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Enrolment Approval Form for MESTU/MEMGT Projects (FOEPG02)

This form is to be used by all postgraduate students wishing to enrol in a Faculty of Engineering masters project.
Submit the completed form to the Faculty of Engineering Student Centre (Level 4)

Students Details:
Family name: First Name(s): Student ID:
Email Address: Contact Phone: Mobile Phone:

A new form MUST be completed for every MEngSt project.
Proposed Project Title: (Please Print)

Brief description of Project:

Supervisors Signature:
Supervisors Name: (Please print) Supervisors Signature:

Enrolment: Please fill in the appropriate line for the course you intend to enrol in
Semester(s): Project: Department / Area*: Lecture Class No e.g. 67890
Project X 787 15 points, one semester

Project Y 788 (A/B) 30 points (15+15), two semesters

Project Z 789 30 points, one semester

Engineering Management Project ENGGEN 765A/B
30 points (15+15), two semesters

*Department / Area: Choose from: ChemMat, Civil, CompSys, ElectEng, EngSci, EnvEng, MechEng, SoftEng

I understand that:
On submission of this enrolment request I become liable for the Tuition Fees and all associated fees for each course in which I enrol.
An invoice will be sent and I must pay, or make provision to pay, before the due date stated on the invoice.
If I wish to make an application to delete or withdraw from any course, this application must be made in accordance with the Statutes and
Regulations as published in The University of Auckland Calendar.
If I make any changes to the approved course of study approved above, without written approval from my Course Adviser, this may
adversely affect my ability to graduate.
I am responsible for ensuring that my project is submitted to the Engineering Student Centre by the due date
o Project X: last day of semester of enrolment
o Project Y: last day of second semester of enrolment
o Project Z: last day of semester of enrolment
o ENGGEN 765: last day of second semester of enrolment

Students Signature:
Students Name: Students Signature:

Postgraduate Advisers Signature:
Postgraduate Advisers Name: (Please print) Postgraduate Advisers Signature:

Department Graduate Advisers & Course Convenors

Bioengineering Institute
Dept. Graduate Adviser Dr David Long

ext 81818
Room 439.707
Chemical & Materials Engineering
Dept. Graduate Adviser Dr Mark Jones

ext 84548
Room 401.710
MEngSt (Plastics) Mr Neil Edmonds

ext 88321

Room 733.342
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dept. Graduate Adviser Dr Kenneth Yiu

ext 83851
Room 404.618
MEngSt (Construction) Dr Vicente Gonzalez

ext 84106
Room 404.622
MEngSt (Geotechnical) Dr Rolando Orense

ext 88437
Room 401.603
MEngSt (Transportation) Assoc Prof Roger Dunn

ext 87714, 85811
Room 401.1106 / 4.313
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dept. Graduate Adviser Dr Nirmal Nair

ext 89523
Room 303.166

Dr Nasser Giacaman

ext 88156
Room 303.160
Engineering Science
Dept. Graduate Adviser Dr Piaras Kelly

ext 87225
Room 439.337
Mechanical Engineering
Dept. Graduate Adviser Prof Richard Flay

ext 87451
Room 401.906
MEngSt (Med Devices & Tech) Assoc Prof Shane Xie

ext 88143
Room 401.1004
Engineering Student Centre
Assoc Dean PG Taught Dr Seosamh Costello
Important Dates
Friday of semester Last day to delete First Semester courses with refund of fees
Friday of first semester Last day to delete Double Semester courses with refund of fees
Friday of semester Last day to delete Second Semester courses with refund of fees

To contact a potential supervisor, please visit the Faculty of Engineering website for information on staff in the Department of your choice.
Staff members are listed with their research interests and email addresses. Please feel free to contact staff members directly.