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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation

I did my internship in MCB main branch CHAKWAL. This internship started on 21 Juy
and ended on !" Au#ust.
It is a od branch and $or%in# there &or the customers.
'irst day( I reported to the mana#er o& the branch Mr. I&ti%har H Mu)ahaid $ho #a*e me
brie& introduction about the mana#ement and $or%in# o& the branch( he aso chec% my
%no$ed#e about ban%in# by ta%in# a itte test and inter*ie$. He has aso ta%en a
Computer Test &rom. Then he introduced me to the other empoyees.
a. Learning from A/c Opening Department
This Branch is ha*in# about +""" accounts but there $as ony one o&&icer( Mr. Lati& to
hande this tou#h $or%. He has to dea di&&erent peope.
My e,perience in this department $as reay *ery #ood. I earnt ho$ to hande di&&erent
customers( ho$ to &i Account -penin# 'orm( $hat are the re.uired documents that
shoud be $ith you in order to open an account( $hat types o& account MCB is o&&erin# to
the customers( $hat are the &aciities that an account Hoder can en)oy and $hat are the
pro&it rates MCB is #i*in# to its customers.
I ha*e earnt the procedure that an Account -penin# -&&icer has to &oo$ in order to
open and maintain an Account.
. Learning in Remittance an! C"earing Department
There $ere t$o o&&icers in this department one $as Miss. Bushra and the other $as Mr.
Miss Bushra $as handin# in$ard cearin# and -ut$ard Cearin#. Whie issuance o&
other ne#otiabe instruments i%e /ay -rder( 0emand 0ra&t( /ay 1ip etc( $ere handed
by Mr. Bia.
I $or%ed one $ee% in this department.
In this department I earned that ho$ the trans&er o& money &rom one branch to another
branch ta%es pace. In this department It $as my responsibiity &or doin# &oo$in# )obs23
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
Issuance o& 0emand dra&t and their Computer &eedin#.
4esponsibiity o& 00 Ad*ice and its /ayment.
Issuance o& Tee#raphic Trans&ers and their &eedin# in Computer.
/ayment o& IBC 5In$ard Bis 'or Coection6
Lod#ment o& LBC 5Loca Bis 'or Coection6( -BC 5-ut$ard Bis &or
Coection6 and their 4eai7ation.
Issuance o& C04 5Ca 0eposit 4eceipt6 and its Computer &eedin#.
c. Learning from Acco#nt$ % &inance Department
There $ere t$o o&&icers in this department8 Mr. Lati& and Mr. Kashi& They ha*e di*ided
their $or% bet$een them. Mr. Lati& handes 4eportin# and Mr. Kashi& handes daiy
acti*ity chec%in#.
I used to hep Mr. Kashi& in 0aiy Acti*ity chec%in#( sortin# and countin# o& *ouchers
and ho$ to cacuate the deprecations o& a &i,ed assets. I earnt &rom Mr. Lati& the items
o& the MCBance 1heet o& Ban% and sa$ the &ormat o& di&&erent reports. He heped me to
understand his $or%. He tod me about the reports that he has to prepare 9 the purpose o&
those reports. It $as one o& those 0epartments in $hich Customer interaction is not
in*o*e rather paper interaction is important.
!. Learning in 'ome &inance !epartment
In Home 'inance there $as one o&&icer : Mr. Kashi&. I sa$ &e$ customers in this
department. I earnt $hat the debt to e.uity ratio is in Home 'inance( ho$ to cacuate
instament( $hat are the documents re.uired to #et this product( $hat the ei#ibe
criterion is &or Home 'inance A#reement( and $hat is the procedure and acti*ities o& this
department. What are re.uirement to appy &or this 'inance( $hat is that ma,imum imit.
e. Learning &rom t(e Car &inance Department
-ne o&&icer in this department( $hose name $as Mr. adnan used to sit the second &oor o&
the branch.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
This department handes a ar#e number o& customers daiy and( $ithout o*erstatement8
this department is the third ;busiest< department a&ter the Account -penin# 0epartment.
It re.uires constant customer interaction and re.uires hi#h e*e o& intei#ence to screen
the *aidity o& the customers.
Where as sound mar%etin# s%is are re.uired to actuay &orce the $a%3in customer to
seect MCB Car 'inancin#( sti stron#er s%is are needed to scan the incomin# customer
&or *aidity. I earnt ho$ to &ace the customers con*enienty( ho$ roper &ies shoud be
maintained( ho$ to appy &or a car( $hat are re.uirement to appy &or this /roduct( $hat
is that ma,imum imit( $hat is the procedure to this department.
I& I ha*e to e,press my e,perience o& internship in MCB main branch Cha%$a I $oud
brie&y say2
MCB is a #ood -r#ani7ation in the $ay that anybody can )oin it &or his= her on#3term
career. -*era $or%in# en*ironment is com&ortabe. Mana#ement o& branch cares a ot o&
its empoyees and considers them as the Asset o& ban%. Beha*ior o& senior e,ecuti*e o&
ban% is *ery poite and they are carin# about the indi*idua>s career and their #ro$th.
Ho$e*er mana#ement is *ery demandin# about the tar#ets but #ood re$ard at the
achie*ement o& assi#ned tar#ets is a$arded.
?mpoyees at MCB are .uite e&&icient.( its empoyees ha*e to brin# their ban% amon# the
ist o& #ood ban%s. There&ore( they $or% more than their $or%in# hours and it is a
accordin# to their $i. It aso sho$s their oyaty( commitment to or#ani7ation.
?mpoyees are #i*en the bene&its i%e bonus( #ratuity &unds( oans( increments( and
A the customers are entertained indi*iduay. 1ame %ind o& beha*ior and attention is
#i*en to a the customers. @ettin# ideas &or impro*ement &rom customer side is a ne$
idea and that is $or%in# *ery $e in MCB. A the customers are as%ed to &i a
su##estion &orm and the standards o& the ban% are impro*ed throu#h them.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
/rioriti7in# its product port&oio in ine $ith its corporate and consumer needs and $ants
the ban% is committed to de*eop products that #i*e more *aue to its customers in both
the sectors.
In ban%( a the $or% is done on computers. A the entries are made in computer.
MCBance are &ed into the computer. This increases e&&iciency o& the ban%.
0urin# my internship trainin# I #athered in&ormation re#ardin# ho$ a success&u ban%
operationa aspect decorticated $ith the practica.
I &ound my internship trainin# at MCB Cha%$a to be a *ery re$ardin# e,perience. The
trainin# $as bene&icia because it hep&u me to a$are a rea i&e $or%in# en*ironment.
1o &ar my earnin# is concerned8 a the empoyees at branch $ere .uite cooperati*e.
They heped me to understand the acti*ities o& a ban% to possibe e,tent. Their #ood
attitude #a*e me more con&idence to earn more and to as% i& I ha*e any .uery in my
mind. Besides their e*er #oin# acti*ities they ne*er #et irritant by my .uestionin#. I had
made an honest e&&erent to present the $or%in# 9 operation o& MCB Cha%$a in simpest
I &ee peasure that I ha*e reay #ained a ot durin# A $ee%s 9 en)oyed $or%in# $ith
e,perienced cooperati*e 9 intei#ent sta&&.
;Ad*ice is sedom $ecome8 and those $ho $ant it the most a$ays i%e it the east<.
4ecommendations su##est impro*ements in area $hich ha*e room &or poishin# and
4ecommendations are based on the pre*ious sections o& a report and are su##estions that
the anayst &ees are re.uired to be impemented in order to impro*e &urther the standin#
and position o& the &irm in the &inancia $ord. These are thus based on the &indin#s and
shortcomin#s noted in an or#ani7ation $hie $or%in# $ith it and then $ritin# on it.
-pinions o& *arious capabe indi*iduas are sou#ht $ho throu#h their rea i&e
e,periences and deep insi#ht are better abe to )ud#e $hether the course o& action adopted
by the or#ani7ation is #oin# to pro*e &ruit&u or does it re.uire &urther impro*ement in the
&orm o& chan#es in its strate#ies.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
'oo$in# are the &indin#s and recommendations &or *arious 0epartments that $ere &et
are re.uired $hie consutin# the sta&& members o& MCB
a. Simp"ification of +roce!#re
The procedure o& openin# an account shoud be simpi&ied. The account openin# &orm
shoud be se&3e,panatory and incude transations in Brdu &or those customers $ho are
not $e read( since the &act cannot be i#nored that many peope do not ha*e a #ood
understandin# o& ?n#ish.
. Incenti,e$ for Depo$itor$
Those $ho deposit ar#e amounts o& money or are od customers o& the ban% shoud be
#i*en &ree credit ines up to a certain imit. Besides( &inancia ad*ice shoud be pro*ided
to customers in case there is a chan#e in the mar%et trend be&ore they see% &or it.
c. Integrate! Mar-eting Approac(
A the o&&icers in 0eposits 0epartment shoud be in*o*ed in mar%etin# and not )ust
openin# accounts and maintainin# their records. This can be done throu#h impro*in#
their personne reations s%is o& *isitin# the potentia customers at their o&&ices and
!. E.pan$ion of t(e Ca$( Co#nter
The Cash 0epartment at the Branch needs specia attention in the sense that the cash
counter is sma and becomes cro$ded $hen there are more than 1" to 1C customers to
attend. Customers ma%e onine &und trans&er( use the debit card( $ithdra$as and deposits
&rom the *ery same counter. Hence( i& a ne$ counter cannot be buit due to certain
imitations( the mana#ement shoud try to ma%e ines o& the customers or #i*e to%ens to
them( to minimi7e the cro$ed.
e. Ca$( C"o$ing Time
In this branch the Cash Cosin# time is *ery ate( o&ten it reach to + /.M $hich is too ate.
The cash mana#ement shoud try to cose the cash on time.
f. Career De,e"opment of C"earing Officer
It has been noted that the o&&icers ta%in# bis 9 che.ues &or cearin# do not in*o*e
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
themse*es much $ith the other operations o& the ban% and thus remain on the *ery same
post and seat throu#hout their ban%in# career. This is a#ainst the modern day poicies o&
or#ani7ations #i*in# their empoyees conduci*e( re$ardin# and opportunities o&
prosperin# and #ro$in# $ith it. Thus( the Human 4esource 0epartment at the Head
-&&ice shoud prepare a pan that sho$s the &uture #ro$th potentia o& the empoyees
based on their )ob per&ormance and e*auation and ma%e it %no$n to a.
g. /#r!en of 0or- in t(e C"earing !epartment
The oad o& $or% on the Cearin# o&&icer is hi#h as compared to the other sta&& members
o& the branch. The Human 4esource 0epartment at Head -&&ice shoud hire more
empoyees &or this department.
(. +roper Doc#mentation in A!,ance$ Department
I& *aid documents are not obtained be&ore sanctionin# the oan imit( it becomes
irreco*erabe in case o& de&aut by the borro$er. It has been noted that at times the reated
o&&icers obi#e the customer by ettin# him submit the documents ater and appro*in# the
imit by #ettin# the 0isbursement Authori7ation Certi&icate &rom the Credit Committee. It
pro*es to be *ery time and resource consumin# a&ter$ards tracin# the borro$er to brin#
in the documents. There&ore( correct and compete documents shoud be attained be&ore
the amount is sanctioned and no eniency sho$n in any case.
i. 1erification of Sec#rit2
/hysica *eri&ication o& the security tendered is a must rather than to merey rey on the
documents. It had been noted that $here the property to be hypothecated= mort#a#ed ay
in remote areas such as the @adoon Industria ?state re#uar physica *isits are a*oided
by the o&&icers. This &actor resut in an increase in the non3per&ormin# oans o& the ban%
and as resut MCB had more debts turned bad as compared to the other ban%s. 'or this
purpose( re#uar physica *eri&ication must be conducted o& securities ped#ed and
3. E$ta"i$(ment of Mar-eting Department
Do$adays no or#ani7ation can sur*i*e in this tou#h competiti*e $ord $ithout ha*in#
abe to mar%et itse& and its products. Keepin# this in mind a Mar%etin# 0epartment
shoud be introduced in a branches that $oud easiy impement the mar%etin# poicies
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
o& the Head -&&ice. This $oud hep in increasin# the mar%et share in deposits and
ad*ances &or MCB
-. De,e"opment of Manageria" Lea!er$(ip
@ood mana#eria s%is ma%e positi*e contribution to$ards hi#her e&&ecti*e resuts. MCB
shoud &ocus on the e&&ecti*e utii7ation o& its human resource by appyin# the modern
stye o& mana#ement. This can ony be possibe i& poitica inter&erences are discoura#ed
especiay $hen hirin# and pacin# personne and the recruitment poicies are chan#ed to
#i*e pre&erence to M.B.A. and M. Com. students.
". Te$t$ for +romotion$
A si7eabe portion o& the o&&icers at MCB is promoted $ithout conductin# any tests and
inter*ie$s. This resuts in undeser*in# peope sittin# on the mana#eria posts and steerin#
the or#ani7ation a$ay &rom its #oas and ob)ecti*es in the on# run.
m. De"egation of +o0er$
0ee#atin# po$ers to the 0epartment in3char#es up to the #reater possibe e,tent $i
most certainy reduce the $or%oad on the mana#ers and they $oud be abe to per&orm
$e by ta%in# .uic% remedia actions $here necessary. Besides( the spare time $i be
spent deain# $ith matters o& more important nature.
n. Re$earc( an! De,e"opment Department
A 4esearch and 0e*eopment 0epartment in MCB $i hep it to adopt ne$ procedures
and modern techni.ues that $i hep the ban% to compete $ith the others. An 4900
shoud be maintained at a Branches that $oud de&ine the tar#et mar%et &or the ban% in
that particuar area and throu#h its &indin#s su##est measures to impro*e the per&ormance
o& branches there.
o. C#$tomer Re"ation$(ip
Kno$in# the customers and their needs is the %ey to business success. By attitude the
mana#er can impro*e the reationship $ith the customers. By ha*in# the understandin#(
$hat a customer $ants( the mana#er can impro*e the reationship $ith the customers.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
MCB shoud understand that the commitment to satis&y customer>s needs must be
&u&ied $ithin a pro&essiona and ethica &rame$or%. They shoud obser*e a cuture o&
hi#h ethica standards( based upon de*eopment o& ri#ht attitude.
Athou#h MCB has been impro*in# its corporate beha*ior( e*en then they shoud
continue their e&&ort &or better corporate beha*ior. There is a need o& impro*in# customer
reations in MCB. 'or attitude impro*ement specia courses shoud be arran#ed under
speciai7ed teachers( throu#h ectures( seminars and other interacti*e techni.ues. It $i
cost the ban% but $i be more pro&itabe &or the ban% in the on# run.
p. Top4/ottom Comm#nication
The do$n $ard communication is *ery important because the in&ormation &o$s do$n
the hierarchy &rom superiors to subordinates. The do$n$ard communications needs to be
impro*ed( by ma%in# sure that poicies made at the hi#her e*e propery reach the o$er
e*e and those poicies and procedures are propery understood. 0ecisions shoud reach
as .uic%y as possibe $ithout any deays. 0eays create hurdes in the &unctionin# o& the
'o$ o& in&ormation( decisions and other instructions and poicies in e&&icient and
e&&ecti*e manner $i enhance the o*er a producti*ity and ima#e o& the or#ani7ation.
To impro*e the communications in the ban% the mana#ers shoud stri*e to become better
communicator and they must accompish to separate tas%s. They must impro*e their
messa#es( the in&ormation they $ish to transmit. 1econdy they must impro*e their o$n
understandin# o& $hat customers and subordinates are tryin# to communicate to them8
they must become better encoders and decoders. /roper trainin# &rom speciai7ed
communication teacher shoud be #i*en to the mana#ers as $e as the o$er e*e
empoyees so that they become #ood istener as $e.
5. 'ea"t(2 acti,itie$
There is ac% o& heathy and entertainment acti*ities i%e e,cursions on $ee%end( parties
and other important days( ceebration in their tidy i&e. 1uch acti*ities shoud be
encoura#ed at once in a month.
r. A,ai"ai"it2 of ATM
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
There is ac% o& ATM machine( &rom $hich the ATM card hoder cannot $ith dra$ the
cash. There is one /-1 machine( $hich is in the bad condition and not $or%in#. The
mana#ement shoud insta an ATM machine in e*ery Branch.
$. +roper Seating Arrangement
Customers( $aitin# &or their turns( shoud be pro*ided $ith proper seatin# arran#ements.
-&ten it $as *isibe that durin# pea% ban%in# hours many customers use to stand
any$here they $anted to. This created stress &or the empoyees as $e as other
customers $aitin# &or their )ob #ettin# done. A speci&ic pace shoud be reser*ed &or the
customers by pacin# chairs there. The sta&& shoud poitey te the customers to be seated
ti their $or% is ready. This $oud ease the )ob o& the empoyees as $e as cients $on>t
bear the pain o& bein# standin# sti and $aitin#.
t. +erformance Apprai$a"
The practice o& per&ormance appraisa shoud be made a serious and mature process
$hich can identi&y an empoyees potentia accuratey. @i*in# unachie*abe tas%s to
empoyees discoura#es them and they don>t stri*e &or the achie*ements o& those tas%s. I&
tar#ets $hich are practica are #i*en to empoyees and any bonus or re$ard is announced
on the achie*ements( this $oud #reaty in&uence the per&ormance o& empoyees. It can
be possibe ony then that the empoyees $i ta%e their per&ormance appraisa serious and
$oud yearn &or betterment.
#. &air Internee Se"ection +rogram
A &air internee>s seection system shoud be estabished &or seection o& internees. Instead
o& sendin# CE>s to Karachi Head -&&ice( the appicants shoud be inter*ie$ed ocay in
the branch on some speci&ic date. Aptitude and competence o& the candidates shoud be
considered a merit &or seection instead o& their re&erences. Ban% administration shoud
#i*e proper trainin# to the internees. They shoud educate them about the purpose o& a
the &unctions they per&orm. MCB aso #i*es internship #eneray &or si, $ee%s and &or the
ma,imum o& ei#ht $ee%s. This is a probem &or MCB itse&. Thus durin# the si, or ei#hts
$ee%s duration $hen an internee #ets some %no$ ho$ about the ban%s operation( his
time competes8 and $hen he can be more use&u than e*er( he is as%ed to ea*e.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
,. E!ifice Con$tr#ction
1ome departments i%e the Auto Loans department $as not #i*en enou#h space in the
ban%>s *icinity. A proper( $e decorated o&&ice shoud be pro*ided to the Auto Loans
sta&&. The rest o& the o&&icers aso spend most o& their time at the ban%. Those sta&&
members $ho $ant to o&&er their prayers &ace di&&icuty in doin# so because there is no
speci&ic pace &or the o&&icers to pray. A prayer room shoud aso be constructed.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
1. MCB Cha%$a main Branch. 52""F6( Annua 4eport.
2. Bateman 1. Thomas( 1ne A. 1cott 51GGA6.Management, I4WID( 1ydney. /.2H!
!. MCB Annua 4eport 52""F6( Relationshi Cont!a"t, Karachi.
H. M.M Mai% 51G+A6( P!a"ti"e # $a% o& 'an(ing, 0ecent /rint ?nterprises( Karachi.
/. 1C231C!
C. 1iddi.i( Asrar H. 52""!6. P!a"ti"e # $a% o& 'an(ing in Pa(istan) Karachi2 0ecent
/rint ?nterprises. /.22A
A. MCB $ebsite $$$
F. MCB( 52""F6. *mlo+ee ,an-'oo() Karachi. /.CH
+. Meenai 1.A 52"""6( Mone+ # 'an(ing in Pa(istan, Karachi. Aies Boo%
Corporation. /.1C!.
G. MCB( 52""A6. C!e-it, Karachi.
1". MCB( 52""A6. MC' Ca! /inan"ing) Karachi.
11. MCB( 52""F6. MC' ,ome /inan"e) Karachi. /. 13C
12. 1iddi.i( Asrar H. 52""!6. P!a"ti"e # $a% o& 'an(ing in Pa(istan) Karachi2 0ecent
/rint ?nterprises. /.!!"3!!1
1!. Win.$ist Car3Henri%( 51GF+6.0.i-e to Do".menta!+ C!e-it oe!ations, 1$eden2
ICC 1er*ices 1.A.4.L. /. 2C
1H. 4obert( '.M. Wiiams( 1.' Ha%a and M.1. Bettner. 51GGG6. A""o.nting1 the 2asis &o!
2.siness -e"isions( De$ Ior%8 Ir$in Mc@ra$3Hi( /.1!
1C. ?mery( 0.4( J.0 'innerty and J.0. 1to$en( 51G++6. P!in"iles o& /inan"ial
Management. De$ Jersey2 /rentice Ha.
1A. Horne Ean( J.C and J.M. Wacho$ic7. 51GG+3) /.n-amentals o& /inan"ial
Management 1"
?dition( De$ Ior%2 /rentice3Ha Internationa( Inc.
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Chapter-6 Chapter-6 Learning and Recommendation Learning and Recommendation
1F. Keat /au @( Ioun# /hiip K.I.( Manage!ial *"onomi"s( 'ourth ?dition( /earson
education( B.1( 2""H /.!GG3H"2