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By Dr. James Howenstine MD.

J!ne "# "$$%
Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that when he lowered the oxygen
levels of tissues by 3 ! for "# hours nor$al cells were converted into irreversible cancer
cells. %ancer &atients have low levels of oxygen in their blood usually around '( co$&ared
to nor$al values of about )(( by &ulse oxi$etry. *he co$$on thera&ies used to treat
cancer +che$othera&y and radiation, both cause drastic falls in the body-s oxygen levels.
*issues that are acidotic contain low levels of oxygen whereas tissues that are al.alotic
have high levels of oxygen.
/n a nor$al cell glucose and oxygen easily enter the cell and waste &roducts are &ro$&tly
eli$inated fro$ the cell. *he cell &h re$ains in the nor$al range of 0.3. When the outer
lining $e$branes of the cell are chronically irritated by toxic substances +ex&osure to
carcinogens, this $e$brane functions abnor$ally by failing to &er$it oxygen to enter the
cell while glucose is still able to enter the cell.
Potassiu$ ions are res&onsible for the ability of glucose to enter the cell. Potassiu$ enters
cancer cells in a nor$al $anner so glucose still enters the cancer cell. %ancer cells have
only )!1)2 of the calciu$ content found in nor$al healthy cells. *he calciu$, $agnesiu$
and sodiu$ ions, which are res&onsible for the inta.e of oxygen into the cell, can not enter
the cancer cell but the &otassiu$ ion still enters these cells. *hus we have cancer cells
containing glucose but no oxygen.
When oxygen fails to enter the cell the cell-s ability to control it-s &h is lost and the cell
beco$es 3uite acidic. *his is caused by the a&&earance of abnor$al $etabolis$ +anerobic
glycolysis, in which glucose is converted +fer$entation, into two &articles of lactic acid.
*his &roduction of lactic acid &ro$&tly lowers the &h within the cell to '. or lower. *he
lactic acid da$ages the te$&late for &ro&er DN4 for$ation. 5essenger 6N4 is also
changed so the ability of the cell to control its growth is 6a&id and uncontrolled
cancer cell growth and division occurs. 7ita$in % and zinc are able to enhance the u&ta.e
of cesiu$, rubidiu$, and &otassiu$ into cancer cells.
&'y T'e C!rrent Can)er S!r*ei++an)e An, T'era-y .ro/rams Ha*e Fai+e,
During our lives we all .ill $illions of cancer cells unless our i$$une syste$s beco$e
in8ured. When a clinician is able to diagnose a cancer of the lung by chest xray, breast
cancer by $a$$ogra$, or colon cancer by colonosco&y etc. it has already been in the body
for ' to # years and has had a$&le ti$e to s&read to other &arts of the body. *his is the
reason that the $assive &rogra$ to get annual $a$$ogra$s in wo$en is a co$&lete
failure. *he survival rate fro$ breast cancer is the sa$e for wo$en who have never had a
$a$$ogra$ as for those who obtain annual $a$$ogra$s +large &o&ulation studies fro$
%anada and Den$ar. discovered this,.
%ancer treat$ent &rogra$s are based on the false conce&t that che$othera&y will .ill $ore
tu$or cells than healthy cells and thus lead to recovery. *he very cells +bone $arrow, that
enable a hu$an to recover fro$ cancer are da$aged by che$othera&y. 9ow could a
thera&y .nown to cause cancer +radiation, be able to i$&rove long ter$ survival for very
$any cancer victi$s: *he statistics show that no $ore &eo&le are surviving now than ;
years ago. <oth che$othera&y and radiation in8ure the i$$une syste$ which is vital for
surviving cancer.
*he cancer cartel has no interest in curing cancer because che$othera&y drugs are an
enor$ously &rofitable &roduct for the &har$aceutical industry. 4n i$&ortant clue &roving
that there is no sincere interest in curing cancer is &rovided by the fact that only .! +one
half of one &ercent, of the dollars s&ent on cancer research is s&ent on research directed at
sto&&ing the s&read1;2 of cancer +$etastases,. When a cancer fails to s&read the &atient can
live $any co$fortable years in an uneventful $anner.
Fa)tors In0+!en)in/ T'e De*e+o-ment O0 Ma+i/nant Diseases
4ll &ersons are nor$ally .illing $illions of cancer cells unless their i$$une syste$
beco$es in8ured. *here are at least ' things that can in8ure the i$$une syste$=
Nutritional Deficiencies +exa$&les, >>> /nade3uate reserves of vita$in % and ? can increase
the $orbidity ex&erienced in surgical /%@s after $assive trau$a. Lac. of seleniu$
increases the ris. of develo&ing $alignancies, infections and heart disease.
Infection --- Aerious infections can de&lete &hagocytes, cause coagulation &roble$s,
nutritional deficiencies, i$&aired circulation etc.
Exposure to Radiation >>> /n8ury to DN4 and bone $arrow $ay follow radiation leading to
$alignant changes in cells and greater o&&ortunity for infections to occur.
Toxins >>> ?x&osure to unhealthy dietary transfats, heavy $etals, &esticides, herbicides,
che$icals, fluoride etc. in8ures the i$$une syste$-s ability to $obilize a &ro$&t effective
res&onse. *he lac. of dietary essential o$ega 3 fatty acids is an i$&ortant cause for
i$$une in8ury for B(! of @.A. citizens.
Stress >>> When &rolonged stress occurs the body steadily releases cortisone that causes
su&&ression of the i$$une syste$, death of nerve cells, failure to .ill abnor$al cells, and
ris. of infection $ay increase...
Aging >>> *here is di$inished ability to activate the i$$une syste$ as we age. *his
contributes to the occurrence of $alignancies and infections in the elderly.
Ha*e T'ere Been Any C!res For Can)er1
4ll health care &ractitioners who have develo&ed a cure for cancer fro$ Dr. %oley-s toxins
in )B(( through Dr. Atanislaw <urzins.y-s antineo&laston currently have been greeted with
vicious o&&osition, lies in the $edia if the $edia even ad$its the &roduct exists, inability to
get infor$ation &ublished in $ainline 8ournals where &hysicians could read it, and
fre3uently there is continuing harass$ent fro$ lawsuits threatening loss of $edical
licensure. *here have been at least a dozen safe cures for cancer down through the &ast
century of health care that have co$e and gone without the general &ublic-s awareness that
they even existed. *he cancer industry is so &owerful that television, news&a&ers, and
$edical 8ournals subsidized by revenue fro$ &har$aceutical advertise$ents are generally
unwilling to ad$it that these cures have ever existed. Often fabricated articles are &ublished
dis&araging the safety and effectiveness of the cure thus frightening the general &ublic
away fro$ so$e natural thera&y that could $a.e the$ well. /t is 3uite difficult for lay
&eo&le to realize who is giving the$ the truth..
Usin/ A+2a+i T'era-y To C!re Can)er
Parts of the world that have high levels of strong al.aline $inerals in their water have a
very low incidence of cancer. *he 9o&i /ndians have water that contains rubidiu$ and
&otassiu$ while the 9unzas of Northern Pa.istan have water high in cesiu$ and &otassiu$.
*he 9o&is and 9unzas do not develo& cancer unless they $ove away fro$ their ho$eland.
Of considerable interest both the 9o&is and 9unzas eat a&ricot .ernels on a regular basis
?ffective thera&ies that cure cancer have co$e and gone fre3uently since )B((. 4l.ali
thera&y for cancer was develo&ed in that era. /t wor.ed 3uite well for cancer but was
forgotten when only a few &ractitioners heard about it and were willing to face the
o&&osition that the $edical establish$ent directs toward anyone not using conventional
$ethods of thera&y. *he use of strong al.ali &rovided a &er$anent cure132 for $any
*he $ost al.aline $inerals +cesiu$, rubidiu$, &otassiu$, are able to enter cancer cells.
*heir strong al.alinity, &articularly that of cesiu$, causes the &h within the cell to rise to
values of # or higher because they affect &h $ore than the wea. acid +lactic acid, within the
cancer cell. /n the very al.aline state cancer cells can survive for only a few days or less
de&ending on the degree of al.alinity &resent in the cancer cell. /f $any cancer cells die
si$ultaneously the body-s ability to &rocess and eli$inate the brea.down &roducts of
$assive cellular death $ay be overwhel$ed causing a Cdetoxification reactionC. *he
&ri$ary organ involved in detoxification by the body is the liver. Ay$&to$s $ight include
flu li.e sy$&to$s, headache, nausea, and rash. *he liver can increase it-s ability to
eli$inate toxins by the use of the herb $il. thistle which is a good idea during cancer
Ao$eti$es there is so $uch $alignant tissue dying sinus tracts will a&&ear on the
*his enables the body to get $ore of the toxic substances released fro$ dead cells out of
the body faster. 9ealthy nor$al cells have nor$al electrical &otential in their cell
$e$branes which allows the$ to .ee& cesiu$ out of the cells.
%esiu$ ca&sules can rarely be a cause for &erforation of the sto$ach or s$all intestine if
they beco$e &ositioned against the wall of either organ. Dor this reason cesiu$ $ust
always be ta.en with food and the li3uid for$ of cesiu$ would a&&ear to be safer than a
One of the conditions observed after cesiu$ thera&y was a rise in blood uric acid
levels. *his is caused by $assive release of DN4 fro$ dead cancer cells. DN4 is
$etabolized into uric acid. *y&ically the values went fro$ 3. $g. to ;( $g. *his has the
&otential to cause decreased .idney function because large a$ounts of uric acid a&&earing
in .idney tubules can for$ crystals that bloc. the tubules. /f a large nu$ber of .idney
tubules beco$e bloc.ed .idney function fails and ure$ia a&&ears. *his is easy to &revent
by using the &har$aceutical drug Eylo&ri$ +allo&urinol, before and conco$itantly with
cesiu$ so that excessively high values of uric acid do not develo&. *his $ight only be
needed when ;( or $ore gra$s of cesiu$ +high dosage, are being ta.en daily. Eylo&ri$
lowers the blood level of uric acid by shifting the $etabolis$ of &roteins so that the body
&roduces less uric acid, thus decreasing the blood levels of uric acid and the a$ount of uric
acid the .idney needs to excrete.
%ancer cells contain a fibrin $eshwor. )3 to ) ti$es than the fibrin $eshwor.
surrounding nor$al cells. *his fibrin $esh surrounding cancer cells is believed to &lay a
.ey role in the ability of cancer cells to esca&e destruction by $ it 3uite difficult for
the .iller ly$&hocytes, &hagocyes and cyto.ines of the i$$une syste$ to contact and
destroy cancer cells. 4s we age our ability to $anufacture enzy$es steadily di$inishes.
*he .ey enzy$e co$&onent in an effective enzy$e &re&aration is chy$otry&sin or
serra&e&tase both of which increase the body-s ability to &roduce $ore enzy$es. We li.e
7italzy$e for $alignancies because of the wides&read re&orts of good results using the the
enzy$e serra&e&tase which is found in 7italzy$e. *he dose can begin with 3 tablets three
ti$es daily on an e$&ty sto$ach. *his dose should be steadily raised at regular intervals if
no i$&rove$ent is seen. ?nzy$atic digestion of this fibrin $esh is an i$&ortant &art of
cancer thera&y. *he &rocessing of dead cancer cells is also ex&edited by the digestion of
tissue frag$ents caused by enzy$e thera&y.
C+ini)a+ Res!+ts &it' Cesi!m T'era-y
Dr. 9. ?. Aartori began his cesiu$ cancer thera&y &rogra$ in 4&ril )B#) at Life Aciences
@niversal 5edical %linics in 6oc.ville, 5d. Difty &atients with wides&read $etastatic
tu$or de&osits were treated. Dorty>seven of these ( &atients had already co$&leted
$axi$al $odalities of treat$ent, i.e. surgery, radiation, $ulti&le courses of che$othera&y
before cesiu$ was tried. *heir condition was ho&eless.
%esiu$ chloride was given in 3 e3ual divided doses of ' to B gra$s daily. Au&&le$ental
vita$in 4 e$ulsion +)((,((( to 3((,((( @,, vita$in % +" to 3( gra$s,, zinc +#( to )((
$g., seleniu$ +'(( to );(( $g.,, and a$ygadalin +)(( $g., were given &lus other
su&&le$ents. *he diet consisted &ri$arily of whole grains, vegetables, linolenic acid rich
foods +flaxseed, walnut, soy, wheat ger$, and other su&&le$ented food. ?D*4 +chelation,
di$ethylsulfoxide +D5AO, and a co$bination of vita$ins F, and $agnesiu$ salts were
also given. *he ty&es of $alignancies treated included )( &atients with breast cancer, B
with colon cancer, ' with &rostate cancer, " had &ancreatic cancer, had lung cancer, 3 had
liver cancer +he&ato$a,, 3 had ly$&ho$a, ) had ?wing-s sarco$a of the &elvis, ) had an
adenocarcino$a and # had cancer fro$ an un.nown site of origin.
4&&roxi$ately ( ! of &atients with breast, colon, &rostate, &ancreas and lung cancer
survived. *hree &atients were co$atose when the thera&y was initiated. *hirteen &atients
died in the first ; wee.s of thera&y. 4uto&sy results in each of these )3 disclosed reduction
in tu$or $ass size caused by cesiu$ thera&y. 4lso &ain disa&&eared in all &atients within )
to 3 days after initiation of cesiu$ thera&y. *his $ay have reflected decreased &roduction
of lactic acid by dying cancer cells.
One breast cancer &atient was of considerable interest. Ahe was co$atose when cesiu$
thera&y was initiated using a feeding tube. Ahe received )( gra$s of cesiu$ chloride three
ti$es daily. Ahe wal.ed out of the hos&ital days later. @nfortunately it was not
a&&reciated that a hi& had been co$&letely re&laced by tu$or tissue which disa&&eared
with thera&y. 9aving no bony tissue to su&&ort her weight she fell at ho$e fracturing her
nec. resulting in death. *he auto&sy revealed no hi& bone and only very s$all a$ounts of
cancer tissue. *his is a s&ectacular thera&eutic result des&ite the tragic death.
/n a grou& of # &atients where the site of origin of the $alignancy was un.nown ; &atients
died in the first )" days and ; $ore died in the first year. Dour of the &atients were still
alive when last heard fro$ $ore than a year later. %onventional cancer thera&y has never
&roduced any results li.e these as si$ilar cases without a clear site of origin for cancer
usually die ra&idly.
4 &atient with ly$&ho$a had a huge hard abdo$en. 9e weighed ;( &ounds. );( &ounds
of weight was lost in the first 3 $onths of cesiu$ thera&y. 9is s&leen was initially in his
&elvis. *his shran. to nearly nor$al size. *he liver was enlarged to the u$bilicus before
thera&y. *his returned to nor$al size in 3 $onths. 9e was alive 3 years later at which ti$e
he was again che$othera&y.
Dr. Aartori believes that doses of cesiu$ should not exceed ;( to "( gra$s daily because of
side effects of nausea and diarrhea. 9e felt that these results confir$ed earlier results by
5essiha which had suggested that large doses of cesiu$ see$ed to be $ore effective than
low doses.
Dr. Aartori too. "( gra$s of cesiu$ hi$self which caused only nausea and unusual
sensations around the $outh believed to be related to &otassiu$ de&letion. *he usual
dosage used in his clinic was ; or 3 gra$s three ti$es daily. When there is no re$aining
sign of cancer he thin.s the dose can be safely reduced to . or ) gra$ daily. Ao$e &atients
on cesiu$ develo& evidence of &otassiu$ de&letion so seru$ &otassiu$ needs to be
$onitored along with uric acid blood levels. 4ny al.ali thera&y changes the &h of the body
toward a $ore al.alotic state. *his causes $ove$ent of &otassiu$ into cells which $ay
result in low seru$ &otassiu$ values. *his $ove$ent of &otassiu$ into cells $eans that a
&erson can beco$e seriously de&leted of &otassiu$ even if there is no diarrhea or vo$iting.
4 case of &ri$ary liver cancer +he&ato$a, was treated later. Ahe was a 3B year old school
teacher who was ter$inal on arrival on 4&ril ;, )B#". 9er liver was enlarged ) inch below
the u$bilicus. Ahe wal.ed out of the hos&ital on 5ay )(, )B#". 9er liver had shrun. to ;
inches above the u$bilicus. *he al&ha feto&rotein tu$or $ for he&ato$a had
decreased fro$ 3B,((( units to ((( units.
On one occasion Dr. Aartori noticed the disa&&earance of $etastatic tu$or $asses within
one hour of cesiu$ thera&y. *wo days later wrin.les a&&eared in the where the tu$or
$asses had been located.
Physicist 4. Feith <rewer beca$e very interested in cancer in the )B3(s. 9e &erfor$ed
funda$ental research on the $e$branes surrounding nor$al cells, ra&idly growing cells
+e$bryonal and cancerous, and dead tissue. *he $ethods used by hi$ included
s&ectrogra&hic, fluorescence decay &atterns, and &hos&horescence decay &atterns of
radioisoto&es of &otassiu$ in nature. 9e felt that he was one of only a few &ersons who had
actually studied ion trans&ort across $e$branes.
9is research enabled hi$ to devise a &rotocol to treat cancer &atients using cesiu$. Dr.
<rewer then treated 3( &atients with various cancers using cesiu$ with all sub8ects
surviving. *he &atients he treated were obviously not as sic. as those in Dr. Aartori-s grou&
but his results &rovide further very encouraging evidence about cesiu$-s value.
6escuing ; cancer victi$s fro$ certain death is a re$ acco$&lish$ent for cesiu$
thera&y. %onventional thera&y for $alignancies using che$othera&y and radiation has
never been able to cure &atients whose initial tu$or has s&read to another site i.e. liver, lung
, brain, etc. *he nearly deceased &atients treated by Dr. Aartori had tu$or de&osits scattered
all over their bodies. 4 sizeable nu$ber +( !, of these &atients recovered. 4dditionally, it
is unheard of for a &atient whose site of origin of a tu$or re$ains un.nown to recover. /n
Dr. Aartori-s series " out of # such &atients were alive one year later.
/ a$ sorry that the results of Aartori and <rewer-s studies using cesiu$ have not received
the wide &ublication they deserve but this is not sur&rising. /f you .now a &erson with
Cho&elessC or any other cancer cesiu$ see$s li.e a &ro$ising direction to &ursue.
/n $y o&inion an ideal thera&y for $alignancies needs to $eet several criteria=
Safety >>> *here have been only a few serious co$&lications of cesiu$ noted +&erforations,
severe nausea, which $ay be avoided with li3uid cesiu$.
Simplicity >>> *he thera&y needs to be si$&le enough that an ordinary &ractitioner can
$anage it. *he &atients not re3uiring hos&ital care should be able to be cared for in an
office &ractice where any needed lab studies can be obtained.
Reasonable Expense >>> While not chea& at G#( to G;(( for a $onths su&&ly of cesiu$ this
is a &ittance co$&ared to the cost of che$othera&y and the certainty of un&leasant side
effects fro$ che$othera&y agents.
Easy Dissemination Of Information About Therapy >>> *he &ublic needs to beco$e aware
that the &har$aceutical industry and their friends in the DD4 and other regulatory agencies
will do everything they can to bloc. the s&read of infor$ation that could decrease the sale
of che$othera&y drugs. %ancer has been cured at least twelve ti$es since )B(( but the
&ublic never hears about it. Lay &eo&le ar$ed with a little understanding of how cesiu$
wor.s and where it can be &urchased can save a lot of lives.
*here are not $any $edical &ractitioners trained in so$e of the effective so&histicated
natural thera&ies used to treat $alignancies. With cancer now ready to su&&lant heart
attac.s as the leading cause for death in the @.A. $edical &ractitioners will need to beco$e
teachers and enlist lay &eo&le to s&read good news if the cancer e&ide$ic is to be defeated.
?x&ect no assistance fro$ govern$ent bureaucrats because their allegiance is clearly to the
&har$aceutical fir$s who ta.e good care of the$. Of course, this does not $ean that there
are not $any govern$ent e$&loyees sincerely interested in &ublic health $easures.
@nfortunately these dedicated &ersons are not the ones $ the decisions...
&'o S'o!+, Be Consi,ere, For Cesi!m T'era-y1
*his is an ideal thera&y for anyone with ter$inal $alignancy. /f you .now so$eone who
has been told get your affairs in order you only have 3 to ' $onths to live that &erson has a
reasonable chance of recovery with cesiu$ thera&y. *hey $ay need 3 to ' gra$s of cesiu$
three ti$es daily to recover. *he &erson who is e$aciated and unable to eat anything or is
in a ter$inal co$a she get B gra$s of cesiu$ three ti$es daily.
Other cancer &atients who have not lost their a&&etites and are eating nor$ally $ight be
tried on one gra$ of cesiu$ three ti$es daily with observation for signs of recovery
+receding tu$or $asses,. *he dose should be raised if there is no obvious i$&rove$ent in "
to ' wee.s.
*he ability of cesiu$ to heal $etastatic cancer and cancers that have started and s&read
without their site of origin being .nown $ cesiu$ 3uite i$&ortant in treating
$alignancies. %esiu$ wor.s in ly$&ho$as so there is a &ossibility it could cure leu.e$ia
and &olycythe$ia vera as well because the cells of origin in both are derived fro$ bone
$arrow + ly$&hocytes, white blood cells, red blood cells,.
%esiu$ can be obtained in li3uid for$ fro$$ Phone )>")0>"'>#;;( and
fro$ 6ainbow 5inerals Phone)>#((>'";>B'0(.
) <rewer, 4. Feith Ph.D = *he 9igh &h *hera&y for %ancer, *ests on 5ice and 9u$ans
Phar$acology <ioche$istry H <ehavior v. ;), su&& ) &g. ), )B#"
; 5oss. 6al&h W. = Losing the War on %ancer *ownsend Lettter for Doctors H Patients &g.
33 Iune ;(("
3 6ichardson, Iose&h J. = 9ealth and Longevity @niversity of Pennsylvania. Pg. 30# )B(B
" 4enold I = %lean out your arteries>>>at ho$e, without a needle, and at a fraction of the
cost. 9ealth Aciences /nstitute 5e$bers 4lert 4ugust ;((3 &g )>"
K ;((" Dr. Ia$es 9owenstine > 4ll 6ights 6eserved
Dr. James A. Howenstine is a board certified s&ecialist in internal $edicine who s&ent 3"
years caring for office and hos&ital &atients. 4fter " years of &ersonal study he beca$e
convinced that natural &roducts are safer, $ore effective, and less ex&ensive than
&har$aceutical drugs. *his research led to the &ublication of his boo. 4 Physicians Juide
*o Natural 9ealth Products *hat Wor.. /nfor$ation about these &roducts and his boo. can
be obtained fro$ a$$ and at www.naturalhealthtea$.co$ and &hone )>#((>")'>
;#(' @.A. Dr. 9owenstine can be reached at 8i$ and by $ail at Dr. Ia$es
9owenstine, %MO 6e$arsa @A4 A< 30, P.O. <ox ;;B;, 5ia$i, Dl. 33)(;>;B;.