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Recruitment and Selection

The success or failure of any organization is without doubt correlated to the caliber of its
key personnel. The recruitment of suitably qualified and experienced candidates is a
complex and sensitive task, often complicated by the need for confidentiality.
anagement time ! the hidden cost ! is a considerable added burden to recruitment
work and many organizations now turn to external consultancies for assistance in this
area. "arious forms of consultancy services are provided, ranging from executive
search at a senior level through to the more conventional #but no less effective$
techniques of recruitment advertising in newspapers and other media.
The decision to utilize headhunting or advertising selection procedures should be
determined by the nature if the appointment. %xecutive search, often shrouded in
mystique, is the application of scientific and controlled methods of identifying candidates
whose track records make them highly desirable. &owever, this system is normally only
appropriate for very senior appointments.
Selection advertising is an effective source of recruiting 'unior and middle management
and is particularly useful in establishing contact with technical and specialist personnel.
(rofessional selection consultants should work in accordance with a rigid code of ethical
practice, providing clients with a full service, including)
* + ,rafting of 'ob description and person specification
- + ,esign and preparation of advertising copy
. + /dvice on media
0 + %nsuring that the client and the candidate are treated in a confidential manner
1 + %valuation of replies
2 + (reparation of shortlist
3 + Reference checking
4 + "erifying academic, professional and technical qualifications
5 + /rranging pre!employment medical examinations
*6 + ,rafting contracts of employment, embracing all legal aspects #this applies
throughout the recruitment process$
** + aintaining contact with 7offered8 candidates until they actually 'oin the client
and thereafter continuing a responsible dialogue with both the client and candidates
during the settling!in period.
*- + Standing down unsuccessful applicants
anagers need to design the selection process they will use, giving consideration to the
following points)
Panel Composition
/ll interviews for permanent posts must be conducted by a panel. The anager is
responsible for selecting interview panel members 9 being mindful of)
* + the requirement that the panel consist of at least two people, and if
possible, be mixed in terms of race and gender
- + the requirement that at least one panel member has received training on
recruitment and equal opportunities, normally limited to that provided by the
:(;;. :f not :(;; trained, the matter should be referred to &uman Resources.
. + The requirement that each panel member be familiar with anti!
discrimination legislation
0 + The willingness and ability of potential panel members to attend all
interviews for the duration of the recruitment process, to maintain consistency
and to ensure fair treatment of all candidates.
(anel members must be satisfied that their relationship with any candidate)
* + <ill not improperly influence their decision
- + <ill not give rise to suspicion about their motives
Selection Tests
<here selection tests are a valid method of assessing a candidate #i.e. effectively
measures the 'ob criteria, is relevant, reliable, fair and unbiased 9 also considering the
predictive capacities of tests$, they are an extremely useful tool and are recommended
for use. anagers should seek advice from &R on the use of such tests.
/ll psychometric tests used in selection must be developed, administered and
interpreted by accredited people.

Interview Questions
&uman Resources hold the :(;; :nterview =uides that contain competency based
interview questions. anagers need to ensure they contact &uman Resources prior to
interview to obtain copies of these guides.

Avertisin! o" vacancies
The &R Team provides a centralised advertising service for the advertisement of
vacancies and will assist the anager prepare an appropriate advertisement.
/ll permanent vacancies are advertised concurrently internally #on the intranet$ and
externally. %xternal advertisement is on the :(;; website, generally along with
appropriate newspaper publications and can include the use of agencies where
/pplications are to be forwarded to the &R Team in the first instance and not directly to
the anage
Short!listing must be completed based on the person specification. >ew criteria cannot
be introduced to assess the candidates at this stage as it would be unfair. :t is the
anager?s responsibility to complete the short!listing and to ensure the process remains
free of unlawful discrimination. :t is desirable that a second person from the panel also
participates in the short!listing process.
@ormer employees who have been dismissed for misconduct cannot be considered for
appointment. Staff who have taken early retirement or redundancy may be considered
on their merits.
Short!listing notes must be returned to &R for filing and are retained for a period of 2
Arran!ements "or interviews
The manager is responsible for scheduling dates and times for interviews directly with
the short listed candidates and notifying the candidates of any selection tests that will be
used. The manager must then notify &R of these arrangements and &R will confirm via
letter or email to the short!listed candidates the following details)
* + ,ate, time and place of the interview
- + :nstructions on how to find their way to the interview venue
. + / request that they contact the author of the letterAmessage if they have any
special requirements in relation to the interview #related to access to the venue or any
other special need related to a disability$
0 + :f appropriate, details of any test or presentation they will be required to take or
anything they should bring with them #e.g. examples of work or proof of qualifications
that are essential to the post$.
At t%e interview
The purpose of interviewing is to appoint the best person for the 'ob based solely on
merit and suitability. The :(;; recruitment and selection framework achieves this by
using methods that are systematic, thorough, fair, unbiased and based on rational,
ob'ective, 'ob related criteria.
/t the interview, each candidate should be treated consistently. To achieve this the
panel should)
* + /sk the same initial questions of each candidate
- + Supplement their understanding of the candidate?s responses by following up
questions as appropriate
. + Be consistent in allowing access to presentation material, notes and so on
0 + >ot allow any discriminatory questions, harassment, or any other conduct which
breaches the :(;; equal opportunities policy or code of conduct
1 + %nsure that in the case of disabled candidates, the necessity for any
Creasonable ad'ustments? that would be required on the 'ob are explored in a positive
manner. /ssessment of disabled candidates should be based on their expected
performance in the 'ob, given that any reasonable ad'ustment required was provided.
* + Deep in mind that information obtained throughout the selection process is
treated as confidential and is known only to parties involved in the selection process
- + Deep records of interviews and the reasons for decisions ! returning this
information to &R for filing #and disposal six months later$.
(anel members must be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure
recruitmentAinterview documentation is stored securely and confidentially whilst in their

Decision to Appoint
:n selecting the successful candidate, the panel must make a decision based on the
merit and eligibility of the candidates as 'udged by)
* + ;ontent of application
- + Eualifications #if required for the post$
. + (erformance at :nterview
0 + Futcome of any selection tests
1 + Right to work in the GD.
/s part of assessing the merit of each candidate, anagers must satisfy themselves
that the information the candidate gives is authentic, consistent and honest. This
includes being satisfied about information regarding the candidate?s)
* + application
- + work history
. + qualifications #where a qualification is a requirement for the post, supporting
evidence or certification must be obtained from the candidate and recorded$
0 + evidence presented at interview
&uman Resources are responsible for processing)
* + Reference checks
- + Security ;learances
. + and ensuring the candidate has the right to work in the GD.
Should any of these not meet the required standards, &R must immediately discuss the
issue with the anager.
People have always been central to organizations, but
their strategic importance is growing in todays knowledge based
industries. An organizations success increasingly depends on the
knowledge, skills and abilities of employees, particularly as they
help establish a set of core competencies that distinguish and
organization from its competitors. With appropriate recruitment
selection policies and practices an organization is based on
employee recruitment seleection keeping in view of signicance
the researchers has undertaken the study to know the employees
opinion regarding the training activities in the organization.
Objectives of the study
O()ective o" t%e stu*
To study about the Recruitment and Selection at "/RG> B%"%R/=%S.
To find out the various sources of Recruitment and Selection.
To understand the effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection.
To find out the various steps taken for selecting the candidates.
Researc% Plan
,ata source ) (rimary data and secondary data
Research approach ) Fbservation H Survey
Research instrument ) Euestionnaire for consumers, transportersH dealers
Sampling (lan ) Sampling unit Sample size Sampling procedure
;ontact method ) (ersonal
@ield work plan ) Survey place H time
Research H common platform, refer to a knowledge. /nother definition of research H a
careful investigation or enquiry specially through search for new fact in any brand of
Before embarking upon the research plan the research ob'ective were specified. The
clarity of the ob'ective was helpful in carrying forth the pro'ect plan with core H with
Basically there are . types of approaches used during the any research)!
,uring this research Descriptive and E/plorator* approach is taken into consideration
because of the availability of relevant information to describe the relationships between
the marketing problem and the available information.
Both PRI+AR, and SECONDAR, data is used in the research.
(opulation is the specific group of people, individuals H firms etc. which form the pivotal
point of research pro'ect. @or developing and using the sample it becomes the primary
duty of the researcher to define the population from which to draw samples. Sample
population is) 23
There are two main categories under which the sampling methods can be put.
They are) ! *. PRO4A4ILIT, SA+PLING.
But during this pro'ect non!probability method of sampling is the most suitable. :n this
method the chance of any particular unit in the population being selected is unknown.
The three most frequently used non!probabilistic designs are)!
67 81DG+ENT
/ll three Iudgment, convenience and Euota, sampling are used in this research.
>GKK &J(FT&%S:S,&6 ) Recruitment H selection program is effective in "arun
Beverages Ktd.
/KT%R>/T:"% &J(FT&%S:S, &*) Recruitment H Selection program is not effective in
"arun Beverages Ktd.
To conduct the market research the data is collected by two source.
Secondary data is one which already exists and is collected from the published sources.
The sources from which secondary data was collected are)
>ewspapers and agazines like business world ,business today, and 0p?s
The primary sources of data refer to the first hand information (rimary data is collected
during the survey with the help of questionnaires
Geo!rap%ical Area Covere
G>:"%RS% L /KK %(KFJ%%S F@ "/RG> B%"%R/=%S KT,.
The limitation faced during the research was in the beginning at the time of formulating the
questionnaire as I was suppose to trace the perception of different employees of the varun
beverages LTD.
Hurdle faced during the study was about the response as the research was conducted at the month
of June July. Which is suppose to be the busy month of the organiations! so things was
becoming difficult to ma"e my responses get filled during this time.
#ther limitations was described as under$
%ecause shortage of time very few employees were selected.
&tudy was ta"en only in 'athura branch.
The whole study is based on the respondent(s response.
The employees were not sufficient "nowledge regarding the questions that I was as"ed at that
)othari! *.+. ,+esearch 'ethodology-! ./0012! Wishwa 3ublication
W4% &IT4& 5I&IT4D6 $
www.57+89 %454+7:4&
Dear &ir;'adam!
I would appreciate if you can ta"e sometime off to complete the following questionnaire. 3lease
be assured that your privacy is fully respected all the information is used for academic H.+.
3ractices only.
<.=6$ 9ame>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<./6$ &tatus in the company>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<.?6$ How did you come to "now about @ob in 57+89 %454+7:4&A
a.2 Briends C D b.29ewspaper C D c.2 *ollege campus C D
d.2 e$recruitment C D e.2 #thers C D
<.E6$ How did you applied for @ob in 57+89 %454+7:4&A
a.2 Wal"$in$interview C D b.2Internet C D c.2 *ollege recruitment C D
d.2 4mployee referrals C D e.24mployment eFchanges C D f.2 #thers C D
<.G6$ during interview do they provide all information about @ob profile! salary! compensation
a.2 Hes C D b.2 9o C D c.2 9ot all C D
<.16$ during interview how is the behavior of interviewerA
a.2 Briendly C D b.29ormal C D c.2 &tressed C D
<.I6$ 7re you satisfied with your @ob profile;responsibility given to you in the company
a.2 Hes C D b.2 9o C D
<.J6$ How do you perceive recruitment K selection of 57+89 %454+7:4&A
a.2 4Fcellent C D b.2:ood C D c.23oor C D d.2 7verage C D