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Redhat Linux(RHEL)

Module 1:
RH124 Red Hat System Administration I

Previous operating system administration experience is helpful but not required
Target Audience
Microsoft Windows system administrators who need to quickly learn core Red at !nterprise
"inux proficiencies
#ystem administrators$ network administrators$ and other %T professionals who require
proficiency performing core tasks in "inux
&on'"inux %T professionals on the path to becoming full'time "inux %T professionals
"ourse #utline
(nit )* +et #tarted with the +&,M! +raphical -esktop
' ,b.ective* +et started with +&,M! and edit text files with gedit
(nit /* Manage 0iles +raphically with &autilus
' ,b.ective* Manage files graphically and access remote systems with &autilus
(nit 1* +et elp in a +raphical !nvironment
' ,b.ective* Access documentation$ both locally and online
(nit 2* 3onfigure "ocal #ervices
' ,b.ective* 3onfigure the date and time and configure a printer
(nit 4* Manage Physical #torage %
' ,b.ective* (nderstand basic disk concepts and manage system disks
(nit 5* Manage "ogical 6olumes
' ,b.ective* (nderstand logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes
(nit 7* Monitor #ystem Resources
' ,b.ective* Manage 3P($ memory$ and disk utili8ation
(nit 9* Manage #ystem #oftware
' ,b.ective* Manage system software locally and using Red at &etwork :R&;
(nit <* +et #tarted with =ash
' ,b.ective* (nderstand basic shell concepts$ execute simple commands$ and use basic
.ob control techniques
(nit )>* +et elp in a Textual !nvironment
' ,b.ective* (se man and info pages and find documentation in ?usr?share?doc
(nit ))* !stablish &etwork 3onnectivity
' ,b.ective* (nderstand basic network concepts@ configure$ manage$ and test network
(nit )/* Administer (sers and +roups
' ,b.ective* Manage users and groups
(nit )1* Manage 0iles from the 3ommand "ine
' ,b.ective* (nderstand "inux filesystem hierarchy and pathnames@ manage files from
the command line
(nit )2* #ecure "inux 0ile Access
' ,b.ective* (nderstand "inux file access mechanisms@ manage file access from the +(%
and the command line
(nit )4* Administer Remote #ystems
' ,b.ective* #hare and connect to a desktop@ use ## and rsync
(nit )5* 3onfigure +eneral #ervices
' ,b.ective* Manage services@ configure ## and remote desktops
(nit )7* Manage Physical #torage %%
' ,b.ective* Manage filesystem attributes and swap space
(nit )9* %nstall "inux +raphically
' ,b.ective* %nstall Red at !nterprise "inux and configure the system with firstboot
(nit )<* Manage 6irtual Machines
' ,b.ective* (nderstand basic virtuali8ation concepts@ install and manage virtual
(nit />* 3ontrol the =oot Process
' ,b.ective* (nderstand runlevels and manage +R(=
(nit /)* -eploy 0ile #haring #ervices
' ,b.ective* -eploy an 0TP server and a web server
(nit //* #ecure &etwork #ervices
' ,b.ective* Manage a firewall@ understand #!"inux concepts and manage #!"inux
(nit /1* 3omprehensive Review
',b.ective* +et a hands'on review of the concepts covered in this course