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Sat-10 Standards

Taken from Glencoe's Literature: Reading with Purpose

These are the skills taught on the SAT-10. For example, if a reference on the curriculum guide
states RC/L: I-1, then that is eading !omprehension"#iterar$% &nitial 'nderstanding-determine
explicit supporting details.
Reading Vocabulary (RV)
&. S$non$ms
&&. (ultiple-(eaning )ords
&&&. !ontext !lues
Reading Comprehension (RC)
#iterar$ *#+
&. &nitial 'nderstanding
1 determine explicit supporting details
, determine explicit causes or effects for e-ents
&&. &nterpretation
1 dra. conclusions from details
, interpret character traits, /eha-ior, or moti-ation
0 categori1e, classif$, compare, or contrast details
2 extract implicit main idea or theme
3 distinguish important from less-important ideas
&&&. !ritical Anal$sis
1 discern literar$ de-ices
, anal$1e characteristics of genre
0 discern author's -oice
&4. Strategies
1 determine unkno.n .ords from context
, determine if needed information is .ithin text
0 interpret figurati-e language
&nformational *&+
&. &nitial 'nderstanding
1 determine explicit causes or explanations for e-ents
, determine explicit se5uence or action
0 determine explicit supporting detail
&&. &nterpretation
1 extract implicit theme or main idea
, dra. conclusions from details in text
0 generali1e /e$ond the text
2 pro-ide support for conclusions
&&&. !ritical Anal$sis
1 e-aluate sufficienc$ of information
, anal$1e text structure
0 anal$1e characteristics of text
2 discern author's -oice
&4. Strategies
1 select an appropriate strateg$ in a gi-en situation
, ask clarif$ing 5uestions
0 determine if information is .ithin text
Functional *F+
&. &nitial 'nderstanding
1 determine explicit supporting details
&&. &nterpretation
1 appl$ ideas from text to ne. situations
, dra. conclusion /ased on text
0 generali1e /e$ond text
2 determine implicit details, action, or se5uence of e-ents
3 determine implicit supporting details
6 form h$potheses from ideas in text
&&&. !ritical Anal$sis
1 distinguish fact from opinion
, anal$1e characteristics of genre
0 anal$1e text characteristics
&4. Strategies
1 determine if needed information is .ithin text
, select an appropriate strateg$ in a gi-en situation
Language (Lg)
(echanics *(+
&. !apitali1ation
&&. 'sage
&&&. 7unctuation
8xpression *8+
&. Sentence Structure
1 distinguish /et.een clearl$ .ritten sentences 9 sentences that contain errors in
expression or construction
, identif$ correctl$ and effecti-el$ .ritten sentences
&&. 7re.riting
1 determine topic rele-ance
, organi1e information
0 use /rainstorming techni5ues, outlines, charts, pictures
&&&. !ontent and :rgani1ation
1 determine appropriate supporting sentence
, determine appropriate topic sentence
0 determine extraneous information
2 identif$ precise language
3 com/ine sentences correctl$
6 determine appropriate language for audience