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Career Objective

Seeking a position with opportunities to use my problem solving technical capabilities, good data analysis,
documentation and sound communication skills towards the growth of organization.
Academic Qualifications
Degree/Course College/University Year Of Passing Marks Scored
PGP AC !"CA#, Pune $$$$$ $$$$$$$
%.&ech 'Civil$
School of %uilding Science ) &echnology,
CEPT University, Ahmedabad
*++, -../*0
1igher Secondary Christ 2yoti 1r. Sec. School, Satna 'P( *++3 ,4...0
Senior Secondary Christ 2yoti 1r. Sec. School, Satna 'P( *++* ,-0
Industry Exposure
Organisation Learnings
CEPT Researc Develo!"ent
Unit 'C#56(, Ahmedabad
7orked as #Researc $ssistant% for 8+ months 'August9+,$ay:+;(.
<uality onitoring, %illing, Pro=ect 5ocumentation ) >ogistics.
P$CE Consultants &
Engineers' $"eda(ad
7orked as #Pro)ect Coordinator% for 8, months 'ay:+/$!ovember:+-(
?stimation, >ogistics ) Pro=ect 5ocumentation.
Deli *RTS
Authored thesis on #+"!act of *RT on Traffic in Deli%' ,old Medallist
and ,raded -./ as a part of course curriculum '*++,$+;(.
Deli Metro Rail
Cor!oration 0DMRC1
2- 3eek Pro)ect Training at ?levated @iaduct, Phase "" with Deli Metro
Rail Cor!oration 0DMRC1 under +4M +nfrastructure Ltd.'*++-$+,(.
Conceiving & Develo!"ent Stage study at Package @""A 2etpur$Gondal
#a=kot %ypass on 567-*' ,u)arat8
Larsen & Tou(ro 0L&T7
Pre7i"!le"entation & +"!le"entation stage study of 9adodara
*aruc Road Pro)ect 056-1' ,u)arat8
Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities
Elected as the President for School of %uilding Science ) &echnology, C?P& 6niversity in *++,$+;.
Selected as Election Co""issioner of Students% Council for the year *++/$+-.
?lected as Movie So3 Coordinator and organized Movie Maraton during #oots :+/.
Binalist in S8R8*andari S!eakers% Contest out of 34+ contestants at Ahmedabad anagement
Association, Ahmedabad.
2st Pri:e, at *usiness Case Study at &echnical Bestival, 5ational +nst8 of Tecnology Surat *++-.
2st Pri:e, at "nter$College Couth Bestival <uiz Competition at 5+RM$ University, Ahmedabad *++-.
7orked as a 9olunteer for , months for 6+9/$+DS a3areness and !revention with Swavlambi Chuwal
andal, Ahmedabad, *++,.
Areas Of Professional Interest
Pro=ect anagement, Contracts and ?Decution.
Soccer, Cricket, @olleyball and &rekking.

' (
3+-, !ew %oys 1ostel,
!"CA# Campus,*4F8 !"A Post Gffice
%alewadi, Pune$34
&el !oA $ H;8I ;-/*8-.8+3
5ate of %irthA +8 April 8;,/
Gender I ale
Passport !oA 1.;*,;8*
Devansu Ralan