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Oleg Atbashian is quite possibly the most American person you'll ever
meet because he became an American not by fortune of birthplace, but
by choice, and through principled conviction.
A former propaganda artist for the USSR, Oleg had been subjected to
collectivist indoctrination since birth, just like millions of other Soviets. But
he came to realize that everything he'd been taught was a lie: that Marx-
ism was not the solution, but the cause of the dysfunctional system, and
that the communist utopia was only a dead-end exit in humanity's long
and stressful journey towards progress.
In 1994, Oleg fulfilled his dream of moving to America, where he says
he hoped to forget about politics and enjoy life in a country that was ruled
by reason and common sense, whose citizens were appreciative of constitutional rights, the rule
of law, and the prosperity of free market capitalism. Instead, he found that America was becom-
ing enmeshed in the very ideas from which he had just escaped. What I found was a society
deeply infected by the leftist disease of 'progressivism' that was jeopardizing real societal
Then came the 9/11 attacks, which Oleg witnessed from the base of the Twin Towers.
Though horrified by what he saw, it was what he observed in the following days that forever
changed him: The blame-America attitude among the intellectual trend-setters enraged me;
'liberalism' no longer seemed laughable. It was dangerous, suicidal madness that had to be
confronted. I took up political activism.
One facet of Oleg's activism is his popular political satire site, The People's Cube, which
Rush Limbaugh has hailed as a Stalinist version of the Onion, for its skewering of leftist
ideology and pop icons, to the totalitarians and terrorists they celebrate, apologize for, and
justify. He has also written serious, pro-liberty essays that have been featured at websites such
as American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Big Government and others.
Now, some of the very best of Oleg's essays and political
artwork have been published in his first book:
Economic Equality and Other Optical Illusions of
Redistributive Justice.
You can learn more about Oleg and his book here, and order
it in print or electronic form here.
A timely warning for Americans about the collectivists
among us and their plans for the future. I hope everyone
reads this book. David Horowitz
Brightly written and filled with entertaining and
illuminating illustrations, Oleg Atbashian's Shakedown
Socialism is a clear and eye-opening guide to exactly
what is wrong with socialism and state control of the
means of production, and how it kills both the economy
and human initiative. Robert Spencer