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Curriculum Vitae

Romil Dhakar
HP Exstream Dialogue Consultant / Expertise on HP Dialogue
Close to SIX (6 !ears of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Reviews and
Implementation of document management solutions on windows and mainframes.
Over "i#e($% !ears of &ocument composition experience on HP Exstream Dialogue'
Close to (ne () !ears hands on experience in D*+, -C., /DVR, (PC, C01 an& "ileai&.
ood wor!ing !nowledge on 2ualit! Centre, Documentum, 3S o44ice an& S2.'
"xperience on handling 0pache 5e6 ser#er, SE(, 5e6sites, &omains, an& C3S'
Certified in I7I. #8, I*3 D*+ #9 an& IS72*'
7echnical kno5le&ge
(perating S!stem #indows $% & 'ista, (nix, )'* and +I,($, Apache we- server
En#ironment Client&*erver, )ainframes
Data6ase D./, and )y*0+
ED0 7ools 1% "xstream Dialogue 2.3.324 5 6.3.337, Documentum. C*8
D7P 7ools )* Office *uite, Ado-e *uite, 1% *uite
(ther 0uality Center, 8ileaid, O%C, ,D'R, *A'"R*
"ffectively migrate& Dialogue #6 to #:.
*uccessfully converted legacy CS" applications in HP Dialogue.
1elped the client to streamline releases with release management and configuration management.
Represented the account several times in seminars. ;on <Inno#ation 05ar& = +>))?.
#or!ed on innovations which resulted in huge cost savings for client. (#er )>>,>>> Dollars sa#e&.
%erformed 9uality audits within various teams, and one process improvement SIX Sigma pro@ect.
#or!ed on various presentations and delivered it to glo-al leaders in organi:ation.
Career Histor!
Sept / +>)) = -une / +>)8 HP Dialogue Sil#erlink 7echnologies (AB
Pro@ects &eli#ere&
CS" 7( DI0.(CAE 0/D DI.(CAE V6 7( V: C(/VERSI(/, 0VIV0 AB (: 3(/7HS HP EXS7RE03
C*8 to 1% Dialogue conversion involved redesigning the complete pension document along with new
output properties. It involved extensive regression using multitude of tools li!e 0"P Explorer ensure
every aspect matches original document.
Core mem-er of Dialogue v; to v6 migration team. Responsi6le 4or strategiEing the con#ersion over
the release and initial research on the new version. uided other in the team <client= to ensure proper
migration methodology is followed.
Consulted the client on the conversion solution. %rovided inputs and reviewed the approach when
re9uired. Created pro@ect estimates an& timelines.
Independently lea& the pro@ect at onshore, from -usiness to deployment.
Create& help &ocuments for Dialogue migration for the team mem-ers.
Conducted o44 shore trainings in 1% Dialogue and other tools to develop outsourcing capacity.
So4t5are > HP Dialogue, Documentum, 0uality Centre, A8% explorer, Rule Analyser, %D8 Compare
DICI70. D(CA3E/7 DE.IVERG, 0VIV0 AB ()+ 3(/7HS HP EXS7RE03 C(/SA.70/7 / (/SH(RE C(D
#or!ing for -iggest Insurer in (?, I was responsi-le to develop efficient and timely -usiness
communication using 1% "xstream Dialogue and migrate legacy solution to new platform. Continuing in
the role, I also performed Onsite coordinator@s role for a period of time and trained resources to set
offshore operations. I was involved in proof of concepts on dou-le sided colour prints. I also ensured
proper test data is prepared -y providing rule analysis reports to testing teams.
CoAordinated with draft teams for re9uirement analysis and 9uality gate meetings.
Deli#ere& ne5 solutions to client li!e a mutliAcolor dou-le sided -oo!let.
Interacting with testing teams and ma!ing sure the delivery is meeting deadlines. %roviding them
with rule anal!sis reports in order to create test data.
Responsi-le for con&ucte& o44shore training and managed outsourcing operations.
)em-er of a5ar& 5inning C>+ (internal portal pro@ect team for error free implementation.
So4t5are > HP Dialogue, Documentum, A8% "xplorer, 0uality Centre, )* office *uite
0ug / +>>1 = 0ug / +>)) HP Dialogue / 3ain4rames Capgemini (I/DI0
Pro@ects &eli#ere&
/E; .EVE.S, REC(/, IP", DISC(VER AS0 ()H 3(/7HS 0SS(CI07E C(/SA.70/7 / 3(DA.E .E0D
The %"AR+ system was -uilt to overcome limitation of ,"I+, however the system still had areas of
improvement. One such area was to further reduce the cost of one -atch and reduce inconsistency in
vendor and client systems. R"CO, <reconciliation= was aimed at -ringing client and vendor systems at
sync. 8urthermore, the -atch was made efficient and consistent using various innovative solutions
Responsi-le for R"CO, process implementation.
Represented in various presentations and awards on Process impro#ement an& inno#ation.
Reduced -atch time H times and a-ends reduced -y o#er :> I
Cost sa#ing in excess of B33,333 C proDected.
#or!ed independently on small enhancement proDects lea&ing a team o4 +D8 4resherJs.
So4t5are > I.) )ainframes, CO.O+, D./, EC+, 8ileaid, ,D'R, *avers and O%C.
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Romil Dhakar
PE0R., /EI. S707E3E/7 RE;RI7E, DISC(VER AS0 (1 3(/7HS S("7;0RE E/CI/EER
The primary o-Dective of the proDect was to create a new system for processing %rotection %roducts
which would -e far more ro-ust, efficient, scala-le and maintaina-le than ,"I+. It would also have to
address the following maDor .usiness and Technical challenges which were -eing encountered in ,"I+.
Represented %"AR+ 5 ,eil system reAwrite team at Tech 8easta. ;on inno#ation 05ar&'
Responsi-le in significantly reducing the -atch timings and over all consistency of the -atch.
Improved many modules, and D./ ta-les.
*upported the application during deployment and -atch runs
So4t5are > HP Dialogue, I.) )ainframes,CO.O+, D./, EC+, 8ileaid, ,D'R, *avers and O%C.
HA*, PH0SE II C(.D I3P.E3E/707I(/, HS*C C.(*0. (++ 3(/7H S("7;0RE DEVE.(PER / HA* C(D
There was no existing process using Dialogue for 1(. statements. Till then, 1(. processes statement
data through a consolidator process. Consolidator extracts and processes data from different systems
and creates a file which is fed directly to the printer or an external print centre.
The scope of the 1(. proDect was to create the -eginning of a core 1(. statement process. The core
process is availa-le to 1(. countries. *tatements have standard loo! and feel across all countries
including countries with dou-leA-yte languages. This initial %hase I includes the creation of the process,
-ut not deployment for any country. In %hase II, new functionality and Islamic product adaptation was
Assisted in analysis and development of the Application )odule. ParentDChil& statements.
Responsi-le for creating a unified statement as part of %hase one. This will reduce the time for any
new development further
Responsi-le or Phase II implementation in .ermuda, Indonesia
Responsi-le of an 0ra6ic P(C <right to left=
.e& training sessions for team mem-ers covering proDect standards.
Reviewed designs, code, and documentation related to the software product.
So4t5are > HP Dialogue, (se Case,CO.O+, EC+, CAF, C),, 1% 0uality Center, )* 'isio.
D3S 7R0I/I/C, RS, 0/D *0CBER PR(-EC7, HS*C AS0 (6 3(/7HS S("7;0RE 0SS(CI0.7E
1*.C has good coA-randed presence, hence #alA)art -eing one of the largest Retail services client
had mar!eting re9uirements along with some new changes. (sing 1% Dialogue along with )ainframes
for testing the solution a compressive mar!eting campaign was delivered.
Delivered fast and accurate mar!eting solution for #alA)art.
Comprehensive testing for mar!eting campaigns.
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Romil Dhakar
Documented the artefacts for client presentations.
So4t5are > HP Dialogue, (se Case,CO.O+, EC+, CAF, C),, 1% 0uality Center, )* 'isio.
E&ucation an& De#elopment
/3BB 5 /33F )CA <8elxi program= IC8AI (niversity, Tripura
/334 5 /33F .*C Computer *c. )+* (niversity, (daipur
/334 5 /33; DO"ACC O +evel DO"ACC, ovt of India
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Romil Dhakar