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[BOOK NAME] A night with Mr. Arrogant

(Tagalog)Just one night would change it all.
Nina had a complete and perfect life-- Thats what she thought
until she met the man who captured her heart.
Typical isnt it? But unfortunately for Nina, She was with someone else
for years now .
So how come, every night, She found her self thinking
about him constantly?
How she can't help herself but be attracted to the man she just met?
Those orbs of his so sensuous and radiant like pure diamond
which seize every nerves in her mind. His firmly built body l
ike a knight awaiting to rescue her with his strong arms.
An undeniably true gentleman with a pleasant and alluring persona.
The way he brushes his lips along her jaw and that sensuous
tingling feeling she felt when he crushes her lips with his.
She just can't get enough of his touches HHmmm..
Oh no, I could smell trouble.
[1] Prologue
What are you going to do if the one you love has been another lie all through ou
t your life?
What are you going to do if the only man that you love has been lying to you?
For Nina, A typical woman in the early age of her 20's..
It was one tough choice..
To live in a lie or to move forward with no assurance of the future?
It was one tough weekdays at work followed by the deadlines that usually had her
there on her chair for two more hours of overtime -- That was always Nina's dai
ly routine
She was contended in all aspect of her life. Atleast .. Who wouldn't?
She started a career on her own, Got her self a job just months after graduation
and then she has been living the time of her life--- until the day that he met
Just your typical love story isn't it? Those orbs of his so sensuous and radiant
like pure diamond
which seize every nerves in her mind. His firmly built body like a knight awaiti
ng to rescue her with his strong arms.
An undeniably true gentleman with a pleasant and alluring persona. The way he br
ushes his lips along her jaw and that sensuous tingling feeling she felt when he
crushes her lips with his.
She just can't get enough of his touches-- That was obvious but what's the catch
She's been going out for years now with her college boyfriend. But lately, her b
oyfriend for four years has been oddly different. The way he kissed her, the way
he held her hands-- It's like she didn't know the person right in front of her.
It was as if this guy was a total stranger.
"I love him" A phrase that's now too foreign for her ear yet that's the only thi
ng she could hold on to--- Not for too long that is
Especially when their lips met in the darkness, the rational part was long forgo
The million dollar question, one she'd asked herself a few hundred times throug
hout the course of the night. Beyond the curtain, beyond the short hall of the c
lub, lay the crowd.

Men who sporting their best and women who had their deadliest vixen-attire with
drinks in their hands, It was as though the world she'd known had been brushed a
side by his company, pushed back until they had been curled up alone here.

As it was with so many other things in life; the best answer was the shortest o
ne. He wanted him. To see him. To drink him in. He was beautiful.

Stunning. His corded chiseled abs and hard-to-touch chest agaist her own is enou
gh to make her rampantly needy, ferocious and sudden in the intensity of her wan

She felt his lips against her for the second time. He kissed her again, drinking
her up before parting, laying his lips to the corner of her mouth before he sli
pped her from his arms and twisted her around, pulled the full curve of her ass
against his hips and trapping her until her back was crushed to his chest.

Free, his hands slid up her bared belly. It teased along towards her bra-clad b
reasts, down over the arch of her feminine him.

"This wasn't about what I wanted, Baby" He answered, his words a low rumble aga
inst the curve of her ear.

Baby, he had said. A pet name. A definition. It was the siren's call to the weak
er of men, a context meant to assert that he was still guiding their game. A few
moments ago and he'd have been right but the dynamic had shifted.

Things had changed. The lusty, sultry little grind of her hips against his had g
iven rise to the parts of Nina she kept smothered away.

It'd green lit the rapid transformation that it bestowed on her. I bet he left h
er devoid of hesitations in a few short minutes, prisoner not to her sinful need
s but her own. An important distinction.

She'd feel the heat of his breath against her neck, the hardness of his body tig
ht to her own. There was no escaping his arms and the way they had wrapped aroun
d her.

She seen heat in his eyes, no, not just heat, fire burning bright and it slid th
rough her like tendrils of heat licking over her body. His dark, rugged looks wi
th that stubble on his chin was enough to make a woman weep.

There wasn't time for much more though as he tightened his hold and molded his m
outh to hers again taking her breath away. Soft, supple hips nudged against his
lean ones, seeking him out, grinding him, showing him point blank what she wante

"I'm going to make sure you're not gonna forget this .. night with me"
"With who? Mr. Arrogant?"

"Possibly" He gave her a weak smile that made her inside scream for more before
he claimed her lips once again

Suddenly she found herself turned and back slammed against his rock hard chest.
Gasping when his length pressed the softness of her bottom, she couldn't resist
rubbing against him, feeling the dampness spread against the thin lace of her p
anties feeling him hard for her, so hard she nearly started to beg him to fuck h

Hot hands learned the curves of her body, she watched them move over her warm s
kin and shivered when he whispered in her ear.

He had to know what his hot breath on the slope of her neck would do to her. Her
quiet piano man was as much of a tease as she was she thought with a smile. "Mm
mmm, sounds like the alcohol got the best of you huh?."

She would feel his breath against her throat, the shift in his words. Flat and
low, without the casually playful cadence he'd had before.

His dick was steel against the cheeks of her ass, grinding through the fabric of
his slacks into the softness as his hand lifted to suddenly claim her dark mane
. The silk of her hair spilled from between his fingers as he bent her across th
e vanity, allowing her the cruel glimpse of the game she'd stumbled into.

Her gorgeous features partially veiled by her dark hair, pieces that had escape
d the fist he kept wound within it to control her

--- or not.

[2] Chapter 1
(A/N: hey, guys.. update number one finally! sorry for the wait and sorry for th
e non-filipino readers out there. starting to this chapter, im so gonna write in
filipino because that's where im comfortable with. but if you really wanted to
read this, google translate wouldn't fail you)

"Hoy Nina!" a hand waved right in front of my face
"Anak ng Tukneneng naman oh? kanina pa ako dada ng dada eh.. 'di ka pala nakikin
ig plus your mind is anywhere else but here."

The one who kept on blabbering straight for five complete hours was Meg Toledo.
who's been my bestfriend and my partner in crime since college.
Mind you, I was never been an exception when she bitches out. She liked it strai
ght with no flowery attachments to the word. She's blunt yet you could still fin
d her bluntness as one of her sexy attributes aside from her already pretty and
God-given natural beauty
And if you'd ask me who's prettier between Anne Curtis and her? i'll go for Meg
Toledo not because she's my bestfriend, but because of obvious simple reasons.
If you'd mix her on the crowd of half-bred Filipinas, She'll definitely stands o
ut the most
She has this natural volume on her hair that reaches below her shoulders, she al
so has this long lashes that would highlight her big expressive eyes. Skinny but
has the curves on the right places. on the contrary, she isn't really that tall
But I think, bumawi naman 'to sa attitude. cuz one thing's for sure.. Mess with
this lass and you'll face the fury of hell
"Ah, wala" The dullest and shortest answer I gave her out of her nagging
Nasa Starbucks kami ngayon when I texted her to meet me up for an 'S.O.S' . She
need not to be told twice or thrice for she already knew what's my 'S.O.S' is al
l about
"Definitely, It's Gerard."
See what I mean?
I bit my lower lip while I was trying to find words inside my head that would de
finitely give justice to what I feel.
"Hah! I knew it! I didn't even sound like I was asking but Im sure, it was a bul
l's eyes huh?" She added and took a sip on her Frappuccino
"Need I say more? Sige, Ikaw na ang next Madam Auring" I said
I dont want to admit to her pero talagang wala akong takas pag dating kay Meg. S
he knows every little thing there is to know about me.
"EWWW!" She gave me a disgust look and rolled her eyes
"Dont you dare compare me with that old hag who puts a spikey chocker on her nec
k! I am far far more prettier, see the exaggeration?? Kahit wrong grammar, FAR M
ORE PRETTIER than who ever you compared me with"
I just sighed and darted my gazes at my Blackberry
Bakit kaya hindi pa siya nagtetext?
Meg seem to notice what I was thinking so I flinch when she suddenly slammed her
fist on the table
"Hindi talaga mag tetext yang boyfriend mong ulol, Nina. Taas na lang ng pride n
She stood up and then gestured her other hand on top from the other, slowly maki
ng a huge distance between her two palms
"Mga.. Ganto lang naman kalaki ang pride ng Gerard Enriquez na yan. see? see?"
Then she sat once again to where she was supposed to and then crossed her leg fr
om the other
"Naku, Nina! Loving someone should give you a glimpse of heaven. Pag impyerno na
, baka naman gusto mo nang magising ha? Nagmumukha ka na ngang tanga, habol pari
n ka ng habol. At wow ha? akalain mong .. nakalimutan ba naman ang 4th anniversa
ry niyo! gosh!"
"Masyado lang talaga siyang busy, Meg .. but his willing to make it up for me na
man tomorrow"
I reasoned out, glancing at my Blackberry from time to time
"Nina, what's the point of you having a relationship?" she blurted out from nowh
ere and suddenly her face became serious.. flat and dead serious
"To love and to be loved" i said with confidence
"Exactly! You're in a relationship to be happy, to smile, to laugh and to make g
ood memories. Not to constantly be upset, to feel hurt and to cry."
"Look, Nina.." She drew herself nearer to were I sat and then took a deep breath
Its as if she was thinking of other broader terms and words to utter next and wh
en She looked up and darted her eyes straight to me again, Those large expressiv
e eyes of hers...
"He did that like gazillion of times already! bumenta na yan! ano ba? kung baga
sa sinehan, its like nanunuod ka ng movie na alam mo na ang ending.. you're too
much of a manhid!" she hissed
"Eh dati naman boto ka sa kanya ah?" I said
"Dati yun, oo Nina. Boto ako kasi mukhang matino eh .. pero people change for th
e better or for worse. As for your boyfriend, I think you know the answer for th
at" She spat and then crossed her arms on top of her chest
"im sorry, Meg.. mahal ko lang tala-" i was cut by meg with the sound of frustra
"UGGGH!" She slammed her palm on her forehead and grunted
"Dont you dare mention those cheesy pathetic lines again!" She raised both of he
r hands in defeat and then added "Alright! I give up but dont tell me I didn't w
arn you okay?"
"If you come crying again.. UGGGH! whatever girl! .. " as she took a sipped on
her coffee, she had rolled her eyes on me and looked away
Silence was between us for rest of the time. she seems to be studying my express
ion from one time to the other
Then she suddenly grabbed my hand and held it tightly by hers
"Kapag ipinapakita mo sa taong mahalaga sayo na hindi mo kayang mabuhay ng wala
siya, lalo mo lang siyang binibigyan ng dahilan para baliwalain ka."
She squeezes both of my hands and then gazes back at my eyes with so much emotio
n into it.
It was as if she already knew something and that she was trying to protect me
And slowly, those words that came out from her lips stabbed me inside. parang bi
gla akong nadurog ng sobra sobra then the next thing i knew, my eyes were beginn
ing to water from it
"Well.. " I trailed off ..
"What am I suppose to do?" i asked while i tried stopping the tears as i bitten
my lowe lip
"Nina, I know you know what you should do." she whisphered and drew herself clos
er to where i sat
"Meg, I'm so weak!" ang sabi ko habang tuluyan nang tumulo ang mga luha sa mga m
ata ko
"Giving up doesn't indicate that you are weak, Nina. It means you've held on to
something so long, and you couldn't keep holding on. That's Strength!"
"Meg, what am i going to do without you?" i sobbed and then hugged her so tight
that she couldn't breathe
"This is just so gay, Nina.. can't ... breathe" pabulong niyang sabi
tapos when I let go of her, we looked at each other then ..
RYING LIKE A BABY" ang sigaw niyang sabi holding her laughter as she tapped her
hands on the table drawing attentions to our direction
"Meg! ano ka ba.. nakakahiya ang daming tao oh!" i said as i dragged her down th
e table to hide myself from the great embarrassment
"oh please! I have every rights to have fun.. anyway, how will this Gerard-fucki
ng-Enriquez gonna make up for forgetting your 4th -goddamn-anniversary?"
"I dont know yet but he's inviting me to his friend's wedding" i said
"Booo! how romantic" she said sarcastically as she took another sip to her coffe
napapikit siya saglit at napakunot ang noo ...
nung dinilat na niya ang mata niya, she sighed again
"Well, atleast.. that's new... but plain boring!" she glared at me but that didn
't last long dahil napakagad naman siya sa labi niya and rolled her eyes
"Nina, Im your friend okay? i'll support you. pero if this Gerard fucking Enriqu
ez crosses the line,
tell me right away. alright? and i'll kick his balls for you with pleasure" she
smiled at me genuinely

I returned that smile and stood from where i was sitting and hug her like we usu
ally do
"AWW! meg!"
Kahit medyo bitchy .. no, scratch that.. even she's a bitch. i still love this g
irl no matter what.
We've been together through thick and thin since college days and nothing could
ever change that
I remember the day when I first saw her at Freshman Orientation, I got lost at t
he wide campus of Ateneo De Manila and dont know where to go.. I dont know where
will the Orientation be held..
so when I saw her walking on the school ground.. I didn't hesitate to approach h
At first impression, I'd say I thought she was a snob... and Indeed, I was right
. She was definitely a midget-size version of a snob.
"Miss" I tapped her shoulder but she didn't budge or even turn around. I thought
talagang hindi lang niya ako narinig dahil may kahinaan din ang boses ko
So I tapped her shoulder once again
and then in a snap, she grabbed my hand, twisted it a little and glared at me. T
inanggal niya yung Beats earphone niya and said
"Ano ba! 'Di mo ba nakikita? nakikinig ng music ang tao, ba't ka ba storbo?"
"So-sorry.. I was wondering If you're a freshmen too"
She snickered and then let go of my hand
"FYI, Miss... " She turned to look at me directly and eyed me up and down
"Miss 'Di-maka-basag-pinggan-na-mukhang-nerd, Sa itsura kong 'to?? mukha na ba a
kong gurang sa'yo?"
I studied her face for awhile, she was quite the lookish I must say but she wore
far too much of make up and too dark shades of eyeshadows and lipstick
"You appeared to be slightly older to me cuz of your make up. Aren't the Jesuits
priest gonna scold you for that?"
"Aba! ikaw ah, close na ba tayo? ba't ka nagcri-critisize ng make up ng iba ha?
Make up guru ka ba? tsaka tigil tigilan mo ko ng kaka-english mo .. 'di ako mada
dala sa ganyan"
She immediately turned around and put back her own Beats earphone
But I had no one at that time so I practically grabbed her hand so she could fac
e me once again
"Miss, Please. Nawawala talaga ako. Sorry kung nacritisize man kita pero, Its no
t what I meant. If na offend ka man don Im sorry."
Then she smiled flashing me her ever white straight teeth
"Oh! yun naman pala eh, nag tagalog .."
I was completely puzzled by her bipolar mood, first thing she's mad and now she
seems friendly. I smiled back at her flashing her my Green-wired Braced teeth
"Kung hinahanap mo yung Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong Hall Auditorium, Tara samah
an na kita. Papunta nga ko 'don actually" She said grabbing my hand
"Freshmen ka rin pala?" I asked wondering how such a mature-looking girl could b
e a freshmen as I do
"'Di ba halata?"
At natawa siya bigla
"bakit ka nga pala parang galit kung makipag usap kanina?"
"Ayaw ko kasi sa mga Konyo. Panay pa ingles mo saken .. Ayaw ko talaga ng mga ga
non. Nasa Pinas ka 'Te! kaya magTagalog ka" She roughly poked my head all of the
sudden and then chuckled once again
"Sorry, Yung Lola ko kasi. Ba't pala 'yaw mo ng mga taong nag i-ingles sa'yo"? I
asked once again
"Ikaw ah, dami mong tanong .. Eh kasi, pag may nagi-ingles saken bigla kong naaa
lala yung mga maaarte kong konyong half-sisters sa Pasay. and just thinking abou
t them makes me want to punch them up right front" She said cletching her right
hand and punching it with the other

"Grabe ka naman! nakakatakot" I said in a mock cowardness which earned me a whol
e new uproar of laughters from her
"'Di naman, sa mga ayaw ko lang. Ako nga pala si Margareth Toledo. Meg na lang"
She held out her hand
"Nina Angela Fernandez"
And just like that, We became close friends
Gerard came to my doorstep just in time that I was done with my make up. I was w
earing the dress he gave me the night before. It was just a plain pink dress tha
t hugs most of my womanly curves
Then I added some chuncky huge bangles to match the dangling earrings I was wear
I opened the door with the obvious excitement painted all over my face as if I w
as14-year-old girl happy to see her crush.
yes, i was THAT into this turd. this, oh-so-hot boyfriend of mine
"Hey " He bent down and gave me a dull kiss on my left cheeks which kept me ther
e wondering what was going on inside his head
was it me? or was i missing the part were he'll gave me a sweet boquet of pink c
" Uhhmm ---- How do I look?" I shyly said and turned around for him to see.
I hope I was not obvious that I was breaking the awkwardness between us.
It was never like this before
"Perfect as always"
He replied too dry to my comfort .. not even bothering to look at me in the eyes
. He then glanced at his new swatch and said
"We're running late, Nina"
What's wrong with him? I thought as I tried my best no to frown at the way he's
behaving right now
"Shall we go?" he continued..
Pointing to the direction of his Crimson-colored Bentley parked right in front o
f my apartment. I just nodded at him feeling a little bit disappointed on how he
's giving me the cold shoulders
We arrived at Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal, Binangonan where the wedding recepti
on was held. By the sight of the cars parked at the lobby of the said resort, yo
u could already make out the outline that it was a wedding reception where rich
and most of the elites attend
Ito nga pala ang mundo ni Gerard Enriquez. malayo sa mundo ko.
I was even surprised that he asked me out during our college days..
who thought that this guy would even date someone like me?
I was partnered with him for a Lit 101 assignment on my First year. So it gave w
ay to our closeness as being friends and beyond that. His name was on every girl
's lips and he was known, not only for being one of the richest, but also for hi
s Charming way to swoon a girl without even trying
So practically he was 'the hearthrob' and I was the plain-looking braced girl wh
o happen to be 'lucky' (as what they say) to be partnered with him.
I even received stupid curse letter and such on my locker before and partly rece
iving flames on my email, but since I had Meg on my back, They were practically
running to their yayas about it
I was contented with just being friends with Gerard at first. He wasn't one of t
hose cocky boys at our school. He was humble, sweet, gentleman .. just like how
those chick flicks lead girl describes their dream guys. He was that
But one faithful day ...
"Nina! medyo matagal tagal na din yang braces mo, 'di mo pa ba ipapatanggal?" Me
g asked while we were walking side by side to our lockers
"Hmm... I dont know. I haven't thought about it yet but I'll try to visit my den
tist soon"
"For sure mas gaganda ka pa don sa nalilink kay Gerard ngayon" Meg noted and gra
bbed a Literature book from her locker before locking it up
"Huh? Sino?"
"Yun oh!" She pouted her lips and the gestured at my back. My brows were pulled
together as I turned around only to see Gerard with Sabrina Lorenzo, Blue Babble
Battalion's Captain, walking side by side

I should've known. She's into perky cheeleaders
The sight of them was such a sore. I bit my lower lip to stop my self from cryin
g, bowed my head so nobody would noticed and started running away to the opposit
e direction,
"Teka, Nina!" Meg uttered following me close behind
and When we arrived at the dorm, I immediately threw my books and my bag on the
floor and dive on my bed
"Shhh! wag ka nang umiyak" Meg uttered while running her palm at my back.
"Sige ka papanget ka"
It even made me cry even more..
"Oo na panget na ako" I weep and cried my self on my pillow
"Ano ka ba! Maputi lang yung Sabrina na yun.. Halatang nag Glutha lang!"
"Kahit na!" I said while I face-plant my head on my pillow
I heard her sighed before she gathered herself once more and said
"Mukha namang hindi totoo, te!"
I looked up and frown at her
"What do you mean?"
"Porket ba magkasabay sa hallyway, sila na agad? 'Di ba pwedeng sadyang haliparo
t lang yung babae at dikit ng dikit kay lalake? Haler? nakita mo na bang nag-HHW
"'Nu ka ba! HHWW! as in Holding Hands While Walking! Anyway, Its not the point.
Ganito na lang...----"
"Gusto ko ng make over, Meg" I said which surprised Meg even more
She was wide-eyed when she sat on my bed "Seryoso?" then I just nodded shyly whi
le wiping my dried tears away
I sat up from my bed and said "Yeah. Samahan mo na ako bukas sa dentist ko. May
klase ka ba?"
"Bakante ako from 11 to 3. Sige, I dont mind..." She stood up and then gave me t
his smile yet again, just like those time na nagmeet kami for the first time
"You came on the right time with the right person" and then she winked
You probably already knew what gone through me next right? Yes, I had a major dr
astic change which, by the way, climbed me to one of the popularity list.
So there, It was not only Gerard who noticed how I've changed but everyone else
on the campus.
My hair that was always kept away from my face in a high pony tail was now let d
own and straighten as it passes down my back and I was even surprise it reached
up to my waist.
My other 'manang' damit was thrown out by the window and my wardrobe had the ma
jor make over as well
Hindi na katulad ng dati ang treatment saken. Kung before daan daanan at babangg
a banggain na lang nila ako, ngayon .. hindi lang nag gigive way, hinahangaan ka
pa, tinitingnan at parang sinasamba ka pa
All thanks to Meg
Despite the 'ultra drama mega change' (as what Meg named that evolution) I still
remained my foot to the ground.
Those friends of mine even when I was still 'not socially accepted' were still
my friends and popularity didn't get into my head, I still remained my straight
Unos and achievements.
So just like those Sappy chick flicks where Lead girl changed and then Prince ch
arming finally noticed her other than as a friend, It was exact thing that happe
ned between Me and Gerard
He finally asked me out to be his girlfriend before finals kicked in and I even
tually said yes.
I know its too good to be true, but what else can I say? It happened and now, we
're in our 4th-year together.
Perfect right? No. Just like those fairytales in disneys, every story has some n
asty antagonist. Unfortunately, today, I couldn't even pinpoint who or what keep
s our relationship now, dull dead and distant.
"Nice meeting you"
I don't know how many times I've repeated that same 3 words 4 syllables and 14 l
etters. I don't even know why am I even beso-ing these people that I barely knew
All I know is that, I have to because I don't want to embarrass Gerard at the ve
nue right now
He has been introducing me to a bile and waves of tux-wearing men and classy go
wned women and somehow, any minute I could feel my jaw feeling numb from this fa
int stupid smile I was wearing for half an hour now
It practically hurt not only my mouth but my whole muscle area in the face!
"OH! look who we got here! Gerard! How're man? Great to see you!" Uttered by tha
t tall Moreno guy with such strong figure.
They patted each other's back in a manly hug and then had this weird flipping of
their finger in their hands together
Its like a hand gesture or something
"How was Bahamas? Heard you've met some hot chikas right there huh?" Gerard teas
ed which made the Moreno guy smirked with his remarks
"Its as if you're not actually used to this guy since high school, Ge" said by o
ne 'Chinito' guy with really smooth-looking pimple-free face
Did he ever gone through puberty?
"Right, Villanueva. You're the one to talk" The Moreno guy uttered and swung his
arm to the 'Chinito' guy's shoulder
"Oi! Patrick! I've heard you just broke up with Carina because you turned gay?"
Gerard laughed lightly while Patrick mockingly blew a hard punched on Ge's right
"That's bullshit! If I found out who ever spread that stupid rumour, I'll make s
ure I'm gonna punch his gut 'til he'll lose it" Patrick said while he bit her lo
wer lip and clenched his right hand to show who's the boss
"Waitta minute, isn't this Iigo?" Gerard patted the back of the guy's broad shoul
der. He was facing us and was, somewhat, busy with his drink on the hand
and when he turned around ..
OMG. I think I just dropped my jaw on the ground can you help me pick it up?
"Hey, Man! Haven't seen you for ages!" The guy named Iigo uttered and smiled at us
Hands down, Lord. Kung ito na yung tinatawag nilang Adonis. Gosh! Any words wou
ldn't even give justice
"How was New Jersey? Heard you're in to big toys right now huh? Cars?"
I just stared momentarily at this Iigo, savoring each details on his perfectly scu
lpted face
His spiked jet-black hair, his tall muscular figure, his strong jaw line and hi
gh cheek bones, his pointy high-bridged nose, his kissable lips, straight white
teeth and his mesmerizing brown eyes ... those eyes
I wonder how many hearts were broken by this look
Wait a minute! Are you checking him out? Hello, Gerard's standing right next to
you duffs!

"And what do we have here? Such a fine lady shouldn't be ignored like that, Ge"
Iigo remarked smirking as sexy like some sex God
Finally! They've noticed a girl was standing here. I thought I was going to go n
uts and talk to myself 'til your convos go 'bye bye'
"Sorry, Nins" Gerard whispered to my ear and kissed my cheek. I turned to face h
im and then frowned
Nins? Since when did you start calling me that?
"I'd say, the prettiest girl I've seen in my existent" Commented by the one tall
Moreno guy right next to this 'Chinito' one
"Boooo! Can't you think another unused pick up lines, Llanza? Have I heard you s
ay that to Cate? Or was it Lea?" He taunted
"'Nuff with this shits, Dude! 'Di pa rin kayo nababago ah?" Gerard smiled and t
hen wrapped his arm around my frame to held me closer
"This prettiest girl you were talking about, Alex is my girlfriend. The one I'v
e skyped you about during college? This is her. This is my Nina"
Then He glances at me before getting back with his 'barkadas'
"Nina, These dufus are my friends from high school, Alex (Moreno guy), Patrick
(Chinito guy) and Iigo"
Ah! Boys from Zobel
"Hello" I timidly said and slightly curled my hand for them to see that I was wa
ving. I smiled just the way they did as they flashed me their grins
But only one didn't seem happy about it or maybe he's not in the mood at all
I glanced at Iigo from the corner of my eyes and noticed how he looked at me. The
way his brown eyes scanned and memorize every little detail there is on my face
and how he eyed me up and down, is just ... beyond sensational
How come he could send my body that reaction even by just looking?
"So, That's good to hear. Planning on settling down soon, Ge?"
The question came out from Alex who sounds like he was hiding something or rath
er knew something going on inside Gerard's head
Gerard seemed taken aback by the sudden question thrown by Alex, so he looked a
t me first from his side and gave me a wary sly smile and then darted his act on
his friends again
"We have so many plans together for our future that I think, Marriage is not ye
t on our priority list."
I flinched at what I heard and was slightly hurt by how it stabbed me inside
"But-- but ofcourse, We'll come to that soon when we're ready" Gerard said with
a little justice this time
"Just don't take your time being 'ready' about it, you'll never know when will b
e the time that someone out of nowhere might snatch that girl away from you" Iigo
uttered and took a sip on his Vodka
"Afterall, A fine beautiful woman-" His eyes landed on me with such lust and smi
led "----shouldn't be kept waiting"
The boys turned to each other and started exchanging weird non-linguistic gestu
re before Patrick coughed faintly and patted Iigo's shoulder
"I think I just saw someone we knew back in high school, Iigo" He uttered with a t
otal awkward and wary face
"You better get going, Ge.. Rey (the groom) had something to talk to you about"
Patrick elbowed his friend, Alex, to signal him that's its his turn to talk
"Uhh. Right and we'll be right there!-" he pointed on a pile of drink in the cor
ner "-drinking some margarita, vodka or whatever's on the table. See you!"
Alex and Patrick dragged and pulled Iigo with them while Gerard and I just stood
there watching him being hauled
Guys are really weird
"After all, a fine beautiful woman shouldn't be kept waiting"
What does he mean by that?? and wait--- those eyes... have I seen that somewher
e before? That same gorgeous intense expressive brown eyes such as that?
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[3] Chapter 2
"Im so disappointed with you Ms. Fernandez. You were late for 3 consecutive week
Im totally not impressed with it."
my boss, Mr. Bernando, was yelling at me again. it has been like this for 3 whol
e months
since i've started working in this cheap-newspaper thing.
I dont even know why i was working in here. There were gazillions of option to c
hoose from but ....
for the love of Gerard, I stayed in this nosy building with smelly and not-so-cl
assy bathroom.
Have I told you Gerard was in the higher position than i do?
"Did I hire the wrong person? Did I really read your resume right and your trans
cript? you graduated as the Cum Laude in a well-to-do university but you seem to
be acting way down below your supposed-intellect" he trailed
i just sighed and look down to the floor. I was sitting by the wooden chair by m
y boss's office
what else can i say to him anyway? its not like he could understand a thing. I t
hought fidgeting my own fingers as I took a long frustrated sigh
"You even forgot the file that I asked you to pass before noon. what has gotten
into you, Ms Fernandez?" He demanded slamming the pile of papers in front of his
"Im sorry, Mr. Bernardo. it wont happen again. but ..things just..." I stopped..
possibly ransacking something to pull from the back of my head, maybe even thin
king of the other way to sayan excuse to tell my almost-50-year old boss the rea
son why I have not finish it yet
"just got in my way" I continued
i looked into his eyes and asked him to give me another chance.
"I've heard that already, Ms Fernandez.. things?... like what. Im all ears?"
His eagles eyes were directed on me which was quite intimidating or maybe I'm p
utting it lightly with the word itself. It was scary-- it actually reminded me o
f those days when my grand mother would scold me for not following her rules and
a whip to accompany it right on his hands.
I gulped as I watch him entwining both his hands together as he places those on
top of his table. He was getting impatient I could tell by those nerves that wou
ld probably pop out soon from the side of his eyes
"Well ..." I trailed off..
I was not from a well-off family. Truth be told, I dont even have a family here
in Manila. My grand mother told me that I was a native of this place but I could
n't bring my self to remember at all that I even lived in Manila way back.
Growing up in Cebu, I only was raised by my Grandmother and close cousins on my
mother's side. No, my parents, from what my grandmother would tell me over, pass
ed away from a car crash that I happen to be in it as well but I couldn't really
remember at all.
After my grandmother retired after teaching for 30 years at a local public schoo
l in Mactan, just two years ago .. I was expected to double my hardwork and she
only had me to rely on expenses such as bills on monthly basis.

So here I am now stuck with financial problems such as the payment for the apart
ment where Im stayin at because my Grand mother was confined for about a week wa
y back home. So She needed the money and I used my supposed-apartment bill to pa
y for her hospital

Not only that, Gerard, my long time boyfriend of almost years and years now, has
been distant lately.. He was not usually like this. Our usual fight wont last a
day but now .. I dont even know why but it breaks my heart whenever he ignores
me like that --- like an air
It was one friday night when my supposed-date with my boyfriend was canceled and
Meg suddenly, invited me to go out with her.
as we were walking along, looking for tables to sit with.. Meg suddenly grabbed
my hand and dragged me back to the exit of the said restaurant
"I think we should dine somewhere else, Nina.." she said hurriedly
"But we came all the way from my place .. let's just--"
I couldn't find my words right after I spotted the familiar person from a distan
t. I took my time and blinked for several times before I realized, it was indeed
familiar because it was Gerard!
He was smiling---even laughing at something the lady right in front of her whisp
ered. She had her back on us-- the kind of back too expose for every man's eyes
and may work wonders in every man's desire I couldn't tell who she was as of th
e moment.. but one thing's for sure he ditched me for this date
busy?! busy pala ah? busy makipag lampungan sa iba? I thought. My feet immediate
ly dragged me to their table. I was definitely fuming and I couldn't take the fa
ct that he disses me for this!

I saw them giggling like a stupid couple as they may seem.

couple?! ppft!
I rolled my eyes just thinking about it.

"He-hey!.. Nina.. teka lang!" Meg had her hands on my shoulder to calm the shit
out of me
but that didn't do anything .. Im on the edge.. Im so over controlling the beast
inside me.
I was too pissed to keep my cool and stay while looking at this totally not-so-s
ightly view in my eyes
"Oh.." I said after I made right in front of their table---to which Gerard and h
is date were overly surprised with
Im now finally facing the date of MY boyfriend. my right brow automatically rais
ed itself as my eyes landed on this cheap slut
Gerard's Coworker and his bestfriend daw
How could you possibly say someone's your bestfriend if you happen to meet her r
ight after your were hired? To think it was just two months ago! Unbelievable is
n't it?
At alam niyo ba kung anong mas nakakairita? Eh yung rason na parati niyang pinag
didiinan na 'bestfriend' nga raw sila. Bestfriend kaya laging magksama. fuck tha
I was even surprise to find the girl before me who was not even fazed by my pres
ence-- She was, as I could tell, annoyed. She intently glared at me like I'm som
e kinda dirt in her eyes. How dare she!!

Gusto niya ng laban sa titigan? pwes! hindi ako papatalo
She was tough on the outside but when you look at her closely, .. isang bagay an
g kapansin pansin..
Her hands were shaking.. in fear?
yes.. just thinking about Roselyn Zabala .. shaking in fear would surely help me
sleep tonight
but, Gerard reached out for her hands and held it tightly..
this Douche bag!!!nanadya ang gagong to! I gritted my teeth

"Love" ang sabi sa akin ng magaling kong nobyo.
He slowly stood up from his seat and tried touching my hands but slapped it away
. How dare him.. pahimas himas pa siya sa akin.. with those hands na nahawakan n
a ng maduming babaeng to!
"so this is what you've been upto?" I said bitterly.
How could he forget our 4th year anniversary? how could he forget that he should
be calling me every late night? how could he forget to picked me up every morni
ng? how could he forget... everything we've been through to stay in this relatio

His mom was totally against us dating. his whole family was! but i stayed tough.
binalewala ko lahat because that's how i love him
how did he just allow this filthy little whore ruined every little sacrificed we
made to stay this long?
I wanted to scream those question on top of my lungs. i wanted to shout it to ev
eryone else in that restaurant.. i wanted to......
but instead .........
I slapped him across his face which caught enough of the entire attention and he
ads to
turn on our direction.. to where I stood.. to where Gerard stood while Roselyn,
sitting there, was obviously shocked, dumbfounded and totally frozen in her posi
ton. She must've not expect it from me considering I'm always calm and colected-
- as what they often say
but I went back to my senses My hands were clenching and fighting the urge to cr
y right in front of them.
I wont cry.. i will definitely not cry this time 'round. i repeated to myself ov
er and over again.
"Its not what you think, Nina.. Rose and I were-"

"Rose?!" I said in disbelief and a little of frustration as I cut him off with h
is words
"now, you gave her a pen name?! wow! that's a progress, Ge!" i said sarcasticall
"and you!!" I turned to the direction of Roselyn who did nothing but stare at us
the whole time.

I pulled it up-- dragging to my eye level in an attempt to slap her across her f
I was going to really give this slut a lesson but ...
Gerard caught my hand ... he caught it just in time before it would hit the surg
ery-gone-through face
"I can't believe you, Ge" I mumbled-- finding it harder to breathe this time. W
hen did the air became suffocating? I bit my lower lip as I shook my head, I ste
pped back. I should step back because any minute now, I'll lose it
I took my stride away from the said table and to the exit I go.
I've bitten my lower lip trying to hold my tears.. but it was no use. I sobbed a
s tears completely made their way out of my eyes---rolling to my cheeks. I tried
my best to hold it further but I can't. It hurts so much more. I looked up in
an attempt for the streaming to stop
in a matter of minutes, we were back in Meg's Honda Accord... in the middle of t
he resto's parking lot. away from the crowd.. away from sight of everyone else..
away from Gerard

"Its okay now, Nina.. you can cry now. its all me and you now"
Meg said while she was trying to calm me down as she patted my back. trying to h
ug me
and i did.... I cried aloud. and laid my head on her shoulder... and hinayaan ma
sira ang pinagpagurang make up ko. and my mascara was ruined
i dont care...i just needed this

kakalabas ko lang sa office ni Mr. Bernando , When i saw Gerard walking around
in the opposite direction.
We made an eye-to-eye contact for awhile ..but i broke it when I tore my gazes a
way from him
we almost walk passed each other but ..
"Nina" he grabbed my wrist intently and looked straight into my eyes its as if h
e was sorry
for that incident.. and i almost fell for this... ALMOST.
I pushed him with my other hand with all force and i took few steps backwards
"I dont have time for bullshits, Gerard" I told him bitterly
"Nina, You all had the wrong perception. We were just hanging around that night.
He tried explaining to me as he was reaching out for my hands.. for my eyes so t
I could looked back to his eyes and proved to me that he wasn't lying.. that he
was sorry
"I bet its Meg who's been feeding you-"
"Meg has nothing to do with it, Gerard! .. its you!" I answered him back while i
glared at him
"How about the time, i found her on your flat .. wearing you shirt?! just your s
hirt, Gerard! I dont want to think she had something underneath those"
"God, Nina!" he grunted in frustration and slammed his palm on his forehead...
"How could you be so selfish? how could you just throw everything away? everythi
ng we've gone through for this goddamn relationship?"
how could I?
no, how dare he threw those accusations on me? i thought and i started holding
my ... tears.
"Nina, naman .. madami na tayong pinagdaanan. ngayon ka pa ba mag gi-give up?"
he said in a low calm voice still trying to search for my eyes.. for my forgiven
then he hugged me tightly... so tight that i could hear his pulse
"Nina" he whispered into my ears..
gosh! i missed this feeling i thought as i smelled his scent
his faint scent....

"I love--"
but i pushed him and walk few steps away from him. He looked in pain
before i could completely walk away from him i said
"Someday you'll cry for me like I cried for you, but when that day comes, I'll b
e the one not listening to it."
and then i turned on my heels and strode the opposite direction.
but there's no turning back now, Nina i thought and held up my head high looking
tough and proud
The next few days ..
"WHAAT?!" muntik nang maitapon ni Meg ang coffee sa mukha ko.
We were in the Living room of Meg's Apartment. It was just 6 fucking a.m when i
surprised the sleepy with messy hair, Meg nung nagpakita ako sa doorstep sa hara
ng mismong apartment niya but being the bestfriend that she is .. she let me in
at mas lalo siyang nagulat na may dala akong maleta.
"Seriously?!" she uttered in surprise. na tuluyan na nga siyang nagising
I nodded
"dont worry, it wont be that long.. I just need a new place to stay"
"no, not that!" ang sabi niya habang gine-gesture niya ang both hands niya in de
"the other one.. i dont mind if you stay here forever.. but the part where you
na magreresign ka na?! seriously?!" she added
hindi ako sumagot. i made up my mind. im sure of this now and i've explained ev
erything to Meg.
I think they're indeed right, people do stupid things when they fall in love. i
was supposed to be working on philippine star but.. see? for the pathetic name o
f love i had for Gerard, i refused that and went to work with him
Si Gerard ang dahilan why i took that job in that cheap-steak newspaper and funn
y how he's the very reason why i wanted to quit.
I dont want anything to do with him. i tore those photographs na nakahang sa wal
l ng pad ko. i burned every polaroids there is in my photo album along with thos
e things he had given me sa 4 years na pang ga-gago niya sa akin.

I wanted to start whole over again.. back from the very start.. without Gerard.
. just me ..and totally alone.
its not too late for a 21--almost-22-year-old lady isn't it?
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[4] Chapter 3
Explicit content ahead. Be warn!
Meg grabbed me from where i was sitting and she dragged me all the way in the mi
ddle of the dance floor
to where the crowd has been dancing to the beat of this club for heaven-knows h
ow long
I tossed around my drink and totally made my way to the whole bunch of people.
I met few smiling eyes there but, I was too drunk to process everything
and register who were they..
as of the moment, I lost track counting how many drinks I shoved inside my throa
Who cares?!
I was just too elated or rather drunk to tell...
I've danced like nobody was actually watching. Showing everyone else what a grea
t dancer I was.
I widly swayed my hair from left to right not bothering kung gano kagulo nga ba
ang outcome nito..
shaked my ass all the way down and swaying it as seductive as i could all the wa
y up
you are probably wondering why the heck Im at the club whoring.

well .. let me just lay the details on what happen awhile ago...................

It was 7 am when I hurriedly made my way down from Meg's place to the ground flo
where the mail box was stationed
I've been dying to know if i was hired in the company that i applied days ago. i
t was killing me inside .. by just waiting there every day. sitting alone wonder
ing if ever i'll be accepted or i have to sulk my self and find another job
people were expecting high on me. who were to blame anyway? ikaw ba nman grumad
uate as cum laude with the degree in creative writing?
but in reality, wala silang clue.. they dont actually realized how much pressure
i've been carrying with those expectations. it has been a burden on me lalo na
nung pagkagraduate ko
do they realize that in the real world, certificates and medals dont actually ma
tter... and the real world is actually gruesome and harsh than the school it se
uuugggh! I grunted in frustration
"Electric bill, phone bill, cable...... where the fuck is that letter?"
i've went through tons of bills, promo ads until ..
finally, My eyes landed on the letter that I've been craving for... that i've be
en dying for!
"HOLY SHIT!! this !!!" I immediately tore the envelope and read the letter of ac
"Im finally, landing my dream job!! wooooohh!" I howled in delight.. it was the
same feeling when I was accepted in my dream university.. the same feeling I got
when nakakakuha ako ng uno sa mga subjects ko. it was priceless!!
i felt like i was flying all the way up to Meg's pad and as soon as i closed the
"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" I shrieked habang patalon talong ako..
I ran around circling the whole living room of the pad
it startled me nung nakita kong tarantang lumabas si Meg fresh from the bathroom
with just her towel on, a toothbrush on her mouth habang hawak hawak ang isang m
alapad na tabla
"HA? wha-what?! what's happening, Nina?! I thought may rapist or magnanakaw ang
what's going on?" ang sabi niya while removing the toothbrush itself from her m
she stood there dumbfounded when i rushed into her arms.
i gave her a huge sisterly hug and i tightly held her both hands and we jumped a
round together
"Teka nman Nina.. nahuhulog na yung towel ko." she said as she was fixing the on
ly clothing that covers her entire being at the moment
" i made it, Meg!! i've got the dream job i was waiting for my entire fucking li
fe!!!! " i shouted..
"And... i'll start on monday!!" i added
"Wait- what?! The inquirer?! omg, Nina!!!" her mouth went open and hug me automa
"im so fucking proud of you, girl!!"
"oh wait, i have a great idea!!" sbay wink niya sa akin
you know.. when she does that? im having this funny and weird feeling it will go
out of the hand.. oh boy.. just like when we were in college..
"let's go out and drink to that!!!" she said flashing me her infamous cheshire g
oh boy.... i thought

so that's how i ended up in this club drunk with Meg. i totally dont have the st
amina for liquor
but i was too happy to say no to Meg. hello? just landed on my dream job here?

"ooooh!! look who's attention you had caught for tonight, Nina" she whispered on
my ear while sumasayaw.
napatigil ako .. sa kakasayaw at sa kaka-giggle ..
automatiko namang napalingon ako sa kinatitigan ni Meg and i was caught by the f
amiliar seductive eyes.. the kind of eyes too sexy to ignore.
i saw the built feature of a man leaning while his arms were crossed together on
his chest. emphasizing how built he was.
i looked around to check if he was really staring at me.. for i dont want to be
the assuming bitch here fyi.
but.. he was ..indeed staring at me intently.. as if drowning me once again in h
is irresistable stare. it was as if hinuhubaran na niya ako just by gazing at me
and this body couldn't help itself but to react to the sensational feeling im a
ctually harboring from that guy.
ewan ko ba, pero the first time i saw him at the reception? talagang.. familiar
na siya before pa. but i couldn't pin point where i've met him..
and then suddenly, he smirked!! giving my body the reaction i've never felt befo
its getting wet down there . i thought
i looked around but Meg was totally gone out of the blue. probably screwing some
one else
or maybe..she went to the bathroom or maybe..
i was too drunk to even think of where the hell Meg was
having an ounce of shame, i shyly walked away and made my way from the crowd
to the bartender's den
my back was now facing the crowd as i shoved a yet-another drink to my throat tr
to atleast calm the beast awaiting to be release inside me
i closed my eyes sa sobrang tapang ng ininom ko. i ran my hand to my now curly
hair and tug it on my ear.

suddenly, the familiar aura was there again. infact, it was even sitting beside
me leaning closer and closer. then i caught him staring at me yet again. as if s
tudying every little details on my face
"The usual, Pina Colada .. w/ little ice on it" he turned his attention to the b
artender and ordered the same drink that i have. he automatically drank and fi
nish the it before seconds has passed
then he slowly turn to my direction.. giving me an intimate look that he always
flashes right in front of my eyes
i was grace by those tempting stare of him as he smirked
i returned the smiled
"Well if it isn't Nina" he breathe.
actually nagulat akong nagreact ang katawan ko when he said my name. i didn't ac
tually expect him to remember my name.. i thought he was one of those kind na hi
ndi nagbo-bother to memo an average-looking girl like me.
"My my my.. if it isn't Iigo" i said acting naturally para hindi ma-obvious ang s
obrang pagkakatense ko mismo sa harap niya
"What brings you here?" I continued
"I should be the one asking that, Nina" he replied while his smirked was totally
solid across
his alluring overly-attractive face
my mind was on the battle between guilt and pleasure.. it was battling whether t
o actually let loose my self or let the goody old girl go back to my senses
to hell to that sabe ko sa sarili ko while still giggling like a drunk girl as i
was at the moment
and there it goes....
"considering you have drank enough for the night" he continued
i just gave him my mega-watt grinned and pretended i didn't hear a thing.
"what? you were saying something?" i muttered.. leaning closer to him..
considering the whole area was flooded with the volume-up disco beat, the act wa
s flawlessly done
so he began moving closer to me.. to my ear and whispered
he was too close not to smell the faint aroma that he sprayed all over his shirt
. the sweet breath i could smell from him and that warm feeling i got within his
aaah that sensation of his skin brushing off to mine i thought sheepishlly
"i said You're too-"
i cut him of by sealing his mouth with mine and zipped it with a dangerous
beggin-for-an-opening kiss. i cupped his face drawing him near as possible
his eyes was shocked and he didn't immediately respond to the movement i've been
doing and didn't react to the sensual gesture i've been trying to pull
i snaked my arms to his neck completely erasing the space between us ...
but in awhile, he went back to his senses and kissed me back... with pleasure an
d hunger in his eyes this time around
OMG i did not just do that ang bulong ng konsensya ko sa lasing kong sarili
but ... it was too late now to turn back . we're apparently making out in the cl
ub... not caring to the glares and stares that we get from the people inside
and by then, he let me dominated his mouth
its absolutely no turning back know. i repeated to my self as i closed my eyes
while our lips are still trying to dominate one another.. it was like that the w
hole time .. when we were in his car, when we were on the elevator and to the fr
ont door
I didn't even know if i wanted to stop.. no,infact didn't
want to end this amazing sensation we were sharing at the moment.
I wanted him right here and right now and I am so not gonna ruin everything
that i know i desire for
I sent him a seductive glance and exposed my flawless thighs and long legs
"How inviting, Nina"
"Come here," by this time, he pulled me in my wrist and gestured me to the bed.
I complied, moving closer to edge of the bed
His face moved to breathe against my ear.
"Nina .." he murmued kissing every corner of my face
"you better be sure about this." he added
"I've never been this sure of something in my entire life," I whispered back rem
oving the only clothing left covering me---my lingerie
He didn't need to be told twice.
He pulled me into his arms and kissed me fiercely sending my body into the feeli
ng of
wanting to skip that part and shove his pride in my womanhood
but it will surely ruin the mood of this all-ready-ignited heat between us
I moaned with delight into his mouth and arched my body into him. The kiss shows
of how eager we were with our sexual was needy and raw with unt
amed desire
He lowered me down onto the bed only breaking the kiss to get rid of his shirt,
which tinapon niya sa sahig carelessly.
And then his mouth found mine again briefly before landing it softly to my chest
as he skillfully pulled his pants down
I almost cried out in pleasure as he bent and lowered his mouth as he bit my tw
o already-errect mountains on my chest.
He then worked his tongue around it erotically and sucked it into his mouth send
me a soft sensation of approval on my part
"Nina, you don't know how i've been dying to do this to you, "
he uttered seductively and I couldn't respond to it because he was already givin
g me
too much pleasure to handle
naramdaman ko na lang that his hand slide down my body giving me shivers on my s
pine. His mouth came back up to mine and I wrapped my arms around him and presse
d my body into him leaving no space between us.
I was so wrapped up in the kiss; I didn't notice he brushed me inside as if prep
aring me for something... he dug himself deeper into me.. slowly.
" you're a--?" He whispered in my ear.
i just nodded not wanting to hear the V-word
and i suddenly felt shy about it
yes, i've been going out with Gerard for 4 years but he didn't actually touch me
it was back in college when nagyaya siya pero, me.. being so scared and whiny..
i resisted him.. hey! i was only 17-almost-18 girl at that time who still beli
eves that first time should ba sacred! atleast.. that was my granny told me.
ever since then, wala na siyang attempt to even bring the whole thing up and it
has been awkward since that night
which had given me a doubt on my sex appeal. was i not sexy enough?
"Shhhh!!" he brought his index fingers into my lips
"its ok.. do you know how lucky i am just thinking about it? the first person to
fuck your wet pussy"
And then bumaba siya ulit sa dibdib ko to sent the sensation to overdrive
He began thrusting his manhood into my opening.. this time,faster and harder in
a imaginary beat .. as my hips were arched up into his palm while his tugging m
y magic spot,
I could feel myself trembling and i thought i was going to break into gazillion
of pieces. it was beyond sensational sex frenzy
"Nina, you're too fucking tight!!" he moaned into my ear and bucked my hips into
his which caused me to groan in return and begin rubbing circles around my clit
My breath caught in my throat as the pleasure were giving the feeling of heaven
on earth
I probably orgasmed twice before i totally lost myself to the ecstasy and shiver
ed in his arms.
He collapsed onto the bed and I fell back resting my head on his chest which was
breathing heavy from exertion.
"You're amazing, Nina" he murmured on my ear and kissed my hair before finally d
rifting off to sleep
i know im suppose to be with Meg preparing for the job ahead. i know i shouldn't
went overboard with it.. i know i should've probably said no to Meg's invitati
on.. but its too late now
and with the feeling of soaring pain between my legs, i drifted off to sleep
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[5] Chapter 4
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HOLY SHITTT!!! i thought as i stood up from the bed.. humihingal at pawis na pa
bigla na lang akong nagising sa kalagitnaan ng dilim..
teka, gabi pa ba? i bet it's madaling araw na i corrected my self
then, bigla ko na lang naramdaman ang kirot sa bandang pagitan ng legs ko ..
UGh. my head!! i thought as i growled and touched my head.. napakunot naman ako
nang bigla kong naramdaman na....
i wasn't alone the whole time.. tapos.. sunod sunod ng flashback at mga larawan
ang nagflood sa tila nabibiak kong ulo.
bigla akong nagpanic... i've never stayed over some guy's place before.. let alo
ne have sex with him
i surveyed the place.. although, wala akong makitang matino... dahil sa sobrang
napansin ko kung gano kalaki ang silid na to.. pang lalake ang wall paper at
masyadong pang bachelor ang dating
i turned my attention to the guy sleeping soundly beside me totally naked..
when i laid my eyes on him,
i saw how innocent and how adorable he was. ang haba pala ng lashes niya at mas
mukha siyang hot with a messy hair..
then i began to notice his pointy nose.. his jawline and .... his full lips that
literally raped last night
and then, the scene came back to my senses
"i said You're too-"
i cut him of by sealing his mouth with mine and zipped it with a dangerous
beggin-for-an-opening kiss. i cupped his face drawing him near as possible
his eyes was shocked and he didn't immediately respond to the movement i've been
doing. to the sensual gesture i've been trying to pull
i snaked my arms to his neck erasing the space between us ...
but in awhile, he went back to his senses and kissed me back... with pleasure an
d hunger in his eyes
i tried to erase the thought of how reckless and stupid i was for my action last
wala pang 3 months after nung previous break up ko with.. you-know-who.. but her
e i am now,
sleeping around with a random guy i just met
tumayo na ako mula sa kinahihigaan ko, and hinanap ang mga... panloob ko..
isa isa ko silang pinulot.. panty, bra... at mga damit kong kunot na kunot.. at
parang napunit
sa tagiliran .. it really shows how impatient i was removing that thing
hinanap ko rin kung saan nga ba yung closet niya. i wasn't familiar with the lay
out of the place,
so binuksan ko isa isa ang bawat cabinet na makita ko
i was looking for something to cover my self.. a robe? i dont know.. basta hinal
ungkat ko lahat..
until i finally saw a hoodie na medjo malaki.. or rather, nung sinuot ko na siya
.. napaka laki nga..
it even reached down to my knee
at nung na zipper ko na yung hoodie..
i've looked around once again, hinanap ko sa kadiliman ng silid ang bag ko.. kai
lngan kong
makita yung bag ko para makuha ko yung phone.. at matawagan si Meg...
i have to get out of here
kinapa ko yung nightstand... biglang may nahulog ... at nagingay nang bumagsak
natigilan ako sa kaka kapa prang nagstop din ang puso ko .. nang biglang umungol
si Iigo at tumagilid sa higaan.. he's back is now facing my direction
i sighed... that was close.
pinagpatuloy ko yung paghahanap. at sa wakas nga, nakita ko na ang bag ko.. tap
os dali daling lumabas sa silid na yaon.. papuntang elevator.
"Meg? ... ewan ko.. just pick me up please. im somewhere near... yeah! sige.. "
hindi ko nga alam kung saan na nga ba talaga ako.. i was so confused at that tim
did i regret it? ... am i now labeled as slut? how will i explain it to Meg? how
will i tell her that i spent
a night with.......with Iigo
it has been three solid weeks since that unforgettable moment of ecstasy. Im now
working as a junior editor slash sports writer sa The Inquirer.
hindi ko nga alam kung matutuwa ba ako or matatawa.. akalain mong i was assigned
as a Sports Writer? pero, sympre.. hindi naman talaga ako ganon ka naive when it
comes to sport.. its just that, hindi naman tlga ako into sports and stuffs
"Good Morning, Beautiful"
biglang may naglatag naman ng baso ng kape sa table ko.
here we go again. i thought as i stopped my self from typing on my keyboard
i looked up and was graced by those dark pools and not to forget his colgate-com
mercial smile he often flashes to me every single day
"Luigi, Thanks for the coffee pero uminom na ako kanina pa" i lied with my answe
r sa kaniya
while tinatago ko ang pagka annoyed ko sa lalakeng ito
ever since i was introduced sa office na to, he's been buggin me na.. talked abo
ut the constant attention hes been intentionally giving me every 3600 seconds..
like the attempt to ask me out for dinner, offering a lift home .. treat in lunc
h.. a cheesy post-it with his stupid punch line on it.. you name it!
two days ago, he even asked me out to be his girlfriend.. like what the fuck was
that all about?
he's like my 5-day-friend pa lang.. and he's already asking me out?
syempre, being the nice and polite girl that i was raised.. i tried to be put do
wn his offer nicely..

but i guessed he didn't catch that message at all
"Well, that's okay.I guess .." napayuko naman siya sabay sighed niya. mukha siy
ang upset habang
papalayo sa desk ko. naguilty tuloy ako

kung tutuusin nman, wala nman tlga akong dapat idahilan para i turned down siya.
may itsura naman siya eh. i've heard nga may quarter spanish blood niya. and he
been open to me..
well, he's actually too open for my comfort.. but nonetheless, still the nicest
person in this department
pumikit muna ako saglit.. at napakagat ng bottom lips ko
just this once. i murmured
"Uhm.. Lui?" sabay tayo ko mula sa upuan ko't tinawag siya.
ilang ulo ang napatingin sa akin. ang awkward tuloy.. napaka chismosa talaga ng
mga tao
dito sa opisina. nakisilip naman tong mga tao sa direksyon namen as if waiting
for the
next thing i'll say
napatigil naman si Luigi sa kakalakad at dali daling napatingin sa direksyon ko
habang napa smile na nman siyang abot tenga
"How about dinner later? will you--" hindi naman niya ako pinatapos sa tanong ko
at automatikong sumagot siya.
"Ofcourse, Nina bear" i tried myself to not roll my eyes with the pen name he ga
ve me.
it was really annoying when he utters that ... ugh! pen name!
ningitian ko na lang siya. napilitan ako eh. pano ba naman? mga kasamahan namen
dito daig pa ang mga nanunuod ng drama sa tv.
mas lalo tuloy lumawak ang ngiti niya.
this... would be really troublesome
pagkatapos ng work time namen. agad naman akong hinintay ni Luigi sa bandang gro
parking lot ng building at pinag buksan ng pinto sa kanyang Volkswagen new beet
i flashed him my ever infamous mega-watt smile and he return the favor
We arrived at a posh mexican restaurant that was filled with men and women othat
to the highest peak of the social pyramid. yep, the rich
"Table for?" the receptionist asked
"two please" ang sagot ni Luigi habang his hand was on my side
ewan ko ba, pero parang nainis ako na parang.. gusto kong i-saway siya at
itulak siya pero, being the Nina i was raised to be.. tiningnan ko lang muna
yung kamay niya na hawak hawak pa rin yung bewang ko..
tapos i looked up to his face.. totally annoyed. napakunot ang noo ko
"Opps.. sorry." sabay raised niya ng both hands away from me
I just walked passed him at nauna na akong umupo sa table nmeng dalawa.
im starting to regret this whole thing. i thought as i sighed
an hour had passed and i was starting to get bored by these thing..
he kept on blabbering about what he felt when he first saw me smiling. how he dr
eam about me every night.. and how often he thinks about me every single day.. a
nd he even mentioned that we were soulmate. wtf!
of all things? soulmate? give me break! i bet he still believes with the whole t
ooth fairy, neverland bullshits.
it was just so annoying.
"will you excuse me for a sec?" i said as i stood up from the table and placed
the napkin away from my lap. i smiled at him trying to be genuine but when i tur
n around i literally rolled my eyes with annoyance
habang naglalakad ako,napahwak naman ako sa noo ko na para
bang masakit ang ulo.
"i should have just brush him off " ang sabi ko regretting that the slightest gu
ilt if i turn him down
agad agad akong pumasok sa cr ng mga babae at in-occupy ang isang cubicle don.
i slammed the door of that cubicle sa sobrang inis. i dont care if those women m
ight heard it...
i just cussed and hissed and growled sa loob...
at ilang saglit pa, napatigil ako..wala na akong ginawa sa loob ng mga ilang min
uto.. umupo lang ako don.. just thinking about things .. thinking about...
Iigo ... his name came out smoothly on my mouth. it was like i was made to utter h
is name sweetly
and the weird part there is that, some of my parts missed him..
and the one who missed him the most is that thing between my legs. i missed the
way he crushed my mouth with his.. in a eager and passionate way.
i missed the way he groped my breast and the way he touches me around my body..
i missed how he made my inner thighs react whenever he utters my name..
i missed--- i immediately dismiss the thought of him as i realized na masyado na
akong matagal dito and Luigi might have a clue na..
i stood up and went out from the cubicle and looked at my reflection in the mirr
weird, i find myself too attractive tonight.
so this is the effect of Iigo to me.. kahit iniisip ko lang siya.. iba tlga eh
masyado akong attached sa thought ko about that guy nang pagkalabas ko ng pinto,
biglang may naghila ng wrist ko... and pinned me against the wall
nung binuksan ko ang mga mata ko, i was surprised...
my heart had stop from that moment when i gaze into that familiar sensual brown
eyes .. the familiar touch..
the familiar sound of his voice on my ear
"Nina" he breathed as he began planting kisses on my neck and on my jaw
"Iigo... wait" i said as i tried pushing him away but it was hopeless...
he was beyond strong..
his hands began its journey to the different parts of my senstive body.
groaping each part as if nagmamark na ng territory niya. bumibigay na ang legs k
o dhil
sa sobrang tindi ng pleasure..
his tongue ran across my bottom lip and I arched into him, moaning my approval.
"It's been three weeks and five days, Nina." He growled.
I had no idea what he was uttering about, so I didn't reply and instead started
wrapping my right leg to him thus, i could feel the hump between his pants
"I miss every bits of you, Nina.. i missed you so badly" He growled before bitin
g down on my neck, and slipping his hand inside my office uniform before I let o
ut the loud moan
"Shh," he said
suddenly, he stopped.. and i was surprise to see.. na he was intently gazing on
my eyes and then to my... lips
"you look so beautiful" he said which totally made the blood rushed to my cheeks
im beautiful? i thought
i was compliment and told by different guys throughout the years, talked about t
he constant
"Wet-wew" i get every time i go to divisoria or even market market .. pero, the
way he said it? it was priceless..
gustong kong ulit ulitin sa pandingig ang sinabi niya
bigla na lang nag iba ang expression niya .. his brows were pushed together..
"who was that guy you've been with?" tanong niya
biglang akong nagulat...
oo nga pala si luigi.. i almost forgot about him..
"i need to go" is the only thing i said to him..
I've search for his eyes but i failed, he looked away habang nag loose ang grip
niya sa both
wrist ko at tuluyan na akong pinakawalan habang nag soft din ang expression sa m
ukha niya
tuluyan na sana akong umalis papalayo sa kaniya,
nang biglang
tinawag niya ako, pra ba ang tunog nun eh.. prang kailangan niya ako.. na import
ante ako..
hay. if he only knew his effect on me
lumingon ako while my brows were both pushed upward
and i saw him as he pulled out his Blackberry and raised it on me
i smiled at him while he was smirking really hot... as he was his body on the ha
rd wall
exchange of pins? i thought
"why not?" i replied.. habang humahakbang ako pabalik sa kniya
"Thanks for the night, Nina" ang sabi sa akin ni Luigi habang pinagbuksan ako ng
nag smile lang ako sa kaniya at planted a soft kiss on his cheek
"Thank you, Lui" i said as i got out from his car.. at nung nasa doorstep na ako
ng apartment
i waved at him
well, if it wasn't for him.. i wouldn't have seen Iigo. the thought that caused me
giggle like a 14-year-old girl
at nung pagbukas ko ng pinto, off ang switch ng light... na para bang nasa horr
or yung dating..
"Meg?! Meg?!" ang tawag ko sa kawalan
"Meg? are you here?" tanong ko muli
bigla namang umilaw yung lampshade at napalingon ako habang gulat na gulat.. par
ang pang horror tlga ang itsura ni Meg
there she was seated sa couch.. habang naka crossed ang legs
"Sino kasama mo kanina? gabi na a? bat ngayon ka lang?" ang sunod sunod na tanon
g niya sa akin habang ini-imitate ang tunog ng lola ko
natawa naman ako, it brings back nostalgic memories of my lola.. she was strict
pero i really really love her to death. she was the only one looking after me al
l these years
"MEG?!" i said while laughing... at in-on ang light
bigla naman natawa din si Meg ng malakas na malakas na pra bang wlang bukas!
"you went out with the guy you were really annoyed with, didn't you?! that cutie
?" ang sabi niya habang naglalakad siya palapit sa akin.. hands were on her wais
t holding her laughter
"Cutie?!" napahalakhak na nman ako ng malakas...
yeah, crush nga raw ni Meg si Luigi.. nung the first time tumapak si Luigi dito
at nagyayang ihatid niya ako papuntang office. so, instead na ako ang sumalubon
g sa kniya.. si Meg ang nagopen ng door.. and i think that's where it all start
hindi naman yun masyadong seryosohan.. atleast, that's what i think.. kasi nga d
ba, Luigi isn't that bad naman when it comes to looks
yung bang pagka.. corny niya ang nakaka turn off and annoying eh! masyado siyang
and i always find it disgusting whenever she complimented how goodlooking Luigi
was. i mean, the thought of it is so funny..
the ever bitchy and straight-forward Meg and the.. let's say.. hopeless-romantic
Luigi.. together? woah! must've been the end of the world then
"I've met Iigo.. " ang sabi ko bigla out of the blue while we were watching a loca
l-sappy telenovela
on our LCD 14' samsung tv
"and he kissed me..." napa gasped naman si Meg sa sinabi ko and her mouth went t
otally open
"and we exchange bb pins" i added while Meg was totally speechless. natigilan t
alaga siya pag lalamon ng popcorn ..
but then her expression changed from excited one to.. i-know-what-you-did facial
"Well, that explains the love biteson your neck, Nina" she grinned while pointin
g her lips on my neck
the first thing i did was covered it with my palms
and i was too shocked to utter another word.. so i rushed back to my room and hu
marap sa salamin..
it was indeed a love bite.. bigla akong namula at napangiti just thinking about
what he did to me kanina ..
"You looked so beautiful, Nina" those phrase echo-ed inside my head over and ove
r again
(A/N: what do you think? wala talga sa plano yung mag cu-crush si Meg kay Luigi.
. i just thought of it na parang.. wala lang.. gusto ko lang pra may convo naman
sila. hehe)
[6] Chapter 5
(A/N: sorry it took awhile. was busy wtih school. btw, i appreciate those who hi
t liked for the previous chapter. you dont know how happy i was going home and s
eeing those kind words you've put on my page and on the comment box this chap is
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[Hey, Why are you standing near a post? where's your boyfriend?]
ang BBM sa akin ng isang unknown pin with the BB code 21726A44 .. Im standing sa
sidewalk with my Umbrella habang basang basa na ang pointy high pump ko at ang
pin straight skirt ko
Boyfriend?! sino ba to? weird lang tlga kung sino man tong nag bbm sa akin malam
ang, nakita o nadaanan na ako
it was almost 11 in the evening.. nag overtime kasi ako dhil nga i was asked by
our senior to work with something so i have no choice. and ito nmang ulan nato n
akikisabay at ang lakas lakas pa!
kaya nandito ako ngayon, trying to call a cab para makauwi na ako pero walang pu
mapansin sa akin. and i've been standing her for almost an hour na!
[Hu evr u r, i wud lyk to tell u i dnt hve a boyfriend ya'know]
approximately, it took 55 seconds for him/her/it to reply..
[Alright. M commin' to pick u up. stay there]
whoever this person is.. for sure he/she/it has a very huge heart for trying to
be nice enough to pick me up in my most dreadful look.
talked about how frizzy my hair with this wetlook thing. and how uncomfortable t
he coldness is while my clothes are effin' wet and i dont like to be seen by any
one with this state
i tapped my shoes as i waited and glanced at my watch, it was now 11:10 p.m.. an
d i am so tired and i feel like mabigat na ang mga mata ko..
suddenly, in a matter of minutes, a Ferrari Black 2011 version stopped right in
front of me. tumingin tuloy ang mga tao sa direksyon ko..
mas lalo naman akong nagulat nang biglang binaba ang salamin ng kotse.. revealin
g some lean muscular silhoutte familiar to my eyes. at nang lumapit ako sa banda
ng pinto while still gripping my umbrella
i saw.....
Iigo with his ever famous smirked.
biglang nahulog ang puso ko at uminit ang dugo ko, matapos ang intimate encount
er namin sa Mexican resto almost a month ago.. oo ganon na katgal.. ni anino niy
a hindi ko na nakita.
khit we exchanged pins, hindi man lng siya sumagot sa bawat bbm nor nagleave man
lng kahit question mark man lang sa inbox ko kaya i decided to delete him from
my contacts
bigla na lang siyang nawala na parang bula. oo, wala akong karapatan mag reklamo
. sino ba nman ako sa kaniya? i was just a used slut in his eyes.
tinaasan ko siya ng kilay with matching glare pa.
who does he think he is? magpapakita lang bigla bigla tapos mawawala na parang b
ula? the hell!
tapos i turned away from his car and started walking away from him.. but i was j
ust few steps away nang biglang bumukas ang pintuan ng kotse at lumabas si Iigo ..
ni walang payong
hinila niya ang wrist ko. and he dragged me all the way inside his car.
hindi niya ba naisip na mababasa ang upuan dahil sa akin? i thought while nakati
tig sa kniya.
"Iigo" i called his attention, pero instead na tumingin sa akin ay.. bigla niyang
pinaandar ang kotse niya
mabilis ang pagpapatakbo niya with this piece of metal -- his car. kinabahan ako
, madulas ang daan.. at hindi pa ako handang mamatay. well not now!! i have a lo
t of plans pa!
napapikit ako sa sobrang takot
biglang huminto ang kotse at muntik na akong matapon dhil nakalimutan kong mag s
eatbelt. pagkatingin ko sa direksyon ni Iigo, wala na siya.. dali dali siyang luma
bas sa kotse niya..
at i tried my best to follow him.

pagkababa ko, we were in the dim area.. i turned around to see lotsa expensive c
ars na nakapark. hindi ko alam kung san ako dinala ng lalakeng 'to but one thing
's for sure.. its nowhere near sa apartment ni Meg.
hinabol ko na ulit si Iigo pero masyado siyang mabilis kung maglakad. ano ba naman
problema non? dinadala dala niya ako kung saan tapos iiwan lang ako? aba..
"Ano ba, Iigo! don't drive like you're some kinda race car driver!" ang sigaw ko s
a kniya..
bigla siyang napatigil sa kakalakad and we were a meters away from each other..
tumalikod siya at humarap sa akin na hingal na hingal
"I am a race car driver, Nina" he said while grinning at me which made me roll m
y eyes with annoyance
"Hah! yeah right" i sarcastically answered him while crossing both arms on top o
f my chest
i was expecting an answer from him pero he began walking again to the opposite d
irection.. hinabol ko siya ulit at nung i took few steps papalit sa kaniya while
still catching my breath,

bumigay ang takong ng heels ko at na-twist ang ankle ko.
"Ouch!!" i cried out loud. namilipit ako sa sobrang sakit. napaupo ako sa malami
g na semento ng madilim na parking lot while hinawakan ko ang paa ko
this has been a great day!! i thought una, i have to finish tons of paperworks t
o be submitted tomorrow which caused me to overtime, second naulanan pa ako at b
asang basa, third im now with the one na gusto kong i-avoid and fourth i twisted
my ankle! how lucky!!
then, suddenly.. biglang .. may strong arms ang binuhat ako from the cold hard c
ement and lifted
my up to his arms..
i looked up to see Iigo .. carrying me like i was a bride.
i wrap my arms around his neck habang kinakarga niya ako.. his warmth brought me
comfort and tuluyan ko ng sinandal ang ulo ko sa kanyang well-built chest.
ang sarap sa pakiramdam at tuluyan na nga akong napapikit sa sobrang pagod
i felt like i've been watch by someone so i opened my eyes slowly .. at i let my
eyes adjust to the light of the whole area.. familiar ang layout ng room.
at nung napaupo na ako sa kama, i glanced at my left and saw Iigo... on his boxer
shorts lang
i felt like i was blushing so i tore my eyes away from him
"Oh! come on, Nina.. i wont get mad if you stare at me forever. i know you want
it" he said habang papalapit sa malabot na kama kung saan ako nakaupo
"Aray.." naramdaman ko ang kirot sa paanan ko nang inattempt kong tumayo mula sa
kinauupuan ko
yeah, now i remember.. i twisted my ankle pala kanina but this time may bandage
na siya
unti unti na akong na out of balance pero bigla nman nagrush sa direksyon ko si
Iigo and assisted me para makaupo ulit.. tapos, napansin ko din na hindi na pala b
asa ang damit ko, infact .. i was wearing a huge bottom down polo..
"Where's my--?" ang sabi ko while covering my enitre being with my hands
"In the dryer." He replied while his grinned was still tainted on his handsome f
"and don't worry.. i've already seen those " his eyes were locked looking my be
ing from bottom to top as if scanning every little detail of it..
lumapit siya sa akin at halos magkalapit na ang mukha namin at that time. i coul
d even smell his vanilla shampoo freshly spooned from the bathroom
"Do you really mean it?" he asked.
my brows were automatically pulled together for i dont know what was he talking
"Mean what?"
"You know.. na hindi mo nga talaga boyfriend ang kasama mong scumbag when i met
you in that resto"
"He has a name, Iigo.." i rolled my eyes. its not like he knew Lui personally righ
t? eventhough he's annoying.. he's my friend
"Luigi isn't my boyfriend. he's just an officemate who's trying to be nice to me
" i said as i brushed my fingers to his jawline and .. to his lips that is so te
im trying to provoke him to do something stupid..
like returning the flirty act with a ... kiss
"were you jealous?" i've asked him playfully while still keeping an eye to his l
Instead of answering me, i felt his lips crushed mine while his tongue ran acros
s my lower lip and I arched into him, moaning my approval
I smiled up at him, as his lips found their way to my neck. His tongue slid down
it madly and I felt my body involuntarily
His skilled hand ran its way up my leg to my inner thigh, I arched into his tou
ch, gyrating my hips against his hand, causing my pelvis to roll against him ero
tically .
He groaned quietly, while bucking his hips into me.
but he pulled away from that intimate and passionate connection and kissed my fo
"I hope it answered your question,Nina" he sweetly uttered while flashing me his
smile.. his genuine intimate smile
"is that a habit of yours? mawawala lang bigla tapos lilitaw din from nowhere?wh
ere were you?" i asked him as i was trying to hide my jealousy
"I went to Brazil and you'll know soon enough why"
then, he pulled me again into his arms and continued where we left off awhile ag
o .. we kissed.. but this time, definitely, wala nang puputol because the night
is all ours.. not even my painful twisted ankle would
[7] Chapter 6
(A/N: and now, chap 6 is up! because monthsary namen ni boyfie and i've received
various feedbacks about this story.. i updated as fast as i can)
"Did you guys fucked each other 'til you were numb?!"
ang bungad sa amin ni Meg while holding her laughter.
it was 6:35 in the saturday morning and we were standing right infront of Meg's
"will you please let us in first?" i said as i rolled my eyes habang pinapasok n
a nga kami
sa wakas ng ever manyakis kong kaibigang si Meg
Iigo and I were in an awkward position because he was carrying me all the way up l
ike a bride
and i kind felt that he's enjoying that moment for he was smirking like a hot g
uy he already is
ang dumi talaga ng pagiisip ng Meg nato akala niya siguro porket may bandage yun
g ankle ko ibig sabihin todo todong sex night ang nangyari kagabi samen ni.... Iig
i thought sheepishly while a familiar feeling was running through my cheeks ----
i was blushing furiously like a high school idiot
and the funny thing here was the fact i could feel Iigo's eyes looking down at my
being.. i was trying my best not to look back but i just can't.. i returned his
and i was again drown in his deep brown eyes.. i was caught offguard and he stol
e a peck on my lips
"What was that all about?" i thought habang nilalatag na ako ni Iigo sa sofa. and
i suddenly felt like missing his warmth beside me kahit na he was still sitting
beside me
umalis muna saglit si Meg papuntang kusina
i tried looking away from Iigo's attractive stares .. katahimikan muna ang bumalot
sa pagitan namin.. walang nagsasalita
pero biglang sinamantala naman ito ni Igo nang he lays his right hand on my thigh
and started feeling every bits of my skin .. as if massaging it
i dont know but it felt good..
i tried to brush it off and glared at him
"Iigo, not now" ang saway ko sa kniya
pero, instead he just flash me his alluring smile..
i sigh "he knows his just too irresistable when he does that"
"Hey, Hey... Iigo.. masyado ka atang atat. can't get enough sa kaibigan ko?"
Meg suddenly came up from the kitchen and places those Coffees on the center tab
"I've heard a lot of things about you"
she continued habang napaupo siya sa opposite side ng sofa ----sa couch
"good things i hope" he uttered while he took a mug of coffee from the center ta
"Ofcourse, it was beyond better! especially those seductive gestures Nina told m
e that you did the last time you guys had sex on your-----"
"Meg!!!" i cut her off while she was just laughing crazily..
napaka open na talaga niya sa mga bagay na to...
then, i turned my attention to Iigo and saw he was smirking at me
binaling ko naman ang attention ko sa center table at kumuha din ng kape.
after sipping, i said ..
"well, Iigo.. meet this crazy bestfriend of mine Margareth Toledo"
i gestured them to each other
"Drop the formality, Meg would do" she said
"and Meg.. meet Iigo--???"
bigla naman akong natigilan at napakunot ang noo ko while my brows were both
pulled together in unison
ano nga pala ang apilyido ni Iigo? hindi ko nga pala alam.. kahit apilyido man lan
g niya.

i thought
wala akong alam kahit kalahati man lang ng bagay tungkol sa kaniya. i suddenly f
elt sulking about it. We had sex but barely know each other
"Iigo Bustamante" ang sabi niya while he genuinely smiled at me before he turned h
is attention to Meg
Iigo Bustamante? it sound so familiar i thought
biglang may fragment ng memory ang nag flash sa akin.. an image of a wa
s quite blurry
but i could tell he was a 10-year-old boy.. flashes in my mind while he was ho
lding a cotton candy.
His hazel eyes that you can drown your self with.. his cheeks that are slightly
full.. and his smiles that you can stare for the whole day and his lips ........
"Hello?! Nina to earth? Nina?! hello?!" ang biglang sabi ni Meg sabay kaway kawa
y niya sa akin
"Kanina mo pa tinititigan si Iigo no!" she added
bigla naman akong bumalik sa realidad at i saw Iigo chuckling beside me. i turned
to his direction and kinurit ang tagiliran niya
hinawakan naman niya bigla ang mga kamay ko and pulled me closer to his arms
we were so close to each other that i could even smell his perfume
"Ahem!" napatingin naman ako kay Meg
"You two can't get enough of each other, can you?" ang sabi niya while taking a
sip to her mug
bigla naman akong nagblush ulit at napatingin sa baba. nakakahiya. it was too em
barassing. we almost forgot that nandito pala kami ngayon sa place ni Meg..
i guess she's right.. well, Iigo's just too irresistable i thought
suddenly, bigla na lang tumayo si Iigo mula sa kinauupuan niya and i turned to his
direction while i saw him looking at his Giordano limited edition watch
"I think i need to go." he said
tapos.. nagulat na lang ako bigla nang automatikong nagbrush ang ang kamay ko sa
braso ni Iigo
it was all too sudden.. i even heard Meg's gasp
pero sinakyan ko na lang and said cooly
"too soon?" i pouted and trying to sound a little playful
Iigo flashes me his smirked and leaned closer .. closer once again that we were an
inch away from each other.. practically, his face was close to mine
i gulped.. Is he going to kiss me again? i thought
i closed my eyes trying to prepare myself with the kiss that is about to come
but it never came, instead.. he whispered in my ears and said
"I'll see you tomorrow night" and quickly gave me a kiss on my forehead before c
ompletely turning away and bid farewell to us
"Bye Meg. thanks for the coffee"
and that was the last conversation we had that morning
That afternoon on the same day, I was left alone at Meg's place because She has
a date with her boyfriend.
so i had the whole pad to myself and decided i should just kill the time while w
atching an old romantic-comedy on tv
i was sitting in the couch while savoring each piece of my buritos when i heard
my Blackberry vibrated on the pillow from the far most left of the center table
i took it and the name of the most annoying guy in the century flashes on the sc
[Luigi De Jesus] it says...
nagddlwang isip pa ako kung sasagutin ko or should i just pretend that im asleep
and let this thing ring for the rest of the afternoon
this guy .. is getting on my nerves i thought as i rolled my eyes
pero, guilt suddenly came over to my senses and i feel the obligation to answer
and when i pressed the answer button,
"Nina, I've heard that your knee broke and i was wondering if you're okay?
i was so worried and i took the courage to finally call you.. are you feeling o
kay now?
do you want me to come over to your place. i bake good cookies!"
ang sabi niya sunod sunod na halos hindi siya humihinga
i rolled my eyes and thought and im starting to regret i picked the phone
"why.. hello there, Lui. Nope. i didn't broke my knee .. i had a sprain and im q
uite okay now. i could even walk my self to the kitchen. no need to worry"
i replied with the urge not to sound sarcastic with that tone
"Thank heavens!! I really shouldn't have left you. im so sorry.. my dog needs to
see the vet that same night .............................."
here we go again i murmured the rest of call was all about him blabbering about
things and in return i'll just either say .. "a-huh.. yup or okay"
this is just why i find him annoying. he just keep on blabbering things i dont e
ven ask nor am i interested with listening.. what's with that guy anyway?
and then, after 25 minutes the call ended because he told me that he needed some
errands to attend to. and thank god that was over
i took one step at a time and slowly made my way to the kitchen..
it took me time 'til i finally got myself an orange juice in the fridge. alteast
, i could move around now..
when i went back to the living room...
i heard my blackberry was vibrating again against the left side of the couch
ugh! i bet its Luigi again
i sigh and grunted with frustration as i placed the glass of orange juice on th
e center table
i took my black berry and picked up the phone
"Ugh!You know.. Luigi, im just too tired for the day will you please-----"
"Luigi?! was that the guy you've been with in that resto?" a familiar tone utter
ed on the other side of the line. It was as if irritated and kinda grumpy
tumigil ang tubok ng puso ko at napa-gulp...
Dont tell me... i murmured
i took the phone away from my ear for a moment and saw
[Iigo Bustamante] on the screen
"Iigo? im so so so sorry..." i said
why would i even think it was Luigi? uggh! i thought
he was silent for a moment and the funny thing is that i could even hear him bre
ath from the other side. i could even feel those butterfly fluttered on my stoma
ch.. was i being crazy again?
"I called to check if you're ok now but I guess.. i should just call you some ot
her time and---"
"No, No no no.. Im sorry,Iigo.dont hang up the phone for me" i pleaded as i bit my
lower lip
i waited for his reply... and i could even feel my pulse getting slower and slow
er as seconds had passed
"Nina?" he said
"I saw Meg at the mall awhile ago ..and i guess you're alone right now" my brows
were automatically pulled together while i was trying to hide my smile
i think may iniisp na nman tong lalakeng to i thought
"I thought you needed some company .." he continued and i could even feel him sm
irking widely on the other side of the line
"You think so?" i said giving him a flirty tone as i bit my lower lip
"Well, I am now infront of your doorstep"
napa-gasped ako agad when i heard him say those word. my heart had stopped and
i slightly heard him chuckle a little from the other line..
"You've got to be kidding me!" i mouthed off in disbelief
"Open the door and see it for yourself then" he muttered
I still had the phone on my ear when i opened the door
he was indeed there.. flashing me again his infamous smirked while... holding...

a bouquet of .....
"pink carnations?" i thought while i saw him staring at me like forever
how'd he know its my favorite?
when i reach for the bouquet my ankle suddenly ached
bigla na lang ako matumba.. i dont know what happen. masyadong mabilis ang pan
well, almost lang naman natumba.. because he just caught me right on time
it was like in those movies i've watched awhile ago.. he carressed me like i was
a gem.. a rare gem to be exact
and when i opened my eyes, i've realized na masyadong malapit ang mukha nmen sa
isa't isa and he was staring intently on my lips as if waiting for a sign.. wait
ing for a go signal
i was about to utter a word when he finally locked my lips with his.. bringing m
e closer into his arms as he tossed the bouquet aside and caressed me gently int
o a tender touch
the kiss was passionate and full of was as if i was melting into his
my hands made their way up his chest, pushing him back to the leather chair. yu
muko ako, straddling his lap. He pulled my head down sa isang naglalagablab na h
my hands found the front of his shirt, slowly undoing the buttons as quickly as
i could. I pushed it down his arms, pulling it off and throwing the shirt off in
to the corner of the room.
He,releasing my lips, I continued pulling off his undershirt. I kissed his neck
as i ran my hands down his chiseled abs.
His moan filled my mouth as i pulled away. I brought a leg up, ignoring the pain
on my anke and pressing my self more to his chest leaving no space.
I pushed my top off and Iigo fingered the lace of my black panties. I automaticall
y arched my back into him.
His other hand reached around, pulling the zipper down. He pulled down the black
underwear of mine from my hips, skimming my breasts. I moaned low, grinding my
pelvis into his leg.
He groaned, moving to unclasp my bra.
"You," he started, kneeling in front of me, " you know i like it when you do tha
My fingers grasped the zipper, pulling it down and moving up to button. His fin
gers ran through me
I giggled as I made my way back up, kissing his chest. I snaked my arms around h
is shoulders, messing my fingers into his hair and bringing him closer. I felt h
e wrap his arms around me and cup my butt.
before I return that gesture i smiled at him and slowly i wrapped my long legs a
round his waist.
His tongue slid across my bottom lip, begging for another entrance.
Tongues clashed as he backed them on the front door of my room
I giggled kissing my way back down his chest. I stopped at the elastic waistban
d of his boxer-briefs. I looked up at him, bitting my bottom lip seductively.
"Meg wont be home 'til 10" i uttered before we completely made our way to my roo
m and Iigo just smiled back and then invaded my lips once again
"Nina?" he whsipered in my ear
i looked up and was caught once again into his eyes
"Don't you really remember anything?" he added
i was leaning on top of his chest while ang mga kamay niya ay brina-brush ang le
ft arm ko.. we were both lying on top of my bed... naked
my brows were pushed together and ina-analyze ang tanong niya
"what do you mean?" i asked
but his expression showed how much hurt he was with my answer. but i dont know w
hy!! he just looked away and glanced at the nightstand
then i saw him staring at the picture i have there.. it was my picture when i wa
s a kid
i was 10-year-old girl back then in that picture .. grinning like a stupid girl
i was at that time with my pigtail hair
"You're really cute in that pink denim jumper.. " he said while looking down at
me and smiled
it was priceles.. his smile.. is beyond genuine.
ang smile na yun... familiar siya.. i just... can't remember when did i see such
way of smile before
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[8] Chapter 7
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gano kalaki ang abs. lol take note, i've scanned the worldwide web for that face
! maskin ako, crush ko na din ang Iigo na to. lol! funny!)
"Ugggh!!!" I grunted in frustration habang napahiga ako sa magulo kong kama
"Holy shit! Nina!!!!" ang sabi ni Meg when she walked right in front of my room.
it was messy, clothes were everywhere.
ang kalat talaga! my closet was open.. my dressers were too even my drawer was l
eft there wide open. and every corner of my floor was filled with clothes, dress
es, jeans and top... you name it!
"Its as if bumalik si Ondoy dito sa kwarto mo ah?" ang sabi niya when isa isa ni
yang kinuha ang mga damit na yun mula sa sahig
"Meg!! i dont have anything to wear for tonight!" i grunted as i sat up from the
bed. magulo din ang buhok ko and napakunot ang mukha ko na parang haggard na ha
"PPPFFT! HAHAHHAHAHAHA" ang sabi ni Meg when napatingin na siya sa akin.
"Look at you" sabay gesture niya sa akin habang nagpipigil sa katatawa
"Hindi lang kwarto ang magulo, even your hair .. pwedeng pwede na gawing pugad n
g ibon!"
at tuluyan na nga siyang bumigay sa katatawa habang hawak hawak ang tyan niya
"Meg!!!" sabay tapon ko ng unan ko sa mukha niya
"you're not helping at all!" i added as i stood up from the bed while both hands
were on my hips
"Sorry naman" she said when she picked up the pillow that i threw on her
"what's with all these?" ang sabi niya habang tinitingnan ang room kong makalat
"and you .. all stressed out?" she pointed out.. arms were crossed on top of her
"Nina Angela Fernandez!" ang sabi na kaibigan ko mula sa ibaba.
nag po-ponytail pa ako ng buhok ko when she called out.. kakalabas ko lang mula
sa pintuan ng pad niya when i saw her impatiently tapped her espadrilles on the
"Its about time!" ang sabi niya and immediately walked towards the front door of
the apartment and went to the parking lot while i followed her closely behind
it was almost 1in the afternoon, and Meg decided na samahan akong mamili ng dami
t, accessories at kung ano ano pa para sa date namin ni Iigo mamaya
date? i thought as a warm feeling rush into my cheeks. i was yet-again blushing
for nth time
"Bakit kasi kanina mo lang sinabing may date ka pala kay super hot mong Iigo? 'Di
sana kaninang umaga na tayo nag shopping!" ang sabi niya habang nagse-seatbelt s
"Well, how am i supposed to tell you that, Meg? tsaka malay ko bang may lakad ka
today no!" i said as i got inside her Yellow Honda Accord
hindi naman sa hindi ako marunong manamit, pero alam mo ba ang feeling na when y
ou get really nervous .. you dont even know where to start para macompromise mo
lahat ng bagay?
it was my first time to be pressured dahil lang sa isang date! i've been through
a lot of dates before..
few that i may count with my fingers but i've never felt so nervous that i dont
even know what to wear on the said date.. just like this!
UGGHH! i groaned as i smash my palm on my forehead
bumaba na kami ni Meg sa kotse niya when she finally parked it sa underground pa
rking lot ng mall na ito
so yun nga, we practically roamed everywhere pero wala akong magustuhan. kasi si
Meg grabe kung makapag pili!
yung tipong ang ikli ikli o di kaya'y masyadong expose ang likod na halos abot p
wet.. tapos expose masyado ang harap! ano ba naman yun with matching slits pa!
palipat lipat kami ng boutique. we'll go from one boutique to another.. pipili s
i Meg ng sandamakmak na dresses and i will have to try it all out sa dressing ro
nakakapagod! hassle talaga .. i was starting to give up nang bigla..
madaanan namin ang isang boutique that caught my attention....
It was Pepsi Herrera's boutique and a mannequin caught my whole attention sa dam
it na suot nito. it was beyond gorgeous!
it literally hugged the figure of the said mannequin, it was sexy yet somehow in
nocent. every detail of it is exceptional..
pumasok na kami sa boutique na yun. Meg and I were in separate ways.. hinahanap
ko kasi yung damit na yun.. at nung nahanap ko na.....
isang kamay din ang dumapo sa kabilang side ng hanger. i looked up to see...
truly, expect the unexpected i thought as i glared at the same irritable figure
and the most annoying aura a girl could even feel
"Roselyn" i dryly said still not looking away as she glare daggers me.
mahilig talagang makipag contest sa tititigan tong malanding to i thought as i r
aised my right brow at her as if waiting for her and daring her to do the next m
"Well, Nina" she replied still not getting rid of her left hand on the hanger
i glared at her hand at hinila ko papalapit sa akin ang dress na yun pero ang ti
ndi kung kumapit tong babaeng to parang naka mighty bond ang kamay niya
"I've got this first" She uttered as she pulled it closer to her. muntik ko nang
mabitawan ang hanger na yun..
i was about to pull it again..
how dare she -- i was interrupted with my thought when i saw ....
when i saw Gerard coming to our way. He didn't seem to notice me first
"Rose, have you pick---" ang sabi niya habang papalapit siya kay Roselyn pero, b
igla siyang natigilan when his eyes darted my direction, finally acknowledging m
y presence
"Nina" he said .
hindi ko alam pero, panandaliang bumilis ang tibok ng puso ko. bigla akong kinab
ahan. sino ba namang hindi? of all places? dito pa kami magkikita ng dakila kong
at kasama pa ang dakilang kabit! i thought as i rollled my eyes
wala naman masyadong bago kay Gerard aside from his newly fresh clean cut hair a
nd sa katawan niyang medyo nangangayayat.
mukhang stress ang dakilang gago
at napa glare naman sa direksyon ni Gerard si Roselyn while her brows were pulle
d together as if waiting for something to happen.. waiting for the next move Ger
ard would pull
Gerard on the other hand was speechless. He couldn't utter another word aside fr
om my name he murmured a moment ago
I tore away my gaze from Gerard and darted my eyes to the ever haliparot sa hara
p ko.. sabay biglang bitaw ko sa Hanger
mukhang nagulat si Roselyn dahil napaatras siya bigla na halos ma-out of balance
siya. kung sa tug of war pa .. tumba na siya sa biglang pagbitaw
at nung she regained her composure...
"Well, i couldn't say more to the progress.. perfect match nga talaga kayo" i sa
id as i crossed both my arms on top of my chest
mukhang confused ang dalawa sa sinabi ko. Roselyn was even raising her right bro
w at me
i chuckled a little before uttering another word
"Ano pa ba ang mas pe-perfect sa katulad niyo?"
"ISANG BASURA" i gestured at Gerard who was staring at me
"At ISANG BASURAHAN... " ang sabi ko kay Roselyn na halatang gulat and nainis sa
sinabi ko
"Perfect pa sa perfect!" i said as i slightly clap my hands in a timid way

sakto namang dumating si Meg
"Nina, may nakita akong maga-- Gerard?! Roselyn?!" ang sabi ng gulat na gulat na
"Let's go Meg. hindi dapat natin i-disturb ang couple of the century" ang bitter
na sabi ko habang i turned my back to the two i spat words with and hinala si M
eg na totally confused
and two were left there... dumbfounded
Nina- 1 Roselyn = 0
sayang, maganda pa nman yung dress i thought as i smiled to myself like a stupid
"OOOHH MAAAIII GAHHHD!! NINA!! ikaw na talaga!!" ang sabi ni Meg habang pigil n
a pigil sa katatawa. ikinuwento ko kasi sa kaniya ang nangyari kanina
we are apparently at Francis Libiran's Boutique looking for something good to we
"I can't believe you could be as feisty as that! I've never seen that side of yo
u .. ever!" she said while waving her hands in action to show how exagerated she
was with every word
nakaupo kami ngayon sa magarang sofa ng Visitors lounge sa Boutique ni Francis L
ibiran naghihintay kasi kami ng damit that Meg asked from the Francis.
take note, ngayon ko lang rin alam na She was close with someone like Francis Li
biran.. a well-known designer in showbiz world. who would have thought?
"Here you go girl" ang bungad ng isang binabae ,wearing a matching torquise scar
f around his neck, when he got out from a certain room to where we were
dala dala niya ang isang kulay peachy na may ruffles ruffles pa sa bandang side.
it was backless na surely hugs the figure from the hips down to the thigh.
"It's ... " ang sabi ko. trying to find the right adjective to describe how pret
ty it was.. napatayo kaming pareho ni Meg
"Scandalous! bonnga ka talaga mare!" sabay beso at hug niya kay Francis Libiran
"i told you, dba? bagay na bagay lalo na pag makita na ng Fafa mo!" ang tiling k
inikilig na sabe ni Francis
"No no no no.. hindi ako ang gagamit.. Siya ang gagamit" sabay hila niya sa akin
para ma face to face ko ang designer na ito
ningitian niya lang ako and winked at me
"Beauty pa sa beauty ang dating mo dito,girl!" ang sabi niya
"Naku, Mare.. mamaya na ang chika, may date pa to no!" sabay kuha niya sa ngayon
sa damit na ngayon ay nasa bag na
"o siya.. babuuu!" sabay beso beso niya sa aming dalawa ni Meg
"Voila!!" ang sabi ni Meg nang matapos niya akong lagyan ng blush on sa cheeks a
t nung imulat ko na ang aking mga mata ...
it was already 7:30 in the evening nang matapos akong apply-an ng make up ni Meg

"Oh myy...." ang sabi ko habang manghang manghang tinitingnan ang sarili sa sala
min. hindi ko akalaing gumanda ako ng sobra sobra sa simpleng ayos lang ni Meg s
a akin
i've scanned every little detail that she'd put on my face. my now smokey eyes w
ith matching deadly red lips.. hindi masyadong makapal pero lutang na lutang pa
ilang saglit pa, narinig naming dalawa na may kumatok ng marahan sa Pinto
"I thinks siya na yun" ang sabi ni Meg at dali daling lumabas sa kwarto ko
bigla namang bumilis ng bumilis ang tibok ng puso ko.. i could almost hear it na
nga eh. hindi ko alam pero talagang iba... ganito ba talaga pag.... in love ka
na sa isang tao?
kay Gerard kasi before, hindi naman ganito eh. iba talaga at ngayon lang ako nak
aramdam ng ganito. at kung ano man to, ayw ko muna tong maglaho
at nung lumabas na nga ako mula sa silid ko, sinalubong ako ng nakagayak sa hot
ness na si Iigo.. his hair was not the usual messy covering his forehead.
it was spiked up at mas lalo siya naging mukhang hot dahil sa itim niyang Ivar A
ceron suit
at kung nakakatunaw ang tingin, malamang lusaw na lusaw na tong lalakeng to sa a
kin i thought
"You look beautiful as ever!" He said as he gave me a peck on my cheeks and gave
me another pink carnation bouquet
"You dont look as bad." i winked
"O sige na mga lovebirds, aken na muna yung mga bulalak" ang sabi ni Meg from be
hind and i handled her the flowers for her to put in a vase
Iigo held my hand and quickly squeeze it then snaked his right arm on my hips. i j
ust smiled at him and he did the same. He was about to close the door when Meg s
houted from inside....
"Iigo, ingatan mo yang kaibgan ko!"
"Like a rare gem, i will.. and will always be" he replied back as he completely
closed the door
"Table for two" and sabi niya while his right arm was on my hips still showing e
veryone that he's my man
"Mr. Bustamante, Good evening!" ang pagbati sa amin ng babaeng receptionist. tod
o ngiti talaga siya at pa-cute kay Iigo while he in return grinned as well flashin
g that woman his smile that could melt every ladies' hearts
harap harapan ganon? i thought as i glared at both of them
"Ahem!" ang sabi mula sa likuran namin
and when i turned around i saw a little boy... he was about 11 years of age who
was grinning widely at us
"Kuya, Is she your girlfriend?" ang sabi niya
nagkatitigan muna kami sa isa't isa ni Iigo.. He genuinely smiled at me before he
approached that kid
ginulo niya muna ang buhok ng batang lalake and chuckled
"You know, Darren.. masyado kang maraming alam" he said while the kid was kinda
irritated dhil ginulo niya ang buhok nito
tumakbo bigla sa direksyon ko yung bata and hugged me
"If she's not your girlfriend, she'll be MY girlfriend then" ang sabi niya haban
g nakapout
I looked down and gradually,lumuhod ako para magkalevel na kami. and when i lean
ed closer to him.. i saw the same beautiful brown eyes Iigo has.. the same pointy
nose ... and the same long lashes
no doubt, this could would break a lot of women's heart i thought as i kiss his
mas lalo siya naging cute when namula siya ng todo todo. napasmile naman ako and
stood up
bigla naman niya akong tiningnan sa mga mata and mas lalo siyang namula.. tumakb
o na lang siyang bigla.. but before he completely vanished
he turned around and said
"Mommy is waiting for you guys.."
waiting for us? what? my brows were automatically pulled together and i turned m
y attention to Iigo who was smirking once again
"I thought .... tayo lang?" i said
"Well, Mom wanted to meet you" ang sabi niya as he once again wrapped his right
arms on my hips and planted a soft peck on my cheeks
while his left hand held mine.... biglang may spark akong naramdaman sa sensatio
n na yun and i've looked straight into Iigo's eyes
"Shall we?" he gestured me with a smile
ooooooohhh nooooooo.... i thought nervously
(A/N: i would like to thank you guys for the efforts of reading this. Francis Li
biran is the well-known true to life designer. he was the one who made Kim Chiu'
s ball gown in the recently held star magic ball. same goes to Pepsi Herrera. he
was the one who designed Maja Salvador's ball gown on the same event.
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[9] Chapter 8
(A/N: Update na naman! thank u ulet sa mga taong nagbasa ng previous chap. nagup
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change to i updated the next day. enjoy!)
when we walked towards the far most left inside Pedlar's Inn Cafe, a restaurant
who's specialty is european cuisine, i saw a sophisticated-looking woman in her
late 40's. She was definitely wearing a Rajo Laurel dress that glows with elegan
ce.. and a worth-thousands of karat jewels
and when she looked up, i saw the same brown eyes that Iigo and Darren had. The sa
me beautiful expressive brown eyes that you could stare at for the rest of the n
"You must be Nina.. Have a seat" She said in a timid lady-like tone as she gestu
red me to sit across her
Iigo, being the gentleman that he is, pulled a chair for me as i genuinely smiled
at him .. before i sat
sa side ko naman umupo si Iigo while Darren, on the other hand, ay umupo in betwee
n their Mom and Iigo
The woman smiled at me first ...
"I've been dying to get to know you in person, Hija. ever since, I've heard my s
on was dating such a lovely girl like you" she uttered
tumingin naman ako kay Iigo with matching confused look. He just smirked at me bef
ore i tore away my eyes off him
"Oh.. no, Ma'am we're not actually in the dating phase"
"Yet.." ang dutong ni Iigo sa sinabi ko sa mom niya
"But, we're on the process Mom" he continued as he winked at me while i felt his
huge hands landed on my right naked flawless knee
"Good. Finally, you wont be lavishing different women every single night na." an
g sabi ng Mom niya
while giving Iigo the look that only a mother-son could understand
natigilan ako saglit nang marinig ko ang different women every single night
Playboy? i thought
"Mom. You make me sound like a douchebag here" he lightly chuckled as his hand w
as now moving higher and find its place on my thigh
sending me a reaction ---- i gasped and napatingin sa akin kaagad ang Mom niya
"Is there a problem, Hija?" she asked
"Uhm.. i think i just felt cold as the wind brushed my thigh,Maam" ang sabi emph
asizing the wind part and turned my direction to Iigo na ningitian lang ako
"Wind?" She asked totally confused about it but that expression became soft when
she finally change the subject
"ooh..Drop the formality, Hija. You can call me Tita Ingrid" ang sabi niya while
she placed her hands and entwined it together on top of the table
"Shall we take our orders now, Mom? i think im starving" ang sabi ni Darren na h
alatang annoyed na sa mga conversation naming hindi niya masakyan. and the three
of us chuckled in unison
"You're probably wondering why I asked Igo to bring you here" ang sabi ni Tita I
ngrid as she tapped the napkin on top of her lips
napatigil ako sa paggalaw ng pagkain ko and napatingin sa direksyon ni Tita
Igo... i thought as i heard his nickname
parang I've heard that name somewhere
"You know, Hija. When i heard your name i immediately wanted to meet you in pers
on. But my son insisted its too soon for the whole thing.nonetheless, I bugged h
im to death 'til he gave in to what i wanted" she uttered as she smiled at Iigo
"You didn't bug me! you blackmailed me!" ang komento ni Iigo sa sabi ng Mom niya
nagtawanan muna silang magina before Tita Ingrid decided to pop another conversa
"Anyway, Hija.. are you any chance related to Augustina Lim-Suarez?" ang tanong
niya bigla sa akin
Bakit biglang napasok si Augustina Suarez dito? i thought for a moment
"She's my Grandma" i lightly replied. biglang lumaki ang ngiti ni Tita Ingrid sa
akin. nagtaka naman ako
"Mrs. Suarez was one of my favorite teachers back then in high school. She's the
mother that i wish i had.. Where is she by the way? haven't heard anything from
her ever since She retired"
Tita Ingrid uttered as she was smiling at the thought of it
She must've been really close to Lola before i thought before i blabbered the an
"She's in Cebu with few of our relatives there.. "
"That explains why i haven't seen her around for years now.. wait, Are you Luisa
's or the late Olivia's daughter?" she asked as she took a bite on her salad
"Olivia's" i said dryly.. i dont really know much about my parents.. so im kinda
touchy with that subject
"No wonder, you remind me a lot of Olivia the first time you walked right infron
t of me, Hija" Ang sabi niya before she took a sip in the whine glass
sino nga ba si Olivia? right.. i thought as my brows were pulled together
Olivia Suarez-Fernandez,as what my Lola told me her name was,along side with my
Father Nicollo Fernandez were my late parents who died in a smash-and-bam car ac
cident i couldn't even fathom

Aside from their name, that i only knew from my Lola's words.. i know nothing ab
out them. i dont even have memories that i could recall with them. nothing at al
i could only picture them out because of the old polaroids my Lola often showed
You were too young back then, when they've passed away an old phrase that sudden
ly echoed in my mind. it was my Lola's phrase. a phrase too deep not to remembe
but the funny thing here was, when i was young .. whenever i looked at the said
polaroids, i could see another little girl with a cheshire grin beside me on our
family picture
and my Lola would often tells me .. She's your twin sister , Rima
"Im sorry if my Mom's too interested with your private life. She often does that
" Ang sabi niya while he took his coat off and placed it on me
"No, its okay. Your mom seems to be a happy person i supposed" i said as i smile
d at him
We were now walking in the parking lot to where Iigo's car was settled in. The din
ner turned out smoothly Tita Ingrid had to get Darren home dahil may pasok ito k
inabukasan sa isang kilala at mamahaling private school sa may Malate, Manila.
we bid farewell and did beso beso before saying goodnight for each other. Darren
was so sweet he even kissed me on the cheeks before getting inside their Black
Porche Boxter
"You have no idea.. i think she likes you a lot" ang sabi niya
"I hate to admit it, but.. I think Darren likes you too" he added
He was about to open the car door nung hinawakan ko ang kamay niya
heto na naman tong reaction na to i thought nang maramdaman kong may parang kur
yente ang bumalot sa akin dahil lang nahawakan ko ang kamay niya. butterflies we
re fluttering inside my belly
"isn't it quite unfair? parang narinig mo na storya ng buhay ko but here i am,ku
nti lang alam ko sayo" i said as i was pouting my red lips
"Okay, where should we start?" ang sabi niya while he leaned his figure on his c
"Hmmmm, like.. Ilan kayo magkakapatid .. what work ng parents mo and stuffs like
that" i said while crossing both of my arms on top of my chest
"Well, Apat kami .. Im the third. My older brother ,Chris ..already settled his
life with his Spain-based Filipina painter in Barcelona while my older sister D
ianne recently got engaged with Chinese-American millionaire in states..and the
only people left here are.. obviously, me and my grade 4 brother, Darren" he sai
d cooly
tiningnan ko lang siya .. still waiting for another detail of his life that he w
ould unravel for me
he bit his lower lip before he continued
"My dad's a multi-national businessman who could be the next Lucio Tan .. loads
of cash and everything. Pretty much of it.. but He's cool and Mom was a former r
epresentative of this country for Miss World back in the days.. atleast, that's
what she told us when we were young"
"Wow! no wonder she looks so breathtakingly amazing despite of her age" i mouthe
d nang malaman ko..
no wonder ang gwapo ni Iigo and even Darren at the young age.. i thought
bigla nman akong nagulat when he gave me a quick peck on the lips.. and i could
even feel him slid his tongue inside of me
"kanina pa kasi nakabukas" he said as he chuckled
nung inalis niya na yung lips niya sa akin, i was discontented by it...
its as if i was left there kiss-deprived
i smiled seductively as i thought of another devilish act to do
so nilapit ko ulit ang mukha ko sa kniya ang tiptoed my way up as i snaked my ar
ms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
and slowly, the kiss was asking for more.. it shows the anticipation we had for
each other
"Mmhmm," he murmured as his lips slipped down to my neck. His hand came up, rubb
ing the pad of his thumb against my nipple. The other trailed down my side, over
the curve of my rear.
I pulled back from the kiss as he looked down on me.
"I think, Hahanap hanap ko mamaya ang mga labing yan" he whispered still keeping
an eye to my tempting lips.
I giggled and brought a hand up behind him and curled around his neck once again
at hinila siya pababa sa akin to give him another torrid kiss
Coming together, he pressed a hard kiss on my mouth, hands were groping my butt.

then He lifted me on top of his Ferrari 2011 version,
and pinned my back on the cold solid window of the car. He raised both of my wri
st on top of my head as he kneeled in front of me
i smiled seductively. good thing the parking lot was quite a distant from the re
sto and it was quite dim and dark
we continued the intimate connection that we had.. passion was there igniting us
he was about to slid his huge hands on my dress...
when i pushed his chest away...
We stood there against each other panting .. and gasping for air
"Iigo, i think its not the right place to do that here" i whispered on his ear
He smirked..
"I think i know just the right place to do it"
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[10] Chapter 9
(A/N: Thank you for reading this. Warning! another explicit chap.. well, not so
explicit though. happy reading!)
"Iigo" I mumbled breathily as we made our way out of the elevator
He grabbed my shoulders, pulling me for another rough kiss..
unmindful of the fact that I could taste myself on him, and when we broke apart
, nakarating na rin kami sa unit niya.
napatigil ako nang saglit while I've scanned every corner of the now well-light
ed room.
The last time I've been here was when we did the one night stand I thought
Bago pa ako maself-conscious, he was there in front of my eyes, kissing me thoro
ughly, and Hinila ko naman ang shirt niya pulling him closer.
My hands roamed away from his chest and went down below feeling every bits of hi
s perfectly chiseled abs
Pero bumalik na agad si Iigo sa mga gutom kong labi before I could appreciate his
abs properly. His chest and stomach were defined, hard to the touch.
Hinayaan kong magshift ang mga kamay ko to his back, running my hands up the mus
cles which were corded.
His hands had been gripping my hips tightly, but now he moved and I complied, li
fting my hands up as he pulled down my dress over my hips.
He tossed it aside, but stopped when he turned his gaze to my heaving chest.
"Nina," he muttered softly, licking his lips.
I knew my nipples were straining and visible through my lace bra, but instead na
magblush like the usual thing i'd do, right at that moment, all I wanted was hi
s mouth on my breasts.
Iigo grabbed me by the waist, and together, Napahiga kami sa napaka lambot niyang
kama. Nasa ilalim ko siya.. so basically, i was on top of him..
He grinned at me, before automatikong nagpalit kami ng posisyon and with his fac
e so close to mine, He lowered his head then, and closed a wet mouth over my nip
I gasped loudly, heat shooting straight down through my core.
Nang I un-hooked ko ang clad-lace bra ko and tugged the straps down over my shou
Iigo all of the sudden,grabbed the offending piece of lace and lifted it away from
my body .
Immediately,Bumalik siya sa direction ng dibdib ko, sucking my nipples it into h
is mouth, and I arched off the bed, grabbing his shoulders tightly.
He began to trail wet kisses down my flat stomach, and I looked at his dark head
. Napaka gulo ng buhok niya, a result of my earlier actions.
He chuckled, but glanced up at with a triumphant, wicked smile when he finally m
anaged to untie his navy blue tie and hurriedly remove the buttons of his button
down long sleeve polo.
He stood up, unbuttoning his pants as well, pushing them down with his underwear
to reveal himself to me. I literally swallowed my breath, both in admiration an
d in fear as i clearly saw his manhood face to face
He smirked before finally tearing the condom that he got from his nightstand
I was awoke in the middle of darkness.I opened my eyes with happiness as the nig
ht's memories rushed into me, and bit my lip, registering that a heavy arm was
wrapped around my naked body, and a leg was pinning me to the bed.
I turned around as quietly and gently as I could to come face-to-face with a sle
eping Iigo. His handsome face appeared almost boyish in his sleep, and I smiled so
It was as though multiple light bulbs had suddenly gone off in my mind. My heart
started to beat wildly, as skin crawled with excitement. I pannicked.
I have to go to work
I needed to leave, now. I needed to get back home and go to work
Madalian kong inalis ang sarili ko from Iigo's tight embrace and got out of bed, J
ust as I was pulling an oversize tank top that i got from Iigo's drawer , Biglang
umungol si Iigo and stirred as he shifted his position on his bed.
He slowly opened his eyes, and I vaguely registered surprise in them before he s
"Nina" His voice was rough from sleep, husky and it seems tired
"Iigo, I'm sorry, but I have to go," ang sabi ko , pulling my pump on, patalon tal
on sa isang paa and unto the next
"Wha -?" Iigo propped himself up on his elbows, his eyes widening, his face twisti
ng into a properly confused expression.
Unable to resist him, I dropped onto the bed to press a quick kiss to his lips,
and then hurriedly got up, moving towards the door.
"Its monday and i have work!! have a nice day ahead, Iigo" I called out before com
pletely shotting out the door.
i stopped few steps away from the door when i thought i heard him uttering somet
hing. I looked back but then i thought
"must've been my imagination"
So, i continued my way down the hall and I rode the elevator out
Calling out a greeting to the doorman
I jogged out into the street, and tumawag ng first cab that i've seen that momen
"Someone's in a very good mood now huh?" Jesse, my co-worker, said when nakasalu
ubong ko siya along the hall
I smiled to my self when a thought of last night came back to my head
Last night was completely amazing i thought
The fact that I was using his own words had his lips quirking into a smile, and
he gathered me into his arms, dropping a kiss on my full lips.
I clasped my arms around him, and gasped as he drove inside me completely. He st
opped then, giving me time to get used to him, before starting to pull out slowl
"Good Morning, Nina.. You got a bouquet on your table just now" The day dreamin
g had stopped when Carlos,another co-worker of mine, said as he completely walke
d passed me from the opposite direction
tumigil ako sa kalalakad when those words finally registered in my mind
What Bouquet? i thought
I turned around completely confused
"What?! from who?" i said
"Well, who knows? might as well check it out for yourself then!"
He yelled back and winked at me before he completely made his way to the elevat
binilisan ko ang paglakad ko, i could even hear the noise coming from my heels a
s it made a harsh squick on the tiles
at nung nakarating na ako sa table ko, indeed... may bouquet nga sa table ko. it
was a bouquet of pink carnations
Who could have put this thing on my table? i thought
It couldn't be Luigi because he knows nothing about my favorite flower.. Iigo? no,
can't be. kaiiwan ko lang sa kniya sa unit niya. hindi naman pwedeng nauna pa s
iya sa office ko kesa saken
napaupo ako sa chair ko and laid my folders on the desk.. right beside the bulk
of papers i have to work with that day
tiningnan ko ang card and it says brows were pulled together as i began to
read each letter of the card
I Miss You, Nina
who could it be? i questioned myself
-- MGE
I saw the 3 letter-initials written in a cursive way just right down below
lumaki ang mata ko and my breaths became uneven.
MGE? no.. it can't be him
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[11] Chapter 10

(A/N: Hello-Hello readers, I'm back for good (atleast for two weeks) and im sor
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I hurriedly went down the hall and didn't even mind that my pumps were now sque
aking badly and had been making quite few hard sounds for the first seconds i wa
lked down against the naked tiled floor.
I met few eyes along the way. Some were curious, Some were bored and some were e
ven flashing their Cheshire grin at me for no apparent reason --- or maybe there
is a reason..
I sighed while a thought came into my mind
"I miss you,Nina
- MGE"
It took me long uneven breathing before I finally sat on my table and lied down
the folders that I need to look over with on that very day.
There were bulks of them right on the side but they seem to be invisible when I
caught sight with the familiar-to-my-eyes bouquet of pink carnations right next
to the cup of coffee that I suspected Luigi must've complied with
Not again I thought habang nakakunot ang noo ko.
"Wow. May balak yatang tayuan ka ng garden dito mismo sa desk mo,Nina.. its has
been almost everyday!"
ang sabi ng officemate kong si Jesse nang bigla siyang lumitaw from nowhere ..s
he stood right next to my table as she had her hand entwined from her back
wala namang akong imik ng tiningnan ko ang note sa bouquet. I was expecting ano
ther cheesy (for Jesse) but annoying (for me, ofcourse) note with it.
It has always been like that for quite some time now. It would either be "Im thi
nking of you", a "I miss having my arms around you" or a "My hand felt its empti
ness right now"
but now it was quite different than usual.
It was instead
"I'll see you tonight"
and surprisingly, he did not conceal his name with his initial this time 'round.
He ,purposely (as what I'd like to think he did), attached his complete name ri
ght down below the message
"-Marc Gerard Enriquez"
napakunot tuloy ang noo ko when i didn't catch the message
and what does he exactly meant by I'll see you tonight? i thought while i saw
Jesse sneaking from my side as she attempted to peeking on the note
I immediately crumpled the note and threw it from the bin ignoring the obvious g
asp coming from Jesse's exaggerating mouth
"how could you crumple that?" ang sabi niya while she lowered herself to me as i
f trying to whisper and to calm her down from her usual annoying-as-fourteen-yea
r-old's high-pitched voice
"what?" ang sabi ko while i innocently smiled at her. She doesn't have a clue of
what kinda douchebag you-know-who is
"don't what me Nina .. that poor little guy put much of his efforts just so he
could send you those die-hard notes coming from his heart. how could you be so h
eartless and just throw it as if it didn't matter? he's sending .." she stopped
when she started counting in her finger trying her very best to remember how man
y were those that was sent on top of my desk
"11 bouquets that i think must've cost him quite a ... a...sum!" She finally let
out that usual voice of hers and a lot of heads in that room turned to our dir
it was awkward silence first before she awkwardly smiled to everyone and said "s
i chuckled a little just thinking about those words she uttered while she looked
at me completely confused
i pulled her down once more to my level and drew my self closer to her just so n
o one in the near vicinity could hear and would probably cause huge gossip aroun
d the venture
"First, It's not 11 bouquets , Jesse. It's just 8, okay? second,PPPFTT!" i said
as i rolled my eyes and blew off some strands of my hairs that was annoyingly ca
scading down my forehead

"Even if he sends me gazillions of those bouquets.. for 365 days,8766 hours and
31536000 seconds until in my very own graveyard, he would still be loaded with c
ash!" i fakily fanned myself with the invisible fan so exaggerations could be pu
t on emphasis
"and lastly, I ain't heartless! you just dont know what a big jerk he is as pers
on .. and mind you,he's far from a romeo-of-shakespeare attitude that he's been
flashing me for a week now "
I crossed my legs as i laid my back on my chair and i've watched what a complete
defeat Jesse was feeling at the very moment
She looked around as if looking for someone before she turned her direction at m
e once again.
"Whatever you say, Nina but it looks like someone's not liking the whole thing o
f you receiving flowers on a daily basis from a complete unknown"
As i was looking at the direction where she was pertaining, i caught a sight of
Luigi who's (i bet) been staring at us for a minute now. He wasn't the bubbly Lu
igi that i could see everyday. He was quite sullen
i slapped Jesse's deptoids and said while trying to be annoyed with the thought
she's been implying
"UGH! please .. please, Jesse. don't start on me in this early godamn morning.
I already made it clearer as naturespring that We could only be friends and not
hing beyond that"
She, out of my surprise, stood up from where she was and looked at me straight i
n the eyes
"I dont know with you, Nina.. but i think that guy's" she pointed out from behin
"apparently, and is still hoping" she said as she finally made her exit from my
and what was that all about her storming away from me?
"UGGGHH!" i sigh in a complete frustration as i turned on the company's computer
i slapped my forehead unknowingly and groaned ..
"Love re-eeeee-ally complicates things!!"

"See you tomorrow, Girl" Jesse said as she took the cab that was supposed to be
Ako ang nag para pero siya ang sumakay. naku!
ngiwing napatawa ako and then i made faces at her and before she's completely g
one, i saw her made faces too.
Later on i've realized that aside from my other coworkers who were crossing the
road and the other batch stroding away from the building, i was now completely (
as i would like to think because no one was noticing me) alone
Just when i saw a cab coming on my way, my blackberry vibrated inside my pocket
I right away picked up the phone and without any warning,blemishes or what so ev
er i unknowingly smiled to my self just by hearing the nostalgic voice of the on
e who held my breath everytime he kisses me
"Good Evening, Beautiful" Iigo said gleefully and i could sense that he's on his c
"Well, will you look at that? You're not supposed to call me when you're driving
you know" i heard a low chuckle from the other side of the line before he repli
"Don't worry. I'm a race car driver."
i snorted when he mention his frustrated racecar driver skills as what he wanted
to say almost all the time
"i know how things work and besides, im good at multi-tasking.. Remember? you th
ought me that two days ago when we made pancakes on my unit in 4-freaking-AM"
it was weird but i could even picture him out winking at me as he said those wor
ds and weirder part is where i smiled like an idiot right now alone
I couldn't help but blushed by the memory that he reminded me just now.
Two early mornings ago, It was almost 2 in the morning when i unknowingly can't
go back to sleep . I tried different position on my bed but for some reason, it
will always end up .. Me thinking about Him. Yeah.. you know, HIM.
Iigo i mummbled in my breaths as i snuggled my pillow to myself
and then in just a snap my phone immediately vibrated against the nightstand.
[Iigo Bustamante]
as the screen of my phone says.
it took me awhile before i answer him.
what was i supposed to say anyway? i thought as i pannicked then i heard him chu
ckle a little before saying ..
"My.. I wasn't expecting you'd pick up considering its ...."
he stopped for awhile as i guessed that he took a glance to his digital clock ri
ght next to his lampshade. (I've been there often, ofcourse i somehow mastered t
he outline of his bedroom!)
"uhhh....2 in the morning" he added sounding a little frustrated about it
"phone's right next to my bed you know, i could feel it vibrating against my ski
n.. 'course i'll pick up.. it, or rather, you just woke me up from my slumber"
i reasoned out trying to make my voice even as i fakily yawned so it wouldn't b
e obvious that i was indeed anticipating for him to call me
"Oh, Come on, Nina! i know you can't sleep" He teased which made me blushed a li
this guy... is he psychic?! i thought
"And what makes you think i can't sleep?" i answered back with a complete playfu
l tone as his
"Because you think my bed's more comfortable than yours........."
he unknowingly paused for awhile .. taking every ounce of the time to finish in
a flirty seductive way
"................. and enjoyable too"
somehow the way he uttered Enjoyable made it sound more... more seductive for i
know what he meant by that word in his sentence
i chuckled trying to hide the effect on his words to me
"Really?! you sound so confident about it huh?" i said taunting him
"Well, I'm hundred percent sure anyway" he answered back
"OH! boohoo now you know why I'm up, but wait -- Why would you be dialing my nu
mber in this unholy hour? I wonder what keeps you from sleeping 'stead?"
i teased as i slightly giggled when i heard him groaned
"Well you see..." he paused and i wished he didn't notice how i held my pulse as
i waited for his answer
"My over-size kingbed is kinda......... too spacious . and im feeling lonely"
"Lonely? or do you rather mean Horny?" i smirked
No-oh, playing flirty again? whispered by my other side
Who wouldn't be playing flirty with someone like Iigo anyway? The way he made my b
eing shiver from his touch, the way he whispers my name in every passion we made
and the way he made my body respond to his need -- yes, he's a total package. a
total catch to any one
"Isn't that the same?" he replied
"Hm....." i mummbled trying to sound like i was thinking eventhough, by just tal
king to him, my mind is completely mashed
"Is that an invitation?" i taunted once again and to my delight, he groaned
"You bet It is" he said which drew my lips into a wider grin
"Pick me up here in 30minutes." i quickly put down the phone as i closed my eyes
realizing of what a devilish act i have done once again
this could be a long night i thought
When we arrived to his pad, it was the usual dim room that i spend with him ofte
n and when he turned the lights on,
I felt as though I had just been struck on the head. Iigo had suddenly leaned down
and kissed me so fast I couldn't even think.
The only thing I could feel was his lips, how they've gotten softer than the las
t time it laid on me And then I was just there kissing him back as if straved to
We pulled away a few seconds later, that first kiss being purely instinctive. Si
lence reigned for a moment as We looked at each other, both trying to read each
other and trying to get hold of our own feelings.
I dont know what lead us to that. We always do intimate stuffs together but it w
as the first time we just stood there not even carressing and not trying to go b
eyond the kiss we just shared moments ago
He looked at me straight from my eyes.. and i could almost see the windows to hi
s soul
"Groowwwl" his tummy roared breaking the silence between us
"PFFT! HAHAHAHHAHA!" i laught crazily holding my tummy and tapping his shoulder.
i wasn't completely prepared for the whole thing.
One moment we were staring intimately and the next had been beyond comidic. It w
as hilarious! priceless! and splendid! i never had imagine my self i could see t
his other side of him
the funny, dorky but still hot side of him then i saw him looking at the floor w
hile scratching his back messing his hair more
"I haven't eaten dinner yet" he shyly uttered
and for some reason, i automatically clinged to him and pouted my lips
eventhough our faces were inches apart, i was looking up to him for practically
he was really taller than i thought he was. He was somewhere nearing 6 feet or..
maybe 6'1
"Dinner? Its already 3 in the morning" i uttered
and for a second his eyes were somehow focus to the one that he's been staring f
or that very moment -- my lips
"Stop doing that" he uttered to my surprise. Still clinging to him while i wrap
my arms around his neck
"Stop doing what?" i inquered still confused on what he said
"You're seducing me yet again .. stop pouting. I might lavishly tame and rape y
our lips..................... or maybe you" he whispered flawlessly while he slo
wly lowered his face to meet mine.
But, for some unknown reasons, i uncling my self to him and pretended to look e
lsewhere but his eyes... as i roamed around and spot his kitchen trying to avoid
another hot kiss moment, i thought of something brilliant..
"Why don't we make pancakes for breakfast instead?" i winked
its Iigo's fault why my home-made pancakes were such a disaster. whenever i'll pou
r the white eeky thingy he'll always hug me from behind and i could almost sense
his erection from my back. then he plants kisses on my neck, nimble my earlobe
then his hands would automatically crawl to my boobies
then i would moan and lose track of my concentration.. which is why i poured too
much egg on the frying pan than it was supposed to be. when he's almost satisfi
ed, he would grope me and will slid his big hands inside my thighs giving me ano
ther wet sensation down there.. it was beyond pleasure that made my legs wobble
and just when my legs were about to give in with too much sensation that i was f
eeling, he caught me just in time.. him lifting me up through wrapping his cord
ed muscled arms on my tiny frame
"I think i'll eat something else for breakfast" he said while smirking seductive
"What?" i asked. brows were pulled together in curiosity
"I think I'll eat you instead" and by that, he devoured my lips once more and li
ft me up to his bedroom
just thinking about the whole thing made me blush like a girly girl... that i ho
w that two mornings ago went by
"Wait me there, I'll be on in just... 15 minutes" he said from the other line...
i slipped my Blackberry inside my back when i noticed a familiar silhoutte was c
oming to my way. My heart was pounding and was making my hands drenched when i s
aw that silhoutte was now almost visible to my eyes
"Iigo? is that you?" i called out but i heard no response.
No definitely not him. He'll definitely run his arms around me the moment i call
ed out and swing me around like he always does i thought
i was taken aback, i took few steps backwards when i saw the now clearer than ev
er figure in my eyes
"What do think are you doing here, Gerard?"
i said fiercely while i saw him smirking and slowly taking his steps closer to m
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"ano sa tingin ninyo ang gagawin ni Gerard?"

[12] Chapter 11
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I turned my back on Gerard trying to walk away as far as possible. Just when i w
as about to completely disappear in his eyes, A sudden metallic hand was grippin
g me and forcedly turn me to his direction so i could face him
"Why were you calling out for Iigo?" he furiously uttered as i could smell the fa
int aroma of liquor in his breath
"Gerard, stop. nasaksaktan ako" i said as i struggle to get away from his tight
and when i thought he was about to release me, i was wrong.. he let go my wrist
just so he could straddle me on my shoulder as he purposely bang on the near by
cold hard cement
i let out a sly cry of pain and closed my eyes trying not be scared
I've never seen him this mad before i thought
"Answer me, Nina!!" he demanded while shaking both of my shoulderblades
"Its none of your business, Gerard.It's over. We're through. it has been 3 mont
hs. Let's just move---"
"Im still madly in love with you, Nina" he said na para bang bumubulong sa hang
in at kawalan
I gasped not knowing what to say in return.
what am i supposed to answer him? that im in love with someone else? that i've
been sleeping with the guy he introduced to me during his Friend's wedding?
"How about Roselyn? you've been---"
"Our relationship was just purely sex, Nina. nothing more than just sex." He ut
tered while looking at me in the eyes.
"Im sorry. I know i was wrong but Rose kept on rubbing on to me.. kept on taunt
ing me back then. Im a man,Nina. I have urges and sexual needs. I wanted you bad
ly, but i was afraid I'm gonna drive you away. Im sorry"
there was complete silence in the air and i noticed how he tilt his head for me
to reach.
is he gonna kiss me? i thought and then suddenly, a pigment of our memories tog
ether flashed right before my eyes
"Ganito pa rin kaya tayo? Will we be the same like this? for .. 10 years? 20? h
He leaned closer and sweetly kissed my forehead.
Bigla akong kinilig and started giggling.
It was 5 in the breezy afternoon on the university football field when we decid
ed to lay on the wooden elongated chair nearby.
It was beyond perfect in the moment. Just laying down and breathing the same ai
r with him, just made my entire afternoon. I was lying down on his lap while he
was sitting holding a book
"Ofcourse" he whispered in my ear. and planted small kisses on my face
"10 years" he kissed my nose
"20" he planted a kiss on my right cheek, then to my left "30"
"40" places a kiss on my jaw
"and for eternity and beyond" he said as he finally brushes his lips on mine be
fore he finally kiss me right.
"Promise?" i asked breaking the kiss between us
"Promise." he said smilling down on me
I was awoken in reality at nung minulat ko na ang mga mata ko, i quickly, with
all my strength left on me, pushed Gerard away as possible
but, he was huge, that's why he immediately caught my wrist once again and pulle
d me closer to him
"Gerard, Enough of this. Let me go" i pleaded
He was leaning his face to me .. as if attempting to lay his lips on mine
"Gerard, You heard her. Let her go"
Natigilan bigla sa Gerard and automatically glanced at the right.
i know that voice. i thought as i quickly turned my direction to where Gerard
has been looking for now
"Iigo" I breathe as i struggle my self to escape from Gerard tight embrace
"Stay away from this, Cous!" he snapped right away to Iigo
i was slightly taken aback when i heard him raising his tone
Cous?Cousin?! i thought as my brows were automatically pulled together. wonder
ing if i heard it right from his lips
"Dont tell me, Nina.. It's my cousin you've been banging the whole time?" Gera
rd angrily uttered while he glared at me intently and i could feel him tightenin
g the grip more on my wrist
"Ow!" i cried out loud when he slammed me once again on the wall.
"Let her go, Gerard! or else .." Iigo commanded sounding so annoyed and pissed
but Gerard wasn't even faze by his warning and didn't even loosen his grip on.
He ,instead, force himself on me.
bigla niya akong hinalikan, but this time no more tenderness like he always doe
s when we were together.
He kissed me like I was just his whore(that's what i felt when he's filling me u
p at that very moment).. as he slid his disgusting tongue that I could almost ta
ste the alcohol on it. I tried to resist but .. he had his own way on me and alm
ost had the access inside my mouth
natigil lang yun nang bigla hinila ni Iigo si Gerard through his collar and away
from me. Agad niya tong kinaladkad at itinulak sa ground.
It was happening so fast that i couldn't make even the slightest sound of fright
as i saw Iigo punching Gerard endlessly as he was tackling him on the cemented-gr
ound of the building
naggulong gulong pa sila once more and Gerard , kahit may dugo na sa labi, ay n
asa ibabaw na this time ni Iigo
"Traidor ka, Iigo!!! how could you!!" ang sigaw niya habang sinusuntok suntok si
Iigo. Sinipa ni Iigo si Gerard which made them shift their position. hinampas niya k
agad si Gerard sa malamig na semento habang inuupukan siya ng todo
"dont act like i should be blame here dear cousin! you're the one who cheated!"
ang sigaw ni Iigo habang sinusuntok suntok ang mukha ni Gerard
"Tama na!!!" ang sabi ko when i drew my self closer to Iigo at napayakap from beh
ind him para lang matigilan siya sa kasusuntok kay Gerard.
Napapikit ako not knowing what to do as a drop of tear was now cascading down my
Eventhough Gerard's such a jerk, he doesn't deserve to be treated this way. No
one should
Tumayo bigla si Iigo and held me closer that i could almost feel his beating hear
t. I sobbed but then looked up to see his worried face with a blood in the side
of his mouth while his right cheekbone is starting to be purple-ish
sakto namang dumating din ang hindi ko inaasahan, i could even recognize her pa
gkababa niya pa lang sa cab.She hurriedly made her way to us and knelt down to r
each Gerard's now swollen face
"Roselyn" i whispered in surprise. It has been quite a long time since the last
time i saw her
She looked up and angrily glared at us
"I can't believe you, Nina! pinabugbog mo si Gerard?! wala ka ba talagang konse
nsya?!" halos sumigaw siya when she said those words to me
"If your boyfriend was just nice enough not to force himself on, Nina.. maybe I
should've just spared him a little"
Iigo uttered while he tighten his embrace on my shoulder. almost, as if, afraid t
o lose me.
"UHHHH" ang ungol ni Gerard while nakapikit siya
"Ge? kaya mo pa bang tumayo?" i heard her slightly whispering to Gerard while s
he's slowly lifting him up from the ground that he's been lying
Hindi ko na alam anong nangyari pagkatapos noon, dahil Immediately, Iigo lead the
way to his car.
"Can you still drive?" i asked while i assisted him inside his car
"Ofcourse, Im a racecar dri---"
"Shizz, nabubog ka na nga tapos nagagawa mo pa rin magbiro" i said while pinapa
hid ng panyo yung dugo sa labi ni Iigo
"I'll drive" i continued at biglang natigilan si Iigo sa sinabi ko and looked at
me with the slightest amusement to his face
"You know how to drive?" he asked completely surprise
I just winked at him and gave him a peck on the cheeks
"'course! why wouldn't i?"
"Ano ba talaga ang nangyari?" ang sabi ni Meg as she made her way to the living
room kung saan kami dalawa ni Iigo
Instead na don kami ni Iigo sa pad niya, I decided na dito na lang kami dahil nga
wala daw siyang first aid kit don.
Nilatag ni Meg ang first aid kid sa center table and I immediately placed the p
ack of ice to Iigo's swollen , and now purple-ish, cheek
"It's ... uuh." Napatigil ako habang iniisip kung dapat ko bang i-narrate pa ka
y Meg ang buong pangyayari.
Just thinking about those scenes makes my entire being scared. I thought it only
happens on those surreal local series on tv, You know.. those scene where two g
uys fighting over one girl. I never imagine myself to be in the middle of all th
ese.. its just too much
"its.. Gerard" I plainly said while the horrific image ng pangyayari kanina flas
hes on my mind. I sighed while Meg stiffen from her position
"That bastard!" I heard her hissed
"I never pictured him out like that .. he's always calm and uptight with poise"
I said keeping an eye sa mga pasa ni Iigo
"Stop it, Nina.. I knew from the start na may tinatagong kulo talaga yang Gerar
d na yan. See? Dapat matagal mo na siyang kinalasan noon pa hindi na sana-"
"Aheeem~" ang sabi ni Iigo na halatang annoyed na dahil parang kami lang ni Meg a
ng naguusap
biglang natahimik kaming tatlo sa mga oras na yun.
It was awkward kasi, Meg kept on uttering about Gerard, the one who broke me, an
d on the other side, there's Iigo .. the person who's keeping my heart
"Well, I think I'll just leave you two now on your own okay? May pasok pa ako bu
kas" ang sabi ni Meg and stood up from the couch she's been sitting across us
"Good night, Nina .. Iigo" ang dugtong niya as she closed her bedroom door from be
habang ina-apply-an ko ng bethadine yung sugat ni Iigo, bigla bigla naman niyang
hinawakan ang kamay ko and gazes into my eyes
"If I didn't make It on time, who knows what he could've done to you" he worrie
dly said and lock me up into his warm embrace.
We stayed like that for awhile, drowning ourselves as we inhale the faint scent
coming from each other
"Hey!!" Meg blurted out as she slammed her door open .. automatiko namang nagka
hiwalay kami ni Iigo from our cuddling and focus ourselves to Meg's direction
"If you're planning to have sex tonight, please don't do it on the couch, Don't
want mess with my century-old couch. I love that" ang sabi niya while pouting
her lips
bigla namang nagkatingin kami ni Iigo. Both of us were surprise sa sinasabi ni Meg
and it also made me blush as I tore my gazes away from his eyes
"and moans and groans and whatsoever sound of having sex is the last thing i'll
need to hear tonight.I badly need some sleep so, No sex okay? Ayokong nakakarini
g ng ungol mula sa kabilang room got it? Inuulit ko, no---"
Tumayo ako mula sa kinauupuan ko and said
"Alright, Alright. We got it, Margareth.Now Go!" as I was pointing to her bedro
om door gesturing her to go to her bed while my face was turning red
I heard her chuckle a little before finally closing the door.
Sometimes, Meg could be such a perv.. I thought as I sigh
I was about to turn around when Iigo suddenly, hug me from behind and rested his
chin on my shoulder. And by that, I could hear him breathe right next to my ear
as if inhaling every aroma there is on me
"Nina" he murmured while brushing his lips on my neck
"hhmm?" I glanced at my right where he's been resting his chin so now, our lips
are literally just an inch apart
but he, to my very very surprise, broke the mood that was slowly igniting betwe
en us awhile ago..
"You heard your friend, Nina. We can't do it here" pakantang sabi niya while na
Naglalakad papuntang ..
"Where do you think you're going?" I asked as I saw him turning the knob on my r
oom. Automatikong napunta ako sa pinto while attempting to close the door that h
e's been trying to get in to
"Ang lakas yata talaga ng suntok ng magaling kong pinsan. And I'm dead tired, Ni
na I don't think I could even drive my way back to my unit so, I'm sleeping on y
our bed"
"What makes you think I would let you?" napataas kilay ko naman sinabi while a
smirk was forming across my lips
"Cause I'm hot as hell. Now, let me sleep" ang sabi niya while he finally got h
is way to my room
ugh! This guy I thought in frutration while i also slid inside my room and clos
ed the door from behind
when I got out from my shower, I saw Iigo removing his top. And the only thing he
's wearing is his D&G boxers
"Don't tell me you're sleeping with only that thing on?" I said habang pinapata
yo sa towel ang buhok kong basa
bigla namang akong hinila ni Iigo palapit sa kaniya which made my heart jumped fr
om my ribcage
"Why .. do I turn you on that bad?" he smirk while bringing our face closer tha
n before
"You already knew that from the start" I said as I smiled him sweetly and touch
ed his cheeks, to where it was purple-ish
He suddenly, caught my hands and eyed my wrist. It was also turning purple-ish
like his cheek too
Maybe Gerard's tight grip must've caused this I thought as I looked at my wrist
that Iigo was gazing
I saw his expression changed into something like .. pissed
"That bastard cousin of mine. Makes me wanna break his neck more" he hissed
I brought my fingers to touch his soft lips
"Shh.. It's okay, Iigo. It's not that bad .. atleast, not as bad as yours" I said
as I quickly give him a peck on his cheek
"There! I just kissed it to make the pain go away.Feeling better now?" I asked
playfully while I slightly giggled
And then the next thing I knew, Iigo pulled me with him on my bed and now I was ly
ing on top of his chest
These days, lagi na lang kaming nagkakatitigan sa isa't isa. Hindi ko alam but,
whenever he gazes back to my eyes .. I felt like exploding from inside
"I never knew that you were his cousin from the very beginning, Iigo. Well, not u
ntil moments ago..that is. Hindi man lang kita nakikita tuwing dinadala ako ni G
erard sa family gathering ninyo"
"I spent my college years on New Jersey, I guess that's the time you started see
ing each other" He snorted and rolled his eyes acting like ...

was he jealous? is this a sign? a sign that he.. loves me? I thought while napan
giti naman ako ng sobra
"Besides, I'm just his second cousin .. not that close enough" he replied while
looking up to the ceiling as his arms snaked its way to my hips drawing me clos
er to him
"So that explains why you were at the reception that we went to the first time w
e've met" I said
but Iigo suddenly frown for I don't know why.. but his face soften and said
"Yep. That was my cousin's wedding.." he uttered which made me confuse
"well, Rey was not Gerard's cousin but mine.. from my dad's side that he was, c
oincidently, friends with"
"I see." I said with satisfaction
"Then I guess, its all clear. Shall we go to sleep now?" he asked while fixing
the blanket
"Wait, I'll get something" ang sabi ko while I walked out from the bed which ma
de Iigo confused and was left wondering
when I went back ..
"Here wear this, I believe its yours" ang sabi ko while I handled him his hoodi
Tinginan niya muna ako, tapos binaling ang atensyon sa Hoodie na hawak hawak ko
"So that's where my favorite hoodie went" he said smirking at me
It was the hoodie that I got from him the first time we had shared his bed tog
ether. It was as if kahapon lang nangyari ang lahat nang yun
how nostalgic i thought sheepishly
I smiled as I reminisce those memory in my mind
tumayo na ako mula sa kinahihigaan ko, and hinanap ang mga... panloob ko..
isa isa ko silang pinulot.. panty, bra... at mga damit kong kunot na kunot.. at
parang napunit
sa tagiliran .. it really shows how impatient i was removing that thing
hinanap ko rin kung saan nga ba yung closet niya. i wasn't familiar with the la
yout of the place,
so binuksan ko isa isa ang bawat cabinet na makita ko
i was looking for something to cover my self.. a robe? i dont know.. basta hina
lungkat ko lahat..
until i finally saw a hoodie na medjo malaki.. or rather, nung sinuot ko na siy
a.. napaka laki nga..
it even reached down to my knee
at nung na zipper ko na yung hoodie..
my smile grew wider and Iigo, now wearing his hoodie, smiled at me too
"Good night, Iigo" I said and before I could turned off the lampshade next to me
Iigo wrapped his arms around my frame and whispered in my ears
"Hindi tayo sa reception unang nagkita, Nina. We met earlier than those times. t
o the days where your cheeks were naturally puffed and your smile so sweet like
an angel"
He whispered in my ears which sent shivers to my spine when he whispered the las
t word almost sounding like surreal before finally drifting off to sleep
What was he talking about? I thought
(A/N: the nostalgic memory about the hoodie is from chapter 4. just so you'd kno
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[13] Chapter 12
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I woke up and stirred my self from my bed and when I was trying to get out of th
e bed, someone moan from the other side
I smiled to my self when I remembered who was sleeping right next to me. I glan
ced at my right and saw Iigo na kahit may pasa, bugbog at dark circle he was surpr
isingly still good looking as I remembered he always been to my eyes
I carefully removed the hands which kept me pinned , not wanting him to wake up
. He seems to be so tired and worn out so I'd rather not disturb him from his sl

"Nina" he whispered which made my heart stopped for awhile
is he awake? I thought as I turned around to see he was just talking to his sle
he made the "hm.." sound before he finally shifted his position hugging the pil
low next to him
I smiled just thinking about Iigo dreaming about me from his sleep was just beyon
d sensational
when I made my way out of my bedroom door, I saw Meg sitting on one of the kitc
hen long-high chairs while sipping a warm coffee on her favorite teddybear-print
ed violet mug that I gave her during her birthday
I sat next to her and she finally noticed me and smiled. Her hair was still a m
ess which made me conclude that she just woke up from her sleep
"Good morning, Nina! Had a nice sleep with Iigo oh-so-hot Bustamante?" she said s
I know what's going on with her mind right now that's why I just pinched her bo
th cheeks and chuckled
"Hey! That hurts! What was that for?" she said while frowning at me like a kid
"Nothing really. I just find you cute" I replied while I flashed at her my mega
watt smile
I went out of the chair and to the small cabinet near the sink. I got myself a
mug and went to the coffee maker for some good warm coffee for a perfect morning
like this
"You know, Nina .. I've never seen you this elated before" she said while she r
ested her chin on her entwine hands
"Really?" I said as I turned around and sat next to her once again
"There's something different about you" she gestured her hands like a camera ta
king an angle to my face
"You seem .. to be.. hmm"
to be? I thought as I waited to her words
".. too beautiful"
The last words coming from her lips made my cheeks turned red as tomatoes
"Ohh! Someone's blushing!" she said playfully teasing me as she pokes my right
arm next to her
The poking suddenly had abruptly stopped as she squeezed my hand.
I looked up to see her with her worried eyes. She was looking at me directly as
if carefully choosing the right words to released from her queered mouth
"Ang babae kapag na broken-hearted mabilis ma-fall sa lalakeng unang magcomfort
sa kanya" she blurted out which stiffened my poise to where I was sitting
the words suddenly sank in my heart.. which made my mind more confuse.
"Im happy for you, Nina but .. I don't want to see you get hurt." I stopped stir
ring my coffee as my face turned blank
"Nakita na kita paano ka bumagsak because of love. Masakit din sa akin.. you don
't know how annoyed I was of my self because I felt like I was useless"
looking down the table, she said while she rested her forehead to her right hand
"Meg ---" I murmured
"Nina, answer me directly .. mahal mo na ba siya because yun yung nararamdaman
mo? O mahal mo siya dahil gusto mong makalimot?"
"I-i.. I" I shuddered taking my time to answer her question. I was about to bl
urt out the answer when ............
"Good morning, Ladies!" Ang sabi ni Iigo while he was leaning casually on the kit
chen door, still on the hoodie i gave him last night and his boxers
He made his way towards the kitchen table and leaned to kiss me on my cheeks as
she whispered "Good morning, Beautiful" right to my ears
Just then, My heart had completely melted as his skin brushes on mine. I felt gu
ilty about it. I don't even know where he stands in my life. What is he on my li
I sighed completely swirled with the confusion lingering on my mind. I looked d
own on the table trying to avoid Iigo's honest stares.
I was afraid I might break down right in front of him. I'm afraid I might hurt h
is fragile heart. Right now, all I want to do was to get away.
"Is there something wrong?" he asked taking his sit right next to me
"I-I...I" I shuddered once again
but thankfully... "Oh, she's just feeling sickly at the moment. Don't worry she
'll be fine"
Meg said as she tapped Iigo's back and made her way out of the kitchen
"Are you oka-"
I cut him off by pressing my lips against him as I jump into his lap. Sinking th
e sudden action I made to his mind, he wrapped his arms around me instantly, pul
ling me closer and kissing me back hard, with all the intensity I had imagined a
kiss from him would be like.
I entangled my fingers in his hair, and pushed my chest into him, loving the fri
ction of his hard corded body against my nipples.
His tongue probed against my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, letting a slight
moan escape when our tongues brushed each other.

His mouth left mine and reattached itself against my neck, where he sucked and n
ibbled at the sensitive skin releasing a soft moan from me.
I ran my hand down his chest until my thumbs dipped into his waist band, causing
him to grind his hips upward in between my legs as I straddled him. because of
the position, and I could almost feel his erection pressing into my already wet
I reveled in the groan that slipped through his mouth as I returned his previou
s grinding motion with one of my own.
I kissed his face, jaw, and neck, slightly nipping at the tender skin. His hot s
haky breath was at my ear, as I bit the juncture between his shoulder blade and
neck, and then slowly licked and kiss the spot better.
He, surprisingly, pushed me away from him and held both of my shoulders while I
was still sitting on his lap
Doesn't he want me? I thought feeling hurt as I gaze to his eyes
"What's wrong, Nina? You're not...usually--uhh- like .. this" he said in his mo
st tender and confused voice while staring at my eyes
I bit my lower lip and closed my eyes trying to control my already-at-range bea
ting heart
I did that so I know if I really do love you. I need to know. whispered my head
but those words were kept jailed for I don't want it to blurt out from my own l
But instead, as I opened my eyes, I just seductively smiled at him pretending t
hat I'm fine while brushing those confusions away from my self
I pouted before whispering to his ears "you're not in the mood?"
"Oh! So that was it all about?" he chuckled huskily
" I thought there's something else" he continued
"Oh well.. " I said jumping out of his lap and to the ground
Confused, He grabbed my arm and said "Where do you think your goin'?
"Shower. Obviously, you ruined the mood" I said playfully sticking out my tong
ue to him
he groaned "ugh! Come on! No fair! You surprised me back there!"
Umalis siya sa kinauupuan niya and tailed me from behind. I just chuckled as I w
ent back to my room and straight to my bathroom
Wearing only my garments inside (panty & my clad-laced bra), I attempted to clo
se to door.. but when I was about to, Iigo slipped his right foot and totally mad
e his way inside
"Whatta! Iigo! I need shower! I have work today okay?" I said pushing him back to
the door
"Hey, I'm here to help you wash your back, you know!" he said smirking casually.
"Right .. like that would happen" I said rolling my eyes still try'na push him o
ut his back facing me
but it was no use because when he turned around, he began placing peppered kisse
s all over my body. I don't know how he did it, but the next thing I know.. my b
ra was gone and He was now focused on my chest staring at it intently, lightly t
ugging on my nipples into his mouth.
Then he stopped only to stare on my nudity as if taking an anatomy lesson on m
y body, enjoying seeing all the love marks He had left on me last night.
We didn't actually had sex but from time to time that night, he kept on nibbling
and biting my neck which explains why I had all those marks the next morning I
woke up
I devilishly thought of something better. Its time I'll be the one in charge
"Whaah-?" Iigo uttered having no time to react as I leaned down and brought my mou
th and attached itself to every piece of skin it could find. I pulled his boxers
down, to free him.
his eyes became wide as if he couldn't believe what was happening.

I grasped his dick in my hand and I made my way down his abs, tracing every cou
ture with my tongue, until staring before me was his sword of glory.
I looked up at him before I swallowed his head in my mouth, swirling my tongue a
round it in the process.
His member jerked forward as Iigo let out a quiet groan, which I enjoyed greatly.
I let my tongue travel up and down his shaft, before encompassing all of him int
o my mouth, eliciting another groan of pleasure.
"Maan!" he moaned with pleasure as he'd closed his eyes for the sensation he's
been feeling right now and then ....
"Nina, You're driving me insane" was all I could hear from him that moment
"Hey, where's my kiss?" Iigo said when he got off the car and grabbed me
"What kiss? I already gave you a lot more than that this morning.Besides, im ru
nning late now" I said annoyed and I jerked my hand away from his grip
"Hey- hey! It's not my fault okay? You were the one who started it! Im a normal
man,Nina. so I just genuinely responded you're tempting, seductive gesture" he
winked and said while trying to sound so defensive as he raises his both hands
"Right. Whatever" I turned on my heels and was about to start walking away from
But then he man-handled me once again
"Whaa-Iigo!" I shouted on top of my lungs and caught enough heads to turn to our
We were infront of the building of The Daily Inquirer and I forced Iigo to drive
me to my office because Meg, at the time Iigo and I finished doing something in my
bathroom, already left so I had no one to get a lift with
Iigo, being the one to be blame, genuinely offered me a ride. I refused at first
but I right away gave in because I was running really late now
"Fine fine! But sa cheek lang!" I said
"Oh! Come on!!" he groaned in frustration obviously begging for more
"Kiss sa cheeks. Take it or leave it." I demandingly said and frown at Iigo
this guy sure is so selfish. I thought
im so gonna be fired
"Right. Now, please your highness. Please do kiss me here" he said in his fake
british accent while pointing his finger on his cheek that I supposed I should k
iss right now if I don't want to be late
but just when I was about to kiss him on the cheek, he averted his face so when
I kissed him, my lips landed to his luscious lips
"You!!" my eyes grew wider
he just chuckled and run away inside his car to where I wouldn't have time to c
atch him
"See you around, Beautiful!"
and then off he went
I laid my folders again like the usual thing I do everytime I'll arrive at the
venture. Surprisingly there were no curious heads turning to my direction, there
were no whispering and what really surprises me is the fact that there were no
bouquets of pink carnation anymore
just a mug of Coffee that I supposed Luigi must've put. I sighed
Atleast Gerard wont bug me anymore I thought in relief
I was in the middle of working hours when Jesse had popped once again from nowh
"Don't you dare do that again! I think I just felt my heart had stopped" I said
while holding my chest
"Please stop the exaggeration!" she said rolling her eyes
we were now walking side to side and smiling to every colleague we passed by. O
ne thing I noticed was the fact that Jesse was quite popular in the cliques of g
uys right there whispering to each other and turning glances at our direction as
we walked by.
why wouldn't she popular? eventhough her skin was darker, her stature was amazin
g which every men with testoterone would surely be aroused. the way her curls sw
ayed just passed down her bra-line and the curves she has? would definitely tran
sform and turn any gay to a straight horny guy
"Hey, I've heard you've kissed someone awhile ago right in front of the buildin
g" she whispered in my ear
I just smiled awkwardly and said "ppft! Where'd you get that gossip from?"
"Oh, let's just say... everyone's talking about it right now" She said which ma
de me abruptly stopped from walking
"What?!" I cried out loud
"Who wouldn't be talking about it anyway? You just kissed Iigo." She said fanning
How'd she know bout Iigo? I thought as my brows were pulled together
"OMG! Iigo Bustamante of all people!! He's like.. the hottest and number 1 sought-
after bachelor according to GQ Mag August Issue"
"You've got to be kidding me" I said in disbelief while I pressed the elevator
while Jesse's tailing me off
"So.. was he the one sending you those bouquets with flamboyant and sweet sweet
notes on it?" she asked enthusiastically
I gave her a confused look and instead of answering her high-pitched question..

I've asked "How come he was in a magazine?"
"Ofcourse he would be in GQ! He's known for his unbelievable speed in the race t
rack and he even won numerous title all through out Asia, Europe and even Americ
a! plus he's flithy rich which highlighted his good looks. you know" she said wi
nking at me
"He's a what?!" I mouthed in disbelief.
I was about to tell her something when I heard a "ding" sound from the elevator
indicating that we're on the ground floor now
"I can't believe you don't know him! well in fact someone had said he gave you a
kiss and a lift in his Red ferrari F430 spider.. " She said while she'd put her
right hand on her waist
"Are you a woman or did you just lack an estrogen?!Every ladies, single, taken,
in a relationship and even married would do anything to switch places with you"
she chuckled hysterically and I was just left there staring at her as we steppe
d out of the elevator door
So, the whole time .. Iigo wasn't trying to be funny? He's a real-life race car dr
iver?! I thought while my mouth was hanged opened
"and you Nina," she pointed her pointy finger on my left chest
"is just one lucky hella girl!" she squealed and made our way out of the buildi
ng to have lunch
I can't belive this is happening!! I horrifically thought while I slapped my ha
nd on my forehead
(A/N: have you guys seen it coming? i planned that the whole time.. now, you kno
w why he has a lot of cars in his garage. its his guilty plessure from the very
beginning. tell me what u think about it. im dying to know what u think about Ni
na being confused about her feelings. i need to sort out things soon. and no, Ge
rard isn't entirely kicked out from this story YET.

[14] Chapter 13

(A/N: hey readers! im so in a good mood for update because first, i've received
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in this chapter, malalaman ni Nina na may kafling pala si Iigo before her but tha
t girl wont be revealed pa 'til futher notice. sa chapter na ito din, may malala
man si Nina na ikakalog ng mundo niya.. read to find out!)
"Hey.. wash zat en yer ngek?" (What's that on your neck)
"Oh" I quickly placed a hand on my neck to cover up the love bite I got from no
other than, Iigo.
I don't know but He just loves doing that to me whenever we're making out and wh
en I asked him about it he would always say ..
"its because you're just too irresistible, you little siren"

"it's nothing really." I said casually taking a bite of my big mac trying to hid
e the redness of my cheeks
"that doesn't looked like nothin' to me" she said while her brows wobbled up an
d down
"So, tell me.. What's the thing between you and Iigo? I've heard he's a good kiss
it was so much beyond that you could almost be wet all over down there I though
t sheepishly while I didn't notice that....
"OHH my! You're blushing! Don't tell me- " and then her smile grew wider which
meant something else to my naked eyes
"No no no no no!" I said trying my very best not to pannick
"yes yes yes and yes! I never thought I could actually come and face to face wi
th Iigo's girlfriend"
"Sssh!!" I said as I attempted to cover up her mouth as I smiled awkwardly to t
he people who were looking at our direction. Obviously annoyed by the noise comi
ng from Jesse's big fat mouth
And when I've released her..
"No offense, Nina okay? But I always thought Iigo likes half-bred mestizas." Ang
sabi niya while trying to lower her voice down
"Since halos lahat ng nalilink sa kaniya were either pinay half-australian, Spa
nish Filipina, half Italian at kung ano ano pang half pinay."
para namang sinaksak ang puso ko sa mga ikinukwento ni Jesse. It was like mas k
ilala pa niya si Iigo kay sa sa akin.
Sa kaniya ko nalaman kung ano anong hobby meron si Iigo, mga favorite foods niya a
t sa kaniya ko din nalaman ang mga tipong babae ni Iigo which, by the looks of it,
were far from my persona
She drew her self closer to me and before she whispered into my ear, tumingin m
una siya sa paligid. Checking out if may nakikinig sa near by vicinity
"and there's this known international ramp model who was rumored to be his girl
napatigil ako, at bigla kong naramdaman ang unti unting paglumo ng pakiramdam k
o. But I was curious, kaya kahit na pa ayaw ko nang malaman para hindi na ako ma
saktan, I still insisted
"who is she?" I whispered almost sounding like hoarse which is the sign that my
lips refuses to utter
"She's-uhh-- She's Kendra Gainsborough, British-Filipina ramp model of Burberry
Bigla na lang akong nautal at katahimikan ang bumalot sa pagitan naming dalawa
ni Jesse na mukhang nagui-guilty dahil sa sobrang kadaldalan niya
"Pero, then again, im sure puro chismis lang naman yun nuh! I mean, hello? 'di
ba ikaw nga yung girlfriend?" she said attempting to lighten up the mood
"We're... we're not .. -you know-dating" I said as I shoved the fries into my s
tarving mouth
"Really?" she frowned and added "I don't believe you. Come on! No need to play
Showbiz couple bullshits and stuffs. I wont tell"
"But im serious, we're not dating, we're just-well-hanging out" i said as I fla
shed her my favorite grin
Jesse was about to utter something, but I cut her off when I suddenly told her
that I needed to go to the powder room
it was one of the lamest excuse that I've pulled through but I have no choice.
She just kept on asking things that I know I can't answer myself.
"How long have you guys been going out? And how did you know each other?"
I don't know, I don't even know where we stand.
I don't know anything and definitely, I can't just say to her that I met him at
the wedding reception through my ex-boyfriend.
I can't tell her how we kissed. I can't tell her that weconstantly made love on
his own unit and most important of all?
I can't tell her that im falling truly madly deeply in love with Iigo Bustamante h
when I got out of the cubicle the first thing that I did after washing my hand
was to noticed that I was alone in the powder room
I sighed
at least theres little peace here
Then I started to apply my Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector on my face right in fron
t of the mirror.
I wonder how does Kendra looks like I thought as I applied my Mac Lipstick Matt
e Russian Red on my lips
I bet she really had longer legs than I do, or maybe a bigger bust than like thi
I shamelessly thought while I eyed my legs and my bust feeling sorry for myself
or maybe im just insecure that she's one hella international ramp-freaking-model
having the time of her life while im a just a boring columnist of a newspaper
I sighed as I tried to brushed off those thoughts that were slowly killing me i
I was about to shoved my lipstick inside my Miu Miu bag, When I saw someone's r
eflection on the mirror .. someone that I rather not see, went out of the cubicl
e herself
She was wearing a floral-printed sleeveless top and a high-waist jeans
speaking of long legs, looks like someone's showing it off on my face ..
i thought bitterly as I glared holes at Roselyn who's entirely oblivious about m
y presence
but she was taken aback right after she looked up only to see me still glaring
at her
Instead of glaring back , to my surprise, she just sighed and looked at the mirr
or and started applying Maybeline Unstoppable eyeliner in Espresso and Majolica
Majorca mascara to her self
Looks like someone's goody goody today I thought while I smirked to my self as
I grabbed my Miu Miu bag which was laid on the sink for awhile now
I was about to completely made my out of the powder room when someone grabbed m
e by the hand and when I looked up, I saw the least being I'd expect to touch me
that way
"What now?" i said with a shrill tone matching to my irritated mood while I ga
ve her glare-daggered at her solemnly sad eyes
"We need to talk" She plainly said in a calm feature
I flashed her my most disgust-face frown I had and rolled my eyes
"What's there to talk about anyway, Rose?" I said as i attempted mimicking Gera
rd's way of uttering her pen name.
I could still remember how he called her that .. the first time I heard him say
that I thought
when a scene in the past flashed right before my mind
i slapped him across his face which caught enough of the entire attention and h
eads to
turn in our direction.. to where i stood.. to where Gerard stood while Roselyn
was still
sitting there shocked, dumbfounded and totally frozen in her positon
but i went back to my senses still holding my tears.. as i cletched my fists
i wont cry.. i will definitely not cry this time 'round. i repeated to myself o
ver and over again.
"Its not what you think, Nina.. Rose and I were-"

"Rose?!" i mouthed in disbelief and a little of frustration as i cut him off wi
th his words
"now, you gave her a pen name?! wow! that's a progress, Ge!" i said sarcastical
All those memories were still crystal clear in my head. so clear that i could st
ill almost feel the exact pain i've felt that night
Right when my mind went back to the present, I heard her say
"Stay away from Gerard!" with her sneaky eyes staring back at me intently as if
emphasizing each word she said that burnt my aching hatred towards her more
"Hah!" I snickered as i placed my bag on top of the sink once more
"You?" as I pointed to her my index finger before uttering another words
"Telling me to stay away from Ge?" I rolled my eyes and laid my arms across my
"Sabihan mo yang Gerard na yan to stay away from me instead. The last time I've
checked, Im not the one doing the chasing. He is. He's the one coming after me
"Just please.. stay away from him as much as possible" she pleaded sounding mor
e desperate this time with a calm feature which irritated me more
"Didn't you hear me? Si Ge--"
"I'm pregnant"
bigla akong natigilan. Bigla tumigil ang mundo. I was still left there standing
across Roselyn who's obviously trying to keep herself calm from the sudden reve
lation she just blew on me
Did I just heard it right? I thought sounding more confused than ever as my sig
ht landed unto her bulgy tummy that i didn't notice awhile ago

"What did you just say?" I asked with a-less-violent-tone this time
"I went to the OB today and had an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy, and the
doctor sent me home with my son's first baby picture"
She said while she brought out that xray-looked-a-like piece of high-quality-pa
per thingy
"I'm 8 weeks pregnant .. at 8 weeks nang tatay si Gerard"
(A/N: this chap is dedicated to moveslikejagger because she requested me to .. y
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flashback was based from chap 2 so if you dont have any clue about it then SCRE
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the faceless picture is Kendra Gainsborough. her face is mysterious because.. tr
ip ko lang pra mapag isip isip din kayo kung maganda ba talaga tong Kendra. XD
eto lang masasabi ko for this chap....
[15] Chapter 14
(overview: in this chapter, Roselyn's gonna explain her part of the story.. she'
s going to tell Nina everything. mainly because i would like my readers to be en
lighten that Roselyn isn't really a bitch. ika nga, may rason ang bawat bagay..
so anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
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nd okay?
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Quote for this Chapter:
"Kahit gaano kalawak ang pang-unawa mo, kapag inatake ka na ng selos, kikitid at
kikitid pa rin ang utak mo."
"Hey, Do you want to try the lobster here? Its delicious!"
"Uhh.. no thanks. I rather have buttered chicken with a salad and some red wine"
I said to the waiter standing close to our table
"I'll have the same" and Gerard nodded at the waiter which meant that's he's do
ne ordering
I was trying to avoid Gerard's constant stares at me so I hid my self on the m
enu. It was really awkward going out with your ex for the first time after your
break up. I don't feel entirely comfortable about it
what made me do so??
It was last week when I bumped into Roselyn at Mcdonald's with her mind-blowing
news about her being pregnant
"Please, do me a favor. Well, atleast not for me but for this kid" she said whi
le hinahawakan ang belly niya. Gesturing into her motherly touch
"Tell him, I'm bringing his own child right inside my body" she added
"What?! Huh? Don't tell me, you didn't tell him yet your pregnant?" I asked whi
le my brows were pulled together
To my surprise, instead of answering me directly, she suddenly had the outburst
and cried her self.. tears were rolling down her cheeks hysterically as she sobs
"Wait, don't cry! I know you hate me and the feeling is mutual but hey! Don't c
ry like I had slapped you okay?.. even if i want to from the very beginning .. s
till hey!" I said while I suddenly went panicked and I, surprisingly, found my s
elf comforting her
"why didn't you tell him? You can't keep it as a secret much longer since your
belly's going to grow bigger.. you have to te-"
"how am I suppose to tell him straight to his face?" she looked up as she yanke
d away my hands from her
"when everytime I do, pinamumukha niya sa akin na ikaw lang yung mahal niya.. n
a ikaw lang sa puso niya?" bigla niyang pinahid ang mga luha sa pisngi niya and
tried her best to control herself from more crying
"Alam mo ba gaano ka sakit yung ganon, Nina? Na whenever we're at the peak of h
aving sex its always your name that he moans?! And when asleep its always your n
ame that he calls? Its hard, Nina! It's fucking hard!"
pasigaw niyang sabi sabay daloy ng mas madaming luha na tumutulo sa mata niya W
hich entirely ruined her mascara
instead of laughing off because of Roselyn's ugly state, ruined maked up, stres
sed-as-hell, huge dark circles under hear eyes, I found my self asking her in my
most modest and caring voice
"What am I supposed to do, Roselyn?"
Her outburst abruptly stopped but she was still sobbing. "Please, tell him about
our baby."
"Why me?!" I automatically said
"He'll listen to you, Nina. I know he will. please" she said while she held out
both of my hands together pleading
"But, what if he wont?" I asked her as I stared at her watery eyes
"He'll always listen to you, Nina. Believe it or not, you still have those effe
ct on him" She said with all the honesty in her tone
"Siguro nga karma tong nangyayari sa akin for stealing him away from you. But yo
u know, you might not notice but I was crazy about him kahit nung college days p
a" she said as she smiled thinking about those good times
"What do you mean?"
"I love him nung unang pagkakita ko pa lang sa kaniya, Nina. He might not remem
ber it, but it was during ACET when we first met. he nicely lent me a pen in the
middle of examination and smiled at me. i know its stupid and corny but I fell
for him hard with his smiles."
"Nalungkot ako nung hindi ko siya nakita sa enrollment at nung freshmen orienta
tion day, but Faith must've been playing when nalaman kong classmate ko pala siy
a sa Philosophy nung second year. At nung naging lab partner ko siya sa Biochem.
. I thought It was my chance."
She said as she smiled at me genuinely just thinking about it
"Pero, when I saw him as he kissed you on the cheeks sa parking lot, I felt lik
e I was torn in to pieces. I felt my heart was smashed even more when I found ou
t that you guys were still together even after graduation."
She frowned as she slowly glared at me indicating how she hated me that time
"Perfect Fairytale nga daw yun eh! The beauty and brain, who happens to be the C
um Laude-- yes, that's you Nina! and the hottest guy on campus, who happens to b
e the guy im crazy about ..ended up together happily"
she rolled her eyes and looked away. Humarap siya sa salamin while attempting to
fix her hair
"Kaya nung nalaman kong, he's working on the same venture as I do, I didn't hes
itate to make a move, Nina. I didn't back down without putting a fight, so I fli
rted everyday, I tempted him"
she snickered and looked away from the mirror that she was facing only to stare
at me intensely
"and I was more than happy and elated when one night, he came knocking on my doo
rstep to make love to me. I was too in love to say No to him,Nina. Akala ko sa m
ga oras na yun nagwork ang plan ko which lead to your break up kaya I open-heart
edly offered my self to him that night."
I frowned at her as both of my brows were pushed together.
this girl I thought as i was feeling a little bit irritated with what i've found
"pero, laking gulat ko the next morning, when I ran into the both of you while
you were making out on the elevator HAH! i should've known better.." she said as
she laughed bitterly.
and then the bitter laugh suddenly stopped only to see her staring at me
"nonetheless, im sorry. Sorry kung nasaktan kita ng mga panahon na yun."
Her eyes began to water again as both of her hands were shaking while she's tryi
ng to hold herself from having another outburst
"Say whatever you want, desperada na kung desperada, malandi na kung malandi, p
ero nagmamahal lang ako,Nina. At minsan, pag nagmamahal nagiging baliw. I guess
I could say I didn't regret anything because alam kong ginawa ko ang lahat"
She said while smiling with tears finally made its way to cascade down her face
"Roselyn.." I said in a soft-tone voice while I was attempting to step closer t
o her and lock her to my embrace but...
She took few steps backward as she waved her hands on me as if signaling to step
back away from her
"Don't!! don't you dare comfort me, Nina. Wag mo na mas lalong iparamdam sa aki
n kung gaano ako ka-pathetic. Just do me a favor and tell him what is there to b
e heard"
she said and lock both of my hands together on her's
I took a long sigh and a longer time to reply to her. I analyzed everything in
my head which made me utter my decision
"Fine fine" I said while I withdraw my hand from her and turned around to exit
the bathroom not wanting to looked at her dreadful state anymore
I turned around only to say
"I'm not doing this because I pitied you or even want to make friends with you,
I'm doing this for the kid on your tummy"
I was about to completely stepped out of the powder room and to jesse's table, b
ut before that happened I turned around once more and said
"Wala akong karapatan o ibang tao na humusga sa pagkkamali mo, TANDAAN, I might
know your story, pero hindi ang nararamdaman mo.""
and by that, I totally made my way out of the powder room
which lead me to this current state of mine a week later ...where im having a da
te with Gerard-my ex at Galle Fort Hotel Restaurant which was almost filled with
couples having date
"Hey, You used to be crazy about lobsters. Hindi mo na ba favorite yun ngayon?"
he asked
"Uhh-well,favorite pa rin naman pero mas gusto ko lang talaga ang buttered chic
ken now. I've been eating seafoods with Ii-"
I stopped in the middle when I was about to utter the name of Iigo
"uuh-a friend! Yeah with Meg!"
He chuckled nervously as if trying to brush off the sudden tightening of his sen
se when I was half-way finishing my sentence
"No need to hide it, Nina. Alam ko pa din kung nag sisinungaling ka o hindi." He
said while looking at me as he flashes at me his smile
"Really? How?" I amusedly said while I withdrew the menu completely away out of
my face
"You will always say "Uhhh" or "Uhmm" before you would utter another words out o
f your mouth. Its easy to know especially for someone like.." he stopped only to
extend his arms on me and drew himself nearer on my sit
I've stiffened my self as I saw him running his fingers on the side of my cheek
s only to withdraw those excess hair back to my ear
"..... you who's not a good liar" he said as he flashes me his smile that smile
which will make every woman melt into those tempting lips
"You're going steady with my cousin?" he said trying not to mention Iigo's name
"We're.. well-not. Uhh. We're not on the dating phase yet. We go out most of the
time" I said
"That's good it means we still have ---"
"Don't!" I said as I rose my hand on him signaling him to stop
"don't say it Ge. Kung anong meron tayo noon, tapos na yun"
I said as I took a sip on the glass of water next to me just to avoid the tensio
n building up between us at the moment
and when I looked up, He was gazing at my eyes as if memorizing every details o
f my face
"Sana pwede na lang balikan ang mga nangyari NOON, para di NAWALA ang mga bagay
na dapat sana ay meron pa tayo NGAYON." He said while he attempted to reach for
my hands on the table
"I was your world before, Gerard until you found another PLANET." And then I ya
nked away his hands and tore my gazes away from him
we were completely filled with silence .. but I broke it off by saying..
"Ge, you promised not bring up things in the past" I said as chuckled a little
only to lift up the ambiance of the mood between us
"Right. I'm sorry. What do you want to tell me that you can't even spill through
Biglang tumigil ang puso ko
how am I supposed to tell him without scaring him away? I thought
"Roselyn badly needs you, Ge" I said
"Whatta-did she beg you to do this? that bitch!" he hissed at nagulat naman ako
nang bigla niyang hanampas ang mesa with his bare fist
but I caught it right on time, I held his hands tightly and it suddenly, lumabo
t ang pagkaka-kumo niya sa kamay niya until nawala na tuluyan ang pag ka-stiffen
ng muscle niya
"Listen, Ge. She needs you at the very moment, because she's carrying your...."
I hesitated for a moment and held his hand tighter
"She's carrying your child for 8 weeks now, Ge..for the whole 2 months and more
than half now. So, please.. listen to me"
Then I narrate every little thing Roselyn told me in the powder room at Mcdonal
d's including the silly part of how she fell head over hills to him and how desp
erate she was winning him
He was lost with words at that time I've finished and was really surprised with
the news
"Promise me one thing,Gerard"
He went back to his senses and stared at me
"Nina.. I-I don't know what to ... "
"Shh! Just promise me a thing Marc Gerard Enriquez, im forgiving you for being
a worthless boyfriend, for breaking my heart and for taking things for granted i
" you do me a favor and become the best dad a kid could ever ask for" I flashed
him my megawatt smile and ge genuinely smiled back at me while his eyes were..
what? Is he gonna cry? I thought with a confuse expression flashing on my face
"Nina!!" He stood up from the table and pulled me up to his level so that he co
uld hug me
"You're still the girl that I fell in love with. Always reasonable and forgiving
. What did I ever do to deserve someone like you, I was a complete jerk and-"
"Gerard! Stop it will you? Im just doing the things that should've been done. No
need to thank me that way. Okay?" I said as I tapped his back while he's still
hugging me
he then broke the hug we shared and held me out to my shoulder to face him
"I'm setting you free now, Nina. I know you deserve more than someone like me an
d if my cousin's the one who'll make you happy, then go."
and then slowly, my eyes began to water too but I still managed to smile to him
and said
"A real man doesn't just say what he's gonna do, he shows it. So go, she's on he
r apartment right now, before I change my mind"
I was surprised that ,before he completely went his way, he bent over to kiss m
e on the cheeks. And before I could even react, he was completely away from me a
nd to the door he went
I smiled and thought
I just felt so light right now. I think i've done something life-changing
but when I turn around, I saw the familiar sensual face of..
Iigo who seems to be pissed and confused at the same time
Omg! did he just see the whole thing? i thought nervously
"Iigo? I was just-"
"So, this is the reason why you canceled our plans together tonight? To meet up,
with your exboyfriend in this fancy romantic dining place such as this ? oh! No
t to forget the hug and kisses you guys just did moments ago"
He said sarcastically sounding pissed, annoyed and mad all at the same time
I could almost see the fumes coming out from his ears I thought as my head beca
me all sweaty
oh noo! i could sense trouble!
(A/N: two updates in one day! can you believe that? hehe! just making up for yes
terday's lost of update and i wanted to get rid of Nina-Gerard-Rose love triangl
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okay, back to the story,
ACET stands for ATENEO COLLEGE ENTRANCE TEST. therefore, tama kayo! alumni sila
ng ateneo. lol!
kung kayo ba nasa state ni Nina, anong ggwin niyo?
Iigo just appeared from nowhere and witnessed ang biglaang pag halik at pag hug ng
ex niyo sa inyo.. ano sa tingin nio ang dapat gwin?)
[16] Chapter 15

(Overview: in this chapter, siguro maiinis kayo kay Iigo. ewan ko lang pero as i w
as typing this whole chapter, i was kinda sad.. really mas na feel ko pa ang sad
ness while i played the video on the right side.
Quote for this chap:
Words--- they can make someone have the biggest smile on their face, but they ca
n also leave unseen scars in the heart.
enjoy! at dont u dare na magskipp ng any part of this chapter okay? it'll ruin t
he mood! )
"Iigo wait!!!" ang sabi ko sabay dampot sa mga kamay niya but he immediately yank
ed it away and glared at me
"Kung gusto mong makipag balikan don, you should've told me from the very begin
ning. Nag mukha lang akong tanga, Nina" he said as he gritted his teeth while he
completely walked out of the resto
heads turned in our direction only to witness a commotion. but i didn't have tim
e to react nor to turn around to see if their still staring curiously at us so i
tailed him from behind as fast as i could
"Iigo! Wait up!" I called out for him to stop but he kept on walking away from me
not even bothering to turn around
i speed up my sprinting and totally ran after him.. i ran as fast as i could to
catch him. my breathes were becoming uneven.. but i didn't mind
so I ran after him once more in the parking lot and before he could make it to
his car, I hugged him from behind tightly as I could which made him stopped
"Iigo, hear me out here" I said while I tighten my grip on him. pleading to him t
o open his mind and listen to me. my legs were wobbling as my eyes were starting
to water but i bit my lower lip to stop it
Then,He turned around with such sadness in his eyes as he stared at me
"Ilang ulit mo ba ako dapat saktan,Nina? Alam mo bang ngayon lang ako nagka gani
to sa isang babae. I waited for you, ngayon nakita na kita.. you don't even reme
mber even the slightest thing about me... aaargh"
he grunted in frustration and ran his hands to his hair making it messier than u
i've never seen him this mad i thought while bumibilis ang pulse ko
naglakad siya back and forth as if thinking over things but he was at peak of h
is temper now
and suddenly, out of nowhere bigla niyang sinuntok ang salamin sa bintana ng F
errari F430 spider niya.
napatalon naman ako sa sudden action niya. i wasn't prepared for that
"Iigo!!!" I gasped in horror and dropped my bag in the ground. I saw those blood
dripping from his hand while he's withdrawing it from the punched he blew out of
his car's window.
I've searched for his eyes but it was nowhere to be found for he was looking do
wn, staring at those red liquid that dripped from his hand
I was about to draw my self nearer to him when he uttered ..
"The worst feeling so far that I've felt from a woman, that you're giving me ri
ght now, is the fact that I was forgotten by someone like you whom I've never fo
rget from the very beginning."
"What?" I said with a complete confusion in my tone
"I don't understand" I added as both of my brows were pulled together
"It's hard to tell you how I really feel about you when I'm too afraid of losin
g what I already have." He said as he's now facing at my direction
and then he sighed and closed his eyes only to open it and say ..
"I love you, Nina .. wish you would get a clue about how much you mean to me"
"I-I love.. Iigo, listen to me please"
But his expression suddenly changed and angrily stiffen his muscle as he ran his
hands once more to his already-messed hair
"Unfortunately, you don't feel the same way" he said and turned his back on me
as he started striding away to where I stood
hindi siya nag dalawang isip na pumasok sa kotse niya kahit may bubog pa ito at
hindi rin siya nagdalawang isip na i-start kagad ang engine nito without even g
lancing at my direction
I've tapped my hands desperately on his car's door signaling him to stop but h
e never tried to and worst? he even ignored it as if no one's telling him to st
op. it was like i was invisible in his eyes
"Iigo!! Please!!" I pleaded at tinapik tapik pa rin ang kotse niya while slowly,
I could feel na umaandar na talaga ng tuluyan ang kotse
pero, despite that .. I tried my best to catch up and chase his car before it w
as speeding faster away from me
"Sandali lang, Iigo! Let me explain! That kiss nor hug didn't mean anything" I sa
id while my tears were starting to cascade down my cheeks
'Tila wala siyang narinig because mas binilisan niya ang takbo ng kotse niya,
but I didn't give up.. hinabol ko pa din siya
"Iigo!!" I called out while i could hear my voiced echoed in the whole area
But mas lalo niyang binilisan ang takbo ng kotse niya for me not catch up any
longer. I stood there as his car's silhouette completely vanished into my eyes
I was completely dumbfounded when my knees suddenly gave up and I sat on the co
ld cemented-ground of the restaurant's parking lot
tinakpan ko ang mukha ko with my bare trembling hands habang tuluyang dumaloy a
ng mga luha sa mga mata ko
is this over? Is the only thing I thought that time as rain started pouring out
of the sky
It was exactly a month had passed since that incident. I tried every means to
contact him. God knows I tried.
I went to his pad, went to every race track there is in metro manila to find him
, went to his parent's house
where his mom greeted me with glee saying Iigo left for Buenos Aires exactly two d
ays after that incident which made me conclude he doesn't really want to hear an
y of my explanation
but despite that, I still tried my best to call him through his phone only to b
e greeted by the operator saying
"subscriber can not be reach please try your call later"
It was killing me inside but I didn't stop there. I even asked Gerard for help
but unfortunately, hindi niya rin macontact ang sarili niyang pinsan
I kept on going back to his place hoping I could meet him there and explain to
him everything but was always greeted by the security guard saying he isn't home
I sighed thinking about how it ended this way
my hopes were starting to drift apart when suddenly ....
"Nina, Mrs. Letty Magsanoc's asking for your presence immediately to her office
" Jesse said which buffed me off from my daily day dreaming
"Huh? Why?" I asked while I frown in confusion
"Don't ask me. I don't know what's running through Mrs. Magsanoc's head you kno
w." She said as she rolled her eyes
"Right. Why would she ask for my presence? Am I going to be fired? I submitted
the article about Azkals defeating Kuwait a day before the deadline.. was it wr
"Talagang mafa-fire ka if you wont report immediately. Now go!" she said as she
pulled me out of my chair
as I was walking along the way, I walked passed Luigi who was smiling at me. Fl
ashing me his ever famous colgate-commercial smile but to my surprise, I smiled
back at him and I saw him winking at me
maybe, I should have just give him a chance I thought to my self as I pushed th
e elevator door
When I arrived at the front door of Mrs. Magsanoc's office, I knocked the door r
ight away and her secretary let me in
"Mrs, Magsanoc, nandito na po ang pinapatawag ninyong si Ms. Fernandez " ang sa
bi ng secretary niya as she placed a cup of coffee to Mrs. Maganoc's table haban
g busy-ing busy siya sa phone call niya
"I'll call you right back, okay? Yeah. Good day!" ang sabi ni Mrs. Magsanoc sa
kausap niya sa phone
"You may go now, Krizzia" ang sabi niya sa secretarya niya as she gestured her
to go out and close the door
"Ah!Just in time! Have a seat" she said as she pointed his hands to the seat ri
ght in infront of her table
"Pinatawag niyo po raw ako, Maam?" ang sabi ko with the little tone of nervousne
ss on it
"Ah! Yes, ofcourse Ms. Fernandez" she said as she rested her chin on top of her
entwined hands with her well-polished red finger nails
"I've read your article about Azkals .."

"Was it bad? Wrong? Am I going to be kicked out?" Ang sunod sunod kong tanong wh
ile I tighten my grip with my handkerchief
suddenly, the woman in her mid-40's chuckled lightly at my nervousness and said

"My, Dear! For someone with a pretty face like yours, masyado yatang mababa ang
self-esteem mo. I called you not to fire you out but to compliment you regarding
your article."
"It was well-written and detailed. As I went through it, It felt like I was re
ally watching a football match. Very organize words and you used right adjective
s to describe how did the match went and I'm glad you're part of the newspaper."
She said taking a sipped on her coffee
napangiti ako when I heard those words coming out from her lips. It was a great
honor to be compliment by our editor-in-chief.
I've heard how strict she is to her employee and how uptight she is when it come
s to work which Is why receiving such compliments is very hard to get from her
"and the main reason why I called you, Ms. Fernandez is because I want you to be
the one writing about this particular article I have in mind" she added
"Was it it,Ma'am?" I asked with all the enthusiasm in my eyes
"I want you to be the one covering for Iigo Bustamante's badgering the championsh
ip of the recently concluded Race Karting in Buenos Aires"
she stated while she handled me a paper kung saan nakalagay ang contact ni Iigo
biglang bumilis ang tibok ng puso ko when I reached out for the paper that Mrs.
Magsanoc's giving me
so that's the reason why he left for Buenos Aires I thought lightly while my eye
s were darted to the picture of Iigo smiling while he's holding a trophy in his ha
"Three things I want to tell you. First,I want it as perfect as you did in your
previous article about Azkals. Second, I want it to be as detailed as that and
lastly, I want it as soon as possible. You got it, Ms. Fernandez?" she said with
all the authority in her town
"Yes, Maam!" I answered
"Good! Now, Go!" she said while she started dialing some number on her iphone 4
nakikipag laro na naman ang tadhana sa akin, kung kailan im losing hope saka na
man dadating ang opportunity na hinintay ko from the very beginning I thought as
I made my way out of Mrs Magsanoc's office
Then I started dialing the number Mrs. Magsanoc gave me
" Hello?" ang sabi ng kabilang linya.
mas lalong bumilis ang tibok ng puso ko, para bang nagpa-palpitate siya sa loob
ng rib cage ko.. bigla ding tumuyo ang lalamunan ko and my hands became all dre
"Is this another prank call? Say something! It's not funny!" ang sabi ng kabila
ng linya while annoyance was obvious in his tone
and then, I gathered up all my strength to finally speak up to this guy
I gulped, "Iigo.. we need to talk" I said with complete dryness as I waited for hi
s reply
"Right" he said sarcastically that I could almost feel the retort-ness in his t
"I'm quite busy right now-"
"It wont do anything involving us in it. I just wanted to feature you in my art
icle regarding your championship last time in Buenos Aires. It's purely business
I said trying to control my voice so that it wont be shaken and shuttered
I took him awhile before he answered
"Meet me tomorrow at 9 a.m here in Santa Ana Race Track"
"Its in Makati right?" ang sabi ko trying to write down the place on my piece of
paper that i've grabbed moments before
"Yep." He answered dryly
"Who's that you're talking to, babe?" narinig ko mula sa kabilang linya. It was
obviously a voice coming from a woman next to him
"was that---??" ang sabi ko but I stopped half-way only to bit down my lower li
p. I do that most of the time to stop my self from crying. I could feel my self
na naglulumo sa narinig ko mula sa kabilang linya
was that another girl? I thought while napapikit ako
"What?" he snarled
"Nothing. I'll see you to---"
"doot.. doot.. doot" a sound coming from my black berry indicating na binabaan
niya ako ng telepono
"...morrow" echoed by my voice while I felt like my heart was slowly crushed in
to pieces
mas masakit pa ang nararamdaman ko ngayon kaysa nung nalaman kong niloko ako ni
and by that, tuluyan nang pumatak ang luha mula sa mga mata ko
(A/N: Letty Magsanoc is the real life editor-in-chief of Philippine Daily Inquir
er. and Sta. Ana Race track is a real life race track in a real life city of Mak
ati. I've never been there but who knows? in the near future? i might check it o
ut. haha!
and Azkals didn't defeat kuwait in real life, unfortunately for them but.. i thi
nk gwapo pa din sila! mas gwapo sila kaya kesa sa mga tga kuwait ew! hahaha. bue
nos aires is also a real life city in argentina .. just so u know
question for this chap :
sino kaya yung girl na nag sabeng
"Who's that you're talking to, Babe?"
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[17] Chapter 16
i dedicate this chap to Kamz231 for being my 100th fan for tonight. thank you gu
ys for supporting it!
Overview: in this chapter, another drama will be blown and the tension will rise
even more in this story. again, do not skip any part of the character's convers
ation so that you'll understand every bits of it.. cuz every lines that will be
thrown hits the impact of the tension.
quote for this chap
Wag ka hihingi ng paliwanag kung wala kang balak maniwala, At lalong wag kang m
agmamahal kung wala kang balak magtiwala.
I was catching my breath when I jumped out of the cab after paying the manong dr
iver then I literally ran as fast as I could in a Lydia-De-Vega way to finally m
ade my way inside the Sta. Ana Race track.
Just in time when I saw Iigo as he unzip his NASCAR jacket. I sat in the nearby b
ench trying to brush away the stares I get from the other gentlemen on the near
by area
probably racers too just like Iigo I thought as I looked around and I noticed tha
t i was the only rose among thorns in the wide-elongated race sports complex
"You're late" he said sounding annoyed than usual as he passed by the bench wer
e I sat. he didn't even bother to look me in the eyes and walked straight withou
t looking back to anyone else
I followed him closely behind while I was scanning down my bag for papers and a
as much as I want to look up to his face, I was afraid I'll be grace by those t
empting brown eyes that I've missed so much .. I tried my best to keep my eyes g
lued to his back instead
Ugh! Kahit nakatalikod ang lalakeng to.. ang .. hot pa din I thought while I ey
ed his broad shoulders with his muscles that were obviously tempting as it flexe
s from behind him
I sighed as I shook my self
maybe its not the time for this I thought
Then suddenly, Bigla siyang napatigil sa kalalakad at napauntog ang mukha ko sa
likuran niya
He turned around and smirked at me
"You're not going to seriously follow me all the way to the cubicle, are you?"
he said while he threw his jacket around revealing his self only in a white sand
o which emphasizes more of his pecs
I gulped as I saw the "Male" sign on the right side of the tiled walls. I looke
d around only to realize that I was indeed standing next to Iigo in a male bathroo
I could feel my face become hot as I took few steps backward so I could finall
y make my exit out of the embarrassing situation such as this
"Uhh.. Well, I'll be----"
then, he cornered me in the wall. Blocking my way as both his strong arms were
trapping my small frame with his
"Where do you think you're going?" he said while I could almost feel his hot br
eath on my neck
"I'll .... I'll-uhhh--wait for you.. -yeah-- .. uhmm--outside" I shuttered sti
ll looking anywhere else except his beautiful brown eyes that I always been drow
n with by gazing
I could almost feel my legs tremble as he bent down to my level only to reach h
is face inches away from mine
"What were you thinking wearing something like that?" he asked in his most comm
anding tone I've ever heard
I looked down to see my outfit. I was wearing A gray cardigan (from Bayo) that
almost reached my thigh on top of my razor-back white top (from Forever 21) and
long necklace with a mini Eiffel tower pendant on it
"What's wrong with this?" I asked and then I negligently forgot not to stare at
his mesmerizing eyes as I warned my self not to awhile ago
Tsk! Stupid tempting eyes I thought as I frown at him
"You're wearing a worn out short shorts that exposes most of your deadly long l
egs and thighs."
He devilishly chuckled which made me slightly blush as I looked down to where h
e was pointing out
I gulped not knowing what to do next
"Are you trying to tempt everyone else with dicks right here?" He asked while h
e leaned to whisper in my ears
"Or are you trying to tempt me?" he asked proudly while he wasn't removing his
eyes on me as he lifted his gazes lower.. to where my lips were
Suddenly, our lips were now just inches apart and the only thing left to do was
.. to close the gap between our starved lips
"I--I didn't mean to" I said with all the innocence in my voice, before I was c
ut off by his mouth slamming down onto mine, coaxing my lips into motion. His ha
nds gently slid under my legs

Iigo's tongue ran across my lower lip and I arched into him, moaning my approval.

"You're such a tease" He growled before pulling out of me.

And to my dismay, I suddenly felt empty
He chuckled as he finally removed both of his arms cornering my frame
"Just as I thought, you'd still allow me to kiss you like that"
He turned around and now I was facing his sexy back once more.
I've brought my fingers to my lips slowly feeling it's emptiness to where Iigo ha
d left me with the needy sensation as he stopped the kiss that was bound to go d
Tatalikod na sana ako, paalis sa pintuan but he suddenly ...
"Nina!" he called out for my name as it echoed inside the room
Ah! I miss how he says my name.. its like a sweet song coming from his lips I t
hought to my self
and then I turned around once more only to catch his NASCAR jacket that he thre
w on me
"Cover your legs with that. I don't want my friends lavishing the thought of yo
ur legs wrapping around their hips" he said as he smirked
Perv! I murmured to my breathe as I slowly watched him made his way into one of
the cubicle.. probably, to take shower
I was sitting down on one of the bleachers as Iigo's NASCAR jacket was wrapped ar
ound my waist to cover my legs.
I was scribbling down various notes that I should use as details when I saw a ha
nd extend it self to me while holding a coke
I looked up only to see a man in his late 20's as he smiled at me
He had this strong jaw line just like Iigo's and definitely over towering me with
his height.
He nodded at me to take his coke so I smiled in return and took it while he sat
next to me
"Kaifer De La Merced" He said with such friendliness in his tone while tossing
his drink up on me
"Nina Fernandez" I said in return as I opened the can of coke in my hands and t
ossed it up as well
"I don't see you often here" he said as he looked at the wide field of the trac
"Well, I don't usually hang out here" I replied as I sipped on my can of coke
"What brings you here then, Nina?" he asked with much of enthusiasm in his eyes
as he stared at me
"Oooh! Nothing personal really" I said
"Nothing personal involving Iigo?" he asked but I remained silent in my seat as I
continued gazing in the wide field of the track
"You know.. lagi siyang nagdadala ng ibat ibang babae dito but since, I've come
face-to-face with such angelic feature such as you "
he added while looking directly at me as if keeping a record out of every detail
on my face
"... you don't look like the type whoring around with him...." He smiled genuine
ly as he took another sip in his coke
I was about to utter a word when we both heard a sly clap from behind and when w
e turned around, I saw Iigo lightly reclining himself on a near by wall not so far
away to where we were
"Look who's talkin' ..." he said as he took few step closer to our direction
"For someone who's married and having quite a number of affairs from time to tim
e, You do sound like a newly-recruited priest with all those bath mouthing you j
ust did to me"
Ang sabi ni Iigo while standing next to the bench-like rectangular chair we were s
itting at
"Man! I was just kidding, no need to be personal right here" Ang sabi ni Kaifer
as he stood up to Iigo's level.. habang ngiwing nakangiti kay Iigo.
He was holding both of his hand up as a sign he doesn't wanna fight back to Iigo
Iigo chuckled devilishly then abruptly pulled the the collar of Kaifer's Giordano
Green Polo
"Just because tinambakan kita sa race track last week at nanlumo ka sa pagkatalo
mo sa akin, it doesn't give you any right to fuck with everything else I do."
He said while glaring intently at Kaifer
"Oh! Now you're pissed just because I offered your little girlfriend right here
a coke? Come on man. You know you're better than that"
Kaifer said while chuckling lightly to subside the mood that was about to explod
Tapos, biglang hinila ni Iigo once more si Kaifer through his collar para mag fac
e-to-face na sila habang mas lalong nanlilisik ang mga mata niya kay Kaifer who'
s now totally speechless.
Kaifer stole a glance at my direction, to where i sat and i gave him an apologet
ic look
please just dont hit Iigo. wag mo na siyang patulan i thought wishing Kaifer could
hear it
"Get the fuck out of my sight!" ang sigaw ni Iigo kay Kaifer sabay tulak sa kaniy
a. Kaifer did nothing but glared at Iigo before leaving
"Hah! Brat!" ang bulong ni Kaifer kay Iigo and totally walked away from him
then, suddenly .. Iigo grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up from where I was s
"You probably enjoyed that scene huh?" he said while he tighten his grip on my w
"What?!" Is the only thing I could utter from my mouth
"Hah!! You really do enjoy it when two guys are fighting over you, don't you? Yo
u always enjoy that!" he said as he glared holes to me
"Hindi ko alam anong pinagsasabi mo,Iigo.. because I know for a fact that Kaifer w
as just playing nice and offered me a coke. You're the one who's acting like a d
ick here!"
I answered as I attempted to free my self away from his metal grip
"Playing nice?! You've got to be kidding me!" He said as he laughed sarcastical
ly to what I've just said
"He's a known bad-ass cheater in the century and I know for a fact that he was h
itting on you.. He's married!! Don't you get it?" he said while still glaring at
for a moment, i was lost with words and was now really losing my patience. i loo
ked back to his eyes and bit my lower lip before uttering a loud cry that could
almost draw attention to the people around the vicinity
"Atleast he's not like you who jumps into conclusions, not bothering to listen t
o what I have to say!.." I snarled at him and free my self out of his tight grip
"atleast, he takes his time to nicely looked at the other side and not just igno
re my every attempt of communication." I said as I point my index finger to his
chest while holding my tears .
"and most important of all, he does not vanish in a thin air like you did!" and
then, tears completely strode down my cheeks but I harshly wiped it away with my
bare hands.
He just stood there dumbfounded as he gazes in to my sudden outburst. his expre
ssion suddenly went softer than awhile ago as he tried to search for my eyes
"Nina..." he said sounding so comforting this time.. as he extend his arms on my
shoulder in attempt to calm me down through his hug

but instead, I yanked it away as I glared at him and immediately, without a snap
, took my bag from the bench
"You know what, Iigo? Maybe I should interview you some other time around." I sai
d as hurriedly walked away from him and faster than the wind, i took the stairs
down from the bleacher

but before I could completely vanish from his eyes, I turned around once more as
I unwrapped his NASCAR jacket around my waist and threw it to his face
"You can keep that!"
and by that, I was completely gone with tears still cascading down my cheeks
(A/N: Kaifer De la Merced is Gabby De la Merced's non-existent older brother. do
you remember Gabby? yung from PBB before. the one boyish na adventurous f3 race
car driver? yep that's her. if hindi niyo siya kilala just search her on google
NASCAR jacket is a type of jacket used by the race car driver. its often thick a
nd puno ng sticker ng sponsor nila.

Lydia De Vega is a real life track and fielder okay? just so you know and yung s
a outfit naman ni Nina, hahaha! yup! Bayo and Forever 21 is a real life fashion
stall. check out their clothes! seriously, magaganda lahat!
back to the story,
oo alam ko masyadong madrama to. sorry but, please leave a comment for me to kno
w ano sa tingin nio next mangyayari.
i like hearing things from my readers :D )
[18] Chapter 17
(overview: in this chapter (the longest chap i've every typed), will be all abou
t wedding and stuffs. Nina will meet another bustamante this time and magkakaami
nan na in the most unexpected way! so, enjoy!
Quote for this chap : "Alam mo ba bkit kelangan mung makinig ng EXPLANATION? yu
n ay pra malaman mo ang SITWASYON nang hndi ka makagawa ng basta bastang DESISYO
"Hoiiiiink!!!" the sound that I emitted while I blew my nose off on the bundle o
f Kleenex .. It was Sunday afternoon as I literally cried out my self the whole
morning retelling Meg how did the other day went
We were currently lazing around at the couch on Meg's flat
"He did that?!" she said sounding so surprise as she sat next to me on the couch
. I was telling her the whole complications im facing now with Iigo.
Who else would listen to me aside from my BFF anyway?
"To my surprise, yes." I said throwing away the tissue on the nearby bin
then I took the remote from the center table and turned on the Samsung '14 LCD
Flat Screen TV.
"He didn't even bother to run after me when I walked out" i said feeling hurt as
I reminisce that dramatic moment a day ago in Sta. Ana Race Track
Tapos bigla na lang akong tinapunan ni Meg ng unan right on my face while she c
huckled lightly
"What's so funny?" I asked while my brows were pulled together in unison
"Ikaw naman kasi, nauutal ka lagi pag mga ganyan drama na!" she said as she shov
ed a chip of buritos on her mouth
Then she glanced on my direction while she thought of something in her mind
"I mean, remember nung college? You were like that nung ina-accuse kang nakabasa
g ng Erlenmeyer-bullshit-flask sa lab.. eventhough its not entirely your fault"
"That's different,Meg!" I said as I threw her back the pillow that hit my face
awhile ago
"Walang pinagkaiba yun! Kung sinabi mo agad na hindi ikaw nakabasag noon.. caus
e obviously, I was at fault, edi tapos!" she said while she rolled her eyes
"Same goes with this, Kung sinabi mo agad kay Iigo yung about sa circumstances be
tween you and Gerard in that fancy Galle Fort hotel restaurant.. things would've
been less complicated"
suddenly, natahimik ako as I stared at Meg who, obviously, hit the bull's eye r
ight through my mind.
What if ... I thought thinking about what could've happen if it went the other
way around
"Ang hirap kasi sa'yo, Nina. Masyado kang mabait!" ang sabi niya while she tapp
ed her both hands on her thighs to clear the tiny pieces of chips coming from th
e boritos she just ate
"Look at you! Sa sobrang bait mo, you even helped that slutty bitch Roselyn win
over your Ex.. whom you'd been sticking around for 4-goddamn-years!"
I was to utter another word when suddenly..
"Ding Dong!"
"I think I'll get that" ang sabi ni Meg as she stood up from the couch and to t
he door she went
"Oh! Look! Speaking of royal slutty bitch.." I've heard Meg said as she opened
the door.
agad naman akong napatayo sa couch and went to the door only to be greeted by t
he imaginary lightning spark between Meg and Roselyn's eyes
Roselyn hated Meg's guts and Meg hated Roselyn's trying-hard-feeling-pretty ges
"not to forget the not-so-charming prince" she said as she saw Gerard beside Ros
elyn.. so she crosses both of her arms on top of her chest
"Meg!!!" I said while I tapped Meg's shoulder and finally open the door for the
"Hindi pwedeng pumasok ang mga salawahan dito, Nina. Umaalingasaw eh!" ang sabi
niya sabay simangot at lagay ng hintuturo niya sa ilong niya
"Meg naman!" I said in a warning tone
She just rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth
"fine! I'll go get the Lysol just in case umalingasaw sa paligid" she said as s
he walked straight to the kitchen
"Sorry sa inasal ni Meg, sometimes talagang psycho lang siya.. tuloy kayo"

"HEY! I heard that, Nina!!" Meg shouted from the kitchen. We, Gerard, Roselyn an
d I, chuckled with the childish acts Meg has been pulling with
"Upo kayo!" I said as I gestured them to the couch
Umupo naman silang dalawa, and one thing I've noticed is that Roselyn's belly is
starting to grow bigger than the last time I saw her.
She was wearing a slightly bigger puffy dress but it wasn't a maternal dress. J
ust a simple Red dress that reaches down her knee
"What brings you here?" I said as I sat to the recliner facing them slightly
"Well.. we're here to ..." ang sabi ni Roselyn while looking at Gerard smiling
While I was staring at the two, I saw Gerard lovingly smiled back and just gazi
ng at these two, nararamdaman kong mas compassionate na silang dalawa other than
before na puro lust lang ang visible sa kanila
"Why don't you tell it, honey?" ang sabi ni Roselyn while niyakap niya ang bras
o ni Gerard drawing her self nearer to him
"Oh, okay" Gerard said and turned to my direction and smiled as well
"Well?" I said as I waited for them
"Here!" He said as he handled me a white envelope with ribbon and a....dove?
Wedding invitation? I thought as I looked at the two with so much surprise in my
"You guys are getting married?!" I said with so much amusement and happiness in
my tone
Gerard nodded and I stood from the recliner to hug the both of them
"Congratulations for the both of you!" then I sat once more to the recliner
"This invitation is lovely!" I said as I took notice how the invitation was fiel
d with such creativity. there was a dove which was biting down a piece of lace a
nd was filled with flowery decorations and a bow to highlight everything
"But Hey! why so sudden? I mean.. "
"You know my Mom, Nina.. at first she was so devastated with the news.. but in
awhile, she asked for a wedding as soon as possible. She doesn't want our family
to be on the spotlight so, she called for the wedding before this month would e
He stole a glance on Roselyn before he glanced back at me
"Hindi daw kasi maganda pag nanganak na si Rose saka pa magpapakasal" he added
while he played with ring on his finger
Tapos, bigla na lang pumasok si Meg and laid a meryenda in the center table. It
was a chocolate mousse cake from Goldilocks accompanied by a glass jug of orang
e juice
"Talagang hindi maganda yun sa mata ng Dyos." Ang sabi niya while she sat in th
e other recliner close to the tv
"Oh! Nice diamond ring, Roselyn!" she said while she took notice of Roselyn's Ti
ffany & Co's diamond ring that must've cost a fortune
"Thanks!" Ang sabi ni Roselyn smiling at Meg.
It was really awkward with the dead silence so bigla na lang nagslice si Meg ng
Goldilocks cake sa harap ng center table and handled Roselyn one
"Don't worry, have a bite with the cake. Safe yan, hindi kita lalasunin" ang sab
i ni Meg
"Even if I want to" I heard her murmured in her breathe
"Meg!" i warned her as I gave her the look
"Fine! Fine! Joke lang yun.. ano ba!" she said habang napahalakhak siya
nagslice siya uli ng cake and laid it sa isang platito
"Alam ko bitter ako, oo! Pero, invited ba ako?" she asked as she sat once again
to the recliner
nagtinginan muna sina Roselyn and Gerard and then Roselyn handled down another
invitation to her hand and gave it to Meg
"Ang aga! two days from now?!" ang sabi ni Meg with all the surprise visible to
her eyes nang mapansin niya ang date ng kasal
"We personally wanted to invite you kasi gusto ko kayo maging ......"
... maging?
"brides maid" ang sabi ni Roselyn habang nakangiti sa amin.
nag tinginan muna kami ni Meg with all the surprise expression visible to our fa
ces before we turned our head to Roselyn and Gerard
"seriously?!" we both said in unison
The wedding finally arrived and I was not even surprise to see Iigo as he had th
e grand entrance with his 2011 Lamborghini Murcielago, drawing more attention fr
om the ladies in the Manila Cathedral.
He was undeniably good looking in a Randy Ortiz Suit which probably the main rea
son why ladies would still want to approach him just so they could get his atten
The way he smiled to everyone else made my heart skip a beat
Even though im mad at him, he never fails to give me that effect I thought whil
e watching him from a far wishing he would not notice how infatuated I am with h

He was hand shaking few of the well-known and respected guests when he finally
noticed that I was staring at him
all-blushed and embarrassed, I shyly looked away from him and went inside the ch
and when I was inside, I noticed how beautiful Manila Cathedral was. This church
's facade is in breathtaking Romanesque-Byzantine architecture featuring baroque
elements, a perfect blend of contrasting styles. A perfect place to say I do's
The aisle was decorated with Beautiful lilac flowers which adorned the venue co
urtesy of Scarlet Begonia Flowers.
People were all dressed in the shades of purple including those cute little mid
get carrying basket all around-the flower girls
I was so into my stare siesta when suddenly, someone approached me and hugged my
legs from behind. i turned around only to be greeted by those charming brown ey
es which reminds me a lot of Iigo.. it was Darren, Iigo's little brother, in his cut
e little Nat Manilag tux
I bent down to his level only to see his grin grew wider.

"Just as I thought, you look really pretty!" he said
I was about to utter another word when suddenly,
"Darren! You little brat, I told you not to lurk around.. you--!!"
a woman in her mid-20's ,wearing a fancy Rajo Laurel Red dress with slits which
exposes her aphrodisiac killer thighs, said while she was carrying around her a
cute little baby girl with humongous pink bow on her puny head
I was still at awe, when this lady even approached nearer and saw how beautiful
she was..
no, its an understatement to say that.
She's beyond gorgeous! I thought
She was about to scold Darren but was stopped when she noticed my presence
"Oh! sorry! Did my annoying bratty little brother bother you that much?" she sai
d with a sly smile imprinted in her MAC Dubonnet Red Lips
brother? I thought as I stood up from my kneeling and smiled at her
"Not really. He was just saying hi to me" I said as I glanced down to Darren an
d smiled
"I'm Dianne. I guess you're on the bride's side?" she said
"Nina.Uhh-you could say that Im a friend"
we were interrupted with the little chit chats when ..
"The bride has arrived!!" shouted by one of the ladies as she made her way outs
ide. We both looked at the outside and saw much of the commotion going on there.
"I guess, that signals it. I better go. See you, Nina!" she said as we went bes
o-beso with each other and then pulled Darren with her
I smiled to my self thinking how these Bustamante siblings could be equally good
looking and tall all at the same time
All the brides maid were instructed to line on the west part of the church's en
trance. Everyone's busy preparing and the ceremony was about to start ..
everyone were starting to march along the aisle when suddenly, my Black Berry vi
brated against my purse and when I picked it up, it was a sms coming from ...
From : Meg Toledo (+639*********)
My car brke dwn & m stil stuck @ paco. I'll be late sorry :-(
Stuck at Paco?! I thought worriedly to where Meg was. Malayo layo pa yun and it
would be hassle to call a cab in the middle of the road when you're wearing a pu
rple gown such as this
To : Meg Toledo (+639*********)
Will you make it?
I looked up and saw that it'll take three more heads and I'll go down my own ma
rching the aisle as well.. just imagining those stares i could get it suddenly m
ade my heart throb crazily---I was nervous.
sino ba naman hindi? A-attend ka ng wedding ng ex mo and his family already kne
w who you were for 4 years
and I was even surprise to see who'll be my partner from the opposite side of th
e church.
Guess who? The least I could expect.No other than, Iigo himself
We were staring at each other for awhile when I shoved my Black berry inside my
purse. At least, I could say that he was still staring back at me even when I lo
oked away
Nobody told me he'll also be part of this whole marching thing I thought
It was now our turn to march along the aisle and when I entangle my right arm t
o his left, it gave my spirit an unusual reaction and my heart was drumming craz
ily as he implants his gazes on me
You were suppose to be angry at him. Damn it! Ang bulong sa akin ng konsensya k
o while I was slowly melting to his illuminating stares
but I guess I can't help it I thought back
I saw various faces which im familiar with. Although, Gerard's parents were aga
inst our relationship back then..
I was still polite enough to smile at
Tito Gilbert, Gerard's Father, a physician and Cabinet member, who was surprised
to see my presence and so is Tita Marilou.
maybe they thought I wont attend I said to my self while Iigo and I were still ma
rching as I awkwardly smiled to the other Enriquez-es that im familiar with
Finally! This awkward match is finally over I thought as I sigh in relief
when we were about to separate in our own way, I was about to untangle my self
to him when I suddenly heard him whispered ...
"I'm sorry"
I looked back at his direction and I saw him giving me his sly smile from a far
and surprisingly, I found my self smiling at the thought of it
The reception was held on the fancy 5-star Hotel in Edsa, it was held inside the
grandeur Shangri-la hotel. The lobby area of the hotel is very spacious and gor
There were lots of staff members looking fantastic in their turqoise-coloured un
iforms always ready and willing to assist with anything.
Guests were welcomed with wine and champagne courtesy of Rene Barbier and a trul
y flavorful and endless assortment of hors d'oeuvres and pasta by H Cuisine.
The repast was rounded off with an overflowing open bar courtesy of Bailey's, Ar
tic Vodka and Belgian brews from Global Beer Exchange, while those with a sweet
tooth indulged in confections from Marta's Cakes.
It was perfect, especially the part where Roselyn arrived in a fancy Pepsi Herre
ra wedding dress with flounce and ruffles which gives a sense of volume and moti
Like surf breaking over the ocean with broderie anglaise as it creates wavelike
layers that ripple as a bride progresses in the middle of the hall with Gerard i
n a suit made by the same designer.
Everyone stood up from their seat and clapped as they saw the newly-weds approac
hed in front of the hall . they smiled at every guests they've passed by and Ger
ard genuinely smiled and waved at me as he finally spotted me over the crowd
i smiled back and thinking how beautiful Roselyn was with the jewerly shone upon
her neck and ears from Karat World
Ah! Perfect fairytale I thought to my self as I was sitting alone in the far mos
t left of the reception
and then suddenly, someone tapped me on my shoulder and when I looked around an
d turned my direction, it was ..
"Meg?!" I said in horrid while I saw her heavily breathe
"Yeah! *breathe* its *breathe* me *breathe* surprise!"
I took my handkerchief from my purse and smear it on the sweaty forehead of Meg
"Buti nakarating ka pa?" I asked
"Someone offered me a ride" she replied as we both took a seat this time
tumingin siya sa paligid as if looking for someone in the sea of crowd.
"I'll be in the powder room muna, Nina" she whispered in my ear
"Samahan na kita" I offered her as I stood up
"No, no.. you stay here. I could do it myself" she said as she made her way to
the corner of the area
I watch her disappear from the thin air then I sat my self once again alone in
the round table
I turned my attention to another speaker in the stage. It was Tito Peter, Gerard
's Ninong.. talking about how a great inaanak Gerard was and how polite and resp
onsible he was which made him so proud of Gerard
Everyone was at awe when they saw Gerard's baby pic on the white screen
I was laughing hysterically at the toothless baby grinning on the screen with hi
s diaper on when suddenly I've felt someone sat next to me. I thought it was Meg
so I turned around thinking she was indeed sitting next to me
"Meg, Tingnan mo yung-" I saw cut off when instead of a black pools, i was grac
ed by those sexy brown eyes familiar to my senses. it was....
"Iigo?" I asked surprised with his appearance
"Nina, Can we go outside and talk?" he asked in his most caring voice as he whis
pered in my ears
I was hesitant at first but I allowed him to lead the way as he took my hand
We stopped in the middle of the garden area where it was isolated by the people
but us. I looked around the huge majestic luxurious garden of this 5-star hotel
as the moon light shone upon us
and when I looked back at Iigo, I was graced by those mesmerizing brown eyes of h

He swallowed hard, and cupped my face in his hands. His gorgeous, soulful eyes r
oamed over my face as if memorizing every annoying moles and non-existent dimple
there is
"Damn," he growled, and then pressed his mouth to mine.

One of my hands slid over his shoulder and down his back, and my other cupped th
e back of his neck.
He nibbled at my lips, tasting first the bottom and then the top, and then his t
ongue emerged once again, tracing insistently at the straight seam of my mouth.

I immediately surrendered, granting him entry without a second thought. His tong
ue slid in, and I tasted the sharp flavor of mint and lime, but it seemed like s
omething vital was missing, something...

Fuck it, I couldn't think.

One of his hands left my jaw and trailed down to my shoulder, tugging at my gown
. His other hand fell to my waist

Iigo broke away from me, settling his chin on top of my head
Then he looked at me straight in the eyes and leaned closer to my face
"I'm sorry for being a jerk and letting you cry." He whispered into my ears as
he kissed my neck
"I'm sorry for jumping into conclusions." Trailed kisses on my jaw line
"Im sorry for ignoring every attempt of your communication." He kissed my cheeks
"I'm sorry for disappearing in a thin air" placed his endearing kiss on my nose
and then he sighed
"I'm sorry for everything" he said as he brought his lips on my forehead and kis
sed it
He locked me once again in his embrace but tightly this time
"Gerard told me everything. I'm sorry. I should've listen to you" he said
"I was eaten by my jealousy and---"
"Shh!!" I hushed him as I brought my fingers to his soft lips
"It's okay, Iigo. I've forgiven you" I said in a low calm voice

We stared at each other for awhile as we remained silent enjoying every bits of
the moment
and then, at that time. Its felt so right .. so I kissed him lightly on the lip
s and said while gazing into his eyes
"I love you"
(A/N: again, everything was real-life based. Manila Cathedral church, Edsa Shang
ri-la, the designers of the tux/suits and gowns, wines,the flower arrangement an
d everything else mentioned including Kleenex, its a tissue u know :))
A kiss on the forehead is a sweet, innocent way of saying he cares about you and
you matter to him.
and if you want to take a glimpse of Iigo's older sister, just click on the extern
al link!
quote courtesy of Bob-ong (i just love bob-ong's quote! so realistic)
i dont know kung pano ang sound pag nagsisipon so i just put "hoiiink"! lol! pra
ng baboy lng. sorry nman! if anyone of you knows what the sound.. talk to me k?
anyway, back to the story now na mag kaaminan na.. expect less tension sa next
and yeah! Dianne is Iigo's older sister. may anak na obviously.. she's somewhere
between 25-29 years old
[19] Chapter 18
(overview: this chapter would be crazy and so full of explicity, that's why im w
arning you ... those who have young minds and doesn't want to corrupt their puny
little head.. then, you may go! this chapter will also leave another mystery..
but this time its about Meg who's currently involve with someone else other than
her boyfriend
btw. if u wanted to take a glimpse on how Dianne, Iigo's sister, looked like.. hit
the external link ok?
quote for this chap : In life you'll realize that there is a purpose for every p
erson you meet. Some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach y
ou, and some will bring out the best in you..)
for anyone, it must've been the elevator sound but for us, it was a go signal
as the Elevator door opened itself, Iigo immediately slammed his lips into mine. C
rushing it with such roughness as he trailed soft tingling feeling to my stomach
the kiss was temporarily interrupted when he swiped a metallic card to his door
only to swing it open so we could finally made our way inside
I smiled at him as my eyes assessing him slowly in ways that would make him hot
. His mouth caressed mine gently at first, His lips probed mine and i felt the g
entle pressure of his tongue.

So I relaxed my mouth and felt his tongue tasting the inside of mine, which sent
shivers through my being.
His mouth moved over to my nipple, alternating between suckling and touching th
e sensitive point with the tip of his tongue.
My hand clenched in his hair harder, and his other hand went to my other breast,
pinching and twisting the second nipple until it was as hard as the first.
My panties were drenched now, and the friction of rubbing my legs together was u

Seized by sudden anticipation of him inside me, I trailed my free hand over his
bare chest and abdomen before dipping down into the waistband of his black slack
s to cup him through his boxers. Iigo hissed against my skin.

"You're so hard," I breathed, exploring the size and texture of him. It felt lik
e iron in its firmness, yet soft and warm, and so alive.
"As a fucking rock" he agreed against my breast, nipping it.
He groaned, as I caressed him, wrapping my fingers around the shaft.

"You got a condom?"

He nodded quickly and fumbled in his night stand. When he dug one out, he tore i
t open and sheathed himself.
I watched him carefully as he caressed my skin around my panties with his finge
rs before gently hooking them to slide them delicately down my bare legs.
"I miss you, Nina" he whispered unto my ear before He moved from his fondling t
o that action so quickly that I barely knew it.
My folds stretched, the sting of his penetration turning into the shards of ple
asure as he moved against my core, creating delightful friction.
I felt him shift his position which caused his cock to rub against my clit with
each thrust inside of me.
"Every single night,Nina. I always dream about you underneath me .. naked" he s
aid in between heavy breathings and pant as I moaned to the sensation his been g
iving me
He lay in between my parted thighs and his hips bucked relentlessly as he thrus
t inside of me, my hands gripping him as my knees holding onto his ass.
He then began to increase his tempo until I cried out against him
I couldn't think straight
A moment later, he arched his back and I knew from how he felt inside my womanh
ood that he had climaxed even before he sighed harshly.
And when I looked into his face at how he looked at that moment, I had never see
n anything more beautiful...
"Iigo?" I whispered as I laid my chin on top of his corded pecs while I slowly li
ngered my touch to his perfect and hard to touch 6-packs-abs, wishing he wasn't
into his slumber yet
"hmm?" a non-comical answer I've got as I saw him move his lashes staring at the
ceiling quietly
"Are we... you know-uhm.. girlfriend-boyfriend thingy now?" I said as I blushed,
thankful that the room was filled with nothing but darkness
He shifted his position only to face me and kiss me on my forehead
"Well, its upto you.Do you want to?" he asked as I could almost feel him smirke
of course! Who wouldn't want to anyway? I thought but a sudden flash back went t
hrough my sense
"Its in Makati right?" ang sabi ko trying to write down the place on my piece of
paper that i've grabbed moments before
"Yep." He answered dryly
"Who's that you're talking to, babe?" narinig ko mula sa kabilang linya. It wa
s obviously a voice coming from a woman next to him
"was that---??" ang sabi ko but I stopped half-way only to bit down my lower l
ip. I do that most of the time to stop my self from crying. I could feel my self
na naglulumo sa narinig ko mula sa kabilang linya
was that another girl? I thought while napapikit ako
"What?" he snarled
"Nothing. I'll see you to---"
"doot.. doot.. doot" a sound coming from my black berry indicating na binabaan
niya ako ng telepono
"Who was that girl who called you babe on the phone last time?" I asked trying
to calm down my voice so it'll not be obvious that jealousy was heating on my eg
"What are you talking about, Nina?" he said as he chuckled lightly
which made me more furious
I grunted as I sat up from his king-size bed not bothering to fix my already me
ssed hair
"He-hey! Calm down will you?" he said as he placed both of his large warm hands
on both of my bare shoulders
"Maybe if you kiss me, I'll remember" he teased which made me frown even more
I rolled my eyes as I attempted to stand up but was only pressed even more unto
the bed as Iigo tackled me down, his naked body on top of mine
"Get off me!" I said in a commanding tone
"Wow! Someone's really jealous huh?" he said as the light from the outside dimm
ed unto his shadow while our faces were just an inch apart from one another

I wanted to kiss him, feel the stubble of his jaw line against my skin, slid my
fingers inside to explore his wonderland once more
I sighed and said to myself but he was playing the teaser this time
and damn im impatient!
I moved my hands at the back of his neck so he'd leaned into me and pressed his
mouth against mine, and our lips moved sensually across each other's.
I moved to the top his lip, kissing it gently, and then his bottom one, sucking
it and pulling it into his mouth a little.
He let out a little moan, but when my tongue emerged to slide against my bottom
lip, He didn't open his mouth.
"Fuck! That was hot!" He groaned, lifting his head. "Are you trying to kill me w
ith pleasure?"

"Not at all," I replied innocently as I giggled lightly to his ear. And while I
had him off guard, I easily rolled us over so that I was on top of him.
I sat low on his stomach and felt his cock poking my behind. It was quite an int
eresting feeling.
a feeling which signals me to stood up from the bed and free my self from Iigo's e
mbrace. then i began picking up my undergarment that were strewn on the floor an
d started yanking them on
All the playfulness was gone when he rolled out of the bed.
He went to my direction as his lips began breathing air on my ear and his hands
started traveling down my body once again as he hugged me from behind
"Alright. Alright. You don't have to be all so stress out with that. It was jus
t my sister. I believe you've met her at the wedding. She just came all the way
from New Jersey" he whispered
I turned around as my brows were pulled together registering every words he just
"Don't make a fool out me, Iigo. So your sister's calling you babe now?! i never
knew such thing!" I snarled at him with much of fury I had inside me
"you know you're cute when I see fumes coming out of your nose" he said chucklin
g which made me furious more
I pushed his chest and said "I needed to go to work"
it was an excuse but a lame one
"Nina" he said lovingly, his warm breathes give me shivers on my spine as he wr
apped his strong arms around my frame
"I've been bugged by various annoying squealing women from time to time on my ph
one so I've changed my number, which you thought that I must've been hiding away
from you the whole time. I wasn't! you see, I just have enough pride on me that
I didn't tell you right away"
"I was at my parent's house when you called. Honestly, I thought it was another
prank call but when I heard your sweet sweet voice on my ear.." he stopped only
to kissed me on the side of my lips savoring each scent as he inhaled my aroma
"I knew it was you" I looked up to see all the honesty in his eyes. i smiled so
ftly while placed my hand behind his neck
"but my sister was the one who mock a girly high-pitched voice and said "who's t
hat you're talking to,babe?" .." he said as he made faces which made me giggle a
"I refuse to babysit her baby Scarloe .. she thinks im a man whore so she drives
away a lot of ladies who called me through my phone just so I could make my ti
me to babysit my niece." He snorted as he rolled his eyes
"Yeah I know, Dianne's really childish.. she's been spoiled rotten by Dad just b
ecause she's the only girl in the family. Tsk!"
"but anyway, where were we?" he said as he slowly titled his head for me to kis
Iigo's eyes roved appreciatively over my nakedness, and before he would groped my
breast with his large warm hands like he usually do

He darted his gaze towards those mountains.. it as if sculpting it in his mind.
He was staring for longer than what I had thought was necessary
I squirmed. "What is it with guys and boobs?" I asked.

Iigo looked up an arched a brow. "You really want me to answer that?"

I grinned as I wrapped my arms around him as tightly as I could, leaving no spac
e between us. "Probably not."

"Thought so," he nodded, and claimed my mouth for a deep, drugging kiss.
Iigo slipped his tongue out of my mouth and kissed me gently once more on the lips
before pulling back to look at me, his brown orbs filled with so much desire.
Slowly, he slid the straps of my bra down my arms, watching me all the while. Hi
s fingers sliding against my skin caused an eruption of goose flesh, and I tremb
" My future is unclear, but all I want is you to be in it .I love you, Nina" he
said before devouring my lips once more
"I love you more, Iigo"
"Meg?!" I called out in the darkness of the flat. Nobody was there to answer. We
're now at Meg's apartment and Iigo insisted na i-hatid niya ako mismo pati sa loo
"Meg?!" I called out once again but to my dismay, nobody shouted back.. usually
when i call for Meg, She'll either scream back saying she's in the kitchen or el
"I think she's not home" Iigo said before he finally switch on the light in the fl
suddenly, someone made a sound and groaned. My heart beat sped up when I heard a
sudden motion coming from the living room.. someone was definitely upto somethi
ng there
"Stay here!" Iigo said protectively as I hid my self from behind him. He drew him
self nearer to the living room as I tailed him behind not wanting to be left beh
It was still 5 in the morning and definitely it would be hassle if we call for p
olice so we gotta get our hands dirty this time
The "thing", yeah I don't know what you call it, but it moved in the couch.. "th
e thing" was covered with blanket so when Iigo bravely pulled the blanket off.....
"What the heck!" ang sabi ni Iigo as he saw Meg, all naked in our couch
"Meg?!" I said as I tip toed my way up just so I could cover Iigo's eyes from the
sight of Meg's naked body
but one thing I noticed was that, Meg wasn't entirely alone .. she had a compan
y it was..
"Patrick?!" I said so surprised to see the same man with chinito eyes.., Patric
k is Gerard's high school friend that he introduced to me on Rey's wedding the o
ther time around.. the wedding where I met Iigo
He was naked as hell when he stretched out his arms which was previously wrappe
d around Meg's bare body
"Oh! hey there, Nina!" Meg said casually as she rubbed her eyes
"Who's Patrick?" Iigo uttered as he yanked away my hands to see what's going on
"Omg!!" Meg went back to her senses as she saw Iigo beside me. She immediately to
ok the blanket all for herself while kicking Patrick off the couch so she could
run to her room
He fell off the carpet while his butt exposes itself to my naked eyes
I shrieked
"Cover your self!!" I said as I turned around to hug Iigo so I wont see anything
from Patrick's bare body
"You heard her. Cover your self before I cut your balls, Villanueva!" Iigo said w
ith all the warning in his tone as he tugged me tightly to his arms
Patrick just chuckled as if nothing really happened and I could feel him stood u
p from his knees
"Alright. Alright"
"What the heck was going on?!" the last thing thought in that very moment

(A/N: Patrick , if you happen to read carefully from the previous chaps before t
his, is a friend of Gerard's from chapter 1 just so you know .. and yes, finally
! officially, mag-ON na sila Iigo and Nina.
as for Meg, yep! taken siya pero.. you know, masarap ang bawal. kaya... :)))
comment. comment. comment!)
[20] Chapter 19
(Overview : in this chap, more sweetness between Iina tandem and a little bit of h
ow Meg cope up with breakup. and some of Jesse's sick obsession.. not so much of
a drama.. just sweetness all over.. hahaha! and a whole lot more of explicity,
so again.. im warning you..
enjoy! and oh? that video on the right? wala lang.. gusto ko lang ilagay.. kasi
parang sakto sa chap na to.. sweet eh! and im a big fan of Juris.. khit nung mym
p days pa anyway..
quote for this chap :
When his eyes met mine, I felt something click, like a key turning in a lock. Be
lieve me, I'm no romantic, and while I've heard all about love at first sight, I
've never believed in it, and I still don't. But even so, there was something th
ere, something unrecognizably real, and I couldn't look away
"Well, Margareth? Aren't you going to explain anything to me?" I asked as I tap
ped my fingers impatiently to the kitchen's table
"Pfft! You've seen everything back there, ano pa ang dapat i-explain?" she aske
d as she took a sipped to her brewed warm coffee
"But Patrick?! Of all people? Meg? Are you out of your mind? Pano na si Andr?! Do
n't tell me---"
"I'm not cheating on anyone okay?" she said as she laid her mug on the sink then
She turned around to face me once again
"Andr and I broke up a week ago" she added with confidence as she hurriedly went o
ut of the kitchen.
Shocked, Dumfounded and confused I followed her behind
"What?! You're kidding right?" I asked her horrified of what I've heard from he
Andr , that sweet smile of his and his tender dark pool in his eyes. Yeah thats th
e Andr I knew. We met him at Bargos, a bar in Ortigas Located along Julio Vargas S
Andr was sweet guy, not to mention he's honest too.
Eventhough he wasn't Meg's first boyfriend ...cause he was actually the 12th or
wait-was it 13th boyfriend? I don't know anymore.
"No!" she laughed out loud as it echoed along the room
"Andr. -oh no- scratch that! Its Andr-ya (Andrea) now" she laughed hysterically once
more as she tapped the wall nearest to her, trying to hold the laughter even m
im starting to think she's a total fucked nut now I thought
"Huh? What?" I asked

"PFFT! Ang slow naman!" she rolled her eyes and blew the strands of hair danglin
g down her forehead
"He broke up with me because finally he told me he's gay. That all this time ..
he didn't want to have sex with me because he preferred guys touching him..."
she said confidently as if it didn't really matter she even giggled slightly wit
h my reaction
"Stop making that face,Nina! Its funny!"
then she cracked up once more laughing as hard as she could as sound of her joy
echoed in the living room
"No wonder he's-"
"yeah that! Masyadong organize sa lahat ng bagay?"
she asked, as she took a bite at the apple she got from the kitchen, cutting the
words that i was about to utter..
I just nodded my head to her
no wonder he loves wearing pink I thought
"why didn't you spill it sooner?" I asked
"Hey! You were having a drama of your own and besides....its not a big deal. I w
ould eventually figure it out my self even if he hasn't have plans to tell me ab
out his.. uhh-- sexuality"
then she cracked herself once more
"and how'd you met Patrick?" I asked which made her smile devilishly at me befor
e uttering another word
"I met him in an art exhibit that I was supposed to feature in our newspaper. I
thought he was some kinda lurker who'd like to waste his money on a piece of art
"then?" I asked with so much interest lingering in my eyes like a baby asking f
or milk and a kid asking for a candy
she smirked before continuing where she left off...
"He asked for my opinion in this particular piece of art and I was like "this th
ing is so abstract, I bet he was watching Phineas and Ferb the whole time he was
painting this" then .. he was laughing like a nut case and said "How'd you know
that I was watching Phineas and Ferb that time?" "
"Omg!! You did not just say that!" I gasped as I pictured out Meg being so Nave th
at the one he's talking to was the artist himself
"I know right? It was just so-oo-o embarrassing I'd wish earth would swallow me
up.. but he told me he found my bluntness sexy so...."
"So.. So! What else do you want to hear anyway? You've seen us naked while lying
on the couch.. I think that's obvious" she said as her cheeks were becoming red
what? Her cheeks becoming red? ! I thought as my eyes went wide

Margareth Toledo never blushed!
"You're blushing!" I teased as I pinched her nose
"Hey! Im so not blushing!" she said as she smacked my hand out of her nose
"So he was the one who give you a lift yesterday?"
"A-huh! It was a coincidence when he passed by at Paco in his Ducati big bike a
nd man! That was hella sexy! Imagine me riding on a red Ducati while im wearing
a purple gown"
Purple gown in a Ducati big bike I thought and immediately it made me cracked up
to death imagining Meg riding on it with Patrick
oh! not to forget her hair blowing like in a nestea commercial
"See? It was one crazy night! Who thought that he was one of the best man too?!
My! Kung makapag laro ang tadhana sa buhay ko, wagas!!"
"Teka! I thought you don't want to mess your couch --pero don niyo ginawa?" I as
ked in a most playful tone which made Meg smirked even more
"Well... do'n kame tinawag ng tukso eh.. ano magagawa ko?"
tapos nagkatitigan lang muna kameng dalawa ni Meg before
"HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!" we both laughed na para bang walang bukas
Best friends nga naman I thought
"You did a very good job, Ms. Fernandez .. " said by the editor-in-chief, Letty
Magsanoc as she went through my work
"enough details to give us enough information. Not to mention you even added the
things Mr. Iigo Bustamante does to achieve such great heights in his career. It f
elt like you just narrated his life into it"
she said as she laid her back on her Boss Heavy-duty Big and Tall Desk Chair
"A lot of press wanted him on a one-on-one interview but he's really hard to ca
tch. and you?" she said with so much amusement in her tone
"You did it in less than a week! are you any chance related to him? It seems yo
u know a lot of things about him. " she asked while her right brow was raised in
I just happen to be his girlfriend, Maam a thought that I wish I could just utte
r so her curiosity will end there
instead, I just I smiled at her and said
"Oh! nothing really .. -uhh-- actually,Maam.. he wasn't really hard to intervie
w .. talagang open lang siya sa lahat ng bagay"
oh no, you don't know how many consequences I've got just so those questions wil
l be answered by my own boyfriend I thought as a scene last night flashed throug
h my head
"Iigo.." I murmured while I attempted to shake him off from his slumber.locking h
im on my embrace while his back was facing me
we were both lying down on his bed naked after a heated passion an hour before.
"Hmm?" he said altering his position to face me as he wrapped me around his warm
embrace once more
"What? Gusto mo ba ng third round? but I'm warning you,you'll be sore the next d
ay" he added as his smirked grew wider on his perfectly handsome face
I just rolled my eyes and said "Err! Ikaw talaga yan lang lagi sa isip mo"
He just chuckled lightly not taking my words seriously as I felt him wrap his a
rms around me while he cup my arse.
In return, I entwine my long legs around his making him groan with anticipation

His tongue slid across my bottom lip, begging for entrance that immediately gave
in as our tongues clashed together
But suddenly, His lips found their way down my flat stomach, kissing both of my
pinkish mountains over my chest. He massaged as he kissed the other.
My head fell back with the sensation that he's giving me, running my fingers thr
ough his hair.

I looked up at him through my lashes.
"I'm serious, Iigo" I said in a commanding tone as I pushed him away from my fram
His playfulness had stop when he got off me and sat up in his king-size bed not
even removing his eyes on me
"Okay, What is it my angel?" he asked as he stroked my cheeks only to give my b
ody another reaction between my legs
I sat up from the bed, still naked and not bothering to cover up while I held hi
s hand on my cheek
"Remember the interview I've told you last time?" I said while I draw my self ne
arer to him
He nodded "yeah.. what about it?"
"I really need to pass it before this week would end.. and... uhm-can we do it
now?" I said as i was pouting my lips while I saw him looking at it intently
"pretty please?" I added with all the desperation needed as I pouted even more
He sighed momentarily but I saw him lighten up his mood as he smirked wider this
Uh-oh I could see something behind that wide smirked of his. I thought
he's definitely up to something
"Alright! In one condition" he said while his playfulness were so back to the tr
"What?" I asked
"In every question you'll throw at me you have to ..." he trailed off enjoying m
y dying anticipation of me waiting in vain
"I have to what?" I asked impatiently
"............kiss a part of my ever luscious body" he said emphasizing the word
luscious as he flexed his biceps attempting to be all matcho about it
my eyes grew wider as my mind was trying to register a word he just said

whatta--? Kiss? A part? I thought
"You've got to be kidding me! I can't do that!" I said
"Come on! Its just a kiss.. okay? Its now or never" he said with all the light c
huckling he did as his brows were wobbling up and down
Being defeated and desperate, I sighed and said "alright"
"Okay" he rolled out of bed and sipped into his boxer only to switch on the ligh
t and said
"I'll be back.. kukuha lang ako ng pen and a paper" he said but before he was co
mpletely gone, he even winked at me
I rolled out of bed taking my time surveying how his pad never undergone a chan
ge since the last time I was here..
still, the bachelor ambiance is still there.. the wallpaper was still as masculi
ne as ever just like his persona
I took the opportunity to slipped into my undergarments and just I was about to
tucked an over-size shirt I got from his drawer
I felt him wrapping his strong arms around me from behind me while his erection
was still poking my behind
"Nina" he whispered in my ears while he kept breathing on my neck
"Hmm?" a non-commical answer as I turned on my right to see his face close to mi
we stayed like that for awhile,our nose were resting on each other as we closed
our eyes together ..
"YAAAAAA!!!" I shrieked as I kicked my feet in the nothingness of the air ..whe
n I felt him tightening his grip around my waist just so he could carry me all t
he way to his bed once more
I laughed as hard as I could while I was laying my back on his soft warm bed.
Sounds of my laughter echoed in the whole room while I felt like Iigo was staring
at me for awhile now-longer than he always does
I looked up only to give him a soft peck on the lips
"You know, you're more beautiful when you go in hysterics laughter such as that
I felt like my heart had stopped from the moment he said that as i gazes into h
is brown eyes and saw the windows to his soul
"Okay! Let's go down to business, shall we?" He said as I sat up from the bed a
nd handled me down a pen and a paper
He sure is excited I thought while I rolled my eyes. As I was religiously takin
g down his answers to every question I asked, he would always be sneaky enough a
nd asked me to kiss him everywhere ---
to his nose, side of his lips, his neck, the juncture between his neck and shoul
der, his pecs, deltoids, his abs, biceps.. you name it!
And honestly, I could feel my cheeks turned red as his muscle would tensed up wh
en my lips would brush to his bare skin
He even asked me to kiss his -------
"I see" she said making me go back to the present where Im sitting on Mrs. Mags
anoc's office.
she entwined her fingers so her chin would rest on top of it as she looked at me
in the eyes as if examining every details on my face then she smiled
"Well..I don't doubt it, with a pretty face such as yours.. even the known Cas
anova,such as him,would definitely be wrapped around your fingers" she added whi
ch made my grin grew wider
ang feeling na binigyan ka ng compliment ng terror boss niyo... priceless! I th
ought feeling the happiness lingering in my soul at that very moment
Then she stood up while she took my hands and shook it with delight
"Im glad you didn't disappoint me of what I'd expect you to come up with"
"Thank you, Ma'am!" I said still grinning widely to the woman in her mid 40's s
tanding right in front of me
Knock Knock Knock
"Come in!" said by Mrs. Magsanoc as I saw her secretary , Krizzia as was what I
remembered Mrs. Magsanoc addressing her secretary that way..
"Ma'am, the meeting will start in 15 minutes"
she said
"very well then" she said then turned to my direction
"Again, it was nice having you on the team, Ms. Fernandez. You may go now"
could it be more perfect than this? I thought as I made my way out of Mrs. Mags
anoc's door
Perfect Job, Perfect Friend and I've got the perfect boyfriend. What more can I
asked for?
"Wow! Someone's really in a goody good good effin' mood today huh?" Jesse said
as she tapped my shoulder
I smiled at her as we walked side by side along the hall
"Are you bipolar?" she asked as she her brows were pulled together while she fr
"No, why?" I answered with all the confusion in my tone
"The whole month you were like.. having the worst time of your life every single
day you walked in the office. Dark circles, messy bun hair.. but now, looked at
you!" she said as she pointed at my state with her hands
"All pumped up beautifully its as if you had ...." Then her smile grew wider alm
ost reaching on her ears
Oh no! not again I thought in horrid as she pulled me closer to her to whisper
"I get it! You're not bipolar but you were sexually starved the whole month and
now Iigo ...."
She didn't even finish what she had to say because I covered her mouth with my p
alm while I looked around trying to see if someone's eavesdropping in the near b
y vicinity
"Will you drop it?.. someone might hear it!" I said in a lowest volume of my ton
then suddenly, my black berry vibrated against my pocket. I immediately picked
it up knowing who would the caller be
"Having a great afternoon, Beautiful?"
and by that warm husky voice sweet tone to my ear I could tell, it was Iigo
"Well, it was even great when you called" I said as I glanced at Jesse's direct
ion only to see her clueless as the lake in taal
"I miss you already"
"Really? How much do you missed me?" I asked with such playfulness in my tone wh
ile I bit my lower lip
"Too much, that it kept me up even in the time like this"
"and how did I manage to do that?"
he chuckled lightly before he asked "do you seriously want to know how?"
my cheeks suddenly turned red when he said that so I tried my best to shift the
topic off to something else
"Uhh-so why would you call me in the time like this?" I glanced at my watch only
to see.. "..Its just 5:55 in the afternoon"
"Cool! Then Let's have dinner together"
he said what?! I thought as I began to panic thinking it would be cause a huge c
ommotion in the venture
"like right now?" I asked trying to tame my voice
"Yeah.. im actually on my way to pick you up right now"
"Whaaat?!" Is all that I could say from the very moment
Eyes.People.Chismis.. OMG!!
(A/N: Bargos is where they've got wasted when Nina found out that she was accept
ed in The Philippine Daily Inquirer.. thats the bar where she met Iigo the second
time around and got.. you know.. laid for the first time
that was in chapter 3, so if you haven't checked it out then, screw you!!! lels!
no, i was just kidding.. read it back so you'll know!
and Ducati is a kind of single-motor.. you'll get it if u ask google..
[21] Chapter 20
(Overview: In this chapter, your most-awaited antagonist will be introduce. more
drama, speculations and less sweetness right here.
Animated GIF on the right is her.. i made that (lol proud?)
Quote for this chap :
"Some jokes are half-meant" - Alyloony :)
as I went outside of the venture, I right away saw Iigo leaning so casually on his
2011 Lamborghini Murcielago looking hot as ever in his casual navy blue button
down polo
which he folded the sleeves of it so people with eyes, particularly women, could
peak at his huge strong muscular biceps
"You! You didn't even give me ample time to prepare!" I said as I smack his arm
but he just chuckled at me as he enveloped me around his broad warm arms
hinalikan niya muna ako sa ulo until he rested his hands unto my waist
I could smell that faint aroma he just sprayed all over his shirt
"no need to do that, you're still beautiful" he said with a sly smile painted al
l across his perfectly cult face
"AWWWW!! That is just so sweet of you guys!"
We both turned our direction to the one who said that in an ever fancy high-pitc
hed girly girl voice-it was Jesse as she was clasping her hands together while h
er eyes were twinkling in delight
then, Iigo turned his direction to me to give me a "who-the-heck-is-this"look
ngiwi akong napangiti sa kaniya and said
"Babe, this is-----"
I was immediately cut off by my words when Jesse rushed like a road runner to w
here Iigo stood up and took his hand for her to shake endlessly
"I'm Jessica Sustiguer... 22 and a half, vital statistics 32-25-34.. yiie! And I
've been dying to meet you since the first time I saw you on a GQ and Metro maga
ang sabi niya with all the excitement she didn't even dare to conceal
"Uhhh-yeah" is the only thing Iigo could say as his lips turned into an awkward s
"Let's go?" ang sabi bigla ni Iigo as he tried to escape the ,what it seems to be,
never ending hand shake of Jesse
He wrapped his right arm around my shoulder, drawing me closer to his heart
"Its was nice meeting you, Jessica" he said as he opened his door for me to sli
d inside
Jesse wave at us but Iigo never bothered himself to look back and to smile at her
"Man! That woman is weird and annoying! Who would be human enough to blurt out t
heir vital stats to a complete stranger?!" he said as he frown
"Hey! Be nice, she's still one of your fans.. you know" I said while trying to h
old my laughter just looking at how annoyed Iigo was
"from the moment there, I thought she's going to rape me" he added
I just rolled my eyes and said "If I know, you just love the attention"
"The only thing I crave for, want for and die for is ..." he leaned casually at
me as our faces were almost inseparable
"....the attention I get from you.. " he added with all the sweetness in his to
ne as he kissed my forehead

My heart began to rise as it throbs crazily inside my ribcage
this reaction I thought as I closed my eyes
"Where do you plan on taking me?" I asked trying to divert the conversation whi
le Iigo's eyes were now focusing on the road
"You'll know it soon"
We arrived at this restaurant, which is far from the crowd and was tucked away i
n Yakal street in Makati.
The sign of the restaurant was not hard to see for it was planted right in front
of the entrance.
"Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano" it read
The exterior design of it is modern yet classic and it actually felt like you'r
e in Italy.
The maroon bricks on the wall and humongous fountain right in front of the resta
urant which highlighted the whole area as it gives a perfect ambiance of a moder
n-day date for couples
"Beautiful!" I said while I was still lingering my eyes to the frontal view of
the restaurant
"Ofcourse " He said while his eyes were still glued in front
I was awed the whole time I didn't notice that we were now inside looking for a
parking space.
"Finally!" Iigo uttered in relief as he spotted a free space just between the blac
k Volvo and the Maroon Toyota avanza
"You're going to love their food especially Risotto Stile Liguria"
He said with all enthusiast visible to his eyes
He was about to turn the wheel and take that space when some Silver Porshe Carre
ra overtook and stole the supposed-parking space for us
"Whatta--" He said as he slammed his hands on the wheels. Sa sobrang inis, he i
mpatiently went off the car and slammed the door of it
I followed him closely behind just in case, he'll throw a trouble
Oh no, his temper sure is off this time I thought while I hurriedly stood beside
him ready to stop in case it gets dirty

But instead of a man like what I've expect to come out from this Silver Porshe C
arrera, it was a woman.. in her early 20's wearing a leopard print v-neck blouse
exposing a part of her cleavage..
she stood 5'8-almost-5'9 feet tall. A little petite but definitely has every cur
ves that every man would surely work wonders in their manly desire. I looked at
her intently and was intidmated by her very smooth-looking porcelain skin and he
r long slender shape-y legs
She turned around and laid her hands on her hips only to remove her Rayban aviat
or out of her eyes
She was gazing at us as her brows were pulled together in unison. Then she sudd
enly, smiled and to my surprise.....
"Iigo?!" she said with all the amusement in her tone as she ran to Iigo, give him a
kiss on a cheek and hug him as tight as I could see
"Ken?" He replied back, pulling his self away from the embrace this woman was g
iving him
"Wow! of all places I could run into you" she smiled once more flashing her per
fectly straight white teeth
and then her lips turned from a smile to "O" as she laid her eyes on me
"New girl?" she said as she turned her attention to Iigo
"Ah.. Ken, this is my girlfriend Nina" he said as he wrapped his right arm aroun
d my tiny frame
"Nina.. this is Ken, a college batchmate, we attended Princeton together in New
Jersey. She's a friend"
"......with benefits!" and then she slightly giggled but she stopped when she no
ticed nobody was laughing at her sick joke but her
"Hey! That was funny!.. " she winked at Iigo then darted her almost-gray orbs
on me as she smirked wider
"....and true"
"Ken.." Iigo uttered as if warning this woman right in front of us not to spill s
omething that shouldn't be said
"Alright, Alright. Zipped" she said while she gestured herself in a imaginary zi
then she turned her attention to me and smiled
a kind of smile that didn't reach her eyes at all
I awkwardly smiled back as she took my hands and shook it
"Nice meeting you,Nina.. I'm Ken, Kendra Gainsborough"
and then a familiar phrase came back to me
Jesse drew her self closer to me and before she whispered into my ear, tumingin
muna siya sa paligid. Checking out if may nakikinig sa near by vicinity
"and there's this known international ramp model who was rumored to be his girl
napatigil ako, at bigla kong naramdaman ang unti unting paglumo ng pakiramdam k
o. But I was curious, kaya kahit na pa ayaw ko nang malaman para hindi na ako ma
saktan, I still insisted
"who is she?" I whispered almost sounding like hoarse which is the sign that my
lips refuses to utter
"She's-uhh-- She's Kendra Gainsborough, British-Filipina ramp model of Burberry
"Kendra Gainsborough.. British-Filipina.. ramp model"
"Kendra Gainsborough..British-filipina"
"Kendra Gainsborough..."
"Kendra Gainsbo...."

Her name just kept on echoing inside my head while my heart began to palpitate
inside. Then, a worried-troubled look was flashed from my face to Iigo as I tighte
n my grip to his arm
"What's wrong,Love?" he asked as he looked at me
"Let's just dine elsewhere please"
I thought ...but instead, of telling him that, I just shook my head and said not
"Good! Now.. mind if I join you, guys?" she asked. Iigo stiffened his muscle and w
as about to utter... "Well actually----"
"Come on now, I'm starving!"
Then she turned on her wheels as walked like she was in runway on her nude pumps
I slowly watched her from behind as she made her way to the front door, all head
s and eyes turned to her direction.
Even those men who had a date right in front of them turned 360 degree, almost b
reaking their neck just so they could get a glimpse of the gorgeous lady coming
to the door
"She would never take No for an answer, Honey. Im sorry" Iigo whispered to my ear
as he kissed my forehead and held unto my hands.
He squeezed it lightly and I looked up to see him smiling at me
my heart melted in the sight of his eyes darting into my soul
but that daydreaming, or rather night dreaming, had stopped when that woman turn
ed around while she smiled at us, or maybe to Iigo, and then she sweetly said
"aren't you coming?"
UGH! I think im going to lose my appetite
"don't you think Sow-pa-de-Fun-hee looks delicious? shall we try it, Iigo?"

"It's Zo-pa-di-fung-gi (Zoppa di Funghi) and Oh no no no!"
Kendra uttered while she laid the menu out of her face. She was sitting across u
s on the table
"Iigo is allergic to mushrooms" She said while looking at me directly
and then turn her direction to my boyfriend and said "Right, Iigo?"
To my disappointment, I felt like I was a useless clueless girlfriend at that ve
ry moment when I saw Iigo slightly nodded while scanning down the menu
"How about Risotto Stile Liguria? Isn't prawns and salmons your favorite, Igo?"

I felt my jaw tighten when I heard her uttering Iigo's nickname
Only his mom calls him that I thought trying to brush of the sudden jealousy I
"How about you, Nina?" She asked while smiling at me
"I think... I'll have the same" I uttered as I sighed
then she turn her direction to the waiter who was standing beside her, obviously
at awed with her beauty
"tre Risotto Stile Liguria, uno Lasagna al Forno e un Chardonnay La Fuga, Donnaf
ugata.." she spoke in a fluent Italian accent to the waiter
"volont che sia tutto?" (will that be all?) asked by the waiter
She darted her eyes on our direction before glancing at the waiter
"s" (Yes) she said while the waiter nodded
"Wow! Your Italian has improved" Iigo enthusiastically said while he slightly cla
pped his hands
"Why.. ofcourse!" she said proudly and slightly tilting her head gesturing hers
elf to a sly curtsy
"I've been working under Giorgio Armani for almost a year now" she added
then she glanced at my direction only to notice me staring at the both of them f
or quite some time now
"Oh, don't be surprise with our closeness, Angel" He said while casually giving
me a peck on my forehead

"We went long way back to Princeton .. and she was almost in every class I had"
Iigo said while tightly holding my right hand below the table trying to lighten me
"Yeah.. we also got the same bachelor's course --- Operations Research and Finan
cial Engineering.. oh! not forget the same dorm block back then" Kendra uttered
while smiling at me
Slightly relieved, I timidly replied "I see" and smiled back at her..
Turning to Iigo, "So, what have you been upto these days, Igo?" Kendra said as she
played with her hair, twisting it with her fingers
Kendra crossed her right leg to the other revealing her killer long legs and por
celain thighs that men nearby will sure die-for
"Same thing, still focused and determined in every race track competition" Iigo s
aid while his huge right hand laid on my thigh
"I've heard you bagged the trophy in the recent Senior Rotax Max World Finals he
ld in Argentina" She said as she sipped her Chardonnay La Fuga, Donnafugata
A wine, that I've heard from Iigo, was a notable depth on nose and palate with lus
h scents of fruit pineapple, apple and banana soledid from the island of Sicily
"Well, you just heard it right" He said proudly as he took a sipped on his own
Chardonnay La Fuga, Donnafugata
"Let's drink to that" she said while she held her drink up as she glanced at my
"Right, Nina?"
I was startled from that moment and didn't react right away, Iigo just wrapped his
right arm around me as he kissed my hair
"She isn't really much of a drinker, Ken"
Disappointed of a sudden protective act Iigo pulled, Kendra just retorted her eyes
and drank the wine herself
"I see" she spoke with a very calm timid tone this time as she laid the Bordeau
x glass, tall with a broad bowl designed for full bodied red wines, on the table
"I never knew you were into goody-two-shoes woman, Igo" and then she chuckled l
"Well, I don't mind.. Besides, she usually transforms herself into a really wil
d cat when we're in bed"
what?! I thought when the words sank into my mind
I looked up to see Iigo smiling down at me
"Say, what made you drop down to Philippines?" He asked as he turned his direct
ion to Kendra who was obviously amused by Iigo's answer to her non-commical questi
"I'll have a photoshoot for Blush magazine a week from now and I thought I shoul
d drop by earlier than usual" she said with a sly smile painted across her prett
y face
"Earlier for what?"
"Earlier so I could meet you" chuckling lightly, she said as she covered her li
ps with her wide-palm
then she shifted her position only to glance at me who was obviously not happy
about her answer
she waved her both hands up and smiled at me "I was just kidding, Nina .."
"My mom insisted me to go here and learn Tea-gah-log (tagalog)"
"Wow, really?" Iigo said with all the amusement in his tone
"Yeah really.. she even ranted about.. what's the use of me being a half Filipin
a if I barely knew how to speak tea-gah-log. Ugh!" she said as she rolled her ha
nds while crossing her arms on top of her chest
"Your mom has a point, you know.. Ken"
"Well, im trying.. its not my fault if I grew up in Europe all my life you know.
." she said as she sipped unto her wine
"Oh, like this table.. its Mae-suh (mesa) right?"
Iigo chuckled huskily at Kendra's accent of trying to say Mesa instead of Mae-suh
"Hey, what's so funny?" she glared at Iigo as her brows were pulled together in co
"Nothing really.. its just your accent" and then he broke down to more laughter
"Har-har" she said in a sarcastic pretentious laugh
"Wait, 'til you see I master Tea-gah-log in no time, you wouldn't dare to laugh
at me anymore"
I just chuckled lightly seeing how Kendra was so worked up with her Tagalog les
maybe she isn't as bad as I've heard I thought while I took a bite of this Riso
tto Stile Liguria,
but there's still something I could feel that isn't right at all..
We were now walking straight to the parking lot, Iigo's hand laid rest on my wais
t while Kendra was walking beside us
when suddenly...
kinapa ni Iigo yung bulsa niya and started panicking ..
"Shoot! I left the key inside.. I'll be back" he said an gave me a quick kiss o
n the head and run his way inside back to the restaurant
"So.... How long have you been guys going out?" Kendra said while casually flipp
ing her long ebony-brown hair
I can't just tell her kahapon lang kami naging official I thought while I stared
at Kendra who was obviously impatient to her the answer
"For awhile now" I said with slight nervousness lingering in my tone
"I see.. I must say, Iigo's hotter than the last time I saw him" She said taking f
ew steps closer to me
"I'm sure you've seen him without his torso huh? Hot isn't he? Especially when h
e's all drench in his own sweat while sucking your---"
"Stop!" I said while held out my hand to gesture her to stop
She chuckled loudly this time not caring if it echoed in the whole lot.
It abruptly stopped when I looked up and saw her leaning to my ear
"Do you want to know a secret?" she said as she whispered in my ear
I just looked at her confused
what is she planning to do? I thought
"I was the first one..... fuck
Then she chuckled devilishly as she moved her face away from mine
just when I was about to utter a word....
"I got it!" Iigo shouted as he walked straight at our direction while his keys we
re twirling around his finger
"Did I miss anything?" he asked
"Oh! nothing really .. we were just discussing few interesting things, right Nin
a?" She said as she smiled fake-ly on my behalf
Instead, of looking up to smile back,I bit my lower lip and looked anywhere els
e but her slightly freckled-face
"I better get going. See you around,Igo" she said as she approached Iigo to kiss
him.. on the cheeks--- no scratch that---she kissed him in the side of his lips
.. almost touching his lips
while in the corner of her eyes, I could see her grayish pools glued to me as if
waiting for a violent reaction coming from me
But Iigo yanked her away as he held both of Kendra's shoulder and said
"Right. See you when I see you"
She just smiled at him and turned her direction to me
"It was nice meeting you, Nina" she said as she beso-ed on my cheeks while she
leaned, touching both of my shoulders..
And then whispered "Careful, I might steal him away from you"
then immediately,she walked straight to her car and slid inside her Silver Pors
he Carrera
Her car passed by at us and she rolled her window down only to smirked at us, or
rather at meme, and waved
"Ciao!!" She cued while curling her hands to say good bye
The whole ride back to Meg's apartment was horrible. I just kept staring at the
car's window while Iigo would stay still looking in front of the road
no one was speaking and the silence was slowly chopping my heart out.
Just before I step inside the apartment, Iigo slowly and softly grabbed me by the
hand and then laid his expressive brown eyes into me
"Is there something bothering you?" he asked with so much tenderness in his tone
.. that tone that almost made my leg wobble with his sweetness

"I'm fine. I'm just..." jealous "......tired"
He leaned casually to give a kiss, not the kind of kiss that we usually do when
we're alone in his unit..
it was a soft warm kiss as he cupped my face
"Sleep well, alright?" he said as he locked me into his arms
I just nodded at him before he finally slid inside his 2011 Lamborghini Murciela
He rolled his car's window just so he could see me and smile at me.I waved at hi
m and force my self to smile before he was completely gone
I sighed thinking how these day went. One moment it was almost perfect and then
the next it was as if shattered into pieces
I passed by the lady land lord who owned the aparment. She was about 50 somethin
g years old wearing orange rollers on her hair and a glasses.
She smiled at me and so did I before I completely made my way up to Meg's apartm
ent and I've seen that the lights were off.
Meg's probably out I thought as I switched on the light
then Images from the previous conversation I had flashed through my mind... lik
e a slideshow of videos coming one by one...
"No offense, Nina but I always thought Iigo likes Half-bred mestizas" - Jesse
"Nina.. this is Ken, a college batchmate, we attended Princeton together in New
Jersey. She's a friend" -Iigo
"with benefits!" - Kendra
"Hey! That was funny! ...............and true!" -Kendra
"I never knew you were into goody-two-shoes woman, Iigo" - Kendra
"do you want to know a secret?" -Kendra

"I was the first one to fuck him senseless" - Kendra
"I was the first one to fuck him"

"I was the first one to fuck..."
"I was the first one.."
"First ONE.."
"Careful, I might steal him away from you"
Slowly, tears were dripping down my face.. slowly rolling down by drop as I felt
the anguishes taking over my already nave and weak body.
I was trembling as I breathe unevenly crying out loud in the dark empty living r
oom of Meg's pad
I rested my head on the door as I slid down my whole body to the ground..

you know what sucks? Its when you felt like your not good enough for someone you
(A/N: "Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano"(pronounced as Carpacho) is a real-life it
alian restaurant in Makati corner Yakal street in San Antonio Village
Giorgio Armani is a real-life italian designer who established Armani (magkaleve
l sila ng Gucci, Balenciaga, D&G and a lot more) and those foods that were menti
oned are real-life specialties of the said restaurant. wanna know how those food
tastes like? puntahan niyo mismo nang malaman niyo
Blush Magazine is also a real-life philippine magazine and Princeton University
is a real-life univesity in New Jersey (magkalevel sila ng Harvard, Brown, Yale
and a lot more) and Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Financial E
ngineering is also a real-life course offered in Princeton. kung curious kayo, m
ag enroll kayo don! lol!
btw. the flash back was from chap 13
'nuff with all these facts 101.. all i could say, sa chapter na ito.. is that a
lmost true-to-life din yung nararamdaman ni Nina. sa lahat ng relationship i've
been through, isa lang msasabi ko.. masakit pag naramdaman mong you're not good
enough para sa love mo
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[22] Chapter 21
Overview: in this chapter, masisilayan niyo kung gano mapraning ang isang girlf
riend pag hindi nagtetext ang boyfriend. true to life perhaps? other than that,
this chap will also show various characters who are good at advicing to our good
main protagonist ---Nina
Quote for this chap :

Guys & Girls are like Chess & Checkers, we both play on the same board, but we'r
e playing two completely different games
"Nina? You're still awake?" Meg said while she was removing her Jimmy Choo 'Sea
ttle' Sandal from her feet and dangled it on her hand
Walking barefooted on the carpet, she slowly unhooked her earrings one by one f
rom her ear
"So sorry.. I was out the whole night.. Patrick----" Meg stopped from blabbering
when she finally noticed me lying on the couch while I change the channels rand
"Were you crying?" she asked as she dropped the sandals on the carpet and sat b
eside me
"Why are you crying?"
I ignored her and still held unto the remote while I stared on the tv completel
y lost
"Kendra, do you plan on settling down in your mother's homeland?"
And then, by that I was completely awake... sitting up on the couch as my eyes w
ere wide open
That woman!!! I thought nang makita ko si Kendra na habang naglalakad ay dinudum
og ng mga press
Kendra suddenly stopped and smiled at the guy and shook her head
" I don't know yet" then flashed her perfectly white teeth to the camera
"Are you going to be @$#%#%#&&*@@#^%?" asked by a woman reporter
"Come again?" she said as she tucked her now curly brown hair to her ear while l
eaning to the reporter
"Are you going to be the cover for November issue of Blush Magazine?"
She winked and said "Just watch out for it"
and then continued her striding only to be stop when she was blocked by another
male reporter
"Is it true that you went down to Philippines for a certain man?"
Suddenly, my heart had stopped and my pulse went completely AWOL as I waited for
her answer
She bit her lower lip then smiled at the reporter " I don't think I should answe
r that but----"
Out of nowhere, the Tv went blank, I frowned as I saw Meg beside the tv and appr
oached me slowly on the couch
She sat beside me and said "What the heck was that all about?!"
"Meg, what do you think about that model on tv?" I blurted out from my mouth wh
ich made Meg more confuse as she crossed her arms on top of her chest
"Why would you ask something such unimportant question as that?" she asked while
her brow were raised in curiosity
"Because, its not "unimportant" it's a matter of life and death!"
"Pfft! Stop the exaggeration! Its-"
"Meg! Please!" I pleaded while I held both of her shoulder so she could face me
"Well.. I didn't really pay attention to her. I was looking at you who was o-ooo
-obviously not happy to see that bitch on tv"
I sighed and looked down on the floor while I saw Meg in a concern look
"Spill, girlfriend. I know there's something"
and by that, I hugged her tightly as I could while I cried my self telling her w
hat happen awhile ago
"Hey? What's with the puffy eyes?" Jesse said as she looked at me through my re
flection in the humongous mirror
I just smiled at her and said "Nothing really"
"Those nothing of yours sure is something to my naked eyes"
She said as she rolled her eyes and applied a Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream on her li
ps, pouting it a little just so she could take a better look of it on the mirror
It was coffee break and I went to the powder room to fix my self before going do
wn the block and get my self a coffee, then I stumbled upon Jesse who was freshl
y out of the cubicle
"And oh! What happened to your date a day ago? Was it romantic? Omg! Did you gu
ys kiss? How was it?! Im dying to know!!!" She said with excitement as shoved th
e Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream inside her Michaela bag
it took me a long sighed before I uttered "We went to Carpaccio-"
"OHH EMM! Carpaccio?! That highly expensive Italian restaurant? My!! I've heard
its like Italy in Philippines.. so how was it?! For sure the foods were scrumpt
ious right? I mean, its Carpaccio.. hello?"

"Yeah, their delicacies were good, I guess. Although, I don't understand why wo
uld they name their foods in Italian if in the first place, sa Pilipinas nila ti
nayo yun"
"Good point right there. But who cares?! Now, tell me!! Spill it!! Spill!"
"It was good until, we happen to see some old friend of Iigo there" I said as I fe
lt my hands clench on my side
"Friend?! Was he hot? Omg! Please, pakilala mo naman ako!" she said as she tugge
d her hair on her ear in a flirty way
"She's not a HE, Jesse. It was,I guess, one of Iigo's old flame.. the one you told
me who goes by the name of Kendra"
"HOLY!! SERIOUSLY?! You've met Kendra? As in Kendra Gainsborough?! Filipino-Bri
t model?! That Kendra?" She said as her eyes grew wider
"Yeah. Who else?" I said as I rolled my eyes and took a long sighed
"She's like.. the hottest girl that ever walked on to earth.. well, probably sec
ond to Christine Reyes and all but---" She was taken above when she took notice
on my face's stiffen expression
"AWW, Nina. It must've been hard on you then" She said as she tapped my back try
ing to console me
"You have no idea.."
"You know, Nina. As much as I want to tell you my advice about this, for sure..
you don't want to hear anything from the less Cum-Laude material brain such as m
ine.. so see you at lunch" She said as she took her bag and was ready to go
I don't know what have gotten into me but I grabbed her by the arm and said
"Try me, Jesse .. I'm no genius when it comes to love"
She just smiled at me and laid her bag on the sink once again
"You sure you want to hear nothing but the truth?" She said while she slightly t
ilted her head, looking at me intently as if taking a good look on my puff-eyed
I nodded only to make her step closer to me and held my chin up high
"Nina, Just because she's pretty, doesn't make you ugly. Okay?"
Wait, where have I heard that before? I thought while looking at Jesse's face wh
o was still smiling at me
Right, it was Meg
and then Meg's smiling face flashed right before my eyes
"You just have to trust him, Nina. He loves you" those phrase kept on echoing in
side my head as my mind started to remember the conversation I had last night wi
th my best friend
We were still sitting on the couch at that time when the whole area was filled
with silence before she finally let out her words from her lips
"Really?! so what naman kung ang first time ng Boyfriend mo eh sa kaniya na punt
a?" ang sabi ni Meg while her right brow was pulled up
"Meg naman eh!! You should've seen her! She's so sophisticated, she could speak
Italian, She has sexy british accent, she's filthy rich! You should've seen her
Silver Porsche Carrera!! And She's She's---"
"What?! She's pretty? Pfft!" then Meg rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms on
top of her chest
"Just because she's pretty, doesn't make you ugly!" she shouted at me as she he
ld both of my shoulders so I could look straight into her eyes
"So what if she's sophisticated? So what if she could speak Italian or has a sex
y british accent? So what if she's filthy rich? So what if she has a freaking Po
rsche? So what,Nina?! So What?!"
"Nina, Sa'yo nag commit si Iigo for a reason, not because of the things you have
but he chose you for a reason and you know it for yourself. You just have to tru
st him, Nina He loves you!"
then Meg clasped both of my hands and said
"He could walk away from anyone he ever knew, but he surely can't walk away from
someone like you. Ano pa ba hahanapin niya? Maganda ka, mabait na, matalino pa!
before my lips slightly crooked itself for a smile, I sniffed like a 14-year-old
wiping enough tears out of my puffy eyes. Suddenly, Meg slightly giggled to it
and abruptly pinched my nose
"Cry baby nga lang!"
Tumawa pa siya ng malakas before I locked her up on my embrace and said
"Meg!! What am I going to do without you?"
"So, He hasn't called you for almost a whole day now?"
I just sighed and played with my chair, turning 360 all the way through as I he
ld on my phone next to my ear.
It was 3 in the afternoon in the office and I seriously need someone to talk to
so I pressed 3(on a speed dial) and called for the perfect person to understand
the complications of my self - Meg
"Yeah, no text, no call not even.. close to any of those" I said getting annoyed
and impatient just thinking about Iigo's sudden distance for almost the whole day
"Oh! Come on, Nina! Don't tell nagdududa ka na naman? Hello? Race track racer a
ng boyfriend mo? Not the typical boyfriend here? He's probably out there practic
ing" Meg said almost in retort while I could almost sense that she was rolling h
er eyes on me
"Masyado ka kasing mahilig sa mga habulin, tuloy yan!" she added
"Shut up, Nina! Listen, Im still in the middle of something." She said lowering
down her volume almost whispering words through the phone.
I could even hear the crazy sounds of keyboards while she's obviously in front o
f the computer pro'lly doing something
"----Yeah! Im on it, Aranillo! Wait----- Right, where were we? Oh! yeah!! its wo
rking hours,Nina!! Since when did you learn to slack off on your duties. work et
hics please?"
"Meg do you think-"
"I'll call you back later okay? Bye"
I attempted to open my mouth only to close it again when I heard my phone makin
g the sound...
She just hung up on me I thought feeling hopeless of no one to talk to
Maybe I should just go to the powder room I thought as I stood up from my seat
"Nina,Nina!! Thank goodness you're here!" I turned around only to see Tina, my
co-worker, approached me while she's trying to catch her breath
"Can you do me a favor?" she asked
"Oh sure! What is it?"
"I needed to be inside the meeting right now urgently and I have to photocopy th
is paper work.. can you do it for me instead?" she said as she handled me the pa
"Sure thing!" I said as I took the papers from her hands
"Thanks! I'll get back at you right after the meeting" She said as she walked o
r rather run as fast as she could
The Xerox machine wasn't that far from my table so I immediately made my way to
it and just as I was about to open the machine..
"Hey, Nina" a familiar husky voice told from my behind
I turned around to see..
"Luigi" I said while I saw him smiling at me as he took his step closer to my di
"You owe me a lot, Nina." He chuckled lightly
"I haven't seen you in awhile now and it kinda hurt me to know that you were av
oiding me" he added
"About that-"
"I've heard you've gotten yourself a boyfriend. I know you,Nina.. you were tryin
g your best not to hurt my feelings by avoiding me.. but its alright. Tanggap ko
na, I guess, hanggang friends na nga lang talaga tayo"
He then flashed his ever famous colgate-commercial smile and then finally he too
k notice of the papers that I was holding
"Do you need a hand with that?" he asked offering his genuine kindness to me.
I smiled back at him and said "I guess so"
Then I handled him down the papers and He started pressing down a button in tha
t said machine
The moment it was done, he took his time to read it for himself, titling his he
ad just so he could get the better view of it then he turned to my direction wit
h a confused look
"All out war in Mindanao? I thought you're a sports writer?" he asked as he hand
led the paper to me
"Its not really mine, its Tina's. I just did her a favor"
"Alrighty then, How are you and that racecar dude?" he said while we were now wa
lking side by side
"we're okay, I guess" I said plainly
"Sorry, it might be eavesdropping awhile ago but I just happen to hear the conv
ersation you had with Jesse" He said
hearing those words made me stop from walking and looked at him in the eyes
"How much did you hear?" I asked
"Nothing much really.. just the part where an old flame was trying to get back
at your boyfriend"
I immediately pulled him with me in the corner of the room. i looked around mak
ing sure nobody's around to listen to us and said in a low volume "That much huh
I sighed as I closed my eyes
"Im pathetic" I murmured
to my surprise, Luigi held my chin so I could look up to his endearing eyes onc
e more
"Relationships are like a book, it takes a few seconds to burn - but it takes ye
ars to write it. So, write it carefully, never let go and don't let former fling
s ruin it."
Don't let former flings ruin it I thought while savoring each word he just utter
ed to me
and then he smiled, a kind of smiled too genuine not to appreciate
"Oppsy! Gotta go.." he said as glanced at his wristwatch and tapped my back, st
arting his way to his table
I smiled to my self while looking at his back
"Thanks, Luigi!" I said while he just waved from behind and held his thumb up s
ignaling its alright
I took a deep breath and said to my self
"You heard him,Nina. Don't let former flings ruin it"
It was 7 in the evening and I waited for a cab right in front of the venture. Iigo
hasn't called me the whole day so I thought maybe he was busy.
I sighed. Its been almost an hour waiting for a cab.
Just as I was about to call a cab and wave my arms for him to notice, my eyes ha
d caught a man, about 40-ish something, obviously in pain with his chest as he k
neeled to the ground while holding his chest
I hurriedly made my way to his direction and kneeled to his level just so I cou
ld help him stand up
"Kuya, Ayos lang po ba kayo?" I asked as I helped him stood up from the ground
and when he finally stood up on his own knees he suddenly ...
covered my nose and mouth with a handkerchief that smell.. it was too sudden I d
idn't have time to react right away.. I struggled but I notice.. the smell was..
uuhh.. I think its something.. I thought as my mind went completely blank
I couldn't think. The smell was too strong it made me want to doze off..
"Sorry, Miss. Napagutusan lang" I heard him say before I shut my eyes closed an
d felt the cold-cemented ground on my skin
(A/N: *INSERT HORROR DOOM SOUND HERE* dun dun dun dun!!!! nakikidnap si Nina!!!!
sorry if it took awhile, i tried to come up something in my head.. nastress kasi
ako sa paghabol sa mga profs. akalain mong pinabalik balik pa ako from one buil
ding to another and take note, buti sana kung malapit lapit lng ung mga building
s. ugh! shizz! tapos ang daming tao nung enrollment. gosh! anyway, i was also ha
ving this writer's block for days now.. luckily, i overcome it by watching ALL M
Y LIFE and.. Priest (a horror movie)
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[23] Chapter 22
( Overview: in this chapter, the kidnapper will be revealed. and it will also be
a little erotic okay? so im warning those people out to please .. kung ayaw nio
ng macorrupt, lumayas. ok?
quote for this chap:
"Never think you are nothing. Never cry over not being pretty enough because y
ou are. Never tell yourself you will never be good enough, because to me you are
everything" -Iigo
ps. kaway kaway ako sa mga nagfollow sken sa tumblr. wee! just click on the exte
rnal link kung curious kayo
I don't know how long I was asleep or how long was my body leaning on the car b
ut when I woke up, I felt like my body was all out of juice, so drained and worn
My lips were even dry as sahara dessert and the seat was too comfortable as well
I was completely awoke when I heard a husky voice from in front of what It seem
s to be a car.. saying
"Ano kaya plano ni Boss dito? Ang ganda naman ng pinakidnap niya Ah?"
When I tried to open my eyes, all I could see was darkness all over. Just then
I realized that I was blindfolded with this silk-like clothe around my eyes.
I tried to struggle but unfortunately, my hands were also tied up and my feet we
re tightly buckled by a think rope
Not to mention my mouth was also kept lock and close through the thick packing
tape on it
Then I heard another old-ish voice saying
"Tumahimik ka na lang at mag drive"
Nasa loob pala ako ngayon ng kotse. Or by the looks of how big the passenger sea
t was... parang more like Van.
Pero, where would they take me? I thought when I began to panic as my pulse beca
me beyond normal and my breathings was at the state of unevenness from all the t
Will these goons rape me?
Anong gagawin nila saken?

Then I felt the Van had abruptly stopped which made my head fly forward and stu
mble as it hit the back of the driver's seat
"Boss, nandito na kame" ang sabi ng isang lalake who's probably on a phone call
right at that very moment
"Kalagan mo na" another man said as he opened the car's door for me.
I laid rest pretending that I was asleep while I listened to the comical convers
ation these two kidnapers were exchanging
"Teka, ba't ako?"
"Eh, ba't hindi ikaw? Sige na!"
ano ba to? Kidnaper ba talaga to? I thought feeling annoyed with all their push
ing and hissing as if they were afraid to touch me
"Ouch!!" I said when I felt like my skin was torn when the packing tape was rem
oved from my mouth
"OH! mukhang nagising mo, Manong Doms! Lagot ka na, sabi ni Boss wag daw gisingi
n eh"
"Sira ulo kang bata ka, eh kung kinalagan mo na ang paa, edi sana hindi ko na ti
nanggalan ng packing tape, tunggak! Kalagan mo na!"
Tapos naramdaman kong dumadus-os ang mukha ng lalaki, by the looks of it mukhan
g binatilyo dahil wala pang bigote or kahit anong buhok sa mukha
"Hoy! Sira!! Sabing kalagan.. hindi amuy amuyin ang binti't hita ng dalagang yan
. Gusto mo masapak ka ng Boss natin?" said by one older-voiced man from a distan
"Heto na nga oh!"
And then I felt him untangling the rope slowly from my feet. I was still blindfo
lded at the time when he assisted me from the Van to the grassy ground that was
tingling my toes
Finally! I thought when I felt the fresh cool wind was brushing off my bare ski
n and swaying my hair just like in those beaches I've went to
Wait beach?! I thought when I immediately removed the blindfold out of my eyes
My eyes adjusted itself from the dimness of the area before I was finally grace
d by the oozing view of the beach as I saw a lot of coconuts over towering each
Then when I glanced from the far most left, there, I saw the seashore which has
a glittery-like water as the moon shone upon it beautifully
but before I would entirely be drunk with how beautiful the scenery was, I imme
diately glanced to the 18-year-old guy untangling the rope that was wrapped arou
nd my wrist
He was really into what he was doing that he didn't even notice that my blindfol
d was off while two other men were busy checking around the corner.
I frown when I recognized the other one, he was the 40-ish old guy that tricked
me and covered my mouth.
He didn't notice that I was glaring at him for he was busy puffing on his cigars
and having his own life with the phone call he was having as of the moment
so I immediately thought of something
I must escape!
and when my wrists were finally rope-free
The 18-year-old guy uttered to the rest glancing at his back to check out his o
ther company
"Ayan, Manong Doms! Kinalagan ko na----"
without further ado I didn't let him finish for I kicked him hard to the place
where the sun never shone upon it and immediately run as fast as I could
"Nakakatakas na siya!!" shouted by one of the guys with beard who threw his cig
I glanced behind only to see him trying to run after me.I was slowly running out
of air to breathe and my forehead was all sweaty and drenched but I didn't stop
. I shouldn't stop
when I glanced behind me once more I saw the guy with beard wasn't running after
me anymore because he was tripped and landed his face flat on the grass
I chuckled as I made my way almost in front of the Truly remarkable, European-in
spired villa which boasts over 7000 square feet of living space.
The exterior immediately commands respect and was completely breath-taking from
the site of its beauty.
It appears the character of a traditional house, with walls of brick detail and
has a beautiful overhang.
thinking that I lost the two, I walked in front of naturally paved patio while m
arveling the French arched wooden doors and windows to match with
Wait?! There were three goons right? Where's the--
"Huli ka!!!" shouted by beard man who obviously had recovered from the kicking
I did in between his legs
"Kung hindi ka lang maganda eh...." He said tightening his grip on my left wrist
"Let me go!" I shouted back while trying to release myself from his grip..
but instead of yanking it away, my right hand instantly blew a strong, fast, pow
erful and accurate punch to the beard man's nose which made him loosen his tight
metallic grip and stumbled backwards landing on the pots on the patio
"ARAY ARAY!!" I said while I felt I just broke my knuckles too from the punch I
but I didn't have time to lay rest and comfort my sore hands so
I made my way to the other side of the patio as fast as I could that I didn't e
ven notice the tiny stairs below it.
And by that, I slipped at the tip of the patio waiting for a clash and bam of my
head and the paved patio's ground
I closed my eyes tightly while I was expecting I'll fall backwards and hit the f
loor hard
Oh noo I thought while I tried to reach out for something to grab on
but instead of the cold cemented ground to smash my head, a strong warm arms wra
pped around my waist and supported my weight
I felt really comfortable as my face was pressed on a firm chest and I couldn't
help my self but to love the smell of it
"I never knew you could punch like that" a manly husky voice uttered almost whis
pering to my ear which sent shivers to my spine
a kind of voice that I was sure to myself im familiar with
"Boss?!" said by the 18-year-old guy as he made his way on the pave patio
It took me long uneven breathings as I smelled his faint scent tempting my nos
e while Sniffing it silently thinking..
I miss this smell I thought before I finally looked up from my lashes only to se
e .........
"Iigo" I murmured as I finally held my own knees and stood up on my own while his
hands slid down to my waist.
His eyes laid rest on me while his soul was gazing on me intently before He smir
ked, turning his attention to the goons who had me awhile ago
"You're dismiss now, I'll call you up when I needed something else" he said cal
mly to the three men
Just then I bolted up when all these things sank unto my head and pushed his che
st away from mine and took few steps away from him
"You did all these?!" I said almost gritting my teeth when I thought of the sudd
en realization that ..
he didn't even showed up almost the whole day and then kidnapping me for god kno
ws why!
"Babe.." he said while trying to reach for my hands
I took few steps backward but was only be trapped in the corner of the patio
He pulled me closer to himself, gently by my waist. He moved away a strand of my
hair and planted a soft kiss on my forehead and then whispered to my ears ..
"I love you"
I looked up only to be graced by those brown eyes that captured my heart, that p
ointy nose often brushing my bare skin when we whisper in the night and that sof
t luscious lips often nibbling mine
It took us a long silence before he spoke once again
"I say, "I love you," not because I want you to have sex with you. It has nothin
g to do with that."
He sighed and took both of my shoulder and caressed it
"I say it because I love what you are and what you do to me without even trying
. I've seen the best and the worst of you. And you're a hell of a woman. You sho
uldn't doubt of what I feel for you. I love you, Nina and I always been and will
always be in love with you"
I felt him wrap his arms around me and cup my butt. In return, I lock my thin lo
ng arms around his neck. We stood there for awhile before he finally leaned down
and kiss me

His tongue slid across my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I genuinely complied
and opened, letting his tongue explore my mouth.

Tongues clashed as he caressed my face to draw my self closer to him while I pla
yed with his hair.
He straddled me, pulling away from my mouth. And saying ..
"I know Ken must've said something to you back then, but believe me, kung ano ma
ng meron kami noon.. it was just a mistake. Dala lang ng pagkapusok at kalasinga
n. Hindi mo na kailangan magduda"
"Shh!" he said bringing his index finger to my lips
"were you jealous?" he asked while his lips were twitching into a smirk
I felt my hand clenched on its own when a sudden feeling rushed through my head
I was the first one.. to fuck him.. senseless! That thing she whispered to me ma
de my blood boiled inside
"Ofcourse I was jealous!" I said while trying to hold my emotion
"I'm jealous because I feel like nothing next to her.. she's so much better than
me, she's perfect! and I know she could take you away so easily"
I sighed taking a deep breath before I added "It scares me.. it really scares t
he hell out of me, Iigo."
Iigo hugged me tightly this time and kissed my forehead, letting his other hand tr
ail down to my hip. He pulled me closer as possible before he reached down to ki
ss my lips lightly.
"Never think you are nothing. Never cry over not being pretty enough because yo
u are. Never tell yourself you will never be good enough, because to me you are
I sniffed like a 14-year-old girl when a tear fell from my eye. Hearing that fro
m someone you love surely made my heart melt to its sweetness
He brushed my tears away, kissing each tear soaked cheek. And then smiling down
at me as he held my hands and led me to the French arched wooden door of the Vil
la that I was completely at awed with awhile ago
Im guessing it theirs I thought when I glanced at him only to asked him a quest
"Why do you love me, Iigo? Of all girls you could have.. why me?"
but instead of answering me, he slammed me against the nearest wall of their vi
lla, his mouth trailing down to my neck and sucking on it harshly, while his han
ds were busy with my clothes, and I gaped as his skilled hands ripped off my top
, exposing my clad-lace bra to him.
His mouth left my neck immediately and looked up
"Do you want to do it upstairs?" he asked but he didn't wait for a nod as he imm
ediately carried me effortlessly.
My long legs were wrapped around him feeling his erection brushing on my folds
He kept kissing and nibbling my neck, making sure that I moan as he groped my bu
We made our way to the wooden stair case, as he was slowly taking his time remov
ing each clothing left on me one by one. Tossing it around, I also tore his clot
hing which made him chuckled a little saying..
"A little too impatient, aren't we?"

I pulled him through his neck and crushed my lips unto his while I completely ta
sted his self on mine.
Iigo's lips were soft and I continued to bite and suck on his bottom lip, which ca
used him to moan a little and He smiled as he pressed himself into me.
He slipped his tongue inside my mouth and we battled for complete dominance for
a few minutes. I heard him groan and it was my turn to smile against his lips.
and when we made it to the door, we were temporarily interrupted with the heated
hungry kisses as His hand eagerly searched for the doorknob, while he attempted
to drown me once again with his passionate kiss.
I kissed him back hard and lustfully, his tongue darting into my mouth and explo
ring my hot cavern.
I moaned in his mouth again, too amazed by his kissing skills, while his hand st
ill desperately searched for the doorknob.
I gasped as i felt his hand slide under my office uniform skirt, making his way
up my thigh while his other hand finally found the doorknob and he pulled it op
en, making them stumble down into the room.

His brown eyes lit up when we finally slid inside the door and he moved in slow
er, his hand lightly cupping my chin and pulling me closer to him.
His hands rested on the small of my back, pulling me closer towards him. Since h
e's so much taller than me, I felt myself rising up on my toes, wanting to deepe
n the kiss.
My eyes closed as he closed in and I took a breath before his mouth was on mine
. It started out slow as he took his time massaging my lips with his.
It was soft, but not too soft, since it had just the right amount of pressure to
make me want to deepen it.
His weight fell upon mine and I groaned softly, soon replaced by a muffled moan
as I felt him caress the inside of her thigh.
I had no idea what was happening to me or what the warm feeling in the pit of my
stomach was, but I found myself liking the kiss.
My hand fisted a handful of Iigo's blue shirt and I pulled him closer to me while
his held his both hand up high so I could finally removed his shirt covering his
I yanked at his hair, my eyes half lidded, and my mind buzzing in ecstatic. I wa
s too engrossed with the kiss that I didn't even notice that my bra was now gone
One of my hands snaked around Iigo's neck to pull him down closer to me and he gen
tly sucked on my bottom lip, which sent shivers down my spine.
"Iigo" I breathed, gripping his hair tighter as he sucked on my breast harshly arc
hing my back with the sensation tingling inside my stomach
"Uhh..Nina" He moaned as I felt one of his hands grab my unoccupied breast while
the other grabbed my buttocks
Sweat dripped down from my forehead, and I was dazed by the heat building betwee
n us with each passing second

I moaned at the feeling of his tongue still roughly exploring my wet cavern, and
I smirked, flipping him over so I was on top.

My eyes watched amusingly at how his face twisted itself with refrained pleasure
as I worked on him grinding my self on his hard-as-rock cock. Then a taunting s
mile was painted all over my face.

I was caught off guard as I was suddenly flipped over and on the bed. My mind co
uld not figure out a thing when Iigo started planting kisses all over my body.

My mind seemed to not have noticed I was only in underwear, before I felt his fi
ngers traced my curves at my waist. Iigo was so fast and talented, it was so amazi
ng to feel him work onto my core.

I moaned as I felt his weight come down on me, his arousal poking through the fa
bric of his boxers, and wrapped my legs around his waist one more, earning a low
growl from him as he aimed to suck on my neck again.
Soft moans escaped my lips as he kissed and sucked on my neck, and I knew I wou
ld have hickeys in the morning from such harsh force.

then gasped at the feeling of his member poking at my entrance. My hand grabbed
a fistful of his hair, and in a matter of seconds, he had slammed into me deeply
, making a sheer moan of pleasure escaped my lips.
"Dang! You're too irresistible, Nina" he whispered to my ears
I shuddered at the feeling of his hot breath on my skin, but answered nothing as
he slid out and slammed back deeper inside me.

My mouth was parted as he repeated the same motion, trying to get deeper each ti
me, breathless gasps slipping out at the pleasure building up.

His sweaty chest brushed against my upper body, his lips brushing contact with m
y bare naked skin as he thrust in and out of me at a rough and deep pace, over a
nd over again. His shallow and unstable breathing resounded in my ear,

My mind was blurred, and I was lost at his love making.
I arched my back, letting out a sheer and loud moan of pleasure as he quickened
his pace.
My hand grabbed his face and searched for his lips while he complied and kissed
me with hunger, desire and passion as he quickened his pace and continued rammin
g into my core roughly.

I arched my back forward grinding my nipple to his corded pecs and my mouth gape
d, eyes shut tightly as he slammed into my soft spot continuously.

And as he came, I did too, and He collapsed on top of my naked body.
His hot breath fanned my now sweaty self and his breathing ragged as he lay besi
de me, his face close to mine before his lips finally broke with a smile before
he kissed my forehead
"I love you, Nina"
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[24] Chapter 23
(overview: in this chapter, will bring out the sweetness lingering down Iigo's thr
oat and a little bit of mushy cheesy stuffs
and oh! not to forget, say hello to Diane Bustamante!
quote for this chap : "Ang pakikipagrelasyon tanda yan ng PAGMAMAHALAN, hindi ya
n biro para gawin mo lang LIBANGAN."

When I stirred myself from my slumber, the first thing that I've noticed was th
at the other side of the bed was empty
so I shift my position and glanced at the other side, only to be grace by nothi
ng, not even Iigo's Shadow
Why would I think of his shadow anyway? Its already morning I thought when I was
about to roll out of bed
I glanced at the nightstand to see what time it was but then something caught m
y eyes.. I was frozen from the spot when I glanced at the nightstand and saw a t
iny vase with a rose
The rose stood up all mighty casting a shadow next to a yellow-cropped paper wi
th scribbles on it
It must've been Iigo's handwriting I thought as I grabbed the letter and darting m
y eyes to those letters, reading it carefully
What is love? Those who don't like it call it responsibility. Those who play wi
th it call it a game. Those who don't have it call it a dream. Those who underst
and it call it destiny. As for me, I call it You, Nina. The one holding my heart
from the very beginning
I know you're probably wondering why the heck am I not lying beside you, snuggl
ing you tight on your waist while I pinned you down the bed.
Last night when you've asked me why do I love you, I didn't answer. Its not tha
t I don't know why I love you its just that I realized there are no words that g
ive justice on how much I love you
so I thought of something else to show you rather than tell you and if you're w
ondering where am I right now. Come down stairs and you'll know
The one who loves you dearly,
Franco Iigo Bustamante
I never knew Iigo had a romantic bone on his spine I thought as I chuckled to my
self thinking how much effort he had put for that letter
smiling to my self while my cheeks were growing red as tomatoes, I rolled out of
Then I started checking out the entire outline and layout of the room. It was f
oreign to my eyes, just gazing on how the interior was plan, it must've cost a f
The room has huge windows for the entire south wall, giving you the breath-takin
g view of the ocean meeting the shore and the sun shone brightly that could almo
st warm the entire room.
It also has a wide veranda with glassy-wide chairs on it perfect for any afterno
on talk with the one special to you, perfect spot when you wait for the sunrise
or sunset
I glanced on the ground and noticed the whole flooring of the room has particula
r smooth, hard, composite flooring that dampened underneath
Then my eyes took notice and landed on the distinctive lamp, which was lying on
the side of the huge mirror in the corner. The lamp's design feature cozy lumino
sity and cool scatter light to enhancing the mood and gives accent to the whole
The contemporary lamp made of chrome steel frame with fine crafted and combined
with the glass crystal lampshade to create the elegant luxury effect
Then I took few steps near the far most left corner and started opening the oak
cabinets to look for something for me to wear before I go down stairs
Sure, Iigo wont mind if I walked down naked. I thought when Iigo's lustful eyes flas
hed on my mind. It made me giggled thinking he would love it if I do so

but what if someone passed by? I frown thinking those weird-looking goons might
see something that shouldn't be seen
But to my dismay I found the huge oak cabinet empty as hell so I went over to th
e drawers but I found nothing. Then I went to the dressers and finally saw a lot
of old clothes right there
He must've left It there in case he'll go here for vacation I thought
I grabbed into on of his polo and I immediately slipped into one of Iigo's over s
ized white button down polo that almost touching my knees and folded the sleeves
until it reached my elbow
When I grabbed un to the doorknob and twisted it to open, the first thing that
I noticed was there was a single red rose lying on the floor with a note accompa
nying it.
I leaned down to pick up the rose and I tucked my hair on the back of my ear
Then, I started reading the note, it says ....
"I love you cuz you're beautiful without even trying"
I smiled thinking Iigo must've been struck by lightning or something.. He's so sw
eet and very passionate last night just like his kisses. Very addictive, soft an
Omg! Im getting all horny early this morning I thought when I walked towards the
1st step of the Villa's stair case
then, there was another rose with a note just right down on the first step of t
he stair
"I love you cuz your kisses are my drug" it read
then there was another one and another just right down below it, I bent down an
d picked up the third and fourth roses and read the notes
"I love you cuz whenever you gaze into my eyes, I could see my everything"
"I love you cuz you never fail to give my heart a reaction since the first time
I laid my eyes on you"
My smile grew wider as I spot another rose with yet-another note accompanying i
t. I picked it up and began reading the note. It says..
"I love you cuz whenever you laughed, it echoes in my heart"
After reading that, I felt a funny feeling on my tummy
those butterflies I thought and again, spotted and picked up two roses lying on
the stairs and started reading the notes with it
"I love you cuz you make the best pan cakes in the world"
"I love you cuz you're one of the reasons why I wake up smiling"
Then it went on and on...The whole time taking my steps down the stairs, there
would always be a rose and a note
"I love you cuz you make it sound so different every time you whisper my name"

"I love you cuz you're understanding, reasonable and forgiving"

"I love you cuz whenever we kissed, all I could see is you"

"I love you cuz whenever I hold you, its like im holding on to my world too"

"I love you cuz you make me want to kiss you over and over again"

"I love you cuz you're irresistible when you pout your lips"

"I love you cuz you never fail to make my heart jump whenever you lay your eyes
on me"

"I love you cuz when I met you at bargos, I thought I've seen the best dancer in
the world"

"I love you cuz you're all sexy on your wet hair when I met you to pick you up i
n that rainy evening"

"I love you cuz when I lie awake beside you, its more than enough"

"I love you cuz waking up next to you, I know I found heaven by your side"

"I love you cuz every moment I spend with you, I know I'll remember it for the r
est of my life"

"I love you cuz your kiss, your smile, your mind are the sunlight in my eyes"

"I love you cuz you make me want you more than any other women in the world"

"I love you cuz I need you like the ocean needs the tied"

"I love you cuz I'm not that strong without you"

"I love you cuz when I gaze on your eyes, I see all I need"

"I love you cuz you are the missing piece I've been looking for"

"I love you cuz you're my survival, you're my living proof"
The whole time I've picked up the rose and read the notes he wrote, I felt my ey
es began to water.. every words, every letter dug in my heart.. knowing how thes
e whispered softly in my soul
I bit my lower lip holding the tears from streaming down my eyes. The tears of h
appiness that kept my heart crazily drumming from my ribcage
It was then I picked up last rose when I saw Iigo all neat clean and freshly shave
Looking hot as ever on his white V-neck shirt from Klein Epstein tucking inside
his wide-open brown hoodie from Hugo Boss and his tight-black pants from Active
as his navy blue worn out Chuck Taylor to high light the whole appearance
His brown eyes stared back softly at me, serenely and contently digging deep in
to my soul, making me feel warm inside.
I smiled at him softly, my fingers subtly reaching for his, which he grabbed jus
t as subtly, intertwining their fingers.
He then kissed my knuckles and brought me closer to his arms and whispered to m
y ears
"I love you... cuz.. you're Nina Angela Fernandez, The one who holds my heart"
my lips broke into a smile once more, my eyes sparkling with pure joy and conten
tment, my emotions almost too much to handle

He squeezed my hands and said "You probably don't remember anything, but this i
s where I met you"
My brows had ceased itself and pulled together when I wonder what he meant by th
e words he just uttered to me. I looked up, confused lingering in my eyes
He smiled reassuringly in return, kissing me softly while I let him decide to ta
ke me or not. But slowly, as he understood that I did actually want this, I kiss
ed him back, pushing me harder against , the what it seems to be, a wall while o
ne of his hands ran up my thigh.
I gasped lightly, moaning softly against his lips as he pulled me closer, kissin
g me all the more fervently as If there's no tomorrow

One of his arms wrapped itself tightly around my waist, pulling me closer. After
finally needing some air to breathe, we both broke the kiss and look at each ot
her, pools of passion burning deep within his eyes. His forehead against me whil
e his brown orbs gazing on my lips as if taking note of every detail on it
"OHHH!! DEAR LORD!!!" a voiced exclaimed from behind us
We both were startled of a sudden intruder coming inside and immediately, our h
eads simultaneously turning to look at the intruder.
"Diane?! What are you doing here?" Iigo hissed while his grip around my waist tigh
ten protectively.
I saw him frown at the familiar figure emerging on the Villa's doorstep
The woman, about almost 6 feet tall and in her mid 20's, took more step closer
to us
"First, don't call me Diane, Iigo.. it's ATE Diane I'm 5 years older than you are
, I hope you didn't forget that, Little Igo" She said pointing her index finger
on Iigo's chest
"And second.. ooh! Love those roses!" she trailed off while her eyes finally lan
ded on me
"Nina right? Remember me?" she asked as her lips broke into a really alluring sm
ile.. flashing me her perfectly straight white teeth
I nodded and smiled back at her
"Of course" I said
Then she smirked, looking back at us. Her eyes projecting a devilish thought in
her head
"I hope I wasn't interrupting anything here awhile ago"
I came down stairs wearing Diane's Charlotte Russe shrug and Faded folded short
s from American Eagle with Zigi Soho sandals
remembering how she forced me to wear it, I sighed
"You don't actually want to roam around tagaytay wearing only my little brother'
s button down polo, do you?" she said eyeing me up and down
I looked at Iigo confused and nervous at the same time
What about work?! i thought
Then I mouthed to him "we're in tagaytay?"
"You mean you didn't know?" Diane said with all the amusement in her tone and s
tarted laughing
"don't tell me, my dufus of brother kidnap you here without bringing you enough
She smirked once more and she brought down her Louis Vuitton traveling bags on t
he tiled-floor
"Good thing I have brought some extra on my bag. Come on!" she said and took my
hands and led me to the stairs as she carried her Louis Vuitton traveling bags o
n her shoulders
while on the stairs, I looked down on Iigo who has this worried irritated look whi
le gazing back at us. I looked back at him and smiled while being pulled Diane's
"LOVELY!!" Diane said as she darted her eyes on me, looking at me intently whil
e she turned me from side to side just to get a better view
"Isn't the shorts kinda .. too short for a shorts?" I said while I attempted to
pull it down just to cover a little more on my thigh
Diane giggled and amuse of my sudden consciousness
"None sense! Its great! And my brother wont mind!"
"We have the same waist line pala, 25" She added and sat on the soft bed on the
"Aren't you married? how do you manage to maintain your waist line?" I said with
the obvious amazement on my tone.
Considering na may anak na siya, talagang nakakagulat I thought
"Oh believe me, its hard and im not married yet, that is.. i dont think i'll ev
er be" she said as she took a long sigh before uttering once again
"nonetheless, I guess it really requires determination and every will power to s
tay fit. Especially when there are a lot of sluts willing to spread their legs i
n front of my Fianc.. I have to be equipped you know"
Somehow when I listened to those words that she said, I knew there were a lot o
f things behind those. Especially the last part
I looked at how beautiful she was.. just sitting and staring at the nothingness
of the floor.
Her long lashes and those pointy nose, even though she doesn't have those alluri
ng brown eyes like Darren and Iigo, it was her full lips that would definitely cap
tivate any man who'll lay their eyes on her
Then she smiled and stood up from the bed
"I'll be down stairs when you're ready" she said and walked straight out of the
"What exactly are you here for, ATE Diane?" Iigo said sound so irritated as ever
and emphasizing the word ATE as he spat it out of his mouth
"Oh! come on! I happen to be a Bustamante too you know, why can't I visit our o
wn villa?" she said while chuckling which made Iigo more irritated
"And where's Scarloe? Don't tell me you left her with Mom! She already has so m
any things to attend to"
But instead of answering Iigo, She averted her eyes and started a new topic instea
"So, the Nina that mom was talking about and the Nina that I've met on Ge's wedd
ing is one and the same." She added as she sat on the sexy wooden-carved couch o
n the living room
"You know, I kinda like her to be my sister in law" she took a sip on her glass
of lemon juice, and crossed her legs from the other until she finally glances u
p and noticed me
She smiled while Iigo, who's facing his back on me awhile ago, turn around just to
see me
I smiled back at Iigo who was obviously eye-ing me from head to toe then as I made
my way down the stairs,
I literally turned 360 gazing how elegant and classy the interior of the house.
It was a two-storey house with modern style and dark exterior which made this vi
lla looked luxurious.
in addition to that, this house also got my attention with those additional high
lights inside from nature, used as floor slabs and slabs arranged horizontally t
o cover the walls in the room.
But I was interrupted with my gaze siesta when I felt Iigo gave me a quick but aff
ectionate kiss not even bothered by her sister's loud surprise gasp
Then from the corner of my eye, out of nowhere, I saw a quick flash of a..
Camera?! I thought
Nagkatitigan muna kami ni Iigo before we both glanced at the right to see...
"My.. isn't that sweet?" Diane sweetly uttered while holding her Nikon D90 on h
er hands
when did she got that? I thought still looking at her while she flashed me her a
musing alluring smile that may blind anyone with it
"Hey, now that you're neat. Why don't we roam around tagaytay?" She said as she
grabbed me on the wrist and pulled me away from Iigo
"And Igo?" she said as she turned around and threw the key to Iigo who caught it r
ight away
She chuckled lightly and said "Drive us around will you? We'll need a driver"
as she started walking on her pump while tagging me along with her
Iigo grunted and ran his hands on his hair making it a little messy and followed
us from behind
"You know Nina, I never thought my brother could have a sweet romantic bone on h
is spine. I mean, he never does that to any girl back in states"
Diane said as she crossed her leg from the other while obviously not minding the
fact that Iigo was just right there in the driver's seat on her Beige Cadillac CT
S Sedan
He probably heard that I thought when I saw Iigo rolled his eyes from the rear-vie
w mirror
I chuckled lightly and when I was about to gazed back to the rear-view mirror, H
is eyes stared back at me through it and his brown eyes were never been this bea
utiful that you can't even take your eyes off it
My lips broke into smiles as I tried to hide my blushing cheeks from his stares.
I suddenly felt conscious and hot by those endearing brown eyes of his
"Hey, Igo.. let's stop at Robinsons and grab some groceries. I feel like cooking
for tonight" Diane said so casually but to my surprise, Iigo cracked up and burst
into a loud laughter
"Wow, that sure is something, Ate! Nagluluto ka na ngayon?! As far as I could re
member, you never like cooking. You wont even dare touching a pan and fry an egg
..but now?" He said breaking into more laughter than awhile ago
Biglang hinampas ni Diane ang driver's seat and piningot ang tenga ni Iigo
"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ate naman!"
"That was before you know! Yeah, I don't cook but I bake! And besides, iba na ta
laga pag may anak na.. and mom would always say a way to a man's heart is throug
h his stomach" She smiled before resting her back again on the passenger's seat
and then, out of nowhere, that smile suddenly twitched into a low curve frown fo
llowed by a long deep sigh
There must've been something I thought when I saw her gazing outside the car's w
indow while her mind was obviously anywhere else but here
It took us awhile to find a parking space but it was worth it. We arrived just i
n time and the Robinsons supermarket wasn't that full of people yet.
I tried to open up and ask Diane about her sudden shift of mood but I thought it
would definitely not be good to push such topic
Iigo must've sense about Diane's behavior and suddenly whispered in my ear while
I grabbed a kart
"I think we should leave her be. She's bipolar"
Iigo pulled me in the fruits and vegetables section while Diane's over the meat a
nd poultry section,
The whole time, Iigo almost always standing behind me, his hands resting on my wai
st or hips most of the times, while I tried hard to concentrate on picking out t
he right fruits instead of the man behind me.
and He would take every opportunity to kiss me, it being either when I would tu
rn my head to ask him a question, or simply when I'd turn around and try to go t
o another fruity stand.

Something was surely different about Iigo today I thought while glancing at him wh
o's trying to pick a good apple out of the stand
He seemed to be so much sweeter and slower, like kisses new lovers shared, when
the flame of our love was still burning in its brightest intensity and now I'm c
ompletely comfortable in his presence than before
Then in the sudden affectionate move, I titled my head back on Iigo's chest, smil
ing as he wrapped his arms tightly around me, bending down to steal a quick kiss
only to be cut off by a tomato suddenly being in the way of our lips, I being t
he one who'd suddenly put it there.
Iigo growled before his lips broke into a sexy smile as he enclosed his hand arou
nd mine, bringing the tomato out of the way, smirking lightly before he dipped d
own to close the final gap between our lips.
He let his mouth linger lightly on the juncture between my neck and shoulder, an
d then he moved them upwards, closing his eyes as I whimpered in pleasure.
I could almost feel him breathed in my scent, running his hands up and down my
sides and then brought his lips once again to crush mine.
I giggled while one of my arms snaking around his neck while he held me closer.
Suddenly, to our surprise, another flash of a camera fling on our eyes followed
by girly chuckle.. We separated right away from our lovingly embrace for a while

"I can't wait 'til mom sees this" she said
"Good Morning, Sir!" The cashier exclaimed giddily as she laid her eyes on Iigo
I just rolled my eyes as Iigo smiled back for publicity's sake while Diane coughed
lightly, light enough to gain the cashier's attention
"Relationship is meant exclusively for two people, but I guess some bitches don
't know how to count" She uttered while glaring at the cashier who was obviously
scared and stung by Diane's words
on the other hand, Diane just rolled her eyes and glanced at my direction only
to wink at me
"Igo, ikaw na magdala niyan sa kotse. May bibilhin lang ako sa department store"
She said
"and I'll tag Nina along with me" She added and grabbed me by the wrist
"wait us at the parking lot, we'll be there in less than an hour" She winked bef
ore we completely made our way out of the grocery
leaving Iigo completely speechless
or probably not..
"I'll pay all these?!" i heard Iigo shouted back but Diane only chuckled and never
tried to look back at his little brother, Iigo
"Uhm-Ate Diane" I said while smiling awkwardly to Diane who's busy grabbing vari
ous blouses, dresses, trousers, shorts and a whole lot more
She glanced on my direction only to chuckle. Obviously amused by my expression
"Nina, Relax.. I'll be the one paying that"
"Isn't it---uhh-too many for you to wear?" I said
"None sense! Its never enough and besides, im not the one who'll wear all that.
Im buying these for you" She said while smiling genuinely at me
then she pushed me from behind so I could fit into one of those clothes she boug
Black studded leopard-printed vest from People are people,Worn out boy-leg short
s from Mango,Leopard-printed boots from Virtual Mae,Denim Cropped Jacket from Ma
ngo,Black Leather pencil skirt from Herbench,Black Platform cage hills from Aldo
,Orange Ayla bag and a whole lot more
and if you'll sum it all up it would probably cost not less than 40 thousand

I gulped just looking at those shopping bags that im carrying while I worried ab
out the receipt and pricey tags along it
"and now, my favorite part!!" she said excitedly while she grabbed me on one of
Bikini fashion stall?! I thought while my eyes became wide open and shocked
Then she suddenly scanned the whole corner of the store in search for a perfect
two-pieced bikini
.she went from the left entrance down to the farthes right corner of the store w
hich earn her gazes from various sales lady she passed by.
Who wouldn't be bothered? a beautiful woman standing almost 6 feet tall ravishin
g on every hung two-pieced bikini
"No, not this" she said pulling back a bikini on its hanger
"definitely, not this one" she sighed and move from the left most corner
"Ah-ha! This!!" she said while she grabbed unto Bamboo Bling Double Strap Colomb
ian Top with Adjustable triangles. It has ties at neck and back has removable pa
dding, fully lined in Gold Shimmer Bamboo Lycra fabric.
and too much of a swim suit I thought when Diane told me to go inside on one of
the fitting room and try it on
and when I came out wearing it...
"Splendid! I can't wait to see Igo's reaction when you wear this! I bet he'll b
e all horny just looking at you! Ooh-lala!"
"its about time, Diane! Ang sabi mo an hour! Its almost 2 hours and a half kayo
don!" Iigo hissed while slammed the door of the car after Diane and I slid inside
the passenger's seat
"Kayo talagang mga lalaki, you don't understand the thing with girls and shoppin
g! Balibhasa kasi mostly sa inyo hindi fashion conscious" Diane answered back as
she laid the shopping bags next to her
"and besides, we bought something that you'll surely be glad to see" she added i
n a tone that would make you want to know more about it
She giggled while Iigo just retorted and started the engine
Since we were all caught up with sudden call of our starving belly, we decided t
o stay in Manos Greek Tavern located in Calamba Road, Olivarez, San Jose
Although the place was a bit old and there were only limited menu, the service i
s quick and courteous .
Iigo and I ordered Greek Salad, Saganaki and Grilled Lamb Shoulder

The food's good and the humidity of the place is just right.
plus i I think Diane really loves the Mousaka more for she ordered an addition
al two of it along the meal
Iigo and I just looked at each other and chuckled
how could this slim woman eat like there's no tomorrow? I thought just smiling
at Diane's starved phase
(A/N: sorry my dear readers if it took me awhile, tlgang tinatamad ako these day
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nong ko sa previous chap..
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his chap to her :)
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Again, those brands that were mentioned are true to life and Manos Greek Tavern
is also true to life. try to dine there some time soon para ma experience niyo d
in baket sarap na sarap si Diane sa Mousaka lol
since a day after tomorrow, pasukan na nman i guess updates would be quite delay
na naman. it depends really.. nonetheless, hope you'll be around at that time i
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[25] Chapter 24

( overview: in this chapter would be a little kilig of Nina and Iigo and a little
of a Drama for Diane.. but--- read it for you to know
and oh, if you wanted to read the side story of this series, please click the ex
ternal link on the right
and as for the song/vid on the right, feel free to listen to it while reading th
is.. it helps.
quote for this chap : "Kung parehas kayong marunong makuntento, siguradong magta
tagal kayo.")
"Nina, what are you waiting for? hop on your horse now!" Diane said enthusiasti
cally while grinning down at me as she rode the tall ebony-colored horse
We were now at Picnic Grove, one of the newest attraction in Tagaytay which offe
rs a panoramic view of the Taal Volcano and other greenish pro-mother earth ecst
I gulped as I felt the horse glared daggers at my wary anxious self, my knees t
remble by just gazing back at the maroon-colored horse, which I think was named
I was even afraid to touch it with my bare hands so I titled my head back and ti
ghtly close my eyes
My hands were still trembling when,to my surprise, I felt someone hop on to Sam
antha right away and grabbing my hands in a most affectionate touch
I looked up and saw Iigo who was smiling down at me, his brown eyes shone as the
sun lighted it up.. his complexion still at the brightest sexiest tan
"Let's go?" He said with such beam in his eyes
then from the corner of my eyes, there was another flash of the camera from Dian
e's direction
I was right, it was Diane who was still holding tight her Nikon D90
"AWW! Prince charming sweeping off Cinderella's feet" she said, slightly poutin
g her lips before she released a long sweet chuckle
with a little "Humph" and pull, I was already on top of the horse with Iigo's prot
ective embrace around my frame.
My back was leaning on his Hard-to-touch well-defined chest and shoulders which
made me slightly blush as he drew those warm tempting breathe on my neck
our faces were just inches apart, his head rested on my shoulder while he was g
ripping the rope thingy of the horse
"Sir, bawal po ang dalawa" said by a 5'6 old guy with his hat on. Diane just rol
led her eyes while she eyed the guy from head to toe
"Manong, don't worry. The girl isn't that heavy you know, besides.. I'll pay dou
ble, triple.. how much do you want?" ang sunod sunod na sabi ni Diane, who's obv
iously trying to lure the man with her undeniable charm as she smiled at him
"Hindi po talaga pwe-"
"Manong, naman! Sige na!"
After a minute of long gushing and waiting, I heard the man took a very long si
gh before he finally said "Ok"
which made Diane squealed in delight and started kicking her horse for it to st
art moving
This was one horseback riding experience that I actually completely enjoyed. No
t because Iigo was there stealing glances and kisses from me but because I did act
ually had a good time riding with it.
At first, I was a little worried, but after a while, I got the hang of it. Plus
the horse was just wonderful! She followed my, or rather Iigo's cues and didn't s
tray off the path.
on the other hand, Diane just did what she wants.. like some kinda pro-equestria
n while her flowing long black hair added the effect of some commercial of a fac
ial product, consequently, it made some heads turn and a lot of attention to tur
n on her direction and be captivated with her natural beauty
one foreigner, who looks like an Australian to me, even approach her to exchange
pins but she refuse to and brushes off the offer of even hooking up.
After all, she was engage right? I thought while I glanced back at Diane who see
ms to be lost in thought ,just gazing at the wide green field
She's definitely had something she didn't want to spill I thought
"Man! That was just one hella weekend experience! Although its nothing compared
to Ocean Park in Hongkong or the cable cars at the Alps, atleast I've enjoyed!"
Diane said as she took loads of shopping bags from her Beige Cadillac CTS Sedan
"You should've seen your face while you were on the zipline. Geez! how i wish i
've capture and took a picture of you back there! Your cheeks were like .. blowi
ng off on your face which kinda reminds me of some kinda crazy chimpanzee" Iigo,
who was still holding three bags of groceries that we bought in the morning, com
mented while he was laughing hysterically
On the other hand,Diane just gritted her teeth and glared at his brother
Nasa Villa na kami ulit ngayon habang kaka-park pa lang ni Iigo ng car sa may tapa
t. We were talking about the next thing we'll do the next day.. Diane said we sh
ould go out of the sun and have some fun on the beach
We were in the midst of our conversation when We were startled when we saw a gr
ay Mercedes-Benz SL-Class parked, just in front yet not so far from the villa i
I saw Diane's reaction drastically changed as her smile abruptly faded when a si
lhouette emerged and approached us.. one step at a time, slowly.. just like his
"Diane, let's talk" a deep masculine voice said almost sounding so commanding ye
t soft and captivating
but instead of glancing back, Diane continued her stride and
walked passed the man who was apparently standing in front of the Villa's doorst
When Diane switch the lights on, the man was now easy to see (although, I could
n't still pinpoint who could he be)
He was somewhere between 27-29 years old, fully built (I couldn't tell how buil
t because he was with his tie), about a foot taller than Iigo, had those cheeky al
mond eyes but you could still tell that he's a half Caucasian male with his almo
st-dirty blonde hair
"What is there to talk about, Tyler?" She snapped while she threw the shopping
bags on the couch and turn around just in time to face the man once again
I just watch them from the kitchen while I've helped Iigo lay the grocery bags on
the kitchen island
I was still gazing at them when I bumped into Iigo who's not entirely affected wit
h the screaming from the living room
"Don't be bothered, it happens." He said while taking a sip on the glass of wate
r, leaning so casually on the kitchen island, his back facing the table
"So that's-"
"Yeah, her fianc.. isa lang naman ang reason why umuuwi si Diane sa pinas usual
ly pag nagaaway silang dalawa. The usual thing, they'll fight then make up then
- uhh do little intimate stuffs together then go back to states with Scarloe."
He said while he laid the glass on the sink and then wrapping me from behind in
his warm embrace
"pero, masyado na yatang intense. I mean, look at them.. screaming, shouting an
d almost trying to get hold on each other's neck" I said while putting my palm i
n between us to stop him from planting another set of hot kisses on my neck
"That's normal. Si Diane kasi, pag may gusto dapat nakukuha niya.." he said whi
le leaning his back on the sink
"like their wedding, masyado siyang atat. She's not even thinking na isang anak
ng billionaire ang pakakasalan niya, ofcourse Tyler's going to be hella busy att
ending their family business. He's a Walton afterall" he added
"Hey! That's not an excuse, even when someone's busy-wait, what?! Walton?! You
mean those pips who own Wal-mart?!"
"Yeah. That's them. He's Jim Walton's youngest son"
Jim Walton!? Omg wasn't he ranked as the 12th of the world's richest men? I thou
ght surprise with a sudden bubble of news... my eyes were wide open in shock.
Then , suddenly, we heard a loud "Clash" sound of a broken vase from the living
"I think that's a cue, let's go upstairs" Iigo whispered to my ear and took my ha
We were tip toe-ing our way up to the stairs when I heard two from the living r
oom who were still shouting and screaming at one another
"I'm sorry if I told you-"
"Told me?! You yelled at me, Tyler! You yelled at me! Sayin' I should grow the
fuck up!" Diane said as I saw tears streaming down her cheeks, her mascara entir
ely ruin by it while Tyler's attempting to lock her on an embrace
"Grow the fuck up..." she repeated while she yanked away Tyler's attempt to hug
her and then sobbed while she covered her eyes with her bare palm
"I'm sorry, Dee.. I didn't mean to." He said attempting to wrap his fianc on his t
Diane complied and wept more while she cried on his arms
"Come on, Nina.. I wanted you to see something" Iigo said while trying to pull me
on one of the rooms. I was still glancing back at them when Iigo lure me inside t
he oak-door room from one of the villa
Teka, one of the rooms?! Don't tell me-I thought horridly while Iigo covered my ey
es with his bare hands.
"Hey, what's with this?!" I asked while holding his hands that was covering my
"No peeking okay?" He whispered, sounding so seductive this time.. with those wa
rm inviting breath of his sent this tingling reaction in my spine
"San mo ba ako dadalhin?"
"Wait.. wag ka masyadong atat, we're almost there" He said while he lead me to
what i felt like no where
He chuckled a little before finally letting his hands off my eyes
It took me awhile to adjust in the blurry vision, until I could finally see th
e horizon..
I glanced upon the blazing sunset, my eyes focused on the glistening, shining se
a. As I stare in admiration, the tantalizing, play-full whisper of winds and the
flirty gesture of the sea to provoke me and join them in the water.
"Ang ganda" I breathe while I engrossed my self with the view right in front of
Then I watched the sun slowly lower from the sea's horizon which engulfs the sky
with rainbows of red and yellow. the sunset was smoothly drinking what was left
of a hot day to quench it's thirst before nightfall, slowly..
it was relaxing over the hillside while the aura was a prism spectrum with blend
ed edges of streaking color..
We were at their Villa's veranda (the largest I supposed) while Iigo trapped me be
tween his huge muscular arms, his chin resting on my shoulders while my back res
ting on his
Then he whispered in my ears
"Yeah, katulad mo"
I titled my head, giving him a full access to brush his lips unto my skin and t
rail small kisses on my neck
A mischievous smirk came upon his lips as he brought me closer to him, "Don't yo
u think its time for bed, Nina?" He said in a most low husky commanding tone
I just couldn't help but to giggle as my body became stiff, Iigo pressing his plu
mp lips against mine while we finally walked inside the room.
His hot tongue still penetrated my parted mouth and a moan from my lips smoothly
escaped from the sensation.
Our mouths still locked in a fiery kiss, Iigo's hand began to wander. It slid down
to my firm butt, kneading and squeezing which made me moaned and pressed my bod
y against his firmly, my hands feeling his back.
Then I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my body into him. He responde
d by enclosing his arms around my hips tightly and kissing me back softly.
He wrapped one of my legs around his waist and I lifted the other one around hi
m as he carried me to the bed to lay me down on it, slowly crawling over me and
lifting my blouse up and crawled his hands inside it to touch my mound
"Don't you think they'll hear it?" I asked between heavy breathings while Iigo's
mouth attached itself to my neck as his hand began to slowly knead my shoulders
and sides.
His erection bulged through his pants and pressed between my folds, almost feeli
ng every bits of it despite of still having a short on, which gives exciting fee
ling forming between my legs
"SHH! They wont. The wall's sound-proof" He said in a low tone as he completely
crushed his lips unto mine once more
He kissed me with so much emotion I was practically blown away. Its as if my sou
l had left my body and All I could see is his passionate eyes digging deep into
my very soul.
"I love you" He whispered
before I was totally lost with feeling of love he was giving me.
"Good morning, Nina.. Igo! Breakfast's ready!" Diane said while smiling ear-to-e
ar on me. She laid the Cheese and Sausage Breakfast Casserole on the dining tabl
I darted my gazes at Diane..
I thought I almost witnessed world war 3 last night I whispered in my head whil
e I noticed her hair was obviously fresh from bed ; it was messy but still falls
perfectly unto her smiling beautiful face. She was wearing a long-sleeve bottom
up dark blue polo which didn't even reach up to her long aphrodisiac shape-y le

A man, whom I recognized as Tyler suddenly came from behind her and wrapped his
arms around Diane's small waist which made her giggle and titled her head so th
eir lips were finally as one
"Told you they'll be fine the next day" Iigo whispered right next to my ear while
he gave me a soft quick peck on my cheek as he walked passed me to approach and
get something inside the fridge
I took a glimpse at the right to find the two love birds who was obviously mak
ing out as if tomorrow's gonna be the last day they'll kiss
Diane's hands traveled on the man's corded arms, her ring flashing its glimmer r
ight before me.
It was stylish bridal ring made up of exquisite white gold and lavishly prong se
t with 59 sparkling round the huge diamond on it
Diane suddenly broke the heated drowning kisses they've shared and she slowly p
ushed Tyler's chest away from her to glance at my direction and smile at me once
"Um.. Nina. This is my Fianc, Tyler" She said softly
"Hi!" I said while I smiled at the man before me who genuinely smiled back
"Sweety" She said while back gazing at Tyler's
"this is Nina, My brother's girlfriend and my future sister-in-law" She added w
hile winking at me
"Nice meeting you, Nina" Tyler said as he let out his hand for me to shake, and
I did
"Wow, looks delicious!" My attention went to Iigo who said that while he spooned t
he food straight to his mouth,
"Hm.. nice one, Tyler!" He added while still chewing the scrumptious delicacy ri
ght before him
"Hey! I was the one who made that, FYI!" Diane shouted back while she laid her s
houlder across her chest
"OH? Really? Last time I've checked, this is Tyler's specialty not yours" He sai
d while pouting a little just to annoy his sister Diane in a most childish way.
"Oh, come on, Iigo.. don't you think its time for you to give Dee a chance? After
all, she really did prepare that.. I just did a little help for her" Tyler said
in a most tender voice as he locked Diane in another warm embrace and kissed her
on top of her head
Diane giggled and returned the kiss on his cheek.
Iigo just gave them a disgust look and then turn to my direction to smile at me an
d by just looking back into his eyes, I don't wanna turn away anymore
"Hey" Diane said as she broke the kiss
"since it would be the last day of our mini vacation.. what if we go to the bea
ch for once?" She added turning to Tyler while pouting her lips
"Wont it be nice, Babe?"
"Nina, are you done?"
No I don't think I'll ever be done with this I thought while I tried to merge a
n ounce of courage left with in me
The swim suit that Diane bought for me yesterday was too much! It exposes a lot
of my bare skin.. at first time kong magsuot ng ganon ka-daring na swimsuit
"Ready or not, I'm coming inside.." She said as she opened the door and slid i
"Wow!! you're-hands down-hot!!" Diane said while she eyed me from head to toe
We're now at the rest room in a resort near the Bustamante Villa, just a few blo
cks away from it.. and you'll be graced by a marvelous view of the sea.. trying
to lure you and join them under the sun
Diane could drew gasps and applauses from every men when she appeared right in f
ront of me in a daring navy and white one-piece, complete with plunging neckline
and daring side cut outs
not even bothering to pull a cover up with it..
Sanay na sanay eh.. I thought
"Come on, Nina.. we don't have the time of our lives you know.." She said while
pulling my wrist
"Teka, Diane.. I don't think I could just flaunt around with this.. I really can
't" I said while shaking my head in disapproval
Diane took a long deep breath before she rolled her eyes and said "Nina, wala ka
ng dapat ikahiya! Look at you! You have the curves that women will definitely di
e for!"
"Pero---" I said pulling my self out of Diane's grip
"Ugh fine!!" She said while she started scanning her Flowery Chanel bag for som
"Wear this over that"
She handled me a white see-through cover ups that reached my thigh, it was like
a mini dress but doesn't have enough coverings..
I looked up to her face and saw a smirk completely plastered across her face
"Come on, Nina! Pag 'di mo yan sinuot.. magtatampo ako"
I opened my mouth only to close it again for I have nothing else to say, Diane s
eems to be serious about it.. and I don't have a choice.. so I sighed
"Alright" I murmured while looking down at the tiled floor of the comfort room
"Splendid! Now.. let's go"
"Wow you look hot!" I heard Tyler uttered and planted a small sweet kiss on her
cheeks which made her giggle a little
"Of course!" She said turning around for Tyler to see a better view out of her
"That's why you went all the way from New York to sweep off my feet" She brushes
her index finger to Tyler's lips, which then broke into a seductive smirk
"Why.. I wouldn't want to lose some hot mumma like you, Dee..weeew!" He whistled
in a flirty wolf-like tone
"Where's Nina, Diane?" Iigo uttered standing before Tyler
"Oh yeah.. she's just behi---" She said turning around and expecting me to come
out right next to her
"Nina! Come out now, will you?" She said chuckling, obviously amused with my shy
"Coming.." I uttered softly while I tugged both of my hands behind my back
I walked right next to Diane, my head looking at the sand while I looked up slo
wly to be graced by Iigo's brown eyes
He was looking at me intently, while his jaw was left hanging open. Then he gaz
es up and broke into a smile
"Wow.. She's---" He muttered
"Yeah I know right?" Diane said while she winked at me
Then she glanced at her Fianc and grabbed his hand
"Sweety! Let's go somewhere else alright?"
"Oh, okay..but how about-"
"No, they'll be fine.. right, Igo?" She said turning to Iigo who was staring at me
for awhile now
He just nodded at Diane
"Have fun, Nina.. Igo"
and by that, I followed their gazes before they completely disappeared right be
fore my eyes
"Ahem!" Iigo broke the silence between us as he diminish the spaces between us
I looked into his brown eyes and smiled . Are hands moved closer to each others
while he grabbed my hand for him to hold and then we started walking on the sand
. I felt as if we were the only people on that beach
I smiled at him before we were interrupted by a girl who approached us..
"Hi, can you do me a favor and put some lotion on my back?" The beautiful woman
about our age said while she handled a bottle of lotion to Iigo
He glanced at me first as if asking a permission while I, deep inside is kinda a
I just pulled a smile and said..
"Go ahead, I'll be just waiting over there!" I said pointing into one of the rat
an-made chairs hovering by the sand,
I walked towards that and settled my self inside for a shade. It was perfect fo
r laying around and gaze at the breath-taking view of the sea. It has comfortabl
e cushions with rolled neck pillows, foot rests that slide underneath when not i
n use and hinged side tables make this luxurious.
I pulled my glasses on top of my head and darted my direction to Iigo and the gir
l, whom I don't even know..
I rolled my eyes as I watched them. The girl seems to be having fun lying on th
e abaka-made mattress not even conscious with her butt exposing to a guy she bar
ely knew
I sighed.. thinking..
He's one of the sought-after bachelor afterall..Natural madaming maghahabol sa
kaniya I thought while I closed my eyes and laid my back
"Miss.." a husky male voice uttered
I looked up and saw some random guy I barely knew who was smiling down at me. I
stood up from Ratan-made chairs
"Yes?May I help you?"
"Oh yes please.. im looking for a good subject for my photos and I was wonderin
g if you could model for me?" He pleaded while he held into his Canon Eos Rebel
T3 digital SLR camera
I shook my head and said "I'm not a model.. in fact, I never was one.. and I do
n't think I'll be good enough for-"
"Oh.. mas maganda pag amateur.. fresh ang mukha sa public."
"Hindi ako marunong eh.." I reason out
"Sige na!" I was surprise with the way he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer
"Sayang naman, maganda at sexy ka pa naman" he added
"Hindi ka ba nakakaintindi? Ayaw ng girlfriend ko" A voice uttered and came bet
ween us
Iigo grabbed me by the hand and held me closer. He wrapped his hand around my wais
t and held me tighter
"I'm a professional photographer and I could envision your girlfriend in the mod
eling field.. why don't you give it a try, Miss?" He said turning his direction
to me
"Ano ba?!" Iigo grabbed the collar of the man. His fist wA prepared to blow a str
ong punch across the stranger's face
"Gusto mo upakan kita para maintindihan mo na ayaw ng girlfriend ko?"
"Chill Man!I thought she ---uhmm--was alone.." He said while Iigo was still glari
ng at him intently
"Sige, 'tol!" and by that, he ran away from us.. almost tripping on the proces
s of his flee
Then Iigo sat at the ratan-chair.. he slowly closed his eyes, thinking about somet
"You shouldn't be that hard for a poor guy" I muttered
"That guy isn't poor. He has this overprized camera hanging over his neck"
"kahit na-"
"and besides, he was obviously not looking for a photo subject"
He sat up from the chair as he open his eyes to gaze at me.. His eyes bore into
my soul and his expression was hard to read
"He was hitting on you, Nina"
Somehow, I didn't expect something like that to come out from his mouth..
was he jealous? I thought
"Oh come on!" I went closer to Iigo and then sat on his lap
"You were just jealous!" I playfully uttered while I brushed my index finger to
his lips
He pulled me closer so that our faces were just inches apart
"Who wouldn't be? Every man with dicks will be tempted when you're wearing some
thing like that.." He seductively said eyeing down my body
I chuckled a little while his arms slowly wrapped around my waist
"Ikaw nga eh, mukhang type mo yung girl na nagpalagay sayo ng lotion"
"What?!" He said, his eyes widen and he released a sarcastic laugh
"hindi ko type mga ganon, she's skinny as sticks and doesn't have these"
I was surprise when he grabbed one of my boobs and grope it smoothly. I slapped
his hand and pushed it away from where it was settled awhile ago
"Iigo, we're in a public place.. ano ka ba!" saway ko while I looked around check
ing if someone might see us
"Oppsy! Can't help it.. my girlfriend's wearing a swimsuit and she's sitting on
my lap"
I gasped lightly, when he finally crushed his lips unto mine.. I moan softly ag
ainst his lips as he pulled me closer, kissing me all the more fervently. As He
pressed his forehead against mine as, brown orbs watching as I shut my eyes tigh
tly and moaned his name breathlessly.
Large hands cupped my face and I opened my eyes again to meet his own, a blissfu
l smile grazing my lips as he leaned in and kissed me on top of my head
"I love you Nina"
"I love you more, Iigo"
We were now on our way home and we're stuck on a heavy traffic across dasmarias' h
igh street
I was so tired its as if 100 kilo of something was attach on my lids and I coul
d hear Iigo's complaints on how the traffic frustrates him more
Nauna nang umuwi sa amin sina Diane and texted me that they misses their baby so
they wanted to have a little family bonding one last time sa pinas before going
back to states
Iigo's Silver Lamborghini Murcielago was running out of gas so we passed by a gaso
line station first before heading out our way
"Good evening, sir!" the gasoline boy greeted us as he tilted his hat
I saw a mini grocery store not so far away from the gasoline station, I thought
it would be best if I grabbed something to eat ..
"Samahan na kita" Iigo offered but I held on to his hand and said..
"Nah, its okay.. I could do it.. I wont be gone for long"
Iigo planted a quick kiss on my lips and said
"Okay.. be back soon, and be safe"
I nodded and got out of his car.. then I walked straight to the convenient store
I grabbed into few chips and a can drinks.. before finally making my way to the
counter.. good thing the store was open 24/7.. and there were few people inside
that's why I immediately had my way on top of the line
"that would be 300, maam" the cashier girl said
I handled her my 500 peso bill and then.. when I looked at the side of the count
er.. there was this news stand with magazines and news papers
it was a typical news stand but something caught my eyes. It was a newspaper..
with a picture of Kendra and Iigo.......
... kissing
And the large red printed letters on top of the picture said ..."Former lovers r
I felt my heart was crushed into pieces as a tear fell helplessly down my cheek
"Ma'am are you okay?" the cashier said while she looked at me confuse
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[26] Chapter 25
Overview: Someone's heart will be broken and crushed into pieces. 'Nuff said! Re
ad to find out
Quote for this chap : People are always talking about how hard it is to find a g
ood guy, but nowadays it's hard to even find a good person.
The whole time back to Manila was hell. I kept my eyes busy from the sight of t
he city's night light and humongous billboards across the road.
And everytime Iigo would ask me something, I'll just nod or say "Oh" "Okay" "Ah"
and looked away from his brown eyes.
I want to reassure my self that I was strong enough to do so because I know a m
inute of gazing on his eyes might break me into pieces
"You, Okay? You're eyes.. they seem---"
"Oh no, I think it's the dust.. for sure it'll be gone by any minute"
I laughed awkwardly while I still kept my eyes glued away from him
I know it was a lame excuse I thought as I saw Iigo tightening his grip on the whe
el. His hands becoming pale and it looks like a vein or two could pop from his e
Nobody was uttering a single word and then later on I realized that Silence was
suffocating and killing us both slowly.
by that, I could tell he knows there's something on me but I still remain my co
mposure and kept my eyes on his car's window looking up the starry cloud-free sk
From time to time I could feel he's looking at me and sometimes I caught him ste
aling glances too but I just shrugged it off. I was too clouded with my bare tho
ught anyway
How could he do this to me? Yun ba ang dahilan bakit niya ako dinala ng Tagaytay
? Dahil naguilty siya?
Just the thought of it makes me want to cry. Imagining how their lips crushed f
lat from one another and how Kendra had her arms wrapped around Iigo.
The way the candid shot flashed inside my head makes me want to stab them both.
The nerves! I blabbered inside my head while I clenched my hands which were rest
less lying on my lap
Bigla na lang nagpreno si Iigo na muntik nang ikatapon ko, buti na lang I wore a s
I turn my head to his direction and glared at him
"What wrong with you?!"
"What's wrong with me? Hah!"
He chuckled bitterly and then slammed his hands on the wheel. His expression was
hard as his brows ceased together
"How about I asked you that? Whatta hell is wrong with you, Nina?!" He shouted a
s he grabbed both of my shoulders so that I could be trapped by his gazes..
I glared harder this time and then yanked his hands away from me
"Nothing!! Just let me be!"
I slide out of his car and slammed the door of it. I didn't wait for him to reac
t right away,I don't even know if I wanted, I immediately run off to the
nearest sidewalk.
I could feel tears were slowly streaming down my cheeks that time but I still ac
ted strong and tough
I don't know where we were but I'm sure we're not even close to Makati yet.
Just then I noticed, People, who were bystanders of the street and those who wa
lked by, kept their gazes and curiosity glued to me.. but I just rolled my eyes
for I don't have time to care what they think
In a close range, Iigo's gray Lambroghini Murcielago went after me. The car's win
dow rolled down revealing him there who desperately called for my attention
"Nina!! Get inside the car" Iigo uttered softly
But I never gave on a second thought to stop and do as what he said. Instead, I
walked faster this time
Without turning around, I bit my lower lip and ignored Iigo's close calls for my n
ames and when I was about to call a cab, a metallic grip grabbed my arm which fo
rced me to turn around and face him
"Nina!! Look at me!" He said while he searched for my eyes.
My bag fell to the ground as I tried to yank away my arms from him. He, on the
other hand, stood there firmly and even tighten the grip
"Ano ba, Iigo?!" I said as I struggled and pushed him further away from me
"Ano bang problema?" He asked. I looked up to see his brown eyes shone upon mine
while he looked at me with all concern visible to him
"Wala nga!" I said as I picked up my bag
"I know there's something. Why can't you just tell me?"
I gritted my teeth and looked up to stop a tear from falling.. and then looked b
ack at his eyes
"Because you're the problem! It's you, Iigo!!"
"What? I dont get you"
"Do you really want to know, Iigo? Do you? Huh ha?" I taunt him and came inches aw
ay from his face
That lips I thought as I saw upclose his luscious opening.. The lips that was o
nce conquered by Kendra..That cheating lips
"Well here!!" I said and threw the newspaper to his face
"Sa susunod na maghahalikan kayong dalawa, make sure na walang paparazzi!" I ad
He took the newspaper away from his face and was surprised to see the headline o
f it
"Former lovers reunited? Whatta-Nina! Listen, This is ridiculous"
"Ridiculous? You've kissed her!!" I shouted while glaring at him
"I didn't'! Honestly, I didn't kiss her. She kissed me!!"
I rolled my eyes with annoyance
"Wow! That makes sense at all" I said sarcastically and laid my arms on top of
my chest
"Look, Nina. I'm sorry .."
"Sorry?Yun na lang yun? Kung lagi ka na lang humihingi ng tawad, Iigo.. Sana nagi
ng palengke ka na lang!" I said as I pointed a finger on his firm chest
Then I rolled my eyes "Right. Hindi ka pala pumupunta ng palengke"
He took few steps closer to me and attempted to lock me in an embrace but it did
n't happen for I took few steps back as well
"Nina, Listen okay? We weren't doing what you were thinking and --"
"Is that real?" I asked as I glared at him
"Answer the question!" I snarled at him and grabbed the news paper
"Is the picture real?" I added as I pointed out their picture together kissing
It took him a long deep sigh before he gazes back again into my eyes as if takin
g note of its every details and then glared hard on the newspaper I was holding
His expression was hard to read at that very moment. I could feel my heart drumm
ing crazily on my chest, a part of me wanted to know and unravel the answer but
then there's another part of me which refuse
Its ironic. I want to know the answer but I'm scared to hear the truth
"Yes" he breathe and then he tried to grab my hands but I took a few steps backw
ard and then yanked it away
I don't know how to describe how I felt that time, my knees started to wobble an
d my lips couldn't even utter another word after hearing that.
My mind can not comprehend as I could hear a shattering sound from my chest - pr
olly my heart
"That's all I need to hear"
I bit my lower lip so the tears wont slid down.. but it was no use for it star
ted streaming down my cheeks one by one
I covered my lips with both of my bare hands as I looked down and closed my eyes
. By then, I started crying hysterically wondering how things turned out this wa
y ..
I've been cheated before, but heck! This is far.. from the thing called heartbre
ak and being heartbroken would be an understatement its as if every part of me h
Why must all guys be heartless douchebags?! I thought
"Nina.. please, have an ear to listen to me" He softly said and tried to grab my
hand but I immediately yanked it away
"I thought you're different, Iigo!" I said as I glared at him and started darting
my pointy finger on his chest. My lips were trembling as I uttered the next word
Those words that partly voiced out my mind and heart
"but unfortunately, Im dead wrong! You're just another story to tell, another l
esson to be learnt and you're just another person who walked away"
I turned around from him and started vanishing from the cold street night
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ging nagka-crush yung server. Sorry if natagalan. 1) I was too lazy to type 2) h
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date din.
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[27] Chapter 26

Overview: This chapter would all be about Nina's battle between love, hate and p
ride. She'll meet new friends along the way and would possibly know something th
at will surely help her in deciding whether to go or not to go
Quote for this chap : Relationships don't need promises, terms, and conditions.
It just needs two wonderful people; one who can trust and one who can understand
"Nina!! Look at me!" He said while he searched for my eyes.
He took the newspaper away from his face and was surprised to see the headline
of it
"Former lovers reunited? Whatta-Nina! Listen, This is ridiculous"
"Look, Nina. I'm sorry .."
"Nina, Listen okay? We weren't doing what you were thinking and --"
"Nina.. please, have an ear to listen to me" He softly said and tried to grab m
y hand but I immediately yanked it away
"I thought you're different, Iigo! but unfortunately, Im dead wrong! You're just
another story to tell, another lesson to be learnt and you're just another perso
n who walked away"
The catastrophe last night kept playing back inside my head like some kinda mono
logue flashed all in sappy lonely black and white screen. It continuously repeat
ed the things he uttered to me and what's worst? is the fact that I lost control
over my head and can't even stop playing it
Definitely, Guys are heartless douchebags I murmured to myself
Meg, just as what I expected her to be, was trying to be a protective big sister
to me. She tried her very best to console and sprinkle me her magical words of
wisdom that often works on me everytime I cry.
I really love her for always being there for me but this time, when she kept as
king and wanting to know every little details on how things end up this way. I t
old her that I'm not ready yet to spill nor do I know where to start with.
My mind wasn't even working at that time. All thanks to gazillions of questions
running inside my head. I couldn't even think straight and all I could do is to
I cry my self the whole night
Why did he kiss her? Why didn't he even say a word?
Were they dating behind my back?
Was I always meant to be second best in everything?
Ever since I was little.. I've always been second best.. second to my dear siste
r Rima. I don't remember much out of my blurry childhood memory, but I could sti
ll pinpoint few nostalgic feeling like being second best
Everybody adored Rima. Everyone! Even my parents prefer her to me.
Then a slender porcelain hand waved right in front of my face, dragging me back
to reality from my deep thoughts
"Hoy!! Nina!!"
I looked up and saw Jesse and was graced by her cheeky almond eyes. Her right br
ow was arched upward as she looked troubled by something
"You've been glaring at your coffee for quite some time now. It looks like you'r
e about to blast a laser beam out of your eyes. Is there something wrong with yo
ur coffee?"
I groaned inwardly thinking my emotions are too transparent not to notice. That
I am really shallow easy-to-read type..
Maybe that's the reason why.. I'll never be good enough I thought
"Oh! let me guess is Oliver pressuring you on your next article? Don't let him g
et under your skin.. He's just too gay and too frank to say things. Don't mind h
She looked around and scanned the whole area just to check if someone's listenin
g on the nearby vicinity. Then she leaned closer and whispered
"Minsan, naiisip ko talagang may dalaw yun eh!"
And then we broke ourselves into few laughters.
Oliver Matias is a senior editor in sports writing and is apparently gay. Let's
just say we don't get into the same boat ever since the very first day that I've
arrived here.
And Jesse would often add that this dude despised every girl on the planet becau
se he's intimidated by us. Nonetheless, Despite the negative things that we hate
about him, He's one of those I've looked upon for being professional when it co
mes to his duties
"Slacking off on your work I see?" a deep voiced uttered from behind me. Both Je
sse and I were shocked when we saw a skinny-as-stick man who stood few feet tall
er than us. He was wearing his favorite orange button down polo with his designe
r pink striped tie
and once I saw his curly jet black locks I knew, it was the devil himself
"Sir Ma-Matias. We were.. -umm- having a coffee break" Jesse stammered as she s
truggle to find to right words to say next
Jesse's elbow jerked on my arms as she gestured me to say something next.
Oliver cough fake-ly to catch our attention once again and when I turned my gaz
es back to his, He eyed us up and down
"It's only 8 a.m and you're already asking for a coffee break? That's -uh-how sh
ould I put this?-bullshit!" He gave the profanity a little emphasize and glared
at us
"Now, Ladies! Ms. Sustiguer and Ms. Fernandez. Get back to your desks and start
working. We don't need another fat-ass good-for-nothing dork in this venture. N
ow, chop chop!!" He said as he clasp his hands together to a sly clap
While Jesse started walking pass Oliver, She made few funny faces and mimicked
him on his back. Good thing Oliver was oblivious enough not to notice it. T'was
childish but heck, I find it pretty funny
It was almost my time for lunch break, When I was religiously typing something
on MS word. My browser suddenly lit itself from the bottom of the monitor and It
seems that someone took all his time to personally message me on facebook
when I checked who it was...
I should've known better I thought as I sighed
Iigo Bustamante : Nina! :(
Iigo Bustamante : Why wont you pick up your phone last night?
I was busy crying my heart out all because of you!
A thought I'll surely not type out loud. Especially, not on facebook!!
Iigo Bustamante : Please. I know you're still mad. But talk to me :(
Mad is an understatement, ya'know
Iigo Bustamante : Nina! :( I love you and you know that. Please don't ignore me li
ke this :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Iigo Bustamante : Nina :(
Still, I was stubborn and Ignored him. I check on my notification and saw he se
nt me a 'relationship' request on facebook.
My mind was battling between to accept or to decline. I havr a lot of things to
worry about and I don't think this pending request helped at all.
Iigo Bustamante : I know you're there.. please, Just talk to me.
Then he sent another flood message on my chatbox saying
"Nina :(",
I took a deep breathe realizing things.
It hurts nung 'di niya ako pinakinggan before. Does he deserve to be treated thi
s way? I sighed
Maybe I should really just talk to him
Nina Fernandez : I don't think it's the right time to talk about that yet. Im no
t ready.
Iigo Bustamante : I respect your decision, Love. But, please .. Hear me out first
Iigo Bustamante : Let's meet up and talk, Babe. I'll be at Le Bistro Vert. Will b
e waiting for you 'til dawn breaks. Please.
I sighed once again.
and when I was about to type my reply, A familiar faint-fake cough was all I he
ard. I was startled when I looked up and saw Oliver Matias. The same gay-man who
scolded us awhile ago for having coffee in an early hours of work
"Tsk tsk tsk! Ms. Fernandez, Facebook? Can't that wait 'til you get your ass hom
"But Sir, It'll be my lunch break in about two minutes. I think its-"
"See? You said it to yourself! Its not yet twelve so get back to work or else,
I'll have no choice but to report you to the superiors."
Then he suddenly got all curious by my sudden panicking and decided to peek on
my desktop . I could tell he almost had the chance to read the whole conversatio
n I had with Iigo... good thing I covered the monitor with the first thing I saw
on my desk ---- a long white folder
He turned his glares back on me and arched his brow in a questioning look
"A lover's quarrel in the middle of high noon? You sure is something, Miss Fern
and by then, He left with his loud bitter laughter that echoed in the office
and before I left for my Lunch break and call Jesse to join me, I managed to typ
e a few words before logging off to my computer
Nina Fernandez : I'm sorry, Iigo. But No.
"Does this outfit make me fat?" Jesse uttered as we both slid out of Gail's Crim
son Chevrolet Camoro SS
"Since when did you look fat, Jess? You're like those bamboo sticks in China. Lo
ng and Slender!" Gail cracked into a huge roar of laughter before she too slid h
erself out of the front seat
"Shut up, Gail!"
Bea and I just exchange weird looks and decided to join Gail in the midst of lau
ghter ..
We were now in the middle of our lunch, dining at Hard Rock Caf in Glorietta 3 and
savoring our Caesar salad with Beef Stew,Pasta with Alfredo Sauce, Steamed Rice
and a fruit salad that Jesse happened to live without
We were engrossed with our conversation when suddenly, I felt my blackberry vib
rated from my Purple Marc Jacobs suade leather bag. I picked up my phone and saw
Iigo's BBM ...
From: Iigo (fy739293)
I'll be waiting for you no matter what ..'til the dawn breaks. I'll be waiting,
Nina. I love you always and forever
"Oh! someone's being OC today" Jesse cued from the opposite side of the table
"Having guy problems, Nina?" Gail teased as she shoved noodles of Pasta inside h
er mouth
"You know, Guys often complain how complicated it is to read women, but look at
them! They're just too insensitive.. too densed not to notice how WE feel. I me
an, Come on!" Bea snorted as she laid her glass of ice-cold tea on the table
Abigail Moreto, Gail as she liked me to address her, and Beatrice 'Bea' Candido
are both from Celebrity and Lifestyle department and are close friends of Jesse.
I decided to invite them and get to know them both since Jesse would often tell
me how nice these ladies are
"You know, you remind me of those bitter ex-girlfriends on movies, Bea" Gail ut
tered as she rolled her eyes
and then turned her direction to me to say ..
"don't mind her, Nina. She's been like that ever since she was dumped by her 2-
"FYI.. I wasn't dumped. I did the dumping part, and take note I even slapped him
across his handsome face and it was not 2! It was 3 months,Gail!" Bea reasoned
Gail just rolled her eyes "Whatever, Bea. Like that would change a thing and mak
e Alex-freaking-Llanza crawl back to you"
Whoever this Alex Llanza be, it sounded like another douchebag from hell. Heck,
I don't know if I even want to meet him in person. It's odd but I feel for Bea.
I think she's too nice to deserve this kind of pain
"Anyway, Have you heard?" Gail glanced from left to right to see if someone's li
"Oh! gossip! I like that!" Jesse commented which adds fuel to our curiosity eve
n more. Jesse and Bea drew their selves closer to where Gail was sitting while I
sat still on my chair, feeling guilty about ditching Iigo
"You've heard about Kendra Gainsborough right? You know, the latest news about
her kissing the ultra-hot-smexy racing prodigy Iigo Bustamante. Check?"
My head jerked to their direction as my ears were all up to hear the next she'll
say. Jesse glanced at my direction and we exchanged awkward faces from one anot
her. Only Jesse knew about my relationship with Iigo aside from Meg and Patrick..
and ofcourse Diane
"According to my source, Kendra was the one chasing after this prodigy eventhoug
h she knew that Iigo's dating a total non-showbiz girl from his circle"
I should have known that
"Wait-what?! So Iigo's out of the Metro Mag's eligible bachelor's list?! Since whe
n?! And who's the lucky bitch?! She must've been way too lucky or maybe flirty t
o be able to catch a big big fish such as him" Bea commented which made me ,some
how, startled with her addressing me as a bitch.
Ouch! That bitten me
I don't know how to react from that moment on. They haven't had the slightest cl
ue that I was the girl they're talking about. Although, I don't blame her at all
since she knows nothing. Jesse coughed fake-ly and then eyed me for awhile befo
re turning her direction to Bea and said ..
"Maybe she's just an amazingly pretty, smart and really nice girl that Iigo fell
in love with" Jesse managed a winking at me and then smiled
"Ugh! Give me a break!" Bea rolled her eyes
"The blinky blinky demure Maria Clara bitch died eons from now, Jess! And besid
es how'd you know that?" Bea's right brow arched itself as she eyed Jesse suspic
"Ang daldal mo, Bea! Do you want to hear the bomb that I'm ready to explode or
not?" Gail uttered impatiently
"As for your question, Bea-tch (bitch), the girl seems to be mysterious and hidd
en from the public eyes. And as much as I want to meet her, The media's entirely
clueless how she looked like."
Hello! Im here!!
"And Jesse might be right, She have to be reeeeeally pretty to catch Iigo's atten
tion. Anyway, as I was saying .. The photograph was , accordingly, planned by Ke
ndra herself just so this mystery girl would go 'bye bye' to Iigo" Gail added whic
h made me eyes grew wider
"Wow! I knew she was a slut but I never knew a pretty girl like Kendra could sin
k that low .. I mean, She could get who ever she wanted. She's really gorgeous t
o begin with. Why snatch someone that has already been caught?" Jesse said eyein
g me from the side making sure I heard her words
You're right. She has god-given gifts but It was all ruined with her personality

"Exactly, Jess! And let me show you girls something" Gail grabbed something from
her Ayla Tangerine shoulder bag
It took her awhile before she finally said "Ta-daaah!" and laid a wallet-size p
icture on the table
It was a picture of Iigo sitting on a rattan-lounge chair by the shore. He was shi
rtless and was smirking sexily on the girl right in front of her he usual
ly does
Stay still my heart I thought as I felt my heart sped up when I finally realize
d that the girl sitting on his lap was me.
I know it was me. Eventhough, my back was turned from the camera and was almost
covered by few strands of my hair, I knew it was me. For sure, It was taken when
we were in Tagaytay
"Where'd you got this, Gail? Are you some kinda stalker?" Bea said as she grabb
ed the picture and held it closer to her face.. examining every details of the p
"Is this photoshopped?" She added
Gail immediately grabbed the picture from Bea's hands and said "Idiot, 'Course
not! I just had my ways ya'know!"
"Right. You used your photographer of a boyfriend didn't you? You used Marious t
o get this picture. Hah! I knew it!" Bea uttered in victory
"Let's just say.. I got a little hand from my hubby. That's all" Gail retorted b
ack and slid her tongue out to annoy Bea
Jesse glanced at her watch and then said " I think its time that we should go,
it's almost 1. you wouldn't want our old Oliver Matias to bitch out about us bei
ng late, don't we?"
"Blaagh!! Oliver! Just thinking about it makes me sick. Honestly, I think that G
ay-man is just sexually-deprived and has a really dull and dead sex life. He nee
ds to get laid!." Bea commented and grabbed her bag.
We both giggled at Bea's comment about Oliver's sex life. Then we all stood up f
rom our table and I called the waiter for the bill and paid him w/ matching tips
When we were at the parking lot I've looked up and saw how gloomy clouds block t
he supposed-raise of the sun in a high noon.
"I think it's going to rain later. Have you girls brought your payongs with you?
" Jesse uttered before she completely joined us inside Gail's car
"Darn! I left mine at home" Bea added
"Well, That sucks.. It would definitely rain way too hard this afternoon. I'm po
sitive" Gail said as she maneuvered the car out of the exit and to the road back
to the building of Philippine Daily Inquirer
When I heard that from Gail, Iigo was the only thing that crossed my mind.
Will he be okay if it actually rained?
and then I remembered his BBM sent on my phone
From: Iigo ( fy739293)
I'll be waiting for you no matter what ..'til the dawn breaks. I'll be waiting,
Nina. I love you always and forever
(A/N: Marious was the photographer who asked Nina to model for him sa Tagaytay.
Yep! the one who approached her on the beach (referred to chap 24). Alex Llanza
of TRB and Alex Llanza in this story is one and the same. and decided to dedicat
e this chap to Gail.. cuz, She's really nice and we would talk endless about thi
ngs. haha! this is for you, Sis!
Comment. Comment. Comment!)

[28] Chapter 27
Overview : Sa chap na to, may marerealize si Nina. Read to find out!
Quote for this chap : The person who has truly loved you is the only one who has
the strength to accept your mistakes and forgive you.
"Aren't you coming with us?" said by the usual high-pitched voice that would def
initely be her signature tone.
I looked up and saw Jesse, who was carrying a pile of folder on her right and a
designer bag on the other. She was ready to leave the office as she tapped my s
"It's raining pretty hard and Gail's offering a ride. Aren't you coming?"
My eyes automatically landed in the clear glass window nearest to my desk and in
deed, it was raining cats and dogs. I turned my direction back to Jesse and said
"Nah, I think I'll finish this thing first and then off I go"
"We could wait for you down the lobby. For sure, Gail wont mind"
"Oh! that's really sweet but I don't wanna be a hassle. Just go on. I'll be fine
" I said as I flashed her a genuine smile
She returned the smile and grinned at me
"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow then?" She said and leaned down to give me a sweet
friendly beso
"Yeah. See you!" I said as I watched her walked at the opposite door to the ele
I was still working on the last paper when the thunder roared pretty loud. Too
loud that I have to cover my ears with both of my hands
"Mama, Why is the sky crying?"
"Nina, The sky isn't crying .. its called rain" A sweet smile was painted across
the woman's blurry face.
I can't make out the details on her feature but one thing's for sure .. her smil
e brings the warm in my heart
Then suddenly, the little girl heard another roar from the sky. A thunder follow
ed by a ferocious light that engulf the whole dark sky which made the little gir
l tighten her grip on her older sister's arm
"Why is the sky sound so angry, Mama?"
The woman turned around once again from the front seat and patted the head of he
r child affectionately. She smiled genuinely before she tucked the unsteady lock
s behind the ear of her youngest child
"Don't be scared my angel. Mama and Papa are here for you" She said
"Yeah! Don't be scared, Nina. Ate Rima is here too" The older child, by merely 2
minutes, uttered to her scared sister and locked her tightly into her arms to a
ssure her that its safe
"Shit!" The man cursed as he tried to maneuver the car's wheel trying to dodge t
he drunk driver of the white Honda civic.
"That was close, Nicollo. The road's slippery cuz it rained the whole night mayb
e we should just stop by and--- OH DEAR LORD!!"
The woman's eyes grew wider as she saw a 9-wheeler truck was heading on the oppo
site side of the dark road. The light of the truck illuminated and almost blindi
ng the little girl's vision
Everything happened so fast that the little girl barely knew what to do
"Rima, Open the car's door and throw your selves outside" The woman told her eld
est child
"But Mom-"
"Just do it, Rima!"
The older sibling obliged on her mother's wishes and unbuckled the seatbelt of h
er sister. She acted fast as she opened their car's door and pushed her younger
sister without giving her a warning
Her older sister was about to join her outside but seatbelt was malfunctioning a
nd can not be easily unbuckle
and the last thing she heard, aside from the loud buzzing sound of the truck cru
shing their car into pieces, was the loud shriek of her older sister crying for
When I opened my eyes, a tear had fallen and rolled down my cheeks. I suddenly
felt the sadness in my heart and the agony that I have forgotten for such a long
time. That flashback was not as clear but it sure brought me to the sudden feel
ing of loneliness
I was walking alone the aisle of the empty hall to the elevator when I remembere
d Iigo's BBM
From: Iigo ( fy739293)
I'll be waiting for you no matter what ..'til the dawn breaks. I'll be waiting,
Nina. I love you always and forever
I sighed heavily as I stopped my self from walking ..
Should I stay or should I go. That I really don't know.. maybe---
Once inside the lift, I pushed the elevator button and pressed the arrow pointin
g downwards which leads to the lobby. I checked my silver metallic Giordano watc
h and saw it the short hand was about to hit 7 in about 15 minutes
Naghihintay pa kaya siya 'don? Despite the heavy rain?
The elevator was about to close completely when suddenly, someone had been smart
enough to held it longer for him to slid inside
His lips curved into a sweet grin flashing me his yet, colgate-grade commercial
smile. I have no doubt, by the looks of the way he smiles, for sure.. It was Lui
gi himself
"Hey, I've heard Oliver has been nagging you huh? Is he grilling you that bad?"
He asked
"No, I don't think he does" I said winking at him
The elevator once again opened to let other passengers get a lift down the build
ing. I stepped aside to let the other passengers in
I grinned weakly at a friendly-looking woman in her last 40's .She stood betwee
n Luigi and I with her LV vintage classic bag on her hands. It was the editor-in
-chief Mrs. Letty Magsanoc

"You know, from the moment I saw you guys there.. I thought you're a couple. You
looked good together" The older woman uttered smiling at us both
Luigi winked at me which made me roll my eyes in annoyance
"Well.. I Agree with you Ma'am. Heto naman kasing si Nina pakipot pa eh--- ouch
!" Natigilan si Luigi sa kakasalita nang piningut ko siya sa tagaliranan
I gave him an apologetic looked and then stick out my tongue. Our boss gave us
an equally confused looked. Just as she was about to say something, the elevator
doors slid open.
"Well, Here we go youngsters. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" She said and turned o
ff the alarm of her turquoise Chevrolet Volt and then finally slid her self insi
de it. Luigi and I waved at her before she completely sped up and disappear to t
he exit
There was a long silence between us before I decided to started walking away fr
om Luigi. He must've been surprised with my action because he ,right away, taile
d me off from behind
"Seriously, the way you pinched me right there? Its like your nails dug and went
through my skin. That really hurts!" Luigi whined and complained at me as we w
alked side by side from one another
"You deserve it anyway!" I teased
He just chuckled and then turned off the alarm of his dark green Mazda CX-9. I t
urned around to look at him and managed to arch my right brow suspiciously
"New car? Since when?" I asked
"Yup! My older sister's gift for me this Christmas" He said proudly
"Oh! That's kinky.. " I commented and walked passed his car
"Wha-wait! Don't you need a lift?"
I turned around and looked at him straight in the eyes. He was being sincere but
I know he just wanted to score on me
"Nah, I think I'll just call a cab"
"That's crazy. It's raining cats and dogs. Are you seriously going to wait? And
its dark" He reasoned out. I know he wasn't really worried, I think he's just gi
ving me the cons just so he can convinced me to ride on his new car with him.. a
But he's right, ya'know. Its raining pretty hard and you'll surely get soaked,
My other side uttered as I glanced at the exit .. getting the view of a wet grou
nds from a far
I gulped in defeat and looked back at Luigi who stood beside his car and was rea
dy to open its door for me
I sighed "Fine. If you insist"
"Yes!!" Luigi uttered in delight of happiness as her smile grew wider
"I don't owe you anything alright?"
He hesitated at first but eventually give in anyway. His smile was solid across
his attractive alluring face while he was driving across the high street of Riz
al Avenue
We chatted about each other's random stuffs along the way. I actually found him
pretty funny. I uttered about my self-my life in general, and he would do the sa
I found my self not able to stop blabbering about so random things and his smile
wouldn't even fade away
I've learned he was 24 year-old dude and living with his parents in Dreamland S
ubdivision, Mandaluyong. They wont allow him to move out unless he was with some
one older because He was the youngest of the five siblings---all girls. So most
likely, they regard him as Still their baby boy
I really find it funny whenever his face would turn sour everytime I call him b
aby boy. His expression was priceless!
Then all the chitchats we had were interrupted when my Blackberry vibrated and l
it itself inside my bag.
I picked up the phone and immediately, a feminine voice uttered
"Nina? Is this you? I've asked your number from Gerard."
"Ate Diane?"
"Well.. who else?" The female on the other side of the phone chuckled
"Anyway, Nina .. I thought I should asked you this.. but do you where's Iigo? Mom
's pretty worried about him. Hindi niya sinasagot yung phone niya. Is he with yo
u?" Diane asked with a little of wariness visible to her tone
Iigo must have been waiting after all
A sudden realization had bitten me off..
Iigo doesn't have anything to do with all this crap. He was a victim as well. How
could I not trust him well in fact, all he did was love me from the very beginni
ng. He doesn't deserve this
"No, He's not with me but I know where I could find him. I'll call you back pag
nakita ko na siya." I said and bid farewell to Diane
I glanced at Luigi and saw how confused he was
"Who was that?" He asked
"Uhm.. Lui, Do you know where's Le Bistro Vert?" I counter-ask, ignoring the qu
estion he threw on me
"Well, Its all the way in Valero why would-"
"Take me there, Please" I said
"It's raining.. I don't think-"
"Please, Lui. It's a matter of life and death"
Luigi stopped the car and turned his attention on me to study my expression. I l
ooked straight into his eyes and was engulf with confusion and desperation.
Please just take me there. He's waiting for me
He took a deep breathe as he closed his eyes. Only to open it once again and sa
"Alright. But this time you really owe me something"
And then he smiled and turning the wheel on the other side of the street
Wait for me, Iigo
(A/N: I dont have anything to say yet on this chap and honeslty, i already draft
ed the ending inside my head. I know its weird isn't it? haha!
oh the flashback that Nina had was from her childhood. I hope you're digging int
o the story now cuz on next chap would be a whole lot of complications and twist
[29] Chapter 28

Overview : Hanap. Iyak. Parking lot. Kotse. Likod. Kiss. Make up. Unit. Shirtles
s. Towel. Sofa. Time traveler's Wife. Make out. Interruption. Iphone. Kiss ulit.
I hope you get all those puzzled words. Yep! you're about to read an explicit ch
apter of ANWMA. read if your ready ,over 16 years old, and is open minded.
Btw. Iigo on the right! at hindi Calvin Klein ang name niya. Its the brief's brand
that he's wearing.. LOL! I think that make sense :)
Quote for this chap :
When problems arise, recognize them as temporary setbacks. Keep rolling the dic
e of life and continue moving forward.
"Are you sure na hindi kita ibaba sa mismong resto?" Ang tanong ni Luigi sa akin
bago ako completely bumaba sa Dark Green Mazda CX-9 niya
"Nah, I don't think it would help. Baka kung ano pang isipin ni Iigo" I reasoned
I was about to open his car's door when he held unto my elbow to stop me. I loo
ked at him surprise and confused
"Wait. Bring this with you" He said and handled me a UST-yellow and black strip
ed umbrella
I smiled at him which he genuinely return "Ibalik mo na lang bukas"
"Thanks, Baby boy" I said winking at him
He gave me a mock disgust look and said "Oh! stop calling me that, Please. Enou
gh nang mga kapatid, parents and granny ang tumatawag sa akin ng ganyan"
I giggled slightly before I completely stepped out of his car and into the wet
pavement of the cement. He waved and smiled at me as he maneuvers his car to the
other side of the street.
Such a gentleman
I was standing meters away from Le Bistro Vert and was looking for him. Yeah, Yo
u know-him..
But he was nowhere in sight. Not in the entrance, not in one of those tables out
side and not even in the parking lot
Where could he be? Umalis na ba siya?
I didn't give up even though my toes were all drench and im getting cold, I sto
od still .. looking around. Hoping any minute from now I could spot him somewher
e where my eyes could scan
I don't want to give up. I know he's there waiting patiently
I took a few steps closer to the resto itself as if expecting him there, sitting
down at one of those tables inside. But he wasn't. No signs of him anywhere . N
othing. Not even his shadow.
I even asked the guard if he noticed someone tall, a little built-uhmm, well rea
lly built, and quite meztiso who stood next to 6 feet. The security guard seems
to be confused
"madaming kumakain dito, maam na ganyan ang itsura."
I just sighed
This is harder than I thought it would be
I walked myself to the parking lot alone, not minding the pouring rain was alre
ady dripping into my skin making me shiver. Who wouldn't shiver in this temperat
ure? It felt like I was walking on the cube of ice barefooted or probably naked.
San ka na ba, Iigo?
Naglakad lakad pa akong ng diretcho, hoping I'll spot him leaning casually or wa
iting while fidgeting his phone on his hands
Just like He always does when he's waiting for me
I felt like hot tears were slowly merging in my eyes making my vision blur sligh
tly. I bit my lower lip to stop my self from crying. I walked slowly realizing I
have no direction at all ..
Is it too late?
"Iigo? Saan ka na ba?" I called out on the darkness of the whole area. Everything
was almost dark, Good thing the lamp post lighted enough of the area to let me s
ee where I was going.
The only thing I heard was the continuously tapping of my pumps on the naked cem
ented lot. Nobody was probably here and nobody will ever be standing in the----
Wait?! Was that Iigo's car?
I thought, My eyes grew wider when I spotted familiar figure and color of the ca
r. Immediately, I took a fast run only to realize, it was indeed his Gray Lambor
ghini Murcielago
"Iigo?!" I said tapping his heavily-tinted windows
From the moment there, my heart was beating loudly. Pumping every blood througho
ut my body. It was crazy that I could almost hear it in my ear
"Iigo?! Andyan ka ba?"
But all I heard was the sound of crickets and the weird loud buzzing sound of t
he cars passing by the road
Where could he be?
My hands trembled while holding the umbrella.. tightening my grip to it so I'll
feel secured. Regrets were all dragging my sprit down.
A smirking Iigo flashed through my head.
Those tempting lips
His jet-black locks that make me want to touch it wondering how soft it is
His broad shoulders
His corded abs
His hard to touch chest
His pointy nose...
and most important of all that made my heart skip a beat was his mesmerizing bro
wn eyes that you'll surely be lost with
those honest eyes...
How could I afford to accuse him like that?
I felt a million light bulb lit on my head..
His phone. He might answer now
I thought, and right away grab my Blackberry from my bag. My hands were trembli
ng as I dialed his number and cursed my self for being stupid..
Nalagay ko pala siya sa speed dial. Stupid, Nina.. Stupid!
I pressed 1 and the phone was immediately made the buzzing sound. I stood there
frozen on the spot while I waited for him to pick up
Pick it up, Iigo.. Pick it up
but moments later ... Instead of his voice that I was expecting from the beginni
ng .. I've heard the sound
Dooot dooot doooot
Subscriber can not be reach please try your call later
Hindi ako tumigil sa kakapindot sa speed dial. Hindi ako sumuko kahit ang operat
or lang lagi ang sumasagot
I feel stupid but I didn't mind. I kept pressing that number until my thumb was
numb. I felt like my knees were about to give up when tears continuously cascade
d down my cheeks
I sobbed even more when nag BBM sa akin si Meg. My phone lit up almost blinding
me by the light
From : Meg (25E3F4FA)
It's already 10 minutes passed 8, Where the hell are you?
I don't know,Meg. I think Im lost in this misery. I don't know.. what to do anym
I thought as I sobbed even more. Tears were flowing helplessly on my cheeks tha
t I could almost feel the bitter-sweet taste of it as it passed down my lips.I d
on't know what to do next.. i dont know anymore
That voice!
That husky familiar sound echoed, not only in my ears , but also in my heart. I
turned around to look back into him who was standing few feet away from me
"Iigo" I breathe and was about to hug him when he said
"Don't come near me, Nina"
I was hurt when he said that and saw how serious he was when he took another ste
p backwards
He was soaked and all drenched under the rain. Basa lahat kahit ang crocs niya.
His wet locks covered most of his forehead and he looked so worn out and tired
I frowned "Why the hell not?"
He sighed and open his arms widely for me to see his point
"I'm all wet. Do you want your uniform to---"
I didn't let him finish and immediately run , threw Luigi's umbrella on the col
d cement, lock him in a tight embrace and nuzzled to his neck
"Nina.. I-"
"Shh!!" I put my finger on his lips to shut him off .I gazed into his brown int
ense eyes and he gazed back almost making my tummy flipped with butterflies.
"Let me talk first. Im sorry I didn't listen to you and accuse you about things
you don't have control with. Im sorry I doubted you, and I'm sorry that sometime
s, I get a little jealous, thinking that someone else could make you happier tha
n I could."
"Silly! Ofcourse, you're the one and only who could make me happy"
He stared down to my lips as if waiting for me to kiss him. He leaned down and
for once, I felt like one of those teenagers who were about to have their first
I didn't deny him and responded to his kisses with hunger and lust all wrapped i
nto one. We didn't care that were both soaked by the heavy rain, we didn't care
that we were the only people on the lot.
We just didn't care and all that mattered to us that moment was reconciliation,
forgiveness and the kiss we shared
I held on to his chest and stopped the kiss.
Woah! That was mind-blowing
I held his face on both of my hands and said
"You were waiting for me all this time?" A brow was raised as I asked him
"Why?" I saw how firm he stood when he looked me straight into my eyes which al
most cause me to lose my balance
"What if hindi ako dumating?" I added and it sounded more like of a whisper when
it came out of my lips
He just smiled down at me weakly and said
"I knew you'd come, Nina. I knew you would. So I waited three hours rain or shi
ne, with or without umbrella, in the darkness or in the light."
I don't know if He noticed that I was crying but When he stood before me, he ran
his hand along my jaw and he held me tighter to his arms
"I love you, Always and forever"

My heart began beating again and I leaned my face into his hand. "I love you too
, Iigo."

He lifted my face to him and stared into my eyes. " I love you more."

He pushed his lips down onto mine in a gentle and chaste kiss. He left his mouth
hovering over mine as if hesitant about whether or not to continue.
I pushed my lips up to his in an urgent manner. I didn't realize how desperately
I needed him to kiss me until he actually did.
It took us long silly argument before I decided, I'll stay for tonight. He was r
eally persistent that I'll stay with him and do some little sleep over but I sai
d that I have work the next day so I can't.
He frowned and pouted like a kid asking for his mom for a new toy this Christmas
and I couldn't just deny the fact that I enjoy watching him like that. In the e
nd, I decided I'll stay and probably go home at early in the morning
We arrived at his unit just in time before the rain would pour harder. I called
Meg to tell her I'll be sleeping at Iigo's and She giggled like a drunken girl th
inking maliciously about the word I said
"Wow! Make up sex. That's really nice"
But I shrugged it off and bid farewell to her before practically turning my phon
e off.
I scanned around his living room as I noticed trophies and various picture of hi
m in different places Berlin, Lisbon, Mexico, Vancouver, Helsinki, Budapest, Rom
e, Praha, Buenos Aires--- you name it!
I also noticed his play station and Xbox hidden on the compartment just below h
is 14' flat-screen tv
I smiled to myself and said ..
Such a kid at heart
I walked to his room and stood there for awhile. Then I was startled when he sai
"My shirt looks better on you" He uttered huskily leaning casually on his bathr
oom's door frame
I looked down and saw his blue shirt from American Apparel that reached down pas
sing my thighs, almost touching my knees. It was more like an off-shoulder to me
cuz it exposes partly of my right shoulder
I smiled weakly at him as I watch him enter his room. He was wearing nothing bu
t a towel wrapped around his hips while had another one on his hand to damp on h
is wet locks.
I savored every details of it from his broad shoulders down to his 6-pack-hot pa
I gulped. Feeling all flustered and red, I tore my gazes away from him which mad
e him smirked even more.
He probably noticed that I was all red so he took his steps closer to me and gr
abbed my hand
His hands were quite warm and comforting to touch. I looked up to his face as I
felt him led my hand to touch his abs
I frowned and tried pulling my hand out of his grip
What is he planning to do?
and then, to my surprise, he broke into loud uneven laughter and said ..
"You should've seen your face, babe. Really funny!"
I blinked several times before finally my mind had registered what was happening
I gritted my teeth as I crossed my arms on top of my chest and said
"That's really mature of you, Babe"
He tried stopping his delirious laughter as he touched his tummy.
This is not going anywhere
I thought as I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I was about to completely walked aw
ay from him when he grabbed my arm.
This time his expression was a little serious. We just stood there for awhile be
fore he pinched my nose and said
"You were really cute when you blushed"
He smiled at me genuinely and wrapped his arms around my tiny frame. He sniffed
my hair and gently run his hand on it before resting his chin on top of my head
"Sana we could stay like this forever" He murmured
I smiled as I pushed his chest away from me
"We could stay like this pero dapat mag bihis ka muna. Ang lamig kaya"
He just chuckled at my remark and said in a mock british accent
"As you wish, Milady"
"I'll be at your couch watching tv okay?" I said with a smile
He kissed my forehead before nodding "Okay"
I turned around and felt like his eyes darted on my butt. I smiled devilishly an
d add a little extra "Ooomph" necessary while walking.

Take that Kendra!
and then before I could be completely gone from his bedroom, I heard him whistle
d like wolf
That guy...
I grabbed a pop corn from his kitchen and settled my self once again on the thre
e-seater sofa of his. The movie on HBO right now is "Time Traveler's Wife". A go
od classic story based on the book with the same title
Such a clich yet so romantic
I thought as I shoved a hand full of pop corn inside my mouth
I felt the sofa shifted another weight on the other side. I glanced to the right
and saw Iigo who was smirking yet again at me. I swallowed up a lump of pop corn
inside my throat and said ..
"Why are you giving that face again?"
"What face?" He said as he grabbed a pop corn from the bowl which was laying on
my lap
"That face where you smirked like some sex god"
He chuckled deeply and winked at me
"Well, I am a sex god"
I rolled my eyes "Yeah right"
"But you know, Babe" He said drawing himself nearer to me and wrapped his left h
and on my waist
"Hm?" a non-committal answer I gave as I focused my attention on his tv
"For someone as small as you, you eat quite a lot" He whispered right next to m
y ear
I gasped and turned my direction to him. My eyes grew wider angrily and stump th
e bowl of pop corn on his center table..
"Are you saying Im--" Regretting what I did.
The last word came out from my lips as if a cat caught my tongue "...fat"
I realized, He intended that words to annoy me so I could face him.
How manipulative
He smiled as I noticed his face were just few inches a part from mine. I could a
lmost smell his strong masculine scent that cast a spell on my nose and his warm
breathe as I felt it next to me
Stay still my heart
He cupped my face and kissed me fiercely sending my body into some kinda sexual
I moaned with delight into his mouth and arched my body into him. The kiss refle
cted how much he needed me and how much I am willing to give. It was eager, and
needy and raw with untamed desire and renewed sexual promise.
He grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed it which made me released a soft moane
d of approval coming from my lips. I felt his large hands slide down my body and
barely repressed a shiver.
His mouth came back up to mine and I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my
body into him wanting his body to be as close to mine as possible.
He grabbed and pinned me under his weight over the sofa. He covered my mouth wit
h his and I willingly comply to his delicious invasion of my senses.
We were so drunk and wrapped up with the kiss that we didn't noticed that his p
hone lit up and rang
Iigo pretended he didn't hear a thing and continued kissing me. I pushed his ches
t away as I noticed his Iphone vibrated against the nightstand near the lampshad
"Iigo.." I whispered to his ear
"Hmm?" He said as he lifted his head from my chest, obviously noticing my erect
nipples through his shirt before slowly settling in front of my face.
"Your phone"
but he didn't budge, he was still there kissing and nibbling the juncture betwe
en my shoulder and neck
"Iigo" I whispered yet again and pushed his chest away from me. He just groaned m
aybe in frustration and annoyance wrapped into one.
He climbed off from me, sat on the couch and grabbed his phone next to the night
He frowned when he read the caller ID
"Talk to me, Diane"
I gasped as I realized He was talking to his older beautiful sister
Ate Diane must have been worried
"Uhh-no. Im fine-okay. Yep. Bye now"
He pressed on the power button of his phone before practically throwing it to h
is recliner opposite of the sofa
I sat on the sofa as well next to him and fixed my self. I felt like he was wat
ching my every moves so I looked up to him and smiled, suppressing the pent-up s
exual tension that was slightly disturb by his phone
He once again drew himself closer to me and I was expecting another hot steamy k
iss but It never came. Instead, I was surprised when he lay down on the couch an
d rested his head on my lap. Just like in those sweet movies I've watched
"Ang lambot" He murmured as he nuzzled on my belly and then looked up to me aga
in and smiled. I once again noticed his captivating brown eyes and his long lash
Such a beautiful eyes
I returned the smile and bent down to give him a peck on his nose
We stayed like that almost finishing the movie that we were watching on his 14'
flat screen tv
I heard him yawn a little as he sat up on the sofa, stretching his arms alongsi
"Hm?" a non-committal answer I got as he stared straight into my eyes
"Nakailang girlfriends ka na ba?"
He stood up from my lap and snorted "What's with the question?"
"Wala lang .. Napaisip lang ako. Nevermind na lang nga"
"Nagtampo agad.." He chuckled and then wrapped his arms around my waist while h
e rested his chin on my shoulder, right next to my face and gave me a soft sweet
kiss on my left cheek
"I had quite a number of flings before. Hmm. But I could only pinpoint 4 girls
that I had REALationship with"
my mouth turned into an "O" as I realized what he meant
"Was Kendra one of them?"
His right brow arched and I knew he was quite amused with the question
"Are you getting jelly jelly again, Babe?"
"No" I calmly said, trying to hide the sudden feeling of jealousy. He chuckled
and then said
"No, She wasn't one of them"
I felt like I was released from a long heavy pent-up feeling as it untangled th
e knots I felt inside my head. I was released from my strong feeling of jealousy
towards that leggy top model Kendra
"Ikaw, Baby?"
"Hmm.. Dalawa. Ikaw at si Ge"
He was quiet as he darted his brown eyes on me.
I wonder what's on his mind right now
"So, he was your .. First love?"
I just nodded slowly as I felt the air was suffocating between us
He sighed before he weirdly smiled again and said
"Maybe I am too late to be your first"
He brought up a finger to my chin and held it up so that I could looked at him s
traight in the eyes
"But I am preparing myself to be your last."
He said, and then pressed his mouth to mine.

One of his hands slid over my shoulder and down my back while my hand worked its
way up to the top to cup the back of his neck, digging my nail unto his skin.

He nibbled at my lips, tasting first the bottom and then the top, and then his t
ongue traced insistently at the straight seam of my mouth to have a fencing batt
le against my tongue.
His tongue slid in deeper, and I tasted the sharp flavored mint
I immediately surrendered, granting him entry without a second thought.
In the end, He dominated and devoured my mouth with such hunger and intensity

One of his hands left my jaw and trailed down to my shoulder, tugging his blue s
hirt that I was wearing.
His other hand fell to my waist and broke to kiss just so he could remove the sh
irt over my head.
He immediately threw the shirt on his well-carpeted warm floor in less than two
Then I felt the coldness of his centralized air condition gyrate and emitted a
cold slap to my now-bare thighs and exposed-chest

Iigo broke away from me, settling his large, warm, calloused hand on my bare skin.
"Holy---- you're not wearing any bra!," he said, his voice rough with disuse.

"It's soaked and is on your dryer right now. Blame the rain," I nearly whined, e
ager to have his mouth on mine again. With my hand still cupped around his neck,
I pulled him towards me.

I could feel him grinning on my lips as he nibbled my bottom lip while his hand
dropped back down to my knee, skimming along until the tips of his fingers reach
ed my member.
The sight of his hand there was enough to make me dizzy.

"Your shirt has to go." I murmured, bracing my hand on his forearm.

Iigo growled in my ear, and his low, rough, lust-clotted voice sent shivers down m
y spine. "I know"
He looked up at me through hooded eyes and grinned lazily. Without warning, He b
roke the kiss only to remove his shirt and pulled down his boxers.
His hand immediately trailed up and over my stomach before stopping to gently cu
p my breast in his palm. My breath caught, and I bit my lip to stop the sensual
moan coming out from my

Iigo pressed his mouth to mine and his tongue traced the seam of my lips again.
His thumb moved over my already hard nipple. I arched into him, coming into cont
act with his hard-as-rock dick, which felt even harder and seemingly bigger than
it had been before.

I wanted more of him. With an impatient sound, I ran my hands over his skin when
he stepped back into the space between my legs. It was feverishly hot, stretche
d over his corded muscle.
Liquid heat shot between my legs at the sight and feel of him, and I pressed my
thighs together, but it only made the feeling intensify.

And that's how we caught up with the weather that night. The whole thing struck
me as so intimate, and my heart opened up to him even more.
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[30] Chapter 29
Overview : Who doesn't want fierce catfights between two gorgeous women? clear
ly, I could say that you're about to witness another one in this chapter
Quote from this chap : Di porke't single ka eh pwede mo ng landiin kahit sinong
gusto mo, tingnan mo muna kung committed na ito. Baka masapak ka ng wala sa ora
s. - Meg Toledo
It was one tough weekdays at work followed by the deadlines that usually had me
there on my chair for two more hours of overtime.
I hadn't have time for Iigo lately but still had a spare ample hour (usually it'll
be only 30 minutes of it) during lunch for some long talks through phone with h
and late at night, Iigo would come over at Meg's place and we'd stay all night cud
dling each other on Meg's favorite couch.
We'd watch late night shows or movies and I'll doze off on Iigo's arms feeling saf
e under his warmth
the next morning, I'll be surprise to find my self on my bed under the mattress
still on my PJ. It became a daily-nightly routine for a week but Iigo didn't seem
to mind, He would even prepare a glass full of milk for me
Such a sweet guy
He would even worry about my growing dark circles under my eyes so he makes sure
he'll pick me up after work (even he'll wait for an hour) to ensure my safety
and there were days Im so worn out I couldn't even make it to the couch or my be
d and I'll fall on my deep slumber on Iigo's car
It was one tough stressful days but I'm glad he understands
It was one morning .. the last Saturday for the month of November. The same time
Iigo told me about his day-long practice on Sta. Ana racetrack, when Meg suddenly
came up for me
"Nina, Guess what!"
I looked up to her face and saw how eager she was to spill something to me
"What?" I said half-paying attention to her while my other half was tryn'a focu
s my eyes on the movie I was watching on star movies right now
"You know Im on the celebrity and gossips department right? There's this interv
iew I'm about to conduct with your bestfriend"
huh? Bestfriend?
I was completely puzzled and didn't catch what she just said to me
"Are you upto something again?"
"Pfft! SLOW!! No, ofcourse Im not." She said firmly and sat beside me on the so
"I mean, I was but-ugh! Nevermind! That's not the point"
She was about to grab a popcorn from the bowl I had on my arm when suddenly, I
yanked her hands away and said
"I wont let you have it unless you'll spill"
"A-hah! Are you learning those tricks from your racetrack boyfriend? To be cond
itional and somewhat sneaky? Ikaw, Nina ah?"
I just rolled my eyes at her and then I tried focusing on the movie I was watchi
ng when Meg suddenly grab the bowl from me and then hid it to her side
She was laughing hysterically when I was trying to reach for the popcorn
"Makinig ka kasi muna!" She whined
"Ano nga kasi yun, Meg? At sinong bestfriend pinagsasabi mo?"I said impatiently
as I crossed my arm from the other on top of my chest
"I'm going to interview Kendra this noon"
She'll what?
"Kendra? Kendra.. Kendra Gainsborough?" I stammered
"Yeah that leggy top model who already ramp for Balenciaga, Chanel, Valentino,
Armani and Burberry? Yeah that's her"
I was out of words from the moment and Meg seemed to be enjoying that. She smile
d devilishly and grabbed my hand
"And you, my friend, my dearest nina, are coming along with me"
She said what?!
"Don't you think I shouldn't be here?" I said looking around the area. It was R
ogue's photoshoot for the December cover
I've never been into a photoshoot before
I literally turned my head 360 degrees almost breaking my cervical area. Everyon
e seemed busy and there were wires and lights everywhere.
The shoot director was there with his assistant looking out on the tv-like scree
n about the size of a laptop. The lighting crews were given an instruction by th
e shoot director himself
While the photographer, who was quite the lookish, was there staring from a far.
I followed his gaze and was surprise that it landed on Kendra, who was sitting
there while she was whisked away by a make-up artist and hair stylist as the cat
erer brings her delicacies right on her face
She was treated like a goddess here
In the meantime, the photographer was there making last minute lighting and set
schmoozing the art director
making sure everything was set
rechecking the cameras
directing the photo assistant
and lastly, coming up to the Make up artist just to check on how things were go
ing with the Kendra
She finally stood up from where she sat, I saw how beautiful she was.. really! I
t was like Aphrodite was now here walking around the earth
She didn't notice me and didn't even care that every heads were now all hers wat
ching her movements as she made her way to the green flat form
She didn't seem to mind
She went to change from her silky pink robe and unto some kinda red slacks, red
stilettos and red Blazer with nothing else covering her chest-her boobs, but a b
lack feathery long necklace
Holy! Seriously?!
I thought as my eyes became widely open at the fact she's going on a shoot with
nothing on her chest but the Blazer itself which, by the way, didn't really cov
er up much of it
I was even startled at the moment but Kendra was calm and was still willing to p
ose half-naked!
That's what high-paid top models are for
"Show time!" The photographer uttered as he clasped both of his hands and shout
ed at everyone else to get ready
Kendra was ready to get in front of the camera. And stood in front of the green
clothe that were used to alternate the background of the model and on the large
format cameras
As the shoot was now going on, I noticed that the photographer and Kendra shared
this certain 'unknown' communication from one another.
She followed the verbal instructions of the photographer. Kendra, As a model and
Mr Paulo Marvelino, a photographer worked together more and establish a touch-o
r-don't-touch understanding up front.
Kendra didn't hesitate to move freely even she was half naked. It was quicker an
d easier for her to physically move her arms, head and legs where the photograph
er wants them.
and the photoshoot ended briefly when the photographer said
"Good job, Kendra! Everyone! Let's Pack up, Clean up now!"
I watched Kendra took a long satisfied sighed as she walked out from the green-
clothed wall. She sat on the chair where she took her robe and wore it
"That's our cue"
Meg whispered to my ears and grabbed my hand as she pulled it
We walked straight to where Kendra was who's busy on her phone
"No. Maybe later. Okay! See you? Alright. Bye" She said to the other line of he
r phone
She looked up at Meg and said ..
"Let's get this over with shall we? I have a long long day and----"
She stopped when She finally took noticed of my existence before her. She frowne
d for awhile before she broke herself in some kinda grimy pretend smile
"Oh, Nina! Glad to see you!" She said and stood up to give me a beso
She waved her hands to get the attention of the utility crew and shouted
"Gina? I need some chairs here!"
and then darted her attention back at us. She smiled and when the chairs had ar
rived for us to sit ..she asked us to sit across her
She crossed her leg from the other and then said
"Let's start"
The interview went on. Meg would throw direct questions at her which she would a
nswer straight to the point.
"Last question Miss Gainsborough.. Why did you kiss the phenomenal racing prodig
y Mr. Iigo Bustamante whom I believed was already committed?"
There was silence between us and I believed that people from the near vicinity
sure heard that. The dead air was suffocating and I was definitely startled at M
eg's question. Then Kendra gave me the look which is too hard to read.
Before I could study 'the look' she threw on me, She immediately return her gaz
es back to Meg
Kendra chuckled bitterly before uttering ..
"Don't be sentimental enough to believe that when a girl kisses a guy it means s
omething. A kiss can mean everything and nothing. You can kiss a lover just as w
ell as you can kiss an enemy. It's not always love when you kiss. Sometimes, it'
s friendship. Sometimes, it's just for fun."
Just for fun?
Kendra glanced at me and then smiled
"I'm single. Surely, It's fun, but I miss being attached. I miss having someone
I can share my bed with." She added with much confident as possible
I heard a loud gasp coming from the other side of the roomand for sure, by the l
ooks of it, heard Kendra's words
I felt my hands automatically clenched when I was slowly stabbed by her words re
alizing it was meant for me. Dragging me deep down to what it seems to be-- hell
"But, Don't you think, Miss Kendra Gainsborough, that single is not synonymous
with Desperate and its not right to taint the meaning out of it, no?"
Kendra was taken aback by Meg's words. She looked around the corner as if check
ing out if someone's even listening
Kendra seemed lost and out of words to utter. Meg smiled in victory as she watch
ed the beautiful model stammered and shake.
I looked around and noticed that everyone was waiting for her answer.. and somew
hat, looking at our direction.
"I think that would be all, Miss Gainsborough! Thank you so much for allowing me
to interview you and get to know you more"
Meg stood up and gestured me to follow her. Meg smiled at Kendra and grabbed my
But before we could completely get out of the door, Meg turned around and said
"Oh one more thing, Miss Kendra Gainsborough.. you may not understand this thing
but .. Di porke't single ka eh pwede mo ng landiin kahit sinong gusto mo, tingn
an mo muna kung committed na ito. Baka masapak ka ng wala sa oras eh mahirap na"
Meg's smile grew wider the moment she saw Kendra's priceless face turned sour in
She clearly didn't understand a thing aside from "single and committed"
(A/N: Lol! what more can I say? A bitch can only be stop by a bitch herself.. an
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[31] Chapter 30
Overview : Someone's about to say 'Hello' to their baby boy on this chap. Read
to find out!
Quote for this chap : Love is a gift. If you receive it, open and appreciate it
. If not, do not worry. Someone somewhere is still wrapping it for you.
Days had passed so swiftly that I didn't notice it was already December. Iigo and
I were practically inseparable and usually have casual dates on a daily basis.
He'll pick me up from work and then take me to some fancy restaurant all throug
hout metro manila.
And ofcourse, He had been his usual sweet self not even bothered by the stares w
e get from his self-proclaimed wives
and when I mean wives, Its not only two or three.. it was a whole lot bunch of
teenage girls and practically flirty set of single women.
But then again they were his supporters, so when two hormonal girls came to him
on the day we were at the mall, he was polite enough to bend down and give them
a sweet non-malicious kiss on the cheeks
I guess I'm not needed here
I said and averted my eyes to Christian Louboutin where the mannequins stood the
re with posh attire. I smiled when my eyes appreciated and adored that spike pum
ps that one of the mannequins was wearing
I was walking alone and left Iigo with his wives when I absentmindedly bump into s
"Im so so sorry" I said as I started picking up the groceries that had fallen o
n to the tiled-floor of the mall.
"Nina?" I looked up and saw the familiar smiling place that I once hate but now
felt warm towards the site out it

It was the very pregnant Roselyn whose belly was twice bigger than I expected. S
he had gained weight and had this chubby puffy cheeks now but her smile was swee
t and radiating
I smiled back as I handled her .. the pack of spaghetti sauce
"planning on cooking some spaghetti tonight?"
"Oh! these? Yeah.. Gerard's parents are coming over and I thought I should prep
are something for them" She said as she slightly lifted the grocery bag for me t
o see
I was about to say something when Iigo called out for my name. I turn around as I
noticed him coming closer to where Roselyn and I stood
"Ge's wife right? Rose?" He smiled and held out his hand
Roselyn returned the favor and took his hand for her to shake "Yes. I believe o
ur first meeting before was in the most unlikely position"
It was happening so fast that i couldn't make even the slightest sound of frigh
t as I saw Iigo punching Gerard endlessly. He was tackling him down on the cold ha
rd cemented-ground
naggulong gulong pa sila once more and Gerard , kahit may dugo na sa labi, ay n
asa ibabaw na this time ni Iigo
"Traidor ka, Iigo!!! how could you!!" ang sigaw niya habang sinusuntok suntok si
Iigo. Sinipa ni Iigo si Gerard which made them shift their position. hinampas niya
kagad si Gerard sa malamig na semento habang inuupukan siya ng todo
"dont act like I should be blame here dear cousin! you're the one who cheated!"
ang sigaw ni Iigo habang sinusuntok suntok ang mukha ni Gerard
"Tama na!!!" ang sabi ko when i drew my self closer to Iigo at napayakap from be
hind him para lang matigilan siya sa kasusuntok kay Gerard.
Napapikit ako not knowing what to do as a drop of tear was now cascading down m
y cheeks
Eventhough Gerard's such a jerk, he doesn't deserve to be treated this way. No
one should
Tumayo bigla si Iigo and held me closer that I could almost feel his beating hear
t. I sobbed but then looked up to see his worried face with a stain of blood in
the side of his mouth while his right cheekbone is starting to be purple-ish
sakto namang dumating din ang hindi ko inaasahan, I could even recognize her pa
gkababa niya pa lang sa cab.She hurriedly made her way to us and knelt down to r
each Gerard's now swollen face
"Roselyn" I whispered in surprise. It has been quite a long time since the last
time I saw her
She looked up and angrily glared at us
"I can't believe you, Nina! pinabugbog mo si Gerard?! wala ka ba talagang konse
nsya?!" halos sumigaw siya when she said those words to me
"If your boyfriend was just nice enough not to force himself on, Nina.. maybe..
just maybe, I should've just spared him a little"
Iigo uttered while he tighten his embrace on my shoulder. almost, as if, afraid t
o lose me.
"UHHHH" ang ungol ni Gerard while nakapikit siya
"Ge? kaya mo pa bang tumayo?" i heard her slightly whispering to Gerard while s
he's slowly lifting him up from the ground that he's been lying
Gerard just came in right on time while carrying a foldable blue crib with him.
I noticed that he too had undergone quite drastic change.
He began growing beard along his jaw, it was not thick and messy but it appeared
a little more mature to me. Just right for him to appear a little fatherly than
the last time I saw him
He bent down and planted a small kiss on Roselyn's cheeks and finally noticed u
s standing there. Gerard's smile grew wider and said
"Nina! Couz!" He said giving his dear cousin a manly pat-hug then he smiled swe
etly at me which I genuinely return
"Haven't seen you guys around for quite some time now huh?"
"Yeah. You could say that Ge"
"OH!" Roselyn uttered in surprised. She looked at us wide-eyed while holding on
to her belly. She smiled afterwards while caressing her tummy into some motherl
y touch
"What's wrong, love?"
"He kicked .. Ang likot" She said with such glow on her eyes while looking at G
She seemed happy. And I never knew I'll say this one day, but they looked good t
"OHHMAAIIGOOSH!! " biglang sigaw ni Roselyn sabay namilipit sa sakit.
We were startled at that moment. She seemed in pain and losing her balance
"Nagco-contract na... I think... lalabas na siya"
I didn't have time to blink once or twice. It happened in a snap that I could b
arely make out what's gonna happen next.
Gerard threw the crib on Iigo na agad naman niyang sinalo. He carried Roselyn in h
is arms in a bridal style and immediately ran to the escalator of the mall.
We were at the 4th floor of the mall that's why it was a long hassle we've been
through going down the ground floor parking lot
"Excuse me! Coming through!"
"Bitch, please. Move your ass!"
"You fat-ass pimp! Someone's about to give birth."
"Shit! Get the fuck out of my way"
I've never seen this side of Gerard, So protective, impulsive that you could see
how much he cares for her now.
When we made it down the ground, I immediately seek for Gerard's Crimson Bentley
but it was nowhere in sight.
I was even surprise to find a slightly bigger buff kind of a car. I knew it was
Ge's cuz he immediately deactivated the alarm of it while he was still carrying
Roselyn on his arms
I know it may sound impossible but he did
It was not the usual sports car that only two people could fit in, it was more o
f a family-oriented one with a back seat which could even fit the crib that Iigo w
as carrying around.
Someone's ready to be a Dad
Equally the interior is made to be stylish while sporty. It features sports seat
s, embossed R-Design emblems on the front of the back head rests, sports pedals
in aluminum, unique leather upholstery, blue gauges in typical R-Design and a un
ique R-Design centre stack.
Good thing Iigo was the one driving Gerard's Red Volvo XC60 so we came fast witho
ut a 'ching' on the way. We made it to Makati Medical Center just in time
and since Makati Med was known for credible roster of medical professionals, sta
te-of-the-art facilities, and equipments, We were attended right away by watchfu
l ladies wearing white which I believe where nurses of the said institution and
a female doctor wearing a white robe
What amazed me more about the hospital is the fact that they have 6 labor rooms
strategically connected to 4 delivery rooms, with recovery rooms situated nearb
They have 3 Lamaze rooms equipped with a television set, which can be a good exp
erience for husbands who are trying to share the birthing experience with their
We sat on the elongated chair outside the Lamaze room waiting for the whole thin
g to be over. Gerard, on the other hand, was the only persona allowed to go insi
de with Roselyn while Iigo and I were left there outside.
There were other people who sat across and I couldn't help but smile at the site
of an Innocent cute chinese girl sitting with her grandpa
while Iigo was looking up on the television watching Phineas and Ferb, his hands
were spread across the soft-green sofa of the room where we are right now. He wi
ll randomly squeeze my elbow from time to time which he obviously enjoyed doing
I'll just looked up to his face and then give him a small perky kiss on his chee
I grabbed one of the news papers on the nearby center table and saw the tragic p
ictures that broke my heart. I saw the ruined houses, the dead corps and that po
or little kid floating on the Iligan bay
Poor thing. Christmas and Typhoons should never come together.
I thought as I read thoroughly the said article of the Philippine star.
Sendong killed more than 650 people in eight provinces in the southern Mindanao
region, which is unused to typhoons. Rescuers are searching for more than 800 pe
ople missing. Flash floods and landslides swept houses into rivers and out to s
My eyes grew wider at the thought of it and I released a loud gasp which earned
me few heads to turn on my direction
"What's wrong?" Iigo whispered next to me
"Look! Wala na silang houses sa mismong araw ng Christmas" I said ang drew the
newspaper near him to see
"Yeah. Heard about that too."
"Wont we do something about it?"
"Actually, Babe. A group of racers in metro manila conjoined an idea and had th
is 'Race, Watch && Go' wherein, Filipino racers all throughout the world, where
I too will join, gather and have this friendly competition at Sta. Ana next week
. The money that we'll earned out of it, will go straight to charity"
"Wow!" I said totally amazed by his words
" Ang Astig mo, Babe! I never thought I'm going to have a crush on you one day"
"Ganon?" He said pinching my nose
'Di mo ko naging crush?"
"Should I be happy about that?"
"Of course! Hindi na kasi kita naging crush, minahal na agad kita"
"Sus Bola! Kiss mo muna ako"
My heart was beating loudly yet again, as Iigo's face came closer to my view
"Ahem!" An old man, sitting just across us, coughed while slightly glaring at u
s. I stared at him wondering if he saw that all
Ofcourse nakita niyo yun.. he's just old but not blind
the thought of it made me blushed even more. He eyed us first intently warning
us that he has his 10-year-old grand daughter with him
"Angkong, tmen zi zu shnme ne?" (What are they doing?) the curious little Chinese girl
sked. By the looks of it, I could tell there was still a Filipino touch on her d
espite having really 'singkit' eyes
Her hair was held on a high pig tails with her full bangs covering her brows
"Its Nothing, Liz. They're just like birds that peck on each other's beak to gi
ve food"
"Ohhh! Can I do that to Dar-"
"No!" The old man snapped and then turned back to what he was reading---- a new
What startled me even more, is the fact that I saw something that Meg will sure
ly be glad for.
I saw the headline of it when he finally held it higher to cover his face
"The beautiful Filipino-Brit International Ramp Model, Kendra Gainsborough, Flew
back to Milan for the Annual Giorgio Armani Fashion show"
(A/N: Dedicated sa mga nasalanta ng Sendong. Sana kahit paano, kahit wala nang h
am sa mesa or other stuffs .. Sana .. I hope, Complete kayo. My hearts goes to t
hose people na nawalan na nga ng bahay, lahat lahat.. pati ng nawwla pa nilang f
am member na 'til now d pa nhhanp
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[32] Chapter 31
Overview : Someone's about to say hello to her psychopath ex-mother-in-law
Quote : The best way to escape from the past is not to avoid or forget it, but t
o accept & forgive it.
"He's a cutie patootie isn't he?" uttered sweetly by Rose who cradled her 6-poun
d newborn baby boy on her arms, She hummed in a free way while watching the infa
nt sleep in her arms
It was 7 in the evening when Roselyn delivered her healthy baby boy. The nurse
told her to rest but she was stubborn and insisted she wont go to sleep unless s
he'll see her own baby boy.
Roselyn may looked tired and worn out now but she still managed to smile as she
gazes down at her little baby boy
"I must say.." I sat beside Roselyn and slightly pinched the cheek of the cute l
ittle puny-head --- "He's like a little version of that man on the foot of your
I pointed out at Gerard who kept on capturing pictures since God-knows how long.
Indeed, the little baby reminds me a lot of Gerard's baby picture before. Same
nose, Same eyes and same broad forehead
"You could say that again"
"Smile!!!" then a flash of light literally had us there
"Ge! Stop that! nagpipicture ka, mukha nga kong zombie" Roselyn protest and cov
ered her face with her bare hand
"Ano ka ba, Honey .."
Gerard walked straight beside Roselyn and then gave his baby boy a kiss on the f
orehead and kiss on the lips for his wife
"I'm sure Rossard wont mind" and then run his hand on the forehead sleeping chi
Such a sweet family.. I wonder if ganto din kame ni Iigo kung magkakababy
"I called Tita Marilou, Ge. She's actually on her way now" Iigo said as he walked
and closed the door behind him. He slid his iphone back to his pocket and then
added ..
"Did I hear it right? You actually named my nephew, Rossard?" A brow was arched
at Iigo's face before he sat down at the couch near the Tv
"Its Roselyn-" He raises both of his left hand and then the next in the air "and
Gerard" Joined the two hands and uttered with a smile "Rossard"
Iigo chuckled "Right. Very Creative. I never thought of that" and rolled his eyes
as he grabbed the remote close to him
But instead of the remote, He suddenly threw a pillow on Gerard's face "Bading!"
"Hoy! Foul yun ah!" Gerard complained and was about to throw back the pillow wh
en the door suddenly burst open
"When will you boys ever grow up?" an old husky masculine voice uttered as he w
alked through the door with a middle age woman in her white robe
"Parang Di' ka pa sanay sa kanila, Gilbert" She said and patted the back of the
"Mom" Iigo muttered in surprise. He stood up from the couch and then immediately
approached the gorgeous middle age woman who has the same brown eyes as his. On
the other hand, Gerard also did the same and gave his father a pat-hug
Gerard's Father, Dr. Gilbert Enriquez is known well for his great achievement i
n the field of medicine as a neurologist.
While Dr. Ingrid Enriquez-Bustamante, as what Ate Diane mentioned before she fle
w back to US, isn't only Miss World 1977 but also a novice cardiologist in the s
aid institution
Tito Gilbert suddenly was surprised when he saw me there sitting beside her dau
ghter-in-law's bed. I smiled weakly at him and stood up from where I was
Maybe he thinks I'm a masochist for being there. I was cheated but here I am at
the side of Gerard's wife
"Nina! The ever reasonable and forgiving Nina. Despite everything, Thank you!"
Tito Gilbert said as he held my both of my hands for gratitude
"I really didn't do anything sir"
"Nonsense! Gerard told me that you were there all through out the delivery. Tha
nk you so much!"
Then he turned his direction back to Roselyn
"Im so sorry Hija I wasn't there for you. I was scheduled for another operation
on that very moment"
Roselyn smiled at her father-in-law and said "Its okay, Dad"
"Can I hold him?" asked by Tito Gilbert who looked eager on holding his grandch
"Of course" Roselyn handled down the baby to her Father-in-law and genuinely sm
iled at the old man
A knock came to our door revealing a sophisticated-looking woman wearing a class
ic Tom ford red mesh sleeve midi dress with a deep V-neck and a wide velvet belt
around her waist
and by the looks of the shades of her lipstick, Mac Crme D'Nude, I could tell it w
as Gerard's mother
Gerard's psychopath of a mother
"Marilou!" Tita Ingrid lock her on an embrace and then beso-ed. She was bringing
with her five heart-shaped blue balloons and a black forest cake from Red ribbo
"Did I miss anything?"
She seemed oblivious that I was there on the same room as her .. Just thinking a
bout her reminds me of those days..
I could still remember how she said it to me .. those words
"To be frank, I don't even like you for my only son.. not even a single strand
from you"
You're probably wondering why she hated me that much, well.. it started off when
Gerard wasn't on the deans list anymore and she practically blew off all the bl
ame to me
She blames me about Gerard's decision of not proceeding to Medicine after gradua
tion and certainly she's not entirely please about me being a Cum laude at all
"You're not even a good influence to him
Gerard's Pyschopath of a mother .. Mrs. Maria Lourdes Azucena-Enriquez RN, MN, P
hD, Director of Interdisciplinary studies at Ateneo
Wide eyed and surprise, She suddenly was frozen in front of her husband when sh
e saw me right there before her eyes.
"What is she doing here?" Gerard's mother scowled while she gave me a disgust l
Tita Ingrid seemed clueless of what was happening between us and so is Iigo
"Marilou" warned by Tito Gilbert
but the woman wasn't faze by her husband's word. She was about to approach me o
ne on one when Gerard suddenly came to the picture and block her mother's attemp
t to pull me out of the room
"Mom. She was there for Rose the whole time. Please just acknowledge her even f
or once" Gerard pleaded and threw a nod on Iigo, a non-linguistic message that the
y both seem to understand
Iigo obviously got the message and then stood up
"Tita, Tito, Mom.. We better get going-" He took my hand and pulled me from the
suffocating air on that corner of the room "-Gabi na so, Hatid ko na si Nina. "
"Sige, Igo. Take care on your way will you?"
Iigo just waved his hands on his mother and completely closed the door
"Woah! That was really intense air going on between you and Tita Marilou"
"Yeah. What more can I say?"
"What was that all about?" his brows were pulled together in manner that shows
how curious he was
"You don't wanna know, Babe. You don't really want to know" I said shaking my h
ead in disapproval
We're now inside Iigo's gray Lamborghini Murcielago on our way back home at Meg's
flat when he decided to grab some dinner on Jollibee through a drive thru servi
ce at Makati Avenue
"Good evening, Sir ..Ma'am. What can I get you?" We were graced by a young lad w
earing a red cap on his head. He was smiling at us as he took a paper and a pen
"2 Champ 1/3 pound beef patties, Jolly Crispy Fries - 4 Cheese, Peach Mango Pie,
2 Coke Floats, Choco Crumble Sundaes and a Strawberry Sundae"
"Okay, sir! Be back after 15 minutes"
"Ang dami mo naman yatang inorder?" I said surprised the number of take outs he
"I thought you're hungry kaya yun.."
"Are you saying na matakaw ako? And what's with Strawberry Sundae?!"
"and what's wrong with Strawberry Sundae?"
I broke into roars of laughter while he was left there completely confuse
"I don't know .. its just that I thought you're such a barako man.. You and Str
awberry sundae? Really? Parang 'di bagay"
"Masarap kaya! Besides strawberries are one of my favorites" He said with much
confidence in his eyes
"you liked strawberries even before pa?"
and he nodded which made me chuckled as loud as before
"So that explains why you have those numbers of strawberry flavored condom on y
our cabinet na lagi mong ginagamit pag---"
The light illuminated from the drive thru window was suddenly blocked. I turned
around and saw the same Jollibee crew who stood before us awhile ago
I leaned at Iigo's ear and whispered "How long has he been standing there?"
Iigo was obviously amused as he handled the bill towards they guy
"I don't know"
"Thank you for coming to Jollibee, Sir.." and when he turned glances at me he w
as a little bit hesitant for I don't know why..

With the smile of victory plastered across Iigo perfectly sculpted face, He maneu
vers the car to the other side of the road and straight to Makati Avenue we go
"Argh! Why didn't you tell me he was there all along?"
"Why would I? I like it when you blush" He pinches my nose and gave me a quick
kiss on the lips
"Reminds me of those strawberries"
Ako? Strawberries?!
and then he broke into deep long laughter along the way
Iigo has gone loco over strawberries!

(A/N: May I ask, is it a turn on pag ang lalake mahilig sa color pink na fruit?
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[33] Chapter 32
Overview : That awkward moment na kine-claim ng iba na asawa daw nila ang boyfri
end mo. That awkward moment na may tinatago ang bestfriend mo. That awkward mome
nt when hindi ka makapasok sa loob dahil 'di ka kilala and that final awkward mo
ment when he suddenly grabs you by the hand and pulled you into one of those pop
ping and mind-blowing kiss of the century
the bonus? is when they ask who you are to him and he'll say "She's my girl". Go
t any clue how this chap would flow? read!
Quote :there will always be someone smarter, better looking and younger. but the
y don't have your life experiences. and that's your edge
"Go number 22!!! Woooh!!" Not bothered by the glares she gets, Meg stood up from
the bleacher and cheered for Iigo. She tossed her hankie in the air and then shou
ted some more
We are now at the the upper A bleacher of Sta. Ana Race track where the fundrais
ing competition is about to start. It was 7 pm sharp when I decided to drag Meg
along with me
Then she looked down at me as a brow was raise on her face "and why aren't you
cheering for your boyfriend, Nina?"
I heard few gasp from behind us and I turned around to see a bunch of squealing
annoying group of teenagers
"Narinig niyo ba yun? Girlfriend daw?" sniggered by one of them
"Well, dream on girl! Ako lang naman ang asawa ni Iigo" a skinny-as-stick girl we
aring a sleeveless halter that shows her non-existent curves stood up and folded
her arms on top of her chest
Ano daw?!
"Hoy hoy hoy! Asawa?!" another girl stood up, She was quite pretty but the shade
of her lipstick, Mac Pink Nouveau, didn't suit her at all
"You're so ambi talaga! Baka you meant kabit?"
Just when the girl was laughing on her sole victory, another one form their gro
up stood up. A gay-man added an extra 'ooooph' before fully making his way up f
rom where he sat. He reminded me a lot of Ricci Chan from No other Woman.
He flipped his non-existent long black hair and then held his chin up to show su
periority amongst them
"Tsk! The only kabit here are all of you, cuz.. I am the legal wife!" He said a
nd then suddenly, his eyes landed on our direction
"Kaya bitches who claim him should wake up and stop dreaming on!"
A conjoined laughter came from their lips while they exchange this non-linguisti
c look at each other.
"Aba.. gago 'to ah!" Meg gritted her teeth and was about to stand from where she
But thank god! I pulled her hand.. I don't know what she could do when she's pis
"Meg" I warned and then shook my head in disapproval.
She let go a deep harsh breath and then murmured "Naghahamon eh". She intwined
her arms on top of her chest and glared in the air
"Let them be, you know what they say .. libre lang mangarap" A husky male-ish v
oice uttered. We both looked up to see a familiar tall man with the same Cheshir
e grin
"Footlong?" He offered and handled me one with a soda
"Patrick!" Meg stood up and then gave the man who stood before us a warm hug
She let go from the hug and grab the footlong from Patrick's hands "I thought y
ou don't go along with crowds and noises?"
"I wouldn't miss this fundraising for anything"
I watched them as they sat close to each other. There's something different bet
ween these two. I couldn't just pin point out what but whenever Patrick would wh
isper something on Meg's ear she'll end up either laughing or nudging him on his
stomach which I find really adorable
They act more as a brother-sister than lovers and they seemed closer than the la
st time I saw them together. Definitely, They're upto something now.
The last time I saw them was the time they were really intimate on Meg's couch
Bssszzzt Bsssszzt Bsssszzzt
My blackberry snoozed inside my Dooney & Bourke Blue handbag. I immediately grab
bed it and saw an SMS coming from..
From : Iigo
Look at me
I've scanned the oval and saw him there smiling while holding his helmet on his
side. He looked so flawless and hot even when He was just wearing his red NASCAR
jacket which seems to be his trademark
Even when distance kept us apart, I could still manage and outline how his smile
was plastered on his perfect cult face.
"OMG!! He's looking at our way!!"
"I think I'm gonna faint"
squealed by the same annoying pile of wanna-bes behind us. Meg just made faces a
nd told them to 'shut the fuck up'
I, Being the modess Nina, just rolled her eyes and then smug at Iigo. He looked do
wn on his phone once more and started typing.
What is he doing?
Consequently, my blackberry vibrated yet again ..
From: Iigo
I think you forgot my goodluck kiss

I smiled and I looked down the oval and saw him leaning on his car, as if waitin
g for my cue. This bad-ass hottie knows when to allure women our age.
To: Iigo
You know that's impossible.
It took him approximately less than a second to respond and sent his reply on my
From: Iigo
Hhmm.. I guess you owe me after the race. At may interest na, dapat more than
I saw him smirked before he looked up once again to catch me in the waves of th
e crowd. He was standing on the oval while waving at our direction
To : Iigo
I guess I do. Your call. Any time and anywhere
emale on the east part of the wing
I looked up and saw he is indeed waving at me with flirty wink to match with
Stay still my heart
He blew a soft flying kiss which made the crowd howled as they've gone totally w
ild with it.
He seems really popular
I was about to waved back at him when I heard a loud gush of screaming girls fro
m behind us. They seemed to be so in to the waving part that they squealed on to
p of their lungs
I withdrew my hand back and then sighed
"Feeling ko any minute guguho tong bleacher" Patrick uttered as he tighten his
grip on Meg's waist
"Che! Chansing naman yang ginagwa mo!" Meg yanked away Patrick's hand and glare
d at him
"Totoo kaya! And this is actually the first time I see that 1 is to 30 ang ratio
ng men to women sa isang racing competition. Do these bitches know how the spor
t of racing works?" teased by Patrick while Meg glared at him and elbowed his gu
"Hey what did I do?" Patrick complained
Meg's expression suddenly soften when she turn her attention to me and then smi
"Don't listen to him. For sure, they came here for charity"
Maybe he's right
"Meg, Patrick's right. I guess if It wasn't with these good-looking racers, I d
on't think they would even be here in the first place" I sighed while Meg finall
y had nothing else to say anymore. She was about to open her mouth but decided t
o close it immediately
"Good Evening, People of Sta. Ana Racetrack! And welcome to ' Watch, Race && Go
'" A man in his expensive-looking tux said through the mic. The crowd began to f
eel giddy and were excited when racers started walking through the oval and at t
he side of their car
"A fundraising event conjoined by these young good-looking racers whose aim are
to help those who were greatly affected by typhoon Sendong" A woman in her late
30's uttered as she gracefully walked beside her co-host
"Indeed, Vicky .. young good-hearted men in their generation. I'm sure these aud
ience don't like us to keep them waiting right there on their seat. So let's sta
"A man wearing his lucky green NASCAR jacket with number 13 crest on his delts.
A man who won 3rd Place overall Formula BMW Pacific Championship with 1 Podium l
ast year. And the 3 of youngest and best Asian Driver of 68 participants on Bue
nos Aires. Ladies and gents .. Matt De'Angelo!"
The crowd howled as a very fine-looking man stood up next to his harlequin-colo
red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. He waved at everyone else on the track and smiled f
lashing his alluring heart-melting smile which made the girls squeal and the cro
wd went wild
"The crowd seem to love him that much" The female host commented while smiling a
t that racer.
I guess hindi lang audience and fans ang may gusto sa kaniya.. kahit host
I thought when the female host seemed abashed when Matt smiled back at her too
"Next, is a man who not only inherited the charm of the former Champion of Ph
ilippine Senior Rotax Max Challenge. He also got the speed and tricks to win fro
m his father. Let us welcome .. Kaifer De la Merced"
Kaifer De la Merced? It kinda rings a bell
I thought as I saw a familiar man on his late 20's smiling
The role call continued as the host began introducing each racers on the track.
On by one they come up They graced and took the spotlight with those really temp
ting smiles that got the female species squeeled
On the other hand, I watched as few pieces of flashback run through my head
I was scribbling down various notes that I should use as details when I saw a ha
nd extend it self to me while holding a coke
I looked up only to see a man in his late 20's as he smiled at me
He had this strong jaw line just like Iigo's and definitely over towering me with
his height.
He nodded at me to take his coke so I smiled in return and took it while he sat
next to me
"Kaifer De La Merced" He said with such friendliness in his tone while tossing h
is drink up on me
"Nina Fernandez" I said in return as I opened the can of coke in my hands and t
ossed it up as well

Before I could even stop my self from reminiscing I was held on to my seat right
away when it was Iigo's time to haul the crowd with his charm
"The whole-time favorite racer of the crowd, the one who kept a lot of us proud
with his glory in his career.1st placer at Rookie Cup Formula BMW Pacific 2011 C
hampionship with 2 wins and 1 podium"
Nobody was listening to the host anymore. They were as if too eager to be notice
d by this racer that they began to make noises as they kept on cheering and howl
ing for him
"and Represented Philippines in the Rotax Max DD2 World Finals in Helsinki.. Lad
ies and Gents.. we give you Iigo Bustamante!!!"
The crowd began to howl in delight, the mob made noises and the girls kept on sq
uealing as it echoed through out the whole field
"Settle down settle down" cued by the male host but the crowd remained unfaze by
the pleading and still continued the squeeling and shouting on Iigo's name
The male host was somehow irritated and whispered on the female host beside him.
In return, She nodded and understood what she heard from her partner
"Racers" She spoke .. before adding
"put on your helmets, fastern your seat belts and roar your engine cuz we're ab
out to start.. "
The people inside the Sta. Ana Race track joined the two hosts for the countdow
"PANG!" the sound of the pistol as the checkered black and white flag was swayed
"Nina! Andito ka lang pala! I've been looking for you" Meg peeked from the door
and then closed it behind her
"Ni-nerbyos akong bigla.. akala ko mala-laglag yung puso ko nung nag drift si Iig
o sa number 13"
Meg sniggered and rolled her eyes "Ang OA a?"
"Well.. I'm sorry if this is the first time I've watched it live."
I said as I applied Armani Luminous Silk Foundation on my face. Meg began to chu
ckled and she laid her bag on the sink beside mine
"You know .. masyado kang tense eh! Chill! Nanalo naman si Iigo"
"Yeah. He's second to that .. De'Angelo guy"
I watch her as she got that Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara from her Red Ralph
Lauren bag and then grabbed a hold on her brand new perfume
"Chanel No.5? I thought you don't like that smell?" I asked as I watch her spra
yed it all over her
"Well.. Patrick gave this to me. I couldn't say no you know"
Then I gave her the 'I-know-what-you-did' look which made her smile grew wider
"Are you two---"
"No. We're not a couple if that's you want to know" She slid her make up back to
her back and then turned to face me
"Gaga! Friends lang talaga kami.. walang commitment between us, okay? Close fri
ends na nandyan sa isa't isa pag sexual-deprived kaming pareho. Yun lang yun" Sh
e uttered and then laid her hand on her hips
May tinatago talaga tong babae to
"Pero.. you looked good together"
Her lips broke into one of the sincerest smile ever and she said ..
"I know"
She shoved her lipstick inside her bag then leaned at the sink
"pero some things are meant to stay that way.. and besides, baka hinahanap ka n
a ni Iigo."
Oppps! I almost forgot
I immediately shoved my make up inside my bag and then glanced at the wide-mirro
r to see how I look
I darted my gazes once again to the amused friend of mine right before me and b
eso-ed her
"See you, Meg"
The first thing that caught my eyes was the ball of people surrounding the fence
to the oval. There were demanding to get their selves inside but they were not
allowed to by the full-equipped with fire arms security guard
"Sige na guard! Papasukin mo na kami para sulit naman yung 1000 namin!"
"Oo nga!"
"Sorry, Ma'am. We were told not to let you inside. Besides its already pass 10 a
ren't you supposed to be home by now?"
Wow taray! Inglesero si koya security guard!
I took few steps back ward away from them and then started jumping up and down j
ust to see if Iigo's inside
There he is!
I thought as I spot him talking to one of the racers inside. He was congratulati
ng a guy with a green NASCAR jacket whose name was Matt De'Angelo
But how am I suppose to get inside if bawal?
I felt a light build lit on top of head as I thought of something that will sure
ly allow me to get over that fence without a hassle
You didn't become a Cum Laude for nothing, Nina
I squeeze myself between the pile and waves of the people and then settled in f
This is it, Nina! Work your charm!
a security guard from the farthest left threw his cigar and elbowed the smaller
"Wui! Pre' chicks oh!" whispered by a slightly smaller security guard to the on
in the middle
"Miss? May kailangan ka?"
"I work for Philippine Daily Inquirer and I'm-"
"Ahh.. Tga-Media?"
Ayy! Hinde! Taga-MMDA
I nodded and gave him a card
"Here's my ID"
He hesitated at first and was stealing glances from time to time. He looked at m
e from up and down before finally opening the gate for me and let me in
"Pre' may number niya ba dyan?" whispered by the slightly buff man before I coul
d completely slid my self behind
Somone's quite popular with the guards
San na kaya yun?
My eyes searched for him in the wave of people who kept on running and bumping
on me. I even saw one racer with some girl making out at the side of his car. Th
ey obviously cant wait to get their asses home that they started lavishing each
other on the open
I was lost for a moment and didn't know where to go
"Sorry" I said as I apologized to a man I've bumped with few seconds ago. He gla
red at me and then continued his stride.
He was obviously not in the mood for compensation coming from me
I've looked around once again but I couldn't find my self way out of this crowds
and people who were at rushed on their way home. I sighed and feel dizzy at the
same time when suddenly, a hand grabbed my wrist out of nowhere
But, My heart stood still when I looked up and saw a smirking Iigo before me.
He looked hotter than before even when drench in his own sweat
"Iigo!" I said as I gave him a warm big embrace
And while I was snuggling on his neck .. feeling his warmth before mine, I saw
millions of eyes darted on our direction. My eyes became wide-opened in surprise
I was startled and immediately pushed his chest away from me
Puzzled and confused at the same time, I began to panick when I realized I was s
tanding in front of the reporters ,cameras and lights that almost blind me in th
e eyes
Iigo's hands snaked its way to my waist and held me closer to his arms. He remaine
d calm while smiling at every one else. Then his hands went lower and I was surp
rised when he squeezed me ass!
"So here's the proof that Im not dating any model who goes by the name of Kendr
Another reported with glasses stood up and asked
"So the picture on the headline wasn't true?"
"Times like this, wala ng true or fake. Ever heard of photoshop?"
Some reporters were nodding while others continued scribbling on their papers. B
ut the other one finally caught me right there and noticed I was beside Iigo himse
lf. His brows were pulled together while he asked Iigo
"Sir, so who's the girl beside you?"
Oh no....
Iigo's eyes landed on mine and then he gave me one tempting alluring smile before
he darted his attention again on those curious eyes
"She's my girlfriend" He said proudly which made those reporters gasped and exch
anged non-linguistic looks as they smiled sheepishly on us
Everything happened in a blur when flashes of camera came to the view. I felt l
ike I was a deer in a headlight but weird as it seems, I still felt safe for Iigo
quickly rested his arm around my waist
I was contented at that but when he suddenly grabbed my cheeks with his hand, t
hat was a whole different story.
Before I registered what he was doing, He already pressed his lips against mine
and surprisingly, I responded to the kiss as if forgetting the fact that we were
in front of the paparazzi.
He wrapped his arms around me instantly, pulling me closer and kissing me back h
ard, with all the intensity and desire
I know this would go with the headline the next day, but for a moment, I didn't
Then I remembered what he sent on my phone awhile ago
From: Iigo
Hhmm.. I guess you owe me that after the race. At may interest na, dapat more t
han one ang kiss
Ito na yata yung post-goodluck kisses that he was asking for
(A/N: I thank AknedMars for allowing me to use her Matt De'Angelo for this chapt
er! Read her works! awesome talaga! btw, the flash back was from chapter 16.
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[34] Chapter 33
Overview : Another sweet moment on this chapter.
Quote : A dream is a wish your heart makes.
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"She's my girlfriend"
"She's my girlfriend"
"She's my girlfriend"
"She's my girlfriend"
"She's my girlfriend"
"She's my girlfriend"
Those three words sixteen letters kept on repeating and echoing inside my head a
nd Im torn between being annoyed or loving the privilege of being one
After that unexpected 'deer on the head light' experience that really bugged me
to sleep, I received random but constant calls/sms/emails from my friends, high
school buddies, co-workers, relatives.. you name it!
"You're one hella lucky girl, Nina! Kailan pa?"
"Sige! Ikaw na mahaba ang hair.. Ikaw na talaga!"
"Teka, nagbreak na pala kayo ni Gerard?!"
Yes, it has been like that for days now .. Gail and Bea seem to be really shock
that they would just gaze at me the whole time and then turn away once I gaze ba
It was really weird! No, I think weird is an understatement
Even last night, I've received an unexpected call from a woman close to my heart
. At first I didn't even recognize it yet so when I picked it up
"Ugh! If this is about the press and my boyfriend, Shut it!!"
"Nina .. is this how you greet your lola?"
I held my phone to my eyes and was horrified of what I eventually saw. It was in
deed my Lola, Augustina Lim-Suarez, whom I haven't talk to since the early breez
e of the year
"You haven't drop by at Cebu for Christmas and I thought something came up at yo
ur work but I began to wonder since I haven't got a word from you even last new
year's eve"
I was hesitant to answer her inquiries and heck, Im hella nervous of what do I s
ay next. She was never the type to be open minded enough to listen.
She was strict, Hella strict that she didn't even allow me to go on dates during
high school and would often snarl at my manliligaws
Yes, Poor me. I didn't even attend our high school prom
"I've heard from Isaac that you've gotten yourself a boyfriend. How long has it
been since you and Gerard broke up?"
What do I say? What Do I say? What do I say?
I was tonguetied and out of words as of the moment. How should I even start?
Hey, Granny! Sorry I was busy having sex with my boyfriend, I forgot to call
Ugh! That doesn't sound so good to hear .. She'll definitely hate Iigo if I did
"Uhhhh.. "
"Lola! You're scaring Ate Nina Away. What are you? An FBI?" A boyish pre-mature
voice uttered as I heard few countless chuckles on the other side of the phone
Who could that be?
and the next thing I knew .. I was speaking to my teen age cousin ..
"Isaac?! You sound weird!" I commented and a sweet laughter came out of my lips
as I recognize hiss hoarse voice and slightly, out of the line tune of his pitch
"Ate! Nagbibinata eh.. " He said and I could almost imagine him rubbing his back
while saying that.
I miss this kid
"Teka lang, Ate. Lola wanted to talk to you so badly.. it looks like she misses
you too" He kid and laughed off a little bit more before handling the phone to
our Lola once again
"Hello? Nina?" She said checking out if I was still there next to my phone. I s
I guess, Its time to tell her straight
"Lola, Im sorry if I---"
"Its okay, Nina" Her tone was a little bit calm and was somehow tender. It took
her a long sigh before she spoke to me once again
"I forgot the fact that you're growing up now .. Im sorry. I always thought of y
ou as a little nave girl who needed protection from the cold harsh world. I never
realized you're turning 22 soon. You've grown up so beautiful and fine, Nina ..
Just like your mother"
It took me awhile to absorb and let those words submerge into my heart, It was t
ouchy that made me somehow teary.
"I still don't know how I should feel of you not telling about your break up wit
h Gerard" she added
"It's a long story, Lola. But thanks! I miss you too"
"Your boyfriend is quite the look-ish and I wouldn't deny the fact that I don't
like the part where he suddenly grabbed your face and kissed you right in front
of the eyes of media"
"Uhhh ..I'll try telling him that"
Pinanood niya pala kung ganon?!
An awkward silence suddenly filled the line on my phone. I was about to bid far
ewell to her and call it a night already ..
When she added
"Nonetheless, Hija.. I'm still looking forward to the day where I'll finally me
et him in person"
Hearing those words, I cant help my self but smile. I never knew my Lola could b
e this understanding. She was never like this when I was going out with Gerard.
She would either nagged about teenagers getting pregnant on those days or consta
ntly remind Gerard to not have sex yet 'til we're married
Yes, It was funny before .. and I could still make few laughter as I reminisce
"Soon, Lola.. Soon"
Could this get any more perfect?
"Hey!" A tap came to my shoulder which made me looked up and be graced by those
gully bubbly eyes
To my surprise, It was Jesse who seem happier than her usual normal happy self "
Technically, You've been grinning like a complete fuck nut on your monitor."
"Well.. Look at you, grinning ear-to-ear like a cat.. What's up?" I said trying
to divert the direction of our topic
"Uhm.. Let's go somewhere a little quiet shall we?"
She suddenly pulled me up and dragged me to the farthest corner of the office wh
ere people would definitely not hear whatever the is to hear about our conversat
"Someone asked me out on The Valentines Ball" Ang sabi niya habang pigil na pigi
l sa pagtitili
I was puzzled for that moment cuz I haven't got a clue on what's a 'Valentines
"Don't tell me you don't know what's valentines ball all about? People had been
talking about it lately .. how could you just sit there all day and be clueless?
I rolled my eyes and said "Well, Sorry kung hindi pa ako tumatagal ng isang tao
n dito ah?"
"Well.. Anyway, since 2007 it has been an annual masquerade event that all the I
nquirer staffs attend. Parang star magic ball pero mas pinabongga, Gets?"
My brows were automatically pulled together before saying "So, you've been asked
My jaw dropped and my eyes almost popped its way out of my socket as I remember
something in my head
It was that same rainy night where Luigi offered me a lift so I could finally ma
ke up with Iigo .. It was a long way to Le Bistro Vert cuz traffic was quite heavy
and cars were against each other's bumper
"You know .. I've been thinking about asking someone out"
I bit my lower lip while still darting my gaze on the road instead of looking ba
ck at Luigi. I was still preoccupied with the thoughts of losing Iigo that I don't
know what should I answer him
"Who could be the lucky girl then, Lui?"
"I don't know .. Should I tell you?"
I finally glanced at him and saw he was half-smiling while still keeping his eye
s to the road
"Why not? We're friends 'di ba?"
It took him awhile to say something back but he said "Friends din kayo nun eh"
OMG. Don't tell me its Meg? You definitely can't date her .. She has Patrick
"Hmm. Why not ask her directly to be sure?" I suggested
"What if she would say no and reject me? Na-trauma na yata ako sayo, Nina" He ch
uckled and then turned his direction at mine and smiled
Hinampas ko ng pabiro ang braso niya at sinabing .. "Grabe ka naman, Baby Boy!"
We both laughed while I watch him shook his head while grinning widely
"But, Seriously Nina? Na-trauma na ako .. What if she'll definitely reject me w
hen I ask her out?"
Ano ba naman tong taong 'to? Is he that oblivious of his naturally boy-next-door
type of allure towards women?
I sighed "Don't be such a ninny, Lui! Iba iba ang taste ng mga babae, malay mo..
In ka para sa kanya. Why not risk it if it's worth it?"
Then He drew another wide megawatt smile that definitely shows how enlighten he
was. It was like a boy who won on a counter strike game just recently. He's defi
nitely that
"Maybe you're right, Nina .. Why not risk right?"
I nodded "Sino ba ang girl? I have to meet her"
"Don't worry .. You'll know it soon" and then He winked at me before he pressed
on the gas pedal and drive us through the rain
"Hey!! Nina!" A hand waved right in front of my face as if dragging me back to
So the girl Luigi wanted to ask on a date is her all along! Now I get it!
"Well.. To be honest, Nina. I never really liked you in the first place. You're
too much of Maria Clara blinky blinky pa-demure chuva in the 21st century"
Whatta ----
My jaw fell on the floor as those words slowly stung my heart
I never knew Jesse would think of me that way
"That was before, okay? And I only befriended you cuz I wanted to prove to ever
yone else, especially to Luigi, that you're not what they think you are-An Angel
I sighed ..
So there are actually people who think and act that way
"But truth be told, I admit .. I was wrong. You are definitely what I hear about
. You're like an angel and Im so so sorry of thinking less of you as a person. I
was just driven by my desire to finally get noticed by Luigi"
I looked up once again and saw her eyes, she was dead serious about what she jus
t told me
"So you mean .."
"Yeah" She nodded "I liked him since God-knows-how-long it has been"
I smiled and said "Well, Girl .. The feeling is mutual"
Her eyes suddenly grew and her mouth feel into a 'O' shape as she grabbed my han
d and said "OMG OMG OMG!!! Seriously?! OMG OMG"
"So don't blow away your chance, Jesse. He's a true gentleman."
"I know .. Thanks for the advice, Nina" She suddenly gave me a warm big sisterly
hug and added "You really are an angel. Just like what they say"
An angel ....
I was sitting at one of the fine seats in Casa Armas', a posh restaurant in the
high street of General Luna in Makati, as I indulge my self in the gorgeous ligh
ts of the city's night life. Lights were illuminating through the window, just l
ike those fireworks in the sky last Christmas
I was enjoying my little time for gazing siesta when ,suddenly, a small affectio
nate peck on my cheeks was blown away by a familiar scent
"Angel" He breathe
I looked up and saw Iigo who sat just across to where I was. He immediately held i
nto my hand and squeezed it
"Sorry it took me awhile. Coach extended my practice time since a day ago"
I smiled back "No, it's okay Babe"
"Is something bothering you?"
How am I suppose to tell you about the masquerade ball? UGH! I've never been to
a ball before
I shook my head but said nothing. He just smirk at me and brought out something
from his pocket
"Close your eyes and give me your hand"
My brows automatically pulled each other as I pout "Did that came from a song? E
ternal Flame perhaps?"
He laughed a little and said "Silly" as he stood up from his seat to shuffle my
hair. Touching and messing around with my hair has become his unusual habit for
I don't know why
Then he right away grabbed my hand and looked me straight in the eyes. The kind
of look that it may feel a little funny at first, but the way he looks at me ton
ight is quite different from the usual
It speaks of how much his attention is on me right now which builds trust and ev
entually leads to a funny fluttering feeling in my tummy
"Alright alright" I said rolling my eyes
"You win! Kung ganyan ka ba naman makatitig .. Naku!"
I heard him chuckle before I finally closed my eyes. The next thing I knew is th
at I felt he wrapped something metallic yet gentle on my wrist. Something like a
"You can open your eyes now" He said and I did .. slowly as if seeing it in a l
ittle blurry gray screen
I saw a Sterling silver link bracelet with heart toggle clasp features fifteen s
pecial 'charms'.
"Do you like it?"
I looked up and saw him smiling genuinely at me while his other hand trailed sma
ll little drawings on my palm
I smiled back and said "I love it, Iigo. But why?"
"Its our second month together and I thought I should---"
My eyes grew wider when I realized how long has it been since we went out
Two months already?! Time flies so fast!
"Im so- so -sorry, Iigo. I haven't got you anything"
He chuckled yet again "Its okay, Babe." He suddenly leaned closer and whispered
in my ear "Having you is already a gift"
Stay calm my heart
is the only thing I thought that time when the pounding grew louder and louder i
n my heart
"Do you want to know what are those little symbols stand for?" He said and I tur
n to look at my left wrist where he tied it there
Indeed, There were those little 'charms' as if representing significant things
"This sunset represents the very first time I've met you way back then .."
"This little figure of a bride and a groom says a lot of how we reunited at las
t after a long years of waiting"
"This lips tells you of how you grabbed and kissed me on that night when you're
He let out a sweet laughter which made me flushed red as tomato
"This champagne glass tells a lot of our first night together"
"This phone says of how I've asked for your BB pin"
"This lace is actually a bandage which tells you of how I carried you all the w
ay home because you can't walk straight"
And he continued .. it was a 15 charm-like little figures that represents signi
ficant event before we ended up together
"And this?" he said and began to point out on the last charm on the bracelet
"This symbol is an infinity sign, a mathematical sign, which means going on for
ever. that's how long Im gonna love you, Nina"
He leaned closer to me, our lips were just inches apart
"Forever..,Nina.. Forever"
I could not move, could barely breathe, trying desperately to maintain a dispass
ionate demeanor. I was unable to get over the sexy way he uttered my name.
"I love you too, Iigo" I manage to say when it seemed he was waiting for me to re
spond, trying to sound casual, hoping my self-consciousness did not show, sure m
y already flushed cheeks gave a away
But the kissing part need not to wait cuz Iigo broke the gap between us and I trem
bled, my sharp nails digging along his broad shoulders as fiery sensations took
over me.
His lips were delectably warm and tantalizingly rough, the moist rasp of his nim
ble tongue nearly sending me into spontaneous tingling feeling which end up flip
ping my stomach.

And then Iigo was cupping my face and his mouth was exactly where I wanted it to b
e, pressed against my own
My eyes fluttered closed when he nibbled playfully on my bottom lip, tugging an
d taunting, his pouty lips nudging against mine.
My lips parted, allowing his sinuous tongue entry.
That was the first thing I heard which slapped me back to reality. I blinked twi
ce, thrice .. I couldn't even remember counting anymore.
Was it a dream?
I looked up and saw a waiter on his black silky bow tie while holding on a pen
and a log-like booklet.
"What's your order, Ma'am? Sir?"
I darted my gazes in front of me where Iigo sat. He was smirking while his knuckle
was against his chin on our table.
Oh no! He probably knows that I was dreaming restlessly about him kissing me. Wa
s I that desperate?
But.. It wasn't a dream at all. I know it! cuz I saw from the corner of Iigo's li
p, There was a mark of a lipstick .. and I right away touch my lips. It was some
how a little sore from his nibbling on my bottom
A small sound I heard coming from the hand I brought up with my lips. There I sa
w the Sterling silver link bracelet with heart toggle clasp features fifteen sp
ecial 'charms' that he gave me on my so-called 'Dreams'
Wide eyed, I looked back at Iigo who was now smiling at me
It wasn't a dream afterall
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d I couldn't even devote my self to writing anymore. I wont promise updates woul
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&& This chapter is dedicated to Clarice dhil sa pag lagay niya ng lahat .. as in
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[35] Chapter 34
Overview : Someone from a really popular story here on wattpad will grace us in
this chapter. Clue? He's a He. The third wheel out of a triangle
Quote for this Chap : No one can understand love who has not experienced infatua
tion. And no one can understand infatuation, no matter how many times he has exp
erienced it.
Happy Valetines!
"Oh? Ba't malungkot ka?"
I looked up and saw Meg's confused expression across her already-God-given-beau
tiful face.
It was Saturday night and a movie time for us who's been bestfriends since the b
eginning of college years, so I wasn't entirely surprise when she sat right next
to me on her favorite sofa while carrying a huge bowl of popcorn with a soda on
the other
"I don't have a date for 'Valentines Ball, in fact its tonight'"
Her right brow rose when she heard what I said "Valentines Ball?"

She rolled her eyes and added
"Is it like some kinda high school prom where every bitch pretends to be Cindere
lla and they dance with their night in a tin can armor?"
"Atleast you've been to a high school prom before, My Lola never allowed me to"
I sighed which made Meg rolled her eyes
"Oh! Trust me! Proms are like the worst.. it's a small getaway for sluts to dres
s up like a princess"
"But anyway .." She laid the bowl of popcorn on the center table and said
"Why not ask your ever oozing-nakakatulo laway na boyfriend instead?"
"I already did .. He said he has this practice the whole night but he's willing
to catch up for me"
"That's really sweet of him! So you have something to wear then?"
Right.. I totally-almost--- nonetheless have forgotten the whole thing. What sho
uld I wear in the first place?
I shook my head and said nothing then retorted my eyes to the television right b
efore us but to my surprise, Meg stood right away from the sofa, left me there a
nd only came back to the living from the closet holding a red silk dress in her
She let one arm drop, revealing the criss-cross cut outs along the back and side
and the shimmering crystals on the deep, plunging neckline.

"It's beautiful" I whispered.

"That's an understatement! It's scandalous!" She chirped
"The perfect thing for a masquerade party where no one will know who's who. You
'll be the star of the ball in this, I promise you."

"Thanks Meg," I laughed as she stalked toward me.
"But where'd you get that?"
"Well .. Alam mo naman sa pamilya namin .. Masyado maraming occasions for the s
ake of publicity." She rolled her eyes before she continued
"I wore that during my little sister's seventeen birthday party"
When it comes to family, Meg could be consider the most sensitive one. She isn'
t the usual type to blabbers neither about her past nor about her family. She ke
pt it hidden and only told me a quarter of it and the rest is a mystery
All I know is that out of her half sisters hated her and the feeling is mutual.
. Well, that is-Except for one
"Who else? Siya lang naman ang dahilan why I go home to Pasay 'di ba?" She smil
ed and then gave me that look again .. She was as if studying me for a second, b
efore reaching out and groping my breast.
We gasped in unison.

"Well.. We could still add some silicon on your chest area since this dress need
ed a lot of that section to fill in"
"Ohh! Shut it, Meg. Mas malaki lang sa'yo eh!"
She tried to hold in her own laughter, but she couldn't. I had never met such a
straight forward girl such us her. Her laughs were soon joined by mine as we beg
an to get ready in frenzy.
She did my make up and hair first, which she decided to curl to contrast with th
e straightness of the silk.
My eyes were lined with Kohl, making the really stand out. My lips, which were a
lready red, became a deeper and sexy tone thanks to Mac Russian Red.
Last but certainly not least was the dress. I worked my way into the delicate ma
terial, and Meg zipped up the back for me. I stepped into the silver stilettos s
he had given me, and I was awed at the reflection in the mirror.

"I look----"

"Gorgeous!" Meg squealed, grabbing my arm. "Wait until that boyfriend of yours s
ees you with this, he definitely won't be able to focus on anyone but you.".
My ever supportive best friend offered me a lift to the fancy hotel where the ba
ll is held. She didn't even hesitate offering .. she just did
As she reach her car's door to open for me, she gave me a little pat on the but
t before winking and whispering good luck.
I smiled, gave her a nod and then watch her car be gone minutes after she droppe
d my by.
So when I turn around, I was really surprise to see lotsa eyes were there darte
d at my direction
I know wearing this kind of gown would be really .. scandalous
I felt blind because of the constant bright flashes of cameras.
Who says only Hollywood star could experience such privilege?
The worry that came with the flashes dissipated when I realized that my mask was
still firmly in place, hiding my identity.
Good thing I have this
I held into my purse tightly while I tried to walk straight and I was more than
glad that when I stepped inside the ball, the annoying flashes of camera ended t
I looked to center of the floor where I saw couples dancing to the slow, jazz mu
sic that encompassed the room. I looked over at the long, columned tables, saw p
eople sitting, and briefly wondered if I could join them.
I thought better of it, when I realized that there was a certain seating chart t
hat I was not to knowledgeable of.

Even though a lot of people right there were wearing mask to cover their faces,
I could still pin point out few celebrities who were right there, drinking, laug
hing, talking to some people at the ball
"Excuse me," came a deep voice from behind me. I swirled around, and came face t
o face with a man who had opted for a plain green mask, to contrast with his not
so plain good looks.
"I noticed you came in by yourself, but I can't imagine why such a beautiful lad
y would be alone tonight"

I smiled graciously, "Touche. I could say the same to you"

"Ah," He said in mock understanding. "Well if you don't mind, I was wondering if
you'd like to join me for a dance so we won't be alone anymore in this grandeur
of a ball."

I looked from him to the dance floor and wondered briefly how would I reject the
offer without sounding rude

"I would love to but ----"

"Great," he said as he took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He guided my
hands to rest on his shoulder before he settled his hands on my waist.
"So .. I haven't seen you before. Are you new or something?" He asked trying to
indulge a topic between our silence
"I guess .. You could say that" I said while trying to pull a smile out of my l
ips. It felt really awkward dancing with a stranger ..
"Hhhmm.. Dark Brooding and Mysterious, I never have encountered such before. I l
ike it" He added while casually smirking at me
"I'll take that as a compliment"
He chuckled drawing me nearer to him while the music's slow dance jazz turned in
to a little bit of another slow classical violin music
He tossed me around his hand like those in the ball room dance before grabbing
my other arm. He leaned closer and whispered "Who are you?"
"Why, I do believe this is a masquerade ball." I smiled teasingly at him, as I s
aw him threw his head back in laughter.

"Touche, My friend .. Touche, But you know since you're a fine piece of mysterio
us woman I've met tonight, I'll make an exception"
I gaze my eyes to his, wondering who could be the man behind the mask. He smiled
, flashing me his straight white teeth that has gone through years and years of
expensive orthodontia
"Im Harley. Harley Villaluz"
My eyes grew wider and my jaw dropped on the floor as I realized , with a closer
look, that indeed it was noone else but the celebrity himself
Harley Villaluz? That hot guy on Tv? The Harley Villaluz who just flaunted his
6-pack-abs on Metro Magazine and was declared as 2012's hottest bachelor wiping
Iigo out of list. That Harley Villaluz?!
He chuckled once again "You seemed surprise"
I let go a wary awkward laughter and said "Who wouldn't be?"
I looked around, and saw only few people were paying attention to us which means
, a lot majority were oblivious on the fact that the man before me is the ever f
amous Harley Villaluz!
Who knew I could be dancing with The Great Harley Keith Villaluz tonight?
"I think it's only fair for you to tell me who you are. Right?"
I swallowed a lump on my throat and hesitated to utter my name. Why so? I don't
know.. It just.. seemed so wrong
"May I steal, Nina, away from you?" Came Iigo's deep voice from beside me. His wor
ds were directed at 'The Great Harley Villaluz' that I've been dancing with for
almost half of the night

"Oh Iigo, you ruined our fun. We were quite enjoying our little game of 'guess who
's under the mask'," Harley teased who was then standing directly in front of me

"I'm sorry." Iigo apologized while wrapping his arms around my waist. I snuggled c
loser to him, liking the feeling of male body pressed into mine. He looked down
at me questioningly and I smiled up at him in response.

"I guess, I'll see you around then.. uhh--- Nina right?" He winked at me from be
hind his elaborate green feathered mask before directing back to Iigo

"I'll see you another time too, Villaluz" Iigo said sounding a tad pushier then us
ual as he inched me forward.
Harley, on the other hand, just nodded at him and watched us walked away from th
e dance floor.
Iigo guided me as we made our way to some crowded circle blocking the way then we
ended up in a vacant table not so far away from the stage
"You came" I said at awed. Behind the mask, I could still make out how his eyes
mesmerize me just like he always does
"Ofcourse. I've promised right?" He smiled
"How'd you find me?"
He grabbed my left hand and gestured it up
"Its easy when you're wearing this"
The bracelet that he had given me made a 'clang' sound around my hand. It was t
he same bracelet he had given me on our second month together that we celebrated
on Casa Armas
I can't help but smile as I remember him mentioning to me that this bracelet was
actually custom-made
" ... And besides, it's was easy to find you in the wave of crowd. You stand ou
t so much tonight"
His statement made me flushed and the tingling feeling fluttered in my tummy. My
heart was furiously hammering against my ribs and I can't even looked into his
eyes straight any more
He pulled me into his chest and whispered in my ear, "I bet no one can keep thei
r eyes off you the whole night."
He paused before adding," I might even have trouble keeping my hands from wander
ing." He then placed his hands at my ass and squeezes it lightly before dragging
me back to the dance floor
"Let's go home."

"Are you serious?" Now Iigo looked really confused. A car honked behind us and he
pressed his foot on the gas, moving through the intersection.

His thigh muscles were tight beneath her hand and she slid it up farther, not ye
t so bold as to grab his manhood. "Yes. Let's go somewhere and make out. Kiss

Iigo was silent for so long she was afraid he was going to turn me down. I lifted
my hand, about to remove it ---but his hand covered mine, holding it in place.
He chuckled before looking back into my eyes with amusement
"You've drunk too much martini huh?" He said smirking widely at me
I shrugged "No, I don't know.. Maybe? I just felt so hot and needy right now-ugh
! Can you just kiss me?"
Fingers lacing through mine, he squeezed my hand.
"If I kiss you again, I don't think I---"
I pouted and playfully closed my eyes while brought my a finger to his soft lusc
ious lips .. And I pouted even more .. tempting him to take me and kiss me right
"Hussh!" I breathe
"Just take me now"
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[36] Chapter 35
Quotes for this chapter : When you are in love, the world seems like a great pla
ce to live in. Love has that effect on everyone. Life seems worthy of living and
fate seems more giving. Being in love is therefore one of the most enriching an
d precious experiences of one's life. T
Overview : a little playful part for Iina! Watch out! some words may not be THAT w
holesome for minors. You must be above 16, open minded and is ready for whatever
words you are about to imagine in your head

I was eagerly responding to his rough kiss, running my hands through his hair a
nd pulling lightly on his silky raven locks, knowing fully I enjoyed his roughne

He groaned at the feeling of my soft flesh, softer then he remembered, on his fi
ngertips, and he was a little impatient .. too impatient that he was eager to te
ar to gown off my skin
"No, Don't" I said holding on to his free hand
"Magagalit si Meg"
He hissed but nonetheless complied with what I said, He swiftly unzipped the zip
per at my back while planting small kisses all the way down
The he grabbed both of my shoulders so I could face him once again. I could fee
l his breathing becoming heavier as he kissed me harder, stronger with impact an
d demand, stroking the flesh on my thighs while slowly making his way to my blac
k lacy underwear.
I could feel myself throbbing with want for this man, longingly wanting him to
be inside my core, an undeniable increasing desire of pleasure building up insid
e me as he pulled down my underwear and let it drop to my knees.
A heightened moan escaped my lips as he pressed himself against my frame, the f
eeling of his covered and hard erection on my crotch making me feel heavenly alr
I heard him groan breathily before he attacked my mouth again, kissing my lips w
ith aching need and passion.
And when he pressed himself at my entrance, We both broke the kiss to look at ea
ch other, pools of passion burning deep within one another's eyes.

He pressed his forehead against mine as he thrust slickly into mine, coal orbs w
atching as I shut my eyes tightly and moaned his name breathlessly.
"AHH.. Iigo"
My nails dug into his back as he repeated the motion again, faster this time, ea
rning a heightened cry of surprise
He had never made love to me this way before, each passion and kisses he makes i
s always brand new .. like a renewal was done. Every single touch burns my skin
He sped up the movement and strengthened his hard pounds as he gripped my hips t
ighter this time around
He kissed me harder as I cried his name time and time again, moving to meet him
at each of his reckless thrusts.
He kissed me with so much emotion before pulling him self out of my core. I was
practically blown away and all I could feel was the pleasure and the love he wa
s giving me
"I love you, My beautiful Nina" was the last thing I heard before falling on top
of his hard-to-touch chest and joined him into their deep slumber
Black lock soon appeared beneath closed eyelids who flapped gracefully open, and
the bearer of those innocent pools sighed quietly.
I rubbed my sleepy eyes lightly with the back of my hand before I put it back at
the same place.
I gasped as I felt warm flesh under my palm and I tried to move away, but then r
ealized I was firmly imprisoned in strong arms.
I looked up sharply, my breath hitching in my throat as I took in the sight of Iig
o's angelic sleeping face.
His hair fell lightly in his eyes, hiding a bit of his face, but I could still c
learly see his peaceful expression and the way his features formed a kind of con
tent expression as well.
I've been up with him a few times, but never before had I woken up when he look
ed like this. Never before had he looked so peaceful and so content.

The times I woken up with him were pleasurable too, and his face was still peace
ful, but he didn't quite look content.
He looked more tired and weary, like a man who'd been deprived of something for
so long. He always held me possessively, as if afraid I would go, yet so gentle
and affectionate... like the embrace of Romeo to Juliet, Of Jack to Rose and Of
Edward to Bella would be.
And he was holding me flushed against his body, leaving no space between us. It
was my naked body against his

I felt him shift lightly, his strong arms pulling me even closer, pressing my ch
est tightly against his and my lower area against his.
He let out a long and truly content sigh, leaning his forehead forward until it
rested more closely to mine.
I couldn't help but gaped at how beautiful he was from up close and I couldn't
resist to reach out and touch his cheek
He responded with a groan as he lean towards my face. I watch his every movement
and I saw how he breathed out quietly, and I smiled genuinely, gliding one of m
y hands from his chest to his back, pulling him more closely to me.
His head rested on my nape, and I could now feel his entirely. I felt safe, happ
y and contented when he locked me into a tighter embrace
My lips broke into smile as I whispered into his ear "I love you" and I saw him
smiling while his eyes were still close
Sneaky little brat! Nagpre-pretend na tulog?
(A/N: I plan to upload this on the weekend but decided to update sooner. Dedicat
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one thing na kinaiinis ko ay yung author na mtgal kung mag update kasi, my imagi
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I know how it feels kaya pag matagal update ko, tlagang I'll make it sure that i
ts long, detailed and worth the wait. Afterall, Readers should be serve nothing
but the best. Right?
[37] Chapter 36
Overview : This chapter will be about surprises.. Nina's birthday and .... JUST
READ TO FIND OUT. I spill something reaaaaaallly nice down below
Quote : You don't marry the person you can live with...You Marry the person You
cant live without!"
I'm turning 22 in a few days. I believe I'm at this point in my life where I'm d
esperately seeking for confirmation on everything -- I need the definitions. I n
eed the answers.
Am I doing it right? Have I done something worth remembering? Where am I going?
All these things constantly linger in my thoughts.
It's a never-ending cycle of trying to be someone we want to be. We want to defi
ne ourselves because it will give us some sort of stable ground as we play the r
ole of being this self everyday.
No matter how rebellious we claim ourselves to be, having these lines drawn for
us help us establish the sense of identity because around these lines, we can cr
eate what we are or are not. Without them, where do we even start?

I've been having doubts about myself for the last few days or so because 22 soun
ds so old -- it's passed my teen year! It's like by this time I should have at l
east found the answers to most of my questions.
Unfortunately, I haven't. And I'm freaking out because maybe I don't deserve to
be 22 just yet. I haven't evolved enough to be 22 yet. I'm not even sure if I kn
ow what being 22 is -- having a boyfriend? Getting to vote at the elections? Lea
rning how to handle alcohol? Having a driver's license? Staying up late? It is h
ard to define.

So what is 22 anyway? How can I be 22? Where does 22 happen? When does 22 happen

I, honestly, don't know. And I'll probably never know (yet) .Right now, just one
thing is for sure. The answer to When, happens today.
Whether I'm ready or not, it's going to be there. So maybe I'll just let the yea
r unfold before me as it defines itself. Maybe I'll find it at home, or in my be
d, or in the office, or in the car. Maybe I won't. Maybe 22 is about the questio
ns, the search.

Maybe 22 is about the maybes.
I pulled out the covers from my bed and immediately drew down my binds. I wouldn
't be surprise if the sun isn't glazing the sky just yet, for it was still two m
inutes passed five in the Friday morning.
I glanced down at the high street of Bonifacio Global city outside my window. Th
e yellow lighting from the street lights immediately caught my attention. The bu
lb wasn't even functioning well now, and from time to time creates a weird spark
y light
Probably defective
I thought
As I started fixing my bed, I immediately caught sight of my reflection in the m
irror. My hair started growing longer than its usual. It almost touched my waist
and when I observe carefully, I also began to attain the other side of being a
woman. My bust and my hips were wider
Maybe It was there all along.. maybe I just haven't noticed it until now.
"You look just like your mother" I remember correctly how would my Lola tell it
to me as she pats my head and I would always return the favor and smile widely a
t her
I waited for 3 long hours for my surprise. I waited three long agonizing hours f
or Iigo and the excitement in my stomach curdled into sour disappointment.
Everyone have greeted me with their sincerest smile and hug but no sign of Iigo ju
st yet. Not even call or a beep on my phone
"Nina, Mauna na kame" I heard Jesse shouted from behind me, I was busy typing on
my computer that
I can't even turn around so I just wave her a good bye and said "Take care on yo
ur way"
From the corner of my eyes I felt the slightest sting of disappointment that lar
ch into my stomach until
At 8 in the evening, I made my way down the ground floor of the venture. I was g
lancing from time to time at my watch while waiting patiently for a cab to haul
my way but there was none
and It even startled me when a 2-door, 4-passenger glistening for its shiny plat
inum color sports coupe stopped right before me.
And I was more than surprise to see a smiling Tita Ingrid getting out of that Vo
"Tita Ingrid?" I hesitated and moved closer to her
"Hija" She warmly wrapped her arms around me and smiled
"Happy Happy Birthday!"
"Thank you po" I said and tried my best to look behind her, as if expecting Iigo t
o come out any minute soon but he didn't
"Hija, My Igo said he needed to rush for the reservation of the venue"
Venue? I thought which got me pretty agitated coupled by the fact that I receive
d no text message from him since lunch.
My patience wore thin, I'll admit it. I didn't want to ruin the night so I kept
my mouth shut until I was 100% recovered from my temper tantrums. But even in t
he brink of anger, I found myself amazed by the romantic ambiance by the time we
got to the place.
Then, he came by- no flowers, chocolates or teddy bear at hand. Just him. Weari
ng his red shirt accentuated by his black vest, he broke necks as he passed by.
He drew close to me and whispered "I love you". Beyond him, the rest of the wor
ld seemed out of focus and in the waning light, and I forgot even my anger and a
ll I could see is only the two of us
He planted a small but affectionate kiss on my lips and I looked up to his eyes
and said
"I do, too".

We had a romantic dinner by the sea. I caught the scent of his perfume, jasmine
and roses and even sweeter things I couldn't name.Roxas Boulevard gleamed beauti
fully in the distance. That exact moment, time stood still. The other people out
side stopped moving; all noise ceased; the wind dropped. It was plain romantic.

I stood dumbstruck right in the middle of Diamond Hotel as I moved toward the wo
oden cottage. My heart kicked to a fourth gear as my own eyes flew open and took
a glimpse of this. . .

This caught me off guard; It was quite a scene to behold. The enormous heart was
filled with little balloons, each one containing words of love. Every word sank
slowly down my brain, one by one as I read them.
I was scrambling for coherency while his gaze unintentionally scattered my thou
ghts. As my hand hovered around the paper, I could not seem to find appropriate
words. I wanted to shout how much lucky I felt and how much I love the man whose
arms were wrapped around me that instant.
But the words seemed to lodge in my throat. All I was able to manage was an "I l
ove you, Babe".

Above us, the stars were out in full. Yet however amazing the stars were, he was
twice as brilliant. That exact moment, I was deeply enthralled by his charm. He
gave me a hug that just about squeezed my eyes out of their sockets.
"Sometimes you're just too perfect for me and I feel so thankful, knowing that y
ou're mine and I'm yours. You've been there for me when no one else was. You've
kept me strong when I was at my weakest. You've taught me how to hold on when I
felt like letting go. But most of all, you have loved me when I have least expec
ted it...and you never asked for anything in return.With you, I have never felt
so loved and cared for...because back then, I used to be the one who played with
love and I ended up all alone.You're the best thing that ever happened to me. A
nd I am here to stay with you for as long as I can."
He said and no thousand words could equal what I felt that exact moment when he
held me close in his arms. We stared at each other's eyes in deep adoration. Wit
h his fingers locked around mine, he leaned in and as his lips touched mine, I k
new that I would always remember this unusual birthday of mine
"Where exactly are you taking me?" I said as I tighten the hold on his hands. I
was blind folded and was shamelessly laughing while he blow his hot breath on my
ear or sometimes in my neck
I felt his finger brushed my lips and then kissed my forehead before he whispere
d to my ear "Shh.. we're almost there"
I heard the noises and music were already toning down as if we were moving pass
by another area and all I could hear was the splashing of water nearby
I felt him move to me closer and slowly, he tugged off that small piece of cloth
e hovering my vision. It took my few seconds to adjust to the dimness of the are
a but as my eyes got used to it and slowly becoming clear as seconds tick ..
I gasp as my eyes grew wider as the sight of right before me
"Oh.. God!" I drew my hands together and covered my mouth with it
I darted my direction to Iigo who took my hands once again and squeeze it
"This is too much, Iigo"
He then gave me that really mesmerizing and heart-melting smile and kissed my fo
"Come, the surprise I have for you is actually inside"
"But Iigo .. You already have---"
To say that I was surprise is understated. I was cut off when he carried me swi
ftly into his arms just like a groom would to his bride
and then my heart started speeding up once again as we made it inside the luxury
Small isn't a word one would use to describe this yacht. At 86 feet long, and o
ffering nearly 2500 square feet of indoor space and a 1200 square foot, outdoor
entertainment space, this Yacht is the largest, private vessel I've ever seen so
It has a three-story luxury featuring three bedrooms (two master suites, as wel
l as crews quarters), a gourmet galley with a formal dining area and salon, and
a spacious upper deck that doubles as a helicopter pad with hydraulic, motorized
and as the yacht started moving away from the deck, Iigo led me to the stairs and
to the third floor we go
A round table exquisitely stood there in the middle of the floor while a violini
st started playing that unfamiliar but very soothing sound
We sat just across each other and a waiters started serving us various mouth-wat
ering delicacies that one thing you can't take your eyes of
The sky was clear at that time as the stars twinkle just above us and Even thoug
h we started eating in silence, at the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonde
r how he could do all these thing in just one day
A small smile crept my face and he didn't disappoint me as he smiled back in ret
urn. It's as if even though we're not talking nor exchanging verbal and lingual
languages, we knew each other's thoughts in silence
and then, out of nowhere, he immediately stood up and , to my surprise, took of
f his shirt black vest which made me stand from where I sat and reach out for hi
"What are you doing?!" I asked in disbelief but he just gave me that infamous mi
schievous smirk that I've known him for and continued taking off his red shirt
I don't know why I should be shy about it since I've already seen it all and eve
n touch it all with my hands. I covered my eyes with my bare hands and heard Iigo'
s laughter echoing in my ear
My knees started to wobble as I heard his footsteps grow closer to where I stood
. My legs grew weaker and weaker ..
"Nina" He whispered right next to me while holding my arms
"It's okay. You don't have to be shy you know"
My already-flustered cheeks can't help but grow even red than usual. I took my h
ands off my eyes and hit his bare chest lightly
"Iigo.." I whined while he wrapped his arms around me
"You have a full of surprises today and---"
I was cut off and tongue tied when I caught sight of that tattoo on his left ch
est. It was in the usual black Gabrielle-font text which is the highlight of his
bare chest now, aside from those other tattoo he already has before
I love you Nina
Was written in a bold
I looked up to his face expecting him to say something but he didn't. It actuall
y didn't there .. There was more to my surprise especially when he turn around a
nd another newly-imprinted tattoo was scripted across his broad back
Will you marry me?
(A/N: hahahaha! I know it was an unusual proposal but hey!it meant something cuz
Tattoo is one of those things semi-permanent unless you'll have it remove dba?
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Sana the wait is worth it
[38] Chapter 37

Overview : This chapter will blow another BOOOM BA BOOM BOOM for this story. An
unexpected and yet confusing feeling which left Nina into some itsy beeetsy trou
ble. Read to find out!

Quote for this Chap :
No doubt love is confusing. Love is stressful. But in the end it's the most sacr
ed and exciting thing you will ever experience.

"Holy Cow!!! Oh my--- I seriously---" Meg wasn't even half way done speaking, I
don't even know if she was speaking at all for she was already squealing on top
of her lungs with joy while ignoring the glares and stares she gets from the peo
ple around us
She gasp for both of my hands and locked them around hers.
"Im so happy for you, Nina. As in! Pero bakit ngayon mo lang sinabi? You've been
engage for almost a week now pero ngayon mo lang sinabi!"
"It's not my fault if you've been ditching your own apartment and it felt like
you move in with Patrick!"
She rolled her eyes and immediately change the subject
"I knew he's so into you but I never expected him to pop the questions right aw
"I know what you exactly mean by that, Meg" I said and took a sip on my lemon i
ce tea. I could still recall how things happen too swiftly on my favor. I smiled
remembering what happen the other night
"and to say that I was surprise is another understatement. He just .. took off h
is shirt,turn around and then a tattoo saying 'will you marry me?' .. don't you
think it's unusual?"
"None sense! I find it very cute and not every guy has a sense to tattoo someth
ing as bold as that across their back. Imagine, when you'll have little Nina or
little Iigo running around and the moment they'll see that thing on their Daddy's
back diba parang cute yun cuz he'll retell everything to them?. I could even pic
ture it out on my head. Sweet!"
"Nuknukan ka naman ng excited, Meg. 'Di pa nga ako kasal, Anak agad ang pinagsa
sabe?" I chuckled but deep down inside me, Im trying to access my mind if I ever
im ready for such thing. Afterall, it's only a matter of time right?
"Hay nako! It's not like hindi din kayo darating sa point na yun ---And the rin
g is gorgeous. He has good taste, ya'know and It looks like it could cost half o
f my year salary" She added complimenting the engagement ring around my left rin
g finger
The ring has a breathtaking antique floral solitaire which features floral detai
ling on a knife edge ring, with a swirl design allowing more light to enter the
center diamond
"It looked like it cost too much but you know, it fit perfectly fine on my left
ring finger as if he already knew my size beforehand" I said while admiring it m
Meg and I decided to quenched our sweet tooth at Dairy Queen, Glorietta 4. It us
ed to be our favorite pass time during college. We always order our favorite her
e---the Banana Split, because it has 3 toppings on it and a mouth watering taste
the will ooze your hunger of sweet. It has always been so delicious and so swee
t that makes a good dessert for a lunch meal.
"Meg, Antagal mo naman yata.." I said as I knock the door impatiently. Meg has b
een inside the cubicle for quite a little while now and it bothers me a little.
What takes her so long?
"Nina?" She said from inside
"Yeah?" I peered my ear nearer to the door and hear her long but totally aggrav
ated sigh
"May .. Ano-Hay! I can't believe I'm flustered about this thing but UGH!-may nap
kin ka bang dala?"
I tried to tone down and hold my laughter but I clearly am a sucker for doing th
at. I chuckled loudly while I scan for a napkin inside my bag. I ignored those o
ther girls giving me that non-comical look on their faces
pfft! the nerve!
"Thanks, Nina" She said after getting out of the cubicle and immediately went t
o the sink and wash her hands
I just wash her from the mirror and a thought right away hit me. I frown .. thin
king as hard as I could, I didn't even notice Meg was already looking at me conf
"What are you frowning at?"
"Anong araw na ngayon, Meg?" I asked while her brows ceased thinking very hard
on what day it was
"It's second day of April, Why'd you ask?" She curiously peered her right brow
at me and show her phone back to her bag
I really wanted to calm down but my breath caught me on my throat. I couldn't e
ven tell it straight and I started stammering ..
"I--- I--.. I think-I've missed.. I think I've missed my period for weeks now"
Her mouth fell open as her eyes went wide "Don't tell me you're--?"
They were the longest five minutes of my life. I had set the test on the corner
of the sink, letting the test go through its process.
At first, I thought that I could stand the five minutes. It was only five minute
s, wasn't it? But when one minute passed by (which I felt like ten), I stood up
and started to pace.
Pacing, however, got tiresome, and instead, I decided to get away from the bathr
oom and put on some music in hopes to distract my self. I wouldn't allow myself
to think about Iigo's reaction, when I wasn't certain my self if I was pregnant or
Weren't women supposed to know these things though? Shouldn't maternal instinct
kick in around the time of conception? I haven't felt all that different. In fa
ct, pregnancy was the last thing on my mind, but now that I thought about, I did
n't remember having my period in the past couple of days. was it even days?! or
was it .. weeks now?


Maybe we should have been more careful, use condoms when we decided to have sex.
But it was only after we were engaged that we stopped using that precaution, an
d I rarely if ever missed a day of birth control.
I was always careful to take my pills every day at the same time. Have I gotte
n sloppy? Have I gotten careless?

I couldn't remember. Damn it all, I couldn't remember.

I suddenly stopped the train of thoughts and tried my very best to process it al
l. I looked back at Meg who was watching my every moment
She gave me an encouraging smile, tried to say something to me but immediately
diverted her eyes and shut it. I turn mg gazes to the adjacent bathroom door at
our apartment reached for the knob
"Five minutes had been up, right?" I glanced back at Meg who just nodded at me
With shaky fingers, I turn the knob, slid inside the bathroom and shut it behin
d me.. Then I grabbed the test from the sink and looked down at the results befo
re a vertical line embedded itself between my two brows.
I pushed my bottom lip out and clenched my jaw, slowly averting my eyes over to
the results section on the box. When I returned my eyes to the test, I sighed in
frustration through my nose.
The result I have didn't seem to match up to those that the box showed. For a mo
ment, I wasn't sure whether to feel scared or relieved, so I managed to feel bot
h at the same time.

Now what?

Instructions. Instructions, of course! I quickly reopened the box and managed to
grab the tiny paper before yanking it out. My eyes skimmed over the words, and
only stopped when I found the pictures and their captions, stating what they mea
nt. After mere seconds, I have the answer.
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false alarm??)
[39] Chapter 38

Overview : This is the chapter you've been waiting for guys.. The result!!! *ins
ert horror sound here* dun dun dun dun!!!
Quote for this chap :
Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecu
rity is the only security - John Allen Paulos.
I don't know how long I held on to my breath but all I could say is that the tes
t was inconclusive.
I should be relieved right? I should be .. I said at the back of my head
If your test is inconclusive, the tester has one of two options. I can buy anot
her test and retest myself or I can choose to confirm any results with my licens
ed physician.
If I choose the former option, it is recommended that I buy another test and per
form it during the morning, when the pregnancy chemical is most potent.

I sighed through my nose once again, but this time it was due to defeat rather t
han anything else. I hadn't gotten a confirmation or a denial which means, all t
hese things left me still unsure.
I was the type of person who tended to stress out about things until I knew thei
r outcome, usually bringing my relief rather than more stress.
I had worked on this and had become better accustomed to going with the flow, bu
t at present, my newly acquired skill set seemed to be going out the window.

However, before I let myself get upset, I heard a knock coming from the bathroom
"Nina? Are you done? What's the result?"
I forced myself to focus on what I had to do next. And what I had to do right t
hen was to make an appointment with my doctor as soon as possible.
"I'm coming out in a minute" I shouted back
After about twenty minutes on the phone and a conversation with the nurse who a
nswered the phone, I had appointment for the next day at three o'clock that afte
Now all I had left to do was to wait for the result and pray on whatever the out
come is, Iigo would take the news well.
"Well? Have you called him yet?" Meg asked as she sat on one of those chairs ne
ar the kitchen island
I was making my self busy making pancakes for some afternoon snack and eventhou
gh I knew who she was pertaining to .. I still minded it off and pretended I don
't know "Who?" I asked while Meg just grunted from behind.
"Come on, Nina. Don't tell me you'll keep it from him?"
"Wala pa namang dapat sabihin kasi all these things are yet uncertain." I reason
out and laid a plate of pancakes on the table
I poured a maple syrup on top of the pancakes and then offered it to Meg who jus
t watch me with this expression you could barely read "Want some?"
"Are you bribing me, Fernandez?" She said and then crossed her arms on top of h
er chest
I shrugged "I don't know what you're talking about" and then stuck my tongue out
"Nina, You know I couldn't resist your pancakes and offering me this means you
wanted me to shut up.. nasty bitch!" She said while pointing the fork at me
"Hoy! Kung maka-akusa ka ah!" I sat across her and started chuckling
"Pero, Nina.." Her tone began trailing off in a serious rhythm
"Whatever the outcome is .. I'll always be here for you"
The way it came out of her lips made me realize how lucky I am to have her. It's
like im getting all emotional watching her smiled at me that way, assuring me t
hat it'll be alright soon
"Thanks Meg"
and then a tear fell to my eye
All these preggy rendezvous making me emotional
The next day, Meg decided to be absent for her work just to accompany me on my w
ay to Dr. Jimenez, a gynecologist whom Meg recommended considering she was a dis
tant relative on her mother's side
Meg grabbed my hand and squeezed before we slid out of her car
"Kaya mo to, Nina" she said with a smile
We got to the building about a thirty minutes early in order to fill out any and
all necessary paperwork, insurance forms, and the likes.
By the time I was called to get examined, familiar face showed up exiting the do
"Nina?! Of all places I could bump into you"
A man in his late 20's uttered as he gave me that megawatt smile of his. Standi
ng a few feet taller, Kaifer wasn't alone entirely .. on his right a woman about
his age ,whose looks could be compared to that of Kristine Hermosa's, was wrapp
ed around protectively in his arm
"Nina, this is my wife .. Vivienne" Kaifer gestured me to the woman right next
to him who
projects those of unusually angelic faces you could ever laid your eyes with. S
he smiled genuinely flashing me her worth a thousand smile
"Love, this is.---"
"Yeah" He was cut off by Vivien herself "It wouldn't take seconds to recognize h
er since, unlike you who kept himself busy with his other women.."
She scowled her own husband, rolled her eyes before she turn her head back to me
"I actually watch TV and heard about her being Iigo's charming girlfriend.. "
And then she smiled again alternating her frowns awhile ago and pulled that ang
elic face I first saw her with "Hi, I'm Vivienne Aguirre-De La Merced.. although
it may sound better to drop the De La Merced part.. I think it may do for now.
Nina right?"
"Yes, Nina Fernandez"
"Dr Jimenez is my OB too.. are you here for a visit? Are you, by any chance pre
Just when Vivienne was about to finish, the door went completely a jar right bef
ore us
A lady, whom I think was a nurse in charge, came out of the door with her chart
"Miss Nina Fernandez?"
"Right here" I waved my hand which right away caught her attention
"Dr. Jimenez said you could come in now.. Right this way, Ma'am" She gestured m
e to the white door with a flash card hanging 'the doctor is in'
"We should hang out some time but for now, we better go, Right Kai?" Vivienne ut
"Yeah. See you around, Nina"
before I grab on to the knob and turn it, I glanced back to the other side of t
he room. Through the glasses window, I could see Meg sitting around while she sm
I smiled back when I watch her mouthed "Kaya mo yan!" while her two thumbs were
held up
"Kaya ko to!!" I told my self before finally facing Dr. Jimenez
Kaya ko ba talaga?
Before I could entertain the answer to that particular question, Dr. Jimenez wal
ked in. She was well into her forties, but had a brilliant smile and looked youn
g for her age.
"Ah, Miss Fernandez right?" she said as she glanced down at her paperwork. Afte
r a moment, she looked up to me with friendly brown eyes.
I couldn't even utter a single word so I just nodded at her
"Alright.. Let's get you to a few test and we're ready to go"
I waited fearfully on the hospital bed as my heart seeming like it was beating
10 times as fast as it should. I felt like I could just have a heart attack righ
t now.

I fidgeted slightly, playing with my fingers nervously it was a habit I have whe
never I'm nervous as crack and stealing a glance at the clock subsided it a litt

4:37 pm.

"Miss Fernandez"

My head instantly snapped towards the nurse in shock, making the nurse jump slig

"Oh... sorry." I said, biting my own lower lip. "...So what's the result?"

The nurse looked at me, her face forming a weird expression seeing as she wasn't
sure if she should be happy or not. She handed the board to me, which I took sh
akily, my eyes closing momentarily before I scanned the board.

My breath caught in my throat as I finished reading it down and I dropped the bo
ard, in view of the fact that my hands were shaking in disbelief. Tears formed i
n my eyes and I gasped, bringing a hand to my mouth, my tears now spilling from
my disbelieving raven orbs.

"...It's positive." I whimpered before my vision went blank
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[40] Chapter 39
Overview: You'll hate me for sure .. sorry wala tlga akong masabe sa overview. J
ust add me on my facebook pra makabasa kayo ng excerpt the next following chaps
Quote for this Chap :The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to wh
isper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God. ~Quoted in The
Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

"She's finally awake"
That's the first thing I heard before fluttering my eyes open. The first thing I
laid my eyes upon was the white ceiling. With a blur, my eyes were still adjust
ing from the bright light when suddenly .. It hit me
I stood up from, what it seems to be, a hospital bed
"Nina!" Meg immediately rush to my direction and assisted my back
"Nina.." The second one who called me up didn't sound so reassuring. It was a fa
miliar husky voice that I've known
Terrified and shaken, I stared at Iigo's utterly hard-to-read face.

I was just frozen in place, staring at him in complete shock.

"Iigo what are you--"

But I stopped, because words just couldn't come out of my lips right now.

His orbs met mine and he glowered at me

"What the hell, Nina?" He heatedly yelled.

I let out a frightened squeak and backed up against my bed, squeezing myself aga
inst it as his face became deadly.
"Hanggang kailan Nina?! Hanggang kailan mo balak itago sa akin 'to?" He angrily
heated up his words as he took steps towards mine
But soon turning to my wall and punching it hard, cracking up not the wall but
my whole senese
"Teka lang, Iigo.. if you just hear out Nina and talked about it as adults should,
it would be easier. Yelling wouldn't help" Meg demanded but he stood still and
rested his forehead against the cold white wall and he took in deep breaths to c
alm himself.
"I'm going out to let you guys talk about this thing" Meg glanced up at me and
gave me another reassuring smile before she took the knob and slid out of the do

There was an agonizing silence between us, in which, I could still see that Iigo t
ried his best to calm his senses down him while I buried my head in the pillow I
had picked up from the ground. I was scared to death.

His low, angry but controlled voice is what broke the silence.

"Why, didn't you tell me?"

I shook with fright at the way he spoke so angrily, his voice controlled but see
mingly on the edge of exploding. I pulled the pillow closer to her. "How did you
found out?"

His body shook with contained anger and he gritted his teeth, balling his hands
in tight fists. "Answer the goddamn question ... Why didn't you tell me?"

I bit my lip, looking away from his angered figure. My lips quivered, and I felt
my eyes squeezing with too many overwhelming emotions.
"Kung 'di pa sasabihin at magko-congratulate saken si Kaifer .. Hindi ko pa mala
My eyes watered immensely and I couldn't hold back the tears that started to sl
owly roll down from my eyes down to my cheeks.

He bit his lip to the blood, unaware that I was already on the edge of breaking
down, and opened his lips to demand an answer, before I spilled out the only rea
l reason I didn't want to tell him.

"...I-I was afraid you wouldn't care...!" I choked out.

His eyes widen in complete shock.
"What makes you think I wouldn't care,Nina?" His eyes becoming softer now as he
sat beside my bed
"Im sorry.. It scares me that you wouldn't give a damn about it And maybe we're
not right for each other. It scares the shit out of me, Iigo. it scares the shit o
ut of me." I said while my trembling hands reach for my face to wipe the tears
"Nina.." He said softly as I felt him wrapping his arms around me protectively,
as if assuring me that its safe .. that he'll always be there
"Don't say we're not right for each other" He breathe to my ear and planted a so
ft kiss on my head "The way I see it, we're not meant for anyone else "
He gently caressed my cheeks and slowly lifted my chin up so that I would finall
y meet his eyes
"I love you and you know that" He said while gazing back into my eyes intently
"I love you too, Iigo.. but It's just that. Everything is happening so fast. We ju
st got engage! And then ...Ugh!" I grunted while Iigo's right brow rose in confusi
"I don't want to end up like my Mom, who got pregers all of the sudden and quit
med school nor would I like you to end up like my Dad, tinakwil ng family all be
cause of me. Atska Ano na lang iisipin ng Mom mo?"
You're probably wondering why would I make such a fuss out of these right? Well.
. I, or rather Rima and I, were born out of marriage.
I don't see the difference of that since my Mom and Dad eventually got to tie th
e knots before we were born .. but in a strict catholic teachings, it has been a
taboo. Pre-marital sex is a taboo
Which then led to the fact that my paternal grandparents disowned my Dad,who was
, at that time, arranged to be married on some girl other than my Mom. It has b
een a rough life after that and it scares me we'll up end like my parents
"Shh.." He hushed me up when he brought his own finger on my lips. I looked up
and saw him grinning before saying "Why would you think my parent's gonna kick m
e out? Besides Mom wouldn't think less of you, she's quite smitten by the though
t of another grandchild. Trust me"
He leaned forward and planted a small peck on my cheeks and drew my closer for
me to rest my head on his lean muscular chest
"Well .. Sorry to break your love-dovey smoochy doovey moment, guys" Meg peered
through the door and slid inside
"Actually the doctor has something to say to you kanina pa pero you passed out
so.. ngayon na niya sasabihin" She added while I tried to comprehend the message
on her face. It seems that there's something she was worried about.
After noticing that I was staring at her, She smiled at me before the doctor cam
e from behind with a nurse beside her
"Good Evening, Miss Fernandez and I suppose this is your husband?"
"Well-uuh-No but-"
Iigo grabbed my hand and squeeze it "Yes, this is my wife"
I darted my gazes at Iigo and the sight of him before me made my heart skip a bit
, the smell of his cologne was addicting to say the very least
My wife ..
The way he said sounded so warm and tender. We stayed like that for about some s
econds or so, staring at each other while sharing the non-linguistic looks at ea
ch other
"Ahem.. " The nurse beside Dr. Jimenez coughed faintly garnering our attention
back to reality
"How long was she pregnant, Doctor?" Iigo asked on my behalf
"Well.. about that she was.. well, atleast a week pregnant but..." Dr Jimenez g
lanced at my direction before continuing
"the fertilized egg has chromosomal problems, it ended up in blighted ovum. In t
his case, the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus and the placenta and gestat
ional sac began to develop, but the resulting embryo has stopped developing very
"Wait--- What are you saying, Dr. Jimenez? Do you mean that.."

"You lost your baby, Miss Fernandez"
And just like that .. My heart froze as I clenched my fist
"But.. the result says its positive. How come I lost the baby?" I demanded whil
e holding up the tears slowly blurring my vision.
I felt Iigo's arms stiffen around my waist and she held me closer than possible
"Because the placenta begins to secrete hormones, you'll get a positive pregnan
cy test and may have early pregnancy symptoms, but if since you undergone an ult
rasound awhile ago, it was shown that gestational sac was empty."
Dr. Jimenez gave the nurse a nod and then the nurse went nearer to my bed and h
andled me pictures of the ultra sound proving to me that my belly was indeed emp
"The embryo did develop for a little while, Miss Fernandez but has abnormalities
that make survival impossible, and development stops before the heart starts be
My head jerked to look at Iigo, which he did the same, and we looked at each othe
r with a clearly clueless sullen and derange expression, as if wondering what to
say and what to do upon hearing the new
We didn't know if we could just accept it just like that considering we were pla
nning for the future ahead of us after getting married. But we couldn't just foo
l ourselves around and pretend we didn't hear it and continue to play house. It
shouldn't end like this and I feel like taking all the blame
We were both lock in dead thin air of silence that slowly suffocates anyone ins
ide the room. No one spoke a word or squeak just yet and only my soft cries were
"Sometimes a miscarriage is caused by problems that occur during the delicate p
rocess of early development. This would include an egg that doesn't implant prop
erly in the uterus or an embryo with structural defects that prevent it from dev
I glanced up at Meg who was now crying from the corner of the room, her mouth wa
s covered by her shake-y hands and I watch her looked down on the floor
" ..Im sorry, Miss Fernandez. You'll need to undergo operation to remove the emb
ryo out of your uterus before it completely poison you inside"
and just like that, my hopes on little baby Iigo was gone
(A/N: Okay, so naexplain na kung bakit hysterical talaga si Nina when she found
out she was pregnant, yes. Recap lang ah? Apparently, Her mom had them before ma
rriage tapos yun Dad niya was in Med school din just like her mom .. eh kaso, In
arrage pala ng marriage yung Dad niya to someone else kaya double gusot tlga yun
g napasukan which led to the fact na tinakwil nga ng mga paternal grandparents n
i nina yung dad niya and Nina's mom had to quit med school din.
So yun na nga... Ever wonder sino ang girl na dapat pakasalan ng Dad ni Nina? gu
ess who?
It was Gerard's Mom kaya ganon na lang ang pagka dislike ni Tita Marilou (Bayaw
ni Tita Ingrid na Auntie ni Iigo) kay Nina kasi magkamukha si Olivia and si Nina.
So I hope its clear now.
'til next update!
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[41] Chapter 40
Overview: This chapter will be a little dramatic. Nina's sorrow after the lost a
nd more drama
Quote for this Chap :
Being a real man, doesn't mean you fuck 100 girls. Being a real man means... you
fight for 1 girl, even when 99 others are chasing you.
How long has it been since the last time I had fun? It's been almost two weeks o
f grieve. I've been sulking about my lost of our baby. I felt like I was at faul
t .. from time to time I blame my self for the lost
I couldn't even look at Iigo straight in the eyes. I felt like it was such a burd
en he was carrying .. and I couldn't even amend to it and say it'll be alright c
uz honestly, Its not even alright. We're not alright
"Nina? I've heard na hospital ka daw?"
I looked up and saw Jesse with a concern look on her face
"Yeah" I said softly
"Matamlay ka nga 'til now eh, Ano bang sakit mo at sinugod ka talaga?"
I stopped dead on my tracks after hearing her question. What am I going to say
Hey, two weeks ago .. I thought I was pregnant but the next day I lost the baby
and needed to undergo an operation. And now, here I am trying to live my life li
ke nothing happened how awesome could that be?
"Nina? Are you okay?"
I am not okay. I'll never be okay
and the next thing I knew I felt my knees becoming weak as tears completely casc
ade down my cheeks. I cried .. while Jesse approached me and stayed there with m
e for awhile
How long was the last time I slept this peaceful? How long has it been since I h
ad a good nap in the middle of the night. I stirred up from my bed and reach for
my phone in the nightstand. I saw 8 missed calls from Iigo and various text messa
ge from work
I crawled out of bed and began to walk to the window as the rain was lashing ag
ainst the window. I noticed the sky was so dark although its only early afternoo
The clouds are almost dark and menacing but the rain does not scare me. It was
weird that it was raining in the middle of summer. The irony.
There are those few glimmers of light when you realize just how beautiful the c
ity is, but when the rain comes, it has been forgotten for awhile.

I sigh.

I haven't seen Iigo for a few days. Maybe he's doing the only decent thing ever an
d giving me space, or maybe I went to far and that we ended up like this
Four afternoons ago ..
"Why are you ignoring me?"
I frown and denied "I'm not ignoring you!"
The moment I started walking away from him,He grabbed my arm to whirl me around
so that I was now facing him
"How many times would I say that those wallposts from women on Facebook are noth
"Hah! Really? Well, enlighten me why have I read a flirty response from you afte
"Where the heck are you pointing out?"
"Well, isn't it obvious?" I raised my right brow at him as I saw his jaw tighten
. The sight of his anger before me is something new to me.
"You know what.. Nina-Pagod ka lang, pagod din ako. These days have been rough f
or us, maybe we should just give it a break"
"Right. Break, tama nga yan.. maybe we should go on our separate ways. Break n
a kung break"
"What?!" His eyes were now wide open
"That's not what I mean when-" he said as he attempted to approach me but I to
ok few steps backwards and glared at him ..
"Good day, Iigo" before slamming the door to his face
I guess we have a weird warped relationship I suppose the man I hate sometimes i
s also the man I love. Oh the irony

My attention fixes on the pelting raindrops outside again. I just want to run ou
t into the rain without a care, feel the water drip down my body , wiping the di
rt that I feel from inside me
I was interrupted with my chains of thoughts when I heard a small knock at the d
oor and the next thing I knew Meg slid herself inside my room
"Nina, Iigo's waiting for you"
I flinched unable to say the right words that should come out of my lips. Tongu
etied is my apparent state
What was I going to say anyway?
"Nina..." Meg drew herself nearer to me and tapped my back
"Ano ka ba, hindi talaga maayos ang lahat when you keep on ignoring him like th
at" ----She grabbed my left hand and raised it up----. "See? Engage na kaya kayo
.. stop acting like high school idiotic couples"
"Meg .. I don't think ..."
"What?! That you're not ready? That you needed time?" she rolled her eyes and a
"Come on, Nina. Yang cool off cool off na yan para sa mga timang lang yan na na
ghihintay ng grasya. Kung di ka gagalaw, kailan pa?"
She grabbed my hand and the squeeze it
"Minsan talaga Nina may pagka-slow ka din eh .. Ewan ko ba. Matalino ka naman e
h kaya punta ka na don at kausapin mo na"
I smiled at her and said
"I don't know what I'll do if you're not here"
Upon entering the living room, Iigo right away notice me and I didn't resisted a s
mile as he did the same to me. I sat beside him at the couch but was looking dow
n at the carpet
I was embarrass to say the very least, I don't even know what to say to him. We
fell into complete silence and none of us broke it. I glanced to my side and I
notice him playing with his thumb
He often does that when he's nervous
Why was he being nervous at the times like this?
"About .. that facebook thing, I already handled the issue with Tatianna"
My head snapped right up at his direction and then I glared at him
"Tatianna? Isn't that your ex girlfriend before you came down and flew back to
"Uhh--- yeah but---"
"What BUT?!" --- I stood up from the couch and crossed my arms on top of my ches
t - "So you were exchanging flirty response to that girl? She's your ex!"
He followed my suit and stood up from the couch as well
"Oh come on!! Panay naman din like ni Luigi ang mga pictures mo ah!"
"That's different!! Luigi's my friend and there's nothing-"
"Well there's nothing going on between me and Tats too and Luigi isn't differen
t .." His face was instense and full of anger when he came closer
"you know he's got a thing for you pero panay pang friendly response mo sa kaniy
"Hindi kasama si Luigi sa issue na 'to.. the thing here is you being too close t
o your own comfort with your Tats" I rolled my eyes as my tongue was a little bu
rn with how I uttered her name
"I told you, Tatianna and I are over.. I have you now"
"Exactly! You have me now pero ang landi landi mo naman! There was Jennifer, Mau
reen, Isla, Jennessa..and even KENDRA!!! Sino pa? pati sa tumblr mo ang lalandi
ng questions.. sa twitter at kahit sa formspring mo!"
"Dine-active ko na nga formspring and tumblr ko .. ano pa gusto mo?"
"At ngayon mo lang naisip magdeactivate?" I gave him a disgust look and gritted
my teeth "kung d pa ako magiging---"
"What?! Hysterical? Paranoid? Come on .. Nina! You're better than that"
"I am better than that!!" I shouted on top of my lungs as my eyes began to wate
"but when it comes to you..-"
I stopped as I bit my lower lip and looked down at the carpet once more
----" when it comes to you, I could be hysterical, crazy, paranoid, psycho .. wh
atever else you may call it because..."
---- I looked up straight to his eyes and said ----
"I'm afraid one day when I wake up, I already lost you to someone else who's mor
e than willing to spread their legs for you.. The type na mas magbibigay sayo ng
ligaya. The type na hindi papatayin ang baby sa loob ng tyan niya.. The type. N
I was cut off to whatever I was about to say when Iigo already hugged me as tight
as he could. Suprised, I hugged him back but when I attempted to let go, He hugg
ed me tighter than the usual
"Nina, I love you.. I said it before and I'm gonna say it again. I love you what
ever happens I love you." He bent down and kiss my forehead
"So don't get all worn out thinking someone could even replace you here" he poi
nted out his left chest to where his heart was
"and don't take all the blame, Nina. Maybe the baby wasn't meant to be with us,
maybe God has something else for us. No one should be blame, Nina. It was not yo
ur fault in the first place"
He held on to my hands tightly and then grab the back of my head so I would res
t it on his firm chest
"Walang may kasalanan, Nina. Kaya wag mo nang sisihin ang sarili mo"
I don't know how he does it but suddenly, it felt alright to cry. It felt like
it's going to be okay as long as he hugs me like this, if he keeps me warm in hi
s embrace.
In a matter of seconds, my tears were already streaming down my cheeks and I st
arted sobbing endlessly
"Im sorry, Im sorry, I'm sorry... I'm sorry" I said in the monotone over and ov
er again as I sobbed
"SSsshh.. It's okay"
Then he laid his hands on the both sides of my cheeks so I may able to look up
to his face. I was still crying that time and tears were still blurring my visio
n when I saw him smirk at me
"Gusto mo gawa na lang tayo ulit?"

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[42] Chapter 41
Quote for this chap : At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powe
rful yearning for union with one's lost self.
Overview : wala na talaga akong malagay sa overview ah! so ang mssbe ko lang, ba
sahin niyo na lang pra malaman. XD Something's nice and something.. a little cra
sh and bam!
"Yeah, Lola. I'm on my way .. Is Isaac with you? I bought his fave, Krispy Krem
e. Papunta na ako. Yeah, Im on taft na.. See you in about a minute or two"
Excited? Yes, to say the very least.. I am pretty much excited tonight not only
because Tonight's gonna be my engagement party but also because my Lola just ca
me all the way from Mactan, Cebu to Makati for the one-time moment of my life
Im very much excited that the smile on my face can't event torment how happy I
am right now. I met Iigo's Dad, Sir Dante Attonio Bustamante, Jr, last night and a
longside with Kuya Chris, Iigo's older brother who came all the way from Barcelona
, Spain to Makati.
Iigo's Dad was quite scary at first, the way he talks and the way he holds on to
his wine glass defines how superior he is but the moment when he cracked up a jo
ke, I can't believe na parang normal na tao lang din pala siya.
I've seen him on Forbes magazine before and 'di pa rin ako makapaniwalang magigi
ng in law ko na siya soon. Imagine?
Nakakaintimidate din yung asawa ni Kuya Chris, super tall and so pretty. Napaka
Hispanic ang beauty pero pure pinoy pala and she showed me a painting, sabi niy
a hindi pa daw yun tapos pero ang ganda ganda na sabe niya din, i-re-regalo niya
daw yun tonight sa engagement
There was a clever use of the rule of thirds and also a blatant use of complemen
tary colors. It's not an emotionless piece of art
The way she drew the perfect shape of almond and pag nakatitig ka dito yung tipo
ng parang so much emotions and nag me-merge right before you .. ganon nga siya k
At ngayon yung excitement, may halong kaba na .. kasi makikilala ko na lahat ma
maya sa engagement party. Hindi lang mga Bustamante cuz Tito Dante mentioned abo
ut his kompares and business partners would come as well
Iniisip ko pa lang lahat ng yun, nai-ihi na ako
Biglang nag ring na naman ang phone ko, It was inside my Black Suade Celine hand
bag lying on the front seat, So when I reach for it, suddenly my engagement rin
g fell from my left ring finger and emitted a metallic rumbling as it twirls aro
und the bottom
Konti na lang.. abot ko na
I thought as I bent down to the right to reach for it, It took me seconds before
I finally had it back on my hands
but unfortunately, when I darted my eyes back to the road, a 2-door, 4-passenger
family coupe, Black Hyundai Genesis was twirling and turning ridiculously on th
e road
I tried my best to turn to the other side and dodge the car but it seems too lat
e.. considering the driver seem to be out of his mind driving at 100mph
then the next thing I saw was full darkness...
The little girl was picking up shells and white pebbles by the seashore when she
bump into some kid with a hat on his head.
He was chewing some gum her mommy told her not to buy from cheap sari-sari store
and the way he made those annoying sounds after each chew disgust her even more
His other gang snickered at the frighten look of the girl but she tried her best
to ignore.
She was trying to not let them see how scared she was being surrounded by them s
o she bowed her head and pretended she didn't see them.
After all, her mommy told her that Diego and his gang are one of the notorious
kids in the summer camp
"And where'd you think you're going, payatot?" He grabbed the little girl's arms
making her fall in the sand
The pebbles and the shells she has been collecting for hours have scattered ever
ywhere while Diego and his gang laugh boisterously
The little girl tried her best to not cry over the spilled effort. She glared
at the two gangly boys but didn't say anything as she stood up, brushing off the
sand off her feet and tried to stand still as possible
"Oh look.. little payatot's gonna cry.. booo hooo!!" Diego mimicked while runni
ng circles around her.
"Payatot! Payatot! Payatot! Payatot!!!" He repeated over and over again trying t
o get under the little girl's skin. But she didn't budge and covered her ears wi
th her hands while His other friend started laughing off hard as possible and th
en spit the gum on her hair minutes after
"Those turds who tease girls are considered gays you know"
The little girl froze as she slowly peep behind Diego's rear. A little boy, abo
ut her age, surprises not only her with his presence but also Diego's friends an
d Diego himself
and it didn't take minutes before Diego was already on his knees with a faint st
ain of blood on his nostrils
"He punch him on the nose. Holy cow!" That was the only thing the little girl th
ought in horror at the sight before her. Then she glanced down at Diego who even
tually started crying and calling out for his mommy
"Diego?! Diego!!"
Shouted by an old woman from a distant.
and that was their cue, The little boy immediately gasp the little girl's hand
and drag her with him. They started running off as fast as they could, away from
those bullies ..and away from everyone else
as the little girl looked back, the rain started pouring. The cold rain drops h
it the little girl's face fast and hard soaking her instantly.
Her hair falls and stacks to her neck, and the dress clings to her body. The rai
n continues to fall as they continue to walk while her fitflops sink into the we
t front lawn
The little boy led her quietly onto the soft sand. Here, He leant against her a
s he removed his shoes and watched as the little girl's expression turned sour
"What are you waiting for?"
The boy said as he playfully toss his shirt off, The girl began to panic, scared
that the boy might hit her too if she wouldn't comply so she copied his actions
and began removing her fitflops.
They both left their shoes on the sand and wondered along the beach. The little
girl is not sure when and how but they came to hold each other's hands and it s
uddenly felt alright to trust a stranger. It was awkward at first but she eventu
ally felt comfortable with it
"You know, I always notice you picking up shells by the shore" He uttered and b
egan throwing all sort of rocks to the sea but the little girl didn't say anythi
ng but stare at him for awhile, half-amuse and half.. freaked out?
"You must've think I'm a stalker huh?" The little laughed before adding
"Well .. you're probably wondering why I was watching you"
Curious as can be, The little finally spoke "Why?" She asked curiosity lingered
in her tone
The little boy who seem to be amuse by the little girl's sudden enthusiasm beam
her with a smirk-to-die-for "You looked like a pretty dork happy picking up stup
id pebbles and shells"
Although the boy was laughing hysterically, the little girl didn't find it amusi
ng hence she frown at him and as if ready to throw the next thing her hand could
grip with
"But .. nonetheless .. pretty. Yeah, Really pretty tho" He said sounding so sinc
ere as he gazes back at the little girl's flustered face then he proceeded throw
ing another rock pretending he didn't let go of some cheesy baduy words
"I go around here to throw rocks you know and I always see you in the afternoon
picking up those unusual boring pebbles and shells"
Come to think of it, The girl never knew why she did it but ..
"But you looked so happy doing that.. As if you're lost in your own world while
picking up those things by the shore. As if it's the happiest thing you'll ever
do" The little boy added
"Something I've always crave for.. Happiness" There was a bit tad of sadness wh
en the little boy trailed off the last world as if it burns in his tongue
"My mom and Dad often get into some heat-y argument. Shouting and screaming on e
ach other.. Nakakabingi"
The little girl could only look at the boy's lonely face as he tells her the sto
ry of his parents. The little boy rant about his older brother who's good at eve
rything he does thus sometimes comparing them both in the process which irks him
Then second how his older sister acts so spoiled and loved so dearly by their fa
ther and then here comes another baby brother soon that he felt like he was bein
g replace and unlove
The little girl didn't know what possess her but the next thing she knew she gas
p into the little boy's hand and said
"You know sometimes I also feel unloved and ignored by my parents because I fel
t like I'll never be as good as my sister nor as adorable as her but trust me ..
they love you. You may not feel it but they do"
The girl gave the little boy a reassuring smile which he gradually return with
such genuineness that radiates with in
"See? In fact they've come to look for you.." The little girl pointed out behind
as a very pregnant woman whose tummy is as bulky as you could expect her to be
The little boy immediately stood up and cleared the sand on his feet
"I guess I better go now ... ---UHH?" He said his smile turn into a distorted s
mirk as he held out his hand for her to reach
"It's Nina" She said with a smile as she grab his hand
"A'right, Nina .. Thanks" He quickly sprint his way to the stairs but wave back
at the little girl before he completely lost his way on her vision
"Hurry up, Iigo!!" Shouted impatiently by someone in the distant
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[43] Chapter 42
Overview: Something unlikely to forget is about to happen
Quote for this chap :
But the thing about remembering is that you don't forget."
Tim O'Brien, The Things They Carried

I stirred up from the depth of dream I was having for God knows how long. I flut
tered my eyes open and felt the pain pounding on cheeks.
I can feel it's swollen and it hurts like hell. Just then I realized that I wasn
't on my bed back in the apartment. I was in a hospital bed once again.

I grunted

How many times have I woken up on a hospital bed?
It has been twice this month now, I recalled. I tried sitting up from where I wa
s lying but the pain on my back also hinders me to do so
I'd like to think it was all a dream but the bruise on my arms and hellish pain
I'm feeling on my back tells me otherwise

I notice the numbers of tubs attach to me and the incubator right on my left.

I sighed
How long was I asleep?

I took the liberty to look up to the room's white ceiling and decipher my though
ts. Nothing came to my head but the face of young boy smiling at me. It was wei
rd. I dont even remember who he was for the moment
He looked so familiar.

I rose up my left arm but unfortunately, something wasn't there.
Something was definitely missing. It startled me somehow .. and the thought of l
osing something I couldn't even remember made my stomach cringed for some reason
I glance on my left side where the first thing that my eyes lay upon was man who
seems asleep as he buried his face on the bed

Poor guy
I dont know what possessed me but I slowly reached for his head and stroke his h
air, his soft hair that I can not resist but ruffle it.
Unfortunately, I can't even move my arms properly like a normal individual out o
f hospital could. Just then he stirred up from his slumber and rose his head.

He looked at me with total remorse and disbelief in his eyes and gasp for my han

"Nina!" he breathe. I blinked so many times that I couldn't count no longer, Una
ble to comprehend who's the guy before me
His voice sounded so tired, hoaxed and worn oout. Those dark circles under his
eyes and his messy hair depicted how self-deprived he was at the moment

I smiled weakly at him but didn't say anything. He tightens his grip on my left
hand as if not wanting to let go

"I thought I was gonna lose you" He whispered

I looked up straight to his eyes and notice how vulnerable he was as he regarded
me as fragile as a glass

"I couldn't even bare the thought of it" He added and plant a small but tender k
iss on my hand

I tried moving my lips to utter something, to say words that may let him ease th
e pain
but nothing came out of my throat. Nothing but air, I was too weak to say anythi
ng. I can't even move my feet.

Just then, The door burst all of the sudden after few knocks. A beautiful-beyond
-doubt type of woman who stood shorter than I expected, dropped off the grocery
bag and with her eyes wide open
"Nina!!!" She squaled and hugged me tightly as she couldThen, I felt a drop of t
ear slid down my cheek.
It was definitely not mine for when I looked up, the woman before me started cry
ing hysterically, ruining her mascara in her eyes
"Don't you dare scare me off that bad for days, Nina. Don't you dare again"
She mummbled in between short breathes while she wiped out her tears away
Then I heared another knock coming from the door. The woman on my right immediat
ely rushed to the door and opened it, revealing a man in white robe, whom I assu
med to be a doctor, followed by an old woman and a teenage boy
"Nina!!" The teenage boy sprint his way to my side and hugged me lightly
"We've missed you!" He added
"How long will she stay here?" The man on my left asked the doctor
"By the looks of it, She'll recover soon enough .. Just give her a couple of day
s more and she'll be out in no time, Hijo. Don't worry" The doctor patted the ma
n's back and smiled
Everythng happened so swiftly in my eyes. It was becoming a little blur and all
I could hear were murmurs and more murmurs ..everywhere and every corner of the
It was crazy!!
My head started pounding erratically that maybe a vein or two would popped soone
r or later
"Nina!!" The woman about the early 20's approach by my side and worriedly eyed m
"Are you okay?"
I frown and began to realize ..
"As much as I wanted to answer your question but who are you people?" I said wit
h a sour tone
Just then, Everything felt dead quiet and the next thing I knew the older woman
dropped her cane to the tiled-floor and fainted.
Good thing the young boy was there to assist her to the nearest couch while the
woman and the man on two opposite sides of my bed dropped their jaw and were bot
h unable to comprehend a thing
Silence took over us and I couldn't even tell why it gives me creep.
"You don't ... remember us?" With a complete confusion painted all over her face
,The woman stammered.
I shook my head and glance at the man beside me. I saw him clenched his fist bef
ore asking
"Not even me?"
I shook my head once again
"No, that's why I'm asking right?"
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[44] Chapter 43
Overview : Confusions and a little of confrontations and .. not to forget, a gli
mpse from the past
Quote for this chap:But we try to pretend, you see, that the external world exis
ts altogether independently of us.
Alan Watts
"He promised me, Nina .. pagnagkita kami, hindi na niya ako pakakawalan"
My eyes snapped open and saw nothing but darkness in the room.
That dream again
I sat up from my bed and right away find my feet. I felt my knees not firm enoug
h to support my weight. I was weak and I found myself holding onto the edge of t
he bed.
I grabbed on the crutch which was lying beside my nightstand. Finally, I was abl
e to stand on my own with the help of it. I've been using it for the pass few da
ys right after I got out of the hospital
I've searched on the switch and I found my self standing right in front of the m
The bruise is horrible it purple green color takes up most of my cheek and apar
t of my neck still hurts like hell

Then my mind starts to assemble pieces of memory together but my head started to
hurt so I pushed it all back for I don't want to think of that horrible thought
s again .. not now or ever
I found my way to the kitchen even though It took me like.. forever. I reach for
a mug and started making my self a coffee.
Just then woman about my age got out of her room and the moment she stepped int
o the kitchen immediately held on to her chest and gasp for rational number of a
"Whatta-Nina! You scared me!" She said hysterically before taking the chair righ
t in front of me
She just watched me as I poured a creamer on my coffee and stirred it up. She wa
s deep in her thoughts that suddenly, It felt really awkward between us
"Do you want coffee?" I offered and grabbed on my crutch to reach for the cabin
"No.. I insist Nina. I could do it" She said and stood up from her sitting
But I still continued whatever I was opt to do and grabbed on the mug. Then I tu
rned around and laid the mug on the Kitchen Island
I poured the warm water to the mug while I let her eyes be glued to me.
There's something going on in her head
I thought while I continued stirring up her coffee
"There .." I said and laid it next to her. She eyed me quizzically while her rig
ht brow rose up in curiosity? Or probably more like in suspicion
instead of sipping her mug, to my surprise, she threw it on the tiled-floor and
didn't even flinched or took a glance in the shattered pieces of the mug
She glared at me, hard enough that it could almost penetrate through me
"What was that for?" I asked
She slammed her fist on the table and raised her voice
"What was that for? Hah! What are these bullshits all about, Nina?!"
"I don't know what you're talking about" I said but I felt my heart loudly thro
bbing against my chest
"Really? Wala kang alam? Or nag pre-pretend ka lang na walang alam?" She stood
up from where she sat and took few steps so I was now facing her directly
She laughed bitterly and rolled her eyes "scratch, I didn't know you could be Os
car's best actress"
"What are you trying to imply, Meg?" I said firmly
"You can fool everyone else but I know you Fernandez. I know every fiber there i
s in you. I know that you're pretending to have amnesia when in reality, you're
perfectly fine"
I blinked once? Twice .. The things didn't sink yet on my head.
How'd she know?
She crossed her arms on top of her chest and added
"Nina, kung talagang may amnesia ka .. makakalimutan mo kahit ano, pati na ang p
references mong lagyan ng creamer ang coffee mo. I saw you not even taking a sec
ond thought to pour a creamer on your coffee, Fernandez."
"Plus, kung talagang may amnesia ka .. makakalimutan mo din ang preferences ko s
a coffee na walang creamer. I saw you not even glancing at my direction to ask i
f I want to.. Hindi ka na nagtanong kasi alam mong ayaw ko talaga ng creamer"
"And another thing, Nina? Kung talagang may amnesia ka, hindi mo maalala ang fa
vorite mug ko na bigay mo nong birthday ko. Hindi mo maalala na yun lagi ang gin
agamit ko for coffee. Nasa sulok siya ng cabinet, Nina pero yun pa rin ang kinuh
a kasi alam mong yun din ang gusto ko"
"At nung binasag ko nga ang mug, I saw you were hurting. Bigay mo sakin di'ba? A
t binasag ko lang?" She taunted
"I---i..." I stammered unable to say the next thing
"You better spill me what's going on, Nina. BFF 101 rule, NO KEEPING SECRETS"
A little girl in a pigtail hidden behind a big old tree was looking at a certain
boy who sat at a bench facing the sea. She was nervous for some reason, nervous
that he might found she's stalking him
"What are you doing?"
The little girl was a little startled and practically had her heart stop in shoc
k. Good thing when she turn around, she found a huge relief to spot her older si
ster by a minute or two
She peered behind her and gave her younger sister a wide ear-to-ear grin
"Are you stalking him?"
"Him? Who?" She tried her best to deny and shook her head. But when it comes to
her older sister, nothing could ever escape in her eyes what more emotion she c
ouldn't deny?
"That kid a pretty cute tho but a little snob. And from what I've heard, He punc
hed Diego on the nose.. Pretty violent don't you think?" Her older sister's nose
cringed and she couldn't help but frown
"He's not a snob, he's just.. Well .... Lonely and he's not violent he was just-
Her older sister was in disbelief to the fact she's hearing it from her younger
She rolled her eyes and then grab her little sister's hand
"Whatever you say, Nina.. But I think we should go back. Mom prepared seafoods f
or lunch ala Caribbean slash asian with a little bit off latin .. and ofcourse n
ot to forget the lobster. Isn't lobster your fave?"
Her older sister's acting weird That's what the little girl thought while watc
hing her older sister took a spoon full of rice in her mouth.
She's not usually like that especially if it's seafood on the serving. Her Older
sister is not fond of seafoods since God knows when and the sight of her munchi
ng on every delicacies on the table It's so not her
She's definitely up for something
"Mama! I'm done!"
"That was fast" Their mother said at awed while their Dad just smiled at his eld
est child and bent down to kiss her forehead
"That's my girl" Their father uttered as he patted the eldest child's head and
ruffles her hair
"Where you opt to, Sweetheart?"
The older sister stopped walking away and turned around. She smiled sweetly, th
e thing she always do to lure her parents.
"I'll just play around, Mom. I'll be back hours before dinner"
The little girl watched the little boy's lopsided grin accompanied the sweet lau
gh of her older sister from a far. She couldn't help but shrugged
How did they become friends right away?
And then the next thing the girl knew, She could do nothing but watch as her old
er sister was running away, her hair flowing behind her, her little polkadot dre
ss rising to expose her knees.
She could hear him chasing after her older sister. The boisterous laughter and
the squealing sound coming from her sister's high-pitched voice They were playin
g tagged and the little girl could do nothing but watch them laughed and have fu
while there she was .. in the corner. A tear cascaded down her cheek
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[45] Chapter 44

Quote for this chap :
"You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too f
ull to embrace the present."
The little girl can't remember when she had realized it. It was one of those th
ings that crawled up on her slowly. Don't ask her why and when it occurred.
There was no defining moment. All that she can remember is that her simmering fa
scination gradually turned to a liking where it must have flourished into some k
inda love. Puppy love perhaps. She didn't know.
There was none of those fireworks erupting from my heart. Who could blame her an
yway? She was just 10-turning-11 soon. It didn't happen drastically like one of
those clich movies we've seen. She suppose it had been there for a while but not q
uite long
It was friday afternoon when the little girl hurriedly went up to their two-stor
ey house to show to her parents her A+ swimming actual exam result
She was skeptical while imagining her parents' reaction. For sure they'll be pro
ud of her and no doubt she would taste her mother's speciality, Strawberry-Rhuba
rb Pie..
She was interrupted with her chain of thoughts the moment She took her step righ
t on their front door
And when she turn their knob, The first thing that she heard was not the usual b
ut ..
"Wow! Rima, Dear! A++ on your swimming actual exam!!" It was definitely her mom,
her sweet serene voice wasn't hard to recognize.
"That's my girl! Papa is so proud of you, Rima" She could even picture out of he
r Dad would bend to kiss her older sister's forehead. Something that she wish sh
e could've experience too
Maybe she could've pretend she didn't hear a thing
Just as she was about to turn around and completely close the door she heard her
mother called upon her to get inside
"Nina Bear!" Her mother uttered as she approach her, bent down to plant a tender
kiss to her youngest child and led her to the dining hall
"Gutom ka na ba? Mommy prepared for your meryenda a Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Crep
Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Crepes
The little girl frown. Isn't that Rima's favorite?
"Nina, Come sit next to daddy" Her dad patted the chair next to him, just in fro
nt of Rima's
She hesitated at first but nonetheless, smiled at her father and took the seat t
o where her dad told her to and watched as her mother laid the plate of Blueberr
y Lemon Ricotta Crepes right in front of her
"What is that thing you told me hija through the phone? You seem excited about i
t" Her Dad casually said with a smile while her mother poured a lemon juice on h
er glasses
She was about to utter something when Rima burst another words
"hhhmm.. Mom! this is--- AWESOME!" She took another spoon full of Blueberry Lemo
n Ricotta Crepes into her mouth and then smiled at their mother
She noticed that there was something stuck between her older sister's teeth and
she couldn't help but wonder ..
Was it the blueberry stuck between her front teeth?
"Easy, Rima .. 'Di ka naman uubusan ni Nina" Her father chuckled before sipping
into his lemon juice
"Well, That's your reward for getting an A++ on your swimming class awhile ago"
then her mother turn her direction to the youngest child who seem a little taken
"You were saying kanina, Nina?" Her father asked her darting his direction to hi
s youngest child
The little girl bowed her head a little and crumpled the paper behind her. She l
ooked up with a smile , a kind of smile that didn't exactly reach her eyes
"Nothing, Dad. I was just...--" She couldn't find the next word to say and glanc
e to her older sister "--- happy, right.. I was happy for me who got an A++"
Her older sister grinned widely and said "Thanks, sis. It was just a peice of ca
ke anyway.. How about you? what did you get?"
She flinched before blinking twice and bit her lower lip.
"I--uh.." she was obviously stammering but didn't continue whatever she was abou
t to say. There was nothing to be said anyway.
Her paper's result is nothing compared to Rima's. Afterall, she only got an A+
"Ikaw, Nina ah! nung kailan lang na sa hospital ka tapos ngayon may saklay ka na
. Aba'y improving!"
I whirled around as I heard and recognized to whom that girly voice came from. I
t was Jesse's with her signature megawatt smile
Should I pretend I've forgotten her too?
I thought as I from at her, pretending to think harder as I could. My brows both
pulled together
"Uhm ... Pardon? Do I know you before? I'm sorry.. I don't ---"
"Silly me, wala ka nga pa lang maalala"
I saw a sudden tone of sadness the moment she said that and I couldn't help my s
elf but be sad as well.
What am I doing?
"Tanga! nagka-amnesia nga raw yan eh! malamang 'di ka talaga maalala" Iy was Bea
with a cup of brewed coffee on her hand and a folder on the other. then to her
side, there was Gail who stared at me for awhile
Maybe the crutches bother her a lot
"Okay ka na?" Bea asked as she approached and patted my shoulder
"I'm Bea .. Hindi tayo masyadong close but that's not the point" She grinned and
gestured me to the woman next to her"You probably dont remember a slightest thi
ng about us but we're more than willing to give it another shot" She added and w
inked at me
"This is Gail over here and that's Jesse .. "
The two ladies beside her smiled at me and I return the favor as genuine as poss
"Wanna Join us for lunch?" Gail offered
"Well, What are we waiting for? I'm staaaarving!" Jesse grabbed my arm and dragg
ed me behind her
Later that night after the office hours were finally over we decided to have a l
ittle chit chat on our way down the elevator and at the midst of our conversatio
"Nina, need a lift? we could take you to you----OUCH! HEY! that hurts, Gail!" I
chuckled as I watch them squezing on each other's neck
"Mukhang may sundo si Nina, Bea. Let's go na?" Gail grabbed on to Bea's hand and
winked at me
There was nothing else I could do but watch their retreating back. I smiled befo
re turning around. I stopped dead on my tracks when someone out of nowhere calle
d upon my attention and said
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[46] Chapter 45
Quotes for this chap :
We tell lies when we are afraid... afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what
others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we
tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger. ~Tad Williams
Overview: The truth.. the fight and the .....
"Thanks for the ride, Jesse ---" I bent a little more and smiled at---" Luigi,
naabala ko pa kayo sa quality time niyo together" I said after getting out of Lu
igi's dark green Mazda CX-9
"Naginsist talaga kasi tong si Jesse ---" He pinched Jesse's tiny nose and adde
d-- " Atsaka it's none taken, Nina .. It's a little late so we wouldn't want to
leave you behind"
"Yeah, makokonsensya talaga kame if we jsut let you ride a cab sa lagay na yan"
She pointed out my crutch
Kaya get well, not soon, but now.. as is now na"
I chuckled "I'll try"
the moment I turn around and start taking the stairs, I was a little tacken abac
k to take the knob
The other day, Meg and I had this little fight. She was quite upset that I've be
en pulling the 'amnesia' stunt right before her..
"So all this time nagmukha lang kaming tanga right before you?" Meg shouted at m
e with disbelief, her eyes depicted so much anger as I saw her hands clenching o
n her side
"It's not like that, Meg .." I reasoned out, looking at her straight in the eyes
"Then what it is Miss Fernandez? I can't seem to fathom or even bring out where
have you attain a degree of vaingloriousness and egotism in every bits of your f
iber .." She took a few step closer and rolled her eyes
"or maybe I didn't know who you are from the very beginning huh?" She taunted an
d lifted up her right brow as if urging me to throw a bitch-fit anytime soon
"Meg, I'm sorry kung hindi ko nasabi sa'yo agad. Swear, I was planning to spill
the beans soon---"
"Kailan pa, Nina? pag ginawa mo na kameng tanga lahat? You know for the very fac
t that I dont buy stupid and, most especially, dumbest excuses of all"
My hands automatically clenched on my side and the site of an infuriated Margare
th Toledo before me. It was surely something my knees to wobble for but I looked
up to her face once again and said, with all the might, hoping I wouldn't stamm
"Sige, ganon na ba tingin mo sa akin ngayon, Meg? Ganon na ba talaga? sasabihin
ko naman eh.. ang hirap lang talaga!!" A tear unknowingly fell to my eye, I bit
my lower lip once again and wiped that tear away
"Ang hirap lang Meg kasi I don't even know where to begin with. This, whatever t
his thing between Iigo and I.. Whatever there is between us, kung meron man .. an
g hirap dalhin, Meg.." That time more tears cascaded and rolled down my cheeks.
I watched as Meg's face fell softer than the more intense and hard-to-decipher f
acial expression she's been pulling with awhile ago
"Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako for the mere fact na naalala ko na lahat.. laha
t lahat, Meg! Pati ang part na hindi pala ako yun .. All this time, Meg.. Hindi
pala ako yung mahal niya.. Hindi niya ako minahal for who I am, Meg.. Minahal ni
ya ako cuz he thought the whole time I was Rima!!"
My hands were trembling while my knees were becoming weaker and weaker as more
tears slid down my face, and my grip to my crutches has been jelly-like too and
before I would completely fall to the floor, Meg caught up with me and hugged me
"lagi na lang si Rima.. Si Rima!! Si rima!!" I shouted as more and more tears fe
ll from eyes
I looked up and saw her face full of symphaty and care
"I'm sorry, Meg.. Im sorry, I didn't know how to tell you.. I didn't know where
to begin with all these things.. Im sorry--"
"Shhh!! It'll be alright, Nina.. Don't worry.. Walang binibigay ang Dyos na pags
ubok na hindi natin kayang lampasan. It's here to test you.." She began rubbing
my back
She grabbed my hand in between hers and said "Just hold on and stay strong, Nina
" She said reassuringly
"Kailan mo balak sabihin sa kanya?"
I was startled when I heard her voice the moment I've closed the door behind me
. I've searched for the switch and found Meg sitting on the recliner in the livi
ng room
"Well?" she stood up from the recliner and assisted me to the couch. Nahihirapa
n pa rin akong maglakad and I was still relying my balance to the crutch
"Excited? Excited? Hindi ba pwedeng huminga muna? nakakapagod umakyat sa hagdan
nang may saklay no!"
I cracked to lighten up the mood, Meg didn't buy that tho. She tried, honestly,
she did.. She chuckled a little but it sounded more like an awkward laugh to me
"Ano ka ba! Havey naman joke mo.. It's just that at times like this .. that's t
he last thing you should do, Nina. Seriously?"
I sighed and laid my back to the couch
"I dont know yet, Meg. I can't decide when.. I dont even know if I'll have the g
uts to tell it off his face. Kung sana kasing tapang mo lang ako, Meg .. Kung sa
"Silly!!" She pinched my nose and smiled
"Hindi naman ako ganon katapang, Stupid.. It's just that I've handled the worst
among the worst and kaya mo yan, Nina." She grabbed my hand and squeeze it
"Maiba ako" She laid her legs on top of the couch and left her slippers on the c
"Tumawag ba si Iigo sa'yo? For sure, if I'll be in his shoes..."
"Wala eh.. I heard from Gerard na may race daw siya next week, kakaalis niya lan
g daw niya papuntang Roma"
"Wow, its getting more complicated than I thought It would be." She shook her he
ad in disapproval and took a long harsh breathe
"Wait-did you just say, Rome? Hindi ba nandon ang bestfriend mo?"
My brows automatically pulled itself together "Best friend?"
"Slow ka talaga, Nina.. Si Kendra!! Yung Kendra Gainsborough na masarap murahan
sa tagalog kasi hindi naman siya nakai-intindi"
I don't know but it felt good to laugh again after all this time, after all the
tangled webs I've been on.. It feels to laugh again kahit alam mong panandalian
Just then something fell out of the couch we've been sitting on and it turned o
ut to be the remote and then, out of nowhere, the pad's 14' flat screen tv turne
d on
and my heart froze for the moment I saw Iigo on tv. I blinked several times, too
many to count when the next thing I've realized the woman standing beside him, w
hile damping her handkerchief to Iigo's sweat-drench face, was no other than....
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[47] Chapter 46
Quote for this chapter : How can it be that two of the greatest friends in the w
orld can go from being each other's everything to absolutely nothing?
Overview : A friend will turn out to be a foe :)
"That Kendra Bitch!" Meg hissed threw the pillow to the tv screen and gritted
her teeth as she crossed her arms on top of her chest
"Kapal ng mukha mag punas punas pa! siya ang girlfriend, Te?" She took a deep b
reathe and sat beside me once again
It was a live televise shot of the race going on in Rome, I couldn't help but wo
nder how on earth did Kendra appeared right beside Iigo.. I know she's working wit
h Giorgio Armani but, why is she THERE?!
There in the racetrack?
Beside Iigo? While damping a tissue on his sweat-drench face?
"I can't believe it!!!" I grunted and looked up to the ceiling in the range of
frustration. I tightly closed my eyes and rested my head
Why is my life so fVcked up?
"But Girl, Ang hirap ng nagpapanggap ka ah? kasi, definitely.. hindi mo yan masu
sumbat sa kaniya" Meg blurted out
"Kasi nga di'ba may amnesia ka kuno?" She added before quoting it with her finge
rs and rolling her eyes
"That makes it so much more complicated" I sighed and decided to grab my crutch
and proceeded to start my way back to my room.
My phone lit as it vibrated on top of my wooden nightstand beside my bed. I imme
diately grabbed on it and right away, saw Iigo's name flashed right before my eyes
"But,Nina.. Hintayin mo muna paliwanag niya sa'yo. You'll never know" That thing
Meg told me echoed inside my head over and over again before I finally landed o
n my bed and ignored his call
"Nina? Hiwalay na ba kayo?"
"I thought the whole time, you were engage?"
"Ano ba nangyayari sa inyo?"
"Showbiz naman masyado tong sagot mo"
"Kailan pa?!"
Those are just few of the millions questions I've heard on today at the office.
It's like everything that happens to me spreads thourougly on other people's m
They probably saw that thing on tv but I couldn't even have a straight answer to
any of those questions
I don't even know my self. Wala din akong masagot kung hindi puro sa isip lang.
Sinarili ko lahat
"Nina, Hiwalay na ba kayo?" ---- Hiwalay na nga ba talaga?
"I thought the whole time you were engage" ---- Akala ko din nga eh..
"Ano ba nangyayari sa inyo?" --- Hindi ko din alam
"Showbiz naman masyado tong sagot mo" ---- Sana nga sa showbiz na lang tong laha
t. Sana palabas lang lahat
"Kailan pa?!" --- I don't know ... but the fact that we're drifting apart.. slow
ly, maybe it has been awhile
Nagkasabay sabay lahat, I don't even know where to start. Hindi pa nga tapos yun
g isa may panibago na naman
I can't even walk straight enough. My head was ducked as if dodging those stares
and curious eyes I get from the near vicinity, I still could hear mumurs as I p
assed by their tables. It's giving me creeps
It has been always like that ever since they've seen the whole 'punas ng pawis n
i Iigo by Kendra" thing
"I don't see her wearing the ring anymore"
"Maybe it's true afterall, masyadong gwapo si Iigo to settle for less"
I snapped my head up to the direction where I've been hearing the gossip, I fou
nd two women who immediately disperse themselves after they saw me glaring at th
UGH! Mga Kristine Chismosa talaga!
I harshly took my crutch and started walking away, but the moment I attempted to
grab on it, I suddenly felt like losing my balance.
Good thing, I was caught up on the right time and supported my weight just right
by two strong arms that Im not really used to holding me like that.
"Easy there, Nina" I heard coming from a man. I looked up and saw.. Luigi who ha
s the amusement visible in his smirk
He helped me up and added
"Just ignore them, they're not worth the time. I heard may amnesia ka daw so hin
di mo siguro maalala na ganyan na sila kahit noon bago ka pa"
He winked at me and then assisted me all the way to my table
"Thanks.. Lui-"
I stopped my self half way when I realized I suppose to be acting like I don't k
now anyone. I almost slipped up and it made my heart sped up when I realize he n
oticed the last words were cut off
"Well.. I'm quite popular here so, I wouldn't be quite surprise if you already h
eard my name."
He winked again and added
" It's Luigi.. but back then you used to call me Lui or on rare case baby boy" H
is brows wiggled playfully in a manner that would initially tells you 'I know I'
m cute' type
"Hey .. There you are!"
We both turn around and notice Jesse approaching us. A smile broke her lips as s
he gave her 'rumored' boyfriend, Luigi, a sweet big hug
Then from the corner of her eyes, I know she was watching me with that really u
nfazed gazes. I don't know but it somehow gave me a creep. Jesse isn't usually l
ike that, atleast that's what I thought .. not until now
"Luigi, mauna ka na .. Mukhang they needed you up stairs and coffee break is ov
er four minutes ago, you wouldn't like if 'The Great' Oliver Matias finds you he
re.. you know him" She rolled her eyes and the chuckled
Still her side glances were still glued at me, and for some reason .. I'm not l
iking it
"Stay away from him" She whimpered on my side as I watch Luigi's back retreatin
g. I couldn't comprehend what's going on inside Jesse's head.
I frown and asked in disbelief, wishing I just heard it wrong
"I don't wanna be 'the bitch' here, Nina but Stay away from Luigi" Her face was
serious and not even a hint of light joke was on her tone
"But-you're not actually thinking..."
"Just do what I say para walang gulo, Nina. I know It may sound a threat, but I
swear, I can't help it whenever he's looking at you----"
She gazes in the my eyes and sighed--- "It hurts here" She pointed out her left
chest and bit her lower lip
"Let me just remind you, he used to like you a lot before.. and whenever we're
out for a date he wouldn't miss out mentioning your name even for a sec.. like h
ow you like rocky road ice creams, dislike cats .. and whatever he finds cute ab
out you"
I was frozen on my spot, and unable to say anything but feel the guilt and blami
ng my self for such tangled webs they were on
"I---I'm sorry"
"You know, Nina.. you're really nice and pretty but, if you're really sorry.. Yo
u would really stay away from him from now on. I'm sorry"
And just like that, she left me there in the middle of the hallway
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[48] Chapter 47
Quote for this chapter : Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never c
an tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured thi
ngs. ~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal
"Oh? Dahan dahan, Nina"
Meg right away approached my direction and assisted me to walk. My left arm was
on her shoulder while her right arm supported my waist
"Where's your crutch?" She started scanning down the whole area and curiously l
ooked for it in every corner of the living room. She unfortunately didn't see it
around so she turns to my direction again and said
"You want me to get it for you?"
"Wag na, I could walk na.. see?" I opened my arms widely and laid it on my side
making sure to keep my smiles glued at Meg so that it'll appear more convincing
.. But Meg, being the Meg I knew, didn't even hide the face which surely sugges
ts she was not convince. Utterly, not convince at all.
"Medyo, I should really try pa rin to maintain my balance now and then but .. I
could stand now on my own feet" I added and pulled a megwatt grin.
"You sure?"
"Yep. I am sure, Mom" I said and rolled my eyes
"Well, Tara na.. I'll help you pa rin on your way down stairs, mahirap na" She
gave me another weak smile and open the door for me
"Thanks, Meg"
Since nasa talyer pa rin ang kotse ni Meg and sa kabilang road naman yung direc
tion ng office where she's been working, pina-una ko na siya the moment a cab ha
ul in our way
She hesitated at first and wanted me take the taxi before her but since I reaso
n out na Luigi and Jesse's going to pick me up, she smiled and finally slid insi
de the cab
The truth is, Luigi wont ever pick me up .. He wont and I would never. Jesse tol
d me to back off and she definitely would be infuriated if she knew about it. I'
ve been ignoring and trying my best to be invisible just so Luigi wouldn't notic
e me
It has been days and I feel bad about it. I've been friends with Jesse and I co
uldn't believe she could think of me that way
Nakakalungkot lang talagang isipin .. mga bagay na maaring gawin ng mga taong in
Engrossed with my millions of thoughts going on inside my head, I didn't notice
a car took its turn and parked right in front of me, not until someone honked i
t, making my head snap up and immediately dart my eyes to that car
and It didn't take me seconds to realize it was him.
Who would drive a Gray Lamb on this street anyway?
My heart sped up twice than I expected it to be and was it possible you could a
ctually hear the continuous pumping of your heart next to your ear?
and it didn't get better for the next thing he did was, rolling down his heavil
y tinted window.
Badumb Badum Badum!
I stood there glued in the spot and unable to do next
What was I going to say anyway?
He slid out of his car slowly and smoothly as he removed his shades which remind
ed me of all those overly slow-motioned chick flick movies when the lead guy app
roaches the girl. It was just like that and all I could see was him.
No one else but him... as he took his step closer to where I stood, He smiled s
weetly while looking at me straight in my eyes
Badump Badump Badump
and these are one of those moments that my jaw would hanged open while unable to
utter words nor fully let my brain functioned full time.
He still has those effects on me, just like the first time we met
If only he knew
He smiled at me and then right away took my hand, na para bang walang nangyari.
. na ayos lang lahat. Na parang ako talaga sa puso niya .. na ako talaga at hind
i si Rima
He looked at my hand temporarily, rubbing his thumb on my left ring finger
"It's Iigo .. By the way" He said as he looked up straight into my eyes. His eye
s could tell so much emotion I couldn't even fathom anymore. His eyes .. how I w
ish he would look at me like the first time we met
How I wish .. that look should've been mine. How I wish ...
I know
"Really?!" He smirk at me, the kind of smirk I didn't know I've missed so much
Wait, did I say it aloud?!
Wide eyed and shocked, I groan inwardly and gave my best mock-laugh ever a gir
l can pull with, but it came out awkwardly as I expected it to be
"I mean.. who doesn't right? You're practically everywhere I go.. Buildboards, t
v.. stuffs like that"
I secretly prayed to the heavens above he would buy my excuses and thankfully,
when I looked up, I saw a smile crept on his face
"Need a lift?"
He didn't even wait for my answer, he right away grabbed my hand and led me to h
is car
It has been an awkward silence between us. Nobody spoke a word .. not a single o
ne to another. I diverted my gazes to the window and leaned my head on it
While from time to time, I could feel him stealing glances at me for who knows w
"Wait!! The Philippine Daily Inquirer is in Ayala Avenue, what are we doing acro
ss the avenue of Senator puyat?"
I gasped loudly when I realized na lumiko na pala kami papuntang Epifanio de lo
s Santos Ave and to SLEx we go
"Don't tell me..."
Mas lalo akong nainis when I saw his Cheshire grin complete and stable on his pe
rfect cult face
"Yep.. we're going to Tagaytay?!?!"
He didn't answer me, but instead mas lalo niyang binilsan ang pagpapatakbo and u
mungol lalo ang engine
Little.... ugh!
"You definitely lost it" I mumbled as I felt him unbuckling his seat belt and p
ulled out his keys
"Yeah... I think I did" He smirked and added "I think I lost it to you"
I didn't know what happen but butterflies were fluttering widely inside my stoma
ch .. and I tried to control my self not to squirm over what he said
No I think .. you didn't lose it. I, most probably and definitely, really lose i
t now
"Come on, let's go" He cheerfully offered his hand to me but I ignore it and da
rted my direction outside the window
It didn't take me seconds to realize we were back at Tagaytay. To where he took
me months and months ago. Oh well.. he didn't really take me herer, he literall
y kidnapped me all the way from work. Just like now!
We were at their Beautiful spotless luxurious modernize two-storey rest house ag
ain for the second time around.
Bakit ba dinadala niya ako dito ng sa pilitan?
He probably lost his patience because the next thing I knew? He already got off
his car and slammed the door to my face
Ugh! The nerve!
But, it turns out to be the other way around. To say I was surprised to the nint
h power is understated! He just opened the door for me and then carried me like
some kinda sack of
I screamed on top of my lungs and kept on whining and punching his back, kickin
g and trying to free my self from him
"Put me down!! Put me down!" I shouted at the top of my lungs but he seem to be
enjoying it as I felt his chest rising from too much laughing
At mas lalo akong nagsisisigaw the moment I felt him cupped my butt!!
and then moment he did put me down, I felt all the blood all through out my body
drained inside my cocohead.
I felt a little dizzy but the first thing that startled me and made my eyes snap
ped widely open is the fact my optics landed on that really gigantic and humong
ous Hot air balloon on the farthest hill to which can boast about 20 feet tall a
nd 180 m wide
The loud but caring whisper of the ocean to the sea companied my gazing siesta.
It was peaceful, serene and beautiful all wrapped into one
From the corner of my eyes, I saw Iigo smiling at me as if urging me to turn my f
ace and do the same
To his disappointment, I didn't so he right away grabbed my hand and led me the
re, he was careful with my legs and assisted me slowly as I slid inside the hot
air balloon
And the feeling when we were few feet away from the ground is truly priceless.
I could even see the breath-taking view of the whole city of Tagaytay. The azure
sky which compliment the deep sea and the sunset ....
The ambiance was serene and at peace. Something I needed for such a long agonizi
ng weeks at the office
"It's perfect" I whispered which to my delight
"Yeah" He didn't even take his eyes off me on that very moment and only God know
s how my heart was speeding up so fast 180 KpH
"That's the shore where I kicked Diego's butt and pulled his knees" He pointe
d out to the seashore na ngayon ay pinatayuan na ng resort
"And there!" He said pointing at the other direction ----to the sand near a hug
e rock
"That's where we used to throw rocks to the sea and often we would randomly shou
t at our heart's desire hoping God could hear it from above"
I couldn't help but smile as sweet memories came rushing bact to me. One by one
they appeared right before my eyes just like those old black and white movies.
All those times where we used to be really naive and innocent
While up here in the cloud riding an ultra hot air balloon, We moved around fro
m Tagaytay to the places we've been together for the pass few months and reuniti
ng at "Thunderbird resort in Binalonan" where I was , at the time, Gerard's girl
I could still feel that little goosebumps I felt when I remembered how he laid
his (Iigo's) eyes on me at that time and how long his hand lingered on mine when h
e took it seconds as he uttered his name
and then we had passed by that really astounding club where I finally let my se
lf loose and allowed him to finally take the wheel from there ... if you know wh
at I mean
Flash back
considering the whole area was flooded with the volume-up disco beat, the act wa
s flawlessly done
so he began moving closer to me.. to my ear and whispered
he was too close not to smell the faint aroma that he sprayed all over his shirt
. the sweet breath i could smell from him and that warm feeling i got within his
aaah that sensation of his skin brushing off to mine i thought sheepishlly
"i said You're too-"
i cut him of by sealing his mouth with mine and zipped it with a dangerous
beggin-for-an-opening kiss. i cupped his face drawing him near as possible
his eyes was shocked and he didn't immediately respond to the movement i've been
doing and didn't react to the sensual gesture i've been trying to pull
i snaked my arms to his neck completely erasing the space between us ...
but in awhile, he went back to his senses and kissed me back... with pleasure an
d hunger in his eyes this time around
OMG i did not just do that ang bulong ng konsensya ko sa lasing kong sarili
but ... it was too late now to turn back . we're apparently making out in the cl
ub... not caring to the glares and stares that we get from the people inside
and by then, he let me dominated his mouth
"You really surprised me there with that intoxicating kisses I never knew you h
ad with you" He said with his ever infamous smirk plastered on his perfect cult
And who would forget the condo unit where his flat was. The thought of those lit
tle 'intimate' activities we had in (almost) in every corner of his bachelor-no-
more pad, makes my cheeks grow red .. making my face really hot
Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano, where our first-supposed-date should've been but
was gradually ruined when Iigo's blast in the past showed up with her own Silver P
orsche Carrera
And the moment the victorious yet nasty smile of that woman came cross in my min
d, I felt my hands automatically clenched on my side
But Erase Erase!!
Ofcourse the building where "TPDI" stood means various things happened actually
came dripping down my mind. Those sneaky kisses he stole from me nung hintaid n
iya ako.
That little "Kilig" moment pag naghihintay siya sa parking lot para lang sunduin
ako and ofcourse that nasty fight he had with his own cousin Gerard
Then we came passed that restaurant where He saw me sitting on a fancy table rig
ht next to Gerard. I wouldn't deny the fact that my heart would be speeding up w
henever the thought of him being jealous run across my mind
Then there goes Sta. Ana racetrack where, not only the fact that I remember how
his face fell when I threw his jack on his face but also the fact that all those
fan girls were really claiming themselves as wives and girlfriends when in fact
the one sitting next to them was actually the one and only girlfriend---Me
I found my self laughing at that mere thought
Who would forget Le Vistro Vert? Thats where I came all the way from the office,
ignoring the rain, threw the umbrella and reunited with him with a warm hug and
kisses to accompany with
Manila cathedral where we were unknowingly set up as partner on the entourage on
Gerard and Roselyn's wedding
Edsa Shang-rila where, officially nagkabalikan na nga kame under the moonlight.
I know it's cheesy. I could still recall how he said it to me that night
Flash back
He swallowed hard, and cupped my face in his hands. His gorgeous, soulful eyes r
oamed over my face as if memorizing every annoying moles and non-existent dimple
there is
"Damn," he growled, and then pressed his mouth to mine.

One of my hands slid over his shoulder and down his back, and my other cupped th
e back of his neck.
He nibbled at my lips, tasting first the bottom and then the top, and then his
tongue emerged once again, tracing insistently at the straight seam of my mouth.

I immediately surrendered, granting him entry without a second thought. His ton
gue slid in, and I tasted the sharp flavor of mint and lime, but it seemed like
something vital was missing, something...

Fuck it, I couldn't think.

One of his hands left my jaw and trailed down to my shoulder, tugging at my gown
. His other hand fell to my waist

Iigo broke away from me, settling his chin on top of my head
Then he looked at me straight in the eyes and leaned closer to my face
"I'm sorry for being a jerk and letting you cry." He whispered into my ears as
he kissed my neck
"I'm sorry for jumping into conclusions." Trailed kisses on my jaw line
"Im sorry for ignoring every attempt of your communication." He kissed my cheek
"I'm sorry for disappearing in a thin air" placed his endearing kiss on my nose
and then he sighed
"I'm sorry for everything" he said as he brought his lips on my forehead and ki
ssed it
He locked me once again in his embrace but tightly this time
"Gerard told me everything. I'm sorry. I should've listen to you" he said
"I was eaten by my jealousy and---"
"Shh!!" I hushed him as I brought my fingers to his soft lips
"It's okay, Iigo. I've forgiven you" I said in a low calm voice

We stared at each other for awhile as we remained silent enjoying every bits of
the moment
and then, at that time. Its felt so right .. so I kissed him lightly on the lip
s and said while gazing into his eyes
"I love you"
And all those places that reminded me how far we've gotten our selves through t
o stay this longer made my stomach cringed and my heart contricted
A tear gradually fell from my eyes to which Iigo was really surprise with. He held
my hand and said "I brought you up here to tell you and remind you the things I
hope you could still remember.
Probably, for you, maybe it meant nothing but the smile, flustered face and the
reaction I always wanted to see from you says I did the right thing siguro-"

"Iigo Stop!!!"
I free-d my way out from his grip and took few steps backward. He search for my
eyes but I couldn't bring my self to look him straight, I couldn't bring my sel
f to be closer to him ...
It was guilt which slowly eating me up..
We both fell into dead silence after finally landing up in a green grass field
"I can't take this any longer. I hate lying to your face, Iigo. God! I hate it but
you left me no choice"
He was a little confuse and his brows were pulled together as his frown grew dee
"I lied. I don't have any sort of amnesia. I remember it all.. Clearly"
"You mean .. You lied and pretended all this time?! Of all people Nina?! Why?!"
His face turn sour and I knew ... things would definitely get ugly from here
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[49] Chapter 48
Quote for this Chap : Take a second out to think about this: in your life you se
arch and search for the right person for you. Every time you break up with someo
ne you get one step closer to that person. You should look at moving on as getti
ng closer to meeting the one.
"You mean .. You lied and pretended to me all this time?! Of all people Nina?!"
He furiously grabbed on both of my shoulder and anger was all I could gazed upon
his eyes. All I could see was nothing but angst hurt and the feeling of betraya
I thought he was going to hit me but he never did, he hit that bundle of rope ri
ght next to my face and furiously walked out from the balloon and hit the neares
t tree
"Im sorry" I said as I tried catching him up from behind. I grabbed on his hands
and said weakly "You left me no choice"
He spun around and shouted "What choice is there to make ha, Nina?"
"Im not the girl you fell for, Iigo .. " More tears cascaded down my cheeks and th
e feeling on my chest is getting heavier each time his eyes penetrated on me "I'
m not .. I'--I'm not Rima"
He froze and loked at me bewildered
"And who the heck is Rima?"
"I dont know why she pretended to be me but believe me, She was the girl that yo
u promised a forever. She's my twin sister. My iderntical elder sister but nonet
heless the total opposite"
"In the summer camp, She was the on who you approached. I was there, watched you
from a far as you played tagged with her. I was merely a shadow. Si Rima yun la
hat, Iigo. I'm sorry I can't tell it straight to you. i was weak. I was cared you'
d hate me. I was scared you'll break me into pieces and left me there hanging"
"So you decided it yourself and took the step to leave me instead?"
"Im sorry, It was the only way"
"It's the only way?! Hah! what makes you think I'll buy these whole crap?!"
"Because I love you and that's enough!!"
"Kung mahal mo ako ----"
"oo mahal kita, pero i'm having second thought about us. Di ko masikmurang magpa
kasal nang dahil sa maling dahilan at hindi ko kayang tanggapin ang pagmamamhal
na hindi naman pala para sa akin"
"Baket Iigo?! pag nalaman mo ba agad na hindi pala ako ang kababata mo, pag nalama
n mo bang hindi ako ang lahat ng yon, mamahalin mo pa rin ba ako bilang Nina and
not as Rima?"
He didn't utter another a word upon hearing me, he just stayed there frozen whil
e gazing at my eyes. As if counting every words and weighing its cost, as if dou
bting whatever is there to be heard. And it pains me more than anything as I wat
ch his eyes soften for a second
"Maybe we should rally take some time apart"
I grabbed his hand and he gradually surrender it open it for me. I laid the ring
on his palm and said
"Goodbye, Iigo"
And the hardest part of walking away is expecting he'll chase you back
Life went on.. It has been several months since that heart-breaking confrontatio
n with someone I love.
I spent the other month of May with my family in Cebu. It was like a little fami
ly reunion we haven't had for ages. I met my cousins once again, although na-no-
nosebleed ako from time to time whenever they turn each other in Visayan, I was
more than glad I cold hit up my Visayan lingo
I started with the very basic tho, learning how to greet in Visayan "Maayong gab
ii, Maayong buntag .." And the list goes on
And when I went back days before the month would end, Instead of merely having t
he usual saturday move marathon with Meg, I had invited her to spend a weekend w
ith me in Hong Kong, all expenses on me.
I know I know.., the trip really drilled a hole in my pocket, but my Meg's proud
face were enough justification for that little thank you
She even added
"Sana broken hearted ka na lagi, Nina para fly fly na lang tayo elsewhere .. at
libre mo ko lagi" She winked
And I had a full hard time moving on at first but eventually had to. I slowly fo
und the strength and enough common sense to divert my attention and interests in
the other part of life
Like facing one of my greatest fear ---- Rima.
"Kahit kailan, ikaw pa rin talaga eh. Ikaw pa rin nakasasalo ng lahat. Ikaw na m
as gusto ng lahat, ikaw na talented, masayahin, magaling .. Ikaw na lang lahat.
I'll always be your shadow. I'll always be nothing but second best" I said as I
bent down and laid the bouquet of pink carnation on her tomb
Rima Andrea Fernandez -- It read
A bitter smile was painted across my face as I wipe her tomb.
"At kahit na sa hukay ka na Ate, pangalawa pa rin ako sayo. Even at your grave,
I'm always been second" A tear gradually feel from my eye
"Nung naka A++ ka sa swimming, Sabi ko, what's the use of getting an A+ if wala
naman yon compared to you? d'iba?"
I felt the wind becoming colder as if telling me my sister was actually there li
"I really want to hate you Ate Rima, But I can't. I owe you my life remember?"
flashback ..
"Nina, The sky isn't crying .. its called rain" A sweet smile was painted across
the woman's blurry face.
I can't make out the details on her feature but one thing's for sure .. her smil
e brings the warm in my heart
Then suddenly, the little girl heard another roar from the sky. A thunder follow
ed by a ferocious light that engulf the whole dark sky which made the little gir
l tighten her grip on her older sister's arm
"Why is the sky sound so angry, Mama?"
The woman turned around once again from the front seat and patted the head of he
r child affectionately. She smiled genuinely before she tucked the unsteady lock
s behind the ear of her youngest child
"Don't be scared my angel. Mama and Papa are here for you" She said
"Yeah! Don't be scared, Nina. Ate Rima is here too" The older child, by merely 2
minutes, uttered to her scared sister and locked her tightly into her arms to a
ssure her that its safe
"Shit!" The man cursed as he tried to maneuver the car's wheel trying to dodge t
he drunk driver of the white Honda civic.
"That was close, Nicollo. The road's slippery cuz it rained the whole night mayb
e we should just stop by and--- OH DEAR LORD!!"
The woman's eyes grew wider as she saw a 9-wheeler truck was heading on the oppo
site side of the dark road. The light of the truck illuminated and almost blindi
ng the little girl's vision
Everything happened so fast that the little girl barely knew what to do
"Rima, Open the car's door and throw your selves outside" The woman told her eld
est child
"But Mom-"
"Just do it, Rima!"
The older sibling obliged on her mother's wishes and unbuckled the seatbelt of h
er sister. She acted fast as she opened their car's door and pushed her younger
sister without giving her a warning
Her older sister was about to join her outside but seatbelt was malfunctioning a
nd can not be easily unbuckle
and the last thing she heard, aside from the loud buzzing sound of the truck cru
shing their car into pieces, was the loud shriek of her older sister crying for
"And at the same time, I always wanted to be as strong as you were. I always wan
ted to be just like you. Maybe now, I turn out to be braver but not as bold are
you were ... maybe in time. Alam ko malapit na. And wherever you are, Rima. You
don't need to watch over me anymore. You see, I'm all grown up Thank you for alw
ays doing so in the past"
I stood up from where I was kneeling and turn to my parent's tomb
"Ma, Pa. I know its been awhile. Lola did a good job raising me. They always tel
l me nga that I looked like you, Mama" I laughed remembering my first encounter
with Tita Ingrid
"Anyway, Hija.. are you any chance related to Augustina Lim-Suarez?" ang tanong
ni Tita Ingrid bigla sa akin
Bakit biglang napasok si Augustina Suarez dito? i thought for a moment
"She's my Grandma" i lightly replied. biglang lumaki ang ngiti ni Tita Ingrid sa
akin. nagtaka naman ako
"Mrs. Suarez was one of my favorite teachers back then in high school. She's the
mother that i wish i had.. Where is she by the way? haven't heard anything from
her ever since She retired"
Tita Ingrid uttered as she was smiling at the thought of it
She must've been really close to Lola before i thought before i blabbered the an
"She's in Cebu with few of our relatives there.. "
"That explains why i haven't seen her around for years now.. wait, Are you Luisa
's or the late Olivia's daughter?" she asked as she took a bite on her salad
"Olivia's" i said dryly.. i dont really know much about my parents.. so im kinda
touchy with that subject
"No wonder, you remind me a lot of Olivia the first time you walked right infron
t of me, Hija" Ang sabi niya before she took a sip in the whine glass
"Thanks, kahit konti lang naalala ko from you. I know you've been watching me fr
om above. Thank you.. Ma, Pa I better go now"
Lumabas ako for the first time with a smile on my lips. I felt I'm a new person
walking a new path in life. Just then, I bumped into someone which made the bouq
uet fell from the owner's hands.. Who ever she is
"I'm sorry" I said picking it up and looked up to a lady about in her early 30's
who seems like she has seen a ghost
Time passed. But I was never the same again.
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[50] Chapter 49

Quote for this chap : I've honestly tried to let you go. I've honestly tried to
forget you. I've honestly tried not to think of you, but I honestly cannot becau
se I honestly don't want too...
I looked up and saw her face, it was unfamiliar. I frown trying to recall where
have I seen her before but I can't seem to fathom why I feel so welcome yet coul
dn't remember a thing about her.
There's something I couldn't pinpoint but...
"Pardon?" I said with a slightest tone of confusion lingering in the way I said
"I thought you were dead and kuya---"
"I think you're mistaken. I'm Nina, I knew someone who goes by the name of Olivi
a but Sino pong Olivia hinahanap nila?"
"Olivia Suarez .. But technically a Fernandez now. She's my--"
"You're related to my father? Nicollo Fernandez?"
"Yes.. He's my kuya .. You must be--?" Her brows were ceased together when she s
lightly tilted her head, as if trying her best to guess the answer
"Nina, Her daughter"
Wide eyed and giddy, The woman hugged me tightly as she could and stroke my chee
k. She was staring at me for quite some time with a smile crept on her face, mem
orizing every annoying mole and contour of it.
"My... " She said , still a little amaze and awed at the same time. "Carbon cop
y ni Ate Olivia. I should've known! the whole time I thought iisa lang anak nila
Kuya. It turns out you were twins. It's a good thing atleast Papa would have hi
s chance to amend before----"
"Wait-- What?!"
"Silly me.. Di mo pa pala ako kilala" She said smiling at me as she once again e
xntended her hand for me to reach
"Laura Fernandez-Yuchengco .. Apparently and technically, Your long lost aunt"
"So you're saying .. All this time, my paternal grandparents were looking for me
We were inside her 4.2 Coupe quattro Audi R8 driving across the highway of Ayala
Avenue going to Rustan's
"Yes, Before Mama passed away, Yung Lolo mo promised her na mahahanap niya kayo
pero we were pretty much devastated na Kuya Nicollo and ate Olivia died earlier
in that dreadful crash and bam. Two years ago lang namin nalaman"
"If you don't mind me asking Tita Lura, Why haven't my father tried to amend his
relationship with Lolo. All those years?"
She sighed, still looking at the road ahead of us as she grabbed my hand and sai
"Believe me, Kuya tried his best pero ang Lolo mo talaga yung napaka stubborn, y
ung tipong pag nagbitaw siya ng salita wala ng bawian"
"I really dont get it that much"
"Okay.. So Kuya was engaged to be married to Ate Marilou"
"Marilou?!" Have I heard that somewhere?
"Marilou .. Yung Director of Intersciplinary ng ADMU. I believed she ended up wi
th Kuya Gilbert Enriquez .. Kuya's bestfriend at that time.. Yung isa sa neurolo
gist sa Makati Med"
OMG. So Gerard's mom is actually Dad's ex girlfriend .. No wonder she always has
a thing for me..
"Wow! I dont know what to say .. Pang teleserye"
"I know right? But 'di lang yun, We didn't know kuya was going steady with a gir
l for years na pala, and yes, Nina.. That's where Ate Olivia, your mom, came in
the picture"
I nodded trying to put the pieces one by one .. It actually make sense to me now
. Everything left unsaid by my parents
"And Papa was even furious when Kuya told him na ayaw niyang magpakasal, and wor
se when he mentioned about your mom's pregnancy,So it went ugly ever since at du
mating sa point where Tinakwil na ni Dad si Kuya and told him to never set foot
in our house for eternity"
"And now, Lolo wanted to keep his promise with Lola and amend to whatever is lef
t with us?"
She nodded and held my hand once again
"Do it not only for your Lolo, Nina .. But for us. He's sick at before kunin na
siya ng panginoon, I wanted his mind to be at peace.. Will you do it?"
I smiled at her and said "Ofcourse"
After the few knocks, The door creaked before finally revealing to my sight a be
dridden old man. He sat up from his bed and got his specs
"Laura? Is that you? where have you been? You're---"
The sickly old man stopped on whatever he was about to say and just stayed there
as he gazed into my eyes, as if he was bewildered on my presence .. Shock and s
urprised all wrapped into one
He was holding a glass of water when, out of nowhere, he unconsciously dropped t
he glass and it came shattering on the tiled-floor
Tita Laura immediately run to his side and said
"Pa, it's not Olivia"
I gathered all my strength to take another step inside his room and smiled
"It's Nina, Lolo" Somehow.. The word lolo came out strange in my tongue
Then Tita Laura came behind me
"Pa, I didn't find what you were looking for but .. this is Nina, Apo niyo" She
gave me a nod and whispered "Approach the old man"
"Lo.." Sabi ko sabay hablot sa kamay niya at nag mano
He was a little dazed, staring at me with those eyes that were a slightly filled
with tears and sorrow
He touched my cheeks and said "You looked exactly like her but your eyes .. It r
eminds me a lot of Nicollo"
And then he hugged me tightly,
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry hija .. If only there was a way I could turn back time"
He repeated over and over again and when I glance back at Tita Lura, she too br
oke into tears and silent sobs while she covered her mouth with her own shaking
"Welcome home, Hija"
And indeed, It felt like home .. At last
"Aalis ka na talaga?"
I saw Meg leaning from my door frame before sitting beside my bed. She watch my
every moment as if weighing what I was about to say
"My Lolo needs me, Meg and I badly need a fresh start as well" I said packing my
last pile of clothes from my closet to the luggage
"Besides, Sa Paraaque lang naman yon. You can visit me anytime" I winked
"I would love that! 'Di ba Fernandez are long lines of doctors? For sure .. You'
ll be living on a manor.. A big one to be exact!"
Tinapunan ko siya ng unan and chuckled "Silly! Hindi naman .."
"Pero, Teka ..Paano work mo? Paraaque to Makati? Woah! Goodluck naman sa patak ng
gas mo te"
"Don't worry, nag file na din ako ng resignation, I told Lola Augustina about it
and I think she understands naman. She's actually happy pa nga na makilala ko n
a after all those years.. ang mga Fernandez"
And that was the last pile of clothes I've pack before zipping my luggage and tu
rn my direction at Meg who's now about to cry
"Nina" She hugged me tightly, almost squeezing my being in the process
Can't breathe Meg
"I'll miss you too, Meggy" I said patting her back
"Don't worry, I'll skype, text, email, chat you every night if you please .. Ats
aka Ayaw mo non? Di na kayo maabala ni Patrick sa ano ..."
Bigla niya akong sinuntok sa braso sabay tawa
"Sira ka rin, Nina ano? .. pero basta ah?"
"Oo ba!"
My room was right next to Lolo's so when I turn the knob after kong pinainom ng
gamot ang lolo ko, I saw Tita Laura reading something in my room
She was startled the moment I opened the door and immediately cloed the book and
placed it on my nightstand
"I'm sorry, I just got curious about this .." She said pertaining to the book sh
e laid. It was not actually a book but rather my own diary in a third person po
int of view
"I's well-written and every emotion seems real .. But it's kinda sad that the gi
rl ended up everything with the guyshe love, despite the fact she still love him
. I could feel the love pa naman all through out the chapters"
Good thing hard bound at book-style yung labas ng diary, kaya hindi nahalata.. I
would definitely freak out if she knew..
I sat beside Tita Laura and smiled
"I guess.. Happy endings aren't meant for someone even she wanted it that bad"
"Did you made the book?!" She sounded so surprise as her lips broke into a wide
I nodded
"Wow! you know may alam akong publisher na pwedeng pwede mag publish nito, for s
ure.. Best seller to!"
I laughed "Who would be interested to read my lifestory anyway?"
She stood up with a beam of excitement lingering in her eyes "You know Nina.. Wh
en its not a happy ending, it means it's not the end yet"
"I would love to but ---"
"Great!!!! Tatatawagan ko agad si Sigmund, he's a really close friend of mine an
d for sure, mapapabilis ang pag publish neto .."
The door creaked, revealing that familiar chinese-looking girl I saw somewhere..

Hhhmm... Where was it to be exact?
"Wow!" I said totally amazed by his words
" Ang Astig mo, Babe! I never thought I'm going to have a crush on you one day"
"Ganon?" He said pinching my nose
'Di mo ko naging crush?"
"Should I be happy about that?"
"Of course! Hindi na kasi kita naging crush, minahal na agad kita"
"Sus Bola! Kiss mo muna ako"
My heart was beating loudly yet again, as Iigo's face came closer to my view
"Ahem!" An old man, sitting just across us, coughed while slightly glaring at u
s. I stared at him wondering if he saw that all
Ofcourse nakita niyo yun.. he's just old but not blind
the thought of it made me blushed even more. He eyed us first intently warning
us that he has his 10-year-old grand daughter with him
"Angkong, tmen zi zu shnme ne?" (What are they doing?) the curious little Chinese girl
sked. By the looks of it, I could tell there was still a Filipino touch on her d
espite having really 'singkit' eyes
Her hair was held on a high pig tails with her full bangs covering her brows
"Its Nothing, Liz. They're just like birds that peck on each other's beak to gi
ve food"
"Ohhh! Can I do that to Dar-"
"No!" The old man snapped and then turned back to what he was reading---- a new
And after reminiscing that nostalgic memory, I'm missing my Iigo more ..
"Anak mo Tita Laura?"
The woman just smiled at me and gestured the little girl to come closer. And whe
n the little girl did, She carried it and let het sat on her lap
"Yup" She proudly uttered, fixing the little girl's bangs
"Mm, t sh shu?" (Mommy.. Who is she?)
"Liz, Baby .. This is your biomi, Nina"
Ano daw? Buy me?!
The little girl smiled sweetly at me when Tita Laura added "Nina, my daughter Li
"Hi Liz Kumusta?" I said giving her my megawatt smile as I pinched her cheeks
Tita Laura chuckled beside me "Sorry about that, Nina. Hindi magaling mana-galog
si Liz but she's fluent in Hokkein and english"
" Mm Mm !" Liz pulled Tita Laura's sleeves and added
"T sh w xing n t do de nrn. zhu t de zuchn shng yg rn, dng
his lips when I was at the hospital with grandfather)
Wala akong naintindihan sa sinabi ng pinsan ko, ni isa wala .. dumugo pa yata an
g ilong ko as I tried my best to decipher each word. Oh gosh!
and unknowingly, tumawa naman si Tita Laura and nawe-weird-uhan ako especially w
hen she turn her direction at me
"Really? Was the man yngjn enough?"
The girl nodded and smiled " Yes Mm, Really handsome"
And they both ended up laughing
"Wow! Mukhang invisible lang ako ha? Hindi na nga ako makarelate, dinudugo pa ng
ilong ko"
They turn to looked up and I dont know what It got into my head, but I started j
oining them with the laughter
It has been exactly 1 year, ten months, two weeks and twenty three days.. Should
I include the time? Okay.. I'm being paranoid but it has been that long .. so l
ong and I notice things has change.. Things aren't the way it used to be
Yes, I already quit social networking site and only decided to make a new FB, Tw
itter and the likes.. today
Yes, I already change my number and BB pin
Yes, I already got my own wheels just a week ago
It's not only those things that I've change, I as well have undergone a drastic
change too
But still apart of me was still attach and glued to the past. A part of me still
thinks of the what ifs and
a part of me still yearns and loves him
I miss how we used to talk every minute of every day and how I was able to tell
you everything that was on my mind. I miss our conversations.
"I miss Iigo"
I wanted to move on but there always be a feeling of diference and indecision in
doing so and deep down I know, I'm still hoping for the possibilities even for
the last time
I still, for the pass few months, stalk him online, on newspaper, on tv, on goss
ip sites and the list goes on
I still get that really fuzzy feeling in my stomach whenever I stared at him on
his buildboards
Tapped by the British-based Atech CRS team as one of its three drivers for the
2012 GP3 series, Bustamante intends to stamp his class in the event set to start
in Milan, Italy in May.
I still stalk him by somtimes going to his racing tournament, silently sitting t
here alone, praying for his sole victory
Spanish-Filipino Race car driver Iigo Bustamante has set a lofty but attainable go
al: Put the Philippines in the map of motor sports.
And even if he doesn't notice me cheering for him whenever he wins and silently
cry whenever he'll lose, I was still there
Iigo Bustamante took a superb First place with the Status Grand Prix team in the f
irst round of the 2012 GP3 Series at Barcelona.
Iigo Bustamante : On track for F1 supremacy
Sorry, girls, he's not in the market for love and romance, but he would like you
to watch his career all the same as if it was a matter of life and death....
And sometimes, When lucky.. I slip a note to his door after or before the race.
Just like now, I'm walking my way to the hallway like some kinda ninja and light
ly slid the "Goodluck" note under his door
"It has been a year, Iigo!!Stop looking for someone who's not willing to be found!
!" I heard from the other side of the door, I leaned closer to hear what they we
re up to.. and by the sound of it, it seems that a girl was with him
My stomach automatically cringed as my heart constrict, It hurts still .. merely
knowing some girl can cling on him like that
"I'm here .. I've always been from the beginning but all you do all day is crave
for is her more. Why?!"
I heard another crash inside, a sound of a glass breaking into pieces
Oh no ...
"Do you really want to know Kendra? Do you really want to hear it from me?"
Silence... and more silence
What are they doing?
"I tried, Yes Kendra.. I tired so hard. I even considered falling for you all ov
er again but I can't. It has been her.. Always been from the beginning. I love h
er, I'm sorry"
Followed by a loud gasp and frustrated grunt
"That's insane!!"
"Yeah .. I think I am"
Then I heard his footsteps getting closer to the door but it abruptly stopped wh
en I heard him
"Another note.."
Time to go.. Time to go..
And just when I was about to run and sprint away from the door, I heard the knob
turning from behind and then the world stopped spinning when the next thing I h
eard was...
"Wait... Is that you?"
And by the husky voice and the manner he spoke, it was definitely him... Iigo
[51] Chapter 50 -- Fin
Quote for this chap :
Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be
married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's
a real treat.
- Joanne Woodward
"Is that you?"
OMG! What to do what to do?!?!
I swallowed a lump on my throat debating whether to turn around and reveal my se
lf and face the consequence or ... just run for it
What to do?
"were you?????--" I could feel him coming closer to me now .. And every step he
made, had my heart throbbing vigorously on my chest.
Please dont come near
"Were you the one slipping notes through the door?" He said with same authority,
Thankful for the fact that I had my back to him, he did not recognize me .. I g
I gulped and adjusted the Lakers bullcap covering my head as I altered my voice,
a little deeper than the usual
I hope it works
"Yeah.. I better go now before someone steal my seat.. Goodluck"
Hindi ko na hinintay pang sumagot siya ulit baka kung ano naman tanungin at sabi
hin niya kaya faster than a speed of light, kumaripas na ako ng takbo

The race was held at Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Milan, Italy and I flew all the
way from Manila for this. I know I sounded like a die-hard dork but that's my s
ecret obssession.
Well not really an obsession, I just wanted to content my self with the mere sig
ht of him even from a far
Is that bad?
With a footlong and a diet coke on my hands, I took the seat to the second row o
f the east part of the bleacher, I smiled at the man next to me and watch the ot
her racers below as they get themselves ready for the race
And when I spotted Iigo, I silently prayed he'll dodge the kisses his supposed- mu
se is giving him. It has been practially a tradition that someone will have a mu
se beside the racer
And every race, Iigo's muse would change from one race to another.. but this time,
it was Kendra
"Racers, Preparati e avviare il motore" (Racers, Get ready and start your engine
) I heard from the speakers of the said racing tournament. They were speaking it
alian and obviously, I didn't get a thing out of it.
But my eyes were remain glued to where Iigo was .. I watch as he wore his helmet a
nd slid inside his race car
"Avvicinandosi il numero della vettura 18 e numero 23 impenetrabile che solo un
po 'solo molto" (Papalapit na ng papalit ang number 18 at malalampasan na si num
ber 23, konti na lang.. konti na lang talga)
Number 18?! isn't that Iigo's?
"Sembra che il numero 23 racer dal Brasile e il numero 18 da racer Filippine in s
tretta lotta serrata. Signore e Signori, Sono venuta per l'ultimo giro e finale.
Chi sarebbe il campione?" (Looks like racer number 23 from Brazil and racer nu
mber 18 from Philippines is in tight close fight. Ladies and Gentlemen, They're
coming for the last and final lap. Who would be the champion?)
"Please .. Let it be him, Please let it be him" I silently prayed as my eyes wer
e closed and my fingers were crossed
I heard two fast ranging roars of engine passed by before me followed by the nex
t three and when I opened my eyes, then next thing I knew ...
"Ecco che avete la gente, il campione del Rookie Cup Formula BMW Pacific 2012, c
on un solo podio Iigo Bustamante dalle Filippine!" (There you have it folks,The Cha
mpion of Rookie Cup Formula BMW Pacific 2012 with only one podium is Iigo Bustaman
te from Philippines!)
I was too happy and giddy with his victory alongside with the people who cheered
for him, I joined the crowd with their standing obation and squeeled on top of
my lungs .. and unconciously, threw my hat away in the air forgotting the fact t
hat I was supposed to be hiding
At dahil nga may HD Camera focusing on the crowd, I right away froze on the spo
t when I saw my self on the widescreen tv
"Oh no!! Not good!" I said to my self and daw Iigo's jaw dropped. I looked for the
cap I threw in the air but I can't seem to find it so I left and went as fast a
s I could to the exit
I doubled and trippled my way out but I felt someone was following me .. so I ra
n faster.. catching my breath in the process but continued running away
"Nina!! Wait.. I know it's you" I heard from behind but I kept on running.. Runn
ing away for God knows why
"Nina!!" He shouted again but I turned right away to my right and slid my self i
nside the, what it seems to be, a Janitor's closet
"Why do you keep on running away fro me?"
My breathing stopped the moment I felt him walked passed to where I was hiding
And when I finally felt the coast is clear, I went out and silently told my self
"That was close"
I was walking on Parco Nord Milano, an infamous park in the industrialized city
such as Milan. The grounds, speckled with ponds and romantic bridges, contains p
lay grounds for kids, a relaxing place on the grass for young people and multipl
e outdoor areas and museums in which to take a stroll
I found an empty bench by the park andfound my self catching for my own breath t
he moment I sat upon it.
The old lady beside me gazed on me curiously and said "Stai bene, signorina?" (A
re you okay, Young lady?)
Again, I didn't say anything but I felt like I needed to nod .. so I did and smi
led at her and she return the favor and did the same
She was feeding the birds on her palms but stood up right away. She turn to my d
irection and said "Buona. Meglio che vada ora, Buon giorno!" (Good, I better go
now, Good day!)
I watch her retreating back before I felt my phone vibrating on my pocket
"Hello?! Tita Laura? OMG! Really?!" I stood up and didn't care that I was actual
ly catching up attention from the other people in the park
"Thanks .. Pauwi na ako"
I gripped on my phone tighter and was apparently excited ..
My book's gonna be publish soon!!!
My first book received a lot of good criticism from well-known writers such as
Jun Lana, Danton Remoto, J. Neil Garcia, Lourd Ernest de Veyra, Ramil Gulle, Roe
l Hoang Manipon, Ricci Guevarra, Clinton Palanca; the older literati - Cirilo Ba
utista, Butch Dalisay, Poet Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta, Domingo Landicho, Benil
da Santos, Liwayway Arceo, Margie Evasco, Virgilio Almario, and C. Pantoja-Hidal
go among others.
I know it's a big yes being recognize like this and being praised but .. somethi
ng deep inside me is lacking .. something is missing
I miss Iigo
There were some cheers when I walked onto the little podium as I cracked a tight
smile. It was my Third day of book signing..
As usual, there was a table set up, with chairs, and next to the podium was a la
rge easel with a picture of my book and my face, proudly declaring that it was a
book signing.
The first fan dashed up to me excitedly, making me feel very glad there was a t
able between them.
"Ms. Fernandez! You have no idea how much I adored you! And I can't wait to read
this one!"
"Thank you," I said, smiling as I took the book, opening it and quickly signing
my name with a flourish before returning the book back to the middle-aged lady.
"Hope you enjoy this one," I said.
Time flew by, and faces began to bleed into each other. Very quickly, I settled
into a routine, sign the book, look up to smile and return the book, sign the ne
xt book, look up to smile and return the book. I would have been bored to tears
if it hadn't been for those adorable fans whose smile never fade
It always surprised me how people really got into the books. It pleased me great
ly, actually, to know that there were people, lots of people, who actually loved
my first ever book, even though I was simply a diary-turned-novel
I signed the book before looking up at the girl. She looked to be in high-school
, and I smiled.
"I read you synopsis online and I couldn't help my self but buy it!"
"Thank you, I'm glad you liked it." I watched the girl dash off to join her gigg
ling group of friends, and they promptly started squealing. Laughing, I turned b
ack to the desk, there was another book sitting there. Opening it, I began to sc
rawl my signature on it.
"I've been waiting in line to see you for the past half hour."
The voice was a low, deep timbre and I immediately recognize to whom it belongs,
looking up, only to squeak in horror and draw back immediately, feeling flushed
Iigo!! Holy-- What do say? What to say?!?
"Diane wanted a copy for her self" Iigo commented. His mouth was quirked in amusem
ent, and he looked incredibly gorgeous in a black button-down, the sleeves folde
d to his elbows, and dark wash jeans. His hair was neater than I remembered thou
gh, and memories of the both of us together fluttered to the surface.
"Oh. Oh," I stuttered. I nervously played with my pen, waiting for him to leave,
or do something, like kiss me or something. Oh yeah. Kiss me.
"So there I was, walking past my favorite bookstore, when I saw the display wind
ows publicizing this huge author's book signing. Imagine my surprise when I look
ed at the photos and saw the same beautiful woman who had run out on me about a
week ago."
I smiled softly, tucking an errant strand of hair behind my ear bashfully.
"I, uh, I -"
"Hey mister, you're taking too much time!"
I bit my lip, looking over Iigo to see a large woman waving her book at her. Iigo tu
rned around as well, which somehow made that woman froze in the spot
"Isn't that Iigo Bustamante?" I heard someone whispering from the pile of girls in
the line
"I'm sorry guys, but Miss Fernandez is taking a fifteen-minute break," Tita call
ed out at the top of her voice. She quickly turned around, ignoring the murmurs
in the crowd, and strode back to me grasping my arm and hauling me up from my ch
"Tita Laura?!" I cried.
What is she planning to do?
"You, follow me," She ordered Iigo, as she tugged me towards the back office. She
shoved me gently inside.
"I'll be back in five minutes, okay?" She said sweetly, grinning at me, but befo
re I could inflict my dying protest, Iigo entered the office.
"Thanks," He told Tita Laura, while she simply grinned before shutting the door
behind her
Blast it!
Now it was just me and him, and although I knew I should be feeling nervous and
upset at this unexpected turn of events, all I felt was heat pooling in my belly
I was almost breathless, in fact, as I looked up at him. I had backed away to pe
rch myself on the edge of the desk, but he had come to stand just before me, and
I could feel the heat radiating off him.
"I read the book," he said, showing me the hard bound book. "Well, not all of it
. I read some of it while standing in line," he amended, smiling.
"Oh," I breathed, smoothing my black skirt over my thighs.
"There was this scene in there, you know, the first time Jayme meets Kyle, that
sounded oddly familiar, though," he commented lightly, his brown eyes twinkling
"Oh." Could I not say anything else? Seriously, woman!
I straightened, gathering all my will power and wits. "Well, I suppose I was rat
her, well, inspired," I said.
Iigo grinned. "How did you manage to write a bestselling romance while still hidin
g away from me" he asked then, and I sucked in a breath.
"That is a secret. Okay?"
"That. Is a secret," I repeated, poking him in his chest. "I will not have you g
oing out there and humiliating me - mmph!"
Iigo had just kissed me lightly on my lips. He drew back, his smile firmly in plac
e, and I was left there staring at him in surprise.
He inched closer, placing his arms on either side of me on the desk, effectively
trapping me. My eyes grew wide, my lips parted, and I felt my entire body heat
up. Suddenly the sheer cream blouse I've worn seemed too tight.
Iigo turned his gaze onto my parted lips, and I shut my mouth immediately, causing
him to shift his gaze back to my eyes.
This guy is teasing me.. Definitely teasing me
"Can I take you out for lunch after you're done with the book-signing?" he asked
, his voice husky.
"Wh - what?" I stuttered, surprise flooding my features. Iigo's mouth turned up in
amusement, but a moment later, he frowned.
"Why did you leave? why did you ran away?" he asked, almost petulantly.

"I thought you wouldn't care," I murmured, "and later, that you'd have forgotten
about me," I added, biting my lip, feeling discomfited.

"Well then, you ought to know that I tried looking for you at the that oval raci
ng track for several times, and tried tracking your GPS but it isn't working"
Heart be still!!

"But I know now since there are ten posters out there with your name and face on

We were inches apart from each other now. I was pressed up against him, and his
arms were tight around my waist.

"You haven't answered my first question."


"Yes, Nina?"

"My answer will be yes to any question you ask."

With that, I closed the gap between us, pressing my lips to his in a sweet kiss
that quickly turned passionate. When we broke apart, breathing heavily, Iigo raise
d an eyebrow at me.
"If that's the case, I'm just going to try my luck here. Can you sign this book
He said and handled down the book for me to sign, but something was different ..
the moment I turn to the very first page .....
"Will you marry me?" was written in bold letters
I gaped at him. "Are you serious?"
"I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't."
"Then, well, you know my answer."
We clashed again in a flurry of lips and tongue, breaking apart only when Tita L
aura burst in on them.
"Oops, sorry," Tita Laura said, smiling widely, not looking sorry at all.
"I'd better go," I said, pulling myself away from his embrace difficulty.
I paused at the doorway, turning back to him.
"Will you... Will you wait?"
"Of course I will."
My smile was huge, my eyes sparkling, and I rushed back to Iigo to kiss him soundl
y on the lips. He laughed, bringing his arms up around my tiny frame
"Nina!" Tita Laura called, impatient.
"Oh, yes, okay, yes, coming," I stuttered, smiling at Iigo before turning around a
nd dashing out.

Maybe book signings weren't too bad after all.
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[52] ANWMA -- Special Chapter (Wedding)

So finally, I'm going to let you explore their wedding day through Iigo's point of
view. Yes, yeah.. Iigo's point of view. I had a hard time typing it cuz I dont wa
nt it to sound so cheesy kasi point of view ng lalake.
Other than that, Mahirap din kasi point of view na nga ng lalake .. hindi ko din
alam ano experience nang kinakasal .. Nonetheless, I did so many research for t
his. && Thank you sa mga nag vote sa poll, Red pa yung nanalo so yun nga.. red a
ng motif ng wedding nila
Italized words are blast from the past.
Special dedications to the readers who supported this story 'til the very end. E
I looked at my black ion plated round men's watch from Guess. My new watch. Seve
n fifty four. I smiled at the gift. It was Nina's pre-wedding gift to me, but I
frowned at the time.
Tapping my foot, I fidgeted and looked around. The sky, which had been blue and
sunny all day, is clouding up. Don't rain, don't rain. At least not until after
and we're all inside.
When I looked at this watch again, Some poked me from behind. "Igo, Settle down,
" he whispers.
It was Chris, my older brother, who came all the way from Barcelona,Spain to Sa
n Agustin Church, Manila
I grabbed on my his arm and looked at my watch. I dropped it with a humph. "Is t
ime slowing down?"
"No, My dear brother, it's not," Chris laughed. Gerard came over just then, misi
nterpreting my behavior for something else
"Nervous, Iigo?" he asks quietly.
"Hmm? No, Ge, not nervous. Anxious. Overly excited." I glanced at the sky again,
hopping lightly from one foot to the other.
"Oh, I know that feeling," Gerard said winking at me. "I didn't think you'd be n
ervous." He smiles at me and walks back to his place, to where Roselyn and their
baby Rossard were
"It won't rain, Iigo," Chris says reassuringly.
My father chuckled, watching me ,his son. My mother, seated beside him, leans ov
er and says, "Igo looks very handsome."
"He looks like he's about to jump out of his skin," he laughs. "But yes, Saan pa
sila mag ma-mana,dear?."
I saw my mother rolled her eyes but gradually smiled "I'm glad they went with ch
arcoal. Black suits are so... somber," she says, noting the subtle stripe of the
men's waistcoats and the Red cravats. "Red must be Nina's favorite color," she
"Mmm," My father nodded. He turns and looks back towards the house, watching for
any sign of movement.
Father Luis, the parish priest nods at Patrick, a young man sitting at a portabl
e piano keyboard on a platform. He begins to play. Liebestraum by Liszt.
During the entourage, Meg appears the first in the line of bride's maid, lovely
and sweet in her crimson gown. It is long and simple, with a velvet wrap in a sh
ade darker around her shoulders for warmth in the weather's chill.
She is holding a bouquet of Rouge Baizer Red Rose and sprigs of Crimson, flanked
with baby's breath and trailing ivy. She is wearing a simple amethyst pendant,
a gift from Nina, and her hair is up.
I glanced at Patrick who seems to be transfixed, watching Meg's approach and I s
aw how she smiles warmly at him as she takes her place.
Next is Diane, in a gown of similar design to Meg's, but in a darker color of re
d, burgundy. It also has a matching velvet wrap. Normally beautiful, My older si
ster looks stunning; her fair skin complemented by the dress and her upswept dar
k hair a stark contrast to all the white.
She has a similar necklace to Meg's and is carrying an identical bouquet.
I saw Tyler stared as she passed by. For sure, He has never seen her wife lookin
g more beautiful, and by the looks of it, he realizes that his jaw has dropped o
pen when my sister caught his eye and winks at him.
The music changes. Trumerei by Robert Schumann.
"Please stand," the reverend commands, and everyone does, turning their heads to
the back, waiting.
This is the longest walk ever. My heart is pounding. The wedding wasn't even thi
s stressful.
I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this. Yet my feet were glued, tapp
ing patiently on the ground as I wait for Nina to advance her step towards the a
isle. Towards the front. No. Towards me
As Nina appears on her grandfather's arm, the sun pokes through the clouds as if
God has heard my prayer and has obliged by shining the sun warmly down upon th
e radiant bride.
I took us awhile to finally tie the knots. And the tangled web about her older t
win sister has been resolved. I was a little surprised when she mentioned about
the stupid childhood promise when in fact, I never did such
Yes, Rima must've looked like Nina before .. Maybe she had fooled me to play tag
with her but it was just that .. It took her awhile to be convinced and I had t
o take her out for most of the time to let her see how serious I was .. until It
came out in this happily ever after
Time stops for me. As she walks forward, her eyes lock onto mine, and I felt hel
pless in her presence. She is breathtaking in a gown of a shimmery white, almost
as if it is shot through with silver.
The scooped neckline is wide, exposing a fair amount of her beautiful shoulders,
and weren't that long
I'm going to have to stop myself from touching that skin once she's up here, I f
ound myself thinking.
She's halfway down the aisle, and she doesn't even notice the cameras and smiles
and appreciative whispers; all I see is Nina.
Focus on Nina. She is there, She is walking towards you. My love. My soon-to-be
-Mrs Iigo Bustamante. My wife. It still doesn't seem real.
Okay, kneel. Do I look up? Do I look down? Straight ahead? She looks so beautif
ul, so... proud? Is she proud of me?
I will never get used to the way she gazes at me, the way she can make my heart
pound and my knees go watery with her eyes alone.
Take her hands. Stand. She looks so pleased, so content, her hands so small and
warm on mine.
My eyes rove over her further as she approaches. A fitted bodice accentuating he
r narrow waist leads down to her hips, where a gold sash is draped and knotted l
oosely but elegantly in the back, its tails trailing down atop the train of her
The ends of the sash are embroidered with red filigree. That's different. I like
it, I smiled. She has her mother's tiara on her head from which the veil extend
s, draping down over her hair, which Diane has artfully arranged around it.
It is mostly up, with a few tendrils strategically left loose to trail tantalizi
ngly on her neck. Her bouquet is larger than the others, and it also includes so
me red roses sprinkled in.
Looking at her carefully, A memory from the past blasted right before me ..
The little boy immediately gasp the little girl's hand and drag her with him. T
hey started running off as fast as they could, away from those bullies ..and awa
y from everyone else
as the little girl looked back, the rain started pouring. The cold rain drops hi
t the little girl's face fast and hard soaking her instantly.
Her hair falls and stacks to her neck, and the dress clings to her body. The rai
n continues to fall as they continue to walk while her fitflops sink into the we
t front lawn
The little boy led her quietly onto the soft sand. Here, He leant against her a
s he removed his shoes and watched as the little girl's expression turned sour
"What are you waiting for?"
The boy said as he playfully toss his shirt off, The girl began to panic, scared
that the boy might hit her too if she wouldn't comply so she copied his actions
and began removing her fitflops.
They both left their shoes on the sand and wondered along the beach. The little
girl is not sure when and how but they came to hold each other's hands and it s
uddenly felt alright to trust a stranger. It was awkward at first but she eventu
ally felt comfortable with it
"You know, I always notice you picking up shells by the shore" He uttered and b
egan throwing all sort of rocks to the sea but the little girl didn't say anythi
ng but stare at him for awhile, half-amuse and half.. freaked out?
"You must've think I'm a stalker huh?" The little laughed before adding
"Well .. you're probably wondering why I was watching you"
Curious as can be, The little finally spoke "Why?" She asked curiosity lingered
in her tone
The little boy who seem to be amuse by the little girl's sudden enthusiasm beam
her with a smirk-to-die-for "You looked like a pretty dork happy picking up stup
id pebbles and shells"
Although the boy was laughing hysterically, the little girl didn't find it amusi
ng hence she frown at him and as if ready to throw the next thing her hand could
grip with
"But .. nonetheless .. pretty. Yeah, Really pretty tho" He said sounding so sinc
ere as he gazes back at the little girl's flustered face then he proceeded throw
ing another rock pretending he didn't let go of some cheesy baduy words
We reach the front, and I realized I haven't taken a breath since I laid eyes on
her. I inhaled deeply, and Nina stifles a giggle.
Her grandfather gazes at his grand daughter, when they reach the front. And so h
ere we are, he thinks. "You look so beautiful, Nina," he whispers to her, turnin
g to her.
"You said that already, Lolo," she smiles and replies.
"I know. I can't help it." He gives her a hug and kisses her cheek, then places
her hand in mine. He claps my on the shoulder warmly, turns to Nina, says, "I lo
ve you," before retreating to his seat beside Nina's Tita Laura, across the aisl
e from my parents
I looked at her. "You look amazingly beautiful," I whispered.
"So do you," she whispered back.
The little girl didn't know what possess her but the next thing she knew she gas
p into the little boy's hand and said
"You know sometimes I also feel unloved and ignored by my parents because I fel
t like I'll never be as good as my sister nor as adorable as her but trust me ..
they love you. You may not feel it but they do"
The girl gave the little boy a reassuring smile which he gradually return with
such genuineness that radiates with in
"You may be seated," Father Luis announces. He continues:
"Dearly beloved: We have come together in the presence of God to witness and ble
ss the joining together of this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony..."
Both Nina and I are clearly not paying attention now, as We were completely los
t in each other, holding each other's hands. I stroke the back of her hands with
my thumbs a few times.
Nina smiles shyly at me
Father Luis speaks again, asking if there are any among them who object.
Nope, No Kendra .. No Luigi
Father Luis looked to the crowd, truly expecting no response. The wind blows, an
d a few leaves drift down around them. I saw Nina shivered slightly, as the sun
has once again disappeared.
There are no objections, and he continues. "We will now have a moment of silent
prayer. Please take a few moments to lift your thoughts to God."
He gives everyone a minute, then resumes. "O God, You have so consecrated the co
venant of marriage..."
"Amen," I found myself echoing the reverend with the rest of the guests.
As Nina's Grandmother walks forward to offer a reading, the wind picks up again
and a few more leaves blow. I began to worry that Nina will get cold and glances
skyward again, sighing. Nina seems to notice my worry and smiles reassuringly a
t me, squeezing my hands in hers.
"...Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his w
ife, and they shall become one flesh." Lola Augustina concludes, and returns to
sit beside Nina's Cousin Isaac
Father Luis stood up and then turns his attention back to us
"Nina, will you have this man to be your husband; to live together in the covena
nt of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness
and in health, forsaking all others, and be faithful to him as long as you both
shall live?"
"I do."
"Iigo, will you have this woman to be your wife; to live together in the covenant
of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and
in health, forsaking all others, and be faithful to her as long as you both sha
ll live?
"I do."
Father Luis turns to the congregation and asks, "Will all of you witnessing thes
e promises do all in your power to uphold these two persons in their marriage?"
"We will."
"Let us pray."
Another prayer? I was getting antsy. Dont' get me wrong, I love Nina so dearly,
and God knows how lucky I am, but I'm not used to standing still for this long.
I fidgets slightly, until I noticed father Luis giving me a little annoyed stare
. I resumed standing still, clenching my jaw in defeat.
"Iigo, take her right hand and repeat after me."
I did so and repeats the words: "In the Name of God, I, Franco Iigo Bustamante, ta
ke you, Nina Angela Fernandez to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day f
orward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in he
alth, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vo
I released her hand. "Nina, take his right hand in yours and repeat after me."
"In the Name of God, I, Nina Angela Fernadez, take you, Franco Iigo Bustamante, to
be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for wor
se, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish,
until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow."
"Bless, O Lord, these rings to be a sign of the vows by which this man and this
woman have bound themselves to each other; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
Father Luis handed Nina's ring to me, and she raises her left hand.
"Nina, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and a
ll that I have, I honor you, in the Name of God."
I slid it on her finger, and Nina repeated the same thing
"Iigo, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and all
that I have, I honor you, in the Name of God."
"Now that Nina and Iigo have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with t
he joining of hands and the giving and receiving of rings, I pronounce that they
are husband and wife, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Hol
y Spirit. Those whom God has joined together let no one put asunder."
I have never seen her looking so happy.
She looks as though she is bursting with joy.
"Diane?" Father Luis calls my older sister forward.
She reads. "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arr
ogant or rude..."
Diane returned to her seat, and Nina and I kneel before the table in front as Fa
ther Luis prays over them, seeking God's blessing over them. I reached over and
takes Nina's hand.
It is like ice.
The Lord's Prayer is said, and Both of us stood up again and face each other, ho
lding each other's hands once again.
"God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy spirit, bless, preserve, and keep you
; the Lord mercifully with His favor look upon you, and fill you with all spirit
ual benediction and grace; that you may faithfully live together in this life, a
nd in the age to come have life everlasting. Amen."
Father Luis then nods at Patrick, and he starts to play again. Meg is now seated
beside him at the keyboard as he plays the opening bars of "All I Ask of You" f
rom The Phantom of the Opera.
Nina and I, accompanied by Kuya Chris and Ate Diane, step forward to sign the re
gister to legally complete the marriage. As Nina signs her name, I noticed her h
and is trembling slightly.
Surely she can't be nervous, I thought, then I remembered seeing her shivering
earlier and recalls her cold hands.
We finish our paperwork, and return to our original places. I sneak a peek at th
e priest, and unbuttons my coat.
Both Father Luis and Nina gave me a puzzled look as I removed it. I held it out
to Nina, and she slides her arms into my sleeves with a giggle. I saw Father Lui
s smiled and nodded at me.
The song finishes, and Fahter Luis turned to the congregation. "It is my very gr
eat honor to be the first to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Iigo Bustamante. You may kiss
the bride, Iigo."
With those words, I pulled Nina into my arms and kisses her, pouring all the lov
e I feel for her into the kiss while striving to keep it appropriate for a weddi
ng. It is walking a tightrope, and Nina helps out by keeping her lips firmly tog
ether, much as for sure wants to part them for me.
I reluctantly pulled away just before the kiss goes on too long. I whispers, "I
love you," and takes her hand as Diane approach us to take Nina's bouquet.
The vicar again nods at Patrick, who begins God Gave me you by Bryan White as W
e, newly-married couple recess up the aisle and back into the parlor.
And all of the sudden, Nina wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down for a

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[53] Epilogue
(A/N Dalawa magiging point of views dito. Right, bibigyan ko finally si Iigo ng sa
rili niyang point of view. Akalain mo? It took me 50 chaps to finally give in on
your requests. Anyhow .. Enjoy)
Nina's POV
Another sigh escaped me, this time from my lips, and I began heading down the ha
ll and down the stairs.
It was just after seven am, but I'm geeting hungry as seconds tick. My feet, in
credibly sore from the high heels I wore yesterday during another book launch fo
r my second book.
When I reached the down, I turned left, heading all the way down the hall until
I reached that place that made me stopped
I noticed the first thing that my eyes laid upon ..
His cabinet full of his achievements and trophies one thing I always admire him
Formula Renault UK 2014, 8th place, 1 win, 2 pole positions, 3 podiums

Formula Renault UK Winter Series 2014, 3rd place, 1 podium
Formula Renault UK 2014, Graduate Cup 11th place, 5th overall
3rd place Rookie Cup Formula BMW Pacific 2015 Championship, 1 podium
2nd Place overall Formula BMW Pacific 2015 Championship, 1 Podium
1st Position in the Senior Rotax Max World Finals 2015 in Al Ain, Dubai, United
Arab Emirates
Champion, Philippine Senior Rotax Max Challenge 2015
Asian Karting Champion 2015 (125 Open Category and Senior Rotax Max Class)
I couldn't help but smile when beside all those trophies, lies our wedding pictu
re. It wasn't a typical wedding picture .. it's more on Photojournalistic.
The style could tell our wedding story in a creative, narrative fashion, much l
ike looking through a magazine or newspaper with a focus on all the elements of
the wedding, including behind the scenes.
The First picturewas of the stunning bride walking down the aisle. If there is a
ny nervousness about taking what people call the "final plunge," I thank heavens
I did not show it.
Though one cannot see it from this shot, my eyes were firmly locked on my soon-t
o-be husband, and my lips were twitched up almost enigmatically. Accompanying me
down the aisle was my Grandfather
The second picture is taken of solely the groom. If one looks at the corner of t
he page, they will notice a sliver of white - my dress. This was taken by the my
request - I wanted to capture the moment Iigo saw me as his bride for the first t
Though it is hard to put into words how, exactly, to describe the look on Iigo's f
ace, one can easily tell just how completely enamored he is.
It is a rare look of vulnerability stained on the former playboy's face, but it
is captured and will remain so in this photograph. His eyes are warm, his lips a
re formed in a tender smile. For anyone who continued to doubt Iigo's feelings for
me, this picture proves them.
The third picture takes place during the actual ceremony.. The shot has our back
s predominantly to the camera, but the angle of our faces reveals a slight profi
le shot of the two of us. We both look ready to recite our vows, say 'I do,' and
take our first kiss as husband and wife.
The next photograph needs no explanation. Father Luis has just announced the cou
ple as Mister and Mrs Bustamante and permitted my Iigo to kiss me as his bride. Li
ke he needs further provocation! As everyone can see, his arm is coiled tightly
around my waist, tilting me down and capturing my lips with his.
His other hand is placed behind my head, giving it support, while my hand gently
cups his cheek. Both of our eyes are closed, and though the kiss is tender and
appropriate for the setting, one can feel the sizzle that makes up our passion.
The last ceremony picture is of both of us, holding hands together, our arms rai
sed. We were looking out at our audience, brilliant smiles eclipsed on their fac
es as our eyes shine.
My other hand is holding onto my bouquet of flowers and the guests at the weddin
g were throwing rice in our direction (which is why it may look like it is raini
ng white rice!).
It feels like it was just yesterday, like it happened just last night. When in f
act, it has been three years since that fateful day..
When I laid baby Nian on his crib, I opened our 50' flat screen tv and made my w
ay to the kitchen to prepare for breakfast
I made the oatmeal more nutritious when I cut the blueberries and strawberries i
nto half, slice a banana and sprinkled some raisins on top.
Humming at the tune of birds I heard from the outisde, I poured a low fat milk i
nstead of 2% after I took the eggs off the burner, sprinkle or lay down cheese
slices for additional taste.
"DADA!!" I heard my little boy uttered, I smiled ..
dumadami na ang alam ng words ng baby ko I thought
I wipe off my hands from a towel hanging from the fridge and walked back to the
living room. There, I saw the news. Iigo was being interviewed after a long tireso
me race tournament abroad
Latest News: Iigo Bustamante set the fastest lap of the race in Beirut
"There was a hydraulic pressure alert as I came up to the grid. My start was ver
y good - I made up a couple of positions - but I was stuck in first gear." He sa
id as the reporter nodded

"I had to shut off and restart everything to get the car going. After that it wa
s pretty good and the fastest lap shows we had very good pace. It's a shame I co
uldn't use that raw speed to fight for points or even a podium, but the speed we
have is positive for the rest of the season."
Love was a wondrous thing when one took the time to think about it. Finding a pe
rson that loved me more than I could ever know; finding someone that I loved mo
re than I could possibly comprehend... It was astounding.
I felt so incredibly lucky, but as of late, We didn't really spend too much time
together. In fact, I felt as though I was beginning to miss him.
When was the last time we made love, anyways? A week now? My brow perked up as I
felt my lower stomach contract, almost as though it was scolding me for allowin
g myself to go without him for so long.
Looking back at the Flat screen tv, I saw how he ran his fingers through his hai
r. He's still not used to the feeling of the buzzed chops that met his fingertip
s rather than locks of hair. However, I began to notice how his lips curled into
a smirk
I smiled coyly when the reporter asked him "Why did you cut your hair?"
Iigo, like me, seemed taken aback, and then chuckled before shrugging. "Because I
can," he replied in his usual soft-spoken voice.
I rolled my eyes and minutes later, I heard my phone vibrating ardently on the s
"Yes, hello?"
"I knew you're watching it now" His voice was a little dangerous soft and seduct
ive, wanting me to lure in and be hypnotized
"Well.. Aren't you suppose to be sleeping now, Husband?"
I glanced at the wall clock and saw it was quarter to 8. Manila is 5 hours ahead
of Beirut .. so that makes it 3 am
"It's all your fault. You keep me up this late"
I pulled a mock and fictitious gasp despite the fact I knew what he was pertaini
ng to
"and how on hell did I manage to do that?"
"Hhhmm.. let me hand you the-----"
I immediately cut him off and said "Wait, Looks like Nian wanted to talk to you,
I handled down the phone to my baby and he gripped it right away, He was a littl
e daze as if mature enough to understand a word his father was telling him
Baby Nian Franco F. Bustamante is turning two years old in about a week and look
ing at him now, I'm sure he resembles more of Iigo especially in the eyes..
Iigo's POV
I was probably more exhausted than anyone in this house. When Henry dropped me o
ff at the manor at 11 ,I told him he was relieved from his duty tonight.
I figured Nina was probably already sleeping; She had been working so hard the p
ast few months, I ran my fingers through my hair, still not used to the feeling
of the buzzed chops that met my fingertips rather than locks of hair.
But suddenly, The thought of Nina inviting me to join her on our bed made me har
For several weeks, How I had wanted to be in her mind; how I had wanted to read
every dirty thought that would never pass through those full lips of hers.
I stifled a groan, realizing my body was reacting to its own thoughts, and at th
at moment, I wanted nothing more than to hold her in my arms, to kiss her lips,
to make her moan my name.
There were far too many stairs for my taste as I all but dashed up them, leaving
my suitcase at the top of the stairs. As I made my way to our bedroom, my finge
rs began unbuttoning my shirt. The door to our bedroom was slightly opened, I no
ticed, and light cascaded through.
There she was, her long, black hair tumbling down her shoulders and resting over
her perky breasts. Her head was poised back, resting on the pillow behind her,
exposing a long column of her throat. She was wearing one of my shirts
God, I loved it when she wore my clothing, especially if it was solely one artic
IThe shirt was long enough to hide her most private parts, but it left her legs
quite exposed. They were positioned in a very welcoming way, her right legs bent
over her left one.
I looked over at my sleeping wife, carefully closing the door behind so I wouldn
't wake her. . She looks content, beautiful. There is a small smile on her face.

It can wait. I think. Okay, it can, but I can't.
I know I won't sleep until I at least has it brought to the room, so I gently le
ave the bed and tiptoed out to the lounge, where I lifted the phone and punches
"Hello, Mr.Bustamante, how may I help you?" a polite female voice greets me. She
is much too perky for this hour.
"Yes, I have a package being held behind the front desk. Will you send it up, pl
"Of course. Someone will be up with it presently."
"Thank you." I hang up the phone, then pads quietly back into the sleeping quart
ers to visit the loo.
I put on one of the plush bathrobes hanging in the bathroom before returning to
the lounge to wait.
A short time later there is a soft knock on the door. Henry the bellman is stand
ing there with a large box in his hands.
"You still here?" I smiled at him, taking the box.
"For another hour, yes, sir," he replies. "Good night!," he adds with a nod befo
re he turns to leave.
"Thanks." I closed the door and carried the package into the lounge. I opened th
e cardboard flaps and lifts out the wrapped gift within. This I carried back int
o the bedroom and places it on the vanity table.
Satisfied, I removed the robe and climbed back into bed beside Nina
"What are you up to now?" she says sleepily, her eyes still closed. "Kailan ka p
a dumating? You always wanted to surprise me huh?"
"You're awake?" I asked, thinking that maybe I can give her the present after al
"Not really," she cuddles into the blankets and I cannot help but scoot closer t
o her.
"So what were you doing?" she asks again.
"I thought you were sleeping," I chuckled.
"I am also curious."
"You'll have to wake up if you want to know."
She opens one eye, and I snorts a small laugh, kissed her, and get back out of b
ed to bring the present over.
"What is that?" Nina opens both eyes and sits up, hugging the blankets around he
"Pasalubong mo from me." I smiled
"Eh lagi mo naman ako binibigyan ng pasalubong!" she laughs. Then, "Gimme."
Laughing, I hand her the box. It is rectangular, approximately the size of a lar
ge toaster.
"What on earth could this be?" she asks. It is heavy, and that piques her curios
ity even more.
She peels back the paper to discover a hardcover leather-bound set of Tolkien's
The Lord of the Rings, including The Hobbit. It looks old, but it is in excellen
t condition.
"First edition," I informed her.
"No...!" Nina gasps. "This is amazing, Iigo. I love it. I..." she trails off, lift
ing one of the books from the case, running her hand across the embossed green l
eather with its gold-leaf printing.
She inspects the spine, runs her fingertips across the jagged edges of the pages
, uneven and bumpy, made before mass-production turned out perfect books with sm
ooth-edged pages.
Carefully opening it, she smiles as she flips the crisp pages carefully, handlin
g them as if they were delicate butterflies' wings.
"I don't even want to know how you got these," she smiles, shaking her head. "No
t to mention how much you probably paid for them."
"I know it's not a... conventional, but somehow I knew it was the right thing fo
r you," I smiled shyly at her, watching her pore over each book in turn.
"I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this. It's fantastic
. The second best thing I've ever gotten." She smiles at me
"Second best?" I asked.
She raises her left hand, flashing her ring at me, saying, "You." I grinned broa
Nina places the books back in their case and sets it on the nightstand. I gather
ed the paper and throws it in the bin and returned to bed.
"Thank you," she says, leaning forward for a kiss She did again and again, sweet
ly, as if I was the most precious thing in the world to her.
She smiles down at me, caressing my cheek with one hand while reaching back to g
rasp me fully in the other, eliciting another groan from my lips as she squeezes
Nina bends down and kisses me fully, mouths open immediately, tongues meeting, s
till slightly sweet
"Dada Mama!! You so noisy.. Nian can't sleep!!!!"
We both pulled away from the kiss, equally surprised and dumbfounded
"My boy's sleeping with you?!"
She laughs, resting her forehead against mine .
"Well.. I forgot about that"
we both ended up laughing
and later on I realized ... that's how a night with Mr. Arrogant would end you u
-------The End
[54] ANWMA-- About the story + Author's note and a possible sequel?
If you wanted to find out how the story came up to me and if there are more ques
tions bugging you inside your cocohead, this is the post that'll help you clear
things up. Read if you're interested.. and if not? then, get outta here :)))
Here are the following people I would like to thank
Akned Mars
---- I shamelesly got the idea of having a racetrack boyfriend from her Matt De'
Angelo which is my fave among her NBTN series. Thank you for inspiring me
Forgotten Glimmer
--- Whom I first dedicate the first chapter of this story. And the first one to
talk to me when I knew no one from this site just about ten months ago
Fash Gail (Gaily)
---- For being there when I have some sorta writer's block. Sa kanya ako actuall
y kumukuha ng inspirations and criticism at mga suggestions for the next followi
ng chapters. Thank you
Raice03 (Rachelle)
---- For her long elaborated and super hyperactive comments which lighten up my
urge to write more. Thank you!
Blueberry08 (Bern)
----- Author of Manhid and my online buddy for four years now yet hindi pa rin k
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And to everyone else whom I didn't mentioned but continued supporting this story
all through out, A smiple thank you isn't enough to express my gratitude and my
greatfulness for having your patience read this 'til the end
This story started out as a product of boredom during our intrams some time in a
go on 2011. I've read a lot of stories before finally having the guts to make my
own. At first, I plan it out to be a typical cliche love story and I think it i
s still cliche but a little mature in a sense
And to my surprise I found few of the Wattpad famous now were actually sending g
ood feedbacks about this story ModernongMariaClara (Ella), Scarletsmile (Jenkath
), Ricamanrique (Rica) and Blacklily which ignited my will more to prolong it fu
This is actually my first story na umabot ng fifty chapter kasi usually I do 25
or less lang. Ganon ako katamad kasi for me writing a story is easy but finishin
g it is the real tough challenge. You have to commit to it and on the process en
joy and love it as well and looking back on all those thing I've typed, I can't
believe na natapos ko na siya finally
Madami din nagtanong sino-sino ang mga tao behind the characters I made. I didn'
t reveal it 'til now kasi gust ko ma-imagine niyo that their existence isn't mer
ely fictional. Gusto ko it would sound so real. Act like real
How do I choose people who would portray my characters?
I do research. It sounds crazy but I do. Hindi ako kumukuha ng masyadong mainstr
eam or yung masyadong gamit na as a character sa wattpad.
Yes I research through forums, fanpages, blog and even modeling agencies tapos I
gather up the top among my list and pic among the best
So here are the best I've chose upon
Richie Nuzzolese as Franco Iigo Bustamante
--This guy is from Katy Perry's TGIF. Yes I have a thing for guys with abs obvio
Barbara Barretto as Nina Angela Fernandez
--- Philippine-based Brazilain-Filipino model. She's that girl on close up comme
rcial yung close up fire freeze? and has been a cover girl on numerous magazing
such as uno
Matt Lanter as Marc Gerard Enriquez
--- one of my favorite actors on 90210. I love his eyes
Carissa Putri as Roselyn Zabala
--- Indonesian-Dutch actress from, well obviously, Indonesia
Sririta Jensen as Kendra Gainsborough
---Thai-British actress and model. The Anne Curtis of Thailand
si Meg, Alex, Diane, Tyler as of now I wont name them yet kasi they have their o
wn story for you to unfold
How did I come up with my character's names?
Nina Angela Fernandez-- I got it from Nina Dobrev because Im obsessed with TVD a
nd her surname is from our batch valedictiorian back in high school. The Angela
just came with it kasi boring naman if Nina lang dba?
Franco Iigo Bustamante -- I got franco from a freshman guy I find really cute whil
e Iigo was from Minsan lang kita iibigan played by Diego Daza
Marc Gerard Enriquez -- From a guy I had a huge crush with back in high school.
Enriquez is from that annoying guy who pops on my chatbox on facebook. Marc just
came along with it
Roselyn Zabala - I got it from my aunt. I know.. She's gonna kill me if she find
s out and Zabala from "Sa Bala" prang it triggers na main antagonist siya gnon.
So basically names from my characters are purely random some are from real life
people, tv personalities and are fictional
Some places are from real life encounter, including those bags, clothes, car et
How did I come up with the title?
I honestly didn't think about it for too long. It just came out on my head. So t
he bottom line is ---- it's random
Am I from Ateneo?
No I'm not. si Blueberry08 don siya galing. pero hindi me from there
May Season two ba?
Wala po pasensiya. Pero may side stories po ang anwma.. WHEN BAD GIRLS FALL IN L
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Kung napapansin niyo din, hindi ako gumagamit ng kpop artists like the rest of t
he authors here on wattpad did. I'm not really a fond of such pero sa next stori
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I dont know how to end this really long author's note so Imma leave a quote inst
"Even the greatest writer started in scratch. Work hard for what you think you d
eserve to earn and never give up"