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Part I events before the Indult:

World Youth Day 1985 - Dennis Maturan attends first Latin Novus Ordo Mass at the Crypt of the
Tomb of St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer and other Latin Masses around Rome specifically at the
Basilica di San Eugenio where he experienced Missa di Angelis according to the Novus Ordo
September 1987 - Dennis Maturan attends 10:30am Sung Novus Ordo Mass at Westminster
Cathedral in London and 1st Low Tridentine Mass at Covent Garden also in London
October 1987 - Catholic Bookfair at Ali Mall Cubao blessed by Cardinal Sin where Dennis Maturan
operated a booth of Pre-Vatican II paraphernalia with a notice of setting up a Tridentine Mass group.
Msgr. Moises Andrade who was the Cardinal's liturgist then sees the announcement and
encouraged him to form a group with valid liturgical aspirations, promising to help bring the matter to
Cardinal Sin for his approval.
December 18, 1987 - The Latin Mass Society of the Philippines (modeled after the Latin Mass
Society of England and Wales) was formed at Pancake House. Shoppesville in Greenhills was
formed by Dennis Maturan, William Lorenzo, Ester Manlapaz, Joselito Andrade, Dennis Ingusan and
Jimmy Tiu.
January 1988 Dennis Maturan and William Lorenzo meeting with Fr. Benito Vargas OP of UST
regarding the Tridentine Mass and who informs the two about Msgr. Melencio de Vera of San Jose
de Trozo then, who celebrates the Tridentine Mass.
- Start of weekly meetings of LMSP at the Pro-life Office of Sr. Pilar Versoza at Caritas Manila c/o
William Lorenzo then later transferred to the San Juan residence of Ester Manlapaz.
February 1988 - Dennis Maturan and William Lorenzo meeting with Msgr. Melencio de Vera at San
Jose de Trozo parish informing them of his interest the TLM and the existence of another bunch of
old women advocating it for the wrong reasons.
March 1988 - LMSP private audience with Jaime Cardinal Sin handing him the formal letter of
request for permission to have the Tridentine Mass. He responded that he himself is fond of Latin,
even has Gregorian Chant tapes in his car but endorsed the Novus Ordo Latin Mass for the time
being then due to the existence of other radical groups demanding the Tridentine Mass for the wrong
reasons which might exploit our group. He told LMSP that Latin Novus Ordo Masses can be
celebrated anytime even without his permission. Those present in the meeting were Dennis
Maturan, Ester Manlapaz, Grace Cabiles and Joselito Andrade
April 1988 Ester Manlapaz, Dennis Maturan and Lorea Maniquiz meets for the first time the group
of Mrs. Otelia Panique, Mrs. Letty Aquino and other members of their group at Shellwood Industries
in Pasay City.
April 30, 1988 Launching of the 1st Novus Ordo Latin Mass during the Feast of St. Pius V, as
encouraged by Cardinal Sin, celebrated at 8pm at the Parish of the Most Holy Redeemer, Brixton
Hill. Q.C. , with Msgr. Martin Guballa as celebrant with Ernani Cuencos Kayumangging Kaligatan
Ensemble providing Latin polyphonic liturgical music for the propers and communion together with
soloist Diomedes Maturan rendering the Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus for Offertory and Holy
Communion parts.
May 1988 Attempted meeting with Fr. Manuel Pinon OP to invite him to celebrate the Tridentine
Mass at Sto. Domingo Convent by Dennis Maturan and William Lorenzo who was in Manaoag then;
they meet Fr. Navata OP instead who informs Fr. Pinon of our visit.
May 25, 1988 Fr. Pinon personally writes Dennis Maturan informing him that he was informed of
our invitation and wrote Cardinal Sin for permission for the second time which was turned down due
to groundless fears.
June 1988 Dennis Maturan and William Lorenzo meets Msgr. Augusto Pedrosa, Parish Priest then
of Ntra. Sr. de Guia Parish in Ermita and informs the two that he knows to celebrate the Tridentine
Mass and is willing provided we supply him the necessary materials and other liturgical
July 1988 Fr. Pinon obtains permission from his Dominican prior to celebrate the Tridentine Mass
privately and invites Dennis Maturan and William Lorenzo who act as Mass servers, for Low Mass,
assisting Fr. Pinon on the rubrics that he already had forgotten and later supplying him with proper
Mass vestments.
August 1988 Dennis Maturan shares with the members of the Marian Library Youth Center and
Information in Quiapo regarding Fr. Pinons private Tridentine Masses during Thursdays at around
4pm. The 3rd celebration prompted others to flock to the private celebration which include Fr. Pablo
Ocampo, Mrs. Letty Aquino, Mrs. Tely Panique and and other members of the Marian Center.
August 1988 Msgr. Augusto Pedrosa celebrates for the LMSP the 1st Tridentine Mass open to the
public at his parish Ntra. Sra. de Guia at the left side altar of the Sacred Heart since there is no
space for an ad orientem liturgy at the main altar. Again the Marian Center group joins the Mass with
Mrs. Panique conducting a video interview with Msgr. Pedrosa who later suggested to Mr. Maturan
to change LMSP to Kilusan Para sa Misang Latin (KPML) which would affiliate other groups
advocating the Tridentine liturgy.
September 1988 Mrs. Letty Aquino organizes a meeting for the attendees of the Tridentine Mass
at her Philamlife residence in Q.C. and invites Fr. Manuel Pinon, Fr. Pablo Ocampo Msgr. Ceferino
Sanchez and Msgr. Augusto Pedrosa to the gathering. Only Fr. Pinon and Fr. Ocampo were present
among the priests invited.
September 1988 Dennis Maturan reports progress of TLM movement to Msgr. Josefino Ramirez at
the Arzobispado de Manila
- Msgr. Ceferino Sanchez, Parish Priest of St. Rita Philamlife reports the Aquino residence meeting
to Cardinal Sin and implicates Dennis Maturan, Fr. Pinon and Msgr. Pedrosa for attending the
meeting. As a consequence, all Tridentine Masses were ordered to be stopped by the Cardinal.
July 1989 Msgr. Moises Andrade returns to the Diocese of Malolos and calls for Dennis Maturan
and company to have a Tridentine liturgy at his Barasoain Parish Church.
September 1989 2nd Tridentine Mass at Malolos with Msgr. Andrade at Barasoain
December 1, 1989 the last Tridentine Mass with Msgr. Andrade at Barasoain Church a day before
the coup detat attempt of Gringo Honasan.
Part II The Granting of the Indult:
March 17, 1990 Cardinal Sin receives a letter from Cardinal Augustin Mayer, President of the
Ecclesia Dei Commission in Rome acknowledging and endorsing Cardinal Sins plan of allo
wing the celebration of Tridentine Masses in his Archdiocese.
March 22, 1990 Fr. Pinon receives a letter from Bishop Teodoro Buhain, Head of the Ministry of
Liturgical Affairs of the Archdiocese of Manila informing him of the Indult for the Tridentine Masses to
be granted to him by Cardinal Sin as recommended by Cardinal Mayer with conditions set to be met.
April 3, 1990 Fr. Manuel Pinon receives a letter from Cardinal Mayer of Ecclesia Dei Commission
in Rome informing him of the Indult to be granted to him by Cardinal Sin following the directives of
the Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei
April 25, 1990 Dennis Maturan receives a letter from Fr. Pinon informing him of the letters from
Bishop Buhain and Cardinal Mayer, and of the Indult granted to him and the schedule of his
celebrations inviting Mr. Maturan and his friends to attend the his Tridentine Masses.
June 2, 1990 a paid advertisement courtesy of Mrs. Panique was published at the June 2, 1990
issue of Manila Bulletin inviting people to attend the 3pm Tridentine Missa Cantata on June 3, 1990,
Sunday, which will be on a regular basis, with Diomedes Maturan as soloist as assited by the St.
Pius X Parish Choir of San Andres. Inquiries to be made to Dennis Maturan as the head of the
Kilusan Para sa Misang Latin supported by other groups such as the Marian Youth Center, CAFT
and Marian Rosary Crusaders.
April 16, 1991 Msgr. Josefino Ramirez receives a letter of appointment from Cardinal Sin as Vicar
of the Latin Liturgy Affairs of the Archdiocese and to take over the Tridentine Masses at Sto.
Domingo encouraging also other priests besides Fr. Pinon to celebrate the Tridentine Mass at the
same church.
March 26, 1992 Fr. Pinon receives a reply letter from Msgr. Josefino Ramirez reminding him of the
Cardinals instructions in his letter dated April 16, 1991 and reminding him that Mr. Dennis Maturan
has been given the disposition to coordinate the celebration of the success of the Tridentine Masses
with other priests who are willing to do so.
March 14, 1994 The Dominican Community of Sto. Domingo finally stops the celebration of the
Tridentine Masses at Sto. Domingo due to the presence of radical groups and SSPX priests which
Fr. Pinon failed to control.