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Transparency Market

Synthetic Biology Market is growing at
a CAGR of 32.6% from 203 to 20!.
By "rans#arency Market Research.
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USD 4595
Multi User License:
USD 7595
Corporate User License:
USD 10595
Glo$al Synthetic Biology Market %&#ecte' to Reach (S)3.*
Billion in 20!+ "rans#arency Market Research
Transparency Market Research
State "ower,
!0, State Street, S-ite .00.
Al$any, /0 220.
(nite' States
143 Page Report
Publise! Date
&u' (o)
Re*uest Sa+ple
Press Release
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology Market was valued at USD 1.8 billion in 2013 and is estiated to reach a
arket worth o! USD 13." billion in 201# growing at a $%&' o! 32.() !ro 2013 to 201#.
Synthetic biology is a *rocess where arti+cial biological devices and systes are *roduced with
the utili,ation o! genetic engineering and biology. -t *lays an i*ortant role in the *roduction
o+*roved nutrition or cost e.ective edicines.-ncreasing nuber o! scienti+c research cou*led
with rising *artici*ation o! governent and *rivate organi,ations !or the develo*ent o!
synthetic biology hel*s the growth o! this arket globally.-n addition/ new *roduct develo*ent
by key arket *layers in collaboration with other co*anies will !urtherdrive the growth o! this
arket during the study *eriod.
&ro)se ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Report )it .ull /0C at
'ising global arine *ollution will also act as a growth driver !or the arket owing to the !act
that synthetic biology hel*s develo* engineered icroorganiss that can hel* curb oil s*ills and
can turn *lastics into reusable icro*lastics. 0he de*leting *rices o! D1% se2uencing act as a
growth driver !or the arket as D1% se2uencing is a technology used !or develo*ing core
*roducts such as synthetic genes and synthetic D1%s. Ma3or arket !actors restraining the
growth o! synthetic biology arket are ethical issues *ertaining to the utili,ation o! synthetic
biology *roducts.
Synthetic biology arket is ainly segented by *roducts/ by technologies and by a**lications.
0he *roduct segent o! synthetic biology is !urther classi+ed as core *roducts and enabling
*roducts. $ore *roducts arket is segented as synthetic D1%/ synthetic genes/ synthetic cells/
"rans#arency Market Research
R3P0R/ D3SCR4P/40(
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
41% and chassis organiss. 5hile enabling *roducts are segented as D1% synthesis and
oligonucleotide synthesis *roducts.$o*ared with synthetic biology enabling *roducts/ the core
*roducts 6synthetic genes/ cell7s D1% and 41%8 are widely used and hence in 2012/ core *roduct
segent covered a3or arket share.Synthetic biology/ by technologies segent is divided into
genoe engineering/ D1% se2uencing/ bioin!oratics and biological co*onents and integrated
systes. -n 2012/ synthetic biology genoe engineering technology held a3or arket share/
owing to its ability to odi!y s*eci+c area o! D1% that hel*s to better re*roducibility.
%**lication segent o! synthetic biology arket is classi+edas healthcare/ cheicals/ agriculture
and others. Synthetic biology has continued to *rove its e9ciency in the develo*ent and
*roduction o! various ine:*ensive healthcare *roducts such as vaccines and drugs. %lso/
coercial availability o! synthetic D1% and synthetic genes su**orts the growth o! the
healthcare a**lication in the synthetic biology arket. 0hus/ all the above entioned !actors
collectively drive the growth o! synthetic biology in healthcare a**lication arket.
;uro*e is e:*ected to doinate the synthetic biology arket during the !orecast
*eriod.-ncreasing e.orts o! ;uro*ean governent and *rivate organi,ations towards the
develo*ent o! this +eldis the a3or driving !actor !or the growth o! synthetic biology arket in
;uro*e.1orth %erica contributed the second largest share o! the total arket in 2012.
-ntroduction o! novel technologies by doiciled key *layers which e:*and the sco*e !or the
develo*ent o! this +eld will hel* the growth o! this arket in 1orth %erica.-n addition/ one key
!actor driving the growth o! synthetic biology arket in develo*ed countries 61orth %erica and
;uro*e8 is the initiative and !unding by the governent and universities. <or e:a*le/ SynB;'$
and 0;SS= are the initiatives o! 1orth %erican and ;uro*e governent/ res*ectively/ !or the
develo*ent o! synthetic biology sector. 0he ain goal o! these organi,ations is to stiulate the
growth o! synthetic biology +eld by *rooting awareness in res*ective countries.
Du>ont/ -nc./ %yris/ -nc. Bayer %&/ 'oyal DSM/ &inkgo Bioworks and ?i!e 0echnologies
$or*oration 60hero <isher Scienti+c8 are the key *layers having a:iu *resence in the
global synthetic biology arket.
0he global synthetic biologyarket is segented as !ollows@
Synthetic Biology Market/ by >roducts
$ore >roducts
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology Market/ by 0echnologies
&enoe ;ngineering
D1% Se2uencing
Biological $o*onents and -ntegrated Systes
Synthetic Biology Market/ by %**lications
$heicals 6-ncluding BioB<uels8
Cthers 6Biosecurity/ 'DD/ ;nergy and ;nvironent8
Synthetic Biology Market/ by &eogra*hy
1orth %erica
'est o! the 5orld 6'o58
.or Sa+ple Report 5isit 0n:!"
Capter 1 4ntro!uction
121 Report Description
"rans#arency Market Research
/$&L3 0. C0(/3(/
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
12% Mar-et Seg+entation
123 Researc Meto!olog'
124 List o6 $bbre7iations
Capter % 38ecuti7e Su++ar'
%21 Mar-et Snapsot: ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et 9%01% : %019;
%2121 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et b' /ecnologies< %01% 9USD Million;
%2% Co+parati7e $nal'sis: ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< &' ,eograp'< %01% an! %019
95alue =;
Capter 3 Mar-et 07er7ie)
321 4ntro!uction
32% Mar-et Dri7ers
32%21 Dri7ers
32%2121 Rising !e+an! 6or i+pro7e! !rugs an! 7accines
32%212% $!7ance+ent in +olecular biolog'
32%2123 3ncourage+ent an! participation o6 go7ern+ent bo!ies an! uni7ersities in
s'ntetic biolog' researc
32%2124 4ncreasing !e+an! o6 geneticall' +o!i>e! crops !ue to rising population
323 Mar-et Restraints
32321 3tical 4ssues
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
324 Mar-et 0pportunities
32421 4ncreasing clarit' about +etabolic pat)a's an! nascent nature o6 s'ntetic biolog'
325 Porter?s .i7e .orce $nal'sis
32521 &argaining Po)er o6 Suppliers
3252% &argaining Po)er o6 &u'ers
32523 /reat o6 Substitutes
32524 /reat o6 (e) 3ntrants
32525 Co+petiti7e Ri7alr'
32@ Mar-et $ttracti7eness $nal'sis: ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< b' ,eograp'
Capter 4 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< b' Pro!ucts
421 4ntro!uction
42121 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< b' Pro!ucts< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
42% Core Pro!ucts
42%21 ,lobal Core Pro!ucts Mar-et Re7enue< b' /'pes< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
42%2% S'ntetic D($
42%2%21 ,lobal S'ntetic D($ Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
42%23 S'ntetic ,enes
42%2321 ,lobal S'ntetic ,enes Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
42%24 S'ntetic Cells
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
42%2421 ,lobal S'ntetic Cells Mar-et Re7enue< %013 A %019 9USD Million;
42%25 B($ 9Beno (ucleic $ci!;
42%2521 ,lobal B($ Mar-et Re7enue< %014 A %019 9USD Million;
42%2@ Cassis 0rganis+s
42%2@21 ,lobal Cassis 0rganis+s Mar-et Re7enue< %015 A %019 9USD Million;
423 3nabling Pro!ucts
42321 ,lobal 3nabling Pro!ucts Mar-et Re7enue< b' /'pes< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
4232% D($ S'ntesis
4232%21 ,lobal D($ S'ntesis Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
42323 0ligonucleoti!e S'ntesis
4232321 ,lobal 0ligonucleoti!e S'ntesis Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
Capter 5 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< b' /ecnologies
521 4ntro!uction
52121 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< b' /ecnologies< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
52% ,eno+e 3ngineering
52%21 ,lobal ,eno+e 3ngineering in S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD
523 D($ Se*uencing
52321 ,lobal D($ Se*uencing in S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
524 &ioin6or+atics
52421 ,lobal &ioin6or+atics in S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
525 &iological Co+ponents an! 4ntegrate! S'ste+s
52521 ,lobal &iological Co+ponents an! 4ntegrate! S'ste+s in S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et
re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
Capter @ ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< b' $pplications
@21 4ntro!uction
@2121 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< b' $pplications< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
@2% Ce+icals
@2%21 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' in Ce+icals< Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
@23 Cealtcare
@2321 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' in Cealtcare Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
@24 $griculture
@2421 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' in $griculture Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
@25 0ters 9&iosecurit'< R:D< 3nerg' an! 3n7iron+ent;
@2521 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' in 0ter $pplications Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD
Capter 7 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< b' ,eograp'
721 4ntro!uction
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
72121 ,lobal S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< b' ,eograp'< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
72% (ort $+erica
72%21 (ort $+erica S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
723 3urope
72321 3urope S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
724 $sia#Paci>c
72421 $sia#Paci>c S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
725 Rest o6 te Dorl! 9RoD;
72521 RoD S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et Re7enue< %011 A %019 9USD Million;
Capter " Co+petiti7e Lan!scape
"21 Ceat Map $nal'sis 6or Ee' Mar-et Pla'ers
"2121 $+'ris< 4nc2
"212% DuPont< 4nc2
"2123 Ro'al DSM
"2124 37ol7a Col!ing
"2125 Li6e /ecnologies Corporation
"2% Ceat Map $nal'sis o6 te S'ntetic &iolog' Mar-et< b' Ee' Mar-et Pla'ers< %013
Capter 9 Reco++en!ations
921 Mar-et Strateg' 6or Success
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
92121 .ocus on in7esting in researc an! !e7elop+ent acti7ities
9212% Strategic alliance< +ergers an! ac*uisitions
92% &arriers to be Consi!ere!
92%21 3tical issues associate! )it s'ntetic biolog' pro!ucts
Capter 10 Co+pan' Pro>les
1021 $gri7i!a< 4nc2
102121 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
10212% .inancial 07er7ie)
102123 Pro!uct Port6olio
102124 &usiness Strategies
102125 Recent De7elop+ents
102% $+'ris< 4nc2
102%21 Co+pan' Pro>le
102%2% .inancial 07er7ie)
102%23 Pro!uct Port6olio
102%24 &usiness Strategies
102%25 Recent De7elop+ents
1023 $lgenol &io6uels< 4nc2
102321 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
10232% .inancial 07er7ie)
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
102323 Pro!uct Port6olio
102324 &usiness Strategies
102325 Recent De7elop+ents
1024 $/,:bios'ntetics ,+bC
102421 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
10242% .inancial 07er7ie)
102423 Pro!uct Port6olio
102424 &usiness Strategies
102425 Recent De7elop+ents
1025 &a'er $,
102521 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
10252% .inancial 07er7ie)
102523 Pro!uct Port6olio
102524 &usiness Strategies
102525 Recent De7elop+ents
102@ &ristol#M'ers S*uibb
102@21 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102@2% .inancial 07er7ie)
102@23 Pro!uct Port6olio
102@24 &usiness Strategies
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
102@25 Recent De7elop+ents
1027 &40(33R C0RP0R$/40(
102721 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
10272% Pro!uct Port6olio
102723 &usiness Strategies
102724 Recent De7elop+ents
102" &iosearc /ecnologies< 4nc2
102"21 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102"2% .inancial 07er7ie)
102"23 Pro!uct Port6olio
102"24 &usiness Strategies
102"25 Recent De7elop+ents
1029 C&C Co+preensi7e &io+ar-er Center ,+bC
102921 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
10292% .inancial 07er7ie)
102923 Pro!uct Port6olio
102924 &usiness Strategies
102925 Recent De7elop+ents
10210 Cobalt /ecnologies
1021021 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
102102% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021023 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021024 &usiness Strategies
1021025 Recent De7elop+ents
10211 DuPont< 4nc2
1021121 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102112% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021123 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021124 &usiness Strategies
1021125 Recent De7elop+ents
1021% 37ol7a S$
1021%21 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
1021%2% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021%23 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021%24 &usiness Strategies
1021%25 Recent De7elop+ents
10213 388on Mobil Corporation
1021321 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102132% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021323 Pro!uct Port6olio
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
1021324 &usiness Strategies
1021325 Recent De7elop+ents
10214 ,in-go &io)or-s
1021421 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102142% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021423 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021424 &usiness Strategies
1021425 Recent De7elop+ents
10215 ,eneDor-s Pt' Lt!2
1021521 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102152% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021523 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021524 &usiness Strategies
1021525 Recent De7elop+ents
1021@ ,eno+atica< 4nc2
1021@21 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
1021@2% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021@23 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021@24 &usiness Strategies
1021@25 Recent De7elop+ents
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
10217 ,eneScript Corporation
1021721 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102172% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021723 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021724 &usiness Strategies
1021725 Recent De7elop+ents
1021" ,e7o< 4nc2
1021"21 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
1021"2% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021"23 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021"24 &usiness Strategies
1021"25 Recent De7elop+ents
10219 ,reen &iologics Li+ite!
1021921 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102192% .inancial 07er7ie)
1021923 Pro!uct Port6olio
1021924 &usiness Strategies
1021925 Recent De7elop+ents
102%0 (e) 3nglan! &iolabs< 4nc2
102%021 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
102%02% .inancial 07er7ie)
102%023 Pro!uct Port6olio
102%024 &usiness Strategies
102%025 Recent De7elop+ents
102%1 0ri,ene /ecnologies< 4nc2
102%121 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102%12% .inancial 07er7ie)
102%123 Pro!uct Port6olio
102%124 &usiness Strategies
102%125 Recent De7elop+ents
102%% R3, Li6e Sciences< LLC
102%%21 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102%%2% .inancial 07er7ie)
102%%23 Pro!uct Port6olio
102%%24 &usiness Strategies
102%%25 Recent De7elop+ents
102%3 Ro'al DSM
102%321 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102%32% .inancial 07er7ie)
102%323 Pro!uct Port6olio
"rans#arency Market Research
Glo$al Synthetic Biology
102%324 &usiness Strategies
102%325 Recent De7elop+ents
102%4 /er+o .iser Scienti>c< 4nc2
102%421 Co+pan' 07er7ie)
102%42% .inancial 07er7ie)
102%423 Pro!uct Port6olio
102%424 &usiness Strategies
102%425 Recent De7elop+ents
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