Fact Finding
There are no magic formulae for Software design. Design is the creative process that can be guide and directed, but never be reduced to on algorithmic procedure. Design describes the final system and the process by which it is developed. It refers to the technical specification that will be applied in implementing the proposed system. Emphasis is on translating performance specifications. The performance and smart report generation of a System vests on its well planned database design. The entire system development process begins with the requirements engineering, which can be loosely defined as the process of establishing the set of requirements, both hardware and software for a system development effort.

Feasibility Analysis
For any project it is necessary t have a feasibility study i.e. the likelihood that the system will be useful for the organization. tests feasibility all equally important are studied.  Operational feasibility  Technical feasibility  Economic feasibility

Operational Feasibility
A project is only feasible if the project meets the organizations operating requirement, the question are weather there are major barriers to implementation software. As far as this project is concerned it is operationally feasible one.

Technical Feasibility
Technical feasibility is concerned with such equations as weather easy technology exists to do what is planned. Those the proposed equipment have the data required etc. As far as a project is concerned it is technically feasible.

Economic Feasibility
Any system development must be good investment for the organization. In economic feasibility we have to consider weather the resources and human power applied for the purpose makes enough returns. For this management system some human power is needed for data entry and since the system provide very fast and accurate access of data it is economically feasible.

In accurate input is the most common cause of errors in data processing errors entered by data operations can be controlled by input design, Input design is the process of converting user originated inputs to a computer – based format.

The goal of Input design is to make data entry easy logical and error free. Various input screens are used as interface to the system. Inaccurate input data causes most common errors in data processing effective input design minimized error made by data entry operators.

The computer o/p is the most important and direct source of information to the user. Intelligible output design should improve the system’s relationship with the user and help in decision making. The various O/P’s have been designed in such a way that they percent the same format that the office staff and management used. In the report layout, the important items are highlighted so that they are easier to find. The O/P screen has been developed using data report in VB.NET

The standard for printed output suggests the following  Give each output a specific name or title.  Provide sample output layout, including areas where printing may appear and location in each field.  State whether each output field is to include significant zeros, space between field’s ands alphabets or any other data.

The Menu based system helps even the Native user to work with the product very easily. The screens are designed in such a way to help the user to get information wherever necessary. A window will be displayed for Item Entry. The various details about the forms can be entered in field labeled appropriately. These data fields or text boxes are bound to the Data Control linked to items information database. Now you can start typing the appropriate information in the text boxes. To move from one text box / field to another use Tab and Shift Tab keys on the keyboard or use mouse.

This project source code was developed using VB.NET as front end and the data are stored in the ORACLE. In VB.NET the connectivity is given through OLEDB connection. The source code has been generated the function of a module should be apparent without reference to a design specification. The coding is understandable. The coding style encompasses a

coding philosophy that stresses simplicity and clarity. The elements of style included the following.  Code Documentation.  Data Declaration.  Statement Construction.  Input Output Style. Coding is the most important task, which ensures the quality of the product. The product designed should be with less complexity such as eliminating unnecessary loops, jump statements, endless loops etc. Using enhanced methods such as functions, structures etc. help to improve the quality of the product.

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