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Barrier Plastics Introduces Innovative Baritainer Intermediate

Bulk Container (IBC)

New advanced Baritainer Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) introduced by California-based Barrier Plastics
( Barrier Plastics, Inc. proudly announces the long-awaited launch of its new Baritainer
Intermediate Bulk ontainer (IB). ! full year of research and de"elopment went into the release of the IB,
which is made with #$P% and &uoral Barrier Resin. 'he IB ser"es as an alternati"e to fluorinated and
multilayer IBs for the packaging and shipping of chemicals re(uiring )arrier protection.
Barrier Plastics is the only *+ ompany to manufacture a *,-rated monolayer )arrier Intermediate Bulk
ontainer. !t -./ wide, -0/ long, and -1/ high, the Barrier IB has a capacity of 234 gallons (5,... liters), a
tare weight of 5-- pounds, and a gross weight of 6,0.4 pounds. It features a si7-inch (54.-millimeter) fill
opening and two-inch discharge opening, and it comes in a 8inc-gal"ani8ed s(uare tu)ular steel grid cage with a
gal"ani8ed stamped sheet metal pallet. ! "ariety of gasket options are a"aila)le, and the "al"e is tamper e"ident.
!dditional, larger capacity IB9s are currently in product de"elopment.
!ll Barrier Plastics Baritainer containers are made with &uoral Barrier Resin (BR), manufactured )y Barrier
Plastics9 sister company, BP Polymers. &uoral BR is a uni(ue, proprietary )arrier resin additi"e for high-
density polyethylene that utili8es laminate technology. &uoral-)ased containers can safely transport sol"ent-
)ased products such as household chemicals, industrial chemicals, cleaning sol"ents, adhesi"es, wood
preser"ati"es, automoti"e additi"es, and agricultural chemicals. 'hey can also safely transport foodstuffs such as
fla"orings and edi)le and essential oils.
:or more information on all of Barrier Plastics9 products, please "isit http;<<www.), email
info=), or call (>->) 60.-5155.
!B?*' B!RRI%R P@!+'I+, I,.
Barrier Plastics, Inc. was founded in 2..0 after two years of e7tensi"e materials research and product
de"elopment. )ased in alifornia with domestic warehousing in !rtesia and ,ewark, alifornia, Barrier Plastics
is the sole *+ manufacturer of &uoral BR Baritainers. 'he company is a proud mem)er in good standing of
the ,ational !ssociation of Aanufacturers (,!A). Barrier Plastics9 sister company, BP Polymers, @@, is
located in +outhern alifornia.
:or the original "ersion on IndustrialPR "isit; http;<<<news<classified.phpBlistingC56130
'his news release was distri)uted )y