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1. What the significance of farm animal raising?

A. It is a source of food
B. It is source of clothing
C. Good source of fertilizers
D. All of the above
2. What are the oints to remember in selecting animals to raise
!ame it. Age" heath" crossbreeds " teats" bod#" roduction
$. A breed of chic%en &hich is good for both egg and meat roduction.
A. White leghorn
B. !e& hamsire
'. Differentiate h#brid chic%en and the native chic%en according to gro&th and flavour.
(. Give at least five stressors of the chic%s.
). Brooding is ver# imortant at &hat stage of chic%s life?
*. During the embr#ogenesis of the chic%" ++++++++++develo first.
A. Digestive
B. Brain
C. ,#es
D. -eathers
.. What are the si/ ma0or nutrients needed b# the chic%s?
1. 2estricting feed consumtion &ill result to
A. 3oss of &eight
B. Decrease erformance
C. Decrease roduction
D. All of the above
14. What is the average life san of the domestic duc%?
A. . to 14 #ears
B. 6 to 8 years
11. What is the average lifesan of the smaller breeds of duc%?
A. 8 to 10 years
B. ) to . #ears
12. 5he average lifesan of a geese is?
A. 18 to 25 years
B. 2( to $4 #ears
1$. 6ature female geese &eigh bet&een?
A. 10 to 18 pounds
B. 1( to 2( ounds
1'. 6ature male geese &eigh bet&een ?
A. 14 to 1. ounds
B. 15 to 25 pounds
1(. the normal bod# temerature of the mature duc% range from?
A. 107.5 f
B. 142 f and 14)f
1). 5he normal bod# temerature of the #oung duc% range from?
A. 14*.( f
B. 102 f and 106f
1*. 7uails la# egg at ++++++++++++ after hatching
A. $( to '( da#s
B. 2( to $( da#s
1.. 5he re8uirement of farm animals must be
A. Clean and fresh
B. Distilled &ater
11. -encing is neccessar# to %ee the redators out and duc% and geese in
A. 4-5 foot high
B. (9) foot high
C. $9( foot high
24. What are the signs that the duc%s and geese has a &orm in their bod#?
A. Lose of eight and in!rease in feed !onsu"ption
B. Coughing and nasal discharge
21. If the animals has a resirator# infection the best thing to do is?++++++++++
22. 6ature female igs &eigh bet&een )44 to 144 ounds?
2$. 5he normal bod# temerature of the igs ranges from 141.) f to 14$.) f
2'. Give e/amles of hog breeds.
2(. 5he feeder of the ig must be ho& long?
A. 4 to 6 foot
B. $9 ( foot long
2). When the building or shelter of the igs are built &ith concrete it must be covered
&ith ho& ma# inches of dirt or rubber mats? ( to ) inches
2*. 5he average fencing re8uired for igs is? ' foot high
2.. In bringing ne& farm animals to the e/isting oultr# or livestoc% house the farmer
must al&a#s +++++++++ the animals.
21. 5he average lifesan of a goat is aro/imatel 12 to 1' #ears.
$4. -emale goats are also %no&n as does.
$1. 6ale male goats are also %no&n as buc%s if castrated
$2. 5he average bod# temerature of goat is 141 to 142 f
$$. In building a shelter for er goat &hat is the re8uirement floor sace? At least 2(
s8uare feet er goat
$'. 5he fencing re8uirement for goats is ' foot high
$(. Do #ou thin% #ou &ill ass the board e/amination? :es or no.

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