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Ecological cruise on the Brenta Canal

From Wednesday to Sunday (weather permitting)
at 9.00 am (you can also request different time, for personalized services) starting
from the pier of Villa Ducale – Dolo.
Naturalistic excursion on eco-friendly boat.
avigation from Dolo to !tra, along one of the most important "ater"ays of the
eighteenth century in Veneto.
#n $oard of the electric boat (non-polluting and totally silent) you "ill have the
chance to en%oy the scenery along the river, immersed in nature and the famous
Venetian Villas.
The magic of the Venetian Villas, off the beaten track, in the silence of the most
genuine nature.
&assing $et"een s"ing $ridges, Da Vinci's dams and romantic vie"s, you "ill en%oy
a unique experience, navigating to !tra, "here you "ill visit t"o of the most
important Venetian Villas on the (renta) Villa Foscarini and Villa Pisani.
#n $oard "ill $e availa$le drin*s and snac*s.
+he navigation "ill end at Villa Ducale, "here you can arrange to have dinner "ith
a special menu at an agreed price.
The excursion is carried out to the achievement of a minimum number of 4
(+he $oat carries up to ,0 people)
-or information and reservations) info@laltraene!ia"it
+o vie" all our offers) http#$$www"tourisminenice"com