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Best Staple Prices

Tuna flakes (in oil) $1.20 Phoon Huat

Sardines (in tomato) $1.50 Giant - Battleship
Chicken Fillet $4.90 ($5.15) Zac Meats (Lim Traders)
UHT Milk 1L $1 ($1.50) Mustafa Flourish (Phoon Huat)
Oats 1kg (<maltodextrin) $3.50 Fairprice - Sanitorium on offer
Almond 1kg $13.90 ($14.10) Mustafa (Phoon Huat)
Cheese 1kg $9.70 ($10.00) Zac Meats (SS. Kim)
Whey Protein 5kg $65 SupplementShop - Dymatize
Cream Cheese 1kg $11.40 Phoon Huat
Sour Cream 500g $5.50 Phoon Huat
Unsalted Butter 200g $1.90 Phoon Huat
Pasta 500g $2.20 Phoon Huat
Herbs (Basil, etc) 170g $5.30 Phoon Huat

Price Comparison

SSkim QB Foods LimTraders Zac meats
Cheddar Cheese 13.00 10.70 8.90
Mozzarella Cheese 10.00 10.20 9.50
Honey Baked Ham 10.50 12.90 10.50
Minced Beef 8.50 or 10.00 7.50 7.50 8.50
Beef Brisket 9.00 too high 7.70 8.20
Beef Cube 8.00 too high 7.50 11.00
Beef Ribeye 15.00 too high 21.00
Beef Ox-tail 13.00 too high 11.20 10.70
Beef Topside 9.00 too high 8.90 8.90
Beef Tenderloin 19.00 too high 21.40 22.00
Beef Striploin 15.00 too high 13.30 18.50
Lamb Chop 14.00 18.20 16.60
Lamb Shoulder Chop 9.50 10.15 8.90
Lamb Leg Bone-In 13.50 15.00 15.50 12.00
Lamb Leg Bone-Out 16.00 19.30 13.50
Lamb Rack 18.50 19.30 17.00
Mutton Leg Bone-In 8.40
Mutton Leg Bone-Out 12.00 14.45 9.90
Pork Belly Skin on 7.50 6.50
Sliced Pork Belly 9.00 8.50
Pork Chop Boneless 8.00 9.50
Chicken Fillet 5.50 6.45 5.15 4.90
Chicken Breast 5.50 6.45 5.90 5.00
Mid-joint Chicken Wing 7.00 7.00 6.40
Minced Chicken 6.00 6.50 5.90 5.30
Whole Chicken (1.2kg) 4.80 5.20 3.80 (1kg)
Chicken Whole Leg 3.50 3.30
Chicken Drumstick 3.50 3.90
Chicken Leg Boneless 11.00 11.00 10.40
Turkey 6.00 7.50
Back Bacon 15.00 12.85 13.50
Streaky Bacon 9.50 11.75
Pizza 6" 6.00 9" 4.80
Crinkle Fries 2.70 2.90 2.70
Sweet Corn Kernels 2.50 3.35
Mixed Veg 2.00 3.00 3.00
Baby Carrots 3.00
Broccoli 3.00
Cauliflower 2.50
Okra 4.00
Onion Rings 5.00 5.35 5.40
Green Peas 2.50 3.00 3.00
Potato Wedges 4.00 3.80

Wholesale Locations
Boon Lay
1 Chin Bee Crescent - - premixed powders (milk, cocoa, sugar, coffee, tea, salt, juice,
soup etc)
6 Chin Bee Crescent BH Fresh Food huge range of meat products and asian condiments.
8 Chin Bee Crescent QB Food cheese , frozenn meats, yoghurt, tinned tomatoes, good quality
dried pasta, dried herbs, beverage etc.
11 Chin Bee Crescent Rudis Fine Food Supplier of sausages, pre-sliced or whole/half hams,
smoked items for cold storage. You have to go upstairs to their office and place an order. German
sausages very nice.
15 Chin Bee Crescent Santa Boeki sweets
17 Chin Bee Crescent - Honsei - drink sachets
33 Chin Bee Crescent Tong Garden - Nuts
37 Chin Bee Crescent - OWL international - Coffee and Tea

11 Chin Bee Drive Ann Tat Frozen Food Frozen Asian Food including Shrimp Balls, Potato Curry
11 Chin Bee Drive Chye Huat Trading Enterprise
11 Chin Bee Drive - Jurong Cold Store - - frozen seafood

3 Second Chin Bee Rd San Seng Bedlinen, Pyrex

2 Chin Bee Avenue - Grandluxe Pte Ltd - stationary, notebooks
3 Chin Bee Avenue - P'art 1 Design - Event Organiser, Props, etc
10 Chin Bee Avenue - Sarika Gourmet Coffee - Coffee
19 Chin Bee Avenue - Australian Fruit Juice - Juices

14 Chin Bee Rd At Fresh Pte Ltd - fruits and
16 Chin Bee Rd - Nissin Foods Asia Pte Ltd - Cup noodles 5 cartons for free
25 Chin Bee Rd - Hen Tick Foods - Meats Mon-Sat, min delivery $150.
26 Chin Bee Rd - CoPharma - Supplements

338 Jalan Boon Lay - Khong Guan - biscuits
342 Jalan Boon Lay - Adm Cocoa - cocoa ingredients
348 Jalan Boon Lay PSC Corporation (Household products eg. Dove
etc) Tip: Very near to Jurong Point. Not very sure about when they have their sales but I heard you
can also walk in to shop. According to my colleague they have cheap household products.
348 Jalan Boon Lay - Yue Yan Delicacies - Seasonal/Festive Cakes
348 Jalan Boon Lay - Friends Catering Services - Catering

2 Enterprise Road - Auric Pacific Marketing - ?
4 Enterprise Road - McCormick Ingredients Southeast Asia -Spices and

30 Quality Road - Ban Choon - Fruits and veggies
36 Quality Road - Meiji. This brand is pretty famous so you roughly know
what items they have. You can also visit their online store to see the products.
Tip: If I'm not wrong they are open every Friday , 12pm-3pm. And they have a "Budget Corner"
where items are on 20% discount!
39 Quality Road - Pokka - Drinks
49 Quality Road - Lim Traders - Meats
51 Quality Road - King's. Ice Cream
57 Quality Road - Iseya Foods. 6268 2509
59 Quality Road - Sabi Food. Indian stuff

6A Wan Lee Rd - Neo Group. Buffets and sushi
19 Wan Lee Rd - KH Roberts. Food flavours and colours

9 Fan Yoong Road - Nippecraft. Paper products (planners, organizers,

52 International Rd - Fresh Gourmet - Meats
52 International Rd - Coffee Specialty Roaster - Coffee

Fishery Port Road
1 Fishery Port Road Ben Foods Wed to Fri 3pm - 5pm. Sat 10am - 12pm. (QB/SSkim still seems
10 Fishery Port Road - Pan Ocean S'pore. Seafood
15 Fishery Port Road - Far Ocean Sea Products. All meats
15 Fishery Port Road - Tri-Marine International.
19 Fishery Port Road Song Fish Dealer Fish and seafood products, Jap sauce etc. Tip: For whole
fishes, you can request for the person to cut it up into small pieces for you and in smaller sealed
packets according to your needs
25 Fishery Port Road - Snorrefood. Fish and Seafood
35B, Fishery Port Road - Pan Seas Enterprise. All meats
Jurong Fishery Port fresh(er) fish and seafood

24 Penjuru Road #06-01(CWT Commodity Hub) - Yong Wen Food (S) Pte
Ltd. For dry goods, condiments etc. delivery to your
doorstep @ no surcharge + all is nett price no gst~ super cheap. even cheaper then pasir pajang
wholesale market. $200 min for free delivery, if not self-collect

Pandan Loop
20 Pandan Loop #01-157 - Hong Food Supplier Pte Ltd
206 Pandan Loop - Seawaves Frozen Food - All Meats
208 Pandan Loop Boncafe - Coffee. 8-5.30pm (Mon - Fri) Minimum order per delivery is $100, but
do not deliver to residential area.
214 Pandan Loop - F&N Foods - Drinks/Beverages
224 Pandan Loop - Gardenia - Breads Free delivery $50 and above,
delivery time 9am-2pm on weekdays, 9am-12pm on Sat, deliver only to office address.
226 Pandan Loop - Symrise - ?
230 Pandan Loop - Delifrance - Breads minimum order $180 for free
231A Pandan Loop - Phoon Huat. Baking goods
255 Pandan Loop Tai Sun Food Industries - Nuts/Chips
257 Pandan Loop - Ha Li Fa - Processed meat (Fishcakes, hotdogs, etc) http://www.halifa- 9:00am -5:00pm from Mon to Sat. closed on sun and public holidays. Supermarket
cheaper when there's promotion.
234 Pandan Loop SFI Warehouse (monthly sale)

Woodlands Terrace (Bring cash, cold bag)
10 Woodlands Terrace KSP Food Suppliers wagyu, kurobuta, smoked duck
16 Woodlands Terrace ZAC Meat and Poultry Halal sausages, cold cuts, hummus. Also sells
ready-marinated items for barbecues such as shish kebabs and beef roulade. Head here for dairy
products too (butter, cheese). Warehouse sale every last Saturday of the month. Min delivery
$150, 1 day in advanced. Mon-Fri order before 3.30 pm. Sat order before 11 am for Mon delivery.
26 Woodlands Terrace Melvados cakes, breads, pastries, ice-cream, food
28 Woodlands Terrace Lim Kee bao
40 Woodlands Terrace Li Chuan Food Product steam boat ingredients
42 Woodlands Terrace Thai Sing housebrand chinese and nonya sauces
46 Woodlands Terrace Fassler Gourmet sashimi grade seafood. salmon, tuna, scallop,
abalone. salmon offcuts 5 for $1.
48 Woodlands Terrace Wang Foong sausages, ham, pork knuckle
52 Woodlands Terrace Boon Tong Kee free delivery for $200 and above
William Koo Seafood @ No. 56 - seems to be cheaper than Fassler
58 Woodlands Terrace Chuen Cheong Food Industries sauces
60 Woodlands Terrace Fragrance Foodstuff bak kwa, CNY goodies
64 Woodlands Terrace CS Tay Frozen Food $100 for delivery.

Woodlands Link
9 Woodlands Link - goldkili - packet drinks -
12 Woodlands Link Win Sin bakery, pastry
14 Woodlands Link - Gold Roast - packet drinks -
15 Woodlands Link Polar Puffs all puffs for $0.60 each (shop sells them for
23 Woodlands Link Bengawan Solo nonya kuehs

15 Woodlands Loop
Amongst a block of caterers (including for confinement meals!) are
the elves who ensure all your mass market meals have that comforting ubiquitous taste.
#01-01 Zingrill the guys who run Seoul Garden and Breeks!
#01-17 Honsen Seafood Enterprise Not open on Sundays. Prices are from 10 cents onwards
(fishballs, etc). Uncooked fishballs/fish cakes/fried chicken wings/fried wanton/ngoh hiang. the
fishballs and fish cakes are on sale after 4.00 p.m. If you want to buy breakfast snacks like carrot
cake (the whole piece type), soon kueh and other kuehs, go around 7-8pm to get them.
#01-09 Kyo Cake House
#02-17 Everyday Products juices, syrups and cloudy agents
#02-19 Harmony Foods fruit products
#02-22 Delisnacks fried dough snacks to go with your soya bean drink.
#02-33 Tenderfresh chicken, chops and grills. Suppliers to the Western Food stalls in
coffeeshops, hawker centres and food centres.
#02-37 Xi Shi Bak Kwa weekdays 9.30-4.30pm. saturday 9.30-1.30pm. free delivery 10kg or $350
purchase, $10 surcharge if less. All prices wholesale alr.
#02-50 Soon Huat Marine Product Trading fish maw, mushrooms, sharks fin, pig tendon, sea
cucumber, gingko nuts, you get the idea.
#03-03 J&C (Fongs) Food Industry Halal/seasonal pastries:banana almond chip cakes, marble
cakes, almond cookies, cream puffs, pineapple tarts etc. Crowded during the Chinese new year
period, much cheaper than neighbourhood bakery. They used to charge 35c a piece, now 40c.
#03-12 Bakers Oven Halal pastries, cookies. Esp seasonal.
#03-17 Janur Food Industry. Both the halal/non-halal satays priced at about 25c a stick.
#03-53 Defu Otah
#04-15 Bee Hwa Chinese foodstuff
#04-29 Choo Chiang chinese roast meats
#04-33 e-creative erm, creative cakes
#04-46 Unity Foods (BBQ Delights)

7 Tuas Bay Walk - Mayson Bakery. walk-in is 10% off retail. $100 for
free delivery, if not $20.
9 Tuas Bay Walk SSKim Enterprises. Cheap meats, better than QB/Ben! (Retail address: Block 26
#01-214 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre) (minced beef 60% normal or 90%
25 Tuas Bay Walk - Nk-Lassic. Chocolate

12 Tuas West Road - JJ Drinks - Jia Jia Drinks

13 Tuas Avenue 12 - Opto-Pharm - Contact Lens Solution do cater retail.
24 Tuas Avenue 7 - Kee Wee Hup Kee - EGO Confectioneries
24 Tuas Avenue 12 Frosts Food and Beverage 11am to 4pm weekdays, 8am to 1pm Saturdays,
closed on Sundays. A wide selection of food and beverage. Best deal: $11 for a pack of breaded
button mushrooms, a popular bar snack. Buy 8 packets and get 5% off.
26 Tuas Avenue AalstChocolate. open 10am to 4pm weekdays, closed on weekends. sells pralines,
chocolate chips for baking, chocolate for fondues and single origin chocolate from places such as
Madagascar, Peru and Ghana. Best deal: A box of 12 handmade pralines costs $20. It usually costs
$25 and above elsewhere. Retail chocolate in gift packs range from $1.00 to $9.00. Chocolate Line
Fountain and Fondue in concept store at 15% cheaper. Only cash and hand carry. http://www.aalst-

457 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim - F&N Coca-Cola Singapore. Coca-cola & Beverages. http://www.coca-
459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim - Asia Pacific Breweries. Tiger Beer, etc.

Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market (go at about 4pm - end of day bargains)
FC 1 is the food court. Buildings 2-5 are the cold storage. I have not ventured there yet. 6-13 is the
open air vegie market. I have pretty much stuck to the area around 10-13. 14-17 is the dried goods
area. The store front on the corner of 14 is Guandong, my favorite store! 18-26 is the fruit area. 16
to around 22 is where Ive shopped.
Blk 12, #01-587 Chan Kok Hon Vegetables
Blk 13, #01-600 Yong Hup Heng
Blk 14, #01-23 Friendly Vegetarian
Blk 14, #01-25 Zenxin Agri-Organic Food
Blk 17, #01-11 FRESHdirect
Blk 17 #01-108 Yew Ming dried fruits, nuts, seafood



670 Geylang Road Allswell Marketing Live Seafood Market. Opens 8.30am to 7pm daily. A range of
live seafood items including Boston lobsters, Alaskan king crab, Pacific oysters from Australia,
Canada and the United States, fish such as grouper, soon hock and flounder, and prawns. Best deal:
Alaskan king crab (about $80 a kg) which costs about $100 to $200 each, depending on the weight.
Pacific oysters cost $2 to $6 each, depending on the size.
Ubi Ave 2, Blk 3020, #01-121 DPastry durian puffs, strudel, tiramisu
Ubi Ave 2, Blk 3020, #01-103 Yap Chai Luck roast meat
Ubi Road 1, Blk 3014, #01-308 - Mei Mei Roast Meat
Many wholesale food here...?

Bedok North Avenue 4 - Gourmet East Kitchen. Chee cheong fun, chwee kueh, yam cake and
pumpkin cake.
Bedok North Street 5, Blk 3015 Montreaux Patisserie cakes, pastries
Bedok North Street 5, Blk 3017 Vismark Food Industry Asian pastes and frozen dim sum
94B, Jalan Senang - - Seafood

Chun Man Yuan satay, otah
BBQ Wholesale

Wholesale Wine
Far East Distillers

Sheng Siong/Giant/NTUC Mondays before 5.30pm, to get restocked fresh stuff, and not fight with
office crowd
Tekka Market (for some reason, go on Wednesday)
Phoon Huat. flour yeast sugar butter etc. Dried fruit and nuts very reasonably priced.
Chicken Man $6.25/kg chicken breast (min $50) delivers 12pm-1pm. offers free range chicken.
Closed on Mondays. Mr. Wee and Lorna
+65 9139 2189
Passion Fresh Fish: 90353553
"Pow Li" Knife Sharpening Blk 32 People's Park New Market Rd #02-1040. 65352450.