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Atam Khojee Ji

Autobiography of Atam Khojee Ji who was guided to God by Baba Jis blessings

You can listen to his blessed kirtan in Baba jis sangat in 2003 here.

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Atam Khojee Ji
(Atam Khojee Soul Searcher)


About the writer:

No words can describe this extremely enlightened, spiritually and eternally elevated soul, no words can
describe his unlimited contribution to the spiritual world, to the Shri Sangat at various places around the
globe including the Sangat of USA. We have been eternally blessed with the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa of Dhan
Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar and Dhan Dhan Baba Ji and His Gurparsadi Gursangat to introduce this
eternally blessed soul to the Gursangat around the Globe, we are very deeply indebted to Dhan Dhan Paar
Braham Parmesar and Dhan Dhan Baba Ji for providing this honor to us who is nothing and is just a
worthless creature on the face of this earth. We have been associated with this divine soul since 1988 and
we have always regarded and respected him as our mentor and spiritual guide. He is the one who very
kindly introduced us to Baba Ji - Puran Sant Satguru and Puran Braham Gyani and got us involved in the
Gurparsadi Game. We will never forget him and his entire family for this act of extreme kindness to us, he
is the one who put us on the path to Sach Khand by bringing us to the Gurparsadi Sangat of Baba Ji. Our
head will always remain on his honorable feet - Shree Charans. We have no words to express our gratitude
to Dargahi Hazoori Raagi (as described by Baba Ji) Atam Khojee Ji for his unlimited kindness to share
these divine experiences with the Gursangat around the globe, for his complete and full commitment to
Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar, Dhan Dhan Baba Ji and His Gursangat, to Dhan Dhan Dus Guru
Patshahian, to Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, to Dhan Dhan all the Sants and Bhagats, Braham
Gyanis of all the Ages to the Sangat around the world, and to the Sangat. His divine knowledge - Braham
Gyan is unquestionable, his commitment to disseminate this divine knowledge to the Gursangat is
unmatchable, his desire to turn this Dark Age of Kalyug to Satyug shows his commitment to divinity and
Almighty, his unlimited efforts to bring the masses around the world to the Gurparsadi Sangat is
unsurpassed, his love for the creation is unparallel, in true words he is eternally blessed to spread the
message of truth to every household and serve the truth to its highest order as eternally blessed with
Gurkirpa of Dhan Dhan Baba Ji and Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar. We are very pleased to introduce
this Idaho Atman - divine soul to the masses around the globe and will pray to the Almighty and Baba Ji
that everybody read his words that are full of divinity and whosoever read his spiritual achievements will
get motivated to become like him, and will work to become like him. In the end we will thank a zillion
times to Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar and Dhan Dhan Baba Ji for providing us an opportunity to
know about such an eternally enlightened soul and we take this moment to congratulate the Gursangat
around the world who are now going to listen to such a Mahan Atma.

Dassan Das

UJ JU H3 8lJ 3J HIJ H3 !
JI U UlUr lJ IlJ UH J3 !
"charan bha-ay sant bohithaa taray saagar jayt.
maarag paa-ay udiaan meh gur dasay bhayt".

The feet of the Saints are the boat, to cross over the world-ocean.
In the wilderness, the Guru places them on the Path, and reveals the
secrets of the Lord`s Mystery.

(SGGS 810, Guru Arjun Dev)

Prefatory Remarks & Clarifications:

1) My Longing: "Sanu chhupe rehan di chah chhupe tur jaan di".
My longing was to keep progressing silently on the spiritual journey and never disclose it to others. From
childhood we have been hearing that it is not a good idea to share your spiritual accomplishments with
others because that results in significant loss in the progress and accomplishments. But Almighty does not
like this act of not sharing.

2) This Written Work: This narrative of my spiritual journey is being presented with the blessings of
Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshar and Satguru. It is a humble effort to share the truth and sacrifice over
truth. Parbrahm Parmeshar has infinite love for the act of sharing the truth even if it involves a sacrifice.
Gyan Guru , Sri Guru Granth Sahib also reinforces the same thought.

"sachahu orai sabh ko upar sach aachaar"

Truth is higher than everything;
but higher still is truthful living.

(SGGS 62, Guru Nanak Dev)

3) Myself-The Servant of All: "Aapni karani kar narak hoon na paaun thaur", that is the level of my
capability. My deeds are of the lowest of the lowest (Att neech). If somebody slanders me, I treat it as a
decoration and like to wash my slanderer's feet with my beard. My praise is like sickness to me.

4) A Request: This work is being shared with the public at large, with the benevolent objective of
sharing the truth according to the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. If this work inspires a truth seeker to
get on the path of spirituality, some soul gets encouraged to seek Parbrahm Parmeshar, I will feel this
humble effort was worthwhile. Gurbani teaches:

=J JUJ 3l r= J"3 "3 H I !
"kaavahu kharchahu tot na aavai halat palat kai sangay"

No matter how much I eat and expend this wealth, it is not
exhausted; here and hereafter, it remains with me.

(SGGS496,Guru Arjun Dev)

Spiritual Journey (1959 - February 2000)

Ik-Onkar Sri Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh!

I had an inner attachment with the Guru-Ghar since my childhood. I used to spend time with Bhai Naurang
Singh, Granthi of our village Gurdwara and used to learn kirtan and memorize gurbani. In 1956 I joined
Indian Air Force. After completing the training, my first posting was at Ambala cantonment. During the
defense training I came across Bhai Tajinder Singh of Indian Air Force. Him and I started doing kirtan
every evening at the Ambala cantt M.E.S. Gurdwara and I got more and more attached to spirituality.
Once, I had an opportunity with Bhai Tajinder Singh to visit Bhai Atma Singh at his village Panjokhra
(near Ambala Cantt). Over there happened to meet Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh ji for the first time. I felt
a spiritual boost upon meeting Bhai Sahib. A few days later at the residence of S. Ram Singh Dhillon at
Ambala Cantt, an Akhand Paath was going to be performed by the Akhand Keertani jatha (led by Bhai
Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji). Bhai Tajinder Singh and myself joined place of Akhand Paath early in the
morning. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh ji was there accompanied by Bhai Bawa Singh, Bhai Jaan Sukhala Ji,
Thanedaar Santa Singh Ji, Nihang Narain Singh Ji and Bibi Daler Kaur Ji ( Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh
Ji's daughter).

All of us, out of respect, used to address Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji as "Bapu Ji". Bapu Ji asked me
to bring water from a well for making Karah Prasad. It did not suit well to Bapuji's companion Singh's
because I had a trimmed beard at that time. Sensing the hesitation, Bapuji again pointed to me and asked to
get water. Then one of the Singh's said " Bapuji this boy has a trimmed beard". Bapuji said, "He is fine as
is". I felt little discouraged looking at the behavior of amritdhari singhs', so did not do anything. Then
Bapuji said for the third time, "Go get water for the Degh". So I got up, took Bhai Jaan Sukhaala Ji along
with me and got on a rickshaw to get water from the well. On the way I noticed a sweet shop where the
Halwai was making really crisp and tempting Jalebi's. I stopped the rickshaw so I can go and eat Jalebi's.
Bhai Ji told me not to eat anything from the bazaar because Bapuji would be offended with that. On Bhaiji's
persistent opposition, I changed my mind and did not eat Jalebi's. When we came back we were received
by Bhai Bawa Singh ji at the gate, who was carrying a plate full of Jalebi's. I was told that all those Jalebi's
were mine to eat. Upon seeing this supernatural occurrence my belief in Bapuji got further strengthened.

Getting Amritdhari (Baptized): Every Dussehra, Akhand Kirtani jatha used to hold a Smagam at Delhi. My
wife and I both reached Delhi at the Smagam to get baptized. We had opportunity to listen to plentiful
kirtan during those seven days. On Sunday 4pm, we went to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib to get baptized.
Akhand kirtani jatha was arranging this baptizing ceremony. I presented myself before the Punj Pyara's.
Sant Jawala Singh Ji of Anandpur Klaut was amongst the Punj Pyara's. I had seen him during Ambala cantt
Kirtan and Naam Abhiaas smagams. Sant ji asked me "why are you here to take Amrit again". I told Sant ji
that I was there to take Amrit for the first time. Sant ji said, " Bhai, We have seen you in Naam Abhiaas
smagams at Ambala several times and in those smagams only Amritdhari's can participate. Your Naam
Abhiaas is typically in very high spirits". Eventually, I had to bring Bhai Tajinder Singh as my witness,
who assured the Punj Pyara's that I was taking Amrit for the first time. Here, it is important to mention that
due to Bhagti of previous lives, the Purbale Ankur were so strong that I used to have the bliss of Naam
Abhiaas in high spirits even before I got baptized.

Akal-Purakh came to listen the Kirtan: At the end of 1959 I got posted at Adampur Air Force Station. I was
staying at village Khurdpur with the family. Every Friday evening I used to do kirtan form 7- 11 to serve
the Sangat and Akal Purakh. We used to prepare Degh of Karah Prasad with great care and cleanliness,
take it to Gurduara and then Kirtan used to begin. One Friday, around 4 o'clock in the afternoon I was
going to Adampur to get material for the Karah Prasad. On the way I saw an old man with age
approximately eighty or so, sitting on a small bridge (Puli) with a walking stick in his hand. I greeted him
with a Fateh and asked him where was he going? Can I be of any help to you? He said he came from very
far, to listen to the Kirtan at Gurduara done by someone named Atam Khojee. I said please keep sitting on
this puli. I will give you a ride to the Gurdwara on my way back. I came back in about twenty minutes. The
old Singh was still sitting on the puli. I gave him ride on my bike. He said just take me to the Gurduara
where the kirtan happens. I invited to take him to my place for dinner and some rest but he declined. So, I
left him at the Gurduara. I came home, prepared degh, and went to Gurduara. The Kirtan started, old man
sat in a Samadhi and listened to the kirtan with great delight. Upon bhog the degh was served and sangat
went back to their homes. I looked for the old singh everywhere but he was not found. So, Parbrahm
himself came, did his miracle and left his sweet memory with me, which is unforgettable.

Parbrahm Parmeshar himself performed my Job one day: I used to work in the Flying Control Section at
the Adampur Air Force Station (India). For one week I was supposed to do the duty of section orderly. The
section orderly was supposed to get the keys from the guard-room, open the section in the morning and
close it in the evening and then deposit the keys in the guard room. On Saturday after closing the section I
was doing Naam Simran and in the process forgot to deposit the keys in the guard-room. Sunday used to be
the day off. My father in law and Bhai Daljeet Singh of Malwia Nagar, Delhi were visiting us at that
weekend. So the Sunday was spent with them. I was supposed to go to the job on Monday afternoon.
Around 9am Monday I was going to bazaar to buy something. I searched for my wallet in the uniform and
got shocked to find the section keys there. The planes were flying that day. I figured the new orderly must
have opened the section using the spare keys from the guard-room. Anyway, I abandoned the idea of going
to bazaar and straightway went to the Airport. I went to the guard-room first, greeted section in-charge K.
P. Singh and noticed that spare keys were still there in the guard room. Then, I went to the flying control
section. The second set of keys was hanging there on the board. Flight Sergeant B. P. Singh asked me what
was I up to? Did I want to get vacation leave or was there for some other reason. I told him I was there for
no particular reason. Then I went to see section commander, Squadron Leader Sandhu, in his office. I put
the keys on his desk and told him the whole story. Sandhu melted down, with tears in his eyes, he
approached me to touch my feet, which I avoided by stepping back. That is how Parbrahm saved me from
the "Charge of Negligence" and left me indebted forever.

"Supne aaya bhi gaiya, mein jal bhariya roey": In August, 1963 I got posted from Chandigarh to Barielly
Air Force station. In Barielly there were about sixty families belonging to Akhand Kirtani Jatha. All these
people were very devout gursikhs. They used to gather two mornings every week for Naam Abhiyaas and
used to do kirtan two evenings every week. They had been doing that for a number of years. So, I got the
great opportunity to avail their company. These days were very enjoyable, spirit was reaching higher levels
of elevation and bliss all the time. On a Wednesday evening, there was kirtan going on at the residence of
Bhai Mohinder Singh of Khalsa Bakery. Bibi Sawaran Kaur was singing the Shabad

H rlUr J| IlUr H" JlJr JlU !
"supnai aa-i-aa bhee ga-i-aa mai jal bhari-aa ro-ay"

In a dream, He came, and went away again; I cried in tears.

(SGGS 558, Guru Nanak Dev)

These lines of Gurbani were piercing my heart like arrows. After bhog all the people in the sangat went to
their homes. After the Kirtan sohila path, I prayed to Kalgidhar Patshah to give me his Darshan in dream so
I can embrace him and cry at will. In the night, it was around 1 am, Kalgidhar Patshah riding the Nila and
accompanied by five Singh's came to my home. He got off the horse and came to the door. Here, I got off
my bed and ran to the door. Patshah was outside the door and I was on the inside of the door. I embraced
Kalgidhar Patshah and kept crying for a while. Patshah kept caressing my head and gave me lot of
blessings such as "Mehar, Mehar, .., Sada Nihaal, .., etc"Upon hearing me crying, my wife woke up
and she shook me up. She said you been crying for a while. What is the matter? What kind of Bhagti is
this? Her shaking me up, disrupted my meditation and also the embrace and this wonderful meeting with
Kalgidhar Patshah. I wiped my eyes, the state of ecstacy remained for a few days.

H UJ| JU| IlJU | r U" ! HUJ J l8JlH3 l 8U" !
supnai oobhee bha-ee gahi-o kee na anchlaa.
sundar purakh biraajit paykh man banchlaa

In a dream, I was lifted up; why didn`t I grasp the hem of His Robe?
Gazing upon the Beautiful Lord relaxing there,
my mind was charmed and fascinated.

(SGGS 1362, Guru Arjan Dev)

HU 3 UJ JJ 3 U|r !
JlJJ HU| H3 83lU H| lU U|r !
"khoja-o taa kay charan kahhu kat paa-ee-ai. harihaan so-ee jatann
bataa-ay sakhee pari-o paa-ee-ai"

I am searching for His Feet - tell me, where can I find Him? O Lord!
Tell me how I can find my Beloved, O my companion.

(page 1362, Guru Arjan Dev)

As the time kept on rolling, many more occurrences and experiences happened. If I write all of them, it will
become a significant size like a book. These experiences I have shared here are for the sake of being of
service to others. All this has happened with the blessings of Parbrahm Parmeshar, otherwise, my own
deeds are not worthy of all this. My longing to meet Jyot Sarup (in the Light form) parbrahm was ever
increasing. All the time I kept praying

JU 3J| JU l3 rH J lJ 8 Il" "=lJI !
"ha-o tumree kara-o nit aas parabh mohi kab gal laavhigay"

I always place my hopes in You;
O God, when will you take me in Your Embrace?

(SGGS1321, Guru Ram Daas)

All the time I kept begging, `" Parbrahm, have mercy on me, please dwell in my heart and never leave". My
Nitnem kept increasing and eventually amounted to more than 15 baani's. In the early morning I used to Jap
GurMantar (Waheguru) and the day used to be spent reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib. By the grace of Guru,
I had the knowledge that the spiritual destination was still very far. So with these type of routines I spent
the time until February, 2000.

"Nanak Gur bin Mann kaa taak naa ugharey": Purey Satguru, Brahmgyani, Sat Ramdas, Sant, Sadh,
Harijan, Sada Suhagan and Khalsa are all titles for Mahapurash's. They are all alleviated from the cycle of
birth & death and reside in Sachkhand. They have the Anmolak Rattan (Satnaam) decorated in their Hirda.
They are complete with God's powers. They are independent and free from the bondages of religion, deeds
and society. They obey to the one and only one Parbrahm Parmeshar. They are impervious to the attack of
Maya. Nine Nidhi's (Treasures) and 18 Sidhi's (Supernatural Mental powers) are under their feet. Gurbani

U| U |r 35 8 r | 5 lUr !
"onHee dunee-aa torhay banDhnaa ann paanee thorhaa khaa-i-aa"

They burn away the bonds of the world, and eat a simple diet.

(SGGS 467, Guru Angad Dev)

8J lIr| HU lJ" ! HH H" lJ " r" !
"barahm gi-aanee sadaa nirlayp, jaisay jal meh kamal alayp."

The Brahmgyani (God-conscious being) is always detatched from the
worldly bonds. Just as the lotus in the water remains detached from
the mud and keeps its appearance pure.

(page 272, Guru Arjun Dev)

= l| rJJ lH| l "I|r lJlJ H JlJ lJJU HU =HlU !
"nav nidhee athaarah sidhee pichhai lagee-aa fireh jo har hirdai
sadaa vasaa-ay"

The nine treasures and the eighteen spiritual powers of the Siddhis
follow him, who keeps the Lord enshrined in his heart.

(SGGS 649, Guru Amar Daas)

All the prayers of spirituality seeker, done truthfully from the hirda, reach Parbrahm Parmeshar's Dargah.
Prabhu rewards those prayers with Worship of love (Prema Bhagti), and worship without desires
(Nishkaam Bhagti). Prabhu lets the spirituality seeker meet his Sat Raamdas. Sat Raamdas is a blesser of
salvation and the method of attainment (Mukti atey Jugti daa daata). They are Pragtyo Jyot's of Parbrahm.
These Brahmgyani's give you Gurparsadi Naam ( Jii Daan) and let you do your bhagti under their
supervision. This is all a Gurparsadi play (a play that happens with the blessings of Gur & Guru under the
one and only one Hukam). SGGS says:

H J UJJ lJ J| H JUJ| rU !
"janam maran duhhoo meh naahee jan par-upkaaree aa-ay" (SGGS 749,
Guru Arjun Dev)
Those generous, humble beings are above both birth and death.

H|r U U JI3| "lUl JlJ lHU "l l"U !
"jee-a daan day bhagtee laa-in har si-o lain milaa-ay" (SGGS 749,
Guru Arjun Dev)
They give the gift of the soul, and practice devotional worship;
they inspire others to meet the Lord.

8J lIr| l3 HIl3 H|r U3 ! 8 J lIr| J J l83 !
"barahm gi-aanee mukat jugat jee-a kaa daataa, barahm gi-aanee
pooran purakh biDhaataa".
The brahmgyani is the Giver of the way of liberation of the soul.
The brahmgyani is the Perfect Supreme Being, who orchestrates all.

Spiritual Journey (February 2000 - present)

"Purab Karam Ankur Jab Pragtey": First week of March 2000, I went to visit my daughter in Canada. After
dinner, during casual discussion, I came to know that some great soul comes to Dixie Guru Ghar to listen to
Asa di waar kirtan. So, next day, we went to Gurduara to meet this great soul. As we sat in the diwaan, I
noticed this great soul enjoying the kirtan in an ecstacy type state. After the bhog, he went to Langar hall
for partaking Langar. We also followed him to the Langar Hall. After the Langar, We greeted Baba Ji with
Fateh and sat in front of him. I told Baba Ji that I knew nothing about him and requested him to tell us
something about him. Then he stated he has attained three different types of Amrits: 1) Amrit of Khanda-
Baata, 2) Naam Amrit and, 3) Ik boond Amrit (Amrit contained in one divine drop). He further said that
after "Ik boond Amrit", Parbrahm had blessed him with Attal Padvi. The following line of SGGS came to
my mind:

U 8U IlJ rl3 U| 3 r" rJ r !
"ayk boond gur amrit deeno taa atal amar na mu-aa" (SGGS 749, Guru
Arjun Dev)
The Guru has blessed me with the Ambrosial drop of Nectar, and so I
have become immortal - I shall not die.

Then he made some more statements and really expressed all my internal questions. All these statements
started building my belief in him. From my Hirda, I was getting great vibes that this great soul is the one
who you been looking for and who is going to take you to great heights in spirituality. He is that
Brahmgyani, Sat Raamdas who is going to enable your union with the Parbrahm. After this, we started
going to Canada every month to have the sangat of this great soul. All the hurdles that I have been facing
on the path of spiritualty, he resolved and explained with lot of patience, in great detail. He explained every
point about the spirituality with unusual level of clarity. He taught us how to do Bandgi without desires.

Blessing of Karam khand: After only a few months of sangat, Baba ji blessed me and moved my spiritual
level from Dharam Khand (1st Khand) to Karam Khand (4th Khand) and said whatever happens to spiritual
people in Karam Khand, will happen to you. And it exactly happened that way, in the morning during
Simran I used to get Darshans of Ten Gurus. I started seeing visions of souls, which are in Karam Khand,
who are infinite in count. They used to come, bow in front of me with their hands clasped and disappear. I
used to bow in front of them and say my thanks to them.

l3 JI3 =HlJ "r !
"tithai bhagat vaseh kay lo-a" (SGGS 8, Guru Nanak Dev)
The devotees of many worlds dwell there.
After few days, I started hearing perpetual music (Anhad Naad), the
collective melodious sound of the entire universe.

First Glimpse of Param Jyot: The second week of July, 2000, at some friend's home, we had a kirtan
smagam in the evening from 5 - 7 o' clock. I along with the family was visiting the place. Around quarter to
five, I was approached to do Ardaas of Langar. During Ardaas my eyes were closed and I started feeling lot
of light around my head. I got emotional in ecstacy and started crying. Ardaas was halted for a while. After
Ardaas I went to he basement, where the kirtan was happening. I sat in the deewan, closed my eyes and
started seeing the same light around my head. I felt cool breeze around my head. I opened my eyes and
noticed there was no fan close to me. So, this was the element Air doing service to me. I again closed my
eyes and enjoyed this state till 7 pm. After partaking langar we came back home. At night around 9 pm, I
called my daughter in Canada and explained my experience to her. She mentioned, Baba ji had explained
all this to her 7 pm that day. Even though Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in the first Pauri of Japji, has asked the
question as to how can the heart become Truthful and how can the wall of Maya demolish (Kiw sachiara
hoiai, Kiw kooreh tutay pal), the entire Sikh religion is careless to this question. Solving this question is a
bigger issue, no body even talks about it. Actually, the Truth is that for a spirituality seeker all his/her
success depends upon solving this question. Only by solving this puzzle that soul can unite with God and
escape the cycle of birth & death. Otherwise spirituality seeker will keep saying that their mind does not
stop wandering, what to do and how to do?Baba ji's sangat started benefiting me a great deal. He explained
this question very carefully and in detail and then explained the way to solve it. He explained that we have
to make our Hirda truthful (Sachyara). God has put his jyot in the Hirda.

U HJ|J lJr JlJ 3 lJ Hl3 J| 3 3 HI lJ rlUr !
ay sareeraa mayri-aa har tum meh jot rakhee taa too jag meh aa-i-aa.
(page 921, Guru Amar Daas)
O my body, the Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came
into the world.

3 Hl3 HJ J r " !
"man toon jot saroop hai aapnaa mool pachhaan"
(SGGS 441, Guru AmarDaas)

O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light - recognize
your own origin.

These Five vices have constructed the wall of Maya (Koor) around the Hirda. The five vices keep the
Hirda separated from God (In panchan mero mann jo bigaiyo, pal pal Har ji te antar pariyo). Baba ji
explained in detail about how the five vices act. He explained in detail how to win them. Dekho Acharaj
Bhaiya: So, about one year passed doing sangat of Baba Ji. Jyot sarup mann was always in anand. I felt all
the time that I was making spiritual progress. One day around 6am we were doing Baba Ji's sangat. I got in
meditation. In the Samadhi, I saw eight very ugly looking guys. I asked who are these ugly and wicked
looking people. Baba Ji said they were vices in human appearance (Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Hankaar,
Trishna, Eerkha and Ninda) that have been creating a wall between your soul and God. I asked Baba Ji why
were they standing with their hands clasped. He said, "They have been defeated and now they are standing
at your beck and call. They will serve you now." Immediately, the following lines of Gurbani occurred to

UJ rUJH JlUr !
daykhhu achraj bha-i-aa (SGGS 612, Guru Arjan Dev)
Behold, a wondrous miracle has happened!
HlU U3 lJ 8J3 H3=3 3 JlUr JlUr !
"jo-ay doot mohi bahut santaavat tay bha-i-aanak bha-i-aa" (SGGS
612 , Guru Arjan Dev)
The demons which tormented me so much, have themselves become

JlJ 8 3| J J 3 J 3J| HJlUr !
"karahi bayntee raakh thaakur tay ham tayree sarna-i-aa" (SGGS
612 , Guru Arjan Dev)
They pray: please, save us our Lord Master; we seek your protection.

U3 "I llJ UJ| Hl3IJ =HJ !
"doot lagay fir chaakree satgur kaa vaysaahu".
The evil energies have been made to serve me, since I placed my
faith in the True Guru.

These five vices are thieves, who rob the spirituality seeker of their Amrit and accomplishments. These
doots tear our souls apart from the God. These doots are led by Maya, who is eating all worldly beings,
without teeth. Like:

lUH UJ| rUlJ U UJ =HlJ "J J rJJ !
"is dayhee andar panch chor vaseh kaam kroDh lobh moh ahaNkaaraa".
Within this body dwell the five thieves: sexual desire, anger,
greed, emotional attachment and egotism.

rl3 "lJ J| 8lJ lU H J !
"amrit looteh manmukh nahee boojheh ko-ay na sunai pookaaraa".
They plunder the Nectar, but the self-willed manmukh does not
realize it; no one hears his complaint.

lUr JU| I| HIl3 JJ| "lU !
maa-i-aa ho-ee naagnee jagat rahee laptaa-ay (SGGS 510, Guru Amar
Maya is a serpent, clinging to the world.

lUH | H = H J l3H J| U llJ lU !
"is kee sayvaa jo karay tis hee ka-o fir khaa-ay" (SGGS 510, Guru
Amar Daas)
Whoever serves her, she ultimately devours.

After the defeat of doots, I felt rapid progress in my spiritual life. During Gurparsadi Naam simran, I started
feeling Amrit pouring down on me. After sometime, I started seeing this Amrit pouring in the Samadhi
also. Jyot sarupi mann started feeling nourished with Amrit:

ll ll =JH rl3 J ! |= Hl H8U 8|UJ !
"jhim jhim varsai amrit Dhaaraa, man peevai sun sabad beechaaraa".
(page 102, Guru Arjan Dev)
Slowly, gently, drop by drop, the stream of nectar trickles down
within. The mind drinks it in, hearing and reflecting on the Word of
the Shabad.


l8U J lU J3| HU HU JlJ " H|U !
"anad binod karay din raatee sadaa sadaa har kaylaa jee-o" (SGGS
102, Guru Arjan Dev)
It enjoys bliss and ecstasy day and night, and plays with the Lord
forever and ever.

rl3 HU =JHU 8l 8JJ ! IJl lH| 8lr JlJ rl3
Jlr UlJ lJ !
"amrit sadaa varasdaa boojhan boojhanhaar, gurmukh jinhee bujhi-aa
har amrit rakhi-aa ur Dhaar" (SGGS 17, Guru Amar Das)
The Ambrosial Nectar rains down continually; realize this through
realization. Those who, as Gurmukh, realize this, keep the Lord`s
Ambrosial Nectar enshrined within their hearts.

Opening of the Hirda Kanwal and Ajappa Jaap: In Canada Sant smagam was taking place. Baba Ji was in
ecstacy. I requested Baba Ji to open my Hirda kanwal and bless me with Ajappa Jaap. Baba ji had a hearty
laugh and clapped his hands and said "close your eyes". I closed my eyes. Baba ji said, "All right, I opened
your Hirda kanwal. Now do a continuous Naam Simran and enjoy Ajapp-a-jaap"Just as Baba Ji said that, I
started feeling ajappa jaap in my Hirda. It felt as if a motor was running in my heart. It gave me enjoyment
of a great level. Gurbani describes this state as:

l8 lHJ= H H lJrlU ! U| H H U !
"bin jihvaa jo japai hi-aa-ay. ko-ee jaanai kaisaa naa-o" (SGGS
1256, Guru Nanak Dev)

Who knows what sort of Name is chanted, in the heart, without the

r| 8J = l= H ! J 8J U" l= J J !
akhee baajhahu vaykh-naa vin kanna sunnaa, pairaa baajhahu chalnaa
vin hathaa karnaa.

To see without eyes; to hear without ears; to walk without feet; to
work without hands;

H|J 8J 8" lUU H|=3 J ! J l 3U H
l" !
jeebhai baajhahu bolnaa i-o jeevat marnaa,
naanak hukam pachhaan kai ta-o khasmai milnaa.
to speak without a tongue-like this, one remains surrendered to the
Lord while yet alive. O Nanak, recognize the Hukam of the Lord's
Command, and merge with your Lord and Master.

This Ajapp-a-jaap was happening some times in Hirda and other times in Mastak or Dasam dawar. The
sound of the string instruments in the Anhad Naad is very melodious and continuous. Kabir Ji describes
this Anhad Naad as follows:

= UlU 38 J| J H I HI HJU HH|! lJ JU| 33| 3lH
J| rJU lIJ| 8H|!

"man pavan du-ay toombaa karee hai jug jug saarad saajee. thir bha-
ee tantee tootas naahee anhad kinguree baajee" (SGGS 334, Bhagat

My mind and breath are the two gourds of my fiddle, and the Lord of
all the ages is its frame. The string has become steady, and it does
not break; this guitar vibrates with the unstruck melody.

8H J 3J 33 JlJ UH JI JHJI !(UH= l3HJ)
Baajai param taar tatt Hari ko, upjai raag rasarang. (Patshahi

rl5r U" 8H ! l8 H= =JJ IH!
anmarhi-aa mandal baajai. bin saavan ghanhar gaajai.
The skinless drum plays. Without the rainy season, the clouds shake
with thunder.

8U" l8 8J J U| ! HU 33 l8UJ U| !
baadal bin barkhaa ho-ee. ja-o tat bichaarai ko-ee.(Page 657, Bhagat
Without clouds, the rain falls, if one contemplates the essence of

This raag rasarang has a unexplainable type ecstacy (Masti) and intoxication (Khumaari). With this panch
shabad happening in a ajappa jaap fashion, Kaal Kantak (Fear of Death and Koor (Maya) disappeared for
good. Inner soul became clean and transparent like glass. My every breath was thanking God and Baba Ji.
With the prayers of gratitude, this ajappa jaap (Anhad shabad) would multiply further. My entire body was
feeling vibrations of Simran. I was going crazy with ecstacy. As indescribable as this is, Gurbani says:

H H lHl Ulr JlJ r" ! |l3 J| HU|r lr lJ
l 8" !
"so jaanai jin chaakhi-aa har naam amolaa, keemat kahee na jaa-ee-ai
ki-aa kahi mukh bolaa" (page 657, Bhagat Namdev)
He alone knows its taste, who tastes the Priceless Name of the Lord.
Its value cannot be estimated; what can I say with my tongue?

lJ8 U HJ J| U J| J= !
"kahibay ka-o sobhaa nahee daykhaa hee parvaan" (SGGS 1370, Bhagat
I cannot describe its sublime glory; it has to be seen to be

Parbrahm Parmehsar is Param Jyot and Maan Sarowar: Parbrahm Parmeshar has two Nirgun (Non-
Physical) forms:

1) Param Jyot Puran Parkash ( supreme and pure divine light)
2) Maan Sarovar (A reservoir of Amrit).

Whenever I go in Samadhi I experience both nirgun forms of Parbrahm. At times, I see Param Jyot and at
other times, I see a large Sarowar. Some times I see heavy torrential rain. Some times I see several Jyots in
front of me. Some times some body hands me a glass of Amrit. Sometimes Paramjot appears to me with a
light equivalent to several Suns. Sometimes, the Saints from Dargah come over to give me Ishnaan from a
large pipe of Amrit. These are unique and indescribable sights. Gurbani says about them:

rl3 8| IJ | || ! I Jl l=J" l Ul || !
amrit banee gur kee meethee. gurmukh virlai kinai chakh deethee.
The Nectar of the Guru`s Bani is very sweet. Rare are the Gurmukhs
who see and taste it.

r3lJ JIH J JH |= UlJ HU H8U =H=lr !
antar pargaas mahaa ras peevai dar sachai sabad vajaavani-aa (SGGS
113, Guru Amar Daas)
The Divine Light dawns within, and the supreme essence is found. In
the True Court, the Word of the Shabad vibrates.

Hl3IJ J rl3 HJ HU = " U=lr !! JJU !
satgur hai amrit sar saachaa man naavai mail chukaavani-aa.
The True Guru is the True Pool of Nectar; bathing in it, the mind is
washed clean of all filth.

rl5r U" 8H ! l8 H= =JJ IH !
anmarhi-aa mandal baajai, bin saavan ghanhar gaajai.
The skinless drum plays. Without the rainy season, the clouds shake
with thunder.

8U" l8 8J J U| ! HU 33 l8UJ U| !
baadal bin barkhaa ho-ee, ja-o tat bichaarai ko-ee (page 657, Bhagat
Without clouds, the rain falls, if one contemplates the essence of

Amrit Dhar Chuai Att Nirmal: We were sitting in Baba Ji's sangat in Canada. Some Suhagans in Sangat
were enjoying Dargahi Nazare. Suhagans are who have the company of God. I begged Baba Ji to bless me
more. Baba Ji in great delight said, " All right, I opened all your doors (Kapaat), and I gave you
everything". With this blessing I started feeling unlimited Amrit in my head. All the time I started feeling
rain of the Amrit, presence of God and delight. So all eight pehars of the day and night became Amrit Vela
for me. My entire body became saturated with Amrit. From that time, I feel continuous Amrit Dhara
falling in my Dasam Dawar. Gurbani explains this as follows:

lJ J Ur rl3 lJ" lUJ JH r J3 J !
nijhar Dhaar chu-ai at nirmal ih ras manoo-aa raato ray (SGGS 835,
Guru Ram Daas)
The pure stream constantly trickles forth, and my mind is
intoxicated by this sublime essence.

rl3 lHUJ JJJ lrJ 3U "| J =J !
amrit sinchahu bharahu ki-aaray ta-o maalee kay hovhu (SGGS 1171,
Guru Nanak Dev)
Irrigate your spirit (field) with the Ambrosial Nectar, and then you
shall be owned by God (the Gardener).

IJ rl3 lJ| UJJ| rl3 8J J JH !
gur amrit bhinnee dayhuree amrit burkay raam raajay (SGGS 449, Guru
Ram Daas)
The Guru`s body is drenched with Ambrosial Nectar; He sprinkles it
upon me, O Lord King.

lH IJ8| l JU|r rll3 l !
jinaa gurbaanee man bhaa-ee-aa amrit chhak chhakay.
Those whose minds are pleased with the Word of the Guru`s Bani,
drink in the Ambrosial Nectar again and again.

"Hari Naam Hamara Bhojan Chhatti Parkaar":
rl3 JH |U lrJ| ! lUJ JH J3| JlU l33J| !
amrit rasnaa pee-o pi-aaree, ih ras raatee ho-ay tariptaaree.
O dear beloved tongue, drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. Imbued with
this sublime essence, you shall be satisfied.

As explained above, this Amrit Dhara pouring in the Dasam Dwar gives me utter delight and enjoyment all
the time. My appetite and thirst has gone down. Eyes are always saturated with Amrit. I am always in the
state described by the following lines from SGGS:

J| U5| JJ lU J3
Naam khumari Nanaka charhi rahe din raat
JlJ JH |= r"H3 3=J !
har ras peevai almasat matvaaraa.
One who drinks in the Lord's sublime essence, is intoxicated and

When I go in Samadhi, I am served with plates full of a variety of foods. Sometimes I get Amrit or Milk in
a glass. These Dargahi foods have unexplainably delicious tastes and flavors. After partaking these foods, I
stay satisfied for a long time. Gurbani describes:

JlJ JJ JH 3|J JJ lH3 lUr J U l3l3 JU| !
har naam hamaaraa bhojan chhateeh parkaar jit khaa-i-ai ham ka-o
taripat bha-ee (SGGS 593, Guru Amar Daas)
The Lord's Name is my food; eating the thirty-six varieties of it, I
am satisfied and satiated.

3J H J JHlUl 3 !
tayraa jan raam rasaa-in maataa.
Your humble servant, O Lord, is intoxicated with Your sublime

83 JlJ JlJ H =3 JlJ JlJ JlJ JH JH 3 !
baithat har har sovat har har har ras bhojan khaataa (SGGS 532,
Guru Arjun Dev)
While sitting, he reiterates the Lord's Name; while sleeping, he
remembers the Lord, Har, Har; he consumess the Nectar of the Lord's
Name as his food.

"Bhinari Rain Bhali": The four pehars of the day are spent in Ellahie Rang. The Amrit Dhara in Dasam
Dwar and Panch Shabad in Hirda and Dasam Dwar keep me in great delight all day along. My eyes
saturated with the Amrit are always with the divine intoxication. That is how the day is spent. After doing
Ardaas, when I lay down in the bed at night, my Sukhsham Dehi does Naam Simran so strong as if there is
a motor running it. Each pore in my body seems to be doing Simran. The sleep seems to have diminished.
After the five vices been defeated, seems like the sleep, which is governed by Doots (Maha Mohini dootan
laai), has also been weakened. The night is also spent in Ellahie Rang. I see the visions of Guru Sahibaan,
Dargahi Sants and other Alokik Nazare. Sant Farid Ji has said it right:

J|U Jl3 J| =|r Hl3r l" JU !
fareedaa raat kathooree vandee-ai suti-aa milai na bhaa-o (SGGS
1382, Baba Farid)
Fareed, musk is released at night. Those who are sleeping do not
receive their share.
Sometimes the jyot sarupi mind (maan) is praying like:
= H J 5|U l r "I !
vadh sukh rainrhee-ay pari-a paraym lagaa (SGGS 544, Guru Arjun Dev)
O peaceful night, grow longer - I have come to enshrine love for my

"Amrita Priya Bachan Tumhare": Dear beloved, Parbrahm Parmeshar is ingrained in every cell of your
body and the Nature in general. He is present in every Hirda. The worldly beings, under the influence of
Tre-Gun Maya (Rajo, Tamo & Sato), think the God is very away from them. This Tre-Gun Maya and five
vices are the ones who separate the soul from Parbrahm with a wall of illusion in between
the two. According to Gurbani this wall is very thin:

JJ|J| 3 JU l8 U JlUU !
bhaanbheeree kay paat pardo bin paykhay dooraa-i-o.
There is a veil between us, like the wings of a butterfly; without
being able to see Him, He seems so far away.

This wall of illusion can be busted by a Complete Master (Poora Satguru) only. The mind stops wandering
only after this wall is shattered. Only with the blessing of Sant Satguru that this tangle gets resolved. This is
a pure Gurparsadi play. Gyan Guru, SGGS says:

ll H U rJ U J| JJl JJl U JJ|r !
nikat sun-o ar paykha-o naahee bharam bharam dukh bharee-aa.
I hear that You are near, but I cannot see You. I wander in
suffering, deluded by doubt.
JlU l" IJ "lJ JU l"U "" JJ|r !
ho-ay kirpaal gur laahi paardo mila-o laal man haree-a (SGGS 1209,
Guru Arjun Dev)
The Guru has become merciful to me; He has removed the veils.
Meeting with my Beloved, my mind blossoms forth in abundance.
HJ8 H 8 3J U" ! J JU Hl3IJ " !
sarab sukhaa banay tayrai olHai, bharam kay parday satgur kholHay.
All comforts are obtained in Your Shelter. The True Guru has removed
the veil of doubt.
UH= U rlJ I JlU rlUr !
dasvai du-aar pargat ho-ay aa-i-aa.
My Tenth door has been opened and revealed.

Around 1:30pm, on a day, I was doing Simran in worship room. With Satguru's grace I got in Samadhi.
Parbrahm Parmeshar appeared and I had paramjyot light. Parbrahm ji ordered the following to me:

"I am in everyone, so, do not hate anybody.
There should be only Truth on your tongue.
Your eyes should always see Truth.
Your hands should always do Truth.
Your feet should always walk towards Truth"

After saying these words Prabhu disappeared. My tongue was singing the following lines:

rl3 lr 8U 3 JJ ! rl3 HUJ J lrJ HJJ l lJJ !
amritaa pari-a bachan tuhaaray, at sundar manmohan pi-aaray sabhhoo
madh niraaray (SGGS 534, Guru Arjun Dev)
O Beloved, Your Words are Ambrosial Nectar. O supremely beautiful
Enticer, O Beloved, You are among all, and yet distinct from all.

JU l8H JU| H| JlJ UJH Ul rJ ! J HUJ Hr| H| JU
UJ " I J !
ha-o bisam bha-ee jee har darsan daykh apaaraa. mayraa sundar su-
aamee jee ha-o charan kamal pag chhaaraa (SGGS 784, Guru Arjun Dev)
I am wonder-struck, gazing upon the incomparable Blessed Vision of
the Lord's Darshan. My Dear Lord and Master is so beautiful; I am
the dust of His Lotus Feet

"Tu-Tu Karata Tu Hua": To please God, you need a heart full of Love and Truth. This is a must. The more
love you put in worship, the more the Lord blesses you. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji says very emphatically:

HU J H " J HJ lH |U l3 J| J lUU !
Saach kahon, Sun leho sabhai, Jin prem kiyo, tin hi prabh paiyo.

Great is Baba Kabir Ji, who did unlimited worship of God with unlimited love. He got unlimited blessings
from the Lord and, eventually, achieved union with the God. Baba Ji describes his state of Bandagi as:

r8 3U HlU U= lH =Hl l" J HlJI| ! J 8|J U JU J
lU H | !
ab ta-o jaa-ay chadhay singhaasan milay hai saringpaanee, raam
kabeeraa ayk bha-ay hai ko-ay na sakai pachhaanee (page 969, Bhagat
Now, I approached the throne of the Lord; I have met the Lord, the
Sustainer of the World. The Lord and Kabeer have become one. No one
can realize this.

8|J 3 3 J3 3 Jr lJ JJ J ! H8 r J ll
IlUr H3 UU 33 3 !
kabeer toon toon kartaa too hoo-aa mujh meh rahaa na hoon. jab aapaa
par kaa mit ga-i-aa jat daykh-a-u tat too (SGGS 1375, Bhagat Kabir)
Kabeer, repeating, "You, You", I have become like You. Nothing of me
remains in myself. When the difference between myself and others is
removed, then wherever I look, I see only You.

In USA, at Paa Ji's home, sangat was in Simran. Baba Ji was present among the sangat. Simran was going
on with great level of delight. All were in Samadhi. My simran stopped and "I am you and you are me"
quotations started inside me. For a while this Simran kept going on. I came out of Samadhi but in the
Dasam Dawar, this particular Simran was still going on. I asked Baba Ji what was going on. Baba Ji said,
"This is really good. Keep moving forward , you have to become like God". Baba ji was in lot of Khera
(Godly delight) and he gave me lot of blessings. I thanked God and Baba ji.

These are few of the happenings from my spiritual experiences. For the last three years, I have been doing
sangat of Baba Ji. Everyday I go through different experiences. If I started writing all of them, it would
become a big voluminous book. I am greatful and indebted to Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Ji and his jatha,
whose sangat laid the foundation of my spirituality. Several supernatural experiences happened, out of
which, a few have been noted in this current work on my spiritual journey. I am grateful to Bhai Sahib
Gurbachan Singh Khalsa ji (Bhindranwale), whose company I had only for a month but I got lot of spiritual
peace out of that. I am grateful to Sant Jawala Singh Ji (of Anandpur Klaut), who guided me through my
initial spiritual experiences and encouraged me. I am grateful to Baba Ji Harnam Singh Ji (of Rampur
Khera), in whose company I felt spiritual charm and peace.

I am very grateful to Param Padvi, Sant Satguru, Baba Ji, whose company I been enjoying since March,
2000. As a result I have accomplished lot of progress in spiritual life and I am progressing everyday.
Everyday, I go through new experiences, which have been described in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Out of
these experiences, a few have been documented in this work. Baba Ji started my spiritual journey from
Karam khand (Fourth Khand). The journey of previous three khands Baba ji completed out of his Bandgi.
In the last three years, I have experienced indefinable amount of progress. Baba Ji says that we have to
become like God. Baba Ji Kabir Ji also preaches the same in his Shaloks:

JlJ H U H UJ|U H H JlJ J| J U !
har jan aisaa chaahee-ai jaisaa har hee ho-ay. (page 1372, Bhagat
The humble servant of the Lord should be just like the Lord.
I pray to Parbrahm and Satguru to bless me with the completion of
the rest of my spiritual journey with his grace.

This work of mine is purely with the blessings of Gur-Guru. This is due to grace of the God, Sant Satguru
and Satnaam. I am merely a puppet, he pulled my strings and made me complete this work. Intent is, to
share this divine knowledge with others for the sake of spiritual inspiration only. If somebody benefits from
this work, I will be the dust off of their feet. This is a humble effort to propagate Truth and sacrifice over
the Truth. The Gurbani preaches this in SGGS:

=lJ JUlJ Jl" ll" JU| ! 3l r= =U HU|
khaaveh kharcheh ral mil bhaa-ee. tot na aavai vaDh-do jaa-ee (SGGS
186, Guru Arjun Dev)
The Siblings of Destiny meet together, and share the holy nectar of
spiritual essence, but these resources do not diminish; they
continue to increase

Gur Fateh.

Servant of the servants and lowest of the lowest

Atam Khojee