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1.1 Brief summary
Courier System (CSS) is a product that automates business processes in
companies providing courier services. The system is comprised of subsystems, a courier-
handling side, and an Order Entry side, for handling clients.
1.2 Detailed summary
The courier-handling side tracs the complete functioning of the courier!s
activities, including processing several payment systems simultaneously (e.g. monthly
salary " hourly rate " commission) and the company!s e#uipment rented by the courier,
vehicle usages, etc. The client-handling subsystem performs a complete cycle of
operations $ith clients, such as issuing invoices, maing sure payments are made in due
time, etc. The order-handling subsystem places orders and dispatches them. The system is
implemented in the three-tier architecture.
1.3 !e"ifi" #eatures$
The main features of this Soft$are solution namely Courier %utomation System
The utmost features &acet Entry
The 'ranchise for (elivery
)pdating the delivery status for the pacets
&rinting of the bills invoice
Client *anagement
+nitial Setting
Employee *anagement
,ueries and -eporting
1.% Pr&'lem I(tr&du"ti&(
+t is a very time-consuming process. .ecause any person $ants to tae service they have
to go to particular courier branch. +f an employee is busy then a customer has to $ait for
a $hile, so this is very time consuming for the customer to do a particular transaction
$ith the courier system. +f more than one person come for transaction then person has to
$ait in a #ueue for a long time.
1.%.1 )imitati&( &f e*isti(+ system
*anual data entry.
(ata may lost or damage
%ny unauthori/ed person can access confidential
%ny information cannot be easily searched.
-edundancy of data.
*ore time consuming.
+naccuracy in transactions.
Slo$ processing.
1.%.2 Ad,a(ta+es &f Pr&!&sed ystem
%ny information can be easily searched.
%ll records of client and articles are stored in separate database $hich
are maintained constantly.
% particular client record can be modified for one or more field0s
customer name, address by providing Client1+(.
% client record can be easily deleted by providing Client1+(.
%ny article can be trac by %rticle1+(.
Can calculate the charge of pacets at the time of delivery according to
their $eight and delivery area.
The proposed system provides faster data access, data entry and
The proposed system is more efficient, fast, reliable, user friendly.
The services are available seven days a $ee, 23 hrs a day
Over and above the proposed system does not have any possibility of
data loss during processing.
&rovide improved customer services.
4eep cost do$n.
Easily employee can do updation, manipulation and entry according to
1.%.3 "&!e Of T-e ystem
The current system can be e5tended to provide sms tracing
Current system $ill may provide international services for good
&rovide $eb based bussissens solution.
Chatting facility.
Email facility.
1.. /&dules &f Pr&0e"t
-eal time %utomation System for 6ogistics has in all si5 modules
%dmin *odule
Client *odule
Employee *odule
,uery *odule
-eport *odule
1...1 Admi( /&dule
This module $ill provide the follo$ing functionalities7
*anage 'ranchises.
*anage users.
*anage ,ueries.
*anage -eports.
Change &ass$ord.
1...2 Clie(t /&dule
This module $ill provide the follo$ing functionalities7
8ie$ the pacet status
&ost the #ueries.
Change their o$n pass$ord.
8ie$ the replies.
1...3 Em!l&yee /&dule
This module $ill provide the follo$ing functionalities7
&acet management.
*anage article details
*anage dispatched details of pacets.
*anage received details of pacets.
*anage overall branch details.
8ehicles management
Client management
*anage salary details.
1...% 1uery /&dule
This module $ill provide the follo$ing functionalities7
*anage #uery about the changes.
*ange #uery about employee.
*anage #uery about courier.
,uery about status of #uery.
1.... Re!&rt /&dule
This module $ill provide the follo$ing functionalities7
*anage all the invoices
*ange all the billing functionality

The purpose of the literature survey is to develop an overall idea for the proposed
system by understanding the present situation and the re#uirement. 9ence, it is carried
out in the initial stages of the pro:ect.
2.1 O,er,ie4 &f /i"r&s&ft 2isual tudi& 2556
*icrosoft 8isual Studio &rofessional 2;;< is one of the most significant developer tools
available for building high-performance, multi-tier applications for =indo$s, the =eb,
and mobile devices. (esigned for developers $oring alone or in small teams, 8isual
Studio &ro 2;;< features integrated visual database tools for designing databases, tables,
and stored procedures. >ou can also design, debug, and deploy multi-tier applications?
and build a $ide array of high-performance solutions faster than ever.
=ith 8isual Studio &rofessional 2;;<!s po$erful, enterprise-class application
platform, you can also easily create and deploy client applications, and automatically
publish and maintain applications and their dependencies $ith integrated Clic Once
support. =ith more than @; ne$ controls and hundreds of built-in services for site
security, personali/ation and loo and feel, 8isual Studio &ro 2;;< gives you the tools it
taes to build fast, interactive =eb applications. Enhanced visual designers and editors0
speed up development times significantly, $hile intuitive visual designers help to
improve your A*6 editing and AS6T debugging. +n short, you can tacle :ust about any
development tas, $hether its creating dynamic, data-driven applications using an
integrated data access, design, and reporting environment, or creating robust applications
using the *icrosoft .BET 'rame$or C.@, the .BET Compact 'rame$or C.@, and native
code D all supported by *icrosoft 8isual Studio 2;;<. >ou can also easily develop for E3-
bit systems using a E3-bit version of the .BET 'rame$or.

Windows showing the easy use of MS-Visual Studio 2008
.8isual Studio 2;;< &rofessional Edition includes *icrosoft 8isual .asic, *icrosoft
8isual CF, *icrosoft 8isual C"", and *icrosoft 8isual GF programming languages? tools
for building =indo$s and =eb solutions? Smart &hone and &ocet &C development tools
for building =indo$s CE-based applications? 8isual (atabase tools? advanced debugging
tools, including cross-machine debugging? and much more.
2.1.1 Cr&ss /a"-i(e De'u++i(+ a(d Better 7e' Pu'lis-i(+$
8isual Studio 2;;<, combined $ith %S&.BET C.@, offers an improved environment for
publishing and administering a =eb site. =ith the built-in publishing features, such as
integrated 'ile Transfer &rotocol ('T&), you can eep files in your local pro:ect and
synchroni/e them $ith files located on a remote =eb server. 8isual Studio automatically
logs copied files $hich help you to identify $hether the remote site has been updated
$ith the latest files. %nd to help protect your site and your +&, you can pre-compile a =eb
site to publish only e5ecutable code, no source files, to your production server. The =eb
site configuration interface maes it easy to set up and maintain applications, and the ne$
=eb Site %dministration Tool helps you manage remote sites. >ou can manage cache
settings at the server and =eb site level to improve the performance of your published
=eb sites. %nd users can manage their o$n sites $ith the ne$ %S&.BET *icrosoft
*anagement Console (**C) plug-in.
The Solution E5plorer in 8isual Studio 2;;< also maes it easy for you to clean up
un$anted files. Simply choose Clean Solution from the .uild *enu and all the
intermediate files and output directories in your $hole solution $ill be removed. 'or
8isual C"", you can also use the &ro:ect Only submenu of the .uild *enu to clean only
the pro:ect currently selected in Solution E5plorer, $ithout cleaning any pro:ect
dependencies or solution files. Other features include a ne$ checsum feature that
matches multiple source file names $ithout any confusion? provider-driven application
services that let you e5tend the po$erful features of 8isual Studio Team System by
adding your o$n %S& .BET application services seamlessly, giving you complete control
over the tools and environment
2.2 O,er,ie4 Of .NET #rame4&r8
The .BET 'rame$or is an integral $indo$s component that supports building and
running the ne5t generation of applications and A*6 $eb services. +ntroduction of the
*icrosoft .BET platform has begun a ne$ era in the field of application development that
$ill drive the ne5t-generation +nternet. %S&.BET, a part of the *icrosoft .BET platform,
is a revolutionary programming frame$or that enables the rapid development of
enterprise-class =eb applications. +t provides the easiest and most scalable $ay to
develop, deploy, and run =eb applications that can target any bro$ser or device. +n fact,
these features are only a fe$ of several that mae %S&.BET developers! first choice for
creating =eb applications. %S&.BET maes application development much easier than it
$as $ith classic %S&, and hence it has dramatically improved developers! productivity.
%S&.BET enables you to provide richer functionality to your =eb applications by $riting
the least amount of code. The best part is that %S&.BET enables you to select any of the
available .BET programming languages. So, unlie classic %S&, in $hich you had to
depend on
+nterpreted 8.Script and GScript languages, %S&.BET provides a $ide choice of
programming languages. +n addition to the usual =eb applications, %S&.BET allo$s you
to create other types, $hich enables you to e5tend your applications! reach to ne$
customers and business partners. 'or e5ample, A*6 =eb services enable sharing of data
across the +nternet regardless of the operating system and the programming language H
this certainly $idens the reach of your applications. %lso, %S&.BET provides you $ith
mobile controls that enable your applications to target a large number of mobile =eb
devices. (eploying server applications has al$ays been a pain for developers. =ith
%S&.BET, ho$ever, developers do not need to $orry on this front at all, because
%S&.BET has dramatically simplified the deployment process. (eploying a =eb
application simply re#uires you to copy it to the =eb server. The .BET 'rame$or
provides the follo$ing ob:ectives7
&rovide a consistent ob:ect-oriented programming environment $hether ob:ect
code is stored and e5ecuting locally, e5ecuted but +nternet-distributed, or e5ecuted
&rovide code e5ecution environment that minimi/es the development and
versioning conflicts.
&rovide a code-e5ecution environment that promotes safe e5ecution of code,
including code created by an unno$n or semi-trusted third party.
&rovide a code-e5ecution environment that eliminates the performance problems
of scripting and interpreting environment.
&rovides building of communication on industry standards to ensure that code,
based on .BET 'rame$or can integrate $ith any other code.
Supports various programming languages lie :ava, CF, 8isual .asic etc.
2.3 O,er,ie4 &f /-1) er,er
*icrosoft S,6 Server 2;;@ is a full-featured relational database management system
(-(.*S) that offers a variety of administrative tools to ease the burdens of database
development, maintenance and administration. +n this article, $e!ll cover si5 of the more
fre#uently used tools7 Enterprise *anager, ,uery %naly/er, S,6 &rofiler, Service
*anager, (ata Transformation and Services. 6et!s tae a brief loo at each7
2.3.1 E(ter!rise /a(a+er is the main administrative console for S,6 Server
installations. +t provides you $ith a graphical Ibirds-eyeI vie$ of all of the S,6 Server
installations on your net$or. >ou can perform high-level administrative functions that
affect one or more servers, schedule common maintenance tass or create and modify the
structure of individual databases.
2.3.2 1uery A(aly9er offers a #uic and dirty method for performing #ueries against any
of your S,6 Server databases. +t!s a great $ay to #uicly pull information out of a
database in response to a user re#uest, test #ueries before implementing them in other
applications, createJmodify stored procedures and e5ecute administrative tass.
2.3.3 1) Pr&filer provides a $indo$ into the inner $orings of your database. >ou can
monitor many different event types and observe database performance in real time. S,6
&rofiler allo$s you to capture and replay system ItracesI that log various activities. +t!s a
great tool for optimi/ing databases $ith performance issues.
2.3.% er,i"e /a(a+er is used to control the *S-S,6 Server (the main S,6 Server
process), *S(TC (*icrosoft (istributed Transaction Coordinator) and S,6 Server
%gent processes. %n icon for this service normally resides in the system tray of machines
running S,6 Server. >ou can use Service *anager to start, stop or pause any of these

2.3.. Data Tra(sf&rmati&( er,i"es :DT; provide an e5tremely fle5ible method for
importing and e5porting data bet$een a *icrosoft S,6 Server installation and a large
variety of other formats. The most commonly used (TS application is the I+mport and
E5port (ataI $i/ard found in the S,6 Server program group.
'eatures of *S-S,6 Server can be summari/ed as follo$s7
*S-S,6 Server is an -(.*S pacage $hich provides very easy methods of
creating database, tables etc.
Table and database can be created using K)+ application provided by *S S,6
Server 2;;@.
Constraints lie primary ey, foreign ey, uni#ue ey, chec etc. can be enforced
easily using the graphical support.
+nserting and deleting records are also very easy in this.

3.1 Hard4are Re<uireme(ts
The pro:ect $ill run on any machine $ith minimum re#uirement of the follo$ing7
&rocessor-+ntel &entium +++ or higher.
-%*-L2< *. or more.
9ard (is Capacity-@; *. or more.
Color *onitor for display.
3.2 &ft4are Re<uireme(ts
The pro:ect has the follo$ing soft$are re#uirement7
&latform7 *icrosoft 8isual studio 2;;<
'rame$or7 *icrosoft .Bet 'rame$or C.@
6anguage7 CF ( C sharp)
.ac end7 *icrosoft S,6 Server 2;;@
Operating System7 =indo$s A&

3.3 I(!ut=Out!ut Re<uireme(ts
+nput (evice7 4eyboard and *ouse
Output (evice7 Color *onitor
3.% #u("ti&(al Re<uireme(ts
Kenerate the uni#ue tracing no for each pacets received.
Specifying the clientJcustomer $ho has given pacets for delivery.
Contain information about the address $here the pacet is to be delivered.
Calculating the charge of the pacet delivery at the time of pacet entry. &acet
charge is calculated based on the follo$ing criteria 7 &acet =eight and &acet
(elivery %rea.
)pdating the delivery status of the pacets.
&reparing the bills invoice. (epending on the rates, respective pacet $eights and
their destination areas. The bills invoice is prepared for that client for all the
pacets received.
&rinting of the bills invoice to be handed over to that client for payment
Corrections to the bills invoice D this part allo$s the management to correct the
erroneous one.
This system should includes entering, modifying, and managing clients contact
details and respective rates.
%llo$ing the client and management to #uery about the delivery status and
generating reports about the pacets.
+nformation about articles, received details, dispatched details etc. are maintained
properly and continuously.
+t interoperates $ith other e5isting system.
Overall the system is be reliable, efficient and safe.
%ll information regarding the performance analysis J reporting can be accessed
and sho$n on the screen $ithin 2 or C seconds after submitting the input data.
The system is e5tremely reliable. %ll normal process should be L;;M bug free.
=hen the user enters the $rong data the system $ill display a message and
$ouldn0t allo$ the control to go to the ne5t position.
3.. N&( #u("ti&(al Re<uireme(ts
3...1 Perf&rma("e re<uireme(ts
The real time automation system for logistic is a $eb application $ith data is in
the bacend as a set of tables maintained by s#l sever 2;;@? the transactions are fast,
efficient and secure.
3...2 afety a(d e"urity re<uireme(ts
The system described here avoids ha/ards in the input by providing a proper user
interface, $hich allo$s only valid input to update or insert values to the bacend
&roper authentication checing in the system is provided. 9ence no users other
than the authenticated user are allo$ed to insert or update any values in the database.
9ence security of data is maintained.
3...3 &ft4are <uality re<uireme(ts
Relia'ility$ The mathematical calculations involved in processing the data are
done $ith at most accuracy. %nd data is allo$ed to get updated if it is consistent. %lso
proper methods are provided for error handling.
I(ter&!era'ility$ Since it0s a $eb based application, $hich runs at server side to
provide service to the client, all that a client side system need to run it, is a $indo$s
operating system $ith any bro$ser. 9ence inter operability is achieved.
#le*i'ility$ Since the system is build using an ob:ect oriented language lie :ava,
the system is fle5ible enough to add any development.
%.1 Architectural Design
ClientL Client2 ClientC
Client n
)ser interface or presentation tire
(.%S&A file)
%pplication Server
%pplication (business) logic tire
(CF class files)
(atabase Server
,uery and transaction processing tire
(CF class files for database access N S,6)
T-e T-ree )ayers &f t-e ystem$-
A!!li"ati&( layer &r Prese(tati&( layer
%pplication layer is the form $hich provides the user interface to either programmer of
end user. &rogrammer uses this layer for designing purpose and to get or set the data bac
and forth. %pplication layer is the form $here $e design using the controls lie te5tbo5,
labels, command buttons etc.
Busi(ess layer
This layer is a class $hich $e use to $rite the function $hich $ors as a mediator to
transfer the data from %pplication or presentation layer data layer. +n the three tier
architecture $e never let the data access layer to interact $ith the presentation layer.
.usiness layer is the class $here $e $rite the functions $hich get the data from the
application layer and passes through the data access layer.
Property Layer
This layer is also a class $here $e declare the variable corresponding to the fields of the
database $hich can be re#uired for the application and mae the properties so that $e can
get or set the data using these properties into the variables. These properties are public so
that $e can access its values.&roperty layer is the sub layer of the business layer in $hich
$e mae the properties to sent or get the values from the application layer. These
properties help to sustain the value in a ob:ect so that $e can get these values till the
ob:ect destroy.
(%T% .%SE
Data A""ess )ayer
This layer is also a class $hich $e use to get or set the data to the database bac and
forth. This layer only interacts $ith the database. =e $rite the database #ueries or use
stored procedures to access the data from the database or to perform any operation to the
Admi( )&+i(
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
6ogin1Bame 8archar @;
&ass$ord 8archar @; >es

C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
%llo$ance1+( (ecimal O
Employee1Bame (ecimal O >es
%llo$ance1(ate (atetime < >es
(istance1Travelled (ecimal O >es
(etails 8archar @;;; >es
%llo$ance1%mount (ecimal O >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 (ull
%rticle1+( (ecimal O
Sender1%ddress 8archar @;; >es
-eciver1%ddress 8archar @;; >es
Email1+( 8archar @; >es
-egistered1(ate (atetime < >es
-egistered1.ranch (ecimal O >es
%rticle1$eight (ecimal O >es
Service %mount (ecimal O >es
Client1+( (ecimal O >es
%rticle1Type 8archar @; >es
%mount1&aid .it L >es
Sender1Signature 8archar @; >es
-eciver1Signature 8archar @; >es
-emar 8archar @;;; >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
Trac1+( (ecimal O
.ranch1+( (ecimal O >es
%rtcile1+( (ecimal O >es
Eneterd1(ate (atetime < >es
%rticle1Status 8archar @; >es
Enterd1.y (ecimal O >es
-emars 8archar @;;; >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
.ranch1Bame (ecimal O
.ranch1%ddressL 8archar @; >es
.ranch1%ddress2 8archar @; >es
.ranch1phL 8archar @; >es
.ranch1&h2 8archar @; >es
.ranch1country 8archar @; >es
.ranch1State 8archar @; >es
.ranch1City 8archar @; >es
&in code 8archar @; >es
Type 8archar @; >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 (ull
(espatched1+( (ecimal O
%rticle1+( (ecimal O >es
(espatch1(ate (atetime < >es
.ranch1+( (ecimal O >es
%uthorised1.y (ecimal O >es
Clie(t Details
C&lum( Name Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
Client1+( (ecimal O
Client1Bame 8archar @; >es
Client1Type 8archar @; >es
Client1%ddressL 8archar @;; >es
Cleint1%ddress2 8archar @;; >es
Cleint1phL 8archar @; >es
Client1ph2 8archar @; >es
Cleint1Email 8archar @; >es
Client1Country 8archar @; >es
Client1State 8archar @; >es
Client1Countery 8archar @; >es
Client1State 8archar @; >es
Client1City 8archar @; >es
&incode 8archar @; >es
6ogin1Bame 8archar @; >es
&ass$ord 8archar @; >es
%ccount1Status .it L >es
'rachices1+( (ecimal O >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
Employee1+( (ecimal O
Employee1Bame 8archar @; >es
Employee1%ddressL 8archar @;; >es
Employee1%dd2 8archar @;; >es
&hone1no 8archar @; >es
Goinning1(ate (atetime < >es
(esignation 8archar @; >es
Email1+( 8archar @; >es
6ogin1Bame 8archar @; >es
&ass$ord 8archar @; >es
.ranch1Bame (ecimal O >es
=oring1Stauts .it L >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 (ull
,uery1+( (ecimal O
,uery1To (ecimal O >es
,uery1'rom (ecimal O >es
Sub:ect 8archar @;; >es
,uery 8archar @;;; >es
-eply 8archar @;;; >es
,uery1(ate (atetime < >es
,uery1Satuts .it L >es
C&lum( (ame Data Ty!e )e(+t- All&4 Null
-ecived1+( (ecimal O
%rticle1+( (ecimal O >es
-ecived1(ate (atetime < >es
-ecived1.ranch (ecimal O >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 (ull
Salary1+( (ecimal O
Employee1Bame (ecimal O >es
Salary1(ate (atetime < >es
Salary1%mount (ecimal O >es
C&lum( (ame Data ty!e )e(+t- All&4 (ull
8echile1+( (ecimal O
8echile1number 8archar @; >es
8echile1maer 8archar @; >es
8echile1name 8archar @; >es
&urchase1(ate 8archar @; >es
(river1Bame (ecimal O >es
8echile1satuts 8archar L; >es
-emar 8archar @;;; >es
.ranch1+( (ecimal O >es
%.3 #l&4 Dia+ram &f ystem
%.3.1 User="lie(t /&dule
4.3.2 Admin module
4.3.3 Employee module
%.3.% 1uery /&dule
%.% Data'ase Desi+( &f t-e ystem
Data'ase Im!leme(tati&( usi(+ 1) er,er 255.

1. Pr&fessi&(al AP.NET 2.5 !e"ial Editi&(
By$ .ill Ev:en
Scott 9ansel man
(evin -eader
'arhan *uhammad, and
S. Srinivasa Siva 4umar
=-OA publication?
2. T-i(8i(+ i( C@
By7 6arry O0.rien and .ruce Ecel
&rentice 9all )pper Saddle -iver, Be$ Gersey ;P3@<
3. Pr&fessi&(al 1) er,er
=-OA &ublication

%. I(ter(et Refere("es$
.. Data'ase ystem C&("e!t
By7 Silberschat/
9enry ' 4orth
A. &ft4are E(+i(eeri(+
By7 Sommervillae