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Year 11, Issue 10

June 2014

Price ` 15/-

A research based monthly
magazine on Yoga,

Ayurveda, Cultural and

Spiritual message

Published by Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)

Haridwar, under the guidance and
encouragement of Honourable

Swami Ramdevji Maharaj

The the strength

of penance,


moves ahead towards

new possibility
in the world order

Year 11, Issue 10

June 2014

Price ` 15/-

A research based monthly

Published by Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)

Haridwar, under the guidance and
encouragement of Honourable

magazine on Yoga,
Ayurveda, Cultural and
Spiritual message

Swami Ramdevji Maharaj

Udhyam Sahasam dhairyam buddhih shakti parakramah

Shedet yatra vartante tatra dev sahaykrit.


The the strength

of penance,


moves ahead towards

new possibility
in the world order

a Eternal Prudence


Publisher and printer Divya Yog Mandir (trust), Kripalu

Bagh Ashram, Kankhal, Haridwar-249408, Published by
Rishi offset printers, Ved Mandir, Gita Ashram, Jwalapur
Haridwar and printed at M.P. Printers, B-220, Phase II,
Noida, G.B. Nagar, U.P. Editor, Acharya Balkrisna.
RNI NO.:DELENG/2006/16626

a Editorial (Divine Personality Divine Leadership

a A saint's penance and perseverance behind biggest victory of democracy

a Geeta Saar

a Know rich medicinal values of rare herb Karanj 

a Structure of Omega 3 and Omega 6 

a India, Afghanistan and Pakistan passing through transition phase

a Chanakaya Policy Summary

a So that India could see the rule of almighty

a Attention

a In destiny of Mother Ganga

a Losing vitality, longevity 

a Use and see effect 

a Why it is necessary to make tax policy justified?

a When we feel hiccups

a Miscellaneous activities of the organization

a Applications are invited

a Speaking pictures

a The new thinking of prosperous India appreciates Patanjali Yogpeeths economy 

a The world of disease, not limited to mental or physical status 

a The identity of a winner

a When the woman will understand their caliber 

a The moment of revolutionary change Vedarambh ritual

a Children should have vacations in yogic life style 

a Vedopanishad Sandesh

a Some important points on seasonal routine!

a New concerns for new GovernmentU

a Diet is the foundation of meditation and health

a Special initiative of the Patanjali Bio-research Institute in the cluster bean farming
a Effect of `Pranayam` on `Blood Pressure`

a `Mother` delivers not a human being but humanity

a `Hirdaya mudra` blessing in heart ailments

Yog Sandesh is basically published in Hindi. Therefore some errors are

possible while translating the contents from Hindi to other languages. It is
not necessary for the editor to have coherence with the views expressed
in the contents of the magazine. All disputes are to be settled in the court
of law at Haridwar.

Read this magazine yourself, inspire five others to read and then place in five new families so that this agitation, being inspired by seers could spread, reach and benefit every human being. 

Year 11 Issue 10
June 2014
Published in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi,
Oriya, Assamese, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Nepali


Acharya Balkrishna
Associate Editor

Dr. Vijay Kumar Mishra

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Eternal Prudence

The eternal truths coming out of the eternal

prudence of respected Yogrishi Swami ji Maharaj...
Changes are creative assets of life which provide nourishment and strength to our personality. A new
energy is felt by an individual as well as the society. One takes resolve from the deepest core of truth
and failed and scattered life converge at one point with a courage to accomplish the goal. Now-a-days,
there is wave of change all around and the footsteps of constructive change have started to be heard.

am neither a fatalist nor a consumerist. I believe

in hard work, nationalism, humanitarianism and
spiritualism. I am beyond regionalism, lingual divide,
religious boundaries, ideological boundaries and my
voice heralds the idea of nationalism. This is my real
wFor me, work is my religion, it is also for me a way
to express my devotion to almighty. It is the only truth
of my life. Discharging my responsibilities without any
sort of arrogance is the way of my functioning. People
usually raise question on existence of almighty but they
never doubt on falsehood and hatred. Rise and be always
positive! Always be a gainer of sweetness, but curious.

self esteem but should be proud. One should be gentle

but not sycophant. One should believe in justice but not
in revenge. This is the true way of life.
You will build your character the way you will
think. Character is the life. Always try to keep the youth
alive in you. Old age is not the result of growing age but
it is the result of the way you think. If you are full of
enthusiasm in your thoughts, your life is full of energy,
you are bold and have self esteem, you will he always
young. A country becomes young by the experience
of elderly people and enthusiasm and self esteem of

The root of peace and pleasure

lies within us

Ideas are the biggest strength and assets. Ideas are

biggest power in the world. Ideas have biggest energy
and power in the world. Ideas are like power and
cyclone as well as they are a message to the peace and
satisfaction. But ideas must accompany with action.
The resonance of your action is much greater
than thousands of words. Therefore, we should not be
relying on preachings but should also apply the action
for change.
Thoughts with action is true knowledge which
has also been said in Vedas. 'Na hi gyanen sadrisham
pavitramiha vidyate'. Knowledge doesn't mean only
knowing about things but it means action in accordance
with thoughts.
For right result a right action is a must. Acts are like
seeds and we reap what we sow. Therefore always keep
happiness and smile on your face and also give respect
to others. It will fetch you a lot of respect from others.
Similarly, give pleasure to others, you will get a lot of
joy. Serve your parents, your kid too will serve you in
your old age. This is the formula to take you forward in
the way of nationalism. This is the first step. Lets come
together to worship our motherland. n

Pleasure does not come from outside but it lies

within us. When you live in mental peace, you feel bliss.
Always try to feel energy, enthusiasm and confidence
which lies in you. Almighty has chosen you for great
Those who are right thinking and have good habits
(Sanskaar), they are rich, prosperous, lucky while those
who have bad habitats, ill thoughts are poor, defamed
and unlucky. Never have complex thoughts as one lost
in crowd can be traced but one lost in his own thoughts
are never traced and his life is destroyed in darkness.
It like the same way a spider is destroyed in its own

Understanding of life

One should be firm in his believes but should not

be stubborn. One should be bold but should not act in
haste. One should be kind but not weak. One should
speak less but not arrogant. One should be clever but
not be treacherous.
Be patient but never be careless. One should have

Strength of ideas

June 2014 3

interests of the people and the country. Now we
are required to work according to the due state
of mind and circumstances, personality and the
system, in a proper and authentic way and we will
do this with a divine feeling.



3. How the system will change?

There are four main units to provide a leadership
to the system- lawmaking bodies, executive,
judiciary and media, intellectuals. To make all
these four justified, it will be required to create a
capable and vibrant leaderships in all these four
sectors. For this, we will be required to create
high quality human beings. This will happen in
different stages, therefore we are required to be
patient as well as authentic in our work.

Of the four, the state of legislator is temporary

as it is decided by election and its members are
called public representative. The upper system of
it consists of Lok Sabaha and Rajya Sabha and they
are together called Parliament.

The lower law making body is Assembly and at

local levels, Gram Sabhas are becoming stronger.
The change in the legislator is being described as
change in power. It is partially true. Change in
legislator cannot lead to the real change unless
changes don't take place in the rest of the three
bodies which were mentioned above.

Acharya Balkrishna

1. One stage is over now. Many of

our activists sacrificed their lives,
in the sacred yagna of displaying
bravery, bearing pains, selfless
service to the nation, the great
sacrifices made by the great souls
cannot be forgotten by the fellow
countrymen ever in future.
2. Now in the second stage we have
to embark on the creative task
of changing the system after the
change of power which requires us
to work in long run to serve the

4. Now we are required to engage our full energy in

building able and vibrant leaders in the four fields
for which we will have to make three tire planimmediate, middle level and long term plans. Long
term plan will require to work for 20-25 years but
for short term and middle term plans, we will
have to work consistently for 5-10-15 years with
proper planning and we are committed for it.
5. We are required to look into two contexts with
regard to changing the system and giving an
able but spiritual leadership to the nation. One
side will work on present system using truth and
aplomb to make the system justified to eradicate
corruption and bring back the blackmoney from
abroad and another side will be required to

4 June 2014


work in different stages to create able spiritual

leadership according to the teachings of Vedas to
make a country and world of the dreams of our
great revolutionaries.

First stage

Divine plan to build humanity- Since birth to

upto the 25 years of age, all children should be given
similar food, teachings and good habits. Good habits,
teachings, bravery and courage should be induced in
a child since birth.
When people of this country will be raised up to
25 years of age without any influence of sin there will
definitely be some divine incidents in the world and
auspicious ambience will be all around and rule of
justice will be established.

Second stage

Patanjali university, Gurukul and sevavrati yojana:

The matriculate, bachelor and master degree holders
who have done good dees in their previous births and
by virtue of that have good pious parents and good
upbringings are to be prepared and trained properly
at Gurukul and this mission will be carried forward.

Third stage

Acharyakulam: By giving admission to the

students in class V, they will be trained in the
disciplines like moral science, science and modern
technology and their personality will be completely
revamped at Acharyakulam to prepare the leaders
of future. In the coming days one Acharyakulam
has to be prepared in every district which will act
like a beacon in spreading the light of knowledge.
With the help of Centre a Gurukul Education Board
equivalent to NCERT has to be set up for which, funds
from Centre would be allocated so that ancient Indian
traditions could be connected with modernity.

Fourth stage:

Refining the available personalities and

leadership: Our organization has spread from tehsil
level in districts to village level and it is spreading
even further. The aim is to make the life of the workers
of the all five bodies more and more refined. By such
reading the works of yog seva and selfless service with
more authenticity so that sacred and able leadership

could be created. Though the task is

tough but we have to go ahead. We
are sure that full success might not be
attained but partial success is sure to

Fifth stage

Teaching of divine life and

education: Actually rajoguna and
tamoguna are in abundance, but final
aim is to attain the supreme state of
truth. The virtuous souls could be in
minority but they cannot be wiped
out. Manushyanaam Sahastreshu,
kashchid yatatisiddhye. Yatatamapi
siddhanam kashchinmamvettitatavah
ll Geeta.
There are so many divine souls
active in different parts of the
country. It is required to organise
them at at national, state and local
levels so that they could inspire the
nation and people could learn good
things like love, affection, compassion
and feeling to serve others. In stead
of bookish ideals, we could learn ideal
ethos in true manner.
Brothers and sisters with divine
qualities when they will join the drive,
love, affection, peace, prosperity and
rein of almighty will be all around.
With the grace of almighty, such souls
will be entitled to salvation.
All the aforementioned instances
are described in brief. Therefore on
the level of thinking, discussions
and subsequent changes will keep
surfacing. We will keep welcoming
views and ideas and suggestions on
these topics from our brothers and
sisters and keep moving on the path
of almighty. n

June 2014 5

Resolve of penance and capability

A saint's penance and perseverance

behind biggest victory of democracy
Dr Vijay Kumar Mishra

Big changes take place due to penance. Yes, here we are talking of 16th Lok Sabha election results

which have been historical in many ways. It has been different not because the 10 years' rule of
country's oldest party has come to an end and the party has been shown its right place. It has been historical as the movement for the change began from Haridwar, the land of deities and that too in the leadership
of a sage. Desire for change reflected in the voting which turned into the change in the reign of power.
When Swamiji called Modi ji to congratulate him on the day results were announced, and Modi ji credited
the contributions of the crores of people, saints for the grand victory. The far-reaching consequences of this
result will be discussed at a later stage, but lets have a glance of the movement launched by his sage which
passed through many stages of obstacles created by the Government and ruling party.

hough the journey of victory was started

from the courtyard of Acharyakulam
where Swami ji had announced the candidature
of Modi ji for Prime Minister's post in the
presence of many saints. Since then, for the
last nine months for the auspicious and true,
justified and divine change in the regime, he
carried out a mammoth journey of 15 lakh
kilometers. With crores of the workers of
Bharat Swabhiman, Swami ji kept on moving
ahead by defeating all difficulties of the victory
6 June 2014

march. It doesn't mean that everything was attained so

easily. Actually it is the Congress party which has a long
history of unleashing fear, greed and terror to stop any
auspicious work. If we see carefully...
After Lokmanya Tilak, Subhash and Gandhi, the
Congress continued to be poisonous and after getting
freedom from British rulers, the country fell into hands
of one party. Actually those who trapped in the net of the
Congress, they could not be freed. Either he became the
sycophant of one family and finally went into oblivion.
The country's constitutional bodies could not function

to the people. The dreams of Swami ji became

the dreams of crores of the people of the
Due to love and affection shown by
Swami ji, his movement became people's own
movement reflecting the dreams of the nation.

Haridwar, 26 April 2013 religious Parliament session in which

respected Swami ji called for making PM candidate and pledged to
root out the corrupt regime and he embarked on the journey to
spread awareness among people.

At Delhi's Talkatora Sradium on January 5, 2014 where Modiji is

endorsing the pro people issues of Bharat Swabhimaan.
independently whether it be the CBI or the Election
Commission. Nobody knows how Mr TN Shesan emerged
to reform the election process in India. Congress knows
very well how to destroy a mass movement. It knows how
to utilize someone and how to betray after its purpose is
Congress had made full preparation to misuse the mass
movement and later to destroy it which was launched by
Swamiji from Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar. This movement
was to protect the democratic ethos in country. But at the
end the Congress fell flat in its own game plan which was
well expected.
The purpose behind the movement was neither to gain
power nor it was to serve the vested interest of a family. It
was actually a reflection of massive groundswell emerged
out of the people's desire for change. The movement
included the sacred desire all the saints of the universe as
well as that of the almighty. This was the reason behind
the success of the movement. This was the reason how
Congress's conspiracy was foiled.
With every conspiracy of the Congress, Swamiji's
leadership emerged stronger and got more and more close

Passionate call of the

soul of nation

It is a fact that whenever a movement

associates itself with the soul of a nation,
the voice of change begins to resonate itself.
This way when the entire voice converge at
one point, the soul of the nation in the form
of democracy is aroused. It happens to be so
sensitive that even slightest thrusts can make
a big impact. Actually Swami ji's movement
was born out of the people's shrill against
corruption and oppression of the Government.
In a very short span of time, Swami ji's
strong resolve began to change the perception
of the masses and it has resulted into making
the country free from the inertia of Congressled regime.
In the political history of India, this
opportunity which has now come is rarest of
rare. This is the third such opportunity after
Acharya Chanakya and Sant Samarth Ramdas
when a saint has led a mass movement.

When the hopes of a

nation are destroyed

The desire to change the system is born

from the bottom of our conscience which can
neither be derailed nor by divided by anything.
Whoever come under the influence of such a
movement, he gets charged with a strong desire
for change. Respected Swamiji's movement is
one such a move which takes the nation on the
path of change. In other words, the change of
regime is one way which leads to the change
of system. The aim of Swami ji was never to
change the regime. History is privy to the fact
that none of our saints led any movement for
the sake of changing the regime.
There have been numerous examples
like Acharya Chanakya, Yogeshwar Krishna
in Mahabharat era, Lord Ram in Ramayan
June 2014 7

Resolve of penance and capability

festival of democracy in the year 2014.

Dharm Yudha - 2014

And people of country were

being galvanized

We will cast 100 percent votes to change the regime to

write a holden history.
era, Kabeer, Samarth Guru Ramdas, Mahatma
Gandhi, etc. They launched the movements
when they found that the system to run the
country was collapsing. When people were
craving for change due to misrule, they came
forward. To lift the people from the mire of
dismay, the movement which was launched
should not been seen as a drive against an
individual but it has been a call against such a
mindset which has been smothering the soul
of the nation.

A saint can make impossible

things to be possible

There has been numerous examples of a

saint making impossible things to be possible.
He is capable in making the soil into Lord
Mahadev, an ox into Nandi. It means a saint
has a direct connect with almighty. He has just
nothing of his own. Idam Rashtraya idanna
namah is enough to define him. It is scientific
fact that in presence of a saint nothing like
inauspicious can crop up. Whatever he will
desire to do, the means to achieve them
will themselves be available. Ominous thins
will turn into auspicious things. Negativity
will transform into positivity. Whatever
unprecedented has happened in the history of
the country, has been nothing but the wish of a
saint which flew into the heart and mind of the
crores of people of the country which reflected
at the time of casting of votes. And this change
will be apparent this time in the Parliament.
This fact cannot be denied.
Swami ji has been the leader of the sacred
8 June 2014

Though respected Swami ji used a small part of his

conscience the way Lord Ram didn't break the bow of King
Janak but only tightened the string of the bow and cause
of auspicious marriage appeared. Similar things happened
for launching a drive in favour of Modi ji. The drive was
launched from Haridwar's Patanjali Yogpeeth. All had seen
that a saint's conscience was being guided from divine
during entire electioneering and the people of the country
were being charged.
Yes, one more thing here must be said a saint should not
be considered as someone associated with a particular sect
but he is someone who maintains a harsh stand for himself
while a soft one for others. Respected Swamiji has all these
qualities. Now one thing is sure that in the next century
when the history will analyze today's day developments
the path will cross from only this messiah. It is exemplary
that this saint had induced the true image of the democracy
in the heart and mind of the people.
Now in future, we are required to have more awareness.
The first major expression of this feeling was witnessed
at Ramlila ground on March 23 where lakhs f people had
gathered to take the command from their leader. This yoga
and Ayurveda movement launched by Swamiji and Acharyaji
has reached to every walk of life which connected crores
of people across the world through yoga and Ayurveda.
Creating good character in the country has been the main
goal of the movement through good governance, healthy
economy, health, education, up- liftment administration
and industries which will spread a new energy in the
country in abundance. Ideals will be replicated all around
and India will emerge as the hope of the world. Only then
the all dreams will be realized which says that this dream of
the saint will oneday community true. n




This world is the order of discipline set by almighty. As long as the people,
society and nation function according to the system created by almighty, the
Geeta continues to flow on. The moment the order of discipline is disturbed, the flow is blocked. Then the Geeta makes
shrill. The one who gets to understand it and experiences its teachings, he becomes a winner, a great revolutionary, a great
man, Yogeshwar, etc. In the era of complete inertia, he becomes capable in absorbing the perennial call of almighty. He
has his way in the direction of discipline, good planning and creativity. In the Mahabhatat period, there was Yogeshwar
Krishna, in the freedom struggle there were people like Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi who had such qualities
and built a new era. This is the reason why Srimad Bhagwat Geeta has been eternally most valuable scripture. Like
Patanjali's Yog Sutra, it has always given the message of to follow the religious ethos of every era. By absorbing the
teachings of Geeta, respected Swami Ramdev ji is showing right path to people and society. 
The Geeta is the voice of almighty.

Yoga gives complete wisdom,

creativity and discipline

Maharshayah sapta purve chatvaro manvastatha.
Mahbhdawa mansa jata yesham lok emah prajah II6ll
Aetam vibhuyi yogam cha mama yo vetti tatvatah.
Soavikampen yogen yujayate natra sanshayah ll7ll
Seven sages and four of their predecessors and Manu are
in me as feelings and divine power and they are created
by me in human form for the creation of this world.
Seven sages and four of their predecessors and Manu
represent my feelings in the human form. There are four
Manus famous as - Savarna- Savarni, Dharmasavarni,
Dakshasavarni and Savarna.
There has been seven sages when this universe was
created. Before them, there were four other sages and
14 Manus, which has been described in scriptures like
Mahabharata. There must has been someone with whom
this universe was started. Those who were in the begging
of this world, they were later on a cause of the birth of
others and all of them are feelings of almighty in the
humanitarian form. In other words, the way wisdom,
knowledge, truth, forgiveness etc are the humanitarian
feelings of almighty in abstract form, similarly there
is existence of all living beings in this world and they
represent the feelings of almighty as the property of
almighty must be carried by his offsprings.
Seven sages are- seven saints of the present Vaivast

Manvantar who are - Marich, Angira, Atri, Pulasta, Pulah,

Kratu and Vashishtha.
According to Mahabharata and other scriptures,
following are the 14 Manus besides the seven sages and
four of their predecessors - Swayambhuva, Swarochis,
Aauttam, Tamas, Raivat, Chakshush, Vaivasta,
Savarni, Suryasavarni, Dakshsavarni, Dharmasavarni,
Rudrasavarni, Rauchya and Bhautya.
Similarly Geeta gives a message that this state of
contemplation and feelings are a kind of yoga. The person
who knows of my such qualities, he becomes unflinching
minded and fully stable with yoga without any doubt.
Aham sarvasya prabhawo mattah pravartate l
Iti matva bhajante maam budha bhawasamanvitah ll8ll
Machchita madwataprana bodhayantah parasparam l
Kathyantashcha mam nityam tushyanti cha tlramanti cha ll9ll
With contemplation, one will have to think that all
are born from me and I am the only driving force of e
everything. Enlightened people who know this they sing
devotional songs for me.
Those who engage mind and soul in me, those whose
sensory organs are involved in me, keep talking about
me and remain satisfied, they get the asset of supreme
enlightenment. Here, "I" means almighty. n
(To continue in the next issue)
June 2014 9

Health in forest herbs

Family name

Scientific name

Pongamia pinnata
(Linn) pierre
English name

Pongam oil tree

Sasnkrit names

Karanj, naktaamaal,
udkirya, guchchhapushpak, ghritpur,

Karanj, Karanjawa,
paapar, dithori

Karanj is found across India near rivers,
roadside and forests upto a height of 1200
meter. Its medicinal properties have been
described in detail in Ayurveda books,
Nighantus and other books. The oil of Karanj
seeds are very useful in skin diseases.


Konia, Koronjo



Pungam, Pungamaram

Kagu, Karguna

Dahar, Karanj, Keroom



Sukhchen, Pafri

Karmash, Ghanera

Popam, Pungamaram,

Know rich medicinal

values of rare herb Karanj
Acharya Balkrishna

In Ayurveda, Dantadhawan has been described as best for eyes. It heals sores,

cures leprosy, cures the problem of worms, problems in vagina,

swelling, stomach related diseases, lack of appetite, lack of interest, etc, it is,
according to Ayurveda, Karanj is equally effective in all these diseases.

n taste, it is a bit bitter, a bit astringent, quells cough and gas,

has digestive property. This
has many spices but mainly
they are identified as following three- pongamia pinnata 2.
Caesalpinia bonduc 3. Caesalpinia bonduc Linn are considered as standard in the field of
10 June 2014


External shape-

Caesalpinia bonduc- It is 8-10

meter long ever green plant
which has gray bark. Its leaves
are 20-35 cm long, shining
in colour and oval in shape.
Leaves are green in colour,
smooth and shining, sharp
tipped, 15 cm long, 8 cm wide.
Its leaves are small, reddish

displays a very effective results to cure swelling.

8. Colic: Roast 1-2 gm Karanj's fruit

Marrow and add some rock salt
and administer it to the patient.
1. Baldness : By massaging the oil
of Karamjadi oil in the head, it
9. Adhasiri: Crush Karanj flower
cures baldness.
and Jaggery with lukewarm water and pour its 1-2 drops in nos2. Eye problems: By cooking the
es. It will cure the problem.
seeds of Karanj in milk and apply it in eyes after cooling, it will
10. Diarrhea: Take 5 gm Karanj
be very effective.
leaves extract and add 2 ml
In the powder of its seeds' powChitrak leaves extract, 500 mg
der, give treatment of Palash
Marich powder and a bit of salt.
flowers juice and make its wick
It improves appetite and cures
and apply it on your eyes. DoDiarrhea.
ing so for long time, it cures the
problem of Netrashukra disease.
11. Piles: Fry 2 gm Karanj leaves
in ghee and add some flour of
3. Tooth pain: By burning Panroasted barley and administer it
chang (five parts) of Karanj,
to the patient before meal. It will
make its ash and add some salt
be very effective.
in it and massage on your teeth.
* Make paste of one gm Karanj
Teeth pain will be cured.
root in cow urine and give it to
patient to take with takra. Using
4. Coughing: In 1-3 gm Karanj
it for three days helps a lot.
seeds powder, add some honey
and give it to the patient. It will
12. Bloody piles: Make past of
cure the problem.
Karanj leaves and apply it on the
affected parts, it is very useful.
5. Chhardi disease: In the water
boiled with Karanj leaves and * Taking 1-3 gm powder of its
seeds with sugar, the problem is
then give its Yawagoo to the
patient to drink. It will cure the
13. Fistula: Make paste of Karanj
roots and apply its juice on the
6. Lack of appetite: By doing garaffected area, it will be very
gle with decoction of Karanj and
using its twigs to clean teeth, the
problem of the lack of appetite is 14. Excess of urination: Taking water boiled with Karanj flowers is
very effective.
7. Plihodar: In 20-30 ml Amlakamji, add 65 mg of of Karanj base, 15. Updansh: Add 1-2 drops of lemon juice in Karanj seeds oil and
Wid salt and 500 mg pippali
apply it on the sore, it will cure
powder and administer it to the

Medicinal use of Karnj

and fragrant. Its fruits are like

peas in shape which are 5-7 cm
long, 3-5 cm wide, smooth and
reddish in colour. The fruits
have 1-2 seeds. Flowers are
seen in it between March to
June and fruits are seen February to April.

Chemical composition:

It contains galactose, Glucuronic acid, Frideline , pongamine oil and pongamol oil. It
is very effective in aforementioned problems in this chapter. It fruit is hot in nature,
cures cough and gastric. Its
bitter sprouts are able to quell
the cough. Its oil too is able to
quell cough and gastric and it
is bitter in taste. Its oil is effective in leprosy, eye diseases,
wounds , sores etc. The use of
ethonolic extract of it on rats

patient. It will cure the problem.


June 2014 11

Health in forest herbs

the problem.
16. Arthritis: Massage Karanj seed
oil on the knee. The problem will
be cured.
17. Quadriplegia: Make past of Karmaj fruit and mustard in cow
urine and make it lukewarm and
apply it on the patient. It will be
very effective.
* Make paste of Khadir, vine (Bel),
Agnimanth, Karanj roots, and
apply it on the patient. It will
cure the problem.

Special for skin diseases:

1. Leprosy:
* Giving errhine of Karanj seed
oil and Bahera seeds oil cures
leprosy and other warm related
* If the paste of the roots of shwet
karveer, Kutajphal, Karanj,
daruhaldi, twak, the disease of
leprosy is cured.
* Applying Karanj oil on the
wound of leprosy is very effective.
* Take equal quantity of Kooth,
Karanj seeds and Chakwad and
apply their past on leprosy affected parts, it is very effective.
* Take Karanj leaves 2 gm, Chitrak
leaves 1 gm, pepper 1 gm, and
make their powder and add curd
and salt in it. It cures leprosy.
2. Kitibhkushth: Add castor oil in
Karanj base and apply on affected parts, the problem will begin
to be cured.
3. Erysipelas: Make past of Karanj
skin and make lukewarm and

apply on the affected part, it Other problems:

helps in erysipelas.
1. Sore: Crush Karanj seeds and
apply it on the sore, it kills the
4. In Kshudra: oil of Karanj oil is
germs and cures it.
very effective.
* Applying juice of Karanj roots
on the sore, the wound is healed.
5. Sore: Take equal quantity of
Karanj seeds, sesame and cas- 2. For enhancing glow on face:
tor and apply their paste on the
By making paste of Karanj seeds
sore. The problem will be cured.
in milk and applying on the
face, the glow of face grows.
6. Wound: If worms have appeared in the wound, apply the 3. Raktapitt: In 1-3 gm Karanj
paste of Karanj, Neem and Nirseed powder add honey and
gundi juice. The problem will be
ghee and administer it, it is very
* Rock salt added powder of
7. Pulse wound: Clean the pulses
Karanj seeds (1-3 gm) mixed
with the extracts of Karanj,
with curd water if given to the
neem, jasmine, Baheda and pilu.
patient for three days, the probThe wound will be cured.
lem is cured.
* 1-3 gm Karanj seed powder add8. Abscess: Remove the peels of
ed with Mishri (sugar candy)
Karanj seeds and clean them
and honey should be given to
and treat them with thuhar
the patients. It is very useful in
leaves. Then dry in sunlight and
this disease.
extract its oil and apply it eter- 4. Kafaj-jwar: Crush the Karanj
nally and externally. The probseeds and add some water in it
lem will be cured.
and allow it to fall on navel in
* Take Karanj seeds, dry ginger
drops. It helps alot.
Vacha and make their paste 5. Poison treatment: In Scorpio
with Karanj, it is very useful in
bite, take Arjun, Shleshmantak,
Katabhi, Kutaj and Shirish flow* Take peeled seeds of Karanj and
er, and make their paste and
make its powder and apply on
add some curd in it. The pain
the affected parts with sehund
and poison is cured. n
9. Achilles: Take equal quantity
of Karanj, mustard and sesame
seeds and make their past and
apply on Achilles. It will be useful.
10. Skin problems: Such problems
are cured when Karanj seeds are
applied on the skin.
12 June 2014


Special Treatment

Structure of
Omega 3 and

Omega 6

Vaidya Parshuram Patidaar

has termed linseed as super star
food. In Ayurveda, it has been described as daily healthy food while
Gandhi ji termed it as a source of prosperity.
The research conducted on it by German scientists Yohan Woodwiz and Dr OP Verma has
given a new lease of life to many people across
the world. Now the question is- what makes
this plant so important.


he main nutrient found in linseed is

omega 3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic
acid (ALA) legrain 42 percent, oil 18 percent,
protein 25 percent, fibre, vitamin B, selenium,
calcium, magnesium, chromium, copper, zinc,
potassium, iron, etc.
To understand the magical effects of linseed
well, we will have to understand the properties of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid.
Our entire body is made of cells and its walls
are made of phospholipids containing omega

3. When we have deficiency of omega 3 in the

body, the walls lose their softness and instead
use harsh and deformed omega 6 fats which
cause us deadly problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, asthma
and other old age diseases.
In fact, both types of omegas should be in
equal proportion in our body for its proper
functioning. In today's lifestyle, irregular and
improper food habits have been a reason for
reduction in the quantity of omega 3 in our
body which is causing many diseases and
modern medicines have also been unable to
contain them. Omega 6 causes deadly diseases
and reduce our life expectancy while Omega
3 improves our life immune system and improves life expectancy.
If we include linseed in our food habits, it
can prove to be a bedrock for good health. It
keeps blood pressure under control and also
enhances useful cholesterol (HDL) in our body
while reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL).
Linseed contains another nutrient called
Legrane which is found in abundance in it. It is
anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal and
prevents the diseases like cancer. It is also effective in AIDS and improves immune system.
According to a research, linseed contains more
than 26 such elements which prevent deadly
diseases like cancer. Linseed plays a vital role
in good functioning of the various parts of our
bodies like brain, pituitary gland gland and
digestive system and cures problems like obesity, stone, pimples, skin diseases, hair problems, wrinkles, improves memory power and
give a lot of vitality to our body.
You can take 30 to 60 gram linseed every day
in crushed form. Crush it everyday because
if you store crushed linseed, it can become
stale and harmful. Fresh crushed linseed can
be used in chapati, parantha, vegetables and
other food stuffs. It is actually very good for
health. It is our slogan- eat linseed and keep
diseases at bay. n
June 2014 13


India, Afghanistan and Pakistan passing

through transition phase

Dr Ved Pratap Vaidik

Afghanistan is becoming

Indian is being reflected everywhere in

Afghan politics. India's parameters are fast
becoming the parameters of Afghanistan.
In some matters, Afghanistan is performing
much better in terms of political culture than
India. For exampleThe change of regime is going to take place
in a proper and peaceful manner which is
historical development. After 12 years of his
stint as President, Hamid Karzai is demitting
his office according to the constitutional
provisions. He neither strived to amend
constitution nor he convened Loya Jirga to
stick to power. Another important thing is
that, in 2009 only 45 lakh voters had cast their

votes but this time, 70 lakh voters exercised their franchise.

The voting was by and large peaceful. Moreover there were
hardly any reports of violence and rigging.
Third important thing was that none heeded to the appeals
made by Talibaan. There was no impact of boycott calls
and everyone came out in open to welcome voting. Those
candidates who had soft corners for Taliban got minimal public
support which shows that influence of the terror organization
exists no where in hat country.
Fourth important thing was that the three top contenders of
the President's post - Dr Abdullah, Dr Awhraf Ghani and Dr
Jalmai Rasool openly spoke against Taliban.
Fifth thing was that the three contenders together endorsed
the defence agreement with the US. It is significant to note that
outgoing President Karzai had once denied to back the pact. All
the three were of the view after the departure of NATO troops,
the 20 thousand US troops should remain in Afghanistan. The
three contenders were ready to counter the anarchy of Taliban.

14 June 2014


The sixth important point is India's tolerant and inclusive

traditions. Each of the three have made their two associates
the contenders for the President's post.
The contenders also represent the four important casts of the
Afghan society. Pathan, Tazik, Hazara and Uzbek and in each of
the pairs there was representation of various casts. It means,
the Afghanistan of future will not be seen divided among
North- Southern or Eastern-Western or Pashto-Persian and an
auspicious drive in this direction has got to be started. Whoever
will be the new President, his team will be representing the
whole of the nation.
Seventh important thing is that in the Presidential election
in Afghanistan, there has not been any derogatory language
heard, unlike the incidents in Indian elections. If India will not
welcome such developments, the who will come forward.

Constitutional government
in Pakistan

Pakistan has in past seen autocratic rules of Ayub Khan, Yahya

Khan and Zia-Ul-Haq. But none of the court of law could dare
to raise its finger at them, but when General Musharraf was
dictator of Pakistan, it judiciary questioned his rule. The fight
between the two was really surprising as judiciary in that
country has been as lackluster as its politicians. Justice Munir
had once termed endorsement to military rules as decision of
Seeing the bold move of Pakistani judiciary, Musharraf is
meekly requesting for permission to be allowed to Dubai to see
his 95 years old ailing mother. Government has banned him
from leaving the country.
Musharraf and many people in Pakistan were of the view that
given the threat from military, Nawaz Sharif government will


not prosecute the former military ruler. But

bold moves of Nawaz government as well as
of the judiciary show that democracy in that
country has got to be strengthened. Musharraf
might not be convicted but legal proceedings
against him are enough to refrain military
chiefs from deposing the democratically
elected governments in future. After coup in
1999, Musharraf didn't sent sharif to gallows
but allowed him to go to Saudi Arabia. If
Musharraf was not executed, even then it will
be right to say that by its tough stand against
a former military ruler, the Pakistani judiciary
has ended the chances for any military coup in
future. In other words, trial against Musharraf
is taking Pakistan in a new direction which is
a welcome step and it it is going to strengthen
democracy in that country.

Manmohan Singh's
10 years of coma

When we talk of democracy, its better to take

a glance of the last ten years of the functioning
of the governance in India during which our
Constitution has been attained a new glory.
Those holding constitutional posts remained
even more helpless than those who seen as
downtrodden. If we talk of the Prime Minister,
what will be most unfortunate for a democracy
than its Prime Minister mortgaging his own
dignity. A person who held the office of Prime
Minister for ten years but he could not tried to
enter into the Parliament through Lok Sabha.
No Prime Minister in the world remained
aloof to his responsibilities towards masses
as outgoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
has been.
There has been several Prime Ministers both
in India and Britain who were either members
of the Upper Houses of their respective
Parliaments or were not an MP at the time of
taking oath of their offices but after becoming
a Prime Minister, they contested election for
Lower House (Lok Sabha in India and House of
Commons in Britain). But our outgoing Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh has made a history

June 2014 15

as he has been representating 125 crores of
people as head of their Government without
being elected by people. Head of world's largest
democracy has failed to get endorsement for
himself from just 15-20 lakh voters. Such a
Prime Minister is bound to be run by someone
else through remote control. It is like being a
Prime Minister who is admitted in coma.
Sanjay Baru has not tried to explore in his
book how Manmohan Singh became the
Prime Minister. Was Congress lacking any
able leader at the time of his appointment
as Prime Minister. There were several senior
leaders like Pranab Mukherjee, Shivraj Patil,
P Chidambaram, ND Tiwari and Arjun Singh
at that time in the party but only Manmohan
Singh attracted the party leadership for the
post. Though its answer will be explored in the
future but we can get an understanding from
the incidents like the way ordinance prepared
by Singh's Cabinet was publicly torn and
trashed by Rahul Gandhi. Such humiliations
were not incurred by the puppet Prime
Ministers of Soviet Union.
These facts are enough to tell us that how
much humiliation Dr Singh would have
tolerated during his stint as Prime Minister.
It has come to be known that he was handed
over the list of his cabinet colleagues even
before oath taking ceremony by the party
leadership. Ministers' portfolios would be
changed without his consent and officials
of Prime Minister's Office would get direct
command from 10, Janpath. During rule of
the gang which was calling the shots in the
name of Congress chief, such a loot of the
Government's coffers took place which was
not even evident during British rule. Was the
loot allowed by Manmohan Singh? He might
have been getting information in this regard
but he was forced to keep silent. Why was
he so helpless? Every person's compulsion
towards his duties are fixed at the time of his
appointment. A person's appointment to a
post is decided on the basis of his abilities to
take decisions in difficult circumstances.

Actually the decisions were taken by the gang of sycophants

of Congress chief and explanation was presented by a meek
ex-bureaucrat. He was held responsible for everything but
he inured all attacks silently which is why some time he was
termed by Opposition as Shikhandi (Eunuch). The hero of
the story of someone being politically smothered has been
Manmohan Singh. If he writes his autobiography and dares to
give a true account of his experience as Prime Minister, we will
know how cronies were calling the shots in the name of two
most powerful authorities of the country.
Actually the country had many Prime Ministers and accidental
Prime Ministers like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Morarji Desai, Charan
Singh, Rajiv Gandhi, HD Deve Gaowda and IK Gujral. Even
Indira Gandhi too had become Prime Minister accidentally
but like others Manmohan Singh did not improve his stature
and continued to be accidental during his entire tenure of 10
years. The last 10 years should be called the state of coma of
the Government of India under Dr Singh.

Sonia Gandhi was aware of

her limitations

Sonia Gandhi deserves applause for being aware of her

limitations. She knew that she was totally incapable of
holding the post of Prime Minister. There became many
other Prime Ministers who accepted the post of Prime
Minister despite being aware of their incapabilities, as it
was done by her husband Rajiv Gandhi. But her agenda was
to appoint someone to the post of Prime Minister who was
even more incapable than her to the post but could be silent
abider of her commands. Her search ended at Manmohan
Singh. The kind of mess of the governance and ruin to the
nation has been done by the two leaders is unforeseen.
Such a massive corruption, crime against women and
atrocities on the people of the country was never seen even
during British rule.
Had India got a true leader, the present regime would have
ended four years back. India would have been on the path
of Egypt, but fake crusaders got deviated from their course
in the game of power.
Baru's reminiscences in the PMO has highlighted the
mistake which had taken place one decade back. This is just
a beginning. It ill take some more time in fully bring the big
bungling on the surface. People will know how the biggest
democracy of the world is highjacked and how 125 crore
people are fooled. n

16 June 2014


Chanakaya Policy Summary


charya Chanakya was a great Indian saint, who rubbed out injustice,
inequity and exploitation from our society to establish truth and justice. He
set up a landmark in establishing principle in life, family and the governance in
society. He gave political power to comminuted India and brought the nation in
a single formula. He enlighten the consciousness of running the administration
in cowboy. Being a head of state, he spent his life in a hut and guided the
government. Here are few formulas composed by him for this era

Adopt humanity with

six steps...
140. Kshiyante sarvadanani yagyahombalikriyah l
Na kshiyate patradanambhayam sarvadehinaam ll
141. Pustakeshu cha ya vidya parhasteshu yuddhanam l
Uttapanneshu cha karyeshu na sa vidya na taddhanam ll
142. Priyavakyapradanena sarve tushyanti jantavah l
Tasmaatdeva vaktavayam vachane ka daridrata ll
143. Sansarvishvrikshsaya dwe phale amritopame l
Subhashitam cha suswadu sapatih sujane jane ll
144. Danena panirna tu kapranena snanena shuddhirna tu
chandanena l
Manena triptirna tu bhojanena gyanena muktirna tu
mandanena ll
145. Aharnidrabhayamaithunam cha samanyametat pashubhirnaranam l
Dharmehiteshamadhiko vishesho dharmena hinaah
pashubhih samanah ll
Similarly the second gift in human life is giving alms.
With the end of life, all sorts of alms, yagna and sacrifices end, but the alms and forgiveness given to a right
person never end.
Education is the third ornament of human life. The
knowledge which is not in practice but it lies in only
books and the wealth which is not in your hands but it
lies in the hands of someone else never do any help to
you in the times of needs. So make the two useful.
It is said that decency comes to us without making any

payment but it is capable in purchasing anything in the

world. All ornaments are useless. The sweetness of our
language make all living beings satisfied. Therefore one
should always speak sweet language. Never be deprived
of good words.
Chanakya says that sweet speaking people are dear to
all as sweet language attracts everyone. It has been
compared with nectar.
It is said that in the world which is like poisons trees,
only two fruits are as sweet as nectar- sweet language
and company of good people.
According to Chanakya, sweet language and company
of good people fetch the prosperity but the base of the
prosperity of the entire human society is much wider
which is possible with salvation.
It is well saidThe beauty of hands does not come with Kangan (Golden bangle) but it comes with giving alms. Body becomes
pure with bathing and not by applying sandal. Big people get satisfied not by being fed but they get happy
when they are given due respect. Humanity is graced
not by decoration but knowledge of salvation. Therefre
moving in the direction of salvation is the true definition of humanity.
Food, sleep, fear and sex are common in humans and
animals. But as the humans have much greater mind
than animals, therefore knowledge is a great thing.
People devoid of Knowledge are equivalent to animals.
Lets come and light the lamp of knowledge. n
June 2014 17

Special on Martyrdom Day

service, enthusiasm, honesty and taking responsibility are the six elements which have given a
Truth, love,
buttress to whole world. Whether it be a man or a woman, if they have these elements in the heart,

they will find everyone their own. The way a mother loves her kid whether he is normal or handicapped,
beautiful or looks ugly. Due to her love and compassion for her kid, she protects him and gives all possible
happiness. This is the case of common human beings. But there are great souls in this world who have love
and affection for whole mankind. For them whole society is their own they do everything for the sake of the
whole society. Such people are always ready to make big sacrifices for the society. For the safety of others they
are ready to sacrifice their own life. There have been many saints, sages, brave hearts, who have sacrificed
their everything for the sake of the society. Maharani Lakshmibai is one such a soul.

So that India could see

the rule of almighty

Dr Suman

won't like to repeat what you already know

about Maharani Lakshmibai. But I would
like to draw your attention towards the fact
that she was a woman who had already lost
her husband and kid. In this situation she was
offered a big pension and all comforts of life
to keep away from what was going on in the
rest parts of the world. It is easier to say that
a woman would be agree to stay contented if
she is offered such facilities for herself and
her kid. But Indian won are made of different soil. They are made of strong resolve and
will power and Lakshmibai was like the same.
She had resolved that what may come but she
won't give up her Jhansi.
Her heart filled with love for her Jhansi had
cried on the prospects of it being given to
the foreign rulers. It is a fact that by accepting the offers of the British, she would have
got all facilities but her subjects would have
become slave. Slavery is the biggest sorrow
while the independence gives the greatest
happiness. She had affection for her subjects
like a mother. She wanted to give all kind of
happiness to her subjects. This was the reason behind her resolve to take all pains to
protect the independence of her Jhansi.
18 June 2014

I would like to ask you, had it been proper if

Maharani would have accepted all comforts
of live offered by British and left her subjects
in misery? Undoubtedly, your answer will be,
whatever she did was dignified.
It is said that history repeats itself. The similar questions are being raised nowadays. People are frequently asking whether being a
sage, Swamiji should talk about purification
of politics?
We believe that not only Swamiji but all
saints in the country should do so. If by exYOG SANDESH

pressing their views to give happiness to the

people can do good for the country, they
should do so for thousands of time without
any fear. Baba ji is not fighting for his personal interest. In fact he is expressing the agony
of crores of citizens of the country. If a sage
would not do this, then who would do this.
How would only devotion to almighty would
serve the interests of the crores of citizens of
the country. Our youths, women and farmers
are in agony and they want to get rid of their
sufferings. Kids are being devoid of opportunity to enjoy their childhood, youths are being misguided, crime against women are on
the rise, and in this situation, only showing
devotion for god will not do. Therefore, the
call for "Paritranaay Sadhunam Vinashaya
cha dushkritam (for the wellbeing of virtuous
souls and destroying the evil forces) should
be raised".
Some greedy people have created such an
ambience in the country that virtuous souls
like saints should keep away from speaking
on issues of public interests and confine their
activities to only devotion to almighty. But it
is totally wrong. If a common man thinks like
this to keep his activities confined to only his
own well-being, it would do but for a saint
who has vowed to sacrifice his everything for
the sake of the society, it is wrong to keep silent. This is his moral duty for the the sake of
If you could make an assessment, every saint
has at least 500-1000 followers in the country. Lakhs of people are seen associated with
a saint. For the sake of their well-being and
happiness and also for the sake of their progress and prosperity, and making the nation
a world superpower, they should speak aloud
because only this can ensure the glory of the
In the political life of the country, the sages
should speak aloud for rise of an honest, dedicated and true patriots in the political life of
the country. Such were the ancient saints like
Vashishtha and Chanakya who worked for

changing the course of politics of their time.

If all the religious and spiritual forces will for
this way, all sins from this earth will be rooted out and we will see the ruoe of almighty
on this earth.
Congress party and its corrupt acts have become poisonous and it is spreading its dirt all
around. There seemed no force to destroy it.
Only a son of almighty can do this. But a son
of god, a great saint has done it by rooting out
the poisonous political outfit like Congress.
Not only present generation but many of the
coming generations will be grateful to Swamiji for his great favour on this country. It is
for sure that many of the mothers and sisters
would have been praying for the well-being
and long life of Swamiji who defeated the evil
forces and established the rule of almighty on
the earth.
Whenever there is pinnacle of sin on this
earth, then almighty himself incarnate on
this soil to make this world free from sin and
evil forces and also to fill the world with all
sorts of happiness.
Despite incurring all sorts of pains, being
trapped in fake cases, braving threatenings,
Swamiji bore so many kind of pains to see the
happiness in the lives of the people of this
Lakshmibai was a brave daughter of mother
India who had sacrificed her life for her fellow countrymen and preserve humanity on
this soil. Her sacred soul must be showering
her blessings on mother India's great son
Swamiji who has graced his parents, humanity and this soil. What can we offer to great
soul like Lakshmibai other than our hearty

Blinds got light in their eyes, men are galvanized.

You administered us nectar as if you
have done magic.
You and your sacrifice are great respected
Swamiji, you have awaken us.
We were in deep slumber and were being looted
you gave us courage and saved our lives.

June 2014 19

Workers path



is like a war. The war for creation and against destruction,

for truth and against falsehood, of justice against injustice.
In any battle the one emerges as victorious who is aware
of his shortcomings and limitations. The winners know
well the reasons which can cause their defeat and they
make strategy accordingly. Similarly we are also fighting
for the target of life. We will have to be aware of the factors
which can cause our defeat. Following are such factors:

Greed and fear:

The two are simple habits of our mindset. They can

cause our deviation from the right course. Sometime, it
is born inside us and sometime it is born outside us and
sometime it is born both inside and outside us. But we
will have to remember it that we have left our comforts
and safety much behind. Now we don't have be bothered
about something which can be lost. Now we don't have
anything that we can find or lose. We are not common
people and the goal of our life is also not as simple as the
common people have. We are those who are trying to
20 June 2014

swim against the stream of river. Therefore,

we will have be careful of such things which
can weaken and drown us.
We have sacrificed our everything like pain
and happiness, pride and insult, relatives
and everything else for the sake of our goal.
Now our only motto is is to achieve our goal,
nothing else.


Apprehensions are the enemies hidden in us.

The moment we start losing our confidence,
it begins to raise its head. Apprehensions
mark the beginning of one's ruin. It deviates
us from right course, causes our ruin and
disgrace. Lord Krishna in Geeta has saidSanshyatama Vinashyate.
Whatever we are doing is the duty assigned
by almighty. God is almighty and his
blessings are always with us.
We will stop on our final destination and not
in the midway.
William went to sea sore with a huge army
to conquer England. When he was deboarding, his feet got slipped and he rolled
down. Though he saved himself using his
palm. Seeing this his army got afraid as
the personnel considered it an auspicious
sign. William ordered the entire troops to
assemble at a nearby mountain. On reaching

there he announced that almighty has

insured our victory with our arrival on this
mountain. Now our victory is sure. After the
war, he got famous as a great conqueror.


A person's downfall enters inside a person

in the form of arrogance and destroys him.
People generally show arrogance of their
high clan, achievements, successes, bringing
others in the organization and ensuring
their establishment, arrogance of service
and contribution to others and arrogance
of sacrificing for others. An arrogant person
can do neither any good for himself nor for
others. He can neither become a good leader
nor a good worker. After a bit of success,
he begins to think that he has achieved
everything on his own abilities and forgets
that the success is a result of collective
In every success, the contribution of
co-workers, guidelines of seniors and
conducive timing play a very crucial role
but we consider such factors trivial which
gives birth to superiority complex in us. We
begin to think that by serving and making
sacrifices for others we have done some
favour and forget that we have done what
we wanted to do or liked to do.


This is a nice word to define the mindset

of a person. In ancient Greece, a youth
named Narcissus would live, he was very
handsome and he was talk of the town for
his beautiful look. Both men and women
would get attracted to him. He had never
seen a mirror. One evening he was crossing
a pond and looked his face in calm water.
Seeing it he got lost. He wanted to meet
with his own image which was not possible.
In his intense desire to meet his own image
he became mentally ill and soon died. Due
to this, such a complex in a person is called
Narcissus complex. Since beginning to end
we live like a simple person, we commit

mistakes and learn from them and move ahead in life. But
some persons after achieving some success, they begin to
believe that they are special. They develop a tendency to
believe that they are not followers but are leaders. They
think that they have learnt enough are don't require to
learn new things. They think that their point of views are
universally true and right. They are best and leaders of
all others. Such mindset make them unpopular and they
become sidelined. They deny to accept the reality and
they finally go in oblivion. We are players of one team
and are playing our responsibilities according to our
abilities and our combined goal is to win the match. Our
aim is to take lead on our opponents and win over them.
But if there won't be a proper coordination among teammates, our opponents will win over us.

Self praising:

It is inherent weakness of our nature. We like like to be

praised by others. The moment we move a step forward
in life we are surrounded by greedy and opportunist
persons. They usually praise by calling us a great person.
They create a wall of fake praises around us. The wall
becomes gradually so high that we are not able to see
anything beyond it and we start seeing and listening
what others want to show us or make us listen. This thing
fill us with bad habits like a want to listen only our praises
and we drift away from able and worthy people. In this
situation we get away from the reality and when we are
faced with adverse circumstances, we are unable to face
it and fall flat due to failure. We have dedicated our life
for a great goal. It is important for us to get rid of such
weaknesses and be careful of such sycophants. We should
let such people to come close to us who make us aware of
reality, our works and achievements.
In 1974, a massive anger against the incumbent
government appeared and to quell it, then Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi announced emergency. It was said that
due to some people, the security and sovereignty of the
country was in danger. To prove it right, some people
started to say that there was nobody in the country who
could compete with her in terms of mental abilities. The
sycophants would say Indira is India and India is Indira.
They convinced her that she is immensely popular from
Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Arabian sea to Bay of Bengal
and this popularity will never diminish. They called her
the incarnation of power and strength of goddess. They
June 2014 21

Workers path
It makes us dependent on comforts of life. The edge of the revolution becomes blunt and
we lose entrepreneurship. We get influenced by the comforts of life. Till tomorrow we
were ok while walking on foot but today we cannot go anywhere without a vehicle. Once
we enjoyed good sleep after taking meal in simple room but now we cannot sleep without a luxurious bedroom. Slowly our body language and habit begin to change.
thought that it was the right time to justify the emergency
and seek fresh public mandate. She announced general
election in which the reality came to fore in the form of
her crushing defeat. She and her son could not save their
own seats and a new party the Janata Party rose on the
political horizon of the country.

Post and power:

Post and its power create such an ambience around us

that which make it difficult to come out of it. It is like
the silk worm who gets trapped in the web made by itself
and finally he dies. We start to consider ourselves above
our own people and finally we become away from them.
We are so conscious of post and power that we want to
retain them at any cost and it becomes the only goal in
life and we get drifted from the right course. According
to Kathopanishad, Yamraj told Nachiketa- we get post,
power, prosperity and comforts of life which made us
deviated from the right course. But great people keep
going ahead and attain their goal. Generally it is also
seen that we can protect from getting influenced by
prosperity and comforts but we get trapped by post
and power and our main goal becomes a mirage. There
was a festive mood in Delhi after the independence and
leaders were busy in playing tricks to get power and
posts. But Mahatma Gandhi was in the streets of Noakhali
with deprived people. The person whom people called
Mahatma, about him the great scientist Einstein had said
that coming generation would hardly believe that any
person like Gandhiji made of bone and flesh had walked
on this planet.

Excess of resources

It makes us habitual of comforts in life. The edge of our

revolution becomes blunt and weak the fire of sacrifice
becomes weak. We get influenced by the comforts of
life. Till tomorrow we would walk on foot but after
being influenced by comforts of life it becomes difficult
22 June 2014

to move without a vehicle. We become

habitual of luxurious bed room. Slowly our
body language begins to change and out
way to think gets changed. The sleeping
bureaucrat inside us gets violently aroused.
Now we begin to consider others as our
subordinates and we start to considered our
feelings greater than others. A part of our
energy begins to be spent on getting more
and more resources and also to retain them.
Here only we allow, though unwillingly, the
opportunist elements to intervene in our
life. Many times, such elements prove to be
fatal for the entire organization.
The lack of resources force us for to make
arrangements for them. The system is
created only when we have acceptance for
our work. We get recognition only when
we work with honesty and dedication. Lack
of resources take us to others while we get
away from them when we have excess of
Before independence, the Satyagrahis would
visit village to village to collect money
and food. It was this Satyagrah movement
which fought against British rulers and
forced them to leave the country. After the
independence, these organizations were
provided more and more resources to make
the movements like sarvodaya, antyodaya
and gram swaraj stronger. Huge buildings
were built for running them but eventually
big vehicles were started to be parked and the
main goal got vanished. Comforts and status
consciousness destroy an organization.
Many movements got deviated from their
main path not in their absence but due to
their excess. n

Our Cultural Heritage

Ganga has been revered as a mother who give us nectar. She is revered and worshipped beyond boundaries

Ganga of India. By drinking a few drops of her water, people feel that their life has become sacred. But assimilation

of poisonous elements in its water, the flow of which gives us the message of life, spiritual bliss and
eternal peace, raises questions on our conscience. In this time of misery, we remember the poets like Kaka Kalekar
who verses reflected the pain for her. But associating with her water, we could also get inspired...

In destiny of

Mother Ganga
Kaka Kalekar

o parable for a river can be right other than

calling her mother. By living on her banks, we
would never starve. When natural rain is uncertain,
only her water will save our harvest. While walking
on her bank we feel great pleasure by seeing her
streams. A river might not be almighty but she the
deity who makes us recall god.
When we Aryans see motehr Ganga, we recall
the verses of Valmiki's epic, Vihars of Buddha
and Mahaveer, the great kings like Ashoka,
Samudragupta and Harsh Vardhan, the great poets
like Tulsi, Kabeer. Seeing mother Ganga is like
witnessing sacredness in the personified form.
Near Gangotri, mother Ganga is like a minor girl
in the snow clad regions, in Uttarkashi, in the
area of the trees like pine and cedar, she is like a
adolescent girl, she is playful near the hilly areas
of Devprayag with shining waters of Alaknanda
and her magnificent form near Lakshman Jhula
and she gets divided into many streams near
Haridwar, her historic flow near Kanpur and her
beautiful form at the Sangam of Prayag is really
great. Seeing her one form, one cannot recall her
other forms.
In Prayag, Yamuna joins her after which Ganga
looks like a anchoress. Black Yamuna looks
like a princess. When we listen the stories of
Sharmishtha and Devyani, then remember the
rare meeting of Ganga and Yamuna as the black
and white streams of the two rivers meet.

Several rivers in our country meet at different places but our

ancestors liked the beautiful meeting of the Ganga and the
Yamuna. This is the reason why the place where they meet
has been named Prayagraaj. Due to the streams of Yamuna,
Ganga looks like a bride. Yamuna releases the memories of Lord
Krishna from the Mathura-Vrindavan region. Saryu, flowing
from Ayodhya, releases the memories of Lord Ram in the Ganga.
Reva river, coming from down south, releases the stories of
Yagna performed by the king Rantidev. The river Sonbhadra,
narrating the story of Gaja-Grah, joins mother Ganja. This way
after merger of her tributaries in her, mother Ganga becomes
as magnificent as Magadh empire near Patliputra. Then she is
joined by Gandaki.
After leaving the lands of King Janak and Mahatma Buddha
far behind, it seems that motehr Ganga is contemplating where
to move ahead now as she moves with the massive flow of rain
water towards east.
As the two great kings or the two great mentors never meet eachother, similarly Brahmaputra from across the Himalaya carrying
huge water and flowing from the land of Assam she comes from
west and the Ganga comes from the east. It seems how the two
will meet. Their meeting seems impossible.
Finally the two move towards Saritpati and finally decide to
meet each other and their meeting takes place near Goalandi. At
their meeting a magnificent scene is created which appears like
a huge sea as the two merge. The force become so enormous as
if a massive troops moves ahead for victory. It divides into many
streams and merge into the sea. Each of her stream is identified
as a different name as a river. Ganga and Brahmaputra after their
merger become Padma and then ahead it is identified as Meghna.
Where does this multi-mouthed Ganga go? Does she goes to
grow shrubs in the Sundarvan region?Today there is nothing left
with us of the ancient epic. Wherever you go, you will find find
jute factories all around. Similar dirty factories will also be seen.
From here the products made in India would go to the foreign
countries like Sri Lanka, Java and Sumatra thorough boats or
ships. Today foreign ships come to India to sell their goods in
our markets. O mother Ganga, how longer would you see this
situation which seems to have become your destiny. n
June 2014 23

Way of living

Losing vitality,

Dr Vijay Kumar Mishra

our lifeline. It is a mysterious thread

Breathing isconnecting
life and our conscience and

it helps us to take steps forward in life. This is the reason

why the speed of breathing has the most important
place in our anatomy. When speed of breathing is
high, then the body temperature is also high which
is a sign of reduction in longevity. The animals and
birds who breath faster have shorter life span. For
example, pigeon breathes 37 times in a minute and its
maximum life span is nine years. Rabbit also breathes
39 times in a minute and its maximum life span is also
nine years. A dog breathes 29 times in a minute and
its maximum life span is 13 years. A goat breathes 24
times in a minute. An elephant breathes 11 times in
a minute and its maximum life span is 100 years. A
tortoise breaths four times in a minute and lives for 150
years. A human being is expected to live for 100 years
and therefore it should breath 11 times in a minute.

ut our rate of breathing has increased

and life expectancy has also gone down in
the same proportion. Today's average longevity has come down to 60-65 years. Many of the
modern scientists believe that if the human being's body temperature is halved, he can live
for 1000 years. For this he will be required to
reduce his rate of breathing. It means, the rate
of breathing will have to be brought down to
between 2-3. Of course it is challenging but not
impossible. Ancient saints lived for thousands
24 June 2014

of years and the secrets of their long life lied in

the speed of breathing.

Breathing and body temperature

Our life is dependent on the breathing. If our

breathing will be stable and strong, we will be
healthy. It is a scientific fact that high rate of
breathing will make us unhealthy and our longevity will be reduced. Breathing is directly
related to our body temperature. It is also important to note that in condition of anger and
excitement, the rate of our breathing gets to be
i creased.
Actually, this is how its cycle- breathing increases our body temperature, with high
temperature, the vitality gets reduced which
results into high rate of breathing and weak
breathing which prevents flow of nutrition in
the body. This reduces the flow of pure blood
in the body. Impure blood takes us towards the
diseases which is the way of death. Therefore
it is important for to have an understanding of

the brain, he found that from enhancing the

memory power to internal enthusiasm, bliss,
happiness are associated with deep and organised way of breathing.
There has been three dimensions of the human
body. The body executes our daily works while
another is called the mental state of human beings. Third one is related to the feelings. With a
proper balance among the three, the personality becomes balanced. The biggest problem of
today's man is the lack of uniformity among
his activities, feelings and thought process. The
result is that he gets depressed in life. To get
out of this gloomy situation, even modern doctors besides the yoga-ayurveda experts believe
that the external medicines are effective only
when a person's internal structure could be
improved. This s the reason why pranayama is
considered as a most effective and healthy way.

Only 500 cc air in every breath?

our inhaling and out haling. To strengthen our
breathing, we are required to turn towards Pranayama.

Deep breathing is a complete medicine

Describing the meaning of deep breathing, Dr

Macdowell, an expert of life science, says that
it not only provides life to our lungs but also
works as an important tonic which is very useful.
Another medical scientist Dr Noles cites the example of labourers says that seeing their hard
work we can infer that they lose a lot of energy and they should get tired much early but
we see the result totally opposite. In fact they
work hard which enhances the the functioning
of their lungs which results into fast purification of blood and they don't easily get tired.
This example shows that deep breathing fills us
with enthusiasm, vitality and ability to do more
and more work. When Dr Mentano in his study
associated the process of deep breathing with

According to standard method, 12000 cc air

is provided to a human body in every breath
which is the biggest necessity for good health.
But over 95 percent people are unaware of this
fact. This is the reason for a person just doing
with only 500 cc of air in every breath which is
much lesser than the average. A common person's lungs expand and contract for 19 times in
a minute. In four hours, this process takes place
for 251200 times. Seeing this way we find that
we are making ourselves so weak by not utilizing the breath that we take in its fullest. This
makes an adverse impact on our vitality and
longevity. This like digging land for our own
First benefit of deep breathing is providing sufficient time to our lungs so that it could work
for the purification of our blood so that our
heart could function well and we could live
fit and fine. So that daily requirements of our
body could be fulfilled otherwise low vitality it
will be difficult for us to survive.
In fact the new diseases we are confronted with
nowadays are not caused by deficiency of any
nutrients but it is caused by the lack of awareJune 2014 25

Way of living
Besides controlling our breaths,
Pranayama absorbs all the energy of the universe and nourishes all dimensions of the body
like its micro and macro forms.
ness about right breathing process. The diseases
like indigestion, diabetes, heart attack and gastric are ruining our life. When breathing is the
foundation of the whole life, it means our enthusiasm, happiness, abilities, self confidence,
morale, prosperity, activities, success, cooperation, family orientation, public welfare, post,
social status, blessings of almighty,courage to
give alms are the abilities which come with our
way of breathing. We should be careful of our
proper breathing. Improper breathing causes
depression, apathy, disgrace, failure, idleness,
bad habits and anxiety for which we hold others responsible while for these things only we
are responsible.

Pranayam, golden experiment

Besides controlling our breaths, Pranayama

absorbs all the energy of the universe and
nourishes all dimensions of the body like its
micro and macro forms. Pranayama is capable in mending all ill effects on our health if
one performs regular yoga and one can get
multiple benefits through it. By doing it, a
natural stability comes in our soul, adverse
chemical changes like high emotion, mental instability, superficiality, fear are also
resolved. With sound mental and physical
health, the body grows younger. Good health
fetches mental stability, prudence and
strength of mind naturally. But for this, one
is required to perform yoga and pranayama
regularly. You can do it for at least 5-10 minutes. It can be done men and women both. It
is a scientifically proven fact.
26 June 2014

Science of navel centre

A famous British footballer, who was known for

his sharpness of mind and freshness in his acts,
had once said that practising deep breathing
has enhanced his abilities and in each breath
he inhaled 2000 cc air. Actually it is based on
scientific reasons. Actually there are three centres in our body which are responsible for the
functioning of the internal and external systems of the body. According to health experts,
the main function of air circulation in the body
is performed by the lungs, while inhaling and
out-haling of the air is done by the nose. The
inhaled air is called oxygen which gets inside
our body with air.
For the nervous system of the micro body, this
work has to be done by the navel centre. The
power flows in the pulses of our micro body is
known as life element which in fact the electric
power which is dissolved in air like oxygen but
it is completely different from oxygen. The life
element dissolved in air is received by the body
through inhaled air and its purification and absorption is done by the navel. This is the reason
why in the process of Pranayama, the functioning of navel is considered important besides
the functioning of the nostrils.
This has been the reason behind Swamiji Maharaj stressing on to practice Kapalbhati and
Anulom-Vilom Pranayamas. He is of the view
that the navel centre sleeping for many centuries should be awakened for the future of India
so that it could associate with its strength.
The navel centre is the axis of our health where
lies the secrets of our good health and it is capable in revamping our whole mind, body and
soul. Actually the need for the food and medicines appeared when people themselves ruined
their own life by closing the navel centre. People generally seem to be puzzled with the fact
that why the development of an embryo starts
from navel.Dear brothers and sisters of this
generation who have joined the movement to
awaken the navel centre with the inspiration
from saints, be witness of a new revolution and
be ready to welcome the era of Yoga. n

Domestic Treatment

see effect

Chronic cough problem:

Sacking 5-6 grains of pepper a day will give immediate

relief. Keep 2-3 pepper once in mouth for relief. It can
cure age old problem of cough.


1. Burn the fiber of coconut and take its ashes and take
it with chhachh thrice a day when you are empty
stomach. This has to be done for only one day. It
will cure the problem. This is also effective in the
problems like excess bleeding in mensuration and
white leucorrhoea.
2. In vomiting, cholera, hiccup, take 1 gm of it with
water, it is very useful in these problems.
3. 1/4 gm ash of Mayur pichh taken with honey is very
usefulbin hiccups.

Porridge keeps obesity and diabetes away

Wheat- 500 gm
Pearl millet (Bajra)- 500 gm
Rice - 500 gm
Whole green gram (Moong)- 500 gm
Roast their mixture in a pan and make its Dalia or porridge and add a few pinch of Trachyspermum ammi or
ajwain and 50 gm white sesame seeds.
Now according to your needs, cook 50 gm dalia in 400
gm water and add some vegetables and salt according
to your need. If this is taken for 15-30 days, you will be
free from diabetes. It is also very useful for the patients
of obesity and heart disorder.

Tooth powder for teeth related problems

Turmeric- 100 gm
Rock salt (Rock salt)- 100 gm
Potassium Alum- 100 gm
Neem leaves- 100 gm
Acacia bark- 100 gm
Anacyclus pyrethrum flower- 50 gm
Tambru seeds- 50 gm
Cloves- 20 gm
Baheda peels- 50 gm
Take all the stuffs together in aforementioned quantity
and make their powder. Here at Ashram too we have
prepared such a tooth powder which keeps the teeth
free from germs, pyria and other tooth related diseases.

Domestic treatment of cough

1. Almond kernel- 100 gm
2. Khand (Sugar)- 50 gm
3. Pepper- 20 gm

How to use
Taken one spoon of the preparation with lukewarm
milk will cure old cough problem, catarrh and colds,
sinus and constipation. Those who are suffering from
diabetes, should not use khand in the preparation and
those suffering from the problem of amla pitt should
add only 10 gm of pepper.

Domestic treatment for diabetes

1. Take one pieces of the each of cucumber, Bitter

gourd and tomato and extract their juice and take
it empty stomach every morning. It is very effective
in diabetes.
2. Make powder of berries seeds and take one spoon
empty stomach with water twice a day. It keeps diabetes under control.
3. Chew seven leaves of neem empty stomach with
water is very effective in diabetes.
4. Take equal quantity of of giloy, berry, kutaki, neem
leaves, chirayata, kaalmegh, dry bitter guard, black
cumin and fenugreek and prepare their powder.
This preparation is very effective in diabetes when
taken twice a day while empty stomach. n
June 2014 27

Economic policy

Why it is necessary
to make tax
policy justified
Pro Kusumlata Kedia

quest for setting up nation

states became highly apparent in Europe after the death of
Napoleon in the 19 th century and
sole motive behind it was the imperialistic expansion of the respective
countries. Discussion on taxation
also began with it. Before it, the
system was that the robbers and
feudal landlords would give a part
of their income to their governors.
After years of loot, robbery, forgery
and bungling, the foundation stone
of good governance was laid down.
First the income on traditional was
brought under tax regime then the
residences were taxed. Thereafter,
wealthiest people were forced to pay
for the preparations especially to accumulate arms and ammunitions
to fight against Napoleon. This was
called arm tax. A proper tax policy
came to fore in England only in
the 20th century. On the contrary,
India has lakhs of years old tax system which was well established and
there has been detailed description
in our scriptures too.


t is a fact that the tax system in the world is hardly 100

years old but this system has been completely changed
in the the countries of their origin like England, France,
Germany and USA. But India is still following the European
taxation system which has given birth to a dirty and deformed
nnnmenfinancial system. Now it is a high time for a proper and
justified change because it will be the only way for the new
government to set up a good governance and justified system.

States born out of societies:

This is a historical fact that old England was not a nation state
till 18th century and there were many states which would
fight against each other. In the 19th century, the concept of
geopolitical system came to fore in that country. On May 24,
1831, 40 intellectuals held a meeting at a hotel in London where
28 June 2014


The story of poverty narrated by Congress

leaders between 1947 and 1990 began to
change with economic reforms. Congress
never announced to make India a
world superpower.
they resolved to form The Geographical Society of London.
Later, the British formed Royal Geographical Society the same
This was aimed at serving the empirical interests of Britain.
Since then, the concept of Britain's nation state was
propagated. Later in the British books, the kings ruling the
surrounding areas of London were described as British kings
but desires were badly destroyed by Napoleon.

Soviet model of taxation

It is written in our historical descriptions that it is the duty of

state to take care of public interests. But after independence,
Nehru-led Government laid down the foundation of taxation
system based on Soviet model which was authoritarian and
under which even traders too were under complete control of
the government besides agriculture, sculpture and education.
It is interesting to note that tax regime even in Britain has
become very liberal but in India, it has grown to be more and
more draconian. There is a massive system of bureaucracy on
which 1/3 rd part of the collected tax is spent. It we have a
rational taxation system, this massive spending can be saved.

The minimum clause of Soviet dictator

In the name of science, Soviet dictator had justified his draconian

taxation system by saying that Church had exploited people in
the name of Christianity and spread the habit of opium among
the people. This made the society stagnant. Now this society
trapped in inertia has to be transformed. This will have to be
done by social scientists. For this vast transformation of the
society, the state is required to have such a enormous power
which was with the church. It was said that it was the time
to make the society dynamic and scientific. For this the state
was required to have control of the resources of the nation

June 2014 29

and generate surplus taxes

for the proper growth of
the country. In the name
of such a falsehood, Soviet
bureaucracy was made
termed as a new class by
a Yugoslav leader. All the
rights of the society was
snatched by the new class
and it was this bureaucracy
which would decide on
whom to recognize as a
writer, a poet or a scientist.
Even they would decide
what crops the farmers
would grow, how they
would cultivate and at what
rate, the produce will be
sold. Nehru liked this model
which was imposed on
But renowned writers
and scholars had spread
awareness among people
highlighting the reality of
the model and the system
was changed and people
destroyed the statues of
Lenin and Stalin. But the
same system is still being
practiced in India and fact
is hidden from the people in
the name of liberalization.

Congress and

After 1947, it was PV

Narsimha Rao, a great
scholar, realized as a Prime
Minster that Soviet system

Economic policy
but there was no moral
environment in Congress
to do this. Given this he
embarked on making the
old system weak which
gave many auspicious
results. The impoverished
India began to change for
the first time in 1990s since
never talked of making
India a world superpower.
It pursued a policy of taking
loans from abroad to fill the
pockets of its leaders and
bureaucrats in the name
of eradicating poverty.
Despite this, liberalization
opened the gateway for
India to emerge as a world
secularists have created
an anti-India environment
which might not allow the
new government to change
the system completely
but it can at least taking
inspiration new taxation
system of Europe and US and
can lay down the foundation
stone of good governance
and proper development.
Even this minimal initiative
can fill the people with
enthusiasm. It may take a
little longer time to set up
a system based on Swadeshi
and Indian traditions. For
this we will have to work a
lot in the field of education.

Centre and States impose many kind of

taxes which also include tax on agricultural
income besides others. State taxes include
farm land tax, agricultural income tax, taxes
on transfer of agricultural income.

What a kind of taxes?

At least Soviet model can be weakened and taxation system can

be changed. At present, centre and states collect many kind of
taxes. Among them, from agricultural income to all other kind
of incomes have been taxed. Besides this, the taxes like custom
duty, export duty, corporate tax, property tax, tax on capital
of companies, tax on inherited property, registry tax, taxes on
shipping, aviation, surface transport, freight charge, sell tax
are central taxes.
Besides them state governments too collect many taxes- like
taxes on agricultural land, taxes on agricultural land, taxes
on transfer of agricultural income, farm income tax, sells tax,
House tax, entertainment tax, stamp duty, taxes of trades,
taxes on mines, taxes on livestock, etc. In totality, both the
central and state taxes squeeze the common citizen.
All kind of salaries are under taxation. However, there are
a certain exemption up to a certain limit. Besides, local
autonomous bodies also collect taxes. Taxes are collected from
even poorest of poor too, directly or indirectly because food,
entertainment and daily use stuffs are taxed. Whatever is
spent from these collected taxes on people are exaggerated as
state's welfare works. Given this should India's tax policy not
be called draconian? n 
(To continue...)
30 June 2014


have a very interesting scientific reason.
Diaphragm which happens to be located between
chest and stomach, some times either gets contracted due to
some reasons which may cause blockage in its upper part
which is middle part of the vocal system. In this case, the air
of the stomach tries to eject out with thrust. This causes a
special kind of sound which is called hiccups.


When we feel


Food like spicy stuffs, oily stuffs,

snacks, sweets, alcohol, smoking,
cold drinks, biscuits, breads, etc
should be avoided. Avoid excess of
food when you are in anxiety, anger
and depression. However, in hiccups,
one needs to take rest instead of going for treatment.

Nagendra Kumar 'Neeraj'

Take complete rest

ndigestion related acidity, hyper acidity, habit of alcohol, access intake of food, taking meal in haste, excitement in pituitary gland, guilt feeling, gastric problem,
diarrhea, intestinal diseases, deformities in prostate gland,
kidney, liver related diseases may cause hiccups. Sometimes due to mental and pituitary gland related problems
may also cause hiccups. Sometimes due to crying, or taking excess of cold water may also cause hiccups. But this
problem persists for the long time then treatment becomes
a must.


Put cold water soaked cotton strip on the abdomen of the

patient and also provide hot and cold massage at an interval
of three minutes will cure the problem. Besides this, cold
bath below waist or giving anima of neem water are also
effective. Jalneti and Kunjar kriya also cure the problem.
Take 4-5 glasses of hot water and vomit by bowing your
waist at 90 degree is also effective in this problem. Kumbhak pranayama is especially effective in this problem. Such
patients are also given ice to suck which is also effective.
When the problem is cured take simple diet especially basic
vegetables like carrots, bottle guards, cucumber, etc. Take
them in boiled form. Take simple diet in the morning and
evening and vegetables juices in the afternoon which may
cure the problem.

Tie piece of cotton make cloth around

waist and navel gives relief in hiccups.
Boil turmeric and cardamom in milk
and drink it when it is cold. It cures the
problem. Practice Pawanmuktasana
Acupressure and bathing with cold
water as the hiccups begin will cure
the problem. Suck fresh ginger or turmeric or Mulethi when the hiccups begin. Crush 4 pieces of cardamom with
it peel and boil in 375 ml water, when
its half is left, filter the water and give
it to the patient. Take equal quantity of
peepal, sonth, amlan and sugar candy
and make their powder and give to the
patient added with 3 gm honey. Take
a grain of hing and eat it with banana.
Give slices of onion added with salt to
the patient.
Hiccups can be a reflection of some
dangerous disease. Doctors say that
many a times big diseases are identified due to hiccups. Hiccups are seen
in the problems like Urine related
problems, meningitis, brain tumors.
Therefore don't take hiccups lightly. n

June 2014 31

Miscellaneous activities of the organization

32 June 2014


Applications are invited

Admission information for the new
session of Patanjali University,
Haridwar (Uttarakhand).

Patanjali Research Institute invites application

for the special national-level drawing competition on
the subject `Science and Arts`.

Patanjali Research Institute, on the occasion of its foundation

day on 4th August 2014, holding a drawing competition on
`science and arts` subject. The objective of the competition
is to provide an opportunity to the students and young scientists in searching their creative aptitude. The competition
will be held in two groups.
Group and qualifications:
Group 1: Yoga and Science group:
Eligibility: BNYS / MSc (Yoga)/PhD students are eligible
for the purpose.
Group 2 Ayurveda and Science group:
Eligibility: BAMS/MD (Ayurveda) students are eligible
in this group.
Each group will have three prizes.
Group 1 Yoga and Science Ayurveda and Science
Rs 30,000
Rs 30,000
Second Rs 20,000
Rs 20,000
Third Rs 10,000
Rs 10,000
1) There is no registration fees
2) All the registered competitors are expected to reach the
program venue, one day before of the drawing competition.
3) All the participants are requested to bring their material
needed for drawing along with them.
4) All the participants will be provided lodging and meals
5) The competitors are not entitled for any traveling conveyance
6) All the participants will get a participating certificate.

For more information log-in to our website
or mail to




Important dates

Period to get application:10 June to 31 July, 2014

Last date for the submission of the application:31 July, 2014
(Extended to 5th August 2014, with late fees)
Date of interview
a) For Graduation Courses: 06th and 07th August 2014.
b) For MA/ MSc:08th August
c) For Post-Graduation Diploma: 09th August 2014.
Registration of the selected candidates:11th August 2014
Commencement of classes: 12th August 2014.

Educational courses
1) BA (with Yoga science)
Subjects to study:
Essential Subjects: Yoga Science (Theoretical and Practical)
Optional subject: From (a,b,c and d) any two subjects are essential
a) Tourism Management
b) Psychology (theoretical and practical),
c) Philosophy
d) Sanskrit.
2) MA (Yoga Science)
3) MSc (Yoga Science)
4) MA (Psychology)
5) Post Graduation Diploma in `Panchakarma` (one year)
6) Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga Science (one year)
7) Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga, Health and Cultural
Tourism (one year).

Contact Details

Registrar : Patanjali University,

Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar 249405
Phone 01334 242526.
E mail:
June 2014 33

Speaking pictures
The girls `gurukul` of Chotipura, emerging as the strong epi-centre of the women awareness.

34 June 2014


Our country will become the crown of the world...

On the success of Dharmayoudha 2014, atmosphere of joy and happiness in Patanjali Yogapeeth.


June 2014 35

Speaking pictures
For Dharma Youdha 2014, various experiments of `tapa` and `purushartha` of Patanjali Yogpeeth.

36 June 2014


Various experiments of Dharma Youdha 2014.


June 2014 37


The new thinking of prosperous India

appreciates Patanjali Yogpeeths economy

an objective to make Indian

progressive and the taxation system public
oriented and constructive, the Institute
of Chartered Accountants held a national
seminar on Indian economy on 5th April.
At the Talkatora stadium in New Delhi the
seminar was arranged in which special
discussion held on searching new routes
for the revival of Indian economy and new
experiments that the new Government
could take-up in the economic sector. The
seminar held under the aegis of the Chattered
Accountants Institute of India, New Delhi in
which several national level dignitaries and
experts of the economics participated.
The main issue of discussion was the speech
of Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj on
Indian taxation system and his concept of
single tax system. Everybody praised the new
concept and accepted it as a new thought in
the direction of the prosperous India in the
21st Century. In this context Pujya Swamiji
Maharaj was also felicitated. A book was also
released on the occasion.
While speaking as the Chief Guest, Pujya
Swami Ramdevjiji Maharaj said that in the


38 June 2014

era of 1950, many ambitious nations which had

less earning surged ahead of our country and we
lacked behind. Now without any compromise
with the fiscal quality, we have to move on new
principles. He said that to overcome the fear
and comprehensive saving rate it is necessary
to strike an efficient mediation between the
loan market, historical saving and the investors.
To ensure the economical quality and stability,
he also emphasized on the need of a broader
package to bring improvement in taxation and
Professor Arun Kumar reviewed the role of the
coming Government on the bleak economical
picture. Mr Subhash Lakhotia also stressed
on maintaining economical stability amidst
the challenging situation to the economical
scenario. CA Girish Ahuja also clarified the need
of taxation in the country and elaborated the
probable role of the new Government.
CA Manoj Fednis, the Vice President of ICAI
told that the Government should bring structural
changes to check the inflation and promotion
to the inclusive development. CA RS Bansal,
the President said that to make the Indian
economy stronger, the technical knowledge in
this connection should be made applicable. In

The great philosopher

and thinker, diligent
with far-sightedness
Swami Ramdevji
Maharaj has shown a
new path suggesting
various ways for the
improvement of the
deteriorating economy
of the country, which
is directly related to
the development
the entire economical
the conclave the participants decided to prepare
a white paper on the current economic scenario,
presenting it before a competent officer and after
its approval, submitting to the Government of
India (GoI).
Professor Arun Kumar, Mr Subhash Lakhotia,
CA Dr Girish Ahuja, CA Manoj Phadnavis, the
Vice President, ICAI, CA Anuj Goyal, President,
CCBCAF and SMP and the CAMA Chairman of
ICAI, member of the Central Council CA Mukesh
Singh Kushwaha, member Central Council CA
Sanjiv Kumar also participated besides around
300 other participants. n


Efforts restoring glory of the martyrs seems to be meaningful now

June 2014 39


The world of disease,

not limited to mental or

physical status
Acharya Balkrishna

and the mind are the two homes to the diseases.

Means, a few of the diseases are produced in body and
a few others in mind. This is the basic principle of
Ayurveda. The diseases, which are produced in mind and disturb the
body are called mental diseases while, which are produced in body
and disturb mind are called physical diseases. But there is a group
of diseases, which equally affect both mind and the body and the
place of their retreat is difficult to identify like insanity, epilepsy etc
and such diseases are said to be bi-retreat as they grow both physically and mentally. Sometimes, when physical and mental diseases
become chronic, they supplement each other. Still to treat a disease,
its diagnosis is necessary and hence the practitioner needs to see that
in the beginning, the trouble started from which place body or the
mind and on the basis of which, the disease should be categorized as
physical or mental disease. But still the world of diseases is not limited
to this point only.

The body

n the physical diseases, first-of-all `vata, `kapha`, `pitta`

and blood are aggrieved which disturb and pain the
mind. The treatment of the disease is the suppression of the
`doshas`. Fever and diarrhea are physical diseases while
in the mental diseases the desire, anger, fear, abjection,
impulsiveness and concern, result of `rajo guna` and `tamo
guna` have been placed.

In view of the therapeutics experts

The physical and mental diseases also have two categories

- `nij` and `agantuk`. The diseases, which are caused due
to personal troubles like sleep, thirst, `doshas` are `nij`
and other deformities while whose which are caused by
external percussion, injury, teeth or nails of violent animals
are called external or `agantuj` diseases. Although, both
the diseases affect each other and their bacteria or worms
40 June 2014

help increasing `nij` diseases. This

arouses `dosha` causing various
diseases as arousing `doshas` also
weaken and deform the metals and
the stool in the body. So, it is a fact
that when one of the `doha` arouses
in the body, it affects minimum
or maximum to other `doshas` as
well. Slowly, all the three `doshas`
arouse, causing many diseases.
Hence, during their treatment, all
diseases are needed to be brought
at par.

According to Ayurveda opinion:

According to Ayurveda, three types

of sadness exists 1) Spiritual 2)
`adhi-bhautik` and 3) `adhi devik`.
1) Spiritual disease The diseases,
which are generated from the
self-body of a human being are
placed in this category
a) `Adibalaj` or posterity diseases
Due to the `doshas` found in
the `shukra` and `aratva` of the
parents, such diseases generate.
The diseases caused due to the


``In the physical diseases, first-of-all `vata`,

`kapha`, `pitta` and `rakta` get irritated which
later pain the mind. Fever and diarrhea are
physical diseases and in the medication, the
`doshas` have to be suppressed.``

small intestine are called `amashayoth`.

The diseases, which are caused due to the larger
intestine, like constipation, afara, bowel obstruction
are called `puccashayoth` disease.

2. `Adhibhautik` disease

mother are called `matrij` and

that caused due to the father
are called `pitraj`. Leprosy.
Piles, asthma are of the same
category diseases and hence are
called hereditary diseases.
b) `Janmabalaj` or congenital
diseases During pregnancy,
due to the mothers improper
diet chart, other carelessness
cause such diseases. For
example blindness, handicap,
dwarfism, babbling or faltering.
c) ` Doshabalaj` diseases Due
to the improper diet chart and
activities, laziness, lavish life,
many `doshas` cause different
diseases and all such diseases
are kept under this category.
For example abdominal related
problem `amashayoth` and
`puccashayoth` diseases.
l The diseases, which are
caused due to the stomach
and theupper portion of the

It could be called as `sanghatajbalaj` or `agantuj` disease,

which is caused due to external problem. They could also
be placed in two categories
a) `Vyalaj` - The diseases caused due to attack or bite by
some wild animal or poisonous creature are placed in
this category. Like, injuries caused due to the horns or
nails, effect of venom of snakes or scorpions, dog and
other bacteria and viruses.
b) `Shastraj` - Injuries with the attack of sharp-edged
weapons, accident, amputation, injuries due to bombs,
firing, all are kept in this category.

`Adhidevik diseases`:

The diseases caused due to the natural reasons are kept in

this category. The sub-category of the disease are those,
which are caused due to the excessive rainfall, cold or hot
and due to the mosquitoes, minute bacteria and pathoen.
Also diseases, caused due to `vataj` means air or `aatpaj`
means due to excessive heat are placed in this sub category.
Many other diseases too occur due to oddness of the
weather like in summer season, excessive or less heat or in
winter season, excessive or less cold, many diseases occur.
They are called `vyapanna rituj` disease while the diseases,
which occur in general weather are called `avyapanna rituj`.
When the diseases are occurred due to the oddity of the
weather, the practitioner should treat with the medicines
collected earlier and for the diseases, which occur due to the
normal weather should be treated with the medicines, used
according to the weather. The `devbalsambhut` disease,
which are caused due to pollution of fire, air, sky, earth,
water are placed in the category of `adhidevik` diseases. All


June 2014 41


Disease groups:
Overall, the diseases have been divided in 10 groups which
are known as disease groups.
1) With `Prabhavmed`
a) Curable Which are curable
b) Uncurable which can not be cured.
2) With `Balmed` a) Mild Which have mild nature
b) Incurable which are not curable easily.
3) From `Adhishthanbhed`
a) `Manodhishthan` - mental disease, which are caused
due to the problems of mind.
b) `Shareeradhishthan` - physical diseases, caused due
to physical problems.
4) With `Nimittabhed`
a) Swadhatuvaishmyanimitta Diseases arising out of
the `vata` in the body, fluids, blood, metals, urine, stool,
perspiration and others are placed in this category.
b) `Agantunimitta` - Diseases coming from outside
sources like injury or worms.
5. From `Ashayabhed`
a) `Amashayasamutha` The `kafaj` and `pittaj` diseases
caused due to the abdominal problem.
b) `Puccashayasamuth` - The `vataj` diseases caused due
to the `puccashaya`.
The practitioner should have knowledge of the diseases
before starting the treatment or examining the patient or
taking some medication related decision. Then only, the
result will be positive and the people will trust on Ayurveda.

42 June 2014

natural calamities are placed in this

category. The loss due to fire and
electricity and epidemic because of
bacteria are kept in this category.
In the `adhidevik` diseases, the
third category is the natural needs
or tendencies like hunger, thirst,
oldness, sex, anger and sleep. The
experts have divided spiritual,
`adhi bhautik` and `adhi devik`, all
the three diseases in seven groups.
1) Adibalaj
2) Janmabalaj
3) Doshabalaj
4) Sanghatabalaj
5) Kalbalaj
6) Devabalaj and
7) Swabhavbalaj.
Now there are independent
diseases too. According to the
reasons told in the `shastras`
like `prakopa` due to one or
more than one `doshas`, decay
and which have clear indications
of deformity symptoms and
which could be treated with
`doshashamak` treatment are
called independent diseases.
In contrast to it, the diseases,
which are not caused due to some
independent symptoms but are
generated due to other original
disease and could be treated with
the medicines of the original
disease and having unclear but
specific symptoms are called
dependent diseases. The diseases,
which occur before the original
diseases are called pre-diseases.
If the dependent diseases are
not treated with the dependent
diseases, then they should be
treated separately. If side effects
are more intense then original
treat the side-effects first. n


Education in story

The identity
of a winner
education of the pupils on
`gurukul` was ending today and all
were preparing to go back enthusiastically.
Meanwhile, they heard the loud and serious
voice of `rishiwar` who asked everybody to
gather at the playground.


he students immediately fell in

line and gathered at the playground. The seer told `dear students,
today is your last day and I want that
all of you participate in a hurdle race
in which you will have to jump at some
places, wade through water and in the
last phase, pass through a blind tunnel. So, whether all the students are
ready? Yes, we are, came the unanimous voice.
The run started, all the students were
attempting to be ahead and in the
process, all reached in the last leg. All

started passing through the blind tunnel. It was complete dark

and pointed stones were also lying on the ground, which injured
many. The pupils felt steep pain, when forced their feet on the
cornered stones. All were confused and initially all were behaving in uniform manner but at this place, they behaved differently.
Anyhow, all finished the race and gathered before the `rishiwar`.
He said ` sons, I am seeing that some of you completed the race
very quick, while others took lot of time. Why?`One of the pupil
said that guru ji, we all were running almost parallel till the
last leg and the situation turned, when we entered the tunnel.
Someone was pushing other to move ahead while the other was
just walking with caution. And some of them also picked-up the
piercing stones and kept in the pocket so that the people coming
from behind do not get hurt. And hence, all took different time to
complete the race.
OK, the pupils, who have collected stones come forward and
show me. Some of the students came forward and brought out
the stones from their pocket. The ser picked-up one stone and
said that these are precious diamonds and not ordinary stones.
All the students were surprised. The seer said that ` I know that
you are surprised to see, these diamonds. In fact, I myself kept
these stones in the tunnel and now it is my gift to those, who
picked it up as they thought for the inconvenience others were
facing. The run, shows that in the life everybody is running to get
something or the other but finally, only that person hits the goal
who do not forget for others and try to do their wellness even in
this hectic life.
Now just remember this point throughout the life that you construct the building of success but never forget to cement bricks
of philanthropy. One who walks on the route of policy and charity and has the courage to admit the failure, is the real winner.
Ultimately, it is your earning in the life, which makes you big in
the life. n


June 2014 43

Perception science
The nature has given special
privileges to women, which make
them stronger as compared to men in
different sense. The nature has filled
women with such an immense power
that she do not hesitate to hold the
responsibility of being the creator of
the entire world and the director of
D Saritha
the entire system.
nature has given special privilege to women which make them stronger in
The other way as compared to men. This specialty fills them with such energy that
she does not hesitate to take the responsibility of being the producer of entire universe
and even readied herself to direct the entire system.

When the woman will

understand their caliber

horter, smooth and sophisticated bones

with little higher forehead, light jaws,
small teeth, sharp chin, deep spinal blocks,
less height, as compared to men, little more
expanded breasts bone wall, comparatively
not so hard bones of skull and less deep egg
shaped depths near eyes and other such
symptoms, the woman is considered as
weaker to the men since decades.
Though, many other physical reasons could
also be told to consider her weak like, the
temperature of woman is higher than man
and hence the pulse flutter of man per minute
is 70 while that of woman is 80. Likewise, the
breath per minute for man is 15 while that of
woman is 17. The weight of muscles in man
is 400 while that of woman is 350. The total
weight of blood in a healthy male body is 1060,
while that in woman is 1050. The hands and
thumbs of women are small as compared to
men; the fingers too are small though index
finger could be long. The spinal chord of man
is around 2.4 feet, while that of woman on an
average is 2 feet; femoral bone of man is 47-3
while that of woman is 41-3. The tibia bone of
man is78-5 while that of woman is 67-8. The
legs of woman too are shorter as compared to
man. The bladder of woman is 90-100 while
that of man is 70-75. The average weight of
womans mind is 44 oz while that of man is 40

oz. The heart weight of male is 10-12 oz while

that of woman is 8-10 oz. The comparative
weight of mans heart is 1400 grams as against
woman, 1260 oz. The kidney of woman weighs
4-5.5 oz while that of man are 4.5 oz to 6 oz.
The middle finger of woman is shorter and
straight as compared to man.
In view of these external indices, a woman
may appear to be weak and the man strong
but as far as the internal life power is
concerned, a woman is stronger. The nature
has gifted woman, with many qualities, which
make them stronger in other way. Women
are filled with such a power and caliber that
she do not hesitate to take the responsibility
of being the creator of the world and directs
the entire system. The woman has an
additional hormone estrogen, which is such
a strong tool that it has the power to absorb
any shock to the heart while the men are
blank in this regard. This element not only
keeps heart ailments to the woman at a bay
but also gives woman more power to tolerate
troubles, difficulties. This element gives
them strength to make adjustments in any
circumstances, irrespective of, how adverse
it is. The psychologists too believe that
adrenal hormone secretion, which increases
heart-beats, is strongly stopped by estrogen
element, which is found only in woman.

44 June 2014


This is the major reason of heart attacks to

man that estrogen element is absent from
their body. The physiologists also believe
that the internal immune system of woman
is stronger as compared to man and the
reason is that they a special category protein
immunoglobulin, which forms excessively in
female as compared to male and hence, they
appear to be more healthy and happy in their
Tenderness is another special attraction
among the woman and the reason is presence
of more water proportion in their muscles. If a
woman appears dry and dull, means she lacks
watery elements and she should get them
from external sources and other activities.
The woman dream more but their dreams are
so strong that all inheritance of the universe
gathers around them. Take any example like
Aryaputra Ram, Krishna, Gautam, Gandhi,
Swami Dayanand, Acharya Chanakya and
Chandragupta, many souls took birth in India
and helped India, making a glorious and
prosperous nation and all were the results
of womans dream. The womans dream has
the capability to carve out future of the entire
world. In sentiments, she is far ahead of
man. To increase internal sensitivity, people
make lots of efforts including meditation
and others but the woman have this element
since birth. The woman, sacrifices all her
youthfulness to deliver a child and dedicate
everything just for a smile of the child. It is the
woman only, who has service, commitment,
dedication, philanthropy, tolerance, sacrifice
and the abdication as the characters in her.
Everything fades out in front of a woman and
is this not the grandeur and greatness of a
woman as compared to man.
Dr David Portillo of the Labrasca University
and Scientist Martin said that presence
of X-Chromosome too is a special gift
to the women. He said that in women
X-Chromosome are stronger as compared
to Y-Chromosome and hence, a woman has
better immune system. Due to the reason,

despite different culture, food habits, living

style and variety of diseases, a common
point in all the countries is that the women
live longer life. In the entire world, the
number of women, over 80 years is double as
compared to men. The scientists too, due to
the immune system of the women declared
that to be a woman is the biggest gift of
the nature. The renowned psychologist of
Albert University Professor Pier Cure Henry,
after having the comparative study of the
physical, mental and emotional qualities
of man and woman, concluded that the left
and the right parts of the brain of a woman
has balanced and gradual development and
hence, the women are normally free from
offensive, violent attitude and mentally
healthy and without any tension while the
man has normally right side, more active
and hence, he experiences much discomfort
while accomplishing any task. The man has
less control on the left side of the brain and
hence, they dont have much politeness in
their speech and are not much social. The
scientists also believe that since in woman,
both right and the left sides of the brain
develop proportionally, the woman has five
times more capacity of adjusting according
to the circumstances, in politeness and
association in social activities. The women
are fast in finding solution to the problem
and the scientists say that the reason is the
woman always remaining being without any
tension. And due to the same reason, the
doctors find four times less mental disorder
cases in women, as compared to men. Due to
the above said qualities, in the tenth chapter
of Rigveda, 151 apothegm, `Vidushi` Sachi
said `Aham Keturaham Murdhamugra
Vivachini, Mamedenu krantu pati sehanaya
upcharet.` Here the husband means the
entire society and it has laid importance to
give adequate respect to man and woman so
that an equal stream of development could
take place as men and women are the two
wheels of the society, which is like a chariot. n

June 2014 45


The moment of
revolutionary change

education to a male child is a game of rituals. The

question of education is the question of values. The Vedic
educationists believed in the principle of `karma` and
rebirth and hence took the question of the values as a serious one.
They believed that in shaping a human being, only environment is
not the single element but with the environment, many points like
values of the parents too hold an important place.
The educationists of the Vedic period considered the male child
as the epi-centre of the education and in the Vedic system of the
education, the male child has been given such a prominent place
that for the improvement, 16 values was made and one of them is
`Vedarambh` ritual.


Swami Ramdev

The students, who were taking admission in

the `Gurukul` had to undergo three processes `Ashramwas`, `Upnayan ritual` and taking the
pledge of being celibate. The admission in the
`Gurukul` means admission in the gurus ashram.
Now `ashram` means, where there is lot of `shram`
means hard labor with no place to laziness. Where
a student has to be alert all the times, he has to
work with dedication, commitment and in the
language of Vedic language, it is the penance.

edarambh` ritual is an important step to understand the

Vedic education system. In this ritual, the words `guru`,
`kul`, `acharya`, `shishya`, `brahmachari` are very important,
which needs to be understand. The result of `sanskar` is to
inculcate all values in the child and in the process, the education
has an important role.
`Upnayan` ritual is held in every household but `vedarambhculture` is held only in `Gurukuls`. Maharshi Dayanand has, in
the `Sanskar Vidhi` written that the day of `Upnayan` ritual
is also the day of `Vedarambh` and if, due to some reasons
`Vedarambh` is not held the same day, perform it the next day.
And even if the second day is not appropriate, perform it within
one year anytime. For the purpose, the Vedic Education gurus
developed the concept of `Gurukul system`. The meaning of
`Gurukul` means the family of the teacher i.e. guru. The Vedic
scholars, who named the educational centre as a `kul` or family,
they innovated a revolutionary ideology, the ideology on the
basis of which without shedding the blood, you could build a
massive building of socialism.
There is a `mantra` in Rigveda - `Uphare girina sangame cha
nadina dhiyo vipra ajayat` means the education centre should
be on the bank of rivers amidst the big ranges of mountains.
The educational centres of Vedic seers were located in the
glorious places, with lot of natural beauty where high ranges
of sky-high mountains on one side and stream of pure water
flowing in the river on the other side existed. Thus, the pupils
were attached to the nature directly, while living in physical
atmosphere. And this is the Vedic vision that by keeping the
education centres in serene atmosphere, the child brain could
be developed with sacred values and rituals. The students,
who were taking admission in the `Gurukul` had to undergo
three processes - `Ashramwas`, `Upnayan ritual` and taking
the pledge of being celibate. The admission in the `Gurukul`

46 June 2014


means admission in the gurus ashram. Now `ashram` means,

where there is lot of `shram` means hard labor with no place
to laziness. Where a student has to be alert all the times, he has
to work with dedication, commitment and in the language of
Vedic language, it is the penance. Living in gurukul is also said
to be `brahmacharyashram`. The core nature of the ashram is
`sharam` or labor or penance.
`Acharya upnayamano brahmacharini krinute garbhmante.
Taham ratrististra udere vibharti tah jatam
drashtumabhisanyanti deva.`
Means, the acharya, while accepting the child to give education
keeps him as safe as a mother keeps a child in her womb. The
mother breaths but not the fetus or the mother eats, not the
fetus. What could be better example to explain the closest
relationship between a teacher and disciple than this example
of the mothers womb and the fetus? The pupil is said to be
`antewasi`, means living within the teacher. He is not the
student but the son of the teacher and the teacher too admit
him, considering as a son. And this feeling is the soul of the
`gurukul` educational system.

Observing celibacy

In the Vedic education, the third point is observing celibacy. The

child will have to accumulate its power in the body, secure semen
and spend the life with good conducts. This is the objective of the
Vedic education, which is inherent in the word `brahmachari`. In
the Vedic education system, every teacher gives true knowledge
and benefits of celibacy to the students. A celibate has to wear
`kopin`, means drawers. The objective of wearing drawer is to
safeguard semen. It is not like wearing any of the cloth but it is
an integral part of the ritual.
One who gives education is called `acharya` in the vedic system.
In this system, the student is called celibate while the teacher
is known as `guru` or `acharya`. In the Vedas, celibate and
the acharya are the two points and the line joining them is
good conduct. If there is no good conduct means, the acharya
is not the acharya, celibate is not the celibate and education is
not the education. Thus, the `gurukul` education system is a
revolutionary step in the modern era, despite being an older one.

The coordination of the physical spiritual knowledge

The objective of the Vedic education is not to teach the books

but in this system, with the study of the books, spiritual vision
for the life is also developed. In the Vedic education, imbibing
knowledge of physical science and spiritual science results
into an integrated shape of the life. Only physical education

or only spiritual education, both are

incomplete. In the life, both have
their own place. The Vedic vision is a
coordinative vision and hence knowing
`para` with `apara`, knowing selfknowledge with `mantra gyan` and
knowing nescience with education is
necessary and the coordination of both
the elements completes the life. Or else,
the human being remains a spiritualistic
only and hence incomplete in the life.


Never feel bad about the orders of

the `acharya` etc sermons have been
given in 22 volumes. The `acharya`,
after completion of the education
gives sermons to the disciple, which
are useful, after he enters the worldly
life. During the `vedarambh` ritual,
the father gives teachings to the
son, which is useful while taking the
education. He says
1) You are a celibate
2) Use excessive amount of water
3) Always keep engaged in work
4) Work in day and sleep at night.
Dont sleep in daytime.
5) Follow, what the `acharya` has
6) Study Vedas 12-years in succession.
Begging was also an integral part of the
ritual and celibate asked for alms and
whatever he earns, keep in the feet of
the `acharya`. Begging is a must for the
celibate disciple. In Vedic system, it
was fed to each child that everybody is
According to seer tradition, the
`Vedarambh` system was the best which
was scientific and far-sighted. So, even
after spending lakhs of rupees, after
completion of the education, a youth
look depressed and then we remember
Vedic education system. n

June 2014 47

Treatment of diseases

Children should have vacations in

yogic life style

Shirley Telles

is the pride of children but vacation too has its importance. The vacation gives the children freshness and
the desired rest. The natural problems at mental and physical level are made-up and the children are
readied for the newer challenges and aims but only when we give a balanced nutrition to the vacation period. For the purpose,
not only parents but the children have to make efforts to give a creative direction to the vacation. The renowned expert Shirley
Telles is researching on how to make these moments of the year constructively pleasing. In the vacation, the main challenge
before parents is to ensure that the children spend their time in improving the physical and mental health. How the children
get rid of i-pad, iPod, playstation and television? The problems are general, prevalent in all the homes. A very few children
enjoy playing outside. The parents are also worried regarding their security and prefer that they remain at home, which is not
ideal for the constructive future of the children. In this context, some of the cases have been serious. Here are the examples.


aresh is a 12-year-old boy. He is an excellent

student, standing among the top three positions
in the class. He lives with the parents, with no siblings.
Both father and mother were busy in their respective
jobs, with good salaries. During vacation, Tareshs
parents decided to proceed on one weeks vacation
and stay somewhere outside. Taresh himself was
too happy and after sometime, the entire family
left for their ancestral place. Now Taresh has
several pictures and many entertaining and
surprising stories to be shared with friends.
But generally, Taresh remains at home as his
parents go to attend their respective offices.
Though, the maid remains at home. When

48 June 2014

the Tareshs parents go out, they do not want their

son to venture out and hence Taresh also stay at home.
He is mostly busy in online chatting with friends. He
wakes up till late night and take snacks in the
daytime. He eats but without hunger. Finally
due to unscheduled food habits, he gains 4
kg weight. Now he is a victim of obesity and
In a different case Rajesh belongs to an
orthodox middle-class family. He has an
elder brother and a younger sister. As
Taresh, Rajesh too is good in studies.
His parents have taught him some
particular good habits. The grand


In the planning of vacation, include spiritual

places depending on your faith and belief. This
feeling brings enthusiasm and hopefulness
towards the life. One spiritual journey helps you
forgetting all personal concerns.

not have any other job to do. Finally, at the end of the
leaves, Anita experienced that the vacation was a much
boring period as she do not have any interest in the
tasks suggested by the mother of threading the needle
or cook meals. Now, you may think as who was right
and who wrong? In fact, all the three were right in their
places and the difference was ignorance of the planning
of the vacation.
Frankly speaking, now the time has changed and it is
the right time, to come out of the malls and computers
world and hence mend the ways.

Specific methods of enjoying vacation

Importance of routine
mother of Rajesh lives with the family. Rajesh wakes-up
early in the morning and after a brief `prarthana`, the
family takes breakfast jointly.
The Rajeshs parents for the natural thrill, enrolled him
in a vacation camp. Now except Sunday, Rajesh remains
out in the camp from 9 am to 5 pm. But the camp is not
like a school and he is enjoying the camp. He is learning,
how trees spend their life? How to differentiate between
poisonous and non-poisonous snakes? He does many
activities daily. In night, entire family sits together to
take the dinner. Though, the family did not spend much
of the money on the camp but still Rajesh enjoyed the
camp and avoided unhealthy snakes.
In another case, Anita is a 13-year-old girl with a
younger sister. His father works in a multi-national
company and the mother, a housewife. The mothers of
al her colleagues were holding good positions in their
respective hobs. She is good in studies but she has to be
remembered to study. She likes spending more time in
malls. She does not have the permission to wear modern
outfits and make-up. Her mother regularly visits temple.
Anita wants her mother too wear modern attires and
accompany her in the parties. She, sometimes, find
her father ideal. Now Anita has confusion, as who to
follow? She thinks that her father is more right. But
finally, she relies on the suggestion of the friends and
spends most of the time, in visiting different malls of
the city. Though, she is not much happy but she does

The student should get-up in the wee hours, means

around one-and-a-half hour before the sun rise. At
this time, atmosphere has adequate quantity of ozone,
needed to the body. The lively and natural atmosphere
in the morning casts positive impact on the body and
the soul. After waking-up, a person should sit silent
for some time and prepare for the day ahead. They,
he should drink water, which helps in the betterment
of the health. After morning routine, he should go for
personal prayer (meditation, obsecration) which is
important. Meditation gives peace and happiness to
the person and it also enhances spiritual power. Then
take breakfast. Take `yogic satvik` food. Breakfast is
an important session, so it should be nutritious, quick
and at a fixed time even during the vacation. The lunch
should be taken between 11 am to afternoon 1 pm as
the digestion system remains active at this time due to
`pitta`. In the evening take light diet, particularly fruits.
In the night go to bed around 10 pm. Before sleeping,
use self-introspection technique, which is very useful
for the healthy life.
According to the National Heath Institute, a healthy
adult person needs 7.30 hours to 8 hours sleep while
the children and adults need 7-10 hours sound sleep.

Physical activities

It is one of the important elements needed for healthy

life style. For better all-round development, obesity
management, cardio vascular fitness and effective
health are result of the regular physical exercise. Daily
June 2014 49

Treatment of diseases
tour helps forgetting all your concerns and worries.

Precautions for the parents


spend 60 minutes or more on the physical activities. The

popular physical exercises are morning walk, games,
swimming, dance, gardening, running, cycling etc. You
might have often seen a person running on the treadmill
(an equipment to run). In the context of yoga, a person
should be cautious regarding the manner in which he
or she breathes. In a study, the participants were asked
to pronounce `om` during morning walk and this gives
them lot of comfort. So, while doing morning walk, the
person should pronounce `om`. Rather than discussing
serious issues like political situation or the business
activities, a person should focus on the positive physical
changes. During physical exercises, a person should be
cool and relaxed.

Mental activities

Thoughtfulness, learning and inspiring the mind are

a few of the mental activities. The inspiration to the
mind increases positive activities. The mental activities
include 1) brain related cross word, puzzles, spots
and 2) constructive painting, carpentry, metallurgy,
sewing and 3) short-term craft courses like wood work,
gardening, cooking, engineering etc. In the context of
composite development, the mental exercises should
be non-competitive but select such activities, which
could challenge your mind and also happiness. All
the activities should be done in completely relaxed

Spiritual activities

During vacation, you should plan your visit including

spiritual places of your faith and trust. This feeling
brings enthusiasm and optimism in the life. A spiritual
50 June 2014

The parents should remember that in this period,

they have to spend the day with children and not
with money.
l Daily spend some of the time in family atmosphere
l Make disciplined system that how much of the
time; your child will spend on the computer or the
television. Discuss the child in this context. Fix the
rules and dont alter them.
l Hold family gathering to promote tour for the child
as most of the time, they spend with their friends.
They are loosing interest in the family bonding or it
is fast reducing.
l Dont force your child to study during vacation
though, you could promote in this direction. Fix
some time for the study and let the child enjoy rest
of the time, playing.

Child should do this also

Just remember, your parents know, what is good for

the child. Hence, the child should learn about what is
good for them, hold discussion in it. If your family could
spend money on the summer vacation courses, ask
them to allow participating in a few of the activities.
The activities include
l Various spots
l Learning any musical instrument
l Yoga
l Art of cooking (for boys and girls both)
l Drawing, pottery making etc.
Remember that using computer and watching television
brings pressure on the eyes and make you lazy. If,
during relaxation, you see TV, computers for hours it
brings difficulty in keeping you physically healthy. The
idea that vacation is an opportunity waking-up till late
night is not good and some day, wake-up early in the
morning so enjoy fresh air and beauty of the morning.
Who knows that you may agree to wake-up regularly in
the morning and enjoy such a holiday, which you never
had enjoyed. Then, you may also say that a balanced,
happy life style is like `yogic` life style. n

(Continued from the last issue)
49. Aath hainmasura uchabruvitu no bhavaniti tebhyo haitdeva
Ksharmuvach cha iti vyagyasishtaiti vyagyasishmeti
Hochuryadhvamiti na atyomini hovach vyagyasishti
Tathitdevesha devi vagnuvati stanyitnurd dad a iti dayat
Datta dayaghvamiti tadeitntrya kshikshmanam danam
dayamiti (3)
(Vrihada 5/2/3)
Now the demons reached to Prajapati and said that give sermons to
us also. He used the word `d` and asked understood? They said
yes, you have preached us `dayadhyam` means be kind to
others. Prajapati told, yes, you have understood.
Whatever lesson Prajapati gave to the deities human
being- demons and like the lightening of the power too
pronounced `d-d-d` means it the lightening is saying `damyat-dutta-dayadhyam`, means suppress the organs,
give donation without collecting worldly items and be kind
to the creatures in the universe. The entire education of the world
revolves around this education. Hence, the main gist of the education
is power, kindness and kindness - `trayam shikshet dama danam
50. Esha prajapatiryahirdayametbrahmautatsarva
tadettrayakshar hirdayamiti
Hri hatyekmaksharambhiharantyesmai swashchanye cha ya
Veda cha ityekmakshar dadatyasme shvashchanye cha ya
Veda yamityekmksharmeti swarag lokam ya evam veit.
(Vrihda 5/3/1)
We have described all the sons of the Prajapati god, human being
and demons. What is Prajapati? The heart is Prajapati and the three
children god, human being and demons are the children of the
heart. The heart, which we call `hirdaya` in Hindi is a union of three
words. So it is Prajapati, it is `Brahma`, it is everything. The first word
according to Hindi spelling is `hra`, the meaning of which means to
bring. Whoever understands the secret that the heart is Prajapati or
the heart is Brahma, means the heart is everything, before him, many
people bring gifts. `Da` is the second word and it means that whoever
understands that heart is `Prajapati` or Brahma and then everyone
gives donations to it, and `ya` is the third word means going. It means,
whoever understands the mystery of the heart, he straightaway goes

to the heaven.
(In `Nirukta`, the heart has been described and written that the heart
is a heart because it does three functions from `hra` means it takes,
`da` means it gives and `ya`, means it moves on. The heart takes and
releases blood. It takes impure blood of the body and refines it with
the help of lungs and give to the rest of the body and for the objective,
continue to work). By thins logic, in the word `hirdaya`, the feeling
of circulation of blood comes automatically. It was established by
Horvo (1578-1657) in Europe but much before it, the fact was known
in Bharat.

`Da- damyat`

The deities has one discipline imposed i.e. self-rule.

Celibacy, victory on the sense, meditation, all are its
further expansions. These are ever lasting `mantras` in
the life of a human being. Means, in the first `da`, it has
devotion where peace prevails. Whenever we will try for the
inner peace, we will have to follow the first sermon of Prajapati.
Now for demons, what Prajapati says


Means always pray for kindness. Suppress violence within you and
control the thirst of blood. The violence, war are the main reasons
behind the disturbance prevailing in the world. In all the directions,
we could hear the bugle of war and the warriors are getting ready to
go to the battle field. How the situation will be peaceful, when in one
hand warrior will have sword and on the other, he will preach peace?
For real peace, follow Prajapati in real senses. We can hear the sermon
today, tomorrow or after a decade, but the fact remains that without
hearing it, none could proceed to heaven.
The odds prevailing in the society, due to which intense fighting is
on between different segments of the society and the remedy to deal
with it is the third sermon of Prajapati.


Give donation, give alms, dont accumulate but distribute. The money
and the useful material are being liked by all and keeping it confined
to oneself is selfishness. Share it with everyone, which will give more
happiness. What is the real cause of conflict between a moneyed and
a labor? Why there is struggle between a land lord and a farmer? The
answer is that each one of us wants to enjoy the money himself. n
June 2014 51

Seasonal routine

Some important
points on

seasonal routine!
Acharya Maheshanand Vidhyalankar

lakh 32 thousand form one `Kaliyug`. Adding

all the four, means 43 lakh 20 thousand years
form one `Mahayuga` and 71 `Mahayuga`
form one `Manvantar` and 14 `Manantar`
form one `brahmadin (Srishtikal). One
`Srishtikal` has 15 `Sandhis`, means one in
the beginning, one at the end and rest 13
in between. The period of one `Sandhi` is
17 lakh 28 thousand. And hence, the total
age of the `Srishti` is 4 arab 32 crore years.
Then for the same period, Brahmaratri (one
`Pralayakal`) exists after which the universe
re-emerges and the above cycle starts again.
Presently, we are in the 7th `Vaivasyat`
means in the first phase of the last `Yuga`
of the 28th Mahayuga. This cycle of the
season, which began with the inception of
the universe, our life has been affected since
1 arab 96 crore 8 lakh 53 thousand 114 years.

The relationship of `tridosh`

and `triguna`

he time we take to pronounce `harav akar` or blink eye

once, the time taken is called `nimesh`. Now time taken
in 15 `nimesh` is one `kashtha`, 30 `kashtha` form one `kala`,
20 `kala` and the 10th part of one `kala` (20.1 kala) means
20 `kala` and 3 `kashtha` form one `muhurt`, 30 `muhurts`
make one `ahoratra`, 15 `ahoratra`, make one `paksha`, two
`paksha` (Shukla and Krishna) make a month, two months,
make a season (ritu), three `ritus` make one `ayan`, two
`ayans` (uttarayan and dakshinayan) make one `samvatsar`
(year). (S.S.S- 6.4-5). Now one `samvatsar has six `ritus`
(shishir, basant, greeshma, varsha, sharad and hemant) and
12 months as 1) Madhu (Chaitra) 2) Madhav (baishakh), 3)
Shukra (Jyeshtha), 4) Shushi (Asadha), 5) Nabhas (Sharavan), 6)
Nabhasya (Bhadrapada), 7) Isha (Ashwin), 8) Urja (Karthika), )
Sahas (Margasheersha), 10. Sahasya (Paush), 11. Tapas (Magh),
12 Tapasya (Falgun) (Yaju 22.31). Now 17 lakh 28 thousand
years form one `Satyug`, 12 lakh 96 thousand years form one
`Tretayug`, 8 lakh 64 thousand form one `Dwaparyug` and 4
52 June 2014

With the change in the season, the `doshas`

(`sanchaya`, `prakopa` and `shaman`) and
the `guna` also get changed. `Vatadosha`
has relationship with `kasatvaguna`,
`pittadosha` has connection with `rajoguna`
while `kaphadosha` has relationship with
`tamoguna`. The relationship between
qualities and `doshas` is ever-lasting.
For example, sex and enjoying worldly
pleasures is directly related to `vayu`
deformity, anger has relationship with
`pitta` and laziness is directly related to
`kapha`. Means, anger of `doshas` and
deformities of qualities effect each other.
Simultaneously, if one is healthy means
other is also healthy. `Tridosha` is more
related to physical health while `triguna`
is related to mental health. According to
Acharya Charak, the reason of `vata`, `pitta`
and `kapha` getting angry is the reason
of physical diseases while `rajoguna` and
`tapoguna`are the reason of mental diseases.
Means Vayu pittam kafashchokta shariro


doshasangraha. Manasa punurddhishto

rashcha tam evam cha. Hence, on the basis
of the seasons, make changes in the diet
and living style, and maintain equality
of `tridosha` and `triguna`, have some
yoga and the combination will lead you
a happy and peaceful life. It is said yoge
mokshe cha sarvasa vednanamavartanam.
mokshepravartaka. (ch-sa-sha 1.137).

Be Hitahaari, Mitahaari and Rituhaari !

The combination of the three means have

interesting diet, restricted diet and seasonal
diet, keeps you healthy. The diet, which
keeps you healthy and do not produce
deformities in the better diet. The natural
interesting diet include red rice, `sathi` rice,
barley, green gram, blak salt, pomegranate,
`aola`, raisin, vegetables, cows milk, sesame
oil and cleanly collected rainy water. Besides
the digestible diet according to the season
is also in the interest of the person. The
natural unhealthy food includes black lentil,
mustard etc. In the `basant`, summer and
`sharad` season, curd should not be taken as
curd is `kapha` producer and hence causes
problems. Apart from above said items,
opposite diet, diet at improper time and diet
against our nature and the tendency too are
harmful. A person should take interesting
diet and hence, he could live healthy for
`Matrashi syat`, means a person should not
eat less but limited and the quantity of the
food should be proportionate to the digesting
capacity. The food, which is digested naturally
without causing any problem should be
taken. The meal should be taken according to
the hunger. Eating, according to the hunger
neither too less not too more is the best
meal intake. Means tasmadbhvahartvyam
na chatyalpa meyam mavshadapi
(Saund. 14.6). In the tracts related

to yoga, beautiful definition of proper diet is found as

Susnigdhmadhuraharshchaturshvivarjitah. Bhujyate
shivsampreetye mitahar sa ucchayate (H.R. 1.58) means,
adequate food with greasiness, dedicating to the god and
eaten one fourth less of the hunger is called `mitahar`. Charak
Sanhita has said that one part of the stomach should be kept
for solid grains, another part for water and other liquids and
the third part for `vata`, `pitta` and `kapha` (Charak Sanhita
2). In Ayurveda also, the same point has been explained. Yoga
tracts have said that if a person avoids `mitahar` and indulge
in yoga exercises, he would continue to be an ill person and
not a healthy person. `Mitaharam vina yastu yogarambha tu
kayaret, nanarogo bhavetesya kinchidhyogo na siddyati (GS
5.16). The food earned with the religiously earned money with
cent percent honesty is the `ritahar` and only `ritahar` could
make you healthy.

Understand co-existence and hold responsibility

Our life is based on co-existence. With the universe, with the

almighty god, with the creatures living on it, the more deep
and dense relationship, we will have, the more we will be
healthy. Hence, we shall be aware in every season regarding
our behavior and attitude towards others. We should also
be aware towards out behavior with the nature and the
environment. Then only the dream of the seers `sarve
bhavana sukhini, sarve santu niramaya` will come true.

It is summer season, pay attention

These days, summer season is on the rise. We should minimize

the use of air conditioner in the office, houses and vehicles.
The fans should also be not used unnecessarily. The water
taps should be closed after use to save water. Avoid wastage
of water anywhere. Dont drink fridge water and minimize
the use of ice. In the summer season, use diet according to
the season. At the home, alone and at any public place or in
the area jointly, hold `yagna`, with the effect of which rainfall
will occur at definite intervals. Resultantly, lakhs of perching
throats will get relief.
Every year, thousands of speechless birds, animals die of
thirst and hence at the home, in the balcony, at public square
or anywhere, fill a broad but less deep vessel with water
and keep so that the innocent creatures could quench their
thirst. Also water the trees and plants, in the adjoining area.
Just remember that they all are our friends and saving them,
means saving ourselves. n


June 2014 53

Rashtra Dharma

New concerns for new

Pro Rameshwar Mishra `Pankaj`

and frustrated with several problems, the people in the

nation gave a clear mandate for the new Government
of the country. Since, the exercise to constitute the new Government
has begun, it is imperative at the administrative level and the public to
discuss, what could be the prime concerns of the new Government. The
present article is a remedy to the question floating in the air.


he two issues on which the public is directly associated is

development and the good governance. Hence, primarily
these two issues are under consideration. Basically, these were
the two criteria which made Narendra Modi, a popular leader. He
freed Gujarat from the high-level corruption and delivered good
governance. If, the incumbent could deliver on these two fronts,
its tremendous support will not recede and there will be all-round
development in the country. To understand it in depth, it needs a
view on the history.
It is a fact that on 15th August 1947, the followers of Nehru
philosophy had toughened its hold on the administration with
some views and the primary was to decimate the entire knowledge
tradition and the second was expansion of the anti-knowledge
education being controlled by a group of the administrators. The
third necessary step was to take any one or two of the international
power with them as till 1947, the knowledge tradition in Bharat was
interruptedly flowing. Till August 1947, Lahore, Peshawar, Kabul
and other regions, presently in Pakistan and Afghanistan had many
Arya Samaj and Sanatan religious groups controlled residential
schools and colleges. `Yagna`, `hawan`, `veda-recitation`, Valmiki
Ramayan, Bhagvad Gita and other books of Bhartiya old tracts,
`Panchatantra`, `Kathasarissagar`, `Hitopadesh`, Sanskrit grammar,
Sanskrit alphabets, palmistry and Indian mathematics were widely
taught. All of them were being taught in Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit
and Urdu. In over 350 Hindu principalities, the knowledge tradition,
the Indian knowledge and tradition were established in different
languages and dialects. Even in British India, (which was established
54 June 2014

in around half of Bharat), the children were

taught the Ramayana and other morality
based idioms and stories, written by the
renowned poets like Ghas-Bhaddari, which
was even praised by Mahatma Gandhi,
who himself has been taught in modern
education. Though, till 60, Gandhiji had
limited knowledge of the Indian education
and tradition and he claimed to be the
nationalistic community of the British rule.
It was only after 60 that he paid attention
on the atrocities of the British forces and
started well-organized protest.
In the Bhartiya practical tracts, knowledge
related to soil, farms, farming, reaping,
harvesting, irrigating of the crops,
conservation of the seeds, direction of the
wind, knowledge of the weather, knowledge
of the `nakshatras` and galactic, knowledge
of the diet, activities, behavior, policies,
trees, plants, herbals, specialties of the
different regions, seasons, herbal products,
their treatment, medication, conservation
and preservation, rivers, ponds, water
management, conservation of the forests,
nutrition and exploitation, knowledge of wild
life, qualities of all the plants and trees found


It is a fact that on 15th August 1947,

the followers of Nehru philosophy had
toughened its hold on the administration
with some views and the primary was to
decimate the entire knowledge tradition
and the second was expansion of the antiknowledge education being controlled by
a group of the administrators. The third
necessary step was to take any one or two of
the international power with them...
in the dense forests, forest management,
right of the local people on the forests and
all other knowledge were included. There
was system of incorporating all these points
besides various others in the education.

The new education

policy in which...

Under the leadership of Nehru, this lot of

his supporters in the Congress ensured
the systematic killing of this educational

pattern and introduced a so-called new policy so that the old

system is relegated to back burner and dies its own death. This act
was not possible in Indian ruling system and hence, he took the
support of the international powers
1.Transfer of powers: According to an agreement under this
transfer of powers, India assured to conserve English in India
and also serve the interest of British- America and hence got the
support of Western European and America.
2. Soviet Union and the Communist International With this
agreement, the Soviet Union model was imposed on India and due
to it, Nehru received two-side support. To move with both the
groups simultaneously, a false nomenclature of the non-aligned
nations was propagated, which was liked by the then world
For its acceptability in Bharat, Nehru publicized a false image of
Gandhi. First-of-all, Gandhi was portrayed as a champion and in
the last 150-200 years, memories of all other respected figures
were faded away from the mind of the common man and from the
text books. There was a well-knit conspiracy. Till 1947, the most
popular figure in the country were Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,
Lokmanya Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandrashekhar Azad, Ramprasad
Bismil and Bhagat Singh were but every effort was made to put all
such names in oblivion so that their memories were forgotten in
the minds of the common man. Then, the falsehood was spread
with the help of bollywood songs `De di hame Azadi bina khadaga,
bina dhal, Sabarati ke sant tune kar diya kamal.` While all these
efforts were made but the truth was conveniently hidden that
Nehru had between 1937 to 1947, continuously written to Gandhi
ji that neither he nor the Congress agrees to his (Gandhijis) basic
ideology. The concept of Gram Swaraj is a rubbish thought and
your other thoughts too reek of backwardness. The Congress has,
in its proposal never accepted the ideas of `Gram Swaraj` or `Hind
Swaraj` . And when need arose, these facts were swept under the
carpet and again publicity was made that Nehru is the real heir
of Gandhi. The Soviet Union had among the supporting nations
directed to hold a peaceful agitation so that these countries do not
pay attention on the manufacturing and assembling of weapons
and largely rely on Soviet Union for the purpose. Soviet Union had
manufactured huge amount of weapons so that it could counter
such other destructive power, the America. Nehru propagated the
Soviet Union originated `Shantivad` as `Panchacheel` and took the
cover of Mahatma Buddha and Gandhi ji.

The control of Soviet Union model bureaucracy

After receiving global support by different tactics Nehru


June 2014 55

Rashtra Dharma

strengthened Soviet model bureaucracy in Bharat. The truth in

the education was hidden and falsehood was spread as the truth.
Millions of the people in Bharat were made to believe false claims
and the tactics succeeded to the extent that even the opposition
parties like Jan Sangh, which were opposing the Congress since
long were confused that the pacifism of Nehru was inspired by the
Gandhism. But none paid attention towards the Soviet Union, the
root of the trouble. Slowly, the Nehru oriented ideology gripped
the country, with the propaganda of falsehood and the bureaucracy
based on Soviet model, which ultimately decimated the entire
Bhartiya educational system. With the help of education and
communication system, a powerful control over the `raj-tantra`
was established. It is memorable here that all the three works were
done with the help of administrative steps beyond the limits of the
constitution. Due to falsehood in the memory, the educated group,
which was against it, saw the roots of the evil in the constitution
and this simplified Nehrus work. Nehru himself understood and
propagated that all the extra-constitutional works have been done
in the framework of the constitution.
The continuance of he British laws has no relevance with the Indian
constitution. Even the Soviet Union model of bureaucracy has no
meaning in India. The Constitution of India cant be blamed for
Bhartiya education being driven out of the education system of the
country. Even the propagation of false history of Bharat is not linked
to the Constitution. But still slogans were raised and the work that
the experts group in the field of administration, Government, Law,
education study in their respective fields and think for an alternative
model could not start. For the purpose, independent education
centre were needed, which were established by Pundit Madan Mohan
Malviya and Swami Shraddhanand. Though, they started working
on the line but soon, they were swept by the Government (antiBharat) stream. Consequently, any big step in view of the long-term
strategy will be taken by the new Government can not be hoped.
56 June 2014

Even the team of such experts is not ready

anywhere. Whoever are present are the
experts of the Nehru oriented philosophy.
So, in next five years if we have Gujarat like
development, abolition of corruption at the
highest level and establishment of good
governance with the common man getting
relief from the clutches of the bureaucracy
would be the matter of great relief. It will
also be good for the glory and the prestige
of the new Government.
In the meantime, for long-term strategies,
foundation stone could be laid, with
establishment of educational centres.
Various experts of different subjects could
come equipped with knowledge of the
particular field. For example in the area
of religion, many spiritual leaders with
immense talent and capability are in the
main stream and they could make efforts
to give official importance to the religion,
which we have received in foreign countries.
Likewise, we have immense talent centres
in the field of justice, land-management,
water-forest, environment-management
and self-rule and efforts could be made to
re-establish them. These long-term schemes
too are the main responsibilities of the new
Government. But the two tasks immediately
needed to be addressed are good governance
and development free from corruption. I
am confident that the new Government will
dispose-off its duties properly. n


Diet is the
foundation of

and health
Swati Agrawal


aisa khave anna, vaisa

hove man` is the popular
saying means out `mana` is the
result of what we eat. The mind
is the cause of worldly binding
and it is also a `moksha`. It has
been said in `Upnishad` also.
On the other hand, the mind
is said to be inclined to the
worldly pleasures. It is also said
that mana evam manushyana
If you eat pure food, you
could live a longer life with
physical progress and spiritual

Diet and meditation

Yoga-sadhna is alike `pranasadhana` and to concentrate

on `prana`, pranayam is the
best technique. It treats all the
deformities of the soul and
the body and the strength of
`rajoguna` and `tamoguna`
diminish. The good qualities
improve and the mind starts
`prana- sadhana` is possible
only when the meal is pure.
If he meal is earned with
sinner designs, the `prana
sadhana` can not succeed. We

could get relief only with the help of pure diet.

Chandogyopanishad has said the purity of diet
(meal in general senses and organs in broader
senses), unleashes all the knots of the heart and
it becomes pure. Thus, the soul is established in
the almighty god and a person, who is running
helter and skeltar, is left behind as he comes in
contact with the almighty. In such condition, a
human soul turns `amrita`. Various religious and
spiritual books like Upnishad have explained the
same fact in different manners. When a person
relinquishes non-permissible diet and accepts
only pure diet, his soul and heart automatically
become pure. Once, when the heart becomes pure,
illiteracy (false knowledge) ends. The same point
has been propagated by Maharshi Gautam and
he said that the cause of the nature are `doshas`
and the reason of the `doshas` is false knowledge.
When this ends, `doshas` also end and with this
attitude also betters and when attitude improves,
there is no question of re-birth and when re-birth
is there, where is the question of sorrow arises.

Diet, health and treatment

Yoga- Vagmaya has said that the impure diet

creates physical and mental diseases and if
the diet is honestly earned, the health will be
improved and hence to keep the diseases away,
a person should always have pure diet. Hence,
diet is responsible for being cure and diseases
of a human being. So, it is very clear that when
diet could make a person ill, it could also cure an
ill person. For example, it is said that curd cures
piles but curd should not be taken in `basant`,
`sharad` or summer seasons. Hot `kheer` or hot
milk, mixed with `ghee` followed by the practice
of `varuni dharna` treats all skin diseases and eye
related problems.
So conclusively, it could be said that for heath,
power, happiness, enthusiasm, a person should
take food, which gives happiness to the soul,
which is earned by good means and when the
meal is pure, a person is bound to be healthy.
But remember `hitahar`, `mitahar` and `ritahar`,
which improves your life style. Hence, diet is the
foundation of meditation and the health. n


June 2014 57

Patanjali toxin-free farming 4

Special initiative of the Patanjali Bio-research Institute

in the cluster bean farming

Dr Rajesh Jain

cluster bean is an important vegetable crop in the Northern India. The cluster plant is sensitive to the dryness
and hence, its farming is popular in the areas with scanty rainfall area. The peels of cluster bens are used to
prepare gum and hence its crop bears an important place in the Indian industrial sector. The gum is called a high quality
galacomannan and since it is a pulse crop, its roots absorb nitrogen from the environment and pass on to the soil, thus
helping the soil increasing its fertility. Hence, in natural bio-farming, this crop plays an important role.



The cluster bean crop is mainly crop of warm

season. It grows better between 25-40 degree
temperatures. More moist and cold climate
has negative effect on the crop. The important
factor of this crop is that it could be grown in
the dry areas, where other vegetables could not
be grown due to lack of moisture and water.

Selection of land:

For cluster bean, on the land selected should

not have water accumulation during monsoon
season or irrigation. The percentage of sand
in the soil should be more means sandy soil
is beneficial for the good production. The Ph
value of the soil should be between 6.5-8.5 as
such land has more carbon products, which
helps in better growth of crops.
58 June 2014

Preparation of crops farming:

The farming of cluster bean should be done

after good preparation of the field. When the
crop turns 40-45 days older, supply 1500 liters
of Sanjeevak fertilizer along with irrigation
water and after one week mulch the green crop
in the field itself. After 7 days, cultivate the field
two or three times with the help of domestic
plough and prepare 80X90 cm broad beds. The
area of the irrigation channels should be 2 ft
broad and 1.5 ft deep.

The quantity of the seed and seed culture:

To take crop on the beds, 3.5 4 kg of seed is
sufficient for each acre area farm. During the
selection of the seed, please pay attention that
the seeds are not old or having some diseases.
The seeds should be healthy. First-of-all, take 4

kgs of seeds and treat with `Bijamrit` for every

acre of the area.
For the preparation of `beejamrit` for each
acre of land, the following items are needed.
Cow urine 5 kg, lime powder 400 grams,
ash or `hawan bhasma` 400 gram and water
20 liters. Take a tub or half-cut drum of 20
liters capacity and put 5 kg cow urine with 400
grams of lime and stir it well. Later, add 1 kg of
ash or `hawan bhasma` to it. After mixing all
the ingredients again stir it well, with the help
of a `neem` stick. Now add 3 liters of water
in it to treat the seeds. The seeds are dipped
in the `Beejamrit` for 10-12 minutes and later
put under the shadow for drying them. After
the seeds get dried, sow them, which is much

Seed sowing:

Prepare 15X15 cm space and sow the seeds

at both the ends of the beds and the distance
between the two seeds should be around 20 cms.
When sowing is done by hand, the germination
percentage is more. The seeds should be sowed
at the depth of 2 to 3 cms.

Weeds removing:

When the cluster bean crop turns 30-35 days

older, the weeds removal work should be done
at least once so that the crop is freed from the
harming weeds. The roots get proper aeration
so that the plants develop in proper manner.
Use of natural fertilizer:
In the cluster bean crop, use of natural fertilizer
is very beneficial, which keeps crops healthier.
The production too is increased in which
`sanjeevak` fertilizer and biogas slurry are the
prominent natural fertilizers.

1. Sanjeevak fertilizer:

If the cluster bean crop is given `Sanjeevak `

fertilizer 2-3 times on an average of 1000 liters
per acre, production increases by 20 percent.
Take three step,
First time- when the crop is 28-30 days

Second time When the crop is 50-55 days

old and
Third time When the crop is 70-75 days

2. Bio-gas slurry:

In the cluster bean crop, bio-gas slurry is also

much beneficial and its use strengthens the
plant and also the beans are longer with more
stuff. The bio-gas slurry should be given twice
in the crop period.
First time After first weed removing

process at the rate of 1500 liter

per acre
Second time - When the flowers star

growing, at the rate of 1500

liter per acre.


The `Basant` season crop needs 4-5 times

irrigation and in monsoon season, when there
is no rain, irrigate according to the condition
of the plants. Proper irrigation keeps bean
healthier with more production.

Crop protection and safety:

The cluster bean crops are affected with

different diseases and they should be controlled
with the help of natural insecticides. Since,
on cluster bean, the insects attack most in
monsoon season, it is important to look after
the crop in the said period.

Aphids or plant lice:

When aphids attack cluster bean plants, they

suck much of the plants juice following which
the plant fell after growing weak.


Take 10 liter of bitter buttermilk and mix 3 kg

of old treacle with 30 liters of water. Sprinkle
it on the crop. The sprinkling is more affective
when done before sun rise.

Lice of leaves:

This greenflies attack the plants at very tender

June 2014 59

Patanjali toxin-free farming 4

age and thus damage the chlorophyll and the
process of photo-synthesis gets slow. They
also wrap the leaves and deliver eggs, which
severely effect the total production.


To control the lice of cluster bean, Patanjali

Nimbadi insecticide should be sprinkled twice
in a week soon after the attack of the lice. In
one acre of the crop, 10 liters of nimbadi with
30 liters of water should be sprinkled.

Root decaying disease:

Due to excessive moisture in the soil, the

disease attacks the crop, which dries the
plant. This disease damages the crop more in
monsoon season.


To save the crop from the lice, dont allow

moisture in the field and hence stop water
logging. If due to rainfall or any other reason,
water accumulates in the farm, pump out the
additional water and after two-three days,
sprinkle ash in the area.

Powdery mildew:

White spots are witnessed on the leaves of the

cluster bean plants, beans and other parts in
small groups like white powder which expands
with the time and slowly cover the entire leaf
with the white powder. The leaves slowly
turn pale and fall from the stem. This affects
the photosynthesis process and hence the
development of the plant stops with decreased


When the disease attacks the crop, mix 15 liters

of bitter buttermilk in 1 kg of blue vitriol and
25 liters of water. Sprinkle the mix on one acre
of the crop. The powdery mildew stops crops
development and total production lessens.

Mosaic of cluster beans:

The cluster bean plants are much sensitive

60 June 2014

towards the plants. Normally, it does not kill

the plant but affects the gross production. The
leaves weaken and many a times, they become
longer than the normal healthy leaves. The
plants are dwarfed.


The plants affected with the diseases should

be buried 3 feet below the ground. Patanjali
Nimbadi insecticide and Patanjali Karanjadi
insecticide sprinkling, benefits the production.

Plucking-up of the beans:

When beans start developing on the crop,

pluck them after 15 days. Start plucking from
the lower region.


In each acre of land, with the help of toxinfree farming, 18-20 quintal of beans could be
received. If we want to have cluster bean seeds,
do not pluck-up the green beans but allow it
to ripe and then cut. With the natural farming,
over 3 quintals of the seeds could be received
on one acre of the land. n

Life Sciences

Effect of `Pranayam`
on `Blood Pressure`

the help of a few exercises of `Pranayam`

With and `Shavasan`, the problem of high blood
pressure could be controlled in which `anulom-vilom`
and `kapalbhati` bear importance. Special camps were
arranged in Patanjali Yogpeeth and the blood pressure
of the participants was measured before and after the
camps. The experiment was held in both the camps and
experimental research was made on 965 and 812 patients
respectively for 7 days each. The results were surprising. To
study the medicinal effect, the high blood pressure patients
were divided in five groups.
1) Above 180/110 mm Hg
2) Between 160/100 and 180/110 mm Hg
3) Between 130/90 and 160/100 mm Hg
4) 120/80 mm Hg and below
5) 130/90 to 120/80 mm Hg

ormally the blood pressure is a self-controlled

system in which various ingredients of the body
like hypothalamus, thyroid, para-thyroid, sympathetic
, para-sympathetic, nervous system, adrenal secreted
adrenaline and noradrenaline hormone have selfinspired controlling system. The left portion throws
blood with force and the force along with the quantity
is called systolic pressure. Diastole, means the elastic
tissue, means the force with which arterials return
back and a pressure is built in the walls of the arteries

is called diastolic pressure. Likewise, the pressure of

the blood sent by the different parts of the body on
the walls of the artery is called blood pressure. The
volume and the viciousness and the resistance of the
muscles on the walls of the arteries are assigned blood
pressure which is reduced by the pranayam.
In 15-20 percent of the heart patients, the problem
of hyper-tension persists while normally 10 percent
people are suffering with the disease. Around 50
percent of the people, above 50 years of the age are
suffering with hypertension. In the todays tense and
competitive world, this disease is fast spreading its
wings at the global level. `Pranayam` is the remedy
of it which controls various reasons of the blood
pressure and makes the practitioner healthy.
In the first camp blood pressure of 965 was taken
of which blood pressure of 806 persons were found
above normal. At the end of the camp, blood
pressure of 895 participants was examined and in the
meantime, no medicine to control the blood pressure
was given to them. The same process was adopted
during the second camp when the blood pressure of
361 patients was found above normal. At the end of
the camp a total of 626 patients were again tested for
blood pressure.
In both the research-oriented processes, surprising
positive effect was observed on the patients. A few
of the participants were also victims of insomnia,
headache, depression, vertigo, palpitation and nadesia
but their symptoms too were found positive. n
June 2014 61


delivers not a human
being but humanity
Acharya Pradhumanji Maharaj

woman had two children, one

healthy while other was ill.
After lot of treatment, the ill child
could not be saved. The mother
weeping inconsolably said to the
Maharaj why this other son has
not died`. Now what I will do? Look
at the neutrality of the mother. In
this universe, if you have to look
at the idol of love and service, to
understand that self-less service,
there is no better example than the
Maharaj gives the example of Buddha
in this connection. In the life-time of
Buddha, there was one of his great
disciples Sariputra. Since, Sariputra
was 35 years older to Buddha Buddha,
he died before him. Now taking the
ashes of Sariputra, Buddha reached
to the `bhikshuks` and asked tell,
what is this? All the disciples were
paying glowing tributes to him and
praising Sariputra endlessly. But
Buddha said no son; the real and
integrated description of Sariputra
has not been given. Someone was
remembering him as a great saint,
while someone was telling him
as a great and impressive orator.
Someone told him as a decorated

learned person. But Buddha was not

satisfied with the picture portrayed
by the `bhikshus` and said that
they all are incomplete. Finally,
the disciples urged `tathaghat` Maharaj! You say what is the actual
description of Sariputra?
The lord said his disciples that, if you
want to understand the description
of the life of Sariputra, then listen
This ash is of mother and not of
a human being. A mother is not a
human being but delivers a human
being. While physically delivering a
child does not ends the responsibility
of a mother but it is the name of a
special status, inside the heart which
mould all the goodness and express
at the surface. So, the comprehensive
description of the Sariputra in one
word is `mothers heart`.
In support of his serious thought
, Maharaj gives the example of
Swami Dayanand and says - Swami
Dayanand had begun his immortal
tract `Satyarth Prakash` with the
word `maa`. He said that the first
chapter of `Satyarth Prakash`
was `Manglacharan` but the real
beginning is from the second chapter
because at the end `matraman` word
62 June 2014


has been read. Swami Dayanand,

while describing the great word said
The welfare of a son is best possible
with a religious and spiritualistic
mother. Maharaj himself believes
that the seed of religious nature and
religion were sown by his mother.

Because we are born of them

Once a sister, started giving air with

an artificial fan, made of cardboard
to Maharaj in summer season but
Maharaj immediately stopped her
no sister, you please dont do this.
When the writer asked him why he
is stopping her, he replied in simple
languages because she has given
birth to me, she has made me, what
I am today.
Maharaj had told a story and once
a sister asked him Maharaj, you
always speak good about women
power. Really women have that
much immense power or just to
enhance our moral, you speak like
that. Maharaj said sister, what shall
I tell you. This is my commitment. I
feel safe due to the womens power.
Any other point in the universe
could be described big but it will be
much shorter before the mothers

Question Whether two souls could be alike each other?

Answer Normally, no two souls have any difference and all souls are alike, whether it is that of any bird, animal
or of common man or a seer. Any item is identified with its characteristics. Now characteristic is what is neither
exaggerated nor less described, means not impossible and hence the abnormal activities of the object are called its
characteristics. The characteristics could be sub-divided in two parts - `swaroop lakshan` and `tatasthalakshan`.
For example, when someone says that he is with fair brother, means with Rama, it is `tatasthalakshan` while if
someone is with wheatish color, it is `swarooplakshan`. Like- `Dharnad dharma athva ghriti kshama damosteye
shauchminidranigrahi`` means, religion has 10 qualities including forgiveness, tolerance and others. This is
`swarooplakshan` of the religion and in which `abhudaya` and `nishreyas` are received is called `tatasthalakshan`
of the religion. `Tatasthalakshan` means when the body will have wishes jealousy, happiness, misery and
knowledge and when these characteristics are not present, it is soul.
The characteristics are implemented in all the souls whether it is of human being or beyond it. The knowledge
power and action power of all the births except human being could be compared as the knowledge and power of
an ant could be compared with another ant while that of an elephant could be compared with another elephant. In
some births, there could be difference in their physical power like bulls but their mental power has no difference.
The difference in the human beings souls is ascertained on the basis of their knowledge power and activity
power. The natural knowledge is the same but the difference is in the earned knowledge and the capability.
The human souls have two categories - `baddha` souls and `mukta` souls. The `baddha` souls has infinite
knowledge. The souls continue to gain knowledge from the external products, learn languages and mutually share
the gained knowledge. To give pleasure to the body, they tend to learn new inventions and try to understand the
mutual relationship. They spent their power in the search of the almighty. They try to get new skills regularly.
The knowledge in these subjects among the different souls is bound to be different as their capabilities too are
different. One more thing, an ant could smell anything from a long distance but a normal human being can not
have that power. Also, a vulture could see a dead animal from distance; human being or other creatures could
not be able to see it. But the point to remember is that the intelligence with which a human being visualizes, no
other creature could do. Means, the intelligence attached to a human beings soul has different capabilities but
there is no difference in the concept of the soul.
The natural thirst of a soul too has no difference. The other souls, except of the human being are being governed
by the naturally received knowledge but if you study of a human being, there is uniformity in the human beings
as well that all want to leave peacefully. (Here we are indicating at the internal status of a human being). If
any problem does not have any solution, efforts are made to find out the solution, want to understand the real
problem, want to live with coordination, none wants to live in mess and everybody wants to live with good
relationship, in a justified manner respectfully. All want to live - if in one word we have to describe - according
to the `dharma`, `artha`, `moksha` and `kama`. But the fact is that the uniformity in the human being could be
seen after getting freed from the external effects. In case of external forces, whichever is the most effective, the
same are the nature and the tendencies. But there is no difference in the substantial-form.

This is the level of the mother

Maharajshri gives yet another

example of the mothers heart. He
said that once, he was traveling in
a train and on the adjoining seat,

a mother was traveling with her

infant. By mistake the finger of the
infant touched mothers retina,
which hurt her and caused immense
pain. Water started coming out of
the eye but she just rubbed the eye
once and fondled the child. Maharaj

June 2014 63

was watching the scene and he asked

sister, the finger of the child hurt
your eye but what is the reason that
you did not get angry? The mother
replied in very simple words, which
could resolve many severe problems
of the life. She said, there is nothing

Question Whether the god and the souls are different powers? What
are the points, which differentiate them?
Answer The soul and the god are different powers. The knowledge power and action power of the almighty
are natural, unison and infinite. The god is never affected of `rajas` or `tamas`. Shruti said `swabhaviki gyanbal
kriya cha`, means which is natural do not need any support. The soul is also aware as the god but it does not
have natural elements, which make it big. It is being effected with `rajas` and `tamas`. The first thing is that in
the natural course, the soul of a human being could not elevate beyond a certain height so many times, the soul
rests in the peace and sometimes not. Yoga and meditation are a part of it and with the help of `gyan yoga`,
devotion, meditation, selfless service, commitment, `ashtangyoga` and others could stabilize the `gyanayoga`
and purify the `rajar-tamas`. It is a fact that a seer too stabilizes the knowledge within so that even in case of any
obstruction, it does not get diminished. All the old cultures of ignorance are buried and new are not generated.
The souls have deep relationship with almighty, which is not left for even a single second. But the creature (soul)
has the independence that if it wants to live with the external subjects, it could be but then it will be deprived of
the knowledge, strength and the pleasure, received from the god. To become knowledgeable person like the god,
one will have to maintain distance with the momentarily pleasures received of the worldly items. The people,
who do these two jobs neutral towards the outside allurements and strong from inside, are always free from
the sorrow and plights. Whatever the soul suffers it is all due to ignorance. But that plight becomes the reason
to move beyond the plight for a soul. Hence it is said that when there is plight, a human being remembers the
god. When getting pleasures in the life, a human being gets involved in it throughout the life and now whom to
be blamed.
Shri Arvind has, at one place said that we can not meet the almighty but we could be almighty as the iron, when
comes in touch of intense fire becomes red, like the fire, we could also become as god. But remember one point
that the soul could be free from sorrow, problems, fear, binding and other such problems but will never be
capable of creating this universe.
surprising in it. This is the nature
of the mother. Sometimes, with
mistake, when your own hands hits
and hurts you, do you get angry?
Maharaj said ok, agreed that you
consider childs hand as your own
hand but you expressed more love
and affection to the child, what
was the need of it? The mother said
that in front of the motherhood, all
toughness bites the dust.

This is motherhood

A person had two wives and one of

them was without any son. When a
son was born to the other woman,
the first one, without any son started

taking care of him. The child was

also spending most of the time with
her and started considering her as
the real mother. Other people too
opined that she is taking good care
of the boy and hence, she is her
mother. Slowly, the real mother
started feeling neglected and when
the matter turned serious, both
approached to the kings courtyard.
Now the king was utterly confused
as who is the real mother? When the
queen came to know of the incident
she said to the king that since the
issue is related to women, leave it
to me and I will resolve it. In the
courtyard, before both the women,
64 June 2014


the queen declared that since you

both are claiming him to be your
son. Handing him to one woman
will hurt the other. Hence we can
do one thing. We can cut the boy
in two equal parts so that you both
will have one each. The woman, who
had not delivered the child readily
agreed but the real mother said no,
you hand over the boy to the other
woman. He is not my son, hand over
him to the other woman. So this
is the heart of the mother. Where
ever such feeling will be present,
the nation can not be deprived of
globalised honor. Bharat is moving
ahead in the same direction. n

Empiric experiments


`Hirdaya mudra`

blessing in heart ailments

Dr Priti Joshi

Now salute the

Process of gesticulating


Bring index finger to the bottom

of the thumb and put the tips of
middle and ring finger to the tip
of the thumb. Keep little finger
straight. Make the posture with one or both the hands.


1) This shows immediate effect. It is a blessing to the heart

2) This gesture effects like injection n heart troubles or heart
3) The people, with high blood pressure problems could
exercise the gesture 10 minutes in the morning and 10
minutes in the evening. This could be done many times in
the day. It is also beneficial in the gas related diseases. It
also treats restlessness in the body and the body impurity
(stool) is pushed out, purifying the body.
4) This gesture is also beneficial in the `vata` related diseases
like arthritis, pain in bones and joints.
5) If a person has trouble of headache due to gastric troubles,
this gesture is very impressive. A total healthy person could
also perform it.
6) The gesture could be performed in `sukhasan` or `padmasan`,
closing eyes with peaceful heart and transmission of the


1) Dont do it soon after taking a bath of taking meals but keep

some gap.
2) While performing the gesture, you have to treat the
problems also due to which the problem existed. Avoid
fried, spicy meal with chilly. Also avoid smoking,
alcoholism, tea, coffee due to which the foreign elements
present in the body will be driven out and the lost health
will be regained. n

The human being is the enemy of a human being,

Look, it has created tremendous loss and
now salute the humanity.
The hatred is like the scorpion sting, which has
come-up in the world.
But now it has to be beheaded and left lifeless, bowing
before the humanity.
Ethnicity is dominating and become a part of the world politics.
Please understand the truth and now bow before the humanity.
We fought jointly and also received independence but
the wicked person divided us in two parts.
The British constituted Hind and Pakistan, now
bow before the humanity.
It is the compulsion of the vote bank, which is
mightier on all the relationship.
Just crush such powers, whenever election comes,
now it is the time to salute the humanity.
We rely on the new generation and awareness is highly placed.
We are progressive and not like stone, it is the time
to bow before the humanity.
We have new, fresh blood and new enthusiasm
like the waves of Ganga- Jamuna.
They will bring a fresh storm; it is the time to
salute the humanity.
If the honest people join hands and tie with each other.
What a few devils could do, bow before the humanity.
All confusion will be removed and now
Hindustan will speak of peace.
The purity will be respected and now bow before the humanity.

Subhash Chandra Sharma

June 2014 65


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66 June 2014


The top leadership of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) expresses

gratitude towards Yoga Rishi Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
Rajnath Singh (National President) Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP):
Yoga Rishi Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj kindled a ray of hope in the millions of the people, who were
depressed due to the corruption, corrupt system, ill-governance and created confidence for the Bhartiya
Janata Party (BJP). The Government, along with the `raj karma` will also complete the `rishi karmas` of
Pujya Swamiji Maharaj that includes Yoga, Ayurveda and education research.

Nitin Gadkari (Former National President) Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP):

Whatever Yoga Rishi Pujya Swamiji Maharaj has done, is all in the interest of the nation. Every particle of
his body, every moment of his life is dedicated for the sake of the nation. To restore the pride of the country
is an important part of his pledge. In Bharat, the spiritual power has always guided `raj satta` and the same
concept has been followed by Pujya Swamiji Maharaj. His policies are important needs for the prestige of
the country and we would move in the same direction. Swamiji had, much before given his blessings for the
grand victory in the recently held Parliamentary polls, which ultimately came true.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Chief Minister) Madhya Pradesh

The architect of the historical victory of the Indian democracy, Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj,
whose valor and heroism with serene heart, developed such a momentum that the people started hating
the corrupt Government of the country. The people were deeply angered with the ill-governance of the
previous Government and his agitation gave them a proper platform, to highlight their problems. The
public trusted the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and gave its mandate. We salute Pujya Swamiji Maharaj for
his long-term efforts, `rashtra bal` and devotion in the establishment of the democracy in the country.

Amit Shah
In the recent history of the country, if someone has suffered the atrocities and the excesses of his own
Government, he was Pujya Swamiji Maharaj. But despite all efforts he did not budge and remain strong. He
neither backed out nor withdrew and tolerated everything and ultimately succeeded in taking the pledge
of the `rashtra hita` to the logical conclusion.

Arun Jaitley
Behind the biggest victory of the democracy, lies the `tapa` of a saint. We respect the `tapa` of the national
saint, Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and millions of his followers, spread across the length and the
breadth of the nation.


RNI No. DELENG/2006/16626

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