Keep This Syllabus American Studies 100 Key Concepts in American Studies Catherine Carlstroem Office: Home phone

: 429-9548 This is the best way to reach me with anything time sensitive! Office Hours: and by appointment e-mail: Course Web Site: Reading List: All works available at The Literary Guillotine 204 Locust St. Santa Cruz. Course Reader: selected essays The Social Construction of Reality Berger and Luckman Benito Cereno and Bartleby the Scrivener Herman Melville M. Butterfly David Henry Hwang You also need a style manual or guide, such as Hacker’s A Pocket Style Manual, sticky notes (like Post- its) and a dictionary. In this seminar we will be reading, discussing, analyzing and writing about the texts above, as well as several films. American Studies 100 is designed for newcomers to the major, and restricted to majors in the field. It is divided into four units of varying length, each devoted to a topic of central importance in the major (the social construction of reality, race, gender, and modernism/postmodernism). Required reading is kept brief, though quite challenging, so that you may focus on careful analysis and devote concentrated attention to your writing assignments. Attendance and participation are required in this seminar; three absences are grounds for a failing grade or may lower your class standing. Please inform me right away if circumstances (illness, family emergencies, etc.) arise which make attendance difficult, so that we can work out a plan. As a writing intensive course we will focus on the ability to accurately, clearly and thoughtfully articulate ideas and arguments made in the texts, and form, support, and develop your own original analyses and arguments. You will write a large number of very short papers, and one longer one. We’ll go over the formats of these—precis, summaries, and applications—at length in class. Papers should be doublespaced in 12 point type, using a standard font like Times. Please get a large, sturdy folder/envelope to keep your written work in, and bring it with you when we meet in office hours. Be sure you backup all your work. Your final grade will be a cumulative, holistic one; individual papers will be evaluated but not given a summary letter grade, although they will clearly state if the paper is not passing or a marginal pass. Your grade is based on the quality and progress of your papers, both form and content, including the ambitiousness of the projects, (about 70%) and your preparation, participation and engagement in class discussions and activities (about 30%). After the mid-point of the quarter, I will be happy to discuss approximate grades if you so desire.

Calendar At A Glance

Monday 3/31 Introduction to the course& The Social Construction of Reality Wednesday 4/2 Berger and Luckman The Social Construction of Reality pp. 19-34 Friday 4/4 Practice Precis Due in class on either 19-28 or 28-34 Monday 4/7 Wednesday 4/9 Friday 4/11 Monday 4/14 Wednesday 4/16 Friday 4/18 Berger and Luckman pp. 34-41 Precis Due on these pages Berger and Luckman pp. 41- 52 Berger and Luckman 53-72 Berger and Luckman pp. 72-92 Précis Due Herman Melville Bartleby the Scrivener Application Due 2pp. Berger and Luckman pp. 92-116

Monday 4/21 Berger and Luckman pp. 116-128 Wednesday 4/23 Berger and Luckman Summary Due 2pp Friday 4/25 Eliot “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” Notes for application due 2 pp. Constructions of Race/ Gender Monday 4/28 Omi and Winant “Racial Formation” Reader Wednesday 4/30 Omi and Winant Precis Due Friday 5/2 Lipsitz “The Possessive Investment in Whiteness” Monday 5/5 Wednesday 5/7 Friday 5/9 Melville Benito Cereno Application Due 2-3 pp on Benito using Omi&Wynant; Lipsitz; Berger& Luckman Butler Gender Trouble:Feminism and the Subversion of Identity to p. 22

Monday 5/12 Butler & M. Butterfly Wednesday 5/14 M Butterfly Butler Summary (1page) & Application Due 2pp using two Race/Gender authors on the play. Modernism and Postmodernism Friday 5/16 Handout: Singal Monday 5/19 Wednesday 5/21 Friday 5/23 Monday 5/26 Wednesday 5/28 Friday 5/30 Monday 6/2 Wednesday 6/4 Friday 6/6 Harvey The Construction of Postmodernity Precis Due Frost “Design” ; Stevens “Anecdote of a Jar” & “The Snowman” No class Holiday (This week we will do an evening screening of American Splendor) Jameson Postmodernism, or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism Jameson Precis Due pp.TBA Jameson Jameson/Presentations Final Class/ Presentations: Final Applications Due on your chosen work 3-4pp

Assignments: Berger & Luckman 4 weeks: Precis: 1 practice/ 1 turned in Group Precis 1page Application to Bartleby 2pp Summary of B&L 2 pp Application to poem 2pp Race 2 weeks: 2 Precis 1 Application Benito

Gender 1 week ????Summary Application Modernism/Postmodernism 3 weeks 2 Precis, 1 Application Due

2008 Assignments: Berger & Luckman 4 weeks: Precis: 1 practice/ 1 turned in Application to Bartleby 2pp Summary of B&L 2 pp Application to poem 2pp Race 2 weeks: 2 Precis 1 Application Benito

Gender 1 week Summary Group Application (M Butterfly) 1page Modernism/Postmodernism 3 weeks 2 Precis, 1 Application Due