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(702) 478-8888 {TEACHER EXTENSION}

Course Scope: {The following pertains to ELA/ Reading}
This course is designed for the development of critical reading, writing, speaking and listening, and media literacy
skills in preparation for college and career readiness.

Course Goals: {The following pertains to ELA/ Reading}
Students will complete activities that construct meaning and analyze and evaluate the logic and rhetorical
strategies used in a variety of grade-level and above grade level print that represent a variety of genres.
Students will listen purposefully to a variety of speakers and messages in both formal and informal
contexts; speak with clarity for a variety of purposes, audiences, and contexts.
Students will craft the meaning, style, and tone of oral and written communication at grade-level and/or
higher complexity.
Students will acquire an extensive vocabulary through reading, discussion, listening, and word study.
Students will evaluate the effect and influence of media and will be able to view and produce media in
order to compete in modern society.

CollegeBoard, SpringBoard English Textual Power Level 1

Tardy Policy:
A student is considered tardy when the student is not in his classroom when the tardy bell rings. At the start of each
class period, teachers will take attendance. All tardies are considered unexcused unless the student has a written
pass from a school official.
Late students must sign the teachers tardy sheet.
Students late 30 minutes or more to class will be marked absent for that period.
Tardiness will result in a progressive disciplinary action including, but not limited to, teacher action,
Associate Principals detention, RPC, and suspension.
Progressive Discipline Policy: {Highly recommended}
Level One: Verbal warning. The teacher will speak to the student about the behavior.
Level Two: Removal. The student will be removed from the problem, or the problem will be removed from
the student.
Level Three: Citation/ Parental Contact. The student will receive a citation and the parents will be contacted
through an email or phone call.
Level Four: Detention. The student will serve a lunch detention and the parents will be contacted through a
phone call.
Level Five: Disciplinary Referral. The student will be referred to the office.

Student Conduct:
Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.
-Frederick Douglas {QUOTE}

y Pointe

We seek scholarship
We render service
We provide leadership
We develop character

All students are expected to be respectful to themselves and others, be responsible for their academic actions, and be
ready and prepared at all times.
Daily Materials: Students will have all required material with them daily.
Entering Class: Students will get their binder and complete their agenda and GIG.
Dismissal: The class will not leave until they have been dismissed by the teacher.
Food & Drink: No food, drink, or gum in the classroom. Water bottles must remain on the back cabinet to protect
all electronics in the classroom.
Electronics: Cell phones, iPods, laptops, and other electronic devices must remain off unless they are
being used in a lesson. If a device is taken away during class, you may collect it from the teacher
after school.
Dress & Attire: Standard Student Attire (See Student handbook in student agenda)
Volunteers: Send in a note stating your name, phone number, and your interest in volunteering.

Grading Policy: {Must remain AS IS in all Course Expectancies}
Parents and students may access grades at any time using Infinite Campus. Grades will be uploaded weekly.

96.5 - 100 4.0 A+ Grade
percentages are
rounded to the
. For
example, a
grade will be
rounded up at .5
while .49 will
be rounded
92.5 - 96.4 4.0 A
89.5 92.4 3.7 A-
86.5 89.4 3.3 B+
82.5 86.4 3.0 B
79.5 82.4 2.7 B-
76.5 79.4 2.3 C+
72.5 76.4 2.0 C
69.5 72.4 1.7 C-
66.5 69.4 1.3 D+
62.5 66.4 1.0 D
59.5 62.4 0.7 D-
59.4 and below 0.0 F
Extra Credit:
No extra credit will be awarded.

Missing or Late Work:
Missing or Late Work beyond the teachers deadline may be submitted and graded if done so within the instructional
unit in which it was assigned. The grade earned on the late work may be reduced up to 50%. Assignments missed or
late due to an excused absence will be accepted without penalty provided that for each day absent, the student has
one day to submit the late work. Should a student miss two days of school, the work will be submitted within two
days of the students return to school. However, any assignment that was due, or at least that was scheduled on the
day of an excused absence must be completed and submitted the first day the student returns to school.


Quarter Weights:
Tests: 40%
Quizzes/ Assessments/ Projects: 30%
In Class Work: 20%
Homework: 10%

Semester Weights:

Quarter 1 = 40% Quarter 3 = 40%
Quarter 2 = 40% Quarter 4 = 40%
Semester 1 Exams = 20% Semester 2 Exams = 20%

One 1 1/2" Binder 5 Divider Tabs
Sticky Notes (Post It notes) Green or red marking pen
Several pencils and blue or black pens Color Pencils
College ruled loose leaf paper
Two 70 sheet college ruled single subject notebook (one per semester)
2 GB (or more) Flash Drive (this can be shared with your other classes)

Please complete all three parts of this permission form, detach it from the syllabus, and return it
by Friday, August 29.

Please detach, sign, and return this sheet by Friday, August 29.
Part I.
I have read and understood the preceding policies.

Date:_______________________________ Period:_____________________________

Student Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Student Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Names: ______________________________________________________________________

Relationship to the Student: ____________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Phone: Home: ______________________________ Cell: _____________________________

Part II.
Does your child have daily access to a computer? ____________________________________________________________

Does your child have daily access to the internet? ____________________________________________________________

Will your child have a laptop/ tablet with them in class? __________ Type? ____________________________________

Part III.
We will be viewing and critiquing several video clips this year, as well as comparing the full length movie to the actual text
after we have read the novel. The movie ratings will be PG or less. Please sign below to give your child permission to view
these videos during school. If you would like a full list of the videos, please feel free to email me.

I _________________________________ (your name) give permission for my child, ____________________________________
(childs name) to view PG/G rated movies during school.

Parent Signature ____________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________