludge could
contain whatever morgues, residences,
and industrial parks decide to put down
the drain. Scientists have detected sham-
poo chemicals in nonorganic tomatoes
and hypothesize that sewage sludge is
partly to blame.
#8: Protection from weird food addi-
tives. Organic has a clear health advan-
tage when it comes to packaged foods,
too. Instead of harmful artifcial food
dyes linked to brain cell damage and
ADHD, organic food processors turn to
natural colorings like beet juice to give
products a desired color.
#9: Cleaner rain. Nonorganic farmers
use so much glyphosate, the main ingre-
dient in Roundup, that government sci-
entists have now detected it in the rain!
Even tiny amounts of America's most
popular weedkiller can damage DNA
and kill cells, and they've been linked to
infertility and certain cancers.
#10: Better for the bees. If you
want access to healthy food, you need
pollinators. But mounting research is
pointing to neonicotinoid insecticides
as a leading cause of colony collapse
disorder. These toxic, brain-damaging
insecticides are banished in organics.
#11. A healthier climate. According
to studies done on soil science, if all the
cropland on Earth were treated organi-
cally, the soil would sequester 41 per-
cent of all the greenhouse gases in the
atmosphere; pastureland could sequester
an additional 71 percent! If just half the
world's cropland and pastureland were
converted, organic soil could pull 55
percent of annual carbon emissions out
of the atmosphere. -- http://refreshing-
Get it right the frst time…
or else
hat’s a pretty harsh
subtitle isn’t it? Get it
right the frst time…or
else. But I write it just for that
very reason. In social media
you have lots of chances; you
can mess up with friends and
make up, you can do some-
thing stupid and often people
will forgive you - especially
if you correct it quickly
and spread the “mea culpa”
around like sugar in a bakery.
Do the terms “social media” and
“enterprise” go together? Social media
are online sites, places and areas where
people talk. They post photos, say
snarky things about people, and unveil
their lives. The enterprise end of it is
companies using those sites to con-
nect with customers, future customers,
possible customers, and to put out fres
caused by unhappy customers (at least
the best sites do – you’d be amazed how
many enterprise sites seem to be run by
lizards). There are other sites that don’t
fall in those areas of course. Non-profts
seem to fall somewhere in the middle –
they connect in service ways but often
use it simply to ask for donations. Word
gets out about those sites fairly quickly.
And that’s why it’s so important to get
it right the frst time
Today’s piece of advice is for enterprise,
non-profts, governments, and most any-
one else looking to expand their social
media presence. To gain the exposure
you want (need), to hire an expert.
Don’t hire from within unless you’re
sure they can do what they say they can;
don’t hire relatives no matter how many
followers they have (yes, I know there
are exceptions). Hire – or cultivate
– an expert. One who has expertise
in exactly what you need done. Now
this would seem to be a “duh” piece of
advice. We all know this, right? Well, if
that’s indeed the case, why do we see so
many enterprise sites getting it wrong?
Getting it right
The list of items that you need to fol-
low for getting it right for social media
isn’t long or involved. Here is a cheat
sheet that will come in handy. Use it to
fx the problems or to pat yourself on the
back for getting all of them right.
1. Use privacy settings
2. Stay positive
3. Companies check potential em-
ployees social media sites before hiring.
What do your sites say about you?
4. Saying thnks is gr8 but why are
you saying it. Sometimes thnks! isn’t
enough. Sometimes you simply have to
say Thank You
5. Stay positive (yes, this is a repeat)
6. Edit before publishing
7. Edit before tweeting
8. Edit before responding
9. Don’t use slang in enterprise social
media. In other words, if there are
customers, clients, students, patients and
bosses involved, don’t use slang
10. DO NOT drink and post. Especial-
ly do not drink and post if you’re doing
it for your job
11. DO NOT rant no matter how
angry you are. Calm down and then
post. When you rant you make mistakes.
When you rant you sound ridiculous to
anyone not involved in the rant
12. DO NOT be offensive
13. Do not be offensive on your wall,
any else’s wall, or anywhere it can (will)
be seen by someone (because it will be)
14. Fix the grammatical errors. These
really stand out in writing and you don’t
need proof of your inability to catch a
missing coma. Here’s the secret: Write,
Wait, Edit, Publish
15. How do you know anyone’s
interested in whatever it is you’re post-
ing? Why would they be? Why should
they be? Okay, so you’re interested in
something; just because you are does
that mean anyone else is? There are
probably people out there interested –
or blogging about - the growth cycle
of parakeet feathers. Does that mean
anyone else will be interested? Maybe
not. And because of that your social
media sites and blogs may not attract
millions of followers. Does that mean
you shouldn’t write about it? NO!
You should always write, post, draw,
talk about what interests you. But you
need to do it well enough to gain fol-
lowers who are also interested in that
topic. Dedicated followers – even in
small numbers – are valuable because
of their dedicated interest. That makes
them valuable to you and to advertisers
should you want to monetize your sites.
16. Edit before publishing
17. Edit before tweeting
18. Edit before responding
19. Do not be offensive
20. Fix the grammatical errors
Does it sound like I’ve said those
before? You’re right; I have, because
they’re important.
Want more of me?
It’s Just (all of) Us:
MPB Media:
Enterprise and Social Media
n Part I of my series on
the DAP case, I described
my views on the doctrine
of Separation of Powers. I
argued that PNoy’s DAP
could not have usurped the
Congressional Power of the
Purse because the latter is
really a MYTH. That such
power is really tilted more
to the President as provided
for in the budgetary process
per the Constitution, the
Administrative Code, and the
General Appropriation Acts.
How could he usurp a power
that he already possesses? At
worst, he shares it jointly with
Congress. So, to declare that
certain PNoy’s acts and prac-
tices violated the doctrine of
Separation Powers seems to
me, legally and judicially, un-

The Supreme Court also ruled that
certain acts and practices under the DAP
violated Section 25(5), Article VI of the
1987 Constitution which states,
“No law shall be passed authorizing
any transfer of appropriations; how-
ever, the President, the President of the
Senate, the Speaker of the House of
Representatives, the Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court, and the heads of Con-
stitutional Commissions may, by law,
be authorized to augment any item in
the general appropriations law for their
respective offces from savings in other
items of their respective appropriations.”
This provision requires enabling
law/s. There are two parts in this sec-
First part: No law shall be passed au-
thorizing any transfer of appropriations.
Second part: May, by law, augment
any item in the general appropriations
law for the respective offces of the
President, Senate President, Speaker,
Chief Justice, heads of Constitutional
bodies from savings in other items of
their respective appropriations.
Meaning of First part: From now on,
no more law authorizing any transfer of
appropriations. Existing laws that autho-
rize such transfers and are not declared
unconstitutional shall remain valid and
enforceable. The prohibition regarding
transfers refers only to appropriations,
not savings.
The Administrative Code of 1987
is still valid, and has been cited and
recognized by the Supreme Court. The
following sections refer to the use of
SECTION 39. Authority to Use Sav-
ings in Appropriations to Cover Defcits.
Except as otherwise provided in the
General Appropriations Act, any savings
in the regular appropriations authorized
in the General Appropriations Act for
programs and projects of any depart-
ment, offce or agency, may, with the
approval of the President, be used to
cover a defcit in any other item of the
regular appropriations: Provided, that
the creation of new positions or increase
of salaries shall not be allowed to be
funded from budgetary savings except
when specifcally authorized by law:
Provided, further, that whenever autho-
rized positions are transferred from one
program or project to another within the
same department, offce or agency, the
corresponding amounts appropriated for
personal services are also deemed trans-
ferred, without, however increasing the
total outlay for personal services of the
department, offce or agency concerned.
SECTION 49. Authority to Use Sav-
ings for Certain Purposes. Savings in the
appropriations provided in the General
Appropriations Act may be used for
the settlement of the following obliga-
tions incurred during a current fscal
year or previous fscal years as may be
approved by the Secretary in accordance
with rules and procedures as may be
approved by the President...
Meaning of Second Part: “May, by
law” – meaning requires an enabling or
implementing law. Law means legisla-
tive fat that involves the actions of
Congress and the President, the political
departments of the government.
From the law, the defnition of sav-
ings, the pooling of savings, use of sav-
ings, augmentation, transfers and other
terms should be derived. The enabling
law is usually the General Appropria-
tions Act for a given fscal year and/or
existing laws that are still in effect that
may allow transfer and augmentation
from one department, offce, agency to
another. Such laws are Sections 38, 39
and 49, Chapter 5, Administrative Code.
SECTION 38. Suspension of Ex-
penditure of Appropriations.—Except
as otherwise provided in the General
Appropriations Act and whenever in his
judgment the public interest so requires,
the President, upon notice to the head of
offce concerned, is authorized to sus-
pend or otherwise stop further expendi-
ture of funds allotted for any agency, or
any other expenditure authorized in the
General Appropriations Act, except for
personal services appropriations used
for permanent offcials and employees.
There is nothing in the Supreme Court
decision that declared Sections 38, 39,
and 49, Chapter 5 of the Administrative
Code of 1987 as unconstitutional.
The Supreme Court should consider
the legislative intent in interpreting the
law. It should consider the President's
executive powers as responsible for
running the government as well as in
managing the economy. And for that, the
President is correspondingly empowered
to use the savings, as he deems proper.
Both Congress and the President are one
in their defnition of savings and the use
of savings. This is consistent with their
joint Power of the Purse.
The Commission on Audit (COA),
which measures the accountability of
public offcials, recognizes this when it
requested the transfer of savings from
the Executive so COA could augment
its digital infrastructure and improve its
auditing capabilities.
In fact, the Supreme Court also recog-
nized it when en banc presided by Act-
ing Chief Justice Antonio Carpio passed
a resolution authorizing the transfer
of savings to another department – the
The Supreme Court in the exercise of
Judicial Review should not be indulging
in Judicial Legislation that encroaches
upon the prerogatives of the two politi-
cal departments of the government.
I will not be surprised if the Supreme
Court does a clarifcation amounting
to modifcation of its decision. Pride
would probably prevent a complete
reversal but who knows, the Supreme
Court composed of almost the same Jus-
tices just did it only a few months ago.
DAP and the Enabling Law
(Continued from page 16)
Soil Moisture
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Religions Unite
Against Traffcking
Of Persons
By Fr. Shay Cullen
It was a solemn moment in the great
meeting hall in the Vatican where the
joint agreement and statement was to
be signed by the representatives of the
great world religions. It was not some
lofty, irrelevant declaration to work for
mutual respect for different faiths but to
launch the “Global Freedom Network."
Its goal is to eradicate modern forms
of slavery and human traffcking.
The agreement to work together was
because they shared abhorrence at the
growing numbers of victims and the
"searing personal destructiveness of
modern slavery and human traffcking."
The statement calls for "urgent action by
all other Christian Churches and global
faiths." This is a historical cooperation
agreement and gives hope to many that
people of faith will work together to
stop it or reduce it signifcantly.
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Dear JP Enrile
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
Immigration 911
Read Atty. Susan Perez’s previous articles by
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(Continued on page 14)
JAGO then. I did often get turned away
by that offce. If the JAGO turned us
away, we would write you. Very rarely,
for reasons unknown, you or JAGO
would agree to our visit, often after
weeks of delay. We always thought the
delay was to ensure the torture would
continue. Marcos, you and your military
believed in torture as an investigation
technique. After the torture, you would
have us wait a few more days until the
physical evidence of torture had disap-
peared. If there was enough interna-
tional pressure; if you wanted us off
your backs; if our seeing the detainees
would not cause you any harm, you let
us see them.
But they would tell us their stories.
A detainee was lucky if all he or she
got was getting beaten within an inch
of their life. (I guess they left that for
the amateurs called fraternity boys.)
Electrocution, water boarding, rape and
other forms of sexual harassment, sleep
deprivation, hearing your wife being
raped, hearing your comrades being
tortured, being asked to sit on a block of
ice while naked – your minions were so
depraved in what they created.
Six weeks ago, labor leader Romy
Castillo died of lung cancer. In 1984
your military electrocuted his testicles,
put a barbecue stick up his penis, repeat-
edly submerged his face in a feces-flled
toilet bowl. They beat him and played
Russian roulette on him. I cannot forget
the day, shortly after his ordeal, when
I visited him in detention. I will not let
you forget his story nor escape your
liability for it.
Your military killed my childhood
friend Lorenzo Lansang when he was
only 19 years old. He was summarily
executed in a feld in Quezon province.
Your hands are smeared in his blood
and I will always point out how bloody
they are.
I blame you and Marcos for the cor-
ruption and brutality of the military and
police today. I still keep abreast of the
torture situation. And it looks like the
police and military have no idea how to
interrogate and investigate without vary-
ing degrees of torture and intimidation
thrown in. They have become addicted
to it. All those recent reports of human
rights violations by state authorities?
Your face is on the logo.
And I remember that your wealth
came from the thievery of the martial
law years. It does not therefore surprise
me that you stole your pork barrel funds.
You fnd me too dramatic? I could fll
entire pages with more stories. And I am
not alone. How lucky that I am much
younger than you. I and my cohort will
live after you and tell our tales.
Dear Johnny boy, I bet you miss the
days when you could have imprisoned
me for this. When you could have had
your military rape me as revenge. I, on
the other hand, am so glad you are under
arrest now. Defanged, at last. Hopefully
Unlike you, however, I would not
wish torture upon those I truly think
are enemies of the people. In short, I
would not torture you. I would not deny
you seeing your lawyers or doctors or
relatives as you did to so many during
martial law. It is ftting though that you
may suffer in detention more than usual.
I do note that you may be experiencing
pain because you are old and infrm. I
note it.
Your conviction will be so good for
our country. It will show that such
diabolical behavior will not always be
rewarded. That somehow power can end
and then a price will have to be paid. It
may deter future wrongdoing. It may
convince a few more people not to value
the things you value.
The only thing I am afraid of is that
you are morally incompetent. So much
of your record indicates “sociopath.” I
fear that it does not matter to you what
people think or will remember. It isn't
right that your punishment will be so
short because you're not likely to live
20 more years. That was the amount of
time you kept our people subjugated to
martial law. So I can only hope that you
at least care enough so that the last days
of your life can be lived in regret.
I am hoping you care about how his-
tory will remember you. You did write
and spend for the publication of that
lie of a memoir. So I hope that you live
to see your conviction. That after your
conviction, all those you intimidated and
harmed before, during, and after martial
law will fnd the courage to tell their
stories. I hope that you live to hear those
But for now, this is my story. And
before you go, I want you to know that
the other stories will come. It's called
History. It's called karma. -
Sylvia Estrada-Claudio is a doctor
of medicine who also holds a PhD in
Psychology. She is Professor of the
Department of Women and Development
Studies, College of Social Work and
Community Development, University of
the Philippines. She is also co-founder
and Chair of the Board of Likhaan Cen-
ter for Women's Health.
Readers' Comments:
Lorenzo Reyes - I do not wish to see
JPE die soon. I hope his brain lives and
continues to live long after his body
and his organs start to deteriorate until
he reaches a conscious, yet vegetative
state. Long live JPE!
Jakki Tinkerbelle - I agree, Long Live
JPE kc kulang p ang buhay nya pra s
lahat lahat ng gnawa nilang kabuktutan.
luvsblind - Ma'am, you are an inspira-
tion. Thank you for speaking the truth
that so many have already forgotten. I
was too young to have frsthand experi-
ence of the horrors of the Marcos dicta-
torship, but your stories and my parents'
stories remind me that we should not
be complacent and the fght for justice
needs to continue.
fyhighjack - Dear Dr Claudio,
I myself have not forgotten the evil
spawned by the martial law years. Just
like you, I am an educator. And I take
pains to make the present generation
understand that the freedoms they enjoy
today are not without a price.
It truly is liberating to read your "let-
ter" to JPE - words could not describe
the vileness that comes with his name.
Thank you for writing this.
Brox Jolly Be - Dear Manong Johnny,
I am almost 40 years old. You never
arrested, imprisoned, or tortured me.
But just the same, you, your boss Ferdie,
and your cabals robbed me and my
country of a good future, of hope, and
of peace. Many would think that you
personify every evil that plagued this
Daisy Lee James - Well written and
Well Said Dr. Sylvia Claudio ...I hope
the Filipino Youth of this generation
will discover and learn the true evil of
Martial Rule !
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U.S. Citizen Stepparent Can Petition Off-
springs of Adulterous Relationships
An adulterine is one born of adul-
tery. Some refer to them as adulterine
bastards. In the Philippines, we simply
refer to them as illegitimate children.
How does immigration treat them? I be-
lieve the law should not treat them dif-
ferently. They should not be punished
for the sins of their parents.
Family petition is the most common
way of gaining legal permanent resident
status in the United States. Immediate
relative petition is the fastest way of
gaining this status. Immediate rela-
tives include minor unmarried children
of U.S. citizens. Under immigration
law, minority ends at age 21. Children
under this category include stepchildren,
whether or not born out of wedlock.
However, the child must be under 18
years old when the marriage between
the stepparent and natural parent oc-
curred. Formerly, the stepparent must
show “active parental interest.” This
is not required now. The stepparent
relationship can outlast the marriage
that created it. For example, when the
natural parent has died after marriage to
the stepparent, the stepparent can still
petition for the stepchild. If the steppar-
ent and the natural parent divorced, the
stepparent can still petition for the step-
child. However, it must be shown that
the stepparent and stepchild relationship
continued despite the divorce.
I worked on an interesting case. The
child to be petitioned was born fve
years after the marriage between the
natural father and stepmother as the re-
sult of an illicit relationship between the
natural father and a woman to who he
was never married. The natural mother
abandoned the child. Can the stepmoth-
er fle an I-130 petition on behalf of the
child? Does he qualify as a stepchild?
Common dictionaries defne a stepchild
as “a child of one’s spouse by a previous
union.” In the instant case, she was
not a child by a previous marriage but
a product of an adulterous relationship.
She is an adulterine.
Immigration law defnes child to in-
clude “a stepchild, whether or not born
out of wedlock, provided the child had
not reached the age of eighteen years
at the time the marriage creating the
status of stepchild occurred.” Several
cases have evolved and helped clarify
the defnition of “stepchild.” In one
case, the child was born out of wedlock.
Five years later, her natural mother got
married to a U.S. citizen. The court held
that the child was a stepchild under im-
migration law and eligible for non-quota
status. In another case, the petitioner
was a stepchild, who had been born out
of wedlock, and the benefciary was the
stepmother. When the stepchild reached
the age of 21, she fled a petition for
the stepmother who remained married
to the natural parent. The court held
that the husband’s illegitimate daughter
was classifable as a stepchild under im-
migration law despite the fact that there
was no preexisting family unit including
the stepparent, stepchild, and the natural
The case on point is one decided in
1974, which involves an adulterine.
Formerly, the court refused to accord
adulterine the status of stepchild. The
court held that adulterine children are
the issue of adulterous intercourse and
are regarded unfavorably than the il-
legitimate offspring of a single person.
The court declined to consider the
adulterine child as a stepchild because
the marriage that should have created
the stepparent relationship did not occur
after the birth of the child. The court
concluded that there was no stepparent
relationship. In 1974 the court changed
its position. The rule now as it stands
now is – adulterine children should be
treated like other illegitimate children.
They both fall under the category of
We welcome your feedback. If you
have any immigration questions, please
feel welcome to email me at susan@ or call 619
819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone
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by Virginia H. Ferrer
Spiritual Life
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Teacher who once taught at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.
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by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
Lower Your
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Getting Started
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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time: July 27, 2014
Family-owned store in
Chula Vista invite faithful
to join rosary prayer in
by Munther and Susan George

Sharing our joy with you is a joy
itself, so that you may believe. The
following is a brief, honest, and ac-
curate account of the apparitions of
Our Blessed Mother that took place at
Nature’s Storehouse.
First Apparition:
On Wednesday December 19th,
2001 at approximately 9:00am while
I was on my way to the back of the
store, the Blessed Mother appeared in
a supernatural light on the white wall
(where the chapel is now located),
with a complete profle, peacefully
and motherly in appearance. I called
the manager who was nearby to come
and see what I saw. I kept repeating
the words, “Oh what a beautiful face,”
as we came closer to the image. I
took a stepladder, and with a pencil
very quickly traced Her image on the
wall. This pencil outline was seen
by many people before we covered
the wall with wood when we were
completing the building of the chapel
(the pencil outline is still there behind
the wood). Her image started to move
slowly down, taking the path of the
waterfall which we built later ac-
cording to Her request. I noticed one
guardian angel was accompanying
Her. Before She merged into a small
Our Lady of Fatima statue, and disap-
peared, She gave us this message:
“Come closer to me, this a gift for
you because you believe.”
The apparition took approximately
thirty minutes.
Second Apparition: The second
apparition occurred on the morning of
Friday, January 4th, 2002 at the same
spot. This time there were three of
us present, including my wife, Susan
who had been suffering for some
time with severe anxiety, numbness,
and depression. The Blessed Mother
didn’t want to interrupt us until we
had fnished praying the Stations of
the Cross. The Blessed Mother im-
age which had been moving slowly
stopped in the middle between the
place where She frst appeared, and
the small statue of Our Lady of
Fatima. I told my wife to quickly put
her hand on the image, and then put
it on her forehead. Within a few days
my wife was completely cured. Until
this day, she remains well.
Third Apparition: The third time
the Blessed Mother appeared to me
was on January 13th, 2004. She
appeared in Blue Light over a big
statue of Our Lady of Fatima (which
was added after the construction of
the chapel at the back of the store
had been completed). She gave me a
private message through the lady who
was with us.
Before these apparitions took place,
on September 12th, 1999, the Blessed
Mother gave us a message, asking
me to bring Her statue with specifc
details of how the statue should look.
The Blessed Mother instructed that
statue of Herself should be put in
the front window of the store, and
to bring religious items to sell in the
store. She gave us the mission to
pray, teach, and spread the Holy Ro-
sary for the salvation of souls and the
world. She asked me to add me this
prayer at the end of each of decade
of the Rosary, “Eternal Father, I love
You, Save Souls and the World.”
The Blessed Mother continued to
give us messages on different occa-
sions, until 2005. She revealed in
one message, that She is the Lady of
Fatima. She requested twice that a
small chapel be built at the back of
the store. She provided a complete
detailed vision, including a waterfall
stating that the water from Heaven,
and is for blessing. On another oc-
casion, She requested that a second
foor be built, and to have Her image
in stained glass. All Her requests were
fulflled. She gave us about eight
songs, with the tunes in Spanish, and
one meditation from Jesus. She also
gave us two revelations. We have
since had several miracles take place,
some of which have been document-
ed. Four articles have been published
in local newspapers. I have far more
details besides what is mentioned
God bless you.
You are welcome to join us with
our daily rosary prayers at 5:00pm
Monday through Friday.
Apparitions of Our Blessed
Mother at Nature’s Storehouse
Sa Panaginip na Lamang
Naisipan kong lisanin ang munti naming bayan
ang humanap ng trabaho siyang tangi kong dahilan
at akin ngang narating ang hindi mabilang na lugar
hanggang itong mga paa ko sakit ang naramdaman
Napilitan 'kong iwanan mga mahal ko sa buhay
ng mapagpasiyahan ko itong aking paglalakbay
mga kamag-aral ko na palagi kong kakwentuhan
pati na ang aking mga gurong pinakamamahal.
Naiwan ko sa amin ang magagandang tanawin
ang pagbabago ng mga kulay ng aming pananim
hindi kailanman malilimot ang sariwang hangin
tanging ang magagawa ko mga ito'y gunitain.
Nakatagpo agad ako ng maayos na trabaho
sa isang munting panaderya nakapasok ako
magmasa ng harina siyang pinagtiyagaan ko
'di iilang tinapay din nagdaan sa aking hurno.
Subalit iba pa rin itong aking nararamdaman
sana ay hindi ko nilisan ang munti naming bayan
ang matulaing bundok na pagkabata'y kinagisnan
sa panaginip ko na lamang siya napagmamasdan.
When children spin around, they
become dizzy, and perhaps fall down
on the grass or on a carpet – all in fun.
Most of us do not like to spin, either
on our feet or especially in a vehicle,
and we certainly do not enjoy dizzi-
ness, which usually indicates an inner
ear problem or other malady. We prefer
to have control over the direction of
our movements, and to maintain our

But sometimes we become “dizzy”
enough to “fall down” in a heap of
amused almost disbelief at how an ex-
ternal or internal experience can be silly,
different or otherwise out of our control
and at the same time cause true joy and
inner peace. We humans are subject to
occurrences of a deeper form of clear
direction and balance than that which is
normal for us, and which seem directed
towards our welfare even though we
have no part in planning them. We can
refect on some of the events that come
to mind when we try to recall instances
of something akin to “joyful confusion”
or “dizzy with happiness.” If we are able
to remember one or more incidents, we
will recognize that we did not cause the
experiences, but we are glad that they

Just as we value good balance and
normal, non-spinning movement while
walking or standing, we also desire
emotional and spiritual stability in
our relationship with one another and
with God. When our usual patterns are
disturbed, we might become anxious or
otherwise concerned, until we determine
whether or not there is real cause for
alarm. Most of us have found that we
are sometimes surprised by unplanned
occurrences or encounters where we are
defnitely not in control, yet we experi-
ence a playful kind of joy once we pay
attention to the present realities instead
of trying to avoid, deny, or stop them.
We are like children who have spun
around a bit, but our dizziness is from
new ideas and their associated feelings
which enliven us rather than upset us.

We might, for example, read about
some recent discovery in the feld of
natural science and fnd that we are sud-
denly able to accept a new point of view
that is quite different from what we had
previously held, which causes delight
rather than confusion or anger. Or, we
could be challenged by a comment we
hear that is at variance with a long-held
perspective and yet discover with some
exhilaration that we can incorporate the
remark into an expanded outlook that is
quite clearly correct for us. We are ca-
pable of being spun about without losing
our balance, and actually fnding that we
are standing more frmly and confdently
than before.

God has some surprises for us in our
lives which are often experienced at frst
as unpleasant, simply because they take
us out of our habitual ways of think-
ing or acting, not because they actually
cause us even a bit of harm. These
events that occur in our lives might
be the kind of “spins” which, if we do
not give in to fear, open us to interior

Children sometimes ask to be spun
around for the fun of it. We can trust
God to open our minds and hearts to
widen our perspectives, even if the
experience might make us a bit “dizzy”
at frst.


Randy Roche, SJ
Center for Ignatian Spirituality
Loyola Marymount University
STE 900
(310) 258-8695
As Israel continues to deal with the
threat of terrorist rockets fying through
its skies, a recent newspaper headline
trumpeted the possibility of supernatural
“Their God changes the path of our
rockets in mid-air, said a terrorist,” was
the headline in the July 18 edition of the
Jewish Telegraph.
It was a partial quote from Barbara
Ordman, who lives in Ma’ale Adumim
on the West Bank.
Her exact quotation was: “As one of
the terrorists from Gaza was reported to
say when asked why they couldn’t aim
their rockets more effectively: “We do
aim them, but their God changes their
path in mid-air.”
Modern-day Israel is truly a divine
wonder of the current age. Get the
DVD series that shows how it survives
“Against All Odds.”
Hamas rockets have kept Israel under
siege in recent days.
She opened her piece by noting:
“In October 1956, [Israel's frst Prime
Minister] David Ben Gurion was inter-
viewed by CBS. He stated: ‘In Israel, in
order to be a realist, you must believe in
Ordman also noted religious texts,
specifcally the Jerusalem Talmud,
teaches Israelis not to depend on
miracles for survival.
“It argues that we must not desist from
our obligations and must not wait for
miraculous intervention from the Super-
natural,” she writes.
After her mention of the divine diver-
sion of enemy rockets, she said, “When
our God is not busy doing that, He is
ensuring that the high-tech brain power
of our ‘start-up nation’ is working over-
time to produce yet another Iron Dome
battery to help protect our cities and us.”
The headline is now being shared
worldwide on Facebook by “Sid Roth’s
It’s Supernatural” page, with thousands
of likes and a variety of comments
“Shalom to Israel and supernatural
protection, thank you Jesus for releasing
your warring angels to supernaturally
protect and defend Israel in Jesus’ name
… ” (Juliet M. Maeck)
“Indeed, He who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep. Psalm
121:4″ (Danette Mallard)
“The Muslims should also read about
their future … in Psalm 83.” (Jimmie
“Anyone against Israel should just run
the other way!” (Trace Remington)
'Their God Changes
Path Of Rockets In
The Wisest Choice
Joke of the week: One day, a man
walks into a dental offce and asks how
much it will cost to extract wisdom
teeth. “Eighty dollars”, says the dentist.
“That’s a ridiculous amount,” the man
says. “Isn’t there a cheaper way?”
“Well,” the dentist says, “if you don’t
use an aesthetic, I can knock the price
down to $60.” Looking annoyed the
man says, “That’s still too expensive!”
“Okay”, says the dentist. “If I save on
anaesthetics and simply rip the teeth
out with a pair of pliers, I can knock the
price down to $20” “Nope, moans the
man, “it’s still too much!” “Well”, says
the dentist, scratching his head, “if I let
one of my students do it, I suppose I can
knock the price down to $10.” “Marvel-
ous,” says the man, “Book my wife for
next Tuesday.”
Scriptures: First Reading: 1 Kings 3:
5, 7-12. Solomon had the opportunity
to ask God for more power, wealth,
and greater privileges. But no, Solo-
mon chose wisdom to discern what is
right from wrong. For his God-given
wisdom, Solomon is remembered for
ages. Second Reading: Romans 8:
28-30. Though he did not use the word
“wisdom,” yet Paul urges his readers to
see everything from their understanding
of God’s love that desires every sinner
not to perish but to be converted and
live in grace. Gospel: Matthew 13: 44-
46. Jesus goes on to say to his followers
in today’s Gospel passage that a person
who understands God’s ways must
discern the good from the bad. But such
discernment requires risk-taking, like
the merchant in today’s passage who
after his diligent search found a pearl of
great price, sold everything he had and
bought that feld.
Reflections: The Siege of Weidelburg
Castle. When King Conrad III defeated
the Duke of Welf (in the year 1140)
and placed Weinsberg under siege, the
wives of the besieged castle negotiated a
surrender which granted them the right
to leave with whatever they could carry
on their shoulders. The king allowed
them that much. Leaving everything
else aside, each woman took her own
husband on her shoulders and carried
him out. When the king's people saw
what was happening, many of them said
that that was not what had been meant
and wanted to put a stop to it. But the
king laughed and accepted the women's
clever trick.
Solomon in today’s frst reading had
a private conversation with God. God
granted him the privilege to ask for
gifts. Being wise, the king asked for
more wisdom. His wish was granted
and his wisdom when put to proper use
earned him more gifts that were not
The condition in ancient Israel was
precarious. It was common for treasures
to be buried underground for safe keep-
ing. A parable looks far greater than it
coveys. Finding the buried treasure in
today’s Gospel is not simply a matter
of “fnders keeper, losers weeper.” The
parable speaks of high risk the fnder
took. If the treasure was no longer there
or that the information was false, then
he would lose everything, because he
had already sold everything he pos-
sessed. But it was high risk worth taking
because of the yield it might bring; JOY.
The Samaritan woman said to Jesus,
“Sir, give me this water, so that I may
never be thirsty or have to keep coming
here to draw water." (John 4:15) After
having been fed miraculously, the crowd
sought Jesus for the sake of the fesh not
for the spirit. How many times prayers
are offered for no loftier reason but
to receive a temporal beneft? People
pray with vested interest in mind, such
as winning the lotto or fnding a lover.
“One asks a priest’s intercession for a
successful business; another who wants
a visa to another country goes to the
church. Jesus is scarcely sought after for
Jesus’ sake. Ye seek me for something
else, seek me for my own sake.” (Au-
gustine, Tractate, XXV, VI. 15–44)
Solomon did not know what wisdom
from God would bring. He could have
used wisdom wrongly. He took the risk
and was amply rewarded with gifts after
Quotation of the week: To light
one candle to God and another to the
Devil is the principle of wisdom. -- Jose
ing tools
Part 2: Hands-On Lab
Next you'll get expert assistance
with your own Twitter presence. In this
hands-on lab you will:
Set up and optimize your Twitter pro-
fle page with images and content
Start following people
Practice breaking messages down into
140-character chunks
Practice sending and retweeting tweets
Search for hashtags that are appropri-
ate for your business
Setup Twitter Analytics for tracking
and reporting

July 31st, 2014
9:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT
National University
9388 Lightwave Ave
San Diego, CA 92123

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Green Building
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
Tech IT
from My Barber
by Benjamin Maynigo
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APAC | SAN DIEGO, 7/15/2014 --
Board of Directors Tim Nguyen (Chair-
man) and Vince Vasquez (Vice Chair-
man) will be presenting at the ESRI
International conference, the world's
largest event dedicated to geographic
information system (GIS) technology, a
powerful computer system transforming
a wide-range of industries & initiatives
including: urban planning, business
expansion, security management, and
community development. This year’s
event is expected to draw over 15,000
Specifcally, the APAC board ex-
ecutives will speak on using data and
analytics to advance civic engagement
in the Asian community. Topics include
their work during the 2010-2011 Redis-
tricting efforts, which included in-depth
analysis of heavily-concentrated Asian
residential neighborhoods such as Mira
Mesa, and business clusters in the Con-
voy District. This work resulted in the
successful formation of the current San
Diego City Council District 6 (and run
towards history for the API community
in 2014). The discussion will also focus
on APAC’s get-out-to-vote initiative
in City Council District 4, which led
towards API voter turnout increasing
30%. They will also provide statistics
regarding their research on demographic
and economic trends about the region’s
API community.
A copy of their presentation will be
posted online and through social media.
Please stay tuned. More information
about the conference can be found at:
APAC invited to
speak at the ESRI
Follow Asian Journal
on Twitter
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SD Water
wo score and ten years
ago I came to this na-
tion dedicated to learn-
ing American culture, its way
of life and its commitment
to Liberty and the pursuit of
I came as a foreign exchange student
under the American Field Service (AFS)
International Scholarship Program.
Showing me the way was an Ameri-
can family in Seal Beach, California
- the Kester-Bauchwitz family. On hand
to help was a classy group of teenagers
identifed as the Huntington Beach-
Marina High School Class of 1964.
Leading the group was Harold Kester,
the high school’s Student Body Presi-
dent who eventually graduated as Class
On Saturday, July 26, 2014, HB-
Marina HS Class ‘64 will be celebrating
its 50th Anniversary. I will be attending
the celebrations while Harold Kester
will not because he cannot. He joined
the Lord on March 15, 2005 at the age
of 58.
Harold was my foster brother. He
belonged to the Kester-Bauchwitz clan
who hosted me for one school year.
He was the reason why AFS assigned
me to live with them. We shared the
same interest in student leadership and
academics. I was also Student Body
President in my Philippine high school,
and graduated Class Valedictorian.
A few days before graduation, he
asked me for help in writing his speech
as Class Salutatorian. This was because
I had written and delivered a Valedictory
Address before. I told him, “It is better
if you write it from your heart. But it
would be remembered more if you quote
a hit song or a famous poem.”
He delivered one of the most memo-
rable speeches I have ever heard. He
quoted Robert Frost:
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
He went to California State Long
Beach University majoring in Math
ignoring scholarship offers from other
colleges. Then, he proceeded to face
the challenges of day-to-day life in a
dual world – analogue and digital. He
conquered both. For his achievements,
California State Long Beach University
honored him as “Alumnus of the Year”
in 1993.
I am unsure whether Huntington
Beach – Marina High School has ever
honored him. But on this 50th Anniver-
sary of HB-Marina HS Class ’64, in my
own little way, I am paying tribute to
Harold was not only a Mathematician
who knew how numbers tell stories, he
became an expert in information tech-
nology combining the use of computers
and software engineering that offered
advances in our “Planet of the Apps”.
Converting data to information; from
information to intelligence; and from
intelligence to knowledge and educa-
tion was a natural process for him. But
artifcial intelligence using the heuristic
knowledge approach and robotics is
another story.
In one of my visits to his offce in Del
Mar, California, he demonstrated to me
the wonders of artifcial intelligence and
the future of consumer electronics.
In 1984, he founded the Del Mar
Group which developed SmarTrieve, a
search-and-retrieval program for elec-
tronic publishing. Recognizing its im-
mense capabilities, Compton’s NewMe-
dia, owned by Encyclopedia Britannica,
bought Harold’s group in 1990.
Harold became NewMedia’s chief
scientist and founded Britannica’s La
Jolla Research Laboratory. He de-
veloped the world’s frst multimedia
CD-ROM encyclopedia and the frst
Internet-based encyclopedia.
My academic background and experi-
ence was following a different career
path. But my exposure to Harold intro-
duced me to a whole new world – the
digital and electronic world. That will
have to be the subject of another article.
Nine years after being with Britannica,
Harold joined Websense – a company
that makes software used by large
companies and the federal government
to monitor and flter employees’ Internet
use and protect against Web-based
threats such as viruses and information
theft. Under his leadership, Websense
produced the Explorer program, a Web-
based browser reporting system that
would allow an employer to check on an
employee without having to ask its IT
department to produce a report.
The contribution of Harold to the
company was undeniable and sig-
nifcant. CEO John Carrington had
recognized that Harold’s talents “made
Websense what it is today.”
He emailed the employees, "Harold
was never satisfed with existing ideas,
or the current technology; he always
knew he could do more,"

HAROLD KESTER: Amidst being an
Excellent Software Engineer, a Creative
Technology Pioneer, a Great Family
Man, and an Effcient and Effective
Management Leader; he was a Sharp
Dresser, a Cool and Smooth Dancer, an
Avid Sportsman, a Good Friend to many
and most importantly, a Fun and Accom-
modating Foster Brother.
He will not be with us on Saturday,
July 26, 2014. But as a Buddhist, he be-
lieved in Rebirth or Reincarnation - "the
religious or philosophical concept that
the soul or spirit, after biological death,
begins a new life in a new body." So he
could be with us somehow!
In my religion, “What we are is a gift
given to us by God. What we become is
our gift to God.” For what Harold had
become, he was a great gift to God.
to GOD
SUNAC (Sunlight, Nutrition and Health
Research Center) William B. Grant,
“over 20,000 Americans die prematurely
annually from insuffcient UVB/vita-
min D, and half of those with multiple
sclerosis in the U.S. would not have MS
if they had had more UVB exposure.”
Considering all of this, its frustrating
that the building industry for the past 50
years has been primarily concerned with
the energy element of artifcial light-
ing, rather than human health concerns.
Refecting this industry bias, the LEED
certifcation system doesn’t spend a lot
of time on lighting. What is covered by
LEED-H in regards to lighting can be
summed up in this one sentence:
If you utilize energy effcient fxtures
OR employ an Energy Star advanced
lighting package, you can earn LEED
points for your home.
Here at Inhabitat, we consider light-
ing to be a hugely important element
of sustainable building design. We
consider “sustainable design” to include
consideration of ergonomics, human
health and comfort in addition to energy
consumption. Because of this, we would
like to expand on the LEED lighting cri-
teria and explain how you can fnd the
most sustainable, beautiful and healthy
lighting options for your home.
We all care about our health, and
we all want to lower our energy bills.
Fortunately, most of the tactics you can
employ to decrease energy consumption
can make your life healthier, too. Here
are some simple steps to leading a long
and energy-effcient life:
Follow @asianjournal
on Twitter
from San Diego Gas & Electric)
High-effciency toilets: up to $100
Rotating irrigation nozzles: $4 each,
with a minimum purchase of 15
Smart controllers: $80 per controller
for smaller landscapes or $35 per station
for larger landscapes
Rain barrels: $75 each, with a maxi-
mum of 4
Soil moisture sensors: $80 for smaller
landscapes or $35 per station for larger
Turf removal: $2/sf of irrigated turf
removed and replaced with drought-
tolerant plants
Visit SoCal Water$mart for more
Leveraging Video
Marketing to Grow
Your Business
7/25/2014 -- Video is where the web
is headed. Cisco is predicting that by
2015, at least 90% of all internet traffc
will be video. That's why it's so impor-
tant to learn and test video marketing
strategies right now. It will give you a
huge leg up on the competition mov-
ing forward. All business types, big
and small, can take advantage of this
powerful technology, and you should be
getting started right away!
You'll leave this fun and interactive
workshop with an understanding of:
Why YouTube is your new best friend
Simple and affordable equipment that
you can use to get started immediately
What to say and what NOT to say to
get the desired results
YouTube best practices
Video for "shy people"
Where to fnd video editing for only
5 bucks!
Video optimization ... "How to get
ranked in the search engines fast"
. . . and much more!
Dan Harris is co-owner and opera-
tor of Profts Marketing Group, a San
Diego digital marketing company. His
specialties are helping local businesses
to expand their online presence and
attract new customers or patients via
Video Marketing and Display Advertis-
ing. With over 15 years of experience in
website optimization and video market-
ing, Dan's primary focus is local busi-
nesses in healthcare and professional
service industries. He enjoys working
with motivated business owners teach-
ing them how they can leverage digital
marketing to grow their businesses.
Dan completed his undergraduate and
graduate level education and has over
20 years of experience working in the
healthcare feld.
$49 / $59 after 7/31
August 2nd, 2014
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT
National University
9388 Lightwave Ave.
San Diego,CA 92123
7/25/2014 -- Many business owners
wonder: What exactly is Twitter, and
how can it help me grow my business?
The answer is Twitter is an effective and
effcient social media tool that can help
you maximize your reach to prospec-
tive customers - for free. The secret to
Getting Started with Twitter Marketing
success is to understand the essential
techniques that make people want to
"follow" you, read your "tweets," inter-
act with your brand, and ultimately buy
your products or services. This introduc-
tory class will explain the basics, and
get you started building an audience and
creating a network that will help you
grow your business.
Cost: $139.00
Part 1: Demonstration & Discussion
In the frst part of this 3-hour work-
shop we'll talk about who is Tweeting
and why, discuss Twitter tips and best
practices, and show you how to:
Build and optimize a Twitter profle
for your business
Find people to follow and encourage
them to follow you
Create tweets that attract the custom-
ers you want to fnd
Use Twitter to promote your product
or service
Leverage Twitter's features and
functions, including "retweets" and
Make the most of third party tools and
Advertise on Twitter ("promoted
Create Twitter campaigns
Explore Twitter analytics and report-
Page 10 July 25-31, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at

“Kapwa” refers to an indigenous and decolonized term which means shared
identity. As FANHS comes to San Diego we will examine our history, our struggles,
and our shared and different identities. With our FANHS 2014 National
Conference, we will move our communities forward in unity.
For more information: or
FANHS SAN DIEGO CHAPTER – 2014 National Conference Hosts
Biennial National Conference
July 31 – August 2, 2014
Kona Kai Resort / Hotel - San Diego, CA

Join hundreds of nationally known
historians, artists, writers, community
leaders, teachers, students, & elders for
memorable intergenerational activities.
Conference highlights include:
Presentations & Panels
Interactive Workshops
Dinner & Dance
Authors’ Reception
Special track for Educators
Historic Tour –July 30th
…and much more!
Light &
Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at
by Zena Sultana Babao
By Zena Sultana Babao
Going away on a vacation for a few
days is on everyone’s mind this summer.
It would be so nice to get away from the
daily grind … no headaches, no stress,
and no overbearing bosses to contend
with! A week later you will be ready to
come back, refreshed and invigorated, to
tackle the daily grind again.
Where to go? Lots of places! De-
pends on how loaded you are. You can
go on a cruise to Alaska, Bora-Bora or
Australia. Climb real mountains instead
of the proverbial ones. Scale Mt. Ever-
est for the ultimate adventure. Or just
drive leisurely to cool places and take in
the sights at your dream destination.
What have you got to lose, except
that unbearable stress? It may cost you
a buck or two; or a grand or two, but
you’re worth it.
If you decide to drive, car safety is im-
portant. However if you are behind the
wheel for long periods of time, traveling
by car could have severe consequences.
Especially if you become unfocused, too
tired and stressed out while driving. Not
surprisingly, when you are stressed out,
fatal car crashes increase signifcantly.
Protecting you and your family is
paramount no matter where you go. So
here are a few safety tips or reminders to
keep in mind.
Drive at a safe and responsible speed.
Speeding contributes to nearly one-
third of all fatal crashes. Try not to
hurry too much, causing you to have to
rush, rush, rush. After all, you are on
a vacation. Take it easy and enjoy the
Stay focused.
Resist the impulse to text and make
phone calls. Minimize other distractions
like eating while driving, putting on
make-up, eyeliner or mascara (ladies),
shaving and drinking coffee or beer
(men). There is a time and place for
everything. Use your car’s navigation
system so you won’t be preoccupied
with map-reading. Eyes on the road at
all times, please!
Don’t drive when you’re sleepy.
Drowsy driving is the cause of one
out of six fatal traffc crashes. Resist
the temptation to drive “just a few more
miles.” If you can’t keep your eyes
open, pull off the road and enjoy a few
moments napping.
Take turns on the wheel if you are
traveling with your family or friends.
If you drink, don’t drive.
Research shows that impairment starts
with the frst drink. Just one glass of
wine, one bottle of beer, or one shot of
liquor affects your vision, coordina-
tion, and judgment. Statistics show that
death resulting from car crashes increase
signifcantly when you use alcohol.
Arriving at your destination safely is
the most important gift you can give to
yourself and to your loved ones.
Travelling by plane is not that restful.
It means extended periods of sitting,
lifting luggage, and walking in new
surroundings. The most common injury
related to air travel is usually the lower
back due to prolonged sitting and not
getting up and moving. Take note of the
following advice for air safety:
When fying, get up every two hours
and stretch your hamstrings (the muscles
at the back of your thighs) and calves to
prevent low back pain and cramps. Do
some stretching exercises at your seat:
extend your leg one at a time with your
heel touching the ground and your foot
Back strain can also occur from lifting
heavy luggage, so pack light. When
you lift your bag, squat by bending your
knees and keeping your back straight
and your face up; lift with your legs not
your back.
Bring infatable travel pillows, one for
your neck and one for your back. They
provide support and help prevent neck
and back strain. You can relax your
neck and your upper back muscles by
doing some shoulder rolls. To prevent
falls and ankle sprains, wear non-skid
shoes. Ladies, avoid high heels.
Most important, have fun.
You are on a vacation, so enjoy and
make the most of it!
Safe and Fun Travel
Residential WaterSmart Checkup
WaterSmart Checkups include free,
site-specifc water-saving recommenda-
tions from certifed irrigation profes-
sionals. Homeowners and property
managers can use the no-obligation
assessment to decide if and when to
make changes. Participation is limited.
Checkups are available to owners and
managers of commercial, multi-family,
industrial, public or single-family prop-
NOTE: Single-family home checkups
include indoor and outdoor assessments.
Apply at
Schedule a site walk-through for ap-
proved applicants.
Receive observations, recommenda-
tions, and if applicable, test results.
Choose what you will do and when.
There’s no obligation.
Start saving! Although water-savings
vary by property, you may save up to
20% and some sites may even save
Participating agencies: Carlsbad Mu-
nicipal Water District, City of Del Mar,
City of Escondido, Fallbrook Public
Utilities District, City of Oceanside,
Otay Water District, Padre Dam Mu-
nicipal Water District, City of Poway,
Rainbow Municipal Water District,
Ramona Municipal Water District, San
Dieguito Water District, Santa Fe Irriga-
tion District, Vallecitos Water District,
Valley Center Municipal Water District
and Vista Irrigation District.
Managers and owners of properties
served by the following agencies should
contact their service provider directly:
Agency | Phone Number
Helix Water District | (619) 466-0585
Lakeside Water District | (619) 443-
Olivenhain Municipal Water District |
(760) 632-4641
Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water
District | (760) 745-5522
City of San Diego | (619) 570-1999
Sweetwater Authority | (619) 420-
For more information visit www.
Powered by AMERICAN
IDOL® LIVE!, Contest Will
Search for Undiscovered
Baby Boomers with Star
Quality and Amazing Voices

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 13,
2014) – Calling all Baby Boomers
looking to become America’s next big
singing sensation! AARP is launching a
national search to make one lucky per-
son’s dream a reality while showing that
talent is ageless. Powered by AMERI-
Superstar contest is open to anyone
born between 1946 and 1964 and gives
Boomers the chance to compete for a
$5,000 prize and an audition with music
label 19 Recordings.
“We are thrilled to be teaming up
fnd talent and to show that dreams
have no expiration date and there is
a real possibility of reaching your
goals later in life,” said Myrna Blyth,
editorial director, AARP. AARP is also
sponsoring the 41-city AMERICAN
IDOL® LIVE! tour, which kicks off
June 24th in Binghamton, NY at the
Broome County Arena.
Contestants can submit video
entries online (aarpcontest.votigo.
com/aarpcontest) and on AARP’s Fa-
cebook (
page through July 11th and a panel of
judges will narrow the feld to the top 30
semi-fnalists. The general public will
help to determine the top eight fnalists
via online voting from July 15 - August
11. Voting is open to all
registered users and each voter age 45+
(limit 1 vote per day) will be entered for
a chance to win a $3,000 sweepstakes*.
Finalists will be fown to San Diego to
compete in a LIVE singing competi-
tion. On September 5th at AARP’s
“Ideas@50” national event, the top fve
contestants will perform in front of a
live audience of AARP members and a
celebrity panel of judges, which include
19-time Grammy Award winning musi-
cian and producer Emilio Estefan and
Grammy Award-winning R&B/jazz
vocalist Patti Austin.
attendees will be able to get additional
information about AARP’s Real Possi-
bilities initiatives, as well as the Boomer
Superstar contest. AARP kiosks will
be located in the concert venue at up
to 21 tour stops. The Boomer Super-
star contest is part of AARP’s year-
long Boomers@50+ initiative which
celebrates the last of the Baby Boomers
turning 50 in 2014.
*Complete contest information, rules
and regulations can be found online
# # #
About AARP
AARP is a nonproft, nonpartisan or-
ganization, with a membership of nearly
38 million, that helps people turn their
goals and dreams into real possibilities,
strengthens communities and fghts for
the issues that matter most to families
such as healthcare, employment and
income security, retirement planning,
affordable utilities and protection from
fnancial abuse. We advocate for indi-
viduals in the marketplace by selecting
products and services of high quality
and value to carry the AARP name
as well as help our members obtain
discounts on a wide range of products,
travel, and services. A trusted source
for lifestyle tips, news and educational
information, AARP produces AARP
The Magazine, the world's largest
circulation magazine; AARP Bulletin;; AARP TV & Radio;
AARP Books; and AARP en Español,
a Spanish-language website addressing
the interests and needs of Hispanics.
AARP does not endorse candidates for
public offce or make contributions to
political campaigns or candidates. The
AARP Foundation is an affliated char-
ity that provides security, protection,
and empowerment to older persons in
need with support from thousands of
volunteers, donors, and sponsors. AARP
has staffed offces in all 50 states, the
District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and
the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more
AARP Launches Search for
America’s Top Boomer Talent
with Boomer Superstar Contest
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Based on the 2007 Academy
Award-winning flm
Music & Lyrics by Academy
Award Winners
(San Diego –July 23, 2014) ONCE,
winner of eight Tony Awards includ-
ing Best Musical and winner of the
2013 Grammy Award for Best Musical
Theater Album, will play The San Diego
Civic Theatre for a limited engage-
ment from August 12-17, 2014. Tickets
for ONCE are on sale now and can be
purchased at
ONCE, which was also named Best
Musical by the New York Drama
Critics’ Circle, Drama Desk, Drama
League, Outer Critics Circle and Lucille
Lortel Awards, is currently running on
Broadway at the Bernard B. Jacobs
Theatre where it started performances
on February 28, 2012 and opened March
18, 2012.
ONCE features the Academy Award-
winning music and lyrics of Glen
Hansard and Markéta Irglová, a book
by award-winning Irish playwright &
screenwriter, Enda Walsh (Penelope,
Hunger, The New Electric Ballroom),
direction by the acclaimed Scottish
director of Black Watch, John Tiffany,
movement by Steven Hoggett (Black
Watch, American Idiot) and music su-
pervision and orchestrations by Martin
Lowe (Mamma Mia!). The set and
costume design are by fve time
Tony Award winner Bob Crowley
(The Coast of Utopia, Mary Poppins),
lighting design is by Tony win-
ner Natasha Katz (Aida, The Coast of
Utopia), and sound design is by Clive
ONCE is the celebrated new musical
based on t he Academy Award-winning
flm. It tells the story of an Irish musi-
cian and a Czech immigrant drawn
together by their shared love of music.
Over the course of one fateful week,
their unexpected friendship and col-
laboration evolves into a powerful but
complicated romance, heightened by the
raw emotion of the songs they create
together. Brought to the stage by an
award-winning team of visionary artists
and featuring an ensemble cast of gifted
actor/musicians, ONCE is a musical
celebration of life and love: thrilling in
its originality, daring in its honesty... and
unforgettable in every way.
The 2007 Academy Award-winning
flm, ONCE, was written and directed
by John Carney, and starred Glen Han-
sard and Markéta Irglová, with original
music and lyrics by Mr. Hansard and
Ms. Irglová.
The Oscar winning independent Irish
flm, ONCE was made for $150,000.
Shot in 17 days, it went on to gross
$20M worldwide becoming a critically
acclaimed international smash. It stars
Glen Hansard, from the popular Irish
Rock band The Frames, and Markéta
Irglová. Glen and Markéta won the 2007
Academy Award for Best Original song
for “Falling Slowly,” the Los Angeles
Film Critics Award for Best Music, and
the soundtrack was nominated for two
Grammy Awards.
ONCE was originally developed at the
American Repertory Theater (Cam-
bridge, Massachusetts) in April 2011;
Diane Paulus, Artistic Director; Diane
Borger, Producer.
A developmental run of ONCE at
New York Theatre Workshop (James C.
Nicola and William Russo) began per-
formances on November 15, 2011 and
opened December 6. The production
broke box offce records and concluded
a sold out engagement including a two
week extension through January 15,
ONCE is produced by Barbara Broc-
coli, John N. Hart Jr., Patrick Milling
Smith, Frederick Zollo, Brian Car-
mody, Michael G. Wilson, Orin Wolf
and Executive Producer Robert Cole,
in association with New York Theatre
WHEN: August 12th-17th, 2014
WHERE: San Diego Civic Theatre,
3rd and B Street, Downtown San Diego
Wednesday at 7pm
Thursday at 7:30pm
Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 2pm & 8pm
Sunday at 1pm & 6:30pm
TICKETS: On Sale NOW! Please
Once, the Musical, comes to the Civic Theater
in San Diego from August 12-17, 2014
Journey at Pechanga championship
golf course, one of the many high end
amenities for guests on site at Pechanga
Resort & Casino, is consistently rated
among the top public courses in the
country. A challenging and reward-
ing course for golfers of every level, it
presents a range of topography – can-
yons, ravines, open fairways and even a
tee shot with a 300-foot drop. Nestled in
‘Journey at Pechanga’ at State’s Largest Resort/Casino Offers Guests Green-Saving Stay & Play Package
the foothills of the scenic Southern Cali-
fornia wine country in Temecula Valley
on the Pechanga Indian Reservation,
adjacent to Pechanga Resort & Casino,
Journey at Pechanga winds along a
boulder-strewn mountain. Journey at
Pechanga’s par-72, 18-hole golf course
winds over 7,219 yards. Golf course ar-
chitect, Arthur Hills, calls it “the perfect
union of nature, form and function.” He
refers to the unique stretch of land with
sacred entities and cultural sensitivities
to the Pechanga tribe. Journey focuses
on highlighting the drama and natural
beauty of the rare and distinctive site
while preserving sensitive areas and cre-
ating a golf layout exhibiting the highest
standards and traditions.
Just across the street sits the state’s
largest resort/casino with all the luxuries
a traveler would expect from a high-end
Las Vegas property. Rated a AAA Four
Diamond property for 13 years running,
the resort recently underwent a major
makeover of its hotel lobby, four res-
taurants, Jacuzzi suites and VIP lounge.
Travelers who enjoy golf can save some
green by partnering their hotel stay with
golf rounds in the “Journey To Golf”
stay and play package. Starting at $219
per person or $299 for two, the package
offers luxury accommodations, express
cart pick up, concierge service and
24-hour room service. Guest can also
purchase the 2014 Annual Golf Pass at
$899 for 12 rounds of golf. The pass is
good for any day of the week, limited to
four rounds per day. For more informa-
tion, please call 866-991-PARR (7277)
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Eight award-winning dance
crews to battle it out at New
York City’s biggest break-
dance competition of the year
Iselin, NJ (July 21, 2014) – McDon-
ald’s New York Tri-State has announced
the all-star lineup for its frst annual
McDonald’s B-Boy Royale, New York
City’s largest breakdance competition
of the year. Held on August 16 at the
NYU Skirball Center for the Performing
Arts, the event will feature eight award-
winning Asian American breakdance
crews from across the nation battling it
out in a head-to-head tournament for the
chance to win a grand prize of $3,000.
The competition will be hosted by
Korean American rapper and YouTube
sensation Dumbfoundead, who will also
perform tracks from his latest album.
Tickets can be purchased at the NYU
Skirball Center box offce or at http://, with
proceeds benefting Ronald McDonald
House Charities® New York Tri-State
Area. For more information about the
McDonald’s B-Boy Royale, visit www.
Competition Lineup
While dozens of talented dance crews
from around the country were initially
considered, the McDonald’s B-Boy
Royale judging panel based their fnal
selections on the following criteria: (1)
must already compete at a professional
level, (2) won at least two major cham-
pionships, and (3) demonstrate a unique
and original style in their performances.
After extensive deliberation between the
judges, the eight dance crews chosen
to inaugurate the frst annual B-Boy
Royale are:
The Clique – Formed in Philadelphia,
this crew is on a mission to celebrate
and honor true breaking culture.
They were victors of last year’s Top
Notch and The Ruthless 2 competition.
Del Fuego Wolfpack – Originally
from Boston, this all-star crew currently
holds the title for two of this year’s most
prestigious competitions, Cypher King
at Circles and Red Bull BC One Philly
Floor Obsession – One of the premier
b-boy crews in New York City, their
creativity and distinctive style have
won them notable competitions such
as Rockers Rumble Colorado (2010)
and Kings of New York (2010).
Lionz of Zion – Hailing from the
Washington D.C. area, this crew was
one of the frst to develop an unortho-
dox, abstract style of breaking. They
have toured internationally with major
artists including the Black Eyed Peas.
Suicide Kingz – Based in Los Ange-
les, this crew comprises of Asian Ameri-
can breakers who combine their cultural
pride with their passion for dance. They
have won such major competitions
the Vegas Shakedown (2014) and
the Style Elements Anniversary (2013).
True Aggressions Crew – This crew
from New Jersey is known for their
Mcdonald’s® New York Tri-State Announces Compe-
tition Lineup for 1st Annual Mcdonald’s B-Boy Royale
complex and explosive combinations.
Last year they won top prize at The
Freshest Of All Time (2013).
United Outkast – Based in Bridgeport,
Connecticut, this crew combines fearless
fair with form in their versatile dance
techniques, which were showcased
in the popular dance flm Step Up 3D
and the music video for Jay-Z’s single
“Show Me What You Got”.
X-Fenz – This New York crew of
heavy-hitting breakers were featured
in the flm Battle of the Year 3D and
are known for their legendary crew
Judging Panel
KTSF, frst station to align
with Nielsen to launch mo-
bile TV App
NEW YORK – JULY 21, 2014 –
Nielsen, a leading global provider of
information and insights into what
consumers watch and buy, recently
announced that KTSF, an independent,
full-power station, available to over 1.7
million Asian Americans in and around
the greater San Francisco-Oakland
area, launched its local TV App in the
Apple App Store and fully implemented
Nielsen proprietary mobile measure-
ment software in order to inform its
research and insights and drive advertis-
Nielsen’s Proprietary Mobile Measurement Software
Enables Asian American TV Station To Receive Mobile
Viewing Credits For Programming
ing effectiveness. This app will provide
more accurate viewership to effectively
demonstrate the power of Asian Ameri-
can consumers in media.
According to Nielsen’s Cross-
Platform report, 81 percent of Asian
Americans have smartphones compared
to 70 percent of the general public.
Asian Americans also currently watch
19 percent more videos on smartphones
per month than the average person. With
Nielsen’s proprietary mobile measure-
ment tool, TV stations are now able
to accurately and effectively measure
Asian Americans’ viewing habits to
include mobile online viewing.
As one of the largest Asian broadcast-
ers in the U.S., KTSF’s viewers will
have access to both live and on-demand
television programming in the San Fran-
cisco area. Supplemental mobile view-
ing will contribute to existing television
audience estimates with mobile viewers,
allowing KTSF to identify additional
viewing that it is not currently receiving
credit for today.
To learn more about Nielsen’s insights
on the Asian American consumer, please
visit To down-
load the KTSF App, visit the Apple App
Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE:
NLSN) is a global information and
measurement company with leading
Ms Philippines 2014 Coronation at the Verne Goodwin Senior Ctr Mira Mesa Blvd.
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2014_Q3_RNM ExpS_HP_FIL_SD_Final.indd 1 7/9/14 11:59 AM
Fil-Am Unity Group of California Pageant & Coronation
(Continued from page 1)
all those who attended last June 28th
Join us this Saturday July26th at the
Verne Goodwin Senior Center Mira
Mesa Blvd for our July” Friendship Jam
Session Day” 10am to 4 pm Call Cora
Banaban-Anderson 619 254-1860 and
Mallie Garcia 8587357900 for details.
Page 13 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at July 25-31, 2014
Te July 26 mass will be held as part of the retreat attended by members of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California.
Please observe silence and order in the monastery at all times. No photography or video allowed.
Turn of cellphones. Carpooling recommended.
at the
Prince of Peace Abbey, Oceanside CA
a Benedictine Monastery
A Celebration of the Healing Eucharist
Schedule of Healing Masses
Come let us worship and give thanks to the Lord for His unfathomable mercy!
Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and fnd grace to help in time of need. -- Hebrews 4:16
Jesus, I Trust in You!
July 26, Saturday 1:00 P.M.
Holy Mass to be followed by Healing Service until 4:00 p.m.
PRINCE OF PEACE ABBEY (a Benedictine Monastery)
650 Benet Hill Road, Oceanside CA 92058
From I-5 or I-15, exit on Highway 76, go north on Benet Road,
left on Airport Road, and right Benet Hills Road (Prince of Peace Abbey)
Zarina Cruz (619) 890-2789
Sal Pilar (760) 508-6380
Gen Silverio (619) 851-9547
July 29, 2014 Tuesday 6:30 P.M.
220 E. Elk Avenue, Glendale, CA 91205
Lourdes Gonda (818) 572-7670
Ed Bugayong (818) 562-7829
July 30, 2014 Wednesday 7:30 P.M.
9901 Mason Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311
Imelda Yap (818) 620-5880
with the Rev. Fr. joseph “Joey” Faller
Shrine in Lucban, uezon PHL
Ask for Mercy. Be Merciful. Completely Trust!
For more information about Fr. Faller, visit
REVEREND FR. JOSEPH “JOEY” FALLER was born in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines on June 19, 1964. He was ordained a priest at St. Ferdinand Cathedral in Lucena City
on September 9, 1989. He founded the Kamay ni Hesus (Hand of Jesus) ministry foundation in 1998. In 2001 he was elected chairman of the National Service Committee of the
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Philippines. In June 2002 he decided to devote his time and service in the Healing Ministry using to its fullest his God-given gif
of healing. Tousands of people have come forward giving testimony of their personal healing experience received from the gifed hands of Fr. Joey Faller. While we all know that
it is Jesus who is truly our Divine Physician, we also know HE freely uses people here on earth to be instruments of healing as he did with his apostles and disciples. To manifest
HIS infnite love and unfathomable mercy. Let us all gather in faith and trust in HIS merciful love. -- Zarina Cruz, Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California
Voluntary love oferings will be very much appreciated.
July 21, 2014 Monday 7:00 P.M.
637 S. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Sheilah Faller (213) 284-6687
July 22, 2014 Tuesday 6:30 P.M.
1241 Corning Street, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Ging Mangaliman (213) 453-2595
July 24, 2014 Tursday 7:30 P.M.
18708 Clarkdale Avenue, Artesia, CA 90701
Ronnie Espinoza (562) 688-1921
July 25, 2014 Friday 7:00 P.M.
21900 S. Main Street, Carson CA 90745
Bridgette Nini (310) 528-6184
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Pope Francis was represented by
Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo,
chancellor of the Pontifcal Academy of
Sciences and Social Sciences. Present
too were Mahmoud Azab, on behalf of
the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Egypt,
Rev. Sir John Moxon, on behalf of the
Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most
Reverend Justin Welby, and Andrew
Forrest, founder of the Walk Free Foun-
dation. It is an important undertaking
and a major change in church policy and
practice. In the past, it was generally
ignored, now it is taking center stage.
This modern form of slavery comes as
bonded labor where people are enslaved
to pay a debt, or pressured and threat-
ened if they don't work as unpaid labor
and worst, traffcked into sex slavery.
The International Labour Organization
estimates that women and girls represent
the largest share of forced labor victims
with 11.4 million traffcked victims
(55 percent) compared to 9.5 million
(45 percent) men. Most of the girls and
women are forced into sex bars and
clubs and brothels that are operated with
local government permits in the Philip-
pines and elsewhere.
Thousands of young teenage children,
mostly girls are lured away from their
families and villages with offers of fne
jobs and are sold into brothels from
where they have no escape. There is an
estimated 25 million people in slavery
today, an illegal business that generates
as much as US$34 billion a year. It is
estimated that US$15 billion is gener-
ated in the developed countries.
The traffcking of children and rape
even in a police station is shocking but
all too frequent. Take the case of the
latest child victim at the Preda center
for abused children. Jezebel was only
13 years old when her stepfather tried
to rape her but she was quick and agile
enough to escape his clutches and ran
away. She found a job in a store in Li-
may, Bataan but was accused of stealing
and was brought to the Limay police
There, after a while, she was forced
into an empty cell by a prisoner trustee
and was raped. The police offcer on
duty saw her being raped and ignored it.
Some days later, Jezebel with her
trusted aunt, went back to the police
station to fle a charge of rape but the
female police offcer did not give them
a certifcate to have a medico-legal
examination and they were advised
to forget it. A case was fled but after
several months, the prosecutor in Bal-
anga, Bataan has not acted on it. That’s
the state of justice and the Church and
human rights advocates ought to take up
this case and go write to the media, the
Secretary of Justice and the Secretary
of Interior and Local Government about
this case.
The Vatican press statement under-
lined just how important this move is
where millions of children are raped
every year like Jezebel. According to
the Joint Statement, "Modern slavery
and human traffcking are crimes against
The physical, economic, and sexual
exploitation of men, women and chil-
dren condemns 30 million people to
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Laughing Matter
Read previous articles by visiting our website at www.asian-
Food for Thought
Read previous articles by visiting our website at www.asian-
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
Eternal Father, I ofer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
the whole world.
On the Hail Mary beads say:
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
on us and on the whole world.
In conclusion say three times:
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
Devotion to the Precious Blood
The month of July is dedicated
to the Precious Blood.
Part 3: Consecration
(Continued from last week)
This is the Devotion to the Precious
Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ as given
by Our Lord and Our Lady and a mul-
titude of angels and saints to a nearly
illiterate Nigerian teenage boy, Barnabas
Nwoye, in the village of Olo, Enugu
State, Nigeria, from 1995 - 2003. Our
Lord told young Barnabas this is the
greatest devotion He has ever given the
Church and the last one He will give in
this age. This is the ark that will protect
and bring the Holy Catholic Church, the
remnant faithful and all those you love
and pray for safely through the bitter tri-
als of the coming chastisement and into
the promised Era of Peace.
There are three main parts to this
The Daily Devotion - The minimum
daily prayers for a devotee are:
One Mystery of the Rosary •
(Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful or
Chaplet of the Precious Blood •
Litany of the Precious Blood •
Consecration to the Precious •
Any other prayers from the Full Daily
Devotion that you can add into your
day without neglecting your duties to
your family or work. (see list at http://
Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance
in fnding the proper balance of prayer,
work and family commitment for your
particular situation in life. Begin to
discard frivolous activities and replace
them with silence and prayer. The wise
advice of a competent spiritual director
is a great blessing for anyone who de-
sires to reach a higher state of perfection
in this life and is strongly recommended.
Conscious, merciful Savior, of my
nothingness and of Thy sublimity, I cast
myself at Thy feet and thank Thee for
the many proofs of Thy grace shown
unto me, Thy ungrateful creature. I
thank Thee especially for deliver-
ing me by Thy Precious Blood from
the destructive power of Satan. In the
presence of my dear Mother Mary,
my guardian angel, my patron saint,
and of the whole company of heaven,
I dedicate myself voluntarily with a
sincere heart, O dearest Jesus, to Thy
Precious Blood, by which Thou hast
redeemed the world from sin, death
and hell. I promise Thee, with the help
of Thy grace and to the utmost of my
strength to stir up and foster devotion
to Thy Precious Blood, the price of our
redemption, so that Thy adorable Blood
may be honored and glorifed by all. In
this way, I wish to make reparation for
my disloyalty towards Thy Precious
Blood of love, and to make satisfaction
to Thee for the many profanations which
men commit against that precious price
of their salvation. O would that my own
sins, my coldness, and all the acts of
disrespect I have ever committed against
Thee, O Holy Precious Blood, could be
undone. Behold, O dearest Jesus, I offer
to Thee the love, honor and adoration,
which Thy most Holy Mother, Thy
faithful disciples and all the saints have
offered to Thy Precious Blood. I ask
Thee to forget my earlier faithlessness
and coldness, and to forgive all who
offend Thee. Sprinkle me, O Divine
Savior, and all men with Thy Precious
Blood, so that we, O Crucifed Love,
may love Thee from now on with all our
hearts, and worthily honor the price of
our salvation. Amen.
We fy to thy patronage, O holy
Mother of God; despise not our petitions
in our necessities, but deliver us always
from all dangers, O glorious and blessed
Virgin. Amen.
For All Benefactors of this Devotion
Our Father*…Hail Mary*…Glory Be*…
Prayer to Vanquish Satan and his
Agents (5 July 1998)
“My children, I drink this cup for your
sake . . . rejoice that you are called to
this great devotion . . . There is no need
for you to fear those numerous popula-
tions of the enemy. Children, simply
offer the wounds, pains and blood of
My left hand for their downfall; you will
see them disappear like ashes...I assure
you, many kingdoms of the enemy will
disappear in the twinkle of an eye. Pray
it and teach it to all men. My Precious
Blood will save.”
All you great numerous enemies; the
enemy of the holy death of my Master
Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary;
the prince of darkness and iniquity, the
father of all liars; I stand on the death
of my Master Jesus Christ and offer His
pains, wounds, and the Precious Blood
of His left hand to the Eternal Father
for your downfall, your destruction and
your scourging. Amen. Precious Blood
of my Master Jesus Christ - reign in me
and in the lives of all men. Amen.
Prayer for the Protection and Unity
of the Flock (6 July 1998)
“With love I offered...the Precious
Blood from my sacred feet...for the
unity of My Church.I mean all who call
on my name. As the nail held my feet
together, so it held all my people to be-
come one. My children, whenever you
say this prayer you are making the hour
of My Kingdom on earth come sooner.
Through this prayer, My Father will
let it come down soon; the hour of the
Second Pentecost when My prayer will
be fulflled that all shall be one... All
who carry out this devotion will rejoice
greatly when My Kingdom comes. I will
protect them always.”
Eternal Father, I offer You all the
wounds, pains, and the Precious Blood
from the sacred feet of Your Son, Our
Lord and Master, for all Your children
who are wandering like sheep without a
shepherd in this terrifying forest. Protect
them against wild predators and give
them peace that they might be one and
united in the same way as the nail held
fast the feet of my Master and Savior,
Jesus Christ. Amen. Precious Blood of
Jesus Christ - reign forever. Amen.
Prayer for Refuge in the Sacred
Side of Jesus Christ (7 July 1998)
“My children, this era is that of dark-
ness. The prince of darkness is ruling
the earth. All who belong to the light
will suffer great attacks from the enemy
. . . this hour is exactly the mirror of the
hour of the day I was crucifed . . . My
children, these evil days will swallow
many souls. That is why I teach this
mysterious prayer to you in order that
you all might be saved. My Sacred Side
is open for all men. Pray it and make
it known to all men. All who teach this
prayer to others will be protected. I love
you all. Run for your lives.”
O loving Father, God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob, Who protected the
Israelites of old in His holy wings in
the dryness of the cold and hot desert;
I offer You the holy death of my Master
and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the protec-
tion of Your people who are scattered
all over the world. May the Blood and
water wash and strengthen, save and
cleanse us that we might fnd home in
the Sacred Side of Your Son which opens
for all men. Amen. Sacred Side of Jesus
Christ - be our home for safety. Amen.
Prayer for Release from Ancestral
Curses (8 July 1998)
“All who are under curses and con-
stantly say this prayer shall be free from
their curses. Any family that is suffering
from the curse of sins made by their
forefathers and makes a 144 day novena
through this prayer, will be freed. All
who break a covenant and are supposed
to die shall be saved and also be re-
leased from their curse if they constantly
say this prayer and repent. My children,
how terrible will it be to fall into God’s
anger! Turn from your sins and live. I
love you all. Be healed.”
Eternal Father, You are the only Im-
mortal God, God Who is love, merciful
and kind. Look at Your only-begotten
Son, Jesus Christ, and have mercy. I
offer You the pains of His scourging at
the pillar, His wounds and blood, for all
Your people who are under the weight of
the curse due to the sins of their ances-
tors and their disobedience for breaking
the covenant they made with You. May
You set us free through the scourging of
Your Son, heal us through His wounds
and save us through His Precious Blood.
Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ -
release us from curses. Holy wounds of
Jesus Christ - heal our wounds. By Your
scourging - seal us. Amen.
Prayer for the Sustenance of the
Faith(9 July 1998)
“Many will betray me. I mean those
who eat with Me from the same plate
and drink with Me from one cup will
hand Me over to those that will crucify
Me. Listen well, My children, and medi-
tate on these words. For how terrible
it will be for those who will deny Me,
who loves them . . . When I was about
to leave My people on earth, My agony
grew greater when I remembered their
unfaithfulness. I also remembered the
period that is coming is terrible and fear-
ful; that many will betray me like Judas
while others will deny that they know
me...Children, pray this prayer always
for faith and make it known to the whole
world before the perilous era comes in
full force. If you have little faith, even
as small as a mustard seed, you will
overcome this period. This mysterious
prayer is powerful. Teach it to the whole
world. I love you all.”
Omnipotent and Omniscient God,
God of Elijah and the prophets, look at
the Sacred Head of Your only-begotten
Son and have mercy. Arise and save
Your people. I offer You all the shame,
the pains, the wounds and the Precious
Blood from the Sacred Head of Your
Son for all Your children who are living
in these perilous times. Strengthen our
faith through the mockery of Your Son,
Jesus Christ, and save us through the
Precious Blood from His Sacred Head.
May we, through the sufferings of Your
Son, Jesus Christ, learn to suffer in You
and die in You. Amen. Holy tortures of
Jesus Christ - increase our faith. Amen.
Prayer for the Manifestation of the
Divine Will (10 July 1998)
“My children, the fght between
you and the adversary is coming to its
climax now . . . With great determina-
tion they have shut a large number of
My children down . . . My agony...
grew worse and worse when I entered
Gethsemane. I looked at my people and
saw that they were asleep while their
enemy was fast approaching and gaining
ground . . . My Agonizing Heart broke
(out) with these words . . . “Why are
you sleeping? Can’t you watch with Me
even one hour? Pray that you will not
fall into temptation.” When I knelt down
again in prayer the burden of My death
weighed Me down. Before I thought
about it, I said, “Father, take this cup
away from Me, but not My Will, rather,
Yours be done.” That hour was the hour
of My greatest temptation which might
have hindered me from fulflling the
Will of My Father. Finally, I looked up
and prayed to My Father thus...make it
known to the whole world for the reign
of My Father on earth . . . I say, these
are my mysterious prayers. They are
very powerful.”
Eternal Father, You are the creator
and author of life. You love the world
You made. That is why You sent Your
only-begotten Son to come for its
redemption, so that Your Kingdom will
come. Look upon Your Son and rise up
on Your throne. Raise Your right hand
and save Your people. I offer all the
suffering, pains, and death of Your only-
begotten Son Whom You love, for Your
triumph and Your reign on earth. May
You, through the Precious Blood of Your
Son, make a new covenant and bring all
Your children back to Your Holy Will.
Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
- reign forever. Agonizing Jesus Christ -
Thy Kingdom come. Amen.
Prayer for Endurance through the
Coming Chastisement (13 July 1998)
“My children, pray that this period
you are living in now will be shortened.
Pray also that your faith will not fail.
Be on your guard. Be alert and watch
always...Many will give up their faith at
the last minute when everything is about
to pass . . . This period will suddenly
catch up with many people because they
are not prepared . . . How many of you
will fght and drive back My adversary,
conquer, and bring the captives home?...
My children, learn this prayer and pray
it always especially during the hour of
trials...When My people rejected Me
and condemned Me and said, “Crucify
Him! Crucify Him!” I looked up to
heaven and prayed to My Father and
Merciful and loving Father, Your wish
is that all men shall be saved. Kindly
look on Your rejected and condemned
Son Who suffered many tortures and
will suffer many through the sins of Your
people. Look and see what sin has done
to your only-begotten Son. I offer for
all Your people who are living in these
ungodly and wicked days, all the tor-
tures, pains, rejection and shame of your
Son, Jesus Christ, to You, for the faith
to withstand trials and patience to with-
stand long torture. May they through the
suffering of Your only Son, fght to the
end. Amen. Our Lord’s torture - increase
our faith. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
- save us. Amen.
Prayer for Fallen Sheep and Against
a Fall in Faith (22 July 1998)
“I envisaged constant abandonment
of faith in my people and how they will
constantly reject their God and crucify
Me daily. The pains grew in intensity
when I saw how hard it will be for them
to return...Many there were who would
stop on the way because they thought
the way was too hard and long ...How
large the number of My people who
will lose hope and fall...I say to you,
My children, wake up and stand frm!
During My fall, I remembered all these
things and offered them to My Father
through this prayer... Through it, My
Father will pour on you all the needed
graces to endure until the end. All who
pray it devotedly will possess the full-
ness of the Holy Spirit and learn to be
obedient and humble.”
Eternal and loving Father, look kindly
on Your only-begotten Son. See the
heavy Cross prepared for Your only Son
and have mercy on Your people. I offer
to You all the pains, suffering, and Pre-
cious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ,
Emmanuel, for all Your people who have
abandoned their faith and will abandon
their faith in the mountainous hills and
deep valleys of this world. May they,
through the falling of Your Son under
the Cross, have strength to rise again
and stand frm in the true faith. Through
the ocean of His Precious Blood dumped
under the Cross on the streets of Jeru-
salem strengthen all who are eager to
do Your Will. Amen. Precious Blood of
Jesus Christ - strengthen our weakened
souls. Amen.
Prayer for the Reign of Glory on
Earth (27 July 1998)
“Children, live the life of your conse-
cration now. You will learn much from
Me . . . you will go safely in the hour
that is coming . . . you will know when,
who, and what to do . . . The manifesta-
tion of the Red Dragon and the antichrist
in this last hour of this age pierced My
Heart greatly during My ministry on
earth and even more when I was about
to breathe My last on the Cross.
As I hung on the Cross, I envisaged
the proud Dragon. It boasted to reign on
earth forever . . . I silently offered My
Father this prayer for the downfall of
the enemy of the Cross...My children,
through this prayer the antichrist and the
Red Dragon and his agents will have a
short hour of reign on earth. The more
you pray, the shorter the hour of their
reign on earth.”
O loving and merciful Father. You are
all knowledgeable and all-powerful.
Oh Alpha! Oh Omega! Creator of all
things. You are eternal, Father. Father,
why are you forsaking me? Look kindly
on Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ,
Who came to save your people and
bring Your Kingdom down on earth. I
offer You all the agonies, tortures, pains,
and Precious Blood of Your only Son,
Jesus Christ, for the defeat of all the
enemies of the Holy Cross of salvation;
the antichrist and the Red Dragon who
are fghting or will fght against the
truth now and in the end of the age. May
they, through the Precious Blood of Our
Redeemer and His last breath on earth,
disappear like foam exposed under the
sun, so that Your Kingdom will quickly
come on earth. Amen. Precious Blood
of Jesus Christ - Thy Kingdom come.
Prayer Against the Sins of the Flesh
(28 July 1998)
“Pray much for My youth . . . many
will be lost due to (this) sin . . . I was
naked in the sight of all men so that you
shall defeat and kill the desires of the
fesh which lead to this sin of fornication
and adultery. Children, My adversary
used this sin to claim all men to him-
self...Any sinner who constantly prays
this prayer will gain true repentance...
The more you pray it, the more (souls)
will return to me and leave fornication
and adultery. Many people will be lost
due to the sins of the fesh. Work hard to
save souls...”
Holy and merciful Father, Your only-
begotten Son is standing naked in the
sight of all men, so that Your people will
know and fear Your holy law. Accept my
humble prayer for all Your people who
are living under iniquity, fornication
and adultery, that through all the shame
and disgrace of Your only-begotten Son,
You will touch their lives for repen-
tance and save them. May they, through
the Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus
Christ, which I plead to fall on their
hearts, gain repentance and be saved.
Through His shame make them bold for
repentance. Amen.
Prayer for the Baptism of Aborted
Babies (29 July 1998)
“Today the blood of innocent children
has flled heaven. Their number is too
great, too great . . . the wrath of the Eter-
nal Father is about to fall on mankind...
Their blood disturbs My Agonizing
Heart and increases My agony...Through
this prayer, large numbers of innocent
unborn babies will be saved. Pray it
daily and make it known to the world.
Anyone who teaches it will not be lost.
Innocent souls in heaven will not let
them become lost. I, with My Love and
Mercy, will protect them from falling
into mortal sin.”
Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal.
In Your ocean of love, You saved the
world through Your only-begotten Son,
Jesus Christ. Now look at Your only Son
on the Cross Who is constantly bleed-
ing for love of His people, and forgive
Your world. Purify and baptize aborted
children with the Precious Blood and
water from the Sacred Side of Your Son,
Jesus Christ, Who hung dead on the
Cross for their salvation; in the Name
of the Father, and of the Son, and of the
Holy Spirit. May they, through the holy
death of Jesus Christ, gain everlast-
ing life, through His wounds be healed
and through His Precious Blood be
freed. There to rejoice with the saints in
heaven. Amen.
Prayer For The Control Of The Tongue
Dear Holy Spirit, My God. Teach me
to speak wisely.
Let me avoid useless thoughts and
useless conversations. Help me to speak
often for You. Grant that my words
may never hurt men of goodwill. May
My words always bring consolation to
those in sorrow and guidance to those
in need. Take my lips and make them
Yours. Take possession of my mind and
make it an instrument of Your goodness
and a channel of truth. I hope to become
a man of silence, who prefers to talk to
God then to men. In my human conver-
sation, may I always bring them closer
to You and You closer to them. I ask this
through Christ Our Lord. Amen
Our Father* . . . Hail Mary* . . .
Glory Be*
-- Link: http://www.preciousbloodin-
Qualities to pass on to your children
“Stick with it, regardless.”
“Speak and live the truth -- always.”
“Be dependable, be trustworthy.”
“Think of others before yourself.”
“Don’t tell secrets. Seal your lips.”
“Be on time.”
“When uner stress, stay calm.”
“Fight irritability. Be willing to wait.”
“Reject anything that lowers your
“When another hurts, feel it with him”
“Work hard. Tough it out.”
--- Charles R. Swindoll
A man drinks a shot of whiskey every
night before bed. After years of this, the
wife wants him to quit. She gets two
shot glasses, flls one with water and
the other with whiskey. After bringing
him to the table that has the glasses, she
brings his bait box.
She says, "I want you to see this."
She puts a worm in the water, and it
swims around. She puts a worm in the
whiskey, and the worm dies immedi-
She then says, feeling that she has
made her point clear, "What do you
have to say about this experiment?"
He responds by saying, "If I drink
whiskey, I won't get worms!" -- Laugh-
Shot of Whiskey
.Members Club Winchester
.Located in Winchester, CA (Riverside)
.4 Bed Adult Residential Facility
.Serving 4 Individuals with Developmental
.Serving 4 Male Adults
Caregiver Openings
.Live In
.Full time
Need Livescan Fingerprint Clearance
Household maintenance, cooking, linens,
consumer notes and organization
Call: Jay Walters 714 553 2833
Page 15 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at July 25-31, 2014
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The judging panel is comprised of
three internationally recognized b-boys
who have won major breakdance com-
petitions around the world. The judges
Chem is a New York-based breaker
and stuntman who has won numerous
championships including Sweden’s Star
Jam and Montreal’s Born to Serve.
Zeshen is a member of Havikoro, a
dance crew from Austin, TX who has
won top honors at Massive Monkee Day
(Footwork) and Out For Fame Texas
(Footwork Champion and MVP).
Whorah is the founder of the Beast
Coast dance crew and championship
winner at this year’s Miami Pro-AM
B-Boy Battle.
Host and Musical Guest
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and
raised in Los Angeles, Dumbfoundead
is a Korean American rapper who has
made a name for himself in the hip
hop community by winning numerous
rap battles. Dumbfoundead is also a
well-known YouTube personality whose
music videos have been viewed over 40
million times and has collaborated with
well-known artists such as Jay Park,
Epik High, Jin, and Clara C. Currently,
he is the co-host for the popular Mnet
program, Danny From LA.
“I’m honored to take part in such a
groundbreaking competition that not
only features some of today’s best
dance crews but also benefts a terrifc
charity like Ronald McDonald House,”
said Dumbfoundead. “This is going to
be a very special event for everyone
“McDonald’s is very proud to present
a dynamic showcase for some of the
best dance crews in the country,” stated
Josh Kaufman, a McDonald’s New
York Tri-State Area owner/operator who
was instrumental in the development
of McDonald’s B-Boy Royale. “With
the help of the b-boy community, we’re
hoping to create the premier breakdance
competition in New York.”
Additional sponsors for McDonald’s
B-Boy Royale include Mnet and Coca-
About McDonald’s New York Tri-
State Restaurants
McDonald’s is the world’s best-
known brand and is the global leader
in food service. There are more than
600 McDonald’s restaurants, owned by
100 franchisees, located throughout the
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
Tri-State area. Visit www.mcdonaldsny- or follow us on Twitter @
McDNYTriState for more information
about other McDonald's area programs.
market positions in marketing and con-
sumer information, television and other
media measurement, online intelligence,
mobile measurement, trade shows and
related properties. Nielsen has a pres-
ence in 104 countries, with headquarters
in New York, USA and Diemen, the
Netherlands. For more information, visit
dehumanization and degradation. Every
day we let this tragic situation continue
is a grievous assault on our common
humanity and a shameful affront to the
consciences of all peoples. Any indiffer-
ence to those suffering and exploitation
must cease. We call to action all people
of faith and their leaders, all govern-
ments and people of goodwill, to join
the movement against modern slavery
and human traffcking and support the
Global Freedom Network."
This is such a serious and growing
problem that group action of protest and
demanding government to fght it, not
support it. That seems to be case at pres-
ent. We have to take a stand and speak
out. Silence can even be misunderstood
as consent. The faith that does not fow
over into action for justice is dead, says
Saint James. We cannot be the walking
dead, we need to be flled with the spirit
and have compassion and concern and
take action. Faith is at its highest point
when we become disciples of Jesus
and go imitate the good done by the
There is an important challenge to all
of us in this statement and initiative.
Taking action to save the victims of
abuse and exploitation is what Jesus of
Nazareth did and expect the same
from his followers. (shaycullen@preda.
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Read the digital edition on
Classifed Ads
Food Handler’s
“20+ Years Experience”
Been living in San Diego since 1977
Attorney is available daily on regular business days at the San Diego Office
*Member, California State Bar
Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court
Southern California and California Supreme Court
*Author,”How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa” as listed by
worldwide bookseller Bookstores
*Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immi-
gration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic
Diocese of San Diego
*Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City
Association, Inc., San Diego, California
*Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985),
Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and
Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984);
Bachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983);
Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979)
*Born in the Philippines (Cavite)
For your convenience, walk-ins accepted
especially between 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Business days Monday to Friday
We can accept the following on a Contingency Basis
• WORK DISCRIMINATION (Racial, Age, Gender, Disability)
240 Woodlawn Avenue, Suite 11, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Convenient location and plenty of free parking;
Near Chula Vista trolley station. Nagsasalita kami ng Tagalog
For free consultation
call (619) 203-5782
We can help you stop worrying about your legal problems.

Also Featuring:
Debt Negotiation
Bankruptcy Assistance
Loan Consolidation
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Case Study
and mention “Annual Golf Pass.”
The resort offers 517 hotel rooms and
suites, a full-service spa and salon, pool
and cabanas, A-list entertainment, more
than 100,000-square feet of fexible
event and meeting space, 11 restaurants,
plus extras like free WiFi, no resort
fees, complimentary concierge and valet
parking and 24-hour room service. The
resort also offers a dedicated group
sales, catering and banquet team to
handle any room blocks or events.
Extracurricular activities can always
be planned for meeting and function
attendees at Pechanga. One of the most
popular is providing golf outings or
even company golf tournaments at Jour-
ney at Pechanga. All details are handled
by the on-site tournament coordinator.
Other activities that can be planned for
attendees at Pechanga include private
dinners, poker tournaments, wine and
beer tasting tours at the nearby wineries
and breweries, spa t and salon treat-
ments, and Native American history
tours to select locations on the Pechanga
For more information or to make res-
ervations at Pechanga Resort & Casino,
please visit or call
(877) 711-2946. Pechanga Resort & Ca-
sino is located in Temecula, Calif. just
two minutes off Interstate 15, less than
one hour from San Diego and Ontario
International airports, and less than one
and one-half hours from Los Angeles
and Orange County.
detergent. Scrub frm produce such as
melons, watermelons with a clean brush
while you rinse it. Dry the produce with
a clean towel to further reduce con-
tamination. Seafood, meat and poultry
should not be rinsed as bacteria in these
raw juices can spread to other foods,
utensils and surfaces.
Separate foods that are ready to eat
from those that are raw or that otherwise
contain harmful microbes. This should
be done at every step from purchase to
Separate foods when shopping- Place
raw seafood, meat and poultry in plastic
bags and separate them from other
foods. Store them below ready-to-eat
foods in the refrigerator. Clean reusable
grocery bags regularly, i.e., canvas or
cloth bags in the washing machine and
plastic bags in soap and water.
Separate food when preparing &
serving food- Always use a clean cutting
board for fresh produce and a separate
one for raw seafood, meat and poultry.
Always use a clean plate to serve & eat
food. Never place cooked food back
on the same plate or cutting board that
previously held raw food.
Seafood, meat, poultry & egg dishes
should be cooked to the recommended
safe minimum internal temperature
to destroy harmful microbes. A food
thermometer should be used to ensure
that food is cooked safely. It should be
placed in the thickest part of the food,
not touching bone, fat or gristle. Follow
manufacturer’s instruction on amount of
time needed to measure the temperature
of food. See the Dietary Guidelines
2010 for the recommended temperatures
for cooking food.
When cooking using a microwave,
foods should be stirred, rotated, fipped
periodically to cook evenly. Microwave
ovens can cook unevenly and leave
“cold spots” where bacteria can survive.
Keep food at safe temperatures: Hold
cold foods at 40 degrees F or below.
Keep hot foods at 140 degrees F or
Foods are no longer safe to eat when
they have been in the danger zone of 40-
140 F for more than two hours.
To thaw frozen food do it in: a) the
refrigerator, 2) in cold water, in a leak
proof bag, changing the cold water ev-
ery 30 minutes, and c) in the microwave.
Never thaw food on the counter.
Keep refrigerator at 40 degrees F or
below; and freezer at 0 degrees F or
It is not always possible to tell
whether a food is safe by how it looks.
Harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites
do not always change the look or smell
of food. This makes it impossible for
us consumers to know whether a food
is contaminated. Eating raw or under-
cooked animal food products (eggs,
ground beef, milk & milk products,
and seafood) increases the risk of FBI.
Cooking foods to the safe internal tem-
perature is the best way to reduce food
Some individuals such as pregnant
women and their unborn child, young
children, older adults and individuals
with weakened immune systems are
more susceptible than the general public
to the effects of FBI. The outcomes for
these individuals can be severe or fatal.
They need to take special care to keep
foods safe and to not eat foods that
increase their risk of FBI.
They should constantly follow the
four principles of food safety.
The suggestions above are just a few
of the basic recommendations to ensure
that food is safe and to avoid food borne
illness. There are many more things that
we need to know and remember and we
can’t learn them all at one time. Thus, to
get more information and make sure the
facts stick in our minds, I suggest that
one should attend the Food Handler’s
workshop on August 2, 2014 to ask
questions and clarify items that are are
questionable to you. For Information
and to register, call Dina Ellorin at (619)
470-6024 H or cell (619) 559-6309 or
leave a message at the Center (619)
477-3392 or send email to dinaellorin@

1419 East 8th Street,
National City, CA 91950
Tel: (619) 477-3392
of opening the model homes, 100 percent
of the phase-one houses were sold. In the
second month, all phase two homes also sold
Not only does D.R. Horton offer a 100
percent ENERGY STAR qualifed fxtures
as standard in every home, Coyle is happy
to report that they also offer three “luxury”
ENERGY STAR qualifed upgrade options.
The standard package features polished
brass fxtures, while the “luxury” upgrades
offer fxture packages from the Serenity or
Brandywine families, all manufactured by
Sea Gull Lighting. All Sierra Valley Oaks
homebuyers visit D.R. Horton’s design
center to select their lighting fxtures. The
new homeowners are so pleased with the
Sierra Valley Oaks at a Glance
Price Range: $480,000 to $580,000
Description: 71 homes, 2,1900 to 3,300
square feet
Lighting: 100% ENERGY STAR quali-
fed fxtures standard in every home. Three
ENERGY STAR qualifed “Luxury” lighting
upgrade packages.
STAR qualifed lighting that a major-
ity have selected one of the higher priced,
“luxury” ENERGY STAR qualifed lighting
upgrade packages. For Coyle, “selling these
popular upgrades is a great proft opportu-
According to Coyle, the ENERGY STAR
Advanced Lighting Package has been such
a positive selling point for the Sierra Valley
Oaks homes that they are currently planning
to offer the ENERGY STAR ALP to buyers
in a number of future Northern California
Aquino’s Daang Matuwid promise calls
for political will to prevail in order to
deliver the government services our
people deserve, so we made sure that
17 years and 4 administrations later,
the whole Terminal 3 facility may be
enjoyed by the public within this term,”
Abaya said.
Takenaka’s $40 million contract,
which was signed in August last year,
involves the completion works for fight
information displays, computer termi-
nals, gate coordination, landing bridges,
and fre protection systems.
Several systems that do not affect full
airline operations, such as the building
maintenance system, will be completed
within the year.
Page 16 July 25-31, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
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Housing and Real Estate
by Jill Fehrenbacher, Reprinted
Lighting is one of the most critical—
and most visceral—qualities of an in-
door space, and the difference between
good and bad lighting can make or break
comfort, mood and overall happiness
in your home. Exposure to natural light
affects your immune system as well
as your circadian rhythms, sleep cycle
and hormones, and studies have linked
lack of sunlight to depression (S.A.D),
immune problems, diabetes and cancer.
According to researcher and director of
SUNAC (Sunlight, Nutrition and Health
Research Center) William B. Grant,
“over 20,000 Americans die prematurely
annually from insuffcient UVB/vita-
min D, and half of those with multiple
sclerosis in the U.S. would not have MS
if they had had more UVB exposure.
Lighting, lights, lamps, sunlight,
sunshine, skylight, skylights, illumina-
tion, LED, LED lighting, LED lamps,
refection, paint, VOC, circadian, circa-
dian rhythms, Vitamin D, cancer, health,
well-being, wellbeing
Energy Effciency and Good Health
Considering all of this, its frustrating
that the building industry for the past 50
years has been primarily concerned with
the energy element of artifcial light-
ing, rather than human health concerns.
Refecting this industry bias, the LEED
certifcation system doesn’t spend a lot
of time on lighting. What is covered by
LEED-H in regards to lighting can be
summed up in this one sentence:
If you utilize energy effcient fxtures
OR employ an Energy Star advanced
lighting package, you can earn LEED
points for your home.
Here at Inhabitat, we consider light-
ing to be a hugely important element
of sustainable building design. We
consider “sustainable design” to include
consideration of ergonomics, human
health and comfort in addition to energy
consumption. Because of this, we would
like to expand on the LEED lighting cri-
teria and explain how you can fnd the
most sustainable, beautiful and healthy
lighting options for your home.
We all care about our health, and
we all want to lower our energy bills.
Fortunately, most of the tactics you can
employ to decrease energy consumption
can make your life healthier, too. Here
are some simple steps to leading a long
and energy-effcient life:
Lighting, lights, lamps, sunlight,
sunshine, skylight, skylights, illumina-
tion, LED, LED lighting, LED lamps,
refection, paint, VOC, circadian, circa-
dian rhythms, Vitamin D, cancer, health,
well-being, wellbeing
Change Your Bulbs
This is one change that is easy to
implement and can draw cash returns
immediately. Replacing a 100-watt
incandescent with a 32-watt Compact
Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL) can save
you at least $30 in energy costs over the
life of the bulb, AND, if every house-
hold in the U.S. replaced one light bulb
with a CFL, it would prevent enough
pollution to equal removing one million
cars from the road. How’s that for a win-
win situation? CFLs provide high-quali-
ty light without the heat of incandescent
bulbs, and they use much less energy
and last up to 10 times longer. If you
like this idea, consider taking Energy’s
Star Change a Light Pledge >
Also, consider investing in an Energy
Star lighting upgrade.
Your wallet with thank you for it in a
year’s time.
LED it Out
The simplest fx you can make right
now to your existing incandescent
lights is to switch them to CFLs. That
said, there are plenty of other lighting
technologies out there as well, the most
promising of which for the future seems
to be LEDs (Light-emitting Diodes).
LEDs don’t heat up like incandescents,
and they last longer and are more energy
effcient than both traditional bulbs and
Lighting, lights, lamps, sunlight,
sunshine, skylight, skylights, illumina-
tion, LED, LED lighting, LED lamps,
refection, paint, VOC, circadian, circa-
dian rhythms, Vitamin D, cancer, health,
well-being, wellbeing
Make Use of Natural Light as Much
as Possible
CFLs and energy-effcient lighting are
all well and good, but why use artifcial
light at all when we all have access to
a free, bright, renewable source of light
in the sky? Of course, we need artif-
cial light to function at night, but if our
houses were well conceived and well
designed in the frst place, we would
all have access to copious amounts
of natural light through well-placed
windows, skylights and translucent
wall panels. Even without skylights
and bay windows, architects can make
light refect deep into an interior space
through strategic design and placement
of windows. If we all had proper sources
of natural light, we would spend a lot
less on our energy bills and lead happier
and healthier (and more circadianly-
attuned) lives.
That would be the ideal scenario, but
we recognize that in the real world, most
of us move into a place and never get a
lot of say in its design. (I personally live
in New York City and I’ve never seen a
Manhattan apartment that gets enough
natural daylight.) If you’re living in the
dark, don’t fret: there are a lot of things
you can do to bring more natural light
into your space:
Lighting, lights, lamps, sunlight,
sunshine, skylight, skylights, illumina-
tion, LED, LED lighting, LED lamps,
refection, paint, VOC, circadian, circa-
dian rhythms, Vitamin D, cancer, health,
well-being, wellbeing
Add a Window or Skylight
You may not have the option to
renovate, but if you do, now is a perfect
time to take it. There are a lot of great
translucent insulating building products
coming on to the market which will
allow you to let light into your home
without letting heat in (or out); a typical
concern with skylights and large win-
dows of the past.
Refect on Refection
You can maximize the light in a given
room by choosing light colors and re-
fective materials for your walls, ceiling
and foor. Light-colored and shiny foor-
ing options like linoleum or polished
wood can refect a lot of ambient light,
brightening up your space.Low-VOC
paints typically come in only light col-
ors, anyway, sparing the indoor air from
noxious gases. Mirrors on walls will
also refect light around and brighten
your space exponentially.
Finally, Don’t Be a Creature of the
This has nothing to do with building
design, but we thought we’d throw it in
for good measure. Maintaining erratic
sleep schedules and staying up late
every night not only require you to con-
sume a lot more lighting (and energy)
than is necessary, but it also messes with
your circadian rhythms / hormones,
and ultimately your health (see cancer
research studies for evidence).
(This is a personal plea to all you
crazy workaholic nocturnal types who
think nothing of staying up all night,
every night, as well as you profs who
make your interns and poor students do
the same!)
Lighting is one of the most critical—
and most visceral—qualities of an in-
door space, and the difference between
good and bad lighting can make or break
comfort, mood and overall happiness
in your home. Exposure to natural light
affects your immune system as well
as your circadian rhythms, sleep cycle
and hormones, and studies have linked
lack of sunlight to depression (S.A.D),
immune problems, diabetes and cancer.
According to researcher and director of
GREEN BUILDING 101: Environmentally Friendly Lighting
for Health and Well-Being
For D.R. Horton, entering the
extremely competitive Sacramento,
California market was challenging at
frst. But the national builder found
quick success through a simple strategy:
build the most energy effcient homes
in the area to differentiate from the
competition. Rich Coyle, the division
purchasing director, accomplished this
by partnering with ENERGY STAR to
include value added features like the
ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting
Package (ALP).
D.R. Horton was able to quickly attract
interested home buyers to its newest devel-
opment, Sierra Valley Oaks, by offering new
home buyers an “environmentally friendly”
package including the ENERGY STAR ALP
as a standard feature in all homes. Coyle
comments that buyers “immediately rec-
ognize ENERGY STAR,” and choose D.R.
Horton homes for their ENERGY STAR
features that lead to both energy savings and
environmental protection.
D.R. Horton promotes the ENERGY
STAR Advanced Lighting Package because
of increased proftability, quick home sales,
environmental protection, staying ahead of
the competition, and their commitment to
high quality products.
The Bottom Line Advantage
According to Coyle, the ENERGY STAR
Advanced Lighting Package has had a posi-
tive effect on the sales of the Sierra Valley
Oaks community. “We haven’t had to ‘sell’
the ENERGY STAR lighting to custom-
ers, the lights sell themselves!” remarks
Coyle. “The fxtures are very attractive and
the lighting quality is very good. Using the
Advanced Lighting Package is the right
thing to do for our customers, the environ-
ment, and our business. You can do the right
thing and make a proft.” Within three weeks
CASE STUDY: D.R. Horton Stays Ahead of
the Competition with ENERGY STAR®
An eco-friendly, passive energy use, one-story model by Blu Home
Sensors measure real time
soil moisture. | SAN DIEGO,
7/24/2014 -- Soil moisture sensors
(SMSs) measure soil moisture at the
root zone and regulate existing irrigation
timers, resulting in considerable water
savings when installed and used prop-
erly. A customized soil water content
threshold is set, allowing for dryer or
wetter soil conditions. SMSs function
similarly to rain sensors by bypassing
irrigation events under rainy conditions.
In addition, they measure soil moisture
at the root zone where they are more
effective at minimizing irrigation when
plants do not need additional water.
Soil Moisture Sensor
Benefts of SMSs include:
- reduced water consumption
- can be set to lower and upper thresh-
olds to maintain optimum soil moisture
saturation and minimize plant wilting
Soil Moisture Sensors Save Water
(Continued on page 6)
(Continued on page 9)
We can help you do your
part to save water. | SAN DIEGO,
7/24/2014 -- Being WaterSmart means
recognizing that San Diego is one of
only a handful of places in the country
where you can enjoy indoor-outdoor
living year round, and that you should
plant a water-effcient garden to do it
in. Being WaterSmart means spending
less on water and more on life, and it
means fnding new friends among the
gardeners you meet at the nursery and
the neighbors who ask about your new
Wondering how to get started? Here
are a few of the Water Authority's incen-
tives, programs and resources.
Rebates on Water Effcient Devices
Rebates for devices that improve
water use effciency on residential
properties are offered through SoCal
Water$mart. Funding is limited and
available on a frst-come, frst-served
basis. Available rebates include:
High-effciency clothes washers: $85
(an additional rebate may be available
SD Water Authority offers incentives
and programs for a watersmart lifestyle
(Continued on page 9)

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