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Paper 1

Electromagnetic Theory and Antennas

1. Electromagnetic Theory
Electrostatic fields, Electric Fields in material space, Electrostatic boundary value problems,
Magnetostatic fields, Maxwells equations, Electromagnetic wave propagation.
Ref:Elements of Electromagnetics Mathew O. SadikuOxford University !!"#
cha$ters "%&%'%(%)%*!!
2. Analysis of Transmission lines
"umped element circuit model for a transmission line, transmission line parameters, field
analysis of transmission lines, terminated lossless line, smit# c#art, quarter$wave transformer,
generator and load mismatc#es, lossy transmission lines, %&in dept#.
'eneral solution for (EM, (E and (M waves, parallel plate waveguide, )ectangular wave
guides and modes*qualitative analysis only+, ,ave propagation in t#e guide, Mode excitation.
Microstrip transmission line, wave velocities and dispersion,
+Ref*: Microwave engineering% second edition ,avid M.$: %/0
Ref:Elements of Electromagnetics Mathew O. SadikuOxford University !!"#
cha$ters **%*!
-. Antenna Fundamentals
.ntenna Parameters/$ )adiation pattern, radiation power density, radiation intensity,
directivity, antenna gain, antenna efficiency, #alf power beamwidt#, beam efficiency, bandwidt#,
polari0ation, input impedance, maximum directivity, maximum effective area, Friis transmission
1ipole radiation 2 3nfinitesimal dipole, small dipole, region separation, finite lengt# dipole, 4alf
wavelengt# dipole.
+Ref: 1ntenna 2heory # 3onstantine 4alanis cha$ters % " 0
(wo element and 5 element linear array wit# uniform amplitude and spacing,
5 element linear array wit# uniform spacing and non uniform amplitude, %uper directivity.
Principle of planar array and p#ased array.
+Ref: 1ntenna 2heory second edition 3onstantine 4alanis# cha$ter '0
4. Microwave measurements
Measurement of 6%,), Power, 3nsertion loss, .ttenuation, )eturn loss, impedance and
dielectric constant. Measurement of scattering parameters of a networ&, Principle of a networ&
+Ref: Microwave Engineering # 1nna$oorna ,as% Sisir 5 ,as cha$ter */0
Paper 2
Microwave Planar Devices and maging
Module !
Planar antennas and "omputational methods
Microstrip radiators/ 7#aracteristic features, )adiation mec#anism, 7onfigurations, and
feeding tec#niques, )ectangular patc# 2 (ransmission line model, cavity model. 1esign of
rectangular microstrip antennas. 8ltra wide band antennas
Module 9
Microwave maging
nverse #cattering Pro$lem% (#ree$1imensional 3nverse %cattering, (wo$1imensional 3nverse
%cattering*introduction+ maging "onfigurations and Model Appro&imations% :b;ectives of
)econstruction, Multi$illumination .pproac#es $ (omograp#ic 7onfigurations*%canning
7onfigurations, 7onfiguration for <uried :b;ect+ $)ytov .pproximation ' <orn .pproximation $
'reens Function for 3n#omogeneous %tructures.
Module -
mage (econstruction Models
)ualitative (econstruction Methods/ =ualitative met#ods for imaging based on
approximations $ 1iffraction (omograp#y, 3nversion approac#es based on <orn$"i&e
.pproximations $ (#e <orn 3terative Met#od )uantitative Deterministic (econstruction
Methods% (#e 1istorted <orn 3terative Met#ods $ 'radient based Met#ods, *y$rid
Approaches% Memetic .lgorit#m, "inear sampling Met#od and .nt colony optimi0ation.
Module >
Microwave maging Apparatuses and #ystems%
3ntroduction $ %canning %ystems for Microwave (omograp#y $ .ntennas for Microwave
3maging, Medical application for Microwave 3maging/ <reast (umor 1etection
*. 6Microstri$ 1ntennas : ,esign 7and8ook9% : ; 4ahl and -. 4hartia% % 1rtech 7ouse%
*)<!# cha$ter*%%"%&.
. 6U=4 2heory and 1$$lication9% :an O$$erman% ;ohn =iley and Sons% cha$ter '
/. 6Microwave :maging9% M122EO -1S2OR:>O
". ?Microwave Imaging Techniques 4ernard ,. Stein8erg% 7arish M. Su88aram